Samy was sleepless in India during the Hindraf rally on Sunday. I hear he had a bad hair day as well. So he sent a sms to the media to ask Malaysian Indians to “work within the system” (Malaysiakini). But what if the system doesn’t work?

He’s not (sleepless) alone, I am sure. The Mis-information Minister Zam might be able to squeeze the balls of local editors and journalists and warn them about reporting the truth about the successful Hindraf rally but International press and bloggers have proven there are many sides to a story.

Poster by wits0.

When I covered the Lunas by election in November 2000, Samy challenged the reporters that he will stay in Lunas for good if the opposition won. Keadilan (PKR) won the elections but Samy didn’t keep to his words.

Will he stay now in India and never come back because the Hindraf rally of 30,000+++ people is really a tight slap on Samy’s face. It’s interesting to see what MIC King has to say after this.


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  1. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    HINDRAF’s unequivocal target class action lawsuit is unmistakably the MIC, the stooge of the UMNO, and the Government of Malaysia, not the Brits.

    I always enjoy whenever Samy Velu speaks on TV, not because he is a Master of double-speak but of his typical crass and uncouth mannerisms.
    His counterpart is the Master of tic- Lim Keng Yaik. It’s certainly more enjoyable than Borat or any comedy. The art of both oratory will put Al Capone to shame!

  2. ram says:

    Maybe Zam should take over as MIC president.Compared to Samy he seems to be more capable!

  3. whispering9 says:

    Hahahaha…u sure it is valium he needs ‘n not viagra ‘cos he is probably thinking about his e(r)ection chances.

  4. Zawi says:

    He has been trying to portray that all is well with the Indians of Malaysia. Now the Indians showed the world that they are not. Samy Value deserved his sleepless nights in India for not doing enough for his own people while he can. Who knows what lies ahead in his political future? The PM may not find him useful anymore.

  5. Kenny Law says:

    Hahha, that’s the first I’ve seen Samy without hair. He looks better that way.

  6. Fair says:

    I guess Semi Value days as Indians leader are numbered.

  7. wits0 says:

    Harrison, I think you may call Lim Keng Yaik a master in blandness and tepidity. His upcoming successor designate is the same, mirroring the party nicely.

  8. And Lovely says:

    Yes Fair, what u r sayin’ is EQUALLY true. owww dear wits0, u shouldn’t have balded Semi Value. He looks outrageously jaded without his hair on. I hope you’ll ‘get’ his hair back. Trust me, a cutie re-instated ‘it’ for me once. Hahaha…

  9. Dr RKM says:

    MIC will forever get useless leaders like Samy Vellu cos Indians crossing over to UMNO now.

    We have many Indian Ministers in cabinet now actually. Minister for Information is Indian, Minister of Finance is Indian, Minister for Works is Indian. If Samy cant speak on behalf of Indians, I wish other Indian Ministers in UMNO will speak for their people…………

    Putera UMNO Head is also Indian…………. no wonder our population decreasing la

  10. observer says:

    Samy is still on the defensive when he claimed that PM Abdullah has “never shut his eyes or ears to their plight” then what happened to the 18-point Memo that was submitted to PM’s PutraJaya Office more than 3 months ago on 12th Aug 2007. Shredded and thrown in the waste paper basket?

    Read closely the transcript of what the IGP said in the interview he had with Al Jazeera and the perceived fears of a “racial clash” rearing it ugly head. Of course the most unkind cut or joke by the IGP is about “the absence of leaders” to hand in the Memo when he has virtually “arrested” and frightened them with the restraining order. And the latest twist & spin is his claim they have “no intention” to hand in the memo.
    More details at

  11. Pin Pan Dan says:

    The main culprit in all this sordid mess is UMNO. yes UMNO, UMNO and UMNO!! This is the result of stupid and racist KETUANAN MELAYU!!! The question now is, will UMNO youth now start another May 13? This time against the Indians like what they did, but on a much bigger scale than Kg Medan in 2001!

    All groups must unite to kick out the Hated UMNO racist Ketuanan Melayu concept which is no better than APARTHEID IN SOUTH AFRICA, AND KU KLUX KLAN in US deep South! Down with UMNO! Long live Hindraf! Long live Bersih! In fact long live ANYONE WHO IS AGAINST UMNO AND KETUANAN MELAYU!!!!!

  12. Dr RKM says:

    MIC, MCA, Gerakan and PPP are stooges of UMNO.

    You guys will pay for selling your own kind for personal gains.

    All looking for their own personal welfare and not the welfare of the people who put them there.

    Shameless these component party leaders !!!!

  13. zack efron says:

    As an Indian, i believe Samy has to go. Does MIC has the guts to kick him out? Nope. Does Badawi has the guts to kick him out? No. Doeas his wife has the guts to kick him out? Yes.

  14. bamboo river says:

    Samy macha has his fair share of Hairy problems. 🙂

  15. jayaklang says:

    Semi Value has no value now.

    Its very clear to indians now that MIC has no relevance. Every request has to be sent to UMNO to be slept on. So why we need MIC postman…..Why not deal direct with UMNO.

  16. not.satisfied says:

    great..i agree with u…fight for our rights…peacefully..legally

  17. sulaimani abdul says:

    I think the message sent out the govt. is extremely clear.
    Today both Samy Vellu and Badawi are both irrelevant.

    Our leaders such as najib, nazri, hishammudin, zam keep rattling on some crap that noone listens to!!!

  18. orang.biasa says:

    Too many lies from the government, and now, no one believes what the government says. The usual mass media is full of half-truths and whole lies in their coverage of the HINDRAF rally.

    Instead of asking themselves why people take the trouble to come out and face danger against a police force well known for its violent reactions (as if we have nothing else to do on a fine Sunday!), these ministers close their hearts and ears to the rakyat, pretending all is well.

    How can they do this?

  19. United Malaysia Singh says:

    It is sad that people like UMNO, the IGP and Hisham has to resort to to threaten the RAKYAT of malaysia to not express peacefully what they feel.

    UMNO has run racist POLICIES similar to Apartheid for years and hidden all these from the eyes of the world.

    Anyone voting for MIC or even paying their MIC subscriptions to the MIC must be part of the MAIKA INDIAN CRONIES, and will never have a future free from poverty, nor opportunities of EQUAL education, job opportunities etc for ALL MALAYSIANS irrespective of race or religion.

    Malaysia must awake up and walk in the real world- where racism is crime and committed by low life individuals.

    We dont want a malaysia destroyed by racial strife and people lied to – we want a malaysia trhat is fair to all its citizens.

    Even if the fundings, jobs qouta etc are offered on population ratios , the communities will fare much better than like some have done now.

    Samy Valueless- must go.All Racists like HisHAM ,NAjibe and the Biggest BRAINLESS ZAM- the BUM must go and new fair malaysian leadership must be brought in peacefully and legally.

    THe world must be exposed to the reallity that happens in Malaysia.

  20. avvit says:

    In my opinion this whole HINDRAF rally is just a ploy instigated by the opposition.

    If all they wanted was to submit a memorandum to the British Government, was there a need for hundreds of thousands of people to take it to the streets? Even after they KNEW that they’d be in trouble by doing so?

    All this public rallying can only lead to more trouble and at the end of the day only makes our country look worse in the eyes of the world.

  21. wits0 says:

    If, for one moment, it’s an instigation by the opposition, then all those Indians who took part must also be regarded as rather foolish bulls swayed and led by the nose this easily. This sounds insulting by implication. And the presupposition is made also that the oppositions are actually that influential enough to effect this.

    Thirdly, “opposition” is made to sound like almost a curse word, an almost illegitimate entity, whereas any opposition is part and parcel of any democracy holding elections. M’sia better grow up on this or forever be stunted.

    Holding that rally is a strategy, the word “ploy” is subjective. They risk it because they felt they have a good cause, and that is the measure of their commitment to their conscience and that of appealing to the conscience of fellow humanity in the name of universally recognizeable human rights.

    The screwed up System spin it every each way and censored the MSM (Most Slavish Media) because it has much to hide. This is the clear measure of its guilt. It cannot face the truth.

  22. United Malaysia Singh says:

    If it is an Opposition ploy and instigation- why could the opposition not done it in their own name?Bersih was led by the opposition and they put their stamp upon it.

    The spin doctors of the UMNO led cronies are attemtping every trick in their little bag to mislead the people.

    The issue is not of Indians alone, it is about restricting the freedom of people to self esteem and actualisation.

    Holding that rally was to attacr the worlds attention to what really goes in Malaysia under the garb of Democracy!

    I left the land 35 years ago, because of these same reasons.How much I want to go back and do my bit for my nation and my country, but I dont want to work under an LCE passed half wit who was put in the position because he holds or is entitled to special privilages and got there because of his race not because of his merits.

    The fact I still Malaysian passport after all these years ..shows I do care about Malaysia, but I certainly do any longer agree to the ketuanan of some race.

    I dont want to be treated as second class citizen because I am not a malay .I want the same rights as every one else.

    The government can call it by any name- it likes-but the rally was a decent way of seeking recognistion for human decency and equal rights- and drawing the worlds attention to the reallity of apartheid in malaysia.

    No, I dont want gop back to India or china, I was Born in Malaysia and malaysia is MY country as much as that boy born in some padi field kampung d and dropped out at form three to drive a taxi or enrolled into the police at the expanse of the Government support.

    I went out of the country and EARNED my three degrees through my own hard work and the generousity of the UK government and people-which to this day is NOT my country- but a loyal resident Iam …yet my own country tells me …that I cannot question its crooked policy of favoritism towards one race?

    I thought IGP Dato Musa was an honest man, how very sad my perception of him has changed.

    I simply want EQUAL rights for all Malaysians.

    That is not an opposition ploy is it?

  23. Wang Daiyu says:

    Lets hope that things get better

  24. frodo441 says:

    Well, as William Buckley would say, the people’s trust in their own best intentions of Democracy may be proven sorely wrong..if your conviction is tried, keep fighting, you will prevail…after all, some of us aren’t so self aggrandizing to think that our best inclinations for Democracy are not to be tried…”they can lock me away, but my soul will always be free…”

  25. k.esu says:

    Avvit you have been sleeping with BN too long.

  26. lobobreed says:

    Silfverwolf has been alerting and pointing out the totalitarian power of the collectivist state, as evidenced by this outrageous violation of Freedom of Speech following the arrests and public beatings of peaceful demonstrators, to the American public in his blog on repression in Malaysia and Russia. He will continue to alert America to these violations of Jeffersonian prinicples and the Rights of Man. He would urge Americans not to trade with any country that violates Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press in such an egregious manner. —- Silverwolf

  27. k.esu says:

    If all they wanted was to submit a memorandum to the British Government, was there a need for hundreds of thousands of people to take it to the streets? Even after they KNEW that they’d be in trouble by doing so? – Avvit says

    So? You prove yourself shallow if that`s the way you think. There are people who have died for what they believe in. It`s people like you that kill them. A pox on those who think like you (BN high on the list).

  28. k.esu says:

    The best was at the pasar borong where I saw the Chinese giving the thums up to the Indians for having braved the situation.

  29. Long Man says:

    was zam goblok saying that?… i don’t think so… i thoguht his answer was “i-i-i just took my last”

  30. k.esu says:

    The Filipino veterans’ provisions in HR 760 are similar to a plan passed by the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. If signed into law, it would provide full veterans’ status to World War II era Filipino soldiers and even their survivors. This would include pay for service related disabilities, survivor pay for service-connected deaths, as well as pensions and death benefits.

    Those who are living in the Philippines, and are not U.S. citizens, would receive $6,000 to $8,400. Low-income widows would receive $3,600.

    Hindraf could use that as a guide, whatever. Also those many Chinese and Indians who gave up ther lives during WW2.

  31. N' Lovely says:

    Good idea Siverwolf, I guess I better start packing as well…

  32. k.esu says:

    Speaking at the Johor BN convention on July 25, the prime minister Mahathir quipped that it was very cheap for him to treat Malaysian Indian Congress president S Samy Vellu to a meal because he was a vegetarian.

    All he had to do, Mahathir said, was to go and cut some blades of grass to serve the MIC president.

  33. k.esu says:

    18/05/06 “Former PM Dr. Mahathir gave nothing to Malaysian Indians” says Samy Vellu as reported by Makkal Osai, yesterday.

  34. wits0 says:

    ““Former PM Dr. Mahathir gave nothing to Malaysian Indians” says Samy Vellu as reported by Makkal Osai, yesterday.”

    Then isn’t this indirectly a self-indictment, an open admission of himself having done nothing for the Indians in 22 years also?

    This one got a brain ah? We know he’s got a mouth that’s disconnected. Only that you don’t see that flashing message on your monitor screen, like, “A NETWORK CABLE HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED!”

  35. United Malaysia Singh says:

    Looks like Samy Valueless has been reading this blog!! He now has said, in the NTS[NON Trusted Sewage] that he has not had any sleepeless nights!!!Is it co incidental or is he being told the TRUTH about himslef!

    I would not like to see Malaysians of any persuasion take to streets- Khairy should not have been allowed too-but Samy Valueless SHOULD GO- if he can see where his bread is buttred for the next ten years.

  36. avvit says:

    “So? You prove yourself shallow if that`s the way you think. There are people who have died for what they believe in. It`s people like you that kill them. A pox on those who think like you (BN high on the list).” -k.esu

    That’s uncalled for. You’re taking things out of proportion and being dramatic. Are you indian?

  37. KVN says:

    That’s uncalled for. You’re taking things out of proportion and being dramatic. Are you indian? – by avvit

    I donno about k.esu, but I am Indian. My full name is V. Kabilan and i agree with k.esu comment of you.
    You fully deserve it for your extrovert asinine comment. Go and read up on history. The proportion is perfect, but k.esu has been mild on you. You deserve more for making a mockery of the whole thing. When you get fried you want to make it racist. (deleted)

  38. United Malaysia Singh says:

    Avvit, does it matter if he is a Malaysian indian or a Malaysian malay??There is no control over one’s views, or are you and your BN friends trying to control that too.

    What has one’s race to do with the truth and reallity?It shows you have been so conditioned to racism, that is the first thought that you could repsond with ?


  39. wits0 says:

    “The surest way to assure the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

    That, per se, is bad enough already. No call to(further) apologize on the behalf of evil for that is surely nothing that’s praiseworthy. Ignorance is not an excuse, it can be easily feigned.

    Therefore I have to agree with k.esu, because that’s the case even if it is described as being melodramatic.

  40. avvit says:

    “There is no control over one’s views”

    But apparently I deserve to have pox because I gave my point of view and people are slagging off the malay race and I get hammered for being racist.

    And who says my friends are BN? You guys are full of your own assumptions. Get over yourselves.

  41. sha says:

    bleedy 30years u r on the dame chair..get a live man!!

  42. k.esu says:


    Some decades ago, the thespian Bosco D`cruz and gang made me a `Honorary Malayalee`. At the Selangor Club I was made `Honorary Sikh`.
    I guess that does make me an Indian. As for drama, you link it with Indians and I would then have to venture that the Burmese monks who died, did it to satisfy your drama cravings is it?
    I was also an avid follower of the Justice Bao series. There was drama there, yes? – with head chopping and all.

  43. k.esu says:


    Being a couch potato into drama, it seems very likely that you arte imagining yourself to be King of The Flying Monkeys in the Land Of Oz (Khairy Jamaluddin ain`t gonna like that). This what they say of you:

    Little is known about these evil creatures from THE WIZARD OF OZ, but let me tell you one thing. They’re scarier than Hell!

  44. k.esu says:

    Hindraf not involved in Sri Paandi violence. UMNO making hindraf look violent

  45. hutchrun says:

    For those who have been following the Maika-Telekom issue, there is now a new puzzle. How, in spite of all these coincidences and curiosities, could an investigative body like the ACA come to the conclusion that there had been no wrong-doing on the part of Samy Vellu? Given his high position in government and allegedly close links to the Prime Minister, many would jump to the conclusion that the ACA investigation was a cover-up.

    It is hard for the intelligent public to reconcile the conclusion of the agency with what is known from press reports. Prima facie, not allowing Maika to get the full allocation of Telekom shares, and thus undermining Maika’s profits, is a criminal breach of trust.

    Mahathir saved semi value`s arse. Semi value must remain as a minister, `cos the day he dteps down his head will roll.

  46. spider says:

    This Samy is a hopeless Indian Chief good only eating goat.

  47. amir says:

    Samy like goat only eats grass mahathir gives him. Smell like goat also.

  48. observer says:

    Samy Vellu has failed the Indian Community when he failed to stomp his feet and put up enough tantrums when dealing with the Umno leadership. But what can he do when BN is in effect a coalition of UNequal partnership with UMNO in effective control and pulling the strings. Samy is also angry in the Video Clip for all the 2-months efforts he put in “reports after reports were passed over to the PM and in turn these were pushed over to the DPM for further meetings” and finally KIV when he tried to get the Indians into Government service. That is why Hindraf “reiterate that we have no confidence in the MIC Special Committee and MIC hotline proposal as hundreds such committees and hotlines have been proposed and had before in the last 50 years but with almost zero results
    More details & Video clip (2min46s) – How SAMY & Government Failed the Indian Community with inputs from Anwar & Prof Khoo
    The most formidable task was faced by Rafidah in Mumbai, India promoting “Malaysian Islamic Banking” there in a seminar for 360 businessmen
    Fro more details
    Go H E R E

  49. jeff says:

    Semi Value need Valium for sleepless night, rogain for baldness, viagra for “inaction”, metamucil for bulging belly, and alot more for his blood pressure after this HINDRAF rally.

  50. wishuponastar says:

    Susan Samy was not in India on 27th of Nov.He was in Klang in the morning and in the afternoon attended an MIC member’s wedding reception at Telok Intan. Please correct your posting.

  51. stcin says:

    frens, go to IPOH sunday market, achinese man sells his ‘secret-recipe’ for baldness problems for only rm25 a bottle !!

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