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otherwise, inside – Bersih “kena marah” – gets a “spanking” by the Tuankus:

“Opposition slammed for trying to use the King” – presentpowerpont’s blog:

KUANTAN: The Sultan of Pahang has blasted those involved in the illegal rally in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday for trying to drag the palace into politics. Sultan Ahmad Shah said: “I am personally disappointed over claims that the King was involved in the gathering which was not true at all, it is just fitnah (slander). “It is also not our culture to go to the streets. It is not nice, improper and against the wishes of all Malaysians.” The people should concentrate on development programmes, including the Ninth Malaysia Plan and the recently launched East Coast Economic Region (ECER), rather than take part in anti-government activities, he told reporters after officially opening the Lembaga Kebajikan Perempuan Islam Malaysia building (BELOW) yesterday.

In ALOR STAR, Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz said the royal institution should remain apolitical at all costs. “I support Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin who has made his stand very clearly that he and the palace did not support the illegal rally,” the Kedah princess said after opening a Warga Emas health programme on Friday.


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  2. whispering9 says:

    Hmmm…running dogs is a chinese aphorism for admonishing traitors. I noticed that it is kinda okay when a chinese to use it on another chinese but I do not know the reverse effect when a non chinese direct that insult. RPK used it and now Susan. It may be good for a laugh and shock tactics but wouldn’t it also be counterproductive in the long run? There is a sizeable silent chinese majority who are sympathetic to Bersih cause but may not like to be called running dogs. Many are still loyal to MCA but want to send a strong disapproving no confidence message to their leaders in the coming election. Instead of insulting them further, it may be wiser to win them completely over with fair play and fair words. Besides, why insult our canine friends? They have suffered as much as many of us lah. Honestly…I hate this insult.

  3. aarvidi says:

    I like this expression “joining the band wagon”, maybe something to do with Wild Wild West. It is very easy to join the band wagon. Somebody has decided for me what is good, I don’t want to be the odd person out, and therefore join the band wagon.

  4. hkengmacao says:

    Apparently, not all the Malay Rulers are talking in the same wave length with that of the Royal Highnesses, Sultan Azlan Shah & YPA Sultan Mirzan. What a pity, Malaysians….very scary, to think over all these sh*ts.

  5. what the "F" says:

    running pigs…………… not dogs

  6. […] Bersih: running dogs and angry sultans [image] (poster by Wits0) otherwise, inside – Bersih “kena marah” – gets a “spanking” by the […] […]

  7. bamboo river says:

    Should have put spots on the pups.
    101 Dalmation. Easy to spot them.
    What can we say about ‘chow kow’?
    They run to their master with their tails wagging high and run away from the enemies with they tails between their hind legs.
    Too bad it is an insult to the cannine world. Woof, woof.

  8. toyolbuster says:

    you have “painted” a wrong picture of those cute running dogs which are pedigree, and thats misrepresentation. Try using Pariah dogs..

  9. wongv6 says:

    a servile follower or lackey…I don’t see anything insulting in reference to the mca. Let’s face it. Umno is the ruling party and all others in the coalition are running dogs.
    They decide and the others just nod their tails in agreement.

  10. John Fitzerald Cheung says:

    I am a chink, as the Chinese race comprised of Hokkiens, Hainams, Hakkas, Henghuas, Cantons, Foochows and Lanchaws to name a few and I must say I was being put to shame and fed up by some legions of my race who complaints that government services are bad, police are corrupt, teachers should be thrown out of the 4th floor windows coz they don’t give As. When I learned that the Chinese who complaints of the misrule are in fact voting for the BN, I hid my face in shame!

    SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEH! (Is the uncensored word ‘SHIT’ allowed here BTW?)

    And that fatso nicked “DR AYAM” surrounded by some patriotic fans putting up placards that read “WE WANT PEACE!”

    It’s ethereal when such kind words are displayed but warped when it is misused and abused on the pretext of cowardice and greed-“If you can’t fight them, then join them!”

    King Arthur in 1995 movie “First Knight” has has a different version of the word peace wherein he quoted ” There’s a peace only to be found on the other side of war. If that war should come I will fight it!”


    But rationally speaking, that was more than 100 years back, but in an ever changing universe, may I rephrase the word ‘PEACE’ for those oxymoronical sorry looking a**holes Chinks who voted for the BN and yet complaint, “If you want peace, vote the BN off to the stone age!”

    Your Faithfully,

    John Fitzerald Cheung
    No. 3, Jalan Anti-Racist,
    Lorong Anti-Rasuah,

  11. wits0 says:

    Some 37 years is a long time and within that period, since giving up the Ghost, can we not determine whether it’s a running dog or not? Some will still, of course say no. But isn’t that nay-say not built on a large dose of real superstition and inordinate fear? Then there’s that mafioso outgrowth too….

  12. wits0 says:

    And also Dr Ayam’s type of patriotism translates into a perpetual inability to sacrifice even half a business day for anyone else’s interests but theirs. In any case he’s in BB and the march never occurred there. He and his hollow men harp on the same old and tattered canards and half truths in lieu of better argument. The tone of smell of selfishness reeks forth from the incredible facade.

    The implication of the Lingam’s case is looming and his current position itself is not that assured. Moralizing needs people somewhat more impeccable in repute. This seems a fundamental and logical prerequisite where morals are concerned.

  13. ktemoc says:

    I am more worried about monsterball not participating because of wits0 clever poster. But my dear monstreball, our Susan is a sweetie with a huge heart, enough for all of us lah, so no niiiiid to be jealous 😉 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  14. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    *Specially dedicated to Susan, Monsterball, Wits0, Ktemoc, and Jeancomewithme

    Having known many many commenters here and there, I must say that Ktemoc has some Ian Fleming’s flair and I am in support of his 3:24 pm post.

    “Mai Ah Neh Lah Tua Tauke Montersball”. I know you did contribute much to Susan’s blog lah.
    Being a commenter and a forumer for more than 7 years locally and foreign, one question I have never ask is one’s race and I presumed that Monsterball ain’t a racist, correct(?), but mellow and worldly.

    I am sure Susan will make way for you if you can outdo ‘Wits0’ sleight of hand slapstick with photos…. I miss u Uncle Monty. I really do…..

    You see, one day I INADVERTENTLY fell in love with Susan but I am equally as HAPPY if she has a boyfriend (has her?) But I am 31 and Susan is just 20. So the age bracket deters me to seduce her lah….

    May I quote “May God grant us the wisdom to discover the right, the will to choose it, and the strength to make it endure”.

    Love u Susan , Monsterball and my all learned friends here (not the heterosexual love I have for Elviza of coz). Hehe.

    As you know lah I also love that lady in yellow known in cyberspace as ‘Jeancumwithme’ but she dejected me….Also very broken hearted since the day she left but what choice do I have but to shout…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaahhahahahaha…….

    “Mai Ah Neh Lah Tua Tauke Montersball”=”Don’t be like that ‘lah’, Big Boss Monsterball”.

  15. wits0 says:

    Yo Harrison, the handsome one, “mellow” he ain’t, for sure(hate to be this direct), “worldly”, very much so. He has this class complex too and that lack of skill and perception that shoot himself in the foot, thus nullifying the otherwise natural degree of hindsight that comes with age.

    By comparision, KK46, e.g., never projects pridefulness, and his takes are quite naturally on the level and knowlegeable.

    One can trade sulphur and brimestone with Ktemoc but the angst dissipates fast. Similarly with Jean, etc. But Monsterball is given to boasting, inconsistencies, bad language and petulance….exactly like Ktemoc says, an institution of sorts.

    So sorry, Harrison, my non PC truck just demolished your light SUV on the course. 😀

  16. ken says:

    Wah, monsterball so popular kah?
    Why does he get more mention the “angry sultans”?

    The “running dogs” could be MCA proxies.

  17. what the "F" says:

    KJ, your MCAdogs are telling you to get off the streets. go cane them.,

  18. chaptokam says:

    Well said whispering9 there are lots and lots of faithful MCA members and leaders who support the opposition and agree to what they do in the current circumstances and situation. They are also very unhappy and disgusted with UMNO but they are NOT running dogs,I repeat NOT running dogs. Branding all MCA members as running dogs will be counter productive and damaging to RPK purposes and especially to all those who posted very vomitting and vicious comments. They might just do the opposite and have negative impression of these articles since a lot of these MCA members are well educated and know who to support. You want to win people’s heart and minds you don’t INSULT them. I feel very insulted by some of the commenters.

  19. wits0 says:

    If it looks like a duck,
    Walks like a duck,
    Sounds like a duck,
    Smells like a duck,
    …it’s really only a turkey!

    It never occurs to some that if the MCA needs to pursue its own course of actions that it has done so since giving up the Ghost, some 37 years ago, it ought not pretend to represent the Chinese community. Having claim to do so is an insult, culturally, morally and individually.

    A lot of MCA members may be well educated but education alone does not enable true moral fibre….that is a personal attainment. The BN government apparently also has Oxfordians e.g., but what worth is that in reality? Hell, self-honesty and integrity remains unknown qualities and forever elude them. Only their petulance shows.

  20. WTF says:

    They want PEACE.
    But who is disturbing the Peace.
    Those thousands that WALK on the street ? or
    Those hundreds that block the roads, carry Weapons and use them ?

    Those DOGs can’t even distinguish White from Black.
    Indeed barking on the wrong tree !
    But you can’t balme them. Because
    They are too well fed !
    Their animal brain too smal to undersand.
    They have to continue doing doggie tricks to please the master.
    Else, no more biscuit & no more contracts.

    And for a few biscuit, Lets run like a Dog.

  21. Dirty Harry Callahan says:

    chaptokam : You want to win people’s heart and minds you don’t INSULT them. I feel very insulted by some of the commenters.

    Dirty Harry : Yeah…….

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