I rest my case. Is there more to say about Kings and kingdoms?As long as you believe that the monarch can change anything for you, you are a slave. And as long as you are a slave, I don’t think you can change anything.

I won’t say I told you so…but history says so… Read “Will the King lift his little finger to help Malaysians?”

From Malaysiakini:

King: No royal support for Bersih rally
Nov 16, 07 1:34pm Adjust font size:

Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abdidin today stressed that neither he nor Istana Negara had indirectly or directly supported the massive rally held over the weekend in Kuala Lumpur.

According to Bernama, the King, in a rare statement issued via a palace official, expressed regret over the claim that he and Istana Negara had supported Saturday’s illegal gathering.

The rally, organised by the opposition-backed polls watchdog Bersih, saw some 40,000 people taking to the streets to press for electoral reforms. A memorandum was also submitted to Istana Negara.

Tuanku Mizan stressed that he did not lend his support to any quarters which had organised the rally or involved in any activities which flout the law.

On Monday, PAS secretary-general Kamaruddin Jaffar claimed that Bersih had decided to submit a memorandum to the King after his Highness had given them his tacit approval.

Work together

Tuanku Mizan said as the country’s supreme leader, it is incumbent upon him to ensure that the administration of the country as enshrined in the Federal Constitution is adhered to by all.

His Highness expressed hope that all Malaysians act in accordance with the law and not get involved in any activities or actions that violate the country’s laws.

“Each and every Malaysian is responsible to uphold public security in order to ensure peace and the well-being of the nation,” he said.

The King also hopes that all Malaysians will work together to uphold unity and help build a prosperous, united and respected nation.

Meanwhile, palace official Wan Mohd Safiain Wan Hasan, who released the statement, said this is the first time that Istana Negara officials had called the media.

This, he said, is because the King views this issue seriously.

“Usually, Istana Negara will release a statement via fax, but this time we called the media to ensure that the message is disseminated to all the people,” he added.


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  1. theodwyn says:

    Hmm.. interesting..

  2. aarvidi says:

    Well I thought the King will at least give the people his tacit support. A bit disappointed that the person whom the people thought will help turned us down. I suppose he has got his own reasons.

  3. chowkowsai says:

    A sad day indeed for all Malaysians. Is it a case of “harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi?” I am extremely disturbed. Where else or who else can a civil society turn to in times like this? The international community?

  4. TYKo says:

    We have to depend on ourselves. No international pressure, no royal support will bring us to where we want to go. We have to do it ourself. No short cut. No quick-fix. People have to be educated. We have to create awareness in the heartland, in the kampung.
    We have to bring the news not seen in the local media to our kampung folks. Let them be better informed and let them decide.
    We have to do the dirty jobs ourself, FOLK. Talk to the people in kampung, those do not have access to the internet. It is a slow process but a sure process.
    GOD will help those who help themselves.

  5. Satya says:

    I guess we can’t expect our King to be like Thai’s. People there actually *love* their King.

  6. ricky says:

    I hope that this statement does not really come from the Agong heart’s. The palace I am sure is pressured to issue this statement.
    With this statement the gomen is laughing out loud and tomorrow you will see the media frontpage this great statement.

    TKYo, you are right, now the rakyat will have to fight on our own. I will go into mourning for a week for the demise of this country. In the meantime should any organisation planning any further rally for the betterment of this beloved country, I will be there.

    Now we have no one to turn to but among ourselves and GOD.

  7. Sagaladoola says:

    No more Electoral Reform?

    OK, people.. time to get on with our lives….

    Anyway, it is better to attempt than not attempting at all.

    Oh yeah, the rally may be in page 4 or 5, but this statement will be on the headlines I think….. as usual .. . Hahaha….


  8. former supporter of abdullah B.. says:

    what else do you expect from a modern day king. …… well, at least he had someone receive the memo from the rakyaat. read into it if you like.

  9. Syarif says:

    Broken hearted.

    UMNO/BN will be smiling again. Expect overtime propaganda by the government to discredit the BERSIH Rally once and for all. Malaysia is doomed!

  10. sloone says:

    Hey Saga…

    On the contrary, reforms must go on. It was naive to think the monarch will side with the people. But the attempt to rally people was good. No harm in that.

    Now that the people had felt the sting, its time to realise that the power has to be in the people’s hand for changes to take place, not and never could be, the other way around.

    I hope to see more gatherings,demo, etc. But I would also like to see a change of mindset.

    We should already start to think of reclaiming power and abolishing Umno/BN, not just merely denying them 2/3rds.

    Anything less, I am not interested.

  11. ricky says:

    Susan, you are the gal, 101% with you.


    Let’s not depend too much on the Palace but ourselves.

  12. wits0 says:

    Some people needed to go thru the motions according to their chosen sentiments and cultural understanding before they can (even)start to realize the limitation of their excessive hope not soundly founded on present reality.

    TKYo is perfectly right about, “We have to depend on ourselves”. And take responsibility for our own erroneous zones of thinking you, I might add.

    Susan is right about power needed to be in the hands of the people not a presumed “talk the people all down” governance that cast itself as invincible, indispensable and unsinkable like the Titanic. This is another vague cultural superstition that still lurks in many minds of the unenlightened people, well educated or not, urban or rural.

  13. Kenny Law says:

    I’m still hoping that this press release doesn’t invalidate the memorandum, since the release just mentioned about the King distancing himself from the rally. My optimistic side tells me that’s not the end of the story.
    I guess we’ll all just have to see, won’t we?

  14. ivansim says:

    Do not give up hope yet. Let’s not be disheartened so easilly.
    Yes, we have to depend on ourselves to get out of this rut which is much of our own doing as well.
    The big question now is shall we stoop to their low level and do what they have been and shall continue doing – shifting of voters?
    Am sure PAS and DAP have the organization and machinery to coordinate some scheme of sorts. After all a certain voter in Sekinchan says is not illegal – anyone can change their address and vote where they like.
    Look into those safe seats where won with massive majority and with huge voters count – get “friendly” voters willing to share addresses and shift like voters to areas where need a few hundred or a thousand voters to make a difference. Am sure that there will be enough like-minded Malaysians who will be willing to make some sacrifice to go some practical distance to make their votes really count this time – maybe not this but by the next election and really deny the government 2/3 majority.
    Me, I will have no hesitation to vote PAS anytime.


  15. Peace4ever says:

    The King has to cover himself. The king has given permission to BERSIH to submit the memorandum, that is enough!. The king work like ‘menarik rambut dalam tepung’. If not it will expose the King to criticsm and tarnish the King image.

    The retirement of Chief judge case. Do you think the king has no influence on that part? Just for think!

  16. tatpala says:

    this reminds me of chicken little story, where chicken little calls everyone in the village to hurrily go and see the king to tell him that the sky is falling. end of the day, everyone is eaten by the musang.

    poor the villagers.

  17. Sagaladoola says:

    Well, Susan .. that is right….

    Just want to bring up a question and see how people answer…

    In every nation, freedom, rights, and reforms are all Struggles…

    And I believe everyone knows what “Struggle” means. It takes a long time, energy and attempts in all sorts of means.

    We need to get on with our lives.


  18. norhisham says:


    maybe all the young chinese n indian need to read again d constitution. if u dont agree, u all can pack yr thing like d expired immigrant. where to go? ask yr british master..China or India..maybe vancouver can maa..

    what a silly UMNO to agree with british regarding 1957 constitution…we just have a better 1948 Federated Malay States Constitution w/out citizenship of the chinese n indian immigrant issue..

  19. Bapa Nazri says:

    Thank you My Beloved King. Your Royal Highness truly are…

  20. Tsar Nicolas says:

    Look at Tzar Nicolas and Louis XIV to name a few royalties who did not side the people, time for the people to read their history books and note the pattern. Time and time again history has repeated itself and shown that the heads of state did not think of the welfare of the people. In Russia and France they both starved to death or were beaten by the police and military.

  21. wongv6 says:

    Let’s not be disheartened as yet. Wait for the full transcript of the palace statement.
    Last night, while passing the palace, I noticed a fair number of cars and police outriders at the gates. Must have been a pow-wow.
    HRH Agong will be under tremendous pressure to disavow any support. God knows the measures brought to bear on his royal young shoulders.
    The fact that He consented to open the gates and receive the memorandum was a victory in itself.
    The high point of the rally to me, was to see the masses of Malaysians of all creed and colour marching for a common good.
    Let’s build on this.
    Yellow stands for Royalty, Yellow stands for BERSIH !!
    Daulat Tuanku X 3

  22. norhisham says:

    Remember guys…Malaysia is federal system…. Agong exist of this element. With out federal system..no Agong but the ruler still exist under state constitution with their malay subject…

    so think about it carefully.. i just remind u…malay now have 3 category:

    1. with UMNO…controlling d grassroot level..their branch in every corner
    2. with oppostion esp PAS.. majority in number or Keadilan in urban area but give minimal impact to malay community
    3. new ‘young turk’……..(agree wt malay agenda of UMNO but the implementation…)

  23. k.esu says:

    Peace4ever Says:
    `The king has given permission to BERSIH to submit the memorandum, that is enough!. `

    Yes that too has to be factored. Kingy`s perhaps trying to avoid the people from being bashed by the rowdy rioting cops. he may have been influenced by that report on the hawker whose kneecap was smashed by the cops.
    That being said, the people have to rely on themselves. Another point is that most of the marchers were Malays who believe that the Monarch can cure their ills. There must be much dilution in that belief now -and that`s good too.

  24. yy88 says:

    I begged to differ from the general perception that the Agung is distaning himself from the people, in issuing those statement. He is infact sending a covert message disgusing his indifference to hint that more must be done by the Rakyat themselves, which in reality is very true. The Rakyat is the true powerhouse to decide our own fate.

    It would be most encouraging for the Agung to openly support the Rakyat, but this would invoke a strong signal to the government to spring into action immediately to curb further activities, similarly like Operasi Lalang. The governemnt has no qualm to destroy all obstacles if their powers are threatened.

    Do not feel discourage, this is only a subtle reminder for the Rakyat that more need to be done. Maybe the next rally would be across the whole country, extending to the heartlanders in millions.

  25. k.esu says:

    `Today’s press announcement did not come from The Agong. It did not even come from the Keeper of the Royal Seal whose job it is to make official statements on behalf of The Agong. It came from a glorified chamber maid planted in the Palace as an enemy in the blanket. These are the worst kind of slime-balls and scumbags. They smile and call you friend. Then they stick a dagger in your back.`

    So the chamber maid makes potty announcements

  26. Liu Zhen-bao says:

    “Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abdidin today stressed that neither he nor Istana Negara had indirectly or directly supported the massive rally held over the weekend in Kuala Lumpur.”

    This statement serves to state categorically the ABSOLUTE NEUTRALITY of the Agong concerning the massive rally. This is a WISE statement from the Agong. I say a wise and royal move of strategic importance. The anti-monarchy UMNO dogs will have no reason to accuse the Agong later on. The Agong has wisely covered his back in his first move.

    The Agong’s neutrality concerning the rally itself is NOT necessarily the rejection of the ISSUES involved of the Bersih rally, NOR is it the same as his neutrality concerning the issues submitted to him in the memorandum.

    “Tuanku Mizan said as the country’s supreme leader, it is incumbent upon him to ensure that the administration of the country as enshrined in the Federal Constitution is adhered to by all.”

    Did any of you give STRATEGIC and LOADED statement some careful thought?

    Don’t you think this statement from the Agong should give the Bersihans some real encouragement for their cause? Isn’t the demand of Bersih basically the restoration of the Rule of Law as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, which has been hijacked by Buruk Najis, and which is to be adhered to by ALL, even the administration of the day?

    I think this statement should send shivers down the spine of those who have hijacked the Federal Constitution for their own narrow political ends. Can you imagine what would happen if the truth of the Agong’s statement is implemented, when the Agong demand that the Federal Constitution be ADHERED to.

    According to the Constitution, the Agong – the SUPREME LEADER (do you notice these term?) has power to do a lot of things. He is ain’t no puppet! He is the Supreme Leader – something whom UMNO dogs have belittled and mocked. Let the UMNO dogs gloat over what the Agong has said for now.

    Be strong, and have courage. The God of heaven will not abandon those who fight for justice and righteusness.

    Kenny Law, I am with you.
    Kay Tee, don’t gloat yet.

    I believe the present Agong has acted very wisely, and strategically, in issuing those statements – THEY ARE DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD. One edged to slay the wicked, the other protect the weak.

  27. k.esu says:

    Thanks Sagaladoola for the link.

  28. anak perelih says:

    read between the lines of the Agong’s statement… he’s just be diplomatics in his statement..

  29. Dan-yel says:

    Liu Zhen Bao,

    I think the fact is that we can’t be sure of what the Agong might have meant. But what is more important here is that the struggle is on the Rakyat. On that glorious Saturday, I believe it wasn’t the possibility of Agong siding us that pushed us towards his majesty’s gate. It was our SOLIDARITY, that we feel together, for the first time since God-knows when. We, Bangsa Malaysia, at that day had demolished that Berlin Wall of racism.

    Let us keep our hope, and remember that it’s futile to rest all that we have loved and worked hard for on a single man. Realise that at that moment, we were there together, in it together. Could we not do it again? Why not?

    The country belongs to us, every citizen should start struggling at every second of our lives, from small acts to big organised act like that of the rally. Spread the message, challenge our friends to a debate, read read read, expand your intellect, let us build a strong middle class. Stand by integrity, advocate and respect liberty. As tiny they may be, slowly they’ll become mountain.

    Meanwhile, at this moment, there still a lot that can be done. Remember that THE DARKEST PART OF THE DAY LIES JUST BEFORE DAWN. I believe the time will come very soon. The country is ours, let us claim her back!

  30. […] first comment I read was from Susan Loone. She was direct and to the point like I told you so. Nothing encouraging […]

  31. ktemoc says:


    re M-T article, do you believe that the King arranged for the RMR to standby to intervene, which was “why” the police backed off? 😉

    do you believe the army takes orders “directly” from the King? 😉

    it’s entertaining reading but that’s about it – of course I read Bernama with caution too, just as I read Malaysia-Today with caution, but unless the King himself comes out in public to say something on his own, then I have to accept that public news item

    so far no one has checked my reference to the Salleh Abbas case and the brave but missing royalty yet

  32. ktemoc says:

    Liu, 😉 am not gloating – what for – what do I get out of it – am just saying don’t rely on those royalty but our own selves – at best they’re only for themselves, at worst one of them could bash you up – that’s not prejudice but a historical fact – ask a former hockey coach and the brother of a caddy, ask numerous people who were viciously slapped in public

  33. lifeinside says:

    Liu Zhen-bao, i agree with you. A wise king won’t follow his emotions into issuing statemnt that will sacrifice himself and his family. He will take actions when needed. We shall continue what we can do within our powers.

  34. zewt says:

    hey susan, how are you?

    RPK paints a different story. I really dunno who to believe.

  35. hchan1961 says:

    It’s sad the many has been taken Bernama’s report. as the whole truth. This is most likely another spin by BN to give the impression of our Agong’s displeasure.

  36. toyolbuster says:

    Well Guys,
    If you believe in Bernama’s story, you would believe in The Star, and thus, you believe in all S#*t . Thought you guys are smarter. You’ve been spun. Daulat Tuanku

  37. hkengmacao says:

    m2day.org has good account in this matter. Don’t ever believe in mainstream media. I believe in RPK.

    Pak Lah has agreed to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to investigate the Lingam tape. So, let see tomorrow headline is the so called Agong’s statement or setting up of RCI.

    I put my bet on the so called Agong’s statement. How about you. Susan?

  38. kfchan says:

    One of the most important lessons I learned from the BERSIH March is this:-

    The mainstream newspapers have no guts. They have lost all credibility. The only news I dare to take as true whenever I read the NST, the Star and The Sun is the Sports and Entertainment sections.

    Check this out: http://www.malaysia-today.net/nuc2006/index.php?itemid=326

  39. From The White House says:

    Firstly, it was alleged (YES ALLEGED now because it was claimed by the rally organisers) that the Agong consented to received the MEMORANDUM from certain representatives and surely her Majesty knows the date.

    If the Agung’s sustenance for the rally is emperical, Her Majesty would have personally received by hand the Memo from the representatives or at least show his face but he was a Royal guest at the Monsoon Cup at Trengganu at the time of the rally.

    Now that the King in a rare statement issued via a palace official, expressed regret over the claim that he and Istana Negara had supported Saturday’s ILLEGAL gathering which enunciates his Majesty’s role as laissez-faire.

    So who is not telling the truth or reneged?

    Did the representatives of the BERSIH rally played up the palace official/s taciturn intepretation and further elevated their cause to justify the King’s consent prior to the rally.

    Or was it the old story of the eminence grise by the bad boys of UMNO that the King fliched?

    Even if it is now far less inspiring that the Rulers will intervene, but 40,000 brave marchers reflects the people’s enthusiasm calling for reforms.


  40. lucia says:

    i agree with yy88. good point there about the agong not openly supporting the rakyat.

    to me, what matter was that the people came out to do something… in solidarity to support a cause.

    gandi said:
    It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that”s important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there’ll be any fruit. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from you action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.

  41. wits0 says:

    It has also to be remembered that what Bernama(synonymous with any Banana) reports must be doubted. Even if and when it reports on the Weather, the same applies.

  42. bamboo river says:

    Our Supreme Ruler had given a clear message to all.

    To the gomen…..expect more peace rallies.
    To the rakyat (Bersih) you all need to try harder!
    This is just the FIRST wave….and won’t be the LAST !

  43. ely_lye says:

    Yea, after seeing the news guess we have no hope from the King.
    Now, let the goverment suck our money to the mega project like toll, tenaga, telekom and later we have to pay even more.

    And came no surprise next year cooking gas will hike up RM11 to become RM30++… then we will see.

  44. coda says:

    and so it seems you were right, susan. Why, I can almost see your chest puffing up with pride and and barely concealed joy.

  45. arifabdull says:

    norhisham Says:
    November 16, 2007 at 4:26 pm


    maybe all the young chinese n indian need to read again d constitution. if u dont agree, u all can pack yr thing like d expired immigrant. where to go? ask yr british master..China or India..maybe vancouver can maa..

    what a silly UMNO to agree with british regarding 1957 constitution…we just have a better 1948 Federated Malay States Constitution w/out citizenship of the chinese n indian immigrant issue..

    habis, mana ko nak hantar penduduk Sabah & Sarawak (mereka pun bukan Melayu)?
    Tolong hentikan hujah perkauman!

    Untuk pengetahuan u, Perlembagaan Persekutuan 1948 adalah hasil persengkokolan UMNO dan Raja-raja dengan pihak British yang dengan angkuhnya telah mengenepikan Perlembagaan Rakyat. Bukan setakat itu, seluruh rakyat Malaya (ketika itu) telah membantah Perlembagaan Persekutuan 1948 itu, dengan berani dan secara terbuka melalui ‘HARTAL’ pada 20 Oktober 1947. Namun, bantahan rakyat ini tidak diendahkan langsung oleh British memandangkan UMNO dan Raja-raja tetap menjaga kepentingan British.

  46. rave says:

    UMNO supporter:

    The Sultan of Pahang has blasted those involved in the illegal rally in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday for trying to drag the palace into politics.


  47. wits0 says:

    Pahang is probably the most muck up State of all in the peninsular.

  48. bamboo river says:

    Witso……not probably but definitely,:-)

  49. shiver says:

    no matter what, we proved that there is a lot of people now out in malaysia are willing to fight for the country. we are together in this shite and we have to make it happen! whether the Agong is with us or not, we have to work triple harder to focus that we have a clean and fair election come next GE. No more are we going to have gerry mandering and postal votes and control of the MSM by the UMNO led Govt.
    We done our part and we shall do it again, God willing!

  50. wits0 says:

    Bamboo : “Witso……not probably but definitely,:-) ”

    Was just (fishing)waitng for some astute enough to conf irm that reality. 😀

    Trust your wrist is better now. It’ll take time to completely heal because it’s involving the joints.

  51. wits0 says:

    You’re right, Shiver, and it showed that people are willing to transcends any other narrower considerations to do just that.

  52. ken says:

    Quote’ “maybe all the young chinese n indian need to read again d constitution. if u dont agree, u all can pack yr thing like d expired immigrant. where to go? ask yr british master..China or India..maybe vancouver can maa.”

    People, dont run away and make this racist who quote the above happy. I hope Susan wont ban this guy. Let us hear and learn more from our adversary.

  53. wits0 says:

    Ken, “Let us hear and learn more from our adversary.”

    This one can always return the land back to the Orang Asli. to walk his talk.

  54. sloone says:

    Ken, I don’t ban people because of what they say. I ban them for either criminal activities on this blog or racist personal attacks.

    The last commentator I banned, went on and on about another commentator’s race and attacked him personally, though he isn’t that race at all.

    I think it is quite clear.

  55. wits0 says:

    Actually Ken, as an example, it might be inerested to note this past comment by Zorro @

    Alias Epistle….you said dear Rocky. Did you drop in inadvertently? I have no objections. Monsterball in the beginning asked if he could comment on my blog.After a while I relented.On a few occasions I have made it very clear that he keeps to the topic of the posting and that I would not hesitate to kickanyfella out aT the slightest hint of racial slurs. I do not blame Sheih. Sheih would not, and it is not in him to hurt anybody or their feelings. MONSTERBALL CLEARLY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF SHEIH. IF MB THOUGHT THAT SHEIH SUPPORTS HIM THEN MB HAS MISPLACED SHEIH’S TRUST AND DESECRATED SHEIH’S BLOG.

    April 10, 2007 10:46 PM

    And he gets all-screws loose here 7 months later.

  56. norhisham says:

    woitt Arifabdul,

    perjanjian persekutuan tanah melayu 1948 wujud hasil penolakan malayan union yang menolak jus soli iaitu menerima imigran cina dan india yg dibawa British dan mengetepikan hak orang melayu..org cina dan india pd masa tu tak ubah mcm pendatang indon, bangla dll yang dtg cari rezeki shj.

    bezanya dengan perjanjian tanah melayu merdeka 1957, org melayu kompromi hal politik dan kerakyatan demi utk merdeka sebagai tukar ganti diberi kemerdekaan oleh British dengan hak istimewa org melayu, islam dll dijamin dalam perlembagaan. bacalah sikit maksud melayu dlm perlembagaan. Melayu = islam, amal budaya melayu, dan berbahasa melayu. melayu disni bawa maksud rumpun melayu. sblm merdeka ada org melayu lebih suka dikenali sbg jawa, bugis, banjar dll

    bagi sabah dan sarawak, oleh kerana ada rumpun melayu yang bukan beragama islam..maka itulah timbulnya istilah bumiputera. itupun selepas wujudnya malaysia pd 1963.

  57. stcin says:

    aiyah, wait till NAZRIN becomes KING !! be patientlah !

  58. bb king says:

    bb king

    Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts !

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