But excuse me, “silent majority” are those people who do not speak publicly. Which includes like millions of people in Malaysia.

I don’t know who got their English wrong but “The silent majority is a hypothetical large number of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly”.

Damai expressed their opinion publicly, backed by the newspapers, and by none other than the Prime Minister himself. 

Damai – this new, out of nowhere umbrella body comprising 395 NGOs, representing nearly 1.5 million members, handed over a memorandum to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi recently – is NOT silent majority.

The memorandum criticised recent illegal street demonstrations, which Damai said had caused problems and created tension among Malaysia’s multiracial population. (The STAR)

Damai not only spoke but handed in its memorandum to the PM- It is NO DIFFERENT from the lawyers, Bersih or Hindraf (activists, politicians and ordinary folks who organised or joined peaceful rallies in Kuala Lumpur starting last month). All excercised their right to freedom of expression.

How come Damai is accepted and not the others? Just because it echoes UMNO’s views. But also because it may be ochestrated by UMNO itself. I see MCA speaking on behalf of it as well. Very fishy and very blurry.

The MCA fella also accused the rallies for causing the drop in tourist figures. What a lie. Tourists refuse to visit because there is nothing much to see in Malaysia anyway. We are not tourists-friendly and worst still, tourists consider us an ‘extremist” and “violent” country. Look at how we celebrated International Human Rights Day!

Anyway, tourists also shy away, not because people rally, demonstrate, protest or whatever, but because police are abusive, and abusive apparatus are used, such as tear gas, chemical laced water and batons, on the peaceful protesters.

I have only to ask my mum about this and she says that she has visited countries where there were rallies going on, and had no fear at all, she even stopped and listened to what they had to say because those rallies were conducted peacefully and police were around to protect rather than bully.

My mum is 73, and has seen, let alone experience alot. So, Abdullah, don’t try to bull shit me.

There are millions and millions and millions of Malaysians out there who haven’t spoken yet. And probably never will, given the unfair, harsh and cruel treatment and abuses that the UMNO government has heaped on those who did.

I repeat. Only a coward will hide behind the ISA. UMNO is now hiding behind this “silent majority”.


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  1. lucia says:

    oh i was just about to blog on this ‘silent majority’ phrase… what it means… when i see your post here!

    damai is mainly initiated by umno and mca politicians. see walski’s post on this.


  2. jedyoong says:

    ya lah. all david copperfield lah.
    rallies overseas like street festival lah…
    also, UMNO also demonstrated last time against Malayan Union ma.
    it’s all very 1984…:)

  3. jedyoong says:

    aiyah, what’s the big deal…dead voters can vote? haiyah…..;)

  4. wits0 says:

    Whatta great hallucinatory mushroom, this Damn-aye fungus is! And in such profusion sprouting overnight from the rotten biomass of Bolehland too…. a domain where Jostling with Chelsea can do da raising of Lazarus(aka restoring to live dead credibility of you know what) via theStar which is actually a dark dwarf attired in gaudy rhinestones. 😀

  5. […] DAMAI speaks for the silent majority, then Pak Lah says, “I pity them”, NOW […]

  6. jedyoong says:

    Telepathic..the govt must be telepathic..??

  7. Paul Cheong says:

    What your mum said is true. I, too, during my stay in Europe, had often heard of public demonstrations, like trade unions, etc. There were times, out of curiosity, I went near to watch what was it all about. But there was no sense of fear at all! The police were there to maintain order. The people just marched; they shouted some slogans, expressing their views and feelings, but everything was peaceful and orderly. Where got violence and public disorder!

  8. Paul Cheong says:

    By the way, I forgot to add one more observation, besides my own experiences about public rallies/demonstration in Europe. Rather than fear and running away from the public demonstrations, I and many other tourists are in fact drawn to watch them. It’s like another tourist attractions! Their public demonstrations have not project any negative image of the country. On the contrary, I see true democracy in practice where people have freedom of peaceful assemby and expression. But where got violence and public disorder!

  9. yh says:

    this is nothing compared to the latest survey to be done by Merdeka Centre. results will show that 73% of the respondents wil be against street demos. Survey will be for the period from December 17 to December 21, 2007.
    sorry readers, no choice but to use the future tense. afterall, Merdeka Centre can predict the future outcome of a survey to be done.
    Hey, this is from the Mainstream Paper, THE STAR PAPER. Still dont believe, ah?
    Eagle eye observation attributed to maverick, hell of a blogger i say.

  10. arifabdull says:

    Presiden US, Richard Nixon kalau masih hidup mesti terkentut-kentut mendengar definisi baru ‘Silent Majority’ a la Malaysia nih.

    Sila cari & rujuk makna sebenar ‘Silent Majority’, di SINI.
    Bolehkah sesiapa dengan angkuh mengaku sebagai wakil ‘Silent Majority’? Kalau ada, orang itu pembohong besar atau sudah gila… wakakakaka!

  11. bodowi says:

    Aiyo! How can I allow protest or rally in Malaysia? If you all everyday rally in the cities, sooner or later the kampung folks also want to rally in kampongs and will not satisfy anymore with just a packet of rice, belacan and a piece of kain pelikat, sarong or batik shirt….. then manpus lah the government.

    So you see the logic why the government opposes rally by any means in the cities.

  12. KTemoc says:

    All this upping the ante, 395 NGOs representing nearly 1.5 million members, is very haram, against Islam Hadhari for two reasons – (1) it’s not unlike raising the stakes in a game of poker, and (2) it’s bull*dust.

    But the greater sin is in accepting the memorandum of lies (regardless of whether it’s sandiwara only) from the so-called Damai of the silent majority.

    There exists no morality among the BN politicians.

  13. wits0 says:

    As if Damn-aye isn’t enough, a NeoMAD is incarnated, both being BN funded NGOs.

    The great need of (alleged) numbers here merely suggest that invariable need for that to bully and muscle their way across when the Truth eludes the BN. The bullcrap of legitimacy ever remains when this awareness for Truth is lost.

  14. bamboo river says:

    This clearly shows the gomen SYOK Sendiri lah.
    What to do? Just pick some jambu from a tree and show the rakyat got support mah.
    Anyway, about public demo and rallies…my Korean friends once told me it is part of their way of showing dissatisfaction on any issues related to their daily life.
    They even got arrested, but released the next day after all details being taken down by the cops. No ISA lah!!!

    I can see the gomen is using the BERSIH, Hindraf rallies to their advantages. Another matter is our AG seriously should consider his position becos his decisions can be vetoed by the PM. So, is the law governed by the LAW or thumbed by the ruling party ?
    The next agenda is the Gomen will announce that majority of the private business sectors shows their support and against demos and rallies.Same lah like this Damai ( I thought Damai Beach Resort) will submit a thick petition to that PM. Of course this time initiated by the MCA who else.

  15. wits0 says:

    Monday, December 17, 2007
    Fake Merdeka Centre ‘Street Protests’ Survey: Results Produced Even Before Survey Conducted!

    When they have lied so much , carelessness simply must follow.

  16. kesava says:

    Described as “the Mickey Mouse of the desert”, the small rodent is found in the deserts of Mongolia and China with giant ears about one-third bigger than its head.
    http://www.inthenews.co.uk/news/…es- $1177487.htm

    So malaysia has a mongoloid rodent as its PM that Star worships. And now it`s the `DAMN I` group.

  17. Zawi says:

    The PM has the cheek to ask for another term and promises to do things he has never done after making the promise 4 yrs to do it ago. Will anybody stupid enough to believe in him come next GE? You can never tell with these people of Malaysia.

  18. kesava says:

    For tellin the police to `speed up` investigations, Anwar went to prison on a corruption charge.

    Now we have both the Chief Rodent, and Semi Value applying pressure on the AG to drop charges against the 31.

    All the 3-PM,Semi Value and AG should be sacked and sent to prison.

  19. hutchrun says:

    Badawi has the `Damn I` group
    Mahathir has `Mathias Chang`
    And Lim Kit Siang has a a depressed, twice failed `Undergrad2` who claims susan`s blog is full of profanities.

  20. wits0 says:

    The profanities came from an old misbehaving person who has to be finally banned by Susan. Everyone who’s been here knows that.

    A commentator who uses a boastful nick and proceeds to live up to this proclivity is not really going to be very popular for very long . Better to use a humble self-deprecatory handle and be appreciated for some inherent astuteness.

  21. sofiairdina says:

    If I could appoint myself as the representative of the silent majority, I would be a prime minister by now …

    I am also speaking for the dead and buried.

  22. altantuyak says:

    From the following news items, will Razak and the 2 police be next to be acquitted?

    2 bodyguards on murder charge freed


    6 in murder case let off the hook

  23. chandran says:

    The silent majority:

    Wahabbis are a pampered lot in Malaysia, and it is therefore small wonder that their ranks are growing. Becoming a fanatic may not make entry into heaven more easier after life passes on, but it certainly helps in creating a paradise on earth with the cash made available for such outlandish experiments. Although the Malaysian government claims to want to build up a knowledge society, the subjects being discussed in conferences given official blessings relate less to petraflops and gigabytes than to the proper way to wear a hijab or whether camel’s milk contains more spiritual value than that from cows.

  24. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    Refer to Raja Petra’s malaysia-today. Damai – 395 NGOs, representing nearly 1.5 million members are pseudo-emphatic association.

    I only worry about Jean coz I she look like this. Pretty bad isn’t it. No intended plagiarism.

  25. ghostline says:

    DAMAI… 1.5mil grovelling pro-UMNO-BN NGO members? 1.5 mil = 18% of Malaysia’s total population = about half of the working population.

    For such an awesome roll call, DAMAI sure has been quiet, except now when they’re called upon to lick their master’s hand (or unmentionables).

    Is this like one of those times where 20,000 pro-BN votes are cast in a constituency of 8,000 people?

    Kim Jong-il would be proud of us.

    the not-so-silent majority

  26. Izo says:

    Anda boleh melihat poster Kerajaan BN Berbohong.

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