Thaipusam wishes for my Hindu friends.

More great pictures of Thaipusam here.


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  1. hutchrun says:

    I have a few questions for the DPM and it is important that he ponders hard on them:

    1) Is he using the Malays in Kampung Baru as a threat to all Malaysians who wanted to exercise their constitutional rights to assemble, speak and association?
    2) What will the government do if the Malays in Kampung Baru turned violent? Will the ISA be used against them as well?
    3) From his statement, it is obvious that the government has established communications with the Malays in Kampung Baru. Why didn’t the government take preemptive action against the leaders of Malays in Kampung Baru for displaying violent tendency? Is the government practising double standards?
    4) Is Najib’s statement seditious?

  2. martha says:

    Nice to have you back and take care

  3. tulipano says:

    I remember I was so scared when I saw the festival on TV… I wonder how it feels like were I there.

    Like bullfighting. I thought it was so cruel, but it really feels something when I saw it with my eyes. It feels something that is not about killing a bull.

  4. bamboo river says:

    I joined my friends for Thaipusam Festival at Batu Caves for a few years sometime ago.Even walked up 272 steps 7 times in a day at one time.
    The feeling and atmosphere is something you have to be there in person . Although I am not a Hindu in faith, I was there to support a few of my Hindu friends.
    This year, most of my friends decided to go to Kuala Selangor to celebrate Thaipusam.

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