Police summons Bersih members to meeting (Malaysiakini). What can they possibly ask Bersih members – Er, are you a pondan (sissy)? [Read Malaysiakini: Opposition are ‘pondans’, Nazr’s tirade].

Hey, idiots! It’s better to be a pondan and walk, braving tear gas and chemical laced water. Than to be a creepy crawly, like this one:

[Poster by Wits0]


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  1. LOne says:

    Hi Witso, yu have done it again. This racist pondan shouting mp is said to be from one of the inns. Really?

  2. Sagaladoola says:

    I would say, other than being a person who is capable of coming up with stupid questions and calling nicknames, there is not much that I see from him. It’s ok if he is a commoner, the problem is he is a Minister… that makes people sort of worried.


  3. gigabyte7 says:

    Is the MP trying to say “Pondans” have no rights to protest?

  4. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    Another fine posting Susan with Wits0 brilliance.

    The UMNO fascists namely Muhamad2 Taib who once called bloggers ‘pondans’, then Nazri who used such uncouth platitutes, and the 2 sexist ‘Bocormen’ is making me climbing up the ceiling for showing attitutes of infancy having even acclaimed to ministerial positions.

    I must admit that I have a high distaste of ‘pondans’ of whatver variations like cross-dressors, transvestives, she-male, transexual, but I respect their very rights to alter thier own bodies. (@)

    Does that mean that ‘Mr. all-go-no-quit-big-nuts”, Raja Petra Kamarudin is also a pondan being a blogger and Lim Kit Siang suffers the same fate? And the BN autocratic rules, if one fellow BN MP’s challenged Nazri in the August house that such blatant remarks is uncalled for, then he would be slapped with suspension. So, when 1 is an MP of BN, one have zero option but to abide by the tacit rules of self-muzzling to every wild and uncouth accusations whenever thier colleagues utter such remarks in the Parliment.

    If the BN MPs who are extremely contented with thier colleages wild attitudes but too afraid to counter the true ‘pondans’ like Nazri and co., would it be accurate to say that they are the ones who lost their balls who should go cross-dressing like drag queens?

    (@)continue at Free speech Zone 2, coz I heard some1 calling my name (?)

  5. Rayner Louis says:

    he..he.. no need to talk … who’s really a ” pondan .. ” (” jangan cabar saya.. ” ) lol

  6. raju says:

    This is what will happen when a man fit to be a fish monger
    becomes an MP and the worse when he becomes a minister.
    God bless Malaysia

  7. sloone says:

    hey raju,
    don’t insult the fish monger. he’s not even fit to be that.

  8. raju says:

    Well sloone
    What else can I say?
    a durian picker in kg padang rengas,
    a fishermen in perak river,
    maybe an escapee from tg rambutan hospital.

  9. ktemoc says:

    … and the members at the UMNO general assembly roared their approval …

    … which proves the olde saying that ‘ornithological specimens of identical plummage congregate in close proximity’ 😉

    [oh btw where’s monsterball?]

  10. lucia says:

    wits0 and susan had entered into partnership, i see. 🙂

    anyone read the article from my friend martin jalleh on nazri’s pondan view?

  11. mary kate says:

    SHAMEFUL SHAMEFUL. What’s happening to our beloved Malaysia? Minister insulting its people and calling them pondans, denying us of our rights to peaceful gathering, using ISA to nab bloggers for speaking the truth.

    Star said that there were only 4,000 people, NST’s online headline read “yawn, waste of time” and when we all see the pictures on the net, it was at least 60,000 people marching for the millions who cannot go, fighting for our rights.

    AND, did you guys hear Zam’s interview with Al-jazheera, shameful, shameful. With his poor English and stamering, confusing election and erection. Adoi…the teargas must have infilterated into his dim-witted brain. MALU, MALU!!

  12. jomo says:

    That worm may be used as bait when fishing

  13. Zawi says:

    Its just a matter of somebody who is really a nobody to leave an impression so that he will remain relevant to be another candidate for the next election. He will be a liablity to his own party if he were to stand again.

  14. sloone says:

    Haven’t you noticed?
    Monsterball has decided to boycott any post that has wits0’s poster.
    What can I say?

  15. ravi says:

    Haha – jealously rears its head.
    Now the IGP has hallucinations:

    Today (13 Nov), the IGP played up another “wayang”. This episode is supposed to be performed in Terengganu. In the last 48 hours, the police have threatened to clamp down heavily on a BERSIH gathering in Pantai Batu Burok. Stern warnings were given by the IGP as well as Terengganu Menteri Besar; and were broadcast in all channels of radio and TV.

    BERSIH was warned not to go ahead with the program. Well, we normally will not bow to intimidation of this sort. This time is different, BERSIH was not organizing any event tonight. We have done a thorough checking among Parti Keadilan Rakyat and PAS branches, no even a ceramah kelompak was planned tonight.

    How could the IGP get his facts so wrong? Were the Special Branch officers failing him? Or, these were just shadow plays to fool (frighten) the public?


  16. wits0 says:

    M2M actually beat him(it!) to pondanize anyone who differ from them. However M2M’s uncouthness was (“apologistically”) thought to be his poor education. This one is supposed to be from a Lincoln institution.

    Which goes to show that the Gomen is indeed wasting taxpayers’ money educating the wrong brains and for the wrong eventual efforts. Only in Bodohland do we find a government constantly insulting the public in a shot-gun habit. In 50 years this hasn’t change.

  17. monsterball says:

    Excuse me Susan…I am not boycotting. Please don’t jump to silly conclusions.
    After the walk….my mind is more clearer to identify pro political bloggers…real NGOs and those who are political bloggers …just to get visitors…but do not walk the talk.
    Since the recent subject is concerning the walk…I have so many bloggers I know that walk the talk…especially Sheih and Black…..and few bloggers that are truly down to earth…like Dr.Hsu and kata tak nak.
    Your Black blackground turns me off too….period!
    You own the block….you obviously is telling me how important witsO is to you…..and for that….yes I rather read than comment like before….but I am not boycotting. You can change…so do I.
    You have your character…so do I.
    Have a nice day.

  18. sloone says:

    Monsterbal “pantang dicabar” (cannot be challenged).
    We all know how to draw you back 🙂

  19. ktemoc says:

    aiyoh, my dearest monsterball, you’re an institution already – me miss you badly lah 😉

    please come home to kaytee – i’ll give u a peck on your head – and hey, black background is real sexy one lah – why u no like

  20. Sagaladoola says:

    Nazri, Minister of “Pondan” is in this forum .. Watch it.

    BERSIH: Malik, Khairy, Nazri in Aljazeera Forum

  21. wits0 says:

    Ktemoc: “..hey, black background is real sexy one lah..”

    Truly so. 😀

  22. wits0 says:

    I dispute that Monsterball’s insinuation that Susan ever said that I was particularly important to her. I’m sure that she values all intelligent postings kindly, such as those from KK46, KTemoc, Sagaladoola and many others who do deliver their says with clarity, tact and skill.

    There’s a vast difference between pundits and ramblers.

  23. wits0 says:

    Also, I may add, there’s a difference between balanced, intelligent people and blatherers. The first do not invulge in ad hominem nor Straw Man illogic. Like saying that because Susan chose a black colored scheme, it means that she regards me as important. Furthermore so when Ktemoc, e.g., also thinks it’s nice and wrote approvingly of that even b4 I did.

    Whether Susan is regarded as an NGO blogger or a political blogger is also being dragged into question as an irrelevant red herring. The answer is obvious since she does not belong to any political party.

    KTemoc, please move fast in this emergency and do your first aid quickly to give the big baby his urgently needed therapeutic head pecks to pacify him!

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