Malaysia will never ever have free and fair elections. Not when we have an Umno guy as Election Commission chief.

This guy is really not fit to be Malaysia’s Election Commission chief. He has displayed his biasness towards the ruling government. (See MalaysiakiniEC chief: no other regime capable of running the country).

A lot of people are anxious to determine the type of regime that is going to handle Malaysia in the coming years. They are always talking about regimes. I never talk about regimes. There is only one regime in this country that is capable of running (the country),” he said.

People get angry with me whenever I say this (but) people don’t seem to understand the critical scenario in the country. What is it that can (take) over from the present one given the political scenario we are in?” he asked.

What kind of political scenario, may I ask? Whatever it is, unlike the EC chief, I don’t believe it is the ONLY regime who can manage this country! Come on, man…we already have idiots doing that…what can be worse?

He shows his true colours again by saying:

I am an administrator, he is a politician. But there are a lot of times (when) we speak the same ‘language’. We go on the same wavelength as far as the country is concerned, (and on) what the country needs does not need. That one, we have to agree (on),” said Abdul Rashid.

If we don’t agree, then we are in trouble, because I run the elections,” he added. 

This two quotations sums it all for me. That we will not ever have a free and fair elections ever.

“People say that those who hold that power – to run elections – can always determine who is going to be put into power. Of course, that’s a lie, they’re bluffing. But there is also some truth in it. “The person who holds that power may be able to do a lot of things that help the country. Whatever we do in the Election Commission, the country’s interests are always above everything.”Don’t we all know it already?

This is why the Prime Minister was so eager to keep this guy on board that he was willing to disrespect the sanctity of the Parliament by arresting peaceful protestors who submitted a memo against the extension of the EC chief.


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  1. jedyoong says:

    what else is new? din u read kalimullah hassan’s infamous: “Conclusion: Not everything in this world is free and fair.”
    congratulations, kalimullah.
    we now know “ethical” framework.

  2. k.esu says:

    Rashit flying high. Will be a hard landing when he falls down.

  3. ktemoc says:

    sometimes there is no limit to how low a person can sink down to, and for what …….. this is one of those times

  4. hasilox says:

    What election?
    Susan, are you talking about some lucky draw which result is determined by hyenas?

  5. […] kami, kerana lebih awal telah memenangi pilihanraya umum pada tahun 2008 nanti. Apatah lagi, seorang lelaki yang mengetuai Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya telahpun mengesahkan bahawa tiada rejim lain (selain BN) mampu mentadbir negara ini. Dengan badan […]

  6. wits0 says:

    “This guy is really not fit to be Malaysia’s Election Commission chief. ”

    All those bias and tainted public figures too are unfit for public office except in the ersatz democracy of Bodohland.

  7. yh says:

    EC Chief UMNO man. AG UMNO man. IGP UMNO man. CJ, going to be UMNO man.
    all these institutions vital for a healthy democracy will be under the control of UMNO. Down the road, all these institutions will be there to serve its interests only.
    Good luck, malaysia where ever you are.

  8. spider says:

    This Bodowi has now shown that he is a Malaysian Saddam2 by resorting to the Iraqi Saddam Hussein technique of ruling Iraq by applying ISA in Iraq2. But Malaysian Saddam2 has yet to improve himself to reach the genuine Saddam standard of draconian rule.

    Saddam of Iraq won his last General Election by 99%.

    So if Malaysian Saddam Hussein2 wants to emulate Iraqi Saddam, Malaysian Saddam2 has to retain this Umnoshit to plot his victory for the upcoming Election and the victory is to be as good or even better than the Iraqi Saddam.

    With the Umno promoting zero policy for everything, Umno would want a 100% victory and 0% for the opposition parties in the coming General Election.

    Malaysian Saddam1 was trounced in the 1999 General Election and subsequently was booted out by the Malaysian people. It will be a de’ javu for this Malaysian Saddam2 come this General Election.

  9. nstman says:

    This guy is sick. This guy is shit. And he is our election chief. He is not fit to inhabit the earth.

  10. I love Nude Beaches says:

    Oh dearest Susan,

    I wish it could have the old day again sister, when all commeteries are free flowing and non-stagnant.

    I am giving a kiss of of encouragement to you.


  11. hutchrun says:

    Badawi is interfering in the AG`s attemped murder charges against the 31 hindraf members.

    This is conclusive evidence that the PM interferes in the prosecution/judiciary of the country and all the more reason that these powers be separated.

    There is now a big question mark over the claerances by the AG of the IGP and ACA Heads.

    The PM is interfering and should be sacked by the Agung. There ia precedence in the Anwar case, where DSAI was jailed for `corruption` on account of interference.

    PM has to be sacked and jailed.

  12. shiver says:

    how many of you commentators have registered to vote?
    how many of you have shared with your friends and families and urge them to share with their friends and families.
    dont be a empty tong and comment here and there, then go back and bitch to your wife, husband and family and do absoulutely nothing about anything.
    talk is cheap, writing this is even cheaper. whats expensive and perhaps the only way out is to go out and walk the talk.
    i used to think these guys were crazy when they fetch friends or people who havent registered to go to the registering office. Now i know that little bit of work meant a whole of passion for this country

  13. wits0 says:

    Rashit is not merely sick, he is pernicious moral moronism.

  14. Did he really say that???!?!
    Whats democracy in Malaysia when there’s been 1 party for the last 50 years. Especially so when the EC CHIEF says something as ridiculous as this!!!

    Its like the referee of a football game proclaiming the winner of one tam over the other even before the game starts!! He is an IDIOT! no 2 ways about it!

  15. fahmi says:

    There’s a saying ‘The good always die young but the the bad seems to live forever’. However, death is always knocking on our door. Hope this guy will be burnt in hell!

  16. rambo says:

    This Election rashittttt shud be put behind bars and same goes to AG and IGP as they are not fit to be in that position.

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