LIm Kit Siang calls it a charade (Malaysiakini). I call it this:

Poster by Wits0

Can you ask criminals to investigate, try and judge each other?

Likewise, you can’t ask judges or the government to investigate themselves.

Will a royal comission of inquiry do any good?

A royal flush or total cleansing of the judiciay is what we need!


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  1. Kenny Law says:

    Haha. Subtle 😛

  2. aarvidi says:

    I was reading Kt’s blog and felt sad at the allegations made. Life is never a bed of roses. I support you in what you are doing, and may God bless for a job well done.

    Come on lady show them you are made of sterner stuff and criticism of the bad kind will not deter you.

  3. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan,

    With a BLACK background we hardly can read and see

  4. yh says:

    sorry to digress. heard a lot of hindus are complaining that UMNO assembly is being held rduring deepavali and they are being insensitive.
    my take is that there’s nothing to do with that.
    they just need to kautim the assembly and get on with the election asap. next year, be damn for them. toll gonna rise, petrol goona rise and everything gotta go up except your pay.
    good luck, guys.

  5. wits0 says:

    Hello Philip, suggests you increase the font size on your Browser page. All Browsers ought to have this option under “View”.

  6. lucia says:

    wits0, i don’t think when philip said it’s hard to read, he don’t mean the font size is too small. it’s the text against the black background i think. although black is my all time fav. colour (esp. for clothes – yes KTemoc, sexy on dress but not on website) i never like black background on a website. to me, i find it a little dizzy reading text against a black background. having said that, please don’t take it as i’m complaining, susan or others. (just voicing my personal view). it’s susan’s right to choose what colours she like and i do agree with susan that pictures look much better on black background.

    ahh i see! wits0 had been supplying you with pictures (why not to me one huh, wits) – so is this part of the reason you change to black? 🙂 going to give us lots more pictures exclusively from wits0 i guess.

    anyway a shortcut tip for increasing font size is simply to hold down to ‘ctrl’ key while scrolling the mouse button down. the more you scroll down, the bigger the font, and the more you scroll up, the smaller the font.

    sorry for going OT, susan.

  7. […] Special independent panel or a royal flush? LIm Kit Siang calls it a charade (Malaysiakini). I call it this: [image] Poster by Wits0 […] […]

  8. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Folks,
    If you do not feel comfortable with a blog or website’s colour, you can overide it with your own colours.

    Go to the Menu. Tools -> Internet Options -> Accessibility -> Click Ignore Colours on Webpages.

    Set your own favourite colours under Tools -> Internet Options -> Colours. There you can set whatever colour you are comfortable with for the Text, Background, etc.

  9. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    I am inclined if our sweetie Susie could keep up with the sequel of the omited and awaited part pf the ‘Linggam-tape’ that implicates the one spoken with Linggan was the then CJ Ahmad Fairuz as Malaysiakini reported.

    And the tacit dissection of the ‘Haidar Panel’ submission of tripartate reports of the authenticity of the tape or any other grey areas one or more contented within.

    To my learning till this minute of writing this commentery, the lame duck conducts of the panels to only verifying the authenticity of the tape is farcical wherein the tape could have been sent to FBI’s lab as of the Nurin tape from the CCTV footages. And what is purpose the panel was set up for if witnesses are not guaranteed of protections?

    As the ACA is concurrently investigating this case with power to prosecute,
    could we see that the “Haidar Panel” is a smokescreen and the ACA as a tool to whitewash the conspirators and arrest the whisleblower/s under the guise of falsification of the recordings(?)….

  10. lucia says:

    but kitty, that method is for changing ALL sites as it is a setting to do with the browser. no good. for example, ok in my browser i change to blue background, black text, yep, the colours of susan’s blog will change for sure BUT other sites that i visited will have the same change of colours too and if that site has black background, i won’t be able to read the text at all (since text is in black).

    so yes this is a method for changing colours of a website (blog is also a website) but it affect ALL websites… unless you are hard-working enough to change the colours for ALL websites you visited which you don’t like the colours.

  11. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    The comenteries on this blog seemed to be clogged for hours since Susan applied the moderation mode. Iam not sure whether Susan has got a job now
    but I would recomend her to indulge in marketing line. And If she has no personal lap-top currently, let’s us ALL contribute financally, I man for the lap-top only, yea? Never have any upperhand intention for this charity….What say you ALL?

  12. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    No response, meaning that I am a boring commenter. hahahahhahahahha.

  13. sloone says:

    Hi Hansome;
    You are kind. Thanks for the suggestion. Currently, am doing some consultancy work. SO am saving money for a lap top. Hopefully, by next year, I will be able to own one. At least a second hand one. Hahaha 🙂
    So hang in there with me!

  14. whispering9 says:

    Well…I can contribute to a lap-top fund. Just give me the account. Preferably local bank.

  15. jeancumlately says:

    Same here… I would support sue any way I could. Even after she gave me headaches with this black background stuff. Give us local account number la… It may not be sufficient to get the latest model but I could afford atleast the mouse. It would be an honour, really. Come on sue, you have lotsa friends here.

  16. wits0 says:

    Just whisper whisper, only required ler, Susan.

  17. monsterball says:

    Why wait for next year…when you can have your lap-top next week…Susan?
    All want to help you financially…..including me.
    Just give your bank account….that’s it.
    hi folks….Susan is really suffering. She is doing part time job..that’s true…and doing freelancing work too!@
    She need to be in Bangkok to have a chance to earn more than here….as she need the money to support her mother in Penang too.
    She can get back to Malaysiakini as a reporter…anytime…but I guess the income cannot be enough.
    Let her think straight and clear…cutting off the pride and contradictions.
    I repeat..I am willing to donate RM500.
    Black is an indications that she is also a non racialist person.
    Black in Malaysia represents… Indians…Pakistanis…Bangalis.
    Go figure it out!!
    She is one hell of a girl….but still colour blind….hahahahahaha

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