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Umno Youth chief and education minister Kerismuddin says that the keris is here to stay (Malaysiakini).

The Umnos are none like the Malay friends and people I know, who are gentle and humble.

So…eh, let those little brain dead boys with puny penises shout and wail and cry in their favourite play pen (Umno General Assemblies). Without brains, can these puny men exist and compete in the real world?

The real world is beseiged by globalisation, global warming and the war on terror. And all these half-past sixes think and talk about is how big or small their private parts are, all in the name of the “Keris”. Well, say as much as you want in your play pen, and while you have wetdreams, others are simply laughing at you. Soon, you will be a national joke.

One must be totally demented to sit in Umno General Assemblies and hear the roar of racism, bigotry and extremism time after time. For if you were any better, could you stomach the same verbal diarhea all the time? You would puke right? No sane human being could endure such an onslaught on their intelligence, if they had any.

One must also be sexually impotent to want to see the keris being brandished every now and then. In the hands of those racists, it’s nothing but a ego-maniac’s phallic symbol. It’s also nothing but an ego-trip for those who have zero confidence level. Wanna prove your manhood? Please lah, compete on a level playing field with everyone without crutches, then we’ll compare manhood.

The keris is a beautiful, cultural symbol, yes. But in the hands of racists, it becomes a weapon of war for crippled egos.

Oh, I am really so tired of hearing myself say this again and again. I am becoming like those morons if I continue…please forgive me.


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  1. aarvidi says:

    Over the years the Youth leader has become infatuated with the kris and realizes the importance of this phallic symbol and I wonder if he takes it along everywhere as a sort of alternate or replacement. Hard to say!

  2. lucia says:

    very well said, susan! i suppose they need this phallic symbol to prove their manhood.

    ya, i’m so fed up of all these roar of racisim, extremism, etc. i am contemplating going for a holiday out of the country during all UMNO general assemblies.

  3. penangkia says:

    Nation should be terrified if they knew by what small men they were governed.

  4. KTemoc says:

    maybe it is a pointy crutch
    for those with flabby crotch
    to prop up drooping pouch
    and prevent a dismal slouch

  5. Wow! You went missing for some time but you come back blazing like a female Rambo. Where were you? In a commando training camp?

  6. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    Malaysiakini also reports” The Umno president and PM says that the unsheathing of a keris at the party annual meeting should not be seen as a provocative gesture”.

    I have a few questions whether the PM is credible or incredible:-

    1. When UMNO Youth chief waves the ‘keris’ provocatively and shouted “Malays right cannot be challenged, or else the re-ocurrence of another May 13th will be more abysmal than 1969″. Was that not a racial provocation?

    2. When Najib Razak (before he is DPM) hurled up a ‘keris’ and spouted that he will bath it in Chinese blood. Was that not a threat of racism and bloodbath?

    And AAB in his manipulative intepretation which only can fool some kids under 12 said in defence of UMNO Youth chief Hishamuddin stonewalled the actual provoctions of such acts which he justified the ‘keris’ as a symbol of peace to even protect the non-Malays. Hahaha.

    I am wondering if Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, also former New York Mayor spouted that the ‘whites’ rights cannot be challenged and draws a Magnum .44 and went on to say”Go ahead, make my day!” (Dirty Harry’s famous catch-phrase in “Sudden Impact”). If he enjoys impunity as the UMNOlites do, then I am Barrack Obama. And maybe Mr. Barrack’s ‘keris’ is a little bit longer than the ‘keris’ wavers by the UMNO Youth chief.

    But this is Malaysia, even a procurement friend of mine told me to go “Ali-Baba” to secure deals beyond RM10k. Maybe Harrison Bin Hansome doesn’t looks like a Malay?

    But I did mentioned of questions I wanted to ask as the aforesaid are just trivial questions. Allow me to ask the primary question-“WHERE IS MONSTERBALL?”

  7. Siew Eng says:

    hey, puny minds and dicks, but did you see the size of the monster he unsheathed? is that the normal keris? I’ve always pictured kerises as dagger size.

  8. wits0 says:

    “The kris spread from the island of Java to many parts of the archipelago of Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, South Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and to the Southeast Asian areas now known as Malaysia, Brunei, southern Philippines, southern Thailand, and Singapore.”

    Will there be a tiff like over “Rasa Sayang” with Indonesia over its origin?

  9. monsterball says:

    Harrison….Thanks for missing me!!
    Talk as much as they want….but come Saturday is where the People’s Power can be judged…united or not.
    Talk as much as we want…but if you cannot make it to the rally ….when you can do it….then shut up.
    People are coming from Johore and other parts of the country….to do their part. Will all commentators be there?
    I don’t expect Susan who is in Bangkok to show up….but surely bamboo river and especially witsO who is so active…should support the rally. I like to hear the say……’I will be there”
    Will you be there…bamboo river?
    Talk is cheap!! Actions speaks louder than words.
    I will be at the rally…so will be Black and Sheih. Few of my friends will follow me too.
    If we want to write about UMNO….it is endless.
    What we need to do is to end their arrogant and high handed attitudes.
    Waving big or small kris…who cares.
    It’s the Malaysians unity that we all should be concern about.
    Are we really united or just having fun to keep posting all anti-government stuffs with no real interest to do something right for the country.

  10. whispering9 says:

    I am an avid admirer of keris craftmanship. Witso is correct, the keris does not originate in Malaya. In fact, I have my own keris crafted without some of the ceremonial steps. As far as I am concerned, none of the UMNO folks took the troubles to explain the craftmanship and ‘alloying’ significant of their keris. There is no write up on the keris in the net. None process knowledge on the keris they are banishing beyond the obvious ‘protecting’ and ‘bathing in blood’. Just FYI, a straight keris signifies righteousness and strength, but, alas, a long keris is usually crafted for execution or for the power to execute. But worse of all, the keris UMNO wielded bears no resemblance in shape or length to their symbolic party flag picturesque. In any ceremonial event, the keris should only be symbolically paraded sheathed unless the bearer of the keris intends to ‘announce’ an impending war. Keris similar UMNO keris is crafted with a ceremonial rite that gives ‘a purpose’ to the keris. Has UMNO explains the purpose given to the keris. I tend to agree with susan, we are having people with PPS syndrome. BTW, how much did UMNO paid for the keris?

  11. bamboo river says:

    The keris is not a malay but Javanese weapon. The power of a keris depends on the number of curves or ‘LOK’ it has. The more curves the stronger it is to the owner.
    But a normal personal keris has 7 curves or ‘LOK’.
    Any other keris with more curves are mainly for the Sultans.

    All I can see was a straight blade that kerismuddin kissed.
    This kerismuddin says the non malays should be de sensitised the sensitivity about keris waving.
    Come on man, think we are what? Filthy buggers?

    His mind should be sensitised with a barrel of Dettol and wiped with a bucket of mercurochrome.

  12. hutchrun says:

    Like someone said:

    I played poker with a pack of Tarot cards.
    I got a full house and 4 people died.

  13. ricky says:

    Dear Fellow Malaysian,

    Do not follow them, TALK, TALK AND TALK Only but No Action.

    The Lawyers had done their part to push for a clean and efficient judiciary.

    Now we must do our part to clean the EC.

    Many had posted in blogs all around venting your frustration, cursing these and cursing that.

    Now we must show that we can walk as well as talk.

    Join me and BERSIH on the 10th November 2007 for the peaceful walk and enjoy the the beauty around Dataran Merdeka and at the same time let the Barang Naik Party knows that we are not happy with the way they run our country.

    I am from Penang and my computer will be shut down after this posting to start my journey to Dataran Merdeka.


    We cannot just let a few brave ones to fight for us, we must support them.

  14. jeancumlately says:

    “The Umnos are none like the Malay friends and people I know, who are gentle and humble.” – susan.


    Hei, thanks susan for making that distinction.

    BTW, have you ever noticed when we were in school, the loudest among us was usually the first to run away when threatened? I dont even think that the likes of kj would even show his ugly face in any real battle. I dont even think they could even survive Pogram Latihan Khidmat Negara!

    So, my dear fellow malaysians, their act of brandishing the keris is not actually a threat. Just laugh ’em off. Trust me, they dont even know how to use it.

    I prefer an m16 anytime. I dont know how it works but atleast it does not look so small.

  15. Wizzerd says:

    Longer kris to represent his phallus..obviously too short to brandish about,, hence a longer one is needed

  16. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    Well of coz I miss u Monty, my dear friend. For the moment there, I also want to do a melodrama on you guys.

    I did once on one of my poor gf( have eight/nine till date) anew many years back, telling her I was diagnosed with cancer with false documentation and a false letterhead which I doctored of a HOSPITAL and she cried for two hours. I kept wanting to break-up with her under the false pretense of cancer but she vouched to stay with me till I die and keep on searching for an answer (a cure). I don’t need one. Hehe.

    At last I confessed that I was trying to test her love for me which ended up with a palm-print on my face.

    I am taking a late flight to KL (AIR ASIA la) for the BERSIH rally tomorow.
    Will be back on Sunday. This is not the time to go clubbin at Bangsar. I wanna drop my cellphone no so we may keep in contact, but e-mail me ok? I am really free for all (female only) as I am staying at Bukit Bintang.

  17. whispering9 says:

    Hi Bamboo River,

    Just for your information. I felt our PPS (Puny Penis Sprout) blokes have done much injustice to a magnificent piece of blacksmith work.

    Keris Luk or Keris with Curved

    Luk 3 : symbolizing a success to achieve some wishes.
    Luk 5 : to be loved by other people
    Luk 7 : dignity.
    Luk 9 : dignity, charismatic and leadership.
    Luk 11 : to achieve high position
    Luk 13 : peaceful and stability of live.

    Hahaha…I am also crazy about keris besides comics.

    ps: welcome back Mr. Hutchrun. Was the kite flying wonderful? ….only joking lah…don’t take it seriously ok. I love U (ask Ktemoc for its true meaning).

  18. pissed says:

    I too do not understand how year in and out, people can gather in a Ku Klux Klan kind of congregation and listen to venomous hatred, racism, bigotry being spewed out from the mouths of morons. I would be totally sick and puked at the vomits of these vile people. Its time to put a stop to the evil in this country.

  19. Kimba says:

    I’ll be praying hard to the one above to ensure safety to all of you who are participating in this rally……..my heart goes out to all of you. It will be a beautiful sight with Malaysians of all races coming together with the same cause and vision………simply to have a better Malaysia for the future. Certainly nothing wrong with that becoz it simply comes from the HEART!

  20. monsterball says:

    Harrison…You are much to be admired.
    Talk alot like me…yet show your true stuffs…spending so much flying to K.Lumpur…just to be at the rally.
    I wish we can meet. My face is welknown ….and it is easy for you to indentify me…smoking cigars non stop.
    Whatever it is….I salute you one who walk the talks.
    Jeancumlately will be there too. Is she not a great gal?
    Ricky has said it all.
    Best is RPK of Malaysia-Today saying…those who cannot attend the rally …just shut up!! I guess that man have seen to many talking so much…showing how much they love the country…yet when come to show it…they are scared and selfish.
    So these commentators just shut up…..period.
    Everyone can make hell of alot of excuses not to be there…especially from an old man like me…..but I will feel very guilty deep inside…if I talk alot and do nothing.
    Lets hear more put out their commitments to be there.

  21. jeancumlately says:

    During reformasi, I am not ashame to admit that I refused to participate for the sole reason that I would never rally behind a personality especially a politician.

    Hei, this one is different, I think. Its just a gathering of malaysians wanting to see Tuanku. No politic, right?

    However, I would be the first one to leave if I ever see a PAS or KEADILAN or UMNO or DAP or MCA or MIC. I’ll be there as a Malaysian and if I should go down I dont want to be known as a politician.

    And I’ll play it safe and hide behind anyone that smoke cigars non-stop. Hopefully its monty.

    Now, where do I find a shoe that will match my yellow t-shirt …

  22. whispering9 says:

    Dearest Jean,

    You are funny. I would suggest a pair of Dorothy ravishing bright red shoes. It will stand out with your yellow t-shirt when you walk the yellow brick road. Please don’t forget your googles, freshwater and bottles of eye-mo. Avoid getting sprayed by the water truck…the water itches. Take care…wish you luck.

  23. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    Please e-mail me at mason2889@yahoo.com

    For JeanCumLately (Sorry to hear that) and Bamboo River, hopefully you gals just be cheerleaders, ok? Coz this is a job for MEN. I am an egalitarian but I wouldn’t want to see women’s body been scathed. U should know they are not the police you see everyday, but never be combative when you are confronted. Be like Jonas Nightangle played by Steve Martin in ‘Leap Of Faith’.

    I am only armed with a squiting 6′ pistol. And when this is over, you can knock on my hotel door-Allson Genenis.

    I dedicate the participants to the distaff side, commenters of Susan’s post esp. to Jean and Bamboo. Love your smile.

    Monty, see u there, only if I manage to meet u. A few bloggers are awaiting me but I’ll stick with some friends. Let us RUMBLEEEEEEEE BIG TIME……

  24. Janefox says:

    Harrison, you mean women should cheer at the Grandstand and let you men hog the limelight? 30 years back maybe but not today. I have sent a private e-mail to you and awaits your reply.

  25. monsterball says:

    I just bought a yellow T-shirt for the occasion.
    Look so young la.
    Sheih ….Black and I are in communications at the rally.
    For jeancumlately sake…I will puff and huff…hopefully my cigar smoke can reach her and he can follow the smoke screen to find me. What a nice place to finally meet her…that is …if it is possible.
    I think I maybe the oldest COMMENTATOR there….hahahahaha
    Hope I don’t be government guest for a night..but who cares!!
    Harrison..my friend….be proud and enjoy history.

  26. cancan says:

    I have many Malay friends and customers who are humble and friendly.
    The Umnoputras have make a demon out of the Malay race.
    They are living in a state of constant fear.

    How pathetic of them.

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