Since his rakyat needs a police permit (Malaysiakini) just to hand a memorandum to his majesty, he must be in the biggest prison of all! HE NEEDS HELP!

By contrast…

Amazing Thailand’s King allows his subjects to meet with him:

Photo by

But all that yellow, doesn’t it make you dizzy?


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  1. V T says:

    Cool one Susan, you’re right, in theory, UMNO has put our King behind bars, The arm forces needs to help out. we need to help out

  2. bamboo river says:

    I believe our KING will come to Dataran Merdeka to meet the Rakyat!

  3. iammi says:

    Why can’t the Agong let the rakyat gather within or just outside the Istana? Surely the Govt cant say no if the Agong says openly he wants to meet the rakyat? Can someone petition he Agong to get his support?

  4. koolgeek says:

    Kings are also human. They need to safeguard their own interests first. What’s in for them if they help the people and piss off the almighty Badawi and Khairy?

  5. jeancumlately says:

    But all that yellow, doesn’t it make you dizzy? – sue

    No sue. That yellow did not make me dizzy. The black background did…

    Talking about the biggest prison of all … some prisons are equipped with LCD TV, king-sized bed, nice bath tub, maids and servants, drivers, chauffeured bullet-proof limo and what have you.

    Its even better then what we have outside that prison where we have the freedom to pay for a higher petrol and toll and flour and sugar and worst of all, we are free to be manipulated and cheated and abused.

    Lets just hope that the so-called prison does not hardened the heart and detached himself from his subjects. Sometimes I wished I am in Thailand…

    Help us Tuanku…

  6. monsterball says:

    Amazing contrast of Royalty performances between Thailand and Malaysia.
    Yes…Even Thai King is a somewhat ceremonial man….but he proved to do so many good thins for the Thai poor people…today..he is the most trusted and influencial person that the Thais will listen to.
    Yes…our King should do something…..not just talk….do something …to let UMNO knows Royalties are not just figure heads. What can UMNO do to him…..NOTHING!!
    So ..our beloved educated and far sighted King…..Please do something for the people of Malaysia.
    Actions speak louder than words!!
    PS: Seeing BLACK do make me feel giddy….not my friend Black…but Susan’s Black background. Is she wearing glasses and eye doc told her this is good for her?

  7. monsterball says:

    Reading from RPK’s blog….it seems our King did do something!!
    He did not sign the extension for the Chief Justice…thus forced to retire.
    If that’s true…then he is doing something!
    As ordinary folks….we all like to see him ‘DO SOMETHING” …like issuing a permit for the rally? That is like playing politics. and favoring one group. No … they will not take sides…but will do so with their speeches…not by actions. Get it clear….lives of royalties are quite different from ordinary citizens.
    They are trained to be ROYALTIES…..and best example is to watch and observe the Queen Of England… by majority Brits….yet never spoke bad about Blair and his lies in going to war.
    They are above politics…but do care about the country and the people sincerely….and now so many have spoken….what more do we expect.
    Be patient and see the results.
    CJ no extension is one. It’s a slap on the face indirectly to Pak Lah……what can PM do….go against like Mahathir or comply.
    In a way…..Pak Lah is more accommodating than dictatorial Mahathir.
    If it was TDM….maybe we will experience tensions now…so be grateful to Pak Lah’s…good natures. I think he does care more for the country than TDM.

  8. khairil z says:

    i hope you will not be called by the cops for this “seditious” post

  9. billykbk says:

    True, but the stupid authorities will unfailingly give the lame excuse of security reason. This is the trump card they’ve been using for umpteen times to cow the Rakyat. We shall fight then!

  10. Silhouette says:

    The same cannot be done in Malaysia. It will only lead to mayhem. Read hantlaut’s latest posting to hear is argument against the march on November 10th. I think we have to agree on his argument.

  11. pocai says:


    Halaman web digodam?

    Untuk himpunan artikel-artikel mengenai perhimpunan aman Bersih 10 November 07, sila layari

  12. wits0 says:

    Bamboo, if the KING goes to Dataran Merdeka to meet the Rakyat, that itself will have impact. Some ppl naturally wouldn’t want that to happen.

  13. jughead says:

    Polis in Malaysia call Di Raja? The next assignment we should ask the Agong to strip off the Title “Polis Di Raja” and call Mata2. It tainited Agong’s name due to the incompetencies and corruption. What do bloggers think?

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