In view of all the frenzied arrests of human rights defenders in Malaysia this week, including the latest ISA arrests on Hindraf lawyers, let us mourn the death of justice. (see poster below, candlelight vigil by Suaram Penang).

I have no worries for the Hindraf lawyers, because today, Malaysia has made them heroes.

Only cowards will hide behind the ISA. It’s an archaic law, a colonial law, which goes back some 4 decades. It was supposed to be used  against communist insurgents during the upheaval times of our new country. But now we are almost a retiree.  But those cowards will hide behind the communists, too, if they existed now.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and UMNO have proven beyond a shadow of doubt their total disrespect for international human rights standards. They’ve acted as a bully on International Human Rights Day by arresting and abusing people who walked for justice.

They have shown their total disrespect for Parliament and free and fair elections. Peaceful  protestors were arrested at the August house, which is really unheard of in a modern democracy. But just to get his way, that is, to retain his beloved Election Commission chief, for another year. Such action raises immense doubts over the credibility of the coming elections.

Do you still want to vote? Is there a choice left for us?

I really wonder what is left now for us Malaysians. And some people can still ask: is rally the only way to show our grievances?


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  1. LOne says:


  2. jedyoong says:

    One-party gestapo state.
    Let me buy my air-ticket….Tsk tsk tsk.

  3. whispering9 says:

    Five Indians at one go (please forgive the expression). Even TDM was not that stupid. What MIC and Latuk WCW (TheStar…the paper I read) has to say now? Congratulation and Thank you Mr. Prime Minister on a job well done? If only I am a camel and I can spit at them without having to go to jail. Everyone should watch the show ‘The Golden Compass’ and see what a little girl did when faced against an army of military guards and their wolve demons. Shit!

  4. Klaw says:

    Inhumane. 2 years. If you’ve got the evidence, show it, charge them. BN is so going down.

  5. k.esu says:

    Hindraf have a good strategy and outsmarted this cretin. They knew a few days ago and said so, some of them would be picked up, so some were left behind for the cretin to do just that. Now the fires keep burning.

    The others are free to carry on the fight. Bedol betul bodo.

  6. […] Only cowards hide behind the IS – Susan Loone […]

  7. Siew Eng says:

    But see what the other Indian groups are saying. I know they know Hindraf is right about Indians being marginalised. That’s what years of UMNO bullying does to you – you can’t even stand up and march for your rights anymore.

    I’m so upset right now. There’ll be worse to come now. If they thought Hindraf would serve racial sentiments, the government has handed the ball back.


  8. what the says:

    Cowards? but cowards do have intelligence, able to fear.

    Cowdungs? more like it, as cowdungs do not think and are unable to think.

  9. Noblepath says:

    History has shown us that tyrants will never stand forever… they will fall and will fall hard! Death to all forms of socio-oppresions!

  10. lulududu says:

    ” And some people can still ask: is rally the only way to show our grievances?”

    this is the MOST saddening part of all!

    now we got dis BIG SALE umbrella body claim it represent “Majority” and submit a petition in objection of the peaceful march….really SELLING OFF the freedom n future BIG time

  11. lucia says:

    you are right, susan. cowards hide behind ISA indeed. they can’t produce any evidence. they are scared of trial, so they just throw them in ISA. it’s sad. sad. let’s vote BN out!! (at least deny them 2/3 majority)

  12. brianfong says:

    vote we must though the odds are against us with the EC Chairman declaring his love for BN, gerrymandering, postal voters etc.

  13. Ricky says:

    Fellow Malaysian
    We are in trouble but not because of our doing.
    The gomen is showing that they are above the law and the great power they have in their hands.
    We must be prepared and be ready to defence our country and our freedom.
    You know what it means, I need not have to stress any further.

  14. siew eng says:


    I said I was disappointed with the other Indian groups because I read the Star report (bodoh, bodoh, bodoh). You’d think I’d know better than to accept wholesale what they write.

    Anyway, a “mini” expose here thanks to Malaysiakini:

    This is an example of how the mainstream media can twist what you say,
    whether on purpose (by selecting certain lines that conform to the
    official line) or because of bad reporting (by not being able to
    summarise well your overall position). Based on my past knowledge of
    how the Star covered the Opposition, I’d say the former.

    Look at the original statement below (thank goodness “Malaysiakini”
    published it in full so that we can see it clearly for ourselves) and compare with how Star reported it at the bottom.

    I think the organisations should write to the Star and demand that their
    letter be published in full. There’s obvious misrepresentation here.

    There’s also more misrepresentation in inserting these organisations’
    butchered statement under the other story about a group petitioning
    for “peace”, especially with the *crucial* lines taken out of the original
    context (highlighted in bold–I hope):

    Listen to the voices of dispossessed

    Malaysia Hindu Sangam | Dec 14, 07 3:41pm

    We wish to express our apprehension and regret at the increasingly
    strident voices of disunity that threatens ethnic harmony among
    Malaysians. We note with grave concern the events of November 25 when tens of thousands of Indian Malaysians from all walks of life gathered
    at Kuala Lumpur City Centre. They carried their frustrations,
    aspirations and hope for a better future in Malaysia.

    It is clear that a very significant segment of the Indian Malaysian
    community feel that their religious, educational, social and economic
    rights and interests are being marginalised. They feel alienated from
    our nation’s mainstream development and progress. Although the
    Malaysia Plans and Outline Perspective Plans have recognised the
    increasing income disparity among Malaysians and have taken positive
    measures to tackle it, clearly the government’s intervention
    programmes have not adequately addressed the needs of the Indian

    There is, without doubt, a serious problem and one that we are
    committed to overcoming. We hear the pleas and share the pains of
    those who were forced by circumstance to protest.
    We are anxious to
    work with all Malaysians to build a better home for everyone.

    To that end, we have consolidated our resources and are in the process
    of formulating proposals for the government’s consideration within the
    next three months. We express our earnest hope that our concerns can
    be directly addressed by the prime minister through dialogues and
    discussions. We also hope that the government will formulate
    appropriate policies, measures, implementation strategies and
    monitoring mechanisms.

    All Malaysians are justifiably proud of our long history of living
    together in peace and harmony. This has been due to our mutual
    understanding and common goal in building a united nation of diverse
    people. In keeping with this tradition, we take this opportunity to
    wish our Muslim brothers and sisters Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha and
    our Christian brothers and sisters Merry Christmas.

    The above letter is signed by Malaysia Hindu Sangam and 48 other
    non-govermental organisations.


  15. siew eng says:

    The Star report that misrepresented the Indian groups:


    Signature drive to promote peace

    KUALA LUMPUR: Bersatu Malaysia, a national signature drive to promote
    peace, unity and national sovereignty will be launched this weekend to
    show support for the Barisan Nasional government here.
    Umno Youth Anti-Drug and Social Ills bureau chairman Datuk Idris Haron
    said yesterday: “We expect overwhelming response as a show of support
    for the cause. I hope Malaysians from all walks of life will sign on
    to stop negative elements in Malaysia.”

    The campaign’s objective was to oppose recent street demonstrations
    which had created chaos through baseless claims by narrow minded
    leaders, added Idris.

    It is jointly organised by the youth wings of all BN component parties
    and the Malay-sian Youth Council. The final list would be passed to
    the prime minister.

    The signature drive would be launched in conjunction with the Umno
    Youth Corporate Anti-Drug Carnival to be held on Dec 15-16 at the
    Pavilion, Seri Angkasa, Bukit Kerinchi here.
    “A budget of RM145,000 has been allocated for the event to create
    awareness on the dangers of drug abuse through demonstrations, talks
    and exhibitions by agencies like the Women, Family and Community
    Development Ministry, Anti-Drug Agency and Royal Malaysian Police.”

    He added that there were over 230,000 addicts in the country and the
    effort was to realise the “Malaysia as a drug-free nation” vision by

    Meanwhile in Petaling Jaya, some 48 Indian organisations have
    expressed their regret at the increasing strident voices of disunity
    threatening ethnic harmony among Malaysians.

    “We are anxious to work together to build a better home for all of
    us,” they said in a joint statement yesterday.

    The associations included the Malaysia Hindu Sangam, Sri Murugan
    Centre, Malay-sian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and
    Industry, Malaysian Hindu Youth Council, Majlis Kelab Bell Belia Tamil
    Malaysia, Malaysia Hindu Dharma Mamandram, Persatuan Telugu Malaysia,
    All Malaysia Malayalee Association and Malaysian Indian Entrepreneurs
    and Professionals.

  16. guahaha says:

    The pm’s favorite kindergarten song when he was a wee little kid in the kampung and playing with his grandpa from China: “One little, two little, three little Indians”

  17. Crankshaft says:

    We don’t have a democracy anymore. We haven’t had for years.

    I really hate the public service videoclips that say, “This is NOT our culture”.

    They sensationalise the peaceful protests and zoom in on the scuffles (which were initiated by the police anyway).

    Would they give the same opportunity to the other side to voice their opinions on the protests? Pretty obvious what the answer is, since they get tear-gassed and water-sprayed before voicing their opinion.

    Why don’t people realise that the government has its priorities all wrong?

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