Yes, when everyone’s going yellow, I have gone black.

I am happy to know that the Nov 10 people’s gathering for a free and fair elections will go on despite the police warnings! (Malaysiakini). Looks like there’s gonna be a repeat of the ugly Batu Buruk incident. It seems the police are not even happy that the people would like to meet their King. Now, what does the monarch have to say about this?

I am delighted to know that even Alfred Ho, the blind blogger, singer and now DAP member will be attending the Nov 10th demonstration by Bersih (Coalition for Free and Fair Elections). Along with him, I believe the Malaysian Association for the Blind will be participating as well. It will be a great gathering. Its time people took the country back into their own hands.

I hope the assembly of bodies, hearts and minds of all those who seek a free and fair elections will not be all about seeking the King’s intervention in what is most basic to all Malaysians – the right to choose (not leaders) but the administrators of our country. People should be King, and not the other way around. I hope it will be more about citizens recognising the power they have to change the fate of their nation.

I wasn’t exactly delirious to see that we have to go back a few generations to implore the monarch’s attention in our basic rights. Monarchs today don’t exactly fight wars for the people. In fact, they back wars in order to secure their cushy abode. Just look at Amazing Thailand or Nepal. They prefer the status quo for it is the only heaven they know these days.

Have Malaysians exhausted all avenues and met a dead end that we need to seek the pretty monarch’s little finger? Will he lift his little finger to help? I honestly do not know. No monarch is in favour of democracy. If they do, they will relinquish their power and return it to the people.

I guess, I prefer more people’s movement taking up this cause, and prefer actually to see them in the forefront. I was not immediately nor later excited to see the Opposition grabing the headlines again. It does not do well for a cause to see politians flaunting their agenda into something that should be entirely fought for by the rakyat.

The problem of having the Opposition take centre stage again in an event that should reach out to all levels and people is that those who are not Opposition supporters will refrain from participating in this event. If this happens, it would be sad. As the organisers of the Nov 10th gathering have been doing their best to entice as many groups as possible. I got to know from my ex-colleague at FORUM-ASIA that groups in other countries will be protesting at the Malaysian embassies/consulates as well. That would really be a wonderful sight!

Well done to the organisers. Although I am not so keen on the color yellow (only that it represent press freedom) because it reminds me of the ‘yellow culture’ and ‘yellow NGOs’ . I’ve been also swamped with yellow T-shirts of subjects worshipping their King in Bangkok all year, that the sight of yellow is bound to make me dizzy.

But never mind, as long as Malaysians are waking up to reality, give me any colour. I will smile.


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  1. monsterball says:

    People’s power must be recognized and be heard all cost. That’s the main function of Human Right Activists….besides so many other matter.
    I cannot forget what Black take the matters to the streets and not through ballot box.
    Alfred Ho is one hell of a unique blind man.For more than 40 years. …his whole life is dedicated to equality and justice for all.
    Yes 10th Nov…we ordinary souls cannot do much…but certainly can show our people’s power by being there.

  2. wits0 says:

    “In fact, they back wars in order to secure their cushy abode. ”

    The defining moment should come soon enough. We’ll know whether cultural hopes and expectations based on mostly beliefs holds water.

  3. Dr Raj says:

    Daulat Tuanku !!!

    We are really gifted to have a strong personality like Anwar Ibrahim to fight our cause. We thank Dr Mahathir for this. I pray he will be able to unify the opposition to fight for the people’s rights again.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim – we support you !!!

    Daulat Tuanku !!!!

  4. lee kuan yew says:

    hope that all leaders including mca, gerakan, mic, dap, pas, keadilan and all ngos will take pare. good luck and may the force be with you.

  5. michelle says:

    So that’s where Alfred Ho has gone to…lol

    I’ve been searching high and low for his album which is sadly out of print.

  6. LOne says:

    We mainly have ourselves to blame for the present state of affairs. The corruption, the feudalism, the lack of transparency etc etc etc to crept up on us and suddenly we wake up and there is this big mess of pooh.
    It is time to take things into our own hands, don’t expect those elected to d it for us. Even those like the PacMan, the KBMan etc etc etc, they will back down when the crunch comes. We hav another group like TDM, the crying-over-spilt-milk group who might have suddenly developed a conscience and realise the errors of their ways. Will they stand up when the crunch comes.
    So come 10th November, the rakyat must show that they want change. Don’t expect others to run your errands for you

  7. Shamir says:

    Wow.. such an interesting blog… impressive..!!!

  8. observer says:

    The Gathering is illegal without a Permit just like the Walk for Justice. Bar Council chairwoman Ambiga Sreenevasan, vice-president Ragunath Kesavan and secretary Lim Chee Wee had their statement recorded in the Putrajaya district police headquarters on Nov 1 afternoon.
    Putrajaya CID chief ASP M. Gunalan, who is conducting the investigation, said the investigation paper would be referred to the DPP later to decide on the next course of action.
    The Bar was not given any reminder whilst Bersih is told in no uncertain terms not to gather without the permit (which would definitely not be issued as Public Order is at stake)

  9. ali allah ditta says:

    I will be donning my yellow bersih shirt & be at dataran merdeka at 7.00 am with the crowd.

    How about U guys,its better to walk rather than talk.


  10. Nani says:

    To defuse any ‘unwanted incident’ on 10/11/07 at Dataran Merdeka, the Agong should be present there as well.


  11. Reniv says:

    The King have already stated his stance but we cannot expect too much from him just because we have what is call Constitution Monarch. There are things he can do, others he have his hands tied. He too have to follow guidelines that is been set in the Constitution. As long as we know his heart & mind is on the right track, he is a good King.

  12. LOne says:

    Bersih has not decided to apply or nt for a permit. Polis insist Besih must apply. Suhakam makes a neither here nor there statement :: remnds Bersih that current laws must be abided. Does Suhakam believes in its own statement that the rakyat has the rights to assemble peacefully?

    No prize for he rght answer as to whether Besih will get a permit for the gathering.

    Why not just have 100,000 rakyat in yellow strolling all over Dataran and the Palace? Just remember not to hold hands.

  13. delCapo says:

    Totally excited abt yellow 10Nov!!

    We must all remember to uphold peace at all costs… there will be trouble makers planted into the crowd to instigate riots and excuses for the cops to close us down.

  14. arifabdull says:

    harap2 kali ini, Raja-raja tidak sekali lagi mengecewakan rakyat.

    Jangan lupa, golongan bangsawan ini bersama UMNOlah yang telah bersekongkol dengan British untuk mengenepikan Perlembagaan cadangan rakyat pada tahun 1947.

    Golongan bangsawan dan UMNOlah yang telah menjadi talibarut British sehingga penjajah berani menutup mata terhadap tentangan rakyat melalui ‘Hartal’ (mogok) besar-besaran di seluruh Malaya pada 20/10/07 itu.

    Harap2, raja-raja yang ada sekarang ini dapat bertaubat daripada kesilapan nenek moyang mereka dahulu itu, dengar dan berpihaklah kepada tuntutan rakyat jelata!

  15. wits0 says:

    Hi LONE, 😉 you wrote: ..”Suhakam makes a neither here nor there statement..”.

    How true. That’s alternatively known as a politically correct blather to make it sound relevant. Can be particularly deceptive to the uninitiate. That’s the best you can expect from SHAM run by Abu Talib.

  16. monsterball says:

    Yes Royalties were symbolic figures to all..regardless if they speak for or against the government in oldern days…..but now …when they speak out against the government…we are aroused ..excited. You know why??
    All opposition parties speeches are blocked out from the papers…especially from DAP. Do they dare to block out Royalty speeches….and so great…the Sultan Of Perak ….real real smart…spoke art the right time…the right place..making sure all spoken are published.
    Now we do not treat their speeches as symbolic….for never in the history since Merdeka….have so many Royalties spoke against the government…against UMNO..the injustice law..their bad attitudes.
    No one seems to speak for the people’s sufferings….not true…all blocked out….calling it ‘responsible newspapers”
    This means…the Royalties are not like before…they are sincerely and daringly with the rakyat. Their speeches are our inspirations.
    I think expecting any Royalty to be at the rally is asking too much.
    So lets us all go to the streets.
    See you there!!

  17. hantutelur says:

    white text on black background make me feel giddy

  18. KTemoc says:

    😉 someone hailed ‘Daulat Tuanku’ at beginning and end of his burst, and at the same time inserted a ‘gifted personality like Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’ into the royal sandwich.

    Hijacking of the royal coattails at its best – hahahahahahahahahahaha, superb ‘royal’ doctoring 😉 but a right royal wistful wish

  19. hantutelur says:

    Yeah, Dr Raj. Unfortunately, that wont happen.

  20. monsterball says:

    Susan…Not one love the BALCK background,
    What are you trying to do? Make evryone feeling giddy?

  21. V T says:

    For sure this is one walk or demo Khairy will dare not hijack.


  22. DJ Inphinity says:

    Something needs to be done to help these poor Malaysians… it’s getting out of control.

  23. letmegoes says:

    thanks for your blog. I learned something, but could you please change the color cause I really have to strain my eyes and now I feel dizzy. Sorry but it’s the truth.

  24. KTemoc says:

    No, ‘black’ is sexy 😉 Keep it in this colour

  25. bamboo river says:

    Aiyao, Susan, sorry to beg……..can change the back ground to eye friendly colour ah ? 🙂

  26. alfred ho says:

    Dear Michelle,

    Thank you for your interest in my albums. For more information about my albums, please visit my blog

  27. Hantu Laut says:

    Black is beautiful, it’s a regal colour.Much neater than your previous one.Take few minutes to get use to it, just like entering a darker room from a brighter one, takes a while to focus.I like it.

  28. hantutelur says:

    Believe me, if you stare at the white text over a black background for too long, it will burn your retina. You’ll see ghost

  29. hantutelur says:

    I am scared of ghosts

  30. monsterball says:

    ali allah ditta commentator. I reconfirmed with Amin Iskandar…also known as Black to bloggers…that the actual gathering on the 10TH Nov. at Merdeka Square starts at 3pm…so if you go at 7am….you may need to be there for a long long time….but it is expected many will be there quite early…surely not 7am.
    I have decided to be thee by 1 pm.
    It is expected least 100,000 Malaysians will join the rally.
    I repeat what RPK said….”don’t talk…be there or shut up.”

  31. hantutelur says:

    How about black on yellow? It’s true to the spirit

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