My heart goes out to blogger king Raja Petra Kamaruddin, for yet another police report lodged against him from virtually a nobody. His latest post “I am offended“, I can relate to. But RPK is the most courageous blogger I know. And I am with him. Always have and always will. If RPK is offended, I am offended, too.

This post of RPK makes a blogger very human, and very real. Compared to all the statements those so-called illustrious but in truth dimwit ministers make, RPK, you sound like a genius.

Yes, a blogger is human too, can have high days and low days. We are not just a blog name, or a nick or a URL.

There are days when one can feel so offended that one shuts downs his or her blog, never to blog again. Sometimes, one goes on a hiatus, only to return with more vigor in blogging. A t other times, one takes the most necessary actions in order to salvage whatever sanity that is left, whether in one’s head or the blogsphere.

Today is a “high” day for me coz I found another person to banish from this blog. No apologies, and no regrets. A blogger’s got to do what he or she has to do. I don’t know if you people notice, but I have never banished someone because of what he or she says. I banish people when their action becomes a crime, especially a moral crime.

I banned two commentators who revealed “cyber-trooper” elements. They are also banned for falsifying other commentators nicks and comments, which I consider a crime. There is no compromise when it comes to this. (Well, the commentators I described could be one and the same person). I did not ban him (or her), though earlier, he(or she) suggested I become a whore for RM5 because I did not have a job.

Then, there are commentators on this blogs who go by different nicks. This, I understand perfectly.

The third commentator I have decided to ban has revealed his selfish and racist attitude. Racism is criminal, too. In my book, at least. One can discuss racism, or talk about issues from a racial perspective, but when racism clouds one’s action and that attitude turns into personal attacks on another’s race, ethnic or religious status, that action becomes criminal and there is no other choice for this blog owner but to wield her power to ban.

This commentator went on and on about another commentator’s race and attacked him personally for being that race, although he is not that race at all (all under moderation, of course).Friends, I do not tolerate racist individuals, groups or political parties. You will notice how I treat the Umno-bodohs or any of their ilks.

Because if we do not have this standards, at the very least, especially in our daily lives, let’s not talk about Bangsa Malaysia. So, for those commentators, bloggers, of whoever, who believes in Umno or are members, but still speak about Bangsa Malaysia, I will tell you bluntly, please cut the crap and leave me alone.

There are other kinds of people that I detest, too. But if their comments are civil and reasonable, their attitudes do no amount to a ban.

I despised people who “throw” their money (or offers of …) around or at me, especially, during my “low” times, and hope I will lap it all up like a lap-dog. I will say “thanks” but “no, thanks”. I was brought up to be independent. For only with independence, one can have total freedom.

But what annoys me more than the above is the arrogance of one’s actions related to the show of wealth such as bragging about how helpful or caring one is, or reminding others continously, of how concern he or she is, eventhough no one has accepted the offer at all.

For this kind of people, goodbye. Shove your god forsaken money where the sun doesnt shine. The world does not revolve around you. Just because you’re elder, doesn’t mean you are smart. And don’t talk about freedom of speech to me, when you don’t know nuts about what you are talking about.

I mantain once again, I wield the power to ban, not because of what you say, but your racist, arrogant and selfish attitude. A person like you, like this, has no place in my blog, or life.

So, you see, I am offended, too. Of course, not the Raja Petra kind. Coz RPK is a hero. I am just an ordinary blogger.


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  1. lucia says:

    ok susan i won’t say you are a hero but i will say you are a good and popular blogger.

    you attract a lot of commenters because you write well and are popular (please don’t deny it or get offended as i’m saying it in good faith! others would have agree with me.). i know it’s not easy handling so many commenters. of course one would feel offended at these racist, arrogant, selfish commenters.

    you have your reasons (good ones) for banning people and i support you for the ban. i know you will know how to do the right thing.

    be offended, be angry… but don’t lose hope… continue blogging as you do!

  2. i was asking in my blog, are there any more jokers in the pack? Start counting now! Sane citizens will surely say: “Let us walk proudly with Jeff and RPK and hold our heads high!”

    Fans of dearest Susan, pls go to Malaysiakita for other socio-political blogs updates.

  3. ken says:

    Quote, “Just because you’re elder, doesn’t mean you are smart. And don’t talk about freedom of speech to me, when you don’t know nuts about what you are talking about.”

    I thought we can all tolerate this guy.

  4. bamboo river says:

    Dear Susan, your posting had great significance to our society. That more significant is what I’ve seen around my daily life.You had shown your true colour of self independent and personal stand. Well said!

    In fact I have seen (Read) and learnt a lot in this blog.
    You have my support and the rest of the commentators (we all know who 🙂 )

    There are two important things in this world. Monetary and friendship. Just to let you all know…to me …money come and go…we earn we spend….but true friends ? Well, the answer is always in my heart.

  5. aarvidi says:

    You frighten me with what intimidations a blogger has got to go through. I have not had any of this experience but nevertheless I hope I can keep watch or anticipate happenings of this nature and accept it in good faith that a blogger has got to go through this or alternatively don’t blog at all.

  6. whispering9 says:

    Don’t really know which category I fit into? Irrespectively, wish you well. Okay?

  7. wits0 says:

    Ken, “I thought we can all tolerate this guy.”

    That’s ultimately Susan’s option and she knows what’s she’s doing. The person banned incidentally also gives growing old a bad name. You don’t, e.g., find bloggers like Zorro exhibiting any obnoxious habits.

    Bamboo, money is mainly a neede means to be self independent and friendship is one of the most misunderstood/abused/exploited quality. A great Man once said that if in your like you can’t find anyone who’s a true friend, it’s better to walk alone. When it comes down to that, friends can even be just an option, not absolutely mandatory. Having said that, I’m not repudiating the value of friendship at all, however, only half-past-six sorts. What makes Susan different is that she also understands that aloneness certainly isn’t the end of the world.

  8. shiver says:

    anyway witsO, that old man, although how patriotic he is to Malaysia he always resorts to name calling. cant stand him. everyday telling dear old susan, that he and she are best friends….
    blog is blog lah. i come in people’s blog to find more alternative news. i go to so many countless blogs and i dont tell the blogger that he or her’s blog is the best blog, because at the end of the day, its just a blog. there are countless of malaysians now on these blogs because we just cant stand the mainstream media one sided reporting. thats why we are here, not because we have nothing better to do in our lives.
    anyway, continue doing the good work susan, all you bloggers like rpk, harris, malik, zorro, sheih, rocky, jeff, eli, nat, li tsin, tian chua, farish, simon, tony pua, teresa, uncle kit, lulu and countless hundreds are the reason why i feel there is still hope for Malaysia!
    like my favourite football club slogan goes…. YNWA!

  9. mary kate says:

    How sad 😦 the things they do to people who “speak the truth”. While, they can still sit back and insult us, the citizens, beruk,bodoh, pondan!! and we have no voice and forced to accept nonsense shoved down our throat. I think people whom are desperate do desperate stuff. With what’s going on nowadays, we only see more new lies to cover old lies. The only problem they still dont get it is, new lies never cover old lies, only made it a bigger lie, and the truth still surface anyway.

  10. krissnp says:

    Very Inspiring.

  11. Hantu Laut says:

    Well, sometimes, you have to separate the sheep from the goats.The world would be a boring place without diversity, part and parcel, of human attributes.In this imperfect world perfection is what we seek but seldom achieved.

    You have the right to ban those whom you think has transgressed the sanctity of your blog. Like the man who was mad with RPK for not posting his article on Malaysia Today, true or not, he has no right to complain.Anybody, with average intelligence can start a blog and he should, if he felt strongly, about bringing his story to the world.

  12. zorro says:

    Susan, carpe diem! Be always around to add strength and resolve to the fraternity.

  13. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    If I am in the shoes of Susan and RPK, I would have done the same.

    Only a person who truly respect criticisms and handled them rationally and unbiasedly is a person who truly respect the Freedom of Emancipation.

    I cite a case sometime ago when RPK ( based on facts) in his blog where he hit out at Susan when she allows unfiltered commenters when others took forstalling steps to prevent ‘CYBERTROOPERS’

    But when RPK was being interogated by the police, Susan even posted a picture with mansories extended hands with soliciting bowls whom she re-direct to us for donations even if RPK at no time ask nor hinted for any.
    Of couse that did not materialised as he was not being charged.

    RPK even reasoned out in parables that an owner of a blog is like the house owner and the commenters are privileged as guests. And every guests are given the privileged until s(he) transgressed and the house owner has every RIGHT to remove the guests. AGAIN, RING THE BELL?

    I must admit that once I was besetted by one Meathead prior to my interim nick without sane reasoning but chauvinistic lunacy for Susan, I eloped and ensconced well with another nick to ‘survive’ in Susan’s blog
    and even befriended Meathead all along.

    *In miry, wise men think and snaked thier way out and in, only fools falls to the pits. RING THE BELLS? Please do not commit suicide OK, coz I will not be held liable…

    In the military talking you will hear this “Losers always wind above their best, winners go home and f__k their prom queen.”

    But I was contented when some blogger/s put up this Meathead’s mugshot , mocking and snipping at him ruthlessly. Even to the point by revealing his personal biodatas.

    And for my personal ‘spat’ with Jean, only a true man like Harrison Bin Hansome will take the courage to apologize to her personally. But I am in perspective that Jean has a feeling of 90% of eerie and cynical of me, 9% of angst with me, and 1% of heterosexual infatuation for me.

    But I always nurture the hope of that 1%, maybe 1 day I could hold her hands but I can’t.

    Susan’s topic today is irrefutably the hottest after Raja Petra of coz.

    Personally I have no ill feeling for this Meathead at all, and in hope that perhaps 1 day a right conscience will kick in his mental instability and I still hold high hopes that maybe he will be paroled to blend with anyone again and in every blogs.

    To all my learned friends here, this will be my last posting not because
    I am on melodrama leave, but leavng for Australia for work before that I wish everone here esp. Jean, Whispering9, Monty, Wits0 goodbye.

    I inadvertendly bumped into a blog with petitions for RPK:-

    I will send Susan a personal e-mail for giving me the privilege for being a commenter here and may she parole Meathead one day.

    *And following the link commenter ‘Avvit’ provided , and of his request of banning Stenson, I know susan will not, coz he (Stenson) reminds me of someone I know. Hahaha.


  14. whispering9 says:

    Dear HbH…study well and don’t sneak into the lady dorm at night. Remember, young man shouldn’t be using so many ‘bad words’. 🙂 Australia has even speedier boardband. Take care. Hope I didn’t freak you out. I, too, hope one day the Beast will come to his senses and become a Prince. Live happily ever after…sigh, if only fairy tales are true. In real life, the beast usually get shot and the princess can easily find another prince or job. ‘Carpe diem’ (sieze the day) will sound about nice for now.

  15. wits0 says:

    Shiver, that sorts of Monsterball’s behaviour is what is known as ingratiating ; it’s not an honest or tasteful thing to do. Then he has to overstep, go personal and attempt to dominate the Blog as a launching pad for invectives and attacks. He doesn’t dare behave this bad in other less tolerant Blogs but in this one he assumes he is in Susan’s special favor and therefore showed much more presumptuousness.

  16. sofiairdina says:

    Hahaha… jean is going to hate u for that. Jez when she was about to figure it all out the target evaporated. Pooff…

    But like w9 said, Oz has a speedier broadband. Bad excuse and it reminds me of someone I know. You missed the fun and the 1% probability.

    Nice journey.

    Susan, its your blog, its your home and its your shot. I’ll agree with you as long as you dont banish me… you can banish jean. She is on holiday in gold coast anyway. No internet there.

  17. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Harrison b. Hansome,
    Good Luck.
    You can always still access Susan’s and other blogs from wherever you are in the world…Ozland broadband access is very good.

  18. bamboo river says:

    Harrison…see if you can meet OzzieFlash aka Australian Flashpacker.
    Good Luck!

  19. Janefox says:

    Hi Harison, why so sudden?

  20. avvit says:

    Harison what do you mean re Stenson? He was really offensive (I’m being polite) but just because he reminds you of someone you know Susan won’t ban him?

    Poor Susan…such a tough life being a blogger. Such suffering. Tsk tsk tsk.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You used the word ” whore “.

    Sloone: So????

  22. Brad Anak Armpit says:


  23. Brad Anak Armpit says:

    Dear Janeox an avit, who is Harrison Bin Hansome?

  24. avvit says:

    Don’t know sorry.

  25. […] RPK, I am offended, too My heart goes out to blogger king Raja Petra Kamaruddin, for yet another police report lodged against him from […] […]

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