Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was really pleased with Malaysia blasting off into space on 10 October. Although the Malaysian we sent off was merely a space tourist. I mean, if you pay to travel on a jet flight, you dont call yourself a pilot, do you?

Anyway, Najib was happy again on 22 October when that million ringgit tourist blasted back onto earth.

Yesterday, he must be overhwhelmingly delighted at another blast off in France – the scorpean submarine (Malaysiakini).

But he is yet to explain to the world why his closest aides are involved in the biggest blast off of all – the murder of Altantuya Shariibuu.


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  1. Winston says:

    While Bolehland is celebrating the space mission, albeit with our astronaut as a passenger, our earthly needs, like health care, security, standard of living etc are going to the dogs.
    At RM102 million a pop, it’s a complete waste of funds!
    Yet, they are going to send another one on the same mission.
    This time, wonder what he’ll do?
    I’m sure he won’t be spinning a top again!
    Do you think that our country can win a Nobel price in science with such space projects?

  2. wits0 says:

    If not for the impending cost of living rise and GE next year(?), the long mulled VAT may even be implemented as well.

    “At RM102 million a pop”….that sounds like feel-good drug fix which hardly last even for those ‘bought’ and carried away. But a sucker is born every minute…this too must be expected.

    Really, to prove the greatness of the Scorpene submarine, shouldn’t he returned in it instead of flying back?

  3. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha….Susan has an art to explain things in a merry go round trip….and in the end….it’s justice for Altantuya she is after.
    Her never ending desire to see that poor girl get the attention of the public is much to be admired.
    But in actual fact…the fire has simmered down…not interesting anymore…as the public have more important things to do and think of…like how to balance the budget with daily things getting dearer to buy…yet salaries stayed stagnant.
    But that does not mean …the public give up wanting to see real fair justice for Atlantuya.
    Nice of her to keep us all reminded.
    What can one say more about Najib. This is the most unreliable and cunning ministers of all….soon to take over as PM….God help Malaysia.

  4. Yan says:

    I have no power & cannot punish these evil doers, culprits, sinners, craps &#$@?!! in this world.
    I wish I could be a Hell God to punish them into eternity in the afterworld.

  5. martha says:

    lovely to have you back. Really miss your blogging

  6. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    When the Altantuya’s murder trail began, I am an avid followerr of the trail, as it was a cynosure topic of

    But has ceased (running out of reporters?) it’s reportage of the trail as other scandals predates us every now and then.

    Even this blog lost it’s touch or shall I say, it’s reliable source primarily relied on

    Only reported briefly on electronic media and:-
    which has intermittent coverage of the trial.

    Interesting or BOLEH (on K Temoc’s blog which I rarest patronise):-

    narrating Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai) insulting Karpal Singh and God for his own misdeeds when he retaliated when Karpal raised the issue of MPs’ unruly behaviour and called for appropriate punishments, MP of Jerai lambasted :-“I used the foul word because I was defending my race and country. You were attacking my race and that’s why God has taught you a good lesson by putting you in a wheelchair.”

    And of course he went off unpunished in this nothing but a power-play zoo called “Parliment”.

    More BOLEH, it never intrigue me of what this misrule is capable of in BOLEHLAND, but I fell down and broke my collarbone when I discover that Anwar Ibrahim is a member of “Friender” since May 2007.

  7. monsterball says:

    Yan….It looks like you are a Buddhist and never fear…those will be punished….even right now. They hide the punishments with a smile and look so successful …we cannot see the punishments…but they are there…. one way or another.
    Don’t let the good health nor great smiles fool you.
    Cause and Effects will be evolving……never ending…and good begets good…bad begets bad.
    And this murder case..done with the cruelest method we Malaysians can ever imagine…is but one way to open to our eyes to the truths of certain people…certain race..their mentalities…their characters and their way of life. ….and it needs own race to permanently arrest the problem of evil minds. We are lucky…they are doing it. If not… is the same race that will, get the same treatment. Remember Bomoh Fandi murder case? Justice was done….so bomohs are all been forwarned. I think dumping new born babies are the cruelest of all…yet we know it’s done….year in year out.
    Right educations and mixing like Malaysians….plus real freedom of religious practices….are the real permanent solutions.
    That sadly is very slow…but coming for sure as the sun will shine tomorrow.
    The final verdict for the three suspects will be revealed sooner or later and the reasons too.
    Malaysian cannot afford to make this trial a kangaroo court case. Govt. cannot be that stupid….as whole word is watching and Mongolians is not one race you want to fool around with.

  8. wits0 says:

    The $oyuz $paceman ploy is one convenient way of outblasting the C4 used on Atlantuya. You have the whole $ycophantic MSM resoundingly echoing and re-echoing the greatness of Malusia. Just waiting for the salvo from the likes of BadRudeDin or Zam and company to spew that it’s not patriotic not to be thrilled and dance to the same fashionable tune.

  9. monsterball says:

    Harrison…..Pak Lah said race and religion are not being played and look at how Badruddin spoke to Karpal. Aren’t they such smart great speakers? And worst…using God as an instrument to punish Karpal….putting him on a wheelchair.
    This means God favors all corrupted crooks..or their God is so powerful….every prayer ..asking to forgive their terrible sins are all forgiven.
    No wonder the crooked muslims in UMNO never change.
    This is a clear example of the lowest grade of an MP in UMNO….to hit Karpal below the belt.
    It is a sign or arrogant and sick mentalities.
    I don’t care what Karpal said….rebut like a gentleman…and for God sake…don’t say he is punished by God for getting a stroke and confine to a wheelchair..but I know Karpal can take all that and never loose faith in his sharpness and courage.
    Karpal remarks was just an excuse for this arrogant ill mannered b….tard to show his true colors….and tell Hussein….the kris man…he is one like him…will fight to to end to protect the malays..which infact …they are the ones seperating them into three parts….umno…pas…and others…not other races doing it. What a jerk!

  10. dolly19 says:

    Hi there,
    I really like your blog! Keep up the good work 🙂

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