The Bersih (Coalition for Free and Fair Elections) secretariat said that between 11:00am and 12.30pm, visitors to the the BERSIH website were greeted by a message (on a yellow background) that read:

Perhimpunan terpaksa di tunda ke tarikh yang belum ditetapkan

BERSIH would like to reiterate that the People’s Gathering has not been postponed.

The problem has been resolved for now. The website may be temporarily offline this evening but  will be online again tomorrow, by noon time (Monday, 5 Nov).



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  1. monsterball says:

    When someone is playing dirty….that someone is afraid of Bersih.
    The more dirtier they tend to play…the more stronger Bersih will become.

  2. Zig says:


    Off-topic but thumbs up for the new blog layout!

  3. wits0 says:


    And desperately wants things to remain dirty for their own benefit.

  4. jeancumlately says:

    Hei… its their job, remember? Those cybertroopers, they were just doing their job!

    Imagine 100,000 ppl marching to the palace and for the first time that idiot knows that being a pm is not just about parading a used jeans, flying on luxury jets, dreaming about walking on endless corridors, oversea trip and shout another temberang slogan to hide 4-years of sleep-walking. For the first time the idiot should know that its not amusing to see his ugly sil proudly used him as a “protection” when he was screwing the rest of us. FYI, PMship is not about giving the country to scomi and selling your soul to lky. Its embarassing when one talks about hadhari while squeezing michelle and having a secret son named patrick.

    Dear PL sir, its about justice, about the economy, about leadership. For a start, ever heard anything about working? You know, like when someone is awake, use their brains to think and their limbs to execute? Nah, forget it.

    But I would not be surprised if after the gathering, that man still did not get it. He would just look at his jeans, smile lovingly and say “saya bahagia sekarang…”

    (Sue, please moderate me… I am just so pissed off when the price of my roti chanai goes up).

  5. Chee Yong says:

    Ronnie Lui was arrested last week. His blog Colour Bind cant be accesed now and BERSIH site hacked. Are these all coincidences?

  6. hasilox says:

    Some clowns are setting very good example for the nation.
    Crime is the way to go?!!

  7. silhouette says:

    Well said and spot on.

  8. monsterball says:

    Chee Yong….No…these are not coincidences.
    From now…till 10th NOV…..expect the unexpected…as never in the history of Malaysia…there is such a huge rally been organized..and some one is nervous and making life difficult for some bloggers and NGOs.
    Signs are there…the government is nervous.
    Keep calm and be focussed.
    Are you going to the rally? You should.
    It’s as important as voting.

  9. Kimba says:

    Obviously they who did it are feeling threatened…’s never easy and in many ways VERY PAINFUL to face the TRUTH, ie we are lying to the RAKYAT, we are capitalizing on policies we make to enrich ourselves, we may be prosecuted, we may go to jail…….hence hang on to power at whatever costs!!!! It’s nice to see that more and more voices of ALL RACES are coming together aligned with the same vision….that can be POWERFUL!!!!

  10. wfth says:

    Malaysia today also been hack…………

  11. kevler says:

    i’m proud of what BERSIH did .

    Song of the day = Bulls of Parade (Rage Against the machine)

    tribute to BERSIH and opposition team !

  12. stcin says:

    i was ‘humiliated’ gravely by SUHAKAM and the commissioners are enjoying themselves with benefits from taxpayers hardearned money !!

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