In our over-enthusiam to reject anyone or anything ‘racist’, are we becoming like the cops who target merely Indians at roadblocks in order to quash the Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) rally tomorrow? Read Malaysiakini.

A rally is a rally. Anyone can do it. And if we support the three freedoms – freedom of expression, assembly and association – we must allow the rally – whether it is called by UMNO, Bersih or Hindraf.

However, we can have our reservations whether we want to support the rally’s issue or not.

Other than those good for nothing politicians and corrupt police force, it’s strange that I find “learned” individuals asking Hindraf to cancel their rally. Like….who do you think you are? To me, this is being very self-centred, myopic and totally against the spirit of Bangsa Malaysia that those same people are crowing about.

Aren’t Malaysian Indians Bangsa Malaysia as well? Don’t their problems affect all of us? From marginalisation, oppression and demolishment of temples and eviction, we are as much affected as our Indian brothers and sisters. Because, it we dont help them stop this rot and cruelty, tomorrow it will be our houses, our villages, our temples and churches.

I agree that asking Hindraf to call off the rally is hyocrisy at the highest level. Accusing Hindraf of being racist in its content is riding yourself on a moral high ground of your own delusions.

Why, this is exactly the kiasu BN’s argument for applying security and sedition laws on our people. And we are buying into their archaic ideas with open arms. Don’t let the kiasi BN’s weapon of fear perpetuate its power on our weak minds. Break free from the shackles of fear, people. And see the world beyond colors that the BN has painted infront of us for the longest time.

I will support Hindraf’s call for social and economic equality based on the fact that Malaysian Indians are ethnic minorities in this country. Being minorities they are deprived of every possible oppotunities, from politics to social to eonomics.

It’s wrong to ask Malaysian Indians not to rally for their own plight, just as it is wrong to ask the Orang Asli or the Indigenous peoples in Sabah and Sarawak not to fight for their own lands.

The right thing to do for all Malaysians is to join the rally organised by Hindraf and make it a Malaysian affair. That was what happenned to other causes as well, for example, the fight to preserve mother-tongue language by the Chinese educationists. For the longest time, they were called racists as well and accused of sedition and threat to national security and what not.

Fortunately though, reformasi took place and others begun to see this struggle as after their own hearts. I remember even the Tamil language educationists and supporters, including Malays who were educated in Chinese vernacular schools joined the movement. During the height of reformasi and even until now, PAS supporters rallied behind the Chinese movement in order to stand up against the oppression of the government. You can call this PAS taking advantage of the situation for its own political mileage, but you can’t deny that their presence at every rally for mother-tounge education did send a strong message to the BN kiasu government.

And that is how we must view the Hindraf rally. It is a stand and a fight against oppression and dictatorship by the government. It is an issue that trancends race, religion, social status and whatever mental,physical or emotional barriers that limits the human spirit.

Questioning lead Hindraf rally organiser, Uthayakumar’s reputation and accusing it of being tainted by pro-Mahathir supporters annoys me beyond words. Like as if Mahathir was an “angel from the highest heavens”. Everyone’s tainted as far as Malaysian politicis goes. But the rally is about the people, not about some pathetic individual or leader.

I am wishing the Hindraf rally tomorrow all the best, just as I did for Bersih. Show the BN kiasu government that you are not afraid to stand up for your rights. Whether you are 4,40,400,4,000 or 40,000 – any rally or gathering of people’s power will put the BN government to shame.


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  1. wits0 says:

    “I agree that asking Hindraf to call off the rally is hyocrisy at the highest level. Accusing Hindraf of being racist in its content is riding yourself on a moral high ground of your own delusions.”

    Threatening sedition charges further seal this statement water tight as so. Public displeasure(for good reasons) against the government of the day is being equated with sedition against the country. Goes to show that the government is inacapable of distinguishing party from governance and governance from country. It is fully submerged and drowning in its own Pravda propaganda enabled by a rotten MSM(Most Slavish Media). All started with a cavalier hoodwinking attitude and then it becomes a pernicious reality – even for themselves.

  2. ktemoc says:

    I am annoyed with Anwar Ibrahim and his mouthpiece Sivarasa for saying PKR does not fully endorse Hindraf’s views pertaining to the rally, namely HIndraf’s campaign against the ethnocentric racist Article 153 which marginalises non-bumi Malaysians, especially poor Indianns.

    We may ask why Anwar Ibrahhim is defending Article 153 which grossly favours Malays when he claims as his PKR policy to dismantle the NEP. Isn’t this is typical plain double talk?

  3. k.esu says:

    Children who will be attending a Tamil primary school in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, in the near future may mistake their alma mater for a horror movie set.

    This is because the school is slated to be constructed in the midst of not one, but numerous cemeteries several times its size.

    Shuddering at the thought, Bukit Jalil estate resident V Loudesmary said she does not understand how the authorities can imagine children going to school under such circumstances.

    There was a commentator who used to say Indian are snakes.

  4. Well said. Please walk the talk and lead the march.

  5. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Another of Susan’s unflinching effigies for tomorow’s Hindraf rally will be another inspirational example in my book, but I have reserved opinions that the axe is taken to the British embassy.

    For the records, Hindraf is behind a US$4 trillion class-action suit, (US$2 million each for every Indian citizens in Malaysia) against Britain for the regression of Indian race having brought the Indians here as the suit was struck out by the Malaysian court, henceforth the recourse is presented to Her Majesty. (An abbreviation of what Hindraf and the rally is all about)

    Western societies have long matured enough to take criticisms of political dissents, racial inequilities, and religious freedom within their framework of civilized debate with exculpatory embrace. The British in this case is a sacrifical lamb for the purpose of the rally. Mahatma Gandhi’s hunger strike did it, ending British colonization when the whole nation rallies behind him but if Gandhi is geographically misplaced in Myanmar presently, I doubt the ruling Junta would have relent and restore to democracy.

    I have personally no dispute but in support of any rally. As for the regression of the Indian community, shouldn’t the BN goverment or more accurately the MIC be held liable for the Indian’s economic grievanves?

    Should the blacks in American sue those who brought them into slavery and not thank Abraham Lincoln?

    I hope that the police will not repeat thier infamous unruliness and allow the peaceful rally.

    Against the BN, I am absolutely prided to walk along any Hindraf members, but against the British, I am writing myself out of this.

  6. lucia says:

    i absolutely agree with you, susan. you are so wise!

    yes it would be nice if all the other races can join in hindraf’s march – to show the solidarity as anak bangsa malaysia.

    i don’t support hindraf’s objective of the petition to the high com but i support hindraf’s cry of indians being marginalised. in times like this when one of our bangsa malaysia brothers and sisters decided to do something, to stand up for their rights, we as bangsa malaysia too, should support them.

  7. Patrick Xee says:

    This rallies that we have been having is a show of democracy. We are constantly surprised and brain wash by Umno that many have lost the passion of being a Malaysian. Regardless if it’s “Bersih rally” or “Hindraf rallies”, we are all not happy with our current institution and we demand a reform. I have spoken recently to Chinese, Indians and the Malays and they all agree that BN, Umno have all glued their butts on their sits way too long and would not budge. Malaysia had the longest ruling prime minister( Mahathair) and the longest ruling party in the world. We don’t care if DAP or Parti Keadilan or even PAS will be able to rule the country well, we just want changes. The current politicians of ours are not doing a good job. Their ideas are old fashion and in consistent with globalization and not to mention narrow minded. If there are any Umno or BN politicians reading this, please for the sake of our country, step down. Let new generations with new ideas lead the way. NEP is not only paralyzing the country but it’s also leading the Malays backwards. “No pain no gain”. This phase has been with us for centuries with a reason.

  8. kvn says:

    Yesterday, a petition was sent to the Commonwealth nations to remove Malaysia from Commonwealth group, for violations of human rights. More info later

  9. kvn says:

    Speaking at the Johor BN convention on July 25, the prime minister Mahathir quipped that it was very cheap for him to treat Malaysian Indian Congress president S Samy Vellu to a meal because he was a vegetarian.
    All he had to do, Mahathir said, was to go and cut some blades of grass to serve the MIC president.

  10. kvn says:

    20 years old boy dead in Lebuh Ampang

  11. wits0 says:

    20 years ago, today’s No.2 was openly committing sedition when he drew his keris in TPCA stadium and wanted to bath it in Chinese blood. And instead of being charged, he was clearly rewarded. Today he speaks of “sedition” without blinking when projected on to others. Can you ever have a greater hypocrite? Hypocrisy has become an exclusive culture in Bolehland!

  12. wits0 says:

    “How does this rally, planned for a Sunday morning, differ from the one organized by UMNO Youth during Condoleeza Rice’s visit to Kuala Lumpur on a Friday afternoon? That demonstration took place in the same vicinity, also had fiery and inflammatory speeches and was directed to a person or organisation other than the Malaysian government. That demonstration was aggrandized by the local media, with photographs of a defiant Khairy Jamaluddin, in arm sling to boot, gracing the leading pages (if not the front pages) of the mainstream print media.” u/q

  13. kvn says:

    I saw some very determined Malaysians out there this morning.

    Translate them into votes and we might just see the last of Samy.

    Was the use of water cannons and tear gas warranted?

    It was unnecessary and most excessive, in my view.

    Looking forward to saying ‘Sorry, I was wrong’ tomorrow.

    Posted by Haris Ibrahim

  14. wits0 says:

    KTemoc, while you direct your battleship’s 16″ guns at article 153 on the horizon, make sure your secondary guns are also engaging the various targets at point blank range too. 😉

    “Keadilan can go to hell” – Samy Vellu

    “Samy Vellu himself is hell, where else to go” – Anwar Ibrahim

    Samy Vellu Klingon cannot tell where he is in this Universe – can any of ’em Cling-ons actually do?

  15. iamyuanwu says:

    Asking them not to rally and preventing them from rallying are 2 different things.

    I don’t understand the rally, so I’m inclined to not support it.

    What I’m saying is that perhaps they shouldn’t rally. But I’m not saying they can’t rally.

    So, am I a hypocrite? =)

  16. sloone says:


    maybe you a bit confused? why shouldn’t they rally?


  17. iamyuanwu says:

    Yeah, you’re right.

    I just thought that if you don’t have a reasonable objective for rallying, perhaps you shouldn’t rally.
    But I don’t really know what’s the real objective and the sincerity of the rally anyway. So it doesn’t have my support…. yet.

  18. zorro says:

    Susan, iamyuanwu needs a whiff of tear gas under his nose to wake him up…or a deep drag of marijuana. No iamyanwu, you are not a hypocrite…you are nondescript.

  19. koolgeek says:

    Goes to show just how unready we are in forming alternative government (or even a truly Bangsa Malaysia).

    Bangsa Malaysia activists can’t handle anything that has got to do with race.

    That.. goes to show just how far away from reality they are.

    Bangsa Malaysia is a good initiative. But it also has to know that Bangsa Malaysia has to deal with race issues. In fact, that.. is the main issue.

    It’s not something you can avoid if you want to take it further.

  20. wits0 says:

    Zorro, iamyuanwu, could have been spending most of his time in another Universe, or is very young newbie to the Net and Reality. What and where is the sincerity of his/her wonderment founded on?

  21. […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptIn our over-enthusiam to reject anyone or anything ‘racist’, are we becoming like the cops who target merely Indians at roadblocks in order to quash the Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) rally tomorrow? Read Malaysiakini. … […]

  22. […] Read Nat Tan for his eye-witness account, Andrew Ong’s report in Malaysiakini. And Susan Loone’s piece, Only Hypocrites Would Ask HINDRAF Not To Rally. […]

  23. kaki ayam says:

    now, why does a nondescript needs to wake up is beyond my comprehension too…

    iamyuan, had his views. rebut him, if you disagree, but don’t resort to name calling.

    with your (zorro&wits0) emotional response, i doubt people will even bother to read your views on other issues…

  24. wits0 says:

    What’s so emotional about my response? Haha. Besides there are far worse remarks/opinion/comments in the Net. Zorro has a blog, I don’t. We (I fancy)are really unconcerned about readerships.

  25. guabaysong says:

    Up to last week, who ever gives a flying fark about the Indian community?

    If not for Hindraf’s effort, we – the non-Indians – won’t be talking about temple demolitions and RM300/month estate worker wages.

    Waythamoorthy and Uthayakumar, no matter how questionable they are, did help wake all of us – particularly the Indians – from false consciousness.

    Proof? One teenager told me on the LRT on the way to Kampung Baru, “Kita pigi lawan garmen. Diorang sekarang dah takut”.

    I never saw him again during the rally despite being all over the place. I hope he is ok.

  26. zorro says:

    kaki ayam, he asked if he was a hypocrite. I assured him that he was not. I said I could not determine his stand, thus nondescript. It is not a damning or demeaning appendage. It is a condition. As to readership, I strive to write to express not impress. I take consolation that I must be doing something right with an average of 3000 to 4000 page views per day. But honestly, quantity is not the rule of thumb here. IT IS THE QUALITY OF THE COMMENTS that counts. Feel free to come into my blog. If you have something to impart I am willing to learn. Learning is an endless process. The moment we think that we have learned enough is a signal that we must start learning again. There are so many thinks to catch with. I am in a hurry to learn because age is catching up slowly but imperceptibly. Cheers friend.

  27. ktemoc says:

    wits0, no worries, it’s a given that my SSM and AGM are reserved for Humpty Dumpty and Towkay, while someone 😉 gets my 16″ hahahahahaaaa – but then , being a fair man hahhahahahahaha, only if they (BN or otherwise) annoy me.

  28. wits0 says:

    Zorro: “IT IS THE QUALITY OF THE COMMENTS that counts.”

    Indeed it’s so. The quality of the indirect disagreement and difference in opinion also matters if it is not to invite ridiculed. This is not the ‘talk you down’ MSM where the most peverse expression can be assured of secured immunity from being nicely flamed.

  29. kaki ayam says:

    zorro, ‘a condition’ that needs a whiff of tear gas under his nose to wake him up…or a deep drag of marijuana? maybe you meant that in jest…

    as for wits0, it’s weird to me that instead of responding to iamyuan when you disagree with his stand, you choose to talk to zorro about iamyuan.

    wits0, you actually agree that your comment is one of the worse although not the worst found on the net? hey, you’re a honest guy after all…:)

    and please for once, respond to me, and not to someone else ‘about’ me.

  30. iamyuanwu says:

    I absolutely oppose the police’s excessive force on the demonstrators, and its role in causing the massive jam in KL. The police was plain crazy. It’s so much worse than BERSIH rally.

    I may not support the cause fully, but I respect the right to demonstrate, and to bring attention to their plight. Now that I know what’s it about, I think it’s a smart (maybe a little unsafe) manouvre from HINDRAF to gain the attention needed.
    As for the 1 million Ringgit, i think is just for show to get the attention needed.
    Wah lau… I said I don’t understand the objective of the rally, then I kena tembak kau-kau.

    Relax ler, I’ve not heard about this HINDRAF thing previously. That’s why it doesn’t have my support. What… you go support something blindly just because it rallies? Then you’re rallying for the wrong reasons, aint’ it? Doesn’t that make you insincere in your support for HINDRAF? Then wouldn’t that make you a hypocrite for flaming me trying to be objective?
    I think sincerity has a lot to do in a movement. Ask… why rally, is it to help the poor/fair elections/etc; or just for the fun of rallying, eh?

    You are absolutely right Zorro, I was nondescript in my opinions for this particular event. But I’m not from another universe lah. I do read around and I’m reasonably politically aware. And I don’t need tear gas to wake me up. I’m no n00b. I do know the reality.
    So, you guys are barking at the fundamental issues, which is good. But have you heard about real accounts of these inequalities and problems at grass root leves? Real people recounting real stories, eh?

    So please keep all you guys’ aggressive tones, sarcastic remarks, smarty-pants statements at home. We don’t need them here. Besides that’s a bad+stupid move — tembak a new commenter. You need to make newbies feel welcomed before they want to accept your opinions and proof.

  31. maximus says:

    Dude iamyuanwu,

    Valid points that you state. But if you have not heard of Hindraf…?, dude, the past few days its been plastered all over. If you are a newbie, a bit of research before you post will certainly help… and chill with old uncle Zorro, kudos for the fact that he braved the tear gas….so he must be feeling it man, becoz, man that thing really hurts.

  32. whispering9 says:

    The submission of a petition to the Queen of England is actually a brilliant political strategy. The more outlandish and absurd the claims the better will it be. Once the petition is submitted to the Queen of England…Hindraf can actually file for legal proceeding in the England Court to seek address to the petition. Whether the subsequent court proceeding makes sense or not, it will be an international embarrassment for the Malaysian Government when the case is disclosed and digested in full public view. This is one petition the Government will want to stop at all cost and it has nothing to do with racial discrimination or minority disrespect for the Indian Malaysians. Please don’t execute me just yet…for hinting that our Gman has noblesse oblige…I just reasoning the intent for the benefit of some commentators. Apparently, everyone is learning to play better politics. The current Gman is just infinitely stupid (an expression according to Einstein, from what I read in 3540) to have allowed the balance to tilt so far and so fast. He is doing something right after all…just like Mikhail Gorbachev’s role in the collapse of the Soviet Union. Only I wonder “Who is the Boris here?”.

  33. jedyoong says:

    police state!

  34. tiputipu says:

    ‘So please keep all you guys’ aggressive tones, sarcastic remarks, smarty-pants statements at home. We don’t need them here. ‘
    You are a bloody hypocrite,just dont mention the F word in front of the kids you teach,ok

  35. Why is it that no one is saying anthing in defence of our valiant Police and their superiors. We have an impeccable incorrupt force which serves the rakyat with great diligence and ability. Is it too much to ask that they had no choice but to defend themselves wearing only bullet proof vests; anti tear gas masks and armed with water cannons and other forms of more fearsome weapons in the rear in the face of rabid and violent mobs who have no sense of decency to respect the constitution and our great leaders who can be placed in equal heights with Mao Tse Tung; Hitler; Stalin; Norega and the like.

    The rakyat must rise up and defend our non violent passive incorrupt police in the interests of our great leaders who are leading us n the right path towards our doomed destiny.

    (Written in jest )


  36. k.esu says:

    Someone doesn`t understand what Hindraf is about, then comes out and says he `doesn`t support` what he doesn`t understand (instead of seeking to understand)
    and, then goes on to say that as a newcomer he should be made comfortable instead of being held to account for his comments
    all that seems is a cry for a milk bottle. Or a plea for more NEP.

  37. k.esu says:

    This one for un-understanding babies wanting to feel comfortable instead of bawling:

  38. wits0 says:

    “wits0, you actually agree that your comment is one of the worse although not the worst found on the net? hey, you’re a honest guy after all…:)”

    Kaki ayam, if you are a Cyber Trooper, you ‘ll be hardly be in any position to be believed in. If you’re not, then you are seemingly helping the same cause by minus wits.

  39. k.esu says:

    What happened in Bt Cave

    If you read Utusan, theStar or even NST, or watched TV3, you might thought yesterday rally was filled with violence. Let me tell you, there was violence, but from the police side. The following images says it all on what happened in Batu Cave early in the morning on 25th Nov. Credit to for the pictures.

    All the protesters were surrounded, and was pushed into the temple compound

    Temple compound was closed down. With all the protesters in it. Prisoners, in temple.

    They started to shoot, with the protesters locked in it. This is what IGP Musa did not tell you. This is what mainstream media hide from you.

    Would they fire into a mosque?

  40. k.esu says:

    Aiyah kaki ayam tu ertinya dia belum belajar pakai kasut pun lah.

  41. k.esu says:

    I think kaki ayam and the other fellow are the same person carrying each other`s baggage.

  42. zorro says:

    iamyuanwu wrote:So, you guys are barking at the fundamental issues, which is good. But have you heard about real accounts of these inequalities and problems at grass root leves? Real people recounting real stories, eh?

    Friend, read my posting of 24Nov: Tomorrow I Walk With My Indian Brothers and Sisters. and read the comment by anon (V). No fairy-tale sobbies I assure you.

  43. avvit says:

    Why are they rallying? They’re not happy that they’re in Malaysia? They prefer the British did not bring them to Malaysia? If they were not brought to Malaysia they’d be in India now and is that a whole lot better? Would all the Indians in Malaysia be living as kings in India if they were never brought now?

    If they wanted a ‘peaceful rally’ then whats up with all the public damage?

    K.Esu I don’t get your pictures. It just shows a mob being controlled. And a policeman injured.

  44. KakiAyam says:

    what a bunch of unfriendly commentators! and i thought this is a space where people are allowed to have differing views of things. instead, names are called, the lines are drawn between commentators that have differing opinions on issues. Notice the usage of ‘We’ (wits&zorro) and us (iamyuanwu&kakiayam)?

    so you guys seems to be the group-that-knows-all? so much so that a hint of ignorance on any commentators becomes an invitation for an appropriate dress down? who else dares to subcribe to a different views of things from the majority of the commentators?

    k.esu, is it necessary for you to ridicule others that may know less of what you do? what if i tell you that I have read Chris Anthony letter and still find it hard to support Hindraf or the things it is fighting for? Would you then starts ridiculing me further for not having the right brain cells to believe what was written and to take a stand similar to yours?

    i believe iamyuan is not a person that lacks critical thinking, instead he is putting into writing what he is thinking. and while the writing stops, the thinking process will not. Personally I think he would welcome any kind of discussion and to listen to alternatives perspective of things. Which is the primitive reason for our urge to comment on a blog after reading it. Otherwise, why did he keeps coming back to read the comments from others and responding to them?

    iamyuan, you don’t need others to defend for you, that’s for sure. but if you find that this is not a conducive place to engage with others for discussion purpose, fear not, there are plenty of other blogs which you can visit to enlarge your perspective of things.

  45. goldenscreen says:

    Maybe the last 30 seconds of this video will clear your doubts avvid

    This is what happen in a nutshell, thousands of Indians congregated in Batu Caves temple as early as 12am to rest and sleep before marching to British High Com. Around 2-3am the FRU and police surrounded the main entrance to Batu Caves. The protesters chanted slogans, walked towards the police and was blocked by a wall of FRU personnel. A standoff for how long I do not know ensued with more slogan chanting and some pushing from the back of the group.

    Then the FRU started to push the people back into Batu Caves in a violent and chaotic manner, using their shields to push and whack people. Some people fell down and nearly caused a stampede as they were violently pushed. The police locked them up in Batu Caves. Some people started throwing rocks and bottles at the police from within the compound and the FRU also fired tear gas and water cannons into Batu Caves. Which happened first I’m not sure.

    In contrast to what the media and IGP report, there was violence from the FRU and tear gas and water cannon was fired into Batu Caves.

  46. shiver says:


    i agree with you completely. The Malaysian Indians who went for the walk and faced the brutality of the Polis Raja Di Malaysia, i am proud of you.
    in future, we shall walk hand in hand with the malays, the chinese, the kadazans and the lain lain to let this present corrupted BN-UMNO that we the Bangsa Malaysia, we have HAD ENOUGH!

    such a weak prime minister we have. only time will tell where dear old Malaysia is heading to. my gut feeling, there will be positive changes in the coming months, God willing!

  47. observer says:

    “Only hypocrites will ask Hindraf not to rally”

    Then i guess there is no need for a fair discussion since opposing views
    have already been summarily rejected out of hand.

    Do we allow every rally just for the sake that its a rally.
    Do we support paralysis, major traffic problem caused by rally supporters
    standing in middle of the major city street
    Do we support supporters throwing bricks, assaulting police officer
    Do we support religious fundies group like Hindraf, championing a cause
    of one group but not all Malaysians
    Do we support playing with fire with issues regarding race, religion

    The leaders didnt even hand off the memorandum to British Consulate.
    They just faxed it in. Could have done it earlier and saved the city folks
    and tax payers money. The supporters are just fools being used
    as fodder to face-off with the police, while the leaders stayed mostly
    safe in doors.

    Instead of blaming govt for the poor condition of indian minority, they
    should look at what the communites can do to help themselves.
    Look at the owner of maxis and airasia. There are a lot of
    successful indians in IT fields, finance and so forth. If they can succeed
    so can these others.

  48. iamyuanwu says:

    The police is crazy, shooting tear gas into a temple. The people are already being locked in, why the need to shoot tear gas and chemical-water? As usual, bully the weak, but fear the evil.

    I don’t fully support HINDRAF’s cause. But I understand it from their point of view and hope for the best for them. And I absolutely condemn the way our police behaved. In the mean time, I’ll do my part of spreading the news to my friends and hope they understand it they way I do.

    Demonstrations like these are dangerous though. Too many of it, and the gahmen is going to come down hard one fine day. It may have started innocently, but thing can turn ugly (and bloody) real fast.
    I’ve also heard rumours (flame me if you want, for believing in rumours) that there’s a possibility a certain group of young people lead by a certain son in law are planning a demonstration in retaliation of recent rallies (disclaimer: like I said, it’s a rumour!).

    I certainly hope that doesn’t happen. Best way to do it, get rid of them in the elections. Persuade your friends and family to vote wisely.
    Need to take time to read up first mah. So I say I won’t support until I read enough to understand lah. Alamak, liddat also kena taruh.
    In any case, thanks for the lead.

    [Digressing a bit…]
    Mommy, some one called me a cry baby! Waaaaaaahhh!
    *cry & holler like a 5 year old!*
    Don’t you feel childish now, arguing with a baby? X-D
    I’ve read around in the newspaper. Heard about HINDRAF, but don’t quite grasp their cause. But you know lah, the newspaper bias one mah. So I remain non-descript while reading around.
    Oh yeah, don’t play a fool with tear gas. I hope I never need to experience it.
    [thinking aloud…]
    Bah, why did I bother to reply certain comments anyway? Hmmm, weird me…
    Holy sh*t, those are different stories I’ve not heard before!
    Thanks for the lead.
    Well, that’s what I thought. If trying to be partial before I evaluate all the information means kena taruh by bigots, I’ll just stop participating. (Yeah, yeah, I’m a cowardly baby). I’m cool with it. There are always reasonable & clear-minded people to debate with else where.
    If I want reserve the right to dislike & tease others, others would have the right to dislike & tease me too.
    Thanks for putting up a good word for me. =)
    Rallying to bring attention to their plight. Nah, the lawsuit is just a smart publicity stunt, it’s meant to garner international attention. Without the attention, our gahmen is just going to sweep it under the carpet as usual. Nothing to do with prefering-British-didn’t-bring-them-here issue.

    And obviously, they’re not happy at the way they are being treated in Malaysia. After so many generations in Malaysia already, when are they going to be treated like one? (I’m asking the same question too).
    Apparently, my comments have been over-interpreted by emotional minds. It is subsequently flamed with the excuse of holding my comments accountable.

    You guys want to prove a point? Persuade me.
    I’m not like anyone else, calling me names and putting me down doesn’t work. =)

  49. k.esu says:

    k.esu, is it necessary for you to ridicule others that may know less of what you do? what if i tell you that I have read Chris Anthony letter and still find it hard to support Hindraf or the things it is fighting for? Would you then starts ridiculing me further for not having the right brain cells to believe what was written and to take a stand similar to yours? – by `barefoot` (kaki ayam)

    If you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen. So what if you have read Chris Anthony. I got through my additional Mathematics with distinction – although I had no teachers. i did it on my own.
    If you are ridiculed, then go and learn before you begin deriding others.
    Remember. Hindraf is not begging you to support them – only BN. You want to suck, go and suck them.
    As for right brain cells, what makes you think you have any? Your writings so far create serous doubt on that subject. You sound like Taxi Nazri. Narcissistic, over inflated egos, pompous, pussilanimous ass.

  50. lulududu says:

    look how disgusting sum of those -ve comments in MT …

    juz bcoz they got problem with the name of the organiser, doubt on the motive behind the organiser, they tease n harsh on all those helpless ppl who were sprayed with chemical water n gas.

    how to gather the force if every1 is so pathetic with this kinda
    “deny 1 point, deny them all” selfcentre attitude.

    Let me tell u, wise n effective people dun reject the -ve but transform them into +ve by joint forces

  51. k.esu says:

    Why are they rallying? They’re not happy that they’re in Malaysia? They prefer the British did not bring them to Malaysia? If they were not brought to Malaysia they’d be in India now and is that a whole lot better? Would all the Indians in Malaysia be living as kings in India if they were never brought now?

    Is that all you can think up. The `melayus` tell the kelings to get out. When they want to get out, you want to keep the `slaves` (making money for sime darby, etc) in the estates. But that maybe since the faith allows to keep slaves.
    And Aavit if that`s all you see when you click the link, why, be satisfied with it. After all you have to bend over to satisfy the master race. Ooops. then again you might be one of the `master race`. Close your eyes and go to bed. Milk bottle on the way for you also.
    By the way,

  52. k.esu says:

    Aavit and barefoot need sledgehammers to follow the diktat of the BN MP of Parit Sulong:

    “demolish the statues and destroy the crosses”
    who said it? an MP for parit sulong.
    where? at the circus house parliament.
    when? 29 oct. 2007

  53. kittykat46 says:

    Hindraf maybe not be well known to the general public, but anyone who has been aware of the continuing destruction of Hindu temples under the guise of enforcing local government laws, and also the pathetic socio-economic situation of working class Indians will understand that the protest is legitimate, and the anger is real.

    To UMNO apologists who keep saying “The Hindu temples were illegal structures which have to be torn down” my response is – there are thousands of illegal structures in the country, most of which get away scot-free, including the infamous Istana Zakaria in Klang. Why the apparent relish with which the authorities pounce on Hindu temples ?

    Unfortunately I think Hindraf did not do enough to explain beforehand to the general public the reasons for the protest. And that provided the opening for the regime and the police to spin and tar them as a bunch of extremists out looking for violence. A lot of people who may not be government / BN/ UMNO supporters were nevertheless confused about what happened.

    The reaction from many people I met was “Oh…a bunch of Indians rioted in KL”. Its not a fair view of the events, but you have to explain your cause well to draw public support.

  54. wits0 says:

    K.esu: “If you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

    That’s better than attempting rehashed verbose whining and threadbare convoluted spins.

  55. KakiAyam says:

    K.esu wrote “ begin deriding others..”

    Did I? Where? How? Can you quote some examples?
    I thought my response have been civilised ones…

    If you think I have been deriding you, let me tell you, I have not even started…

    You passed ur Add Maths without a teacher? Good for you, kid.

    It just goes to show the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

  56. wits0 says:

    Kaki Ayam : “I have not even started…”

    What’s stopping you? See how far you can get.

  57. lulu says:

    how many yrs old r u ppl? aduiiiii

    malu malu

  58. k.esu says:

    It does huh? You already admitted you don`t understand what the subject is about. It really is very stupid when you behave like a kid with:
    `If you think I have been deriding you, let me tell you, I have not even started…`
    Yeah `my father is stronger than your dad` rubbish in kindergarten. Get out of the playground little boy. Grow up.

  59. k.esu says:

    On the origins:

    ROBERT: How exactly did the first Flying Monkey come to be?

    NIKKO: Either a monkey had sex with a chicken, or a chicken boffed a monkey, we haven’t quite figured it out yet.

  60. babe says:

    I agree that this country need a major change…but rally is not the way…
    what do we get at the end of the day? bad press?

  61. Hunk says:

    Trust me, amongst all commenters, Wits0 is at best not to be provoked, till date, I am in the knowledged that he only counter when u waylaid him to an edge. And when he retaliates, there will be no place little place for you to make way…Sorry if I have miss sometin’.

    Well babe-Bad press is worse that useless press. 🙂

  62. Hunk says:

    Well, Whic…(sorry I got a lisp like LIM KENG YAIK in mentioning ‘s’), sorry I mean K.esu, let’s not be 2 harsh with the guests here, Zorro has shown suavity in elucidations.

  63. k.esu says:

    The shameful stories from the judiciary issue and the Hindraf event are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Malaysia and ordinary citizens will pay and are already paying a heavy price for all the damage that Dr Mahathir has inflicted to this country’s fibre. He took the country in the wrong direction, towards destruction. Alas, he could have taken us on the right direction without depriving anyone and any community. He could have governed with integrity and social justice.

    Some say, Dr Mahathir has done good in the development of infrastructure. It is there for all to see. They are right but ask yourself at what cost? Putrajaya, the twin towers and so many other projects are monuments of wasted public funds.

    Folks, the government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sees no reason to change the approaches inherited from Dr Mahathir, as it works well for them too. Even Umno was destroyed when he changed the election rules for the Umno presidency whereby candidates challenging the president need to get the majority’s nomination to contest against the incumbent! How bizarre?

  64. wits0 says:

    No lah, Lulu, sometimes things gets to sound childish when someone claimss he’s got the greater capacity to deride others. Therefore it seems necessary to answer with same sort and level of expression to make it easier to be understood that it’s an assertion. We have recently seen how, when Monsterball was given that much lee way, that he does not know where to stop.

  65. k.esu says:


    Hi there. I very much try not to be harsh. Unfortunately, some with delusions of grandeur and some erudition look down on others not as well off as them. I find it difficult to humor them.
    Reminds me of Gobbels who said that the only way to talk to an Englishman was to slap him so hard, and only when the slapped was on the ground, could there be equality.
    These chappies are floating in the clouds.
    But we`ll endeavour to try as you say 🙂

  66. k.esu says:

    On the other hand they may be moles (despite their protestations) which would make the effort worthwhile 🙂

  67. k.esu says:

    Like this one:

    Overheard in the Star newsdesk: We need a young voice to make a comment on this Hindrah. No Vera may cause a back-fire, Jocylene….no she is Chinese and UMNO-bias….Bung…he says he lost his ten-foot pole….Joe Kuda? You crazy ah, he writes about running horses, not running dogs.
    What about you Krish? No?….then get me anyone……but muzzle him….Print, only when I say so.

  68. Hunk says:

    k.esu, is it necessary for you to ridicule others that may know less of what you do? what if i tell you that I have read Chris Anthony letter and still find it hard to support Hindraf or the things it is fighting for? Would you then starts ridiculing me further for not having the right brain cells to believe what was written and to take a stand similar to yours? – by `barefoot` (kaki ayam)—-by K.esu.

    On the contrary, the handle ‘kaki ayam’ clearly enunciates ‘chicken feet’, which means easy, keelover,….u don’t have to be an etimologist to decipher that… Well, should we all put the matters to rest…. 🙂

  69. Sivaji says:


    I am a Malaysian citizen, and I am a subscriber of ASTRO Satellite TV Broadcast here in Malaysia. Recently I have subscribed to the ASTRO News Package which contains Al Jazeera and other foreign news media.

    I was highly looking forward for the international news broadcast on all of the stations provided by the package when I had shocking news from our local news station claiming that the foreign news broadcasters are lying and making stories without properly acquiring the real facts and they are very good actors !!! Furthermore these claims were also made by our government’s politicians.

    Now, this is rather disturbing and disappointing for me as I have only subscribed for the service for just a few days and I’m being bombarded with such claims. This eventually made me to think:

    Am I an IDIOT to subscribe, pay and end up watching acts and lies
    Is there is any conspiracy going on here????

    I clearly understand the fact that Al Jazeera has a strong principal called the Code of Ethics and you strictly follow it. But the claims by the politicians and local media here make me to think otherwise.

    The claims below were broadcasted on 27-November-2007 in TV3 news station. Similar claims were also made in other local newscasters. This is just a few of the claims.

    1. TV3 news station claimed that the foreign media cannot be trusted as they do not report the actual news.

    2. YAB Datuk Sri Samy Velu claims that there were only 4,600 demonstrators on 25-November-2007 and NOT 50,000 or any other number as claimed by the foreign media.

    3. TV3 news station said that the questions thrown at the Information Minister of Malaysia by Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera’s name was mentioned) was to purposely create a scene to show that Malaysia is in kiosk situation and Al Jazeera purposely built up the story from the real one. They also mentioned the criticism made by the Information Minister to Al Jazeera.

    (Prior to sending the mail, I did some research on the net and actually found the video clip of the above Interview in Youtube. And I actually laughed myself out listening to the reply given by our Minister. Pity him for his language. But in the Malaysian news channel TV3, they only provided the “CLEAN” version of the transcript and the actual call was not aired. This makes me even more confused!!! Who is telling the truth here???)

    Now, if Al Jazeera is telling lies,

    It is high time for Al Jazeera to review back their Code of Ethics and provide the truth for the people. If you can’t do it then don’t cheat the entire world. And don’t broadcast your news at all. I am not a fool to keep paying for acts and lies.

    And if Al Jazeera is NOT lying,

    Well, what the heck. The damage has already been done. No one in Malaysia is going to listen to your news anyway due to the “VERY GOOD” publicity done by the Malaysian politicians and the local media. By the way, did I mention that our local media could also be received by our neighboring countries like Singapore and Thailand?


    It is not my intension to insult Al Jazeera, other foreign media, our local media or the politicians. If you feel offended by this email, I sincerely apologize to you. Whatever the scenario is, all that I want (and the rest of Malaysian citizens who are in my situation want) is the truth. Since Al Jazeera’s and other foreign media’s names have been badly damaged here in Malaysia, Al Jazeera and the other foreign media’s SHOULD do something to fix it back or you may start loosing your viewer in Malaysia.(and its surrounding countries too)

    I hope you could keep my details confidential and properly investigate on this issue (just incase if you don’t trust me) and find out the real truth behind such a drastic claims by our local media. That is if you still follow your Code of Ethics.

    Yours truly,
    A concerned viewer.

    1. i am also forwarding this mail to other foreign media for their response.
    2. i will be posting this transcript in the internet via blogs so that the viewers around the world will be aware that this matter has been brought to your attention and for them to express their views.

  70. babe says:

    hey I love Mahathir! He has done a lot things for this country!
    Be a prime minister first, then see if you can be fair to all and make everybody happy. Nobody perfect! But current government really need to back up!

    I like hunk

  71. kittykat46 says:

    AlJazeera ?
    Well, the US Government and military have often accussed AlJazeera of being anti-American and anti-Western in general. Now Bolehland accusses AlJazeera of being biased against Malaysia.

    If I take all the various accusations thrown at AlJazeera together…I would say they probably got their reporting quite balanced.

    Count Dracula…oops…Zam just hates any news media he can’t control.

  72. Tunglang says:

    There will be more Rallies in the future to come! BN Gomen is truly Asian Suckers. BN will never see the light in the coming years but dark skies of thundering storms of social, civil and racial dissatisfactions rumbling at the Putrajaya comfort zone’s doorsteps. You bet. We are no more Malaysians cowered under threats of ISA or Polis State samseng. BN’s future is finished. God knows how to handle our affairs regardless of race or religion. Pray for Justice, Malaysians.

  73. Crankshaft says:

    Susan, this blog post is why I love you, girlfriend!

    I think Malaysians of South Asian origin have been neglected completely by society at large. Perhaps some of the fault may lie with them, it is still not right to consider their plea for help as racist.

    For if Uthayakumar did not petition the British, thereby dragging the international community into the picture, this issue would be merely swept under the carpet to be reconsidered perhaps in 50 yrs to come.

    It’s a shame.

  74. rao says:

    if the UMNO malays thing that they can dominate others is liken to digging their own graves so dont dominate learn to share, spare our golden motherland from DISASTER.Decision from the head not from the heart.We have entered the tunnel of GLOBLIZATION see around.

  75. jentayu says:

    susan, u’re damn naive. trying to distract the main issue. sure we hv freedom of speech but to what extent? talk whatever u like without being held responsible? u’re playing with fire here darling. get over the details before u start babbling about democracy, equality, marginalisation, ethnic cleansing and so forth. seriously, u know nothing bout it. u just play with people’s emotion. what’s the difference between u n the BN government u accused of being corrupted n undemocratic. i work around the parliament n i see lim kit siang is no better than the BN MPs monkeys. at times, he himself was a monkey harping about justice, democracy, freedom, bla, bla, bla like a kid losing his money. in the end, he resembles the thing that he despise a lot – being autocratic. in any way, the facts count. dont deny it. be more reasonable. it’s clear that indian hv a share of poor folks as well as other races. it’s normal. poverty is everywhere. u like it or not it’ll still be there. the question is : how can we control it? i don’t see answers in rallies or demos. changes should come bit by bit.

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