30th October 2007



The Malaysia Hindu Sangam is gravely shocked at the sudden demolition of Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Taman Karuppiah, Shah Alam. This has happened suddenly when the Mayor of Shah Alam told the temple to be demolished today because of a Court Order. It is most disturbing that the former Chairman of the temple is the late YB Dato’ K. Sivalingam who passed away early this year. We are shocked at the manhandling of devotees by the Police force. Barbaric act of assault by the enforcement officers on the Chief Priest Siva Sri Ramalingga Gurukal touches on the sensitivity of Hindus in Malaysia. The devotees were able to carry the deities to a temporary canopy tent nearby through the commotion risking their lives.

We understand that the Court Order was taken about 3 years ago for all the squatters and buildings including this temple and the places of worship to be removed. The temple until to date had not received any official notification on this matter other than verbally being told last night that they have to move to a new site within a few days. The representatives from the State Government and Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam had informed last night that they will be given a few days to move the temple. They were also told that a “Surau” near by will also have to move.

The temple informed the Malaysia Hindu Sangam this morning just before 10.00 AM about the order to demolish the temple immediately. The President of the Sangam, Datuk A.Vaithilingam made immediate approach to YB Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu, President MIC who’s attempt to halt the demolition for at least 2 days giving the temple ample time to remove the deities to the new site with a religious ceremony was turndown by the Menteri Besar YAB Dato’ Seri Dr. Khir Mohamad Bin Toyo stating that he had received a Court Order this morning saying that the land has to be cleared immediately today and there was nothing he could do to stop the demolition. Another appeal was made through YB Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu to the Menteri Besar who insisted that he had no other choice but to follow the Court Order. Several appeals by all concerned have gone into deaf ears.

We are unable to understand how a Court Order which was issued about 3 years ago was not notified to the places of worship. It is a duty of the land owner to have issued proper notices to the occupants well before the time of demolishing to the occupants the houses and the management committees of the respective places of worship. We would like to know why this was not complied with.

The Hindus are very angry with the authorities especially the State Government and the City Hall for not complying with the normal process of serving reasonable notice to the management committee of the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple.

We also condemn the developer for taking such drastic action of demolishing without giving due consideration to pleas made by the devotees of the temple. We call upon the State Government to take immediate action to pay all expenses to build the new temple in the site which was offered to the temple management and take the necessary action against the officials who did not follow the procedures.

Finally we appeal to the Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah bin Hj Ahmad Badawi to treat places of worship as places of divinity and stop cruel acts of demolishing temples. The assurance given by Prime Minister to treat people of all religion with respect has been ignored by the authorities both government and developer.

Thank you,

Datuk A.Vaithilingam
Malaysia Hindu Sangam


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  1. monsterball says:

    Do that to a mosque..regardless built on legal or illegal land…you can be sure of big big trouble.
    Do that to Buddhist or Indian temples…UMNO knows …the strengths are not united..to each his own…mind your own business…thus divide to rule is their political advantage and success….on going..yet deny every time.
    Here is what MIC is showing….no balls…but balls carrier of UMNO….yet fight like gangsters..like Taiwanese politicians in their own party meetings…showing party is more important than anything else for the Indians…for their own race.
    What a real snake Samy Vellu is proving to be.
    Ofcourse he will say…he is more cultured…he is concern and having behind close doors discussions…this or that…no need 10000 marching in protest….that’s what he will say.
    All things been said….I am confused how he is so popular to MIC.
    Can it mean this snake have alot of children with no brains?
    Samy Vellu spoke about the temple.Go read it in papers. Did he defend the Indian? Twist And turn….swing from here to there…and in the end..one can say he spoke…nothing…for or against….playing the dirty political balancing act….yet he is known as King Of Indians?!! He is afraid of UMNO….for his own position.
    Best was he call Kyveas a mosquito and Kyveas call ihm a python.
    At least I am right…certain Indians are described as snake….buy Kyveas beat me to that..calling Samy Vellu big fat snake.

  2. jeancumlately says:

    Monty… there was a surau in Kg Beremban demolished with no AMNO or hadhari guys came to the aid.

    In Kg Rimba Jaya, Shah Alam, it involved both a surau and a temple… Correct me if I am wrong.

  3. wits0 says:

    “According to vernacular press reports, he was pelted with sticks and stones by angry residents.”
    But he has thicker frontal armour as faceskin, than an Abram or Challenger main battle tank!

  4. yh says:

    the Hindus are very angry with the Authorities…can yuo guys just walk the talk. resign en masse from MIC, a party wich is supposed to represent and protect the Indians rights.
    and if the Authorities still dont bother, then you know that MIC is irrelevant and therefore race politics.

  5. lucia says:

    served samy right for having pelted with sticks and stones!! why he not hurt huh???

    he visited the kampung AFTER the demolition, so for sure the residents were angry at him and pelted him with sticks and stones. what did he do BEFORE the demolition?

    susan, i see your blog has a complete makeover eh. fed up of white background? truth is, for me, i don’t like black background (like KTemoc’s).

  6. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    Susan’s tagline, with a new backdrop “May The Truth Save Us All” is encouraging but the TRUTH is far less inspiring because the TRUTH is the thieves, the crooks, the venals is saved, and those who exposed the TRUTH are in contempt. I am not chiding nor insinuating Susan for her inspirational inclination for Truth en route justice, the precedents that resuscitates anew every now and then have clearly proven otherwise.


    The Great Napoleon did not say “What is history, but fables that are agreed upon” for nothing……

  7. monsterball says:

    Wow….New blog format by Susan!
    Fierce and unique…but I still like old format better….more feminine and friendly….but perhaps I am not used to new design.
    Lie to hear other’s opinions.

  8. Halloween Night! says:

    Now it’s pitched black in here. Lighten up a bit! Hey, this is Malaysia after all. What do you expect? Sweet & candy? Reasoning and caring are incompatible with the Hadhari Thought. Resign from MIC? Nah, impossible to get rid of My Incredible Cock!

    Anyway, what happens to the Man In White?

  9. wits0 says:

    Alphabet soup asks an interesting question:

    Old temples, new laws

  10. hantutelur says:

    i never heard of mosques built on illegal land. even suraus, except in squatter areas where the whole area is “illegal” land. hindus build temples everywhere they wish, usually places that have strange rock formations or strange looking trees, places known haunted with spirits. In my kampung we have one mosque and one surau but one internationally recognised hindu temple (one of the main temple in peninsular malaysia where once a year thousands of devotees come from all over malaysia and the world to pay homage to sri pathrikaliamman) and several mini temples. malays accounted for 120 families but indians only about 15 families. muslims in my kampung can’t find another legal piece of land to build a bigger mosque (the current one enclosed within chinatown has no room for expansion). but hindus build temples on road reserve and other reserve lands illegally. now the authorities have this problem of tearing down an assam tree temple 2 metres away from a newly built mini museum because the indian community at my place do not heed notices served to them. we demolish the temples, some indian lawyers may come down and some hindu warriors may take along their spears. we don’t, the new museum may become another white elephant project which some blogger may later cover in their blogs as another waste of taxpayers money. in the case of kampung berembang, the whole squatter areas were being torn down, so having a sole surau there might serve no purpose. hindus can build a temple in the middle of nowhere but when asked to tear it down they protest. maybe because their gods live in the temples.

  11. bamboo river says:

    Jean , you are right. Both one surau and one temple demolished.

  12. Australian Flashpacker says:

    Just as in Southern Part of Thailand?
    Few years back, the army shot dead 30+ militans + the mosque? LOL!!

  13. Siew Eng says:

    hi, susan. i’m sharing your blog with the SEAPA alerts monitors, at the meeting you were supposed to come for!

    Talk again.


  14. Klaw says:

    I have uploaded some pics on this incident to my blog.
    Indian Temple Demolition

  15. […] evil. So presumably, it could be safely worked out; that the fracas at Padang Jawa (read here and here) can be translated as a wicked coincidence or political theatrics that could possibly lead to the […]

  16. indian says:

    For me ….by demolish a temple is not the way.If its a new build temple,govement may take action.But this temple ways build 45 years ago…..so Y? If all indian take action on this matter…think what wil happen
    to this country…..A WAR?

  17. British says:

    Guess we need to interefere here as we gave Merdeka to Malaysia with 3 main religion involved but now it’s heading towards disaster and we need to stop this. Anyway if Malays think God does not exists in the Temples then why you need a mosque to pray, demolish all the Mosques too???? If an Indien or chinese feel their God is in the Temple then let him have it..

  18. NOVENBOY says:


  19. PhillDoc says:

    Nice blog you got here. I’d like to read more about that matter.

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