I found this (thanks to commentator Valdez Munoz) written by a Mongolian, the Editor-in-Chief, on the UB Post Blog, and it is a sad but true reflection of our country, isn’t it? If this letter had been posted on Malaysiakini.com, I am sure it will generate a lot of responses:

“A fellow press friend of mine yesterday asked me which country, Malaysia or Singapore, is good destination to learn English. I advised her to study in Singapore, where I studied English too five years ago, a safe country that has strict rule of law. Malaysia is a country where an innocent Mongolian woman was shot to death and exploded into pieces by military-use C4 explosive fastened to her body. I will say this sentence to everybody asked me about Malaysia. This will be recalled for the people of Mongolia every time we think of Malaysia”.

“Malaysia is no longer a destination for Mongolians either to study or travel. I heard a number of Mongolians going Malaysia to study has been decreased a lot since last year when our beloved mother of two was killed in a jungle outside KL”.
“I have been to Malaysia actually, when I was studying in Singapore. I remember that when I was under passport control at the Singapore-Malaysia border, a Malay passport controller smiled at me and told me “Bat Khaan! Genghis Khan!”. He said something to his fellow customs officers in Malaysian and told me “Welcome to Malaysia!”. My first impression on the country of Malaysia had this wonderful start. I felt like I was the first Mongolian coming to Malaysia. We will not hear this nice welcoming from a passport controller of Russia now, a country what we believed as “brother in steel friendship” for over 70 years in the past under Soviet ally”.

“At that time, how come we know of a Mongolian woman will be killed in this country brutally and her entrance record will be deleted from immigration database”.


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  1. Silhoute says:

    Better be truthful than lie about something that we ourselves doesnt believe in. It may look as a disservice to Malaysia but since we cant guaranttee that our country isnt safe even from the police themselves, what more can we say?

  2. sofiairdina says:

    Out of curiosity… why would anyone wants to come to malaysia to learn, of all things, english?

  3. monsterball says:

    I am with you Sofia…and do we need a foreign nobody for Susan to start this subject?

  4. monsterball says:

    And the Valdez Muzoc is pasting same message all over Susan’s blog.
    Why not paste on other bloggers ..except here?
    And I am greatly disappointed that Susan treat this man with so much respect…as he is out to smear the bad name of Malaysia.
    As much as we also do not like what we see in Malaysia…I put it here clearly…we are still one one the best country in the world to live in.
    What does an idiot know so much of our country? from one incident…he is going to talk cock and bull of Malaysia…and Susan support that?
    Yes…we the voters and true guardians of our Nation…is watching every wrong move the government is making and expose them….but there are certainly equally good deeds done….such as the second transplant made for that 15 year old girl….where Mahathir had also great medical care and experiences…why don’t be hero worship the doctors…surgeons and nurses?
    Have Susan gave up Human Rights and taking up as a political blogger too?

  5. monsterball says:

    I repeat…..Good riddance to bad rubbish from Mongolia.
    Don’t come to our beautiful country and try con people.

  6. drumnbass88 says:

    Susan, one request, can you do an entry for ONE time only but with the success malaysia had achieved, something which deep inside you, you are proud of. Im sure there is, just one, only ONE entry.

  7. wits0 says:

    Really? I don’t see why Susan needs to crow for malaysia when the MSM is doing it overtime everyday, 365 days a year.

  8. monsterball says:

    I agree drumnbass88.
    I am always against hypocrites and crooked politicians…especially from UMNO..but many good things are also done.
    Why not put out one time..one good thing deed done and balance things up?
    Why keep criticising like a political blogger?
    Human Rights means rights for humans beings….good or bad done to them…not involving our country’s reputation.
    Country’s reputations are infact caused by voters….not the government.
    We are all guilty.
    I am so proud of our surgeons…doctors and nurses…saving that 15 year old girl and Mahathir…….PERIOD!!

  9. monsterball says:

    This means the Minister of Health is doing a fine job.

  10. Valdes-Munoz says:

    monzsterball for one you do not know me to some , if you do not like the information then DO SOMTHING TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE ! If you truly LOVE MALAYSIA THEN FIGHT FOR HER “JUSTICE AND HUMAN RIGHTS IS WHAT SHOULD BE RESPECT” Monsterball you must think first on what you are saying your comments on foreigners is a sad conformation of the mongolian blagger feeling … If this blag just for Malys then why is it in ENGLISH an international languege?? “INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS INJUSTICE EVERYWHERE !!!” “The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do any thing about it.” –Albert Einstein- “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” –Edmund Burke-

  11. Valdes-Munoz says:

    Sweeping it all under the rug will it make it better? Trashing the commentator will make it better? Closing ones eyes will it make reality go away?

  12. monsterball says:

    Valdes Munoz….You can stuffs your low class instigations to others..not to me.
    Why not post your messages to all blogs…why only here?
    It takes two to clap the hands….and as much as I sympathise with Atantuya…there is a court case on….so shut up and don’r interfere.
    World have many evil people….why not go and be a freedom fighter for all mankind….against the cruelties of US government?
    Don’t quote me this or that suitable for Malaysia.
    You come from a race that loves to kill and plunder too.
    I am a Malaysian Chinese…and know the history of China involving Mongolians well. Prove to me you know the history of Malaysia…before you try to teach us. YOU KNOW NEXT TO NOTHING!!!
    You are focus on politics using the murder case…go F…yourself!!
    Don’t try to play up our races here. Don’t be too smart….you nitwit.
    Are you sure….there is no con case from Mongolia?
    Insulting Malays or Malaysians…you have to deal with monsterball. None of your bloody business.
    You think you know more Buddhism than me…by quoting Einstein and Burke??
    F…..off you crazy nut.

  13. monsterball says:

    I repeat…go F….your so call love and care of human rights for Malaysians to another country.
    Don’t use the murder case to belittle our country.
    We don’t need you to teach us what is right or wrong here.
    Go teach the idiotic blinded fools of other countries on human rights matters…so many especially in AFRICA……why choose Malaysia? You mean in Malaysia…you have found out we are weak and stupid…don’t know how to defend ourselves?
    Your kind I have seen many times over.
    I repeat..go F…YOURSELF!! Don’t try to F… with Malaysia or Malaysians. You are simply not qualified nor needed.

  14. monsterball says:

    Are you saying….one sad Mongolian died is more precious than millions died elsewhere…especially babies and children….starving to death?
    What type of Buddhist are you?
    You so kind and love other races of Malaysia?
    Why not send Mongolians troops to liberate us?…….hahahahahaha
    World has many political people under the disguise of being a Human Right person.
    Also fanatics from all sorts of religions to free us….shit…choose which one is you.

  15. monsterball says:

    Are you saying….one sad Mongolian died is more precious than millions died elsewhere…especially babies and children….starving to death?
    What type of Buddhist are you?
    You so kind and love other races of Malaysia?
    World has many political people under the disguise of being a Human Right person.
    Also fanatics from all sorts of religions to free us…….choose which one is you.

  16. monsterball says:

    hi Valdez…Don’t insult my intelligence.
    You are such a kind foreigner that love Malaysians so much?
    Okay…..if you succeed…malays fight against others…ill you come to die for the ‘others”?
    Are you a US think skin agent?

  17. monsterball says:

    hi Valdez…Malaysians are not sweeping under the carpet nor fear to expose anything nor afraid to die for a just cause in Malaysia.
    We are keeping our eyes WIDE OPEN.
    We have no time to correct others…as we have a handful ..right here in our country.
    It seems you have plenty of time to help OTHER Malaysians to open their eyes??
    The GOOD have all died…why are you alive?

  18. monsterball says:

    Valdez said…’If you truly LOVE MALAYSIA THEN FIGHT FOR HER”
    What do you think I have been doing all my life?

  19. monsterball says:

    But we do not need foreigners to teach us how to fight for our country.
    History have proven foreign intruders are mostly cowards and have an agenda….to create troubler.
    Valdez is one…and so are all other foreigners…good or bad….mind your own business.
    Good all died from the world. No need to be so good to us.
    F…off VADEZ!!

  20. jusoh56 says:

    Out of curiosity… why would anyone wants to come to malaysia to learn, of all things, english?


    Sofiadina, isn’t the Malaysian govt promoting Malaysia as an education centre ?. So, naturally compared to other countries , the cost may be lower . I don’t see anything wrong in wanting to study English in Malaysia.

    As for monsterball, he does not seem to be able to talk intelligently. To me he seems like a barking dog !.

  21. monsterball says:

    jusoh56….Noted your comment and likewise..I think your intelligence is below par.
    Sophia did not say it was wrong to study English in Malaysia…you nitwit.
    She just said curious …that’s all.
    How is your English comprehension?

  22. monsterball says:

    If I sound like a barking dog to you…which looks like your English is below par…than good English description of you is one who thinks he is so damn smart….which when look closely ….is a kuching kurup from the jungle.

  23. Valdes-Munoz says:

    Monsterball you do not know what is my religion nationality or “race” (the truth of the matter is that there is only one race on this planet and that is the human race) . What is it that make you think that i am from the “u.s”? Is my name is all that American ? Monsterball sounds more American to me then Valdes-Munoz? Monsterball if that is your real name(ha ha ha )I will like to think that you are a good man then why are you slill alive?”Monsterball” be very carefull with what you are saying you are make your self look foolish.”Monsterball” I will like to believe that you are a well educated intelligent gentleman but why is it that if you care about human rights then why the words that comes out of your mouth are fill with racist and xenophobic intolerant hatred?All people in this world are interconnected wether we like it or not that is just reality. “Monsterball” is you affliction with the “xenophobic virus” then you can start an all Malay language blogg that way you can have all the peope that you do not like in the world out and live in your oun blissful utopia were all is nothing but peaches and cream. Malaysia just had it Fist ASTRONAUT IN SPACE in that is very nice and good but it would have never happen with out a little help from some foreigners from russia. “Monsterball” please please take your medication it sounds like you are loosing you mind you sound crazy for your sake please take your medication it will be good for you.

  24. monsterball says:

    There goes that idiot talking cock again….same old story from donkey’s time.
    Who cares you are what race….and don’t insult my intelligence…just because you have a Spanish name..you can be from, anywhere….East Timor….phillipines??? ..who cares!!
    You are but an instigator and trouble causer….
    Human Rights Activist…do not write like you. You have cheap low class style…and you are a real snake.
    We don’t need help from you….and don’t compare yourself with russia or a country….you moron.

  25. monsterball says:

    And go check it out..you moron….I write so much F…you and intelligent Malaysians are supporting me. Arn’t you a thick skinned b…stard.
    Whart medicine you take….ganja?

  26. monsterball says:

    Are you threatening me Valdez?
    You think you are the smartest commentator here?
    Who do you think you really are?
    Come to Malaysia….talk out in the open…and see what happen to you. If not..shut up…you big coward.

  27. monsterball says:

    hi Valdes…..why don’t you stuff your sickening ideas into your arsehole?
    Why don’t you talk all you want in your blog?
    Why choose Susan only?
    Cannot start your preaching eeerrr??? hahahahahaha,
    You are trully a thick skin moron….trying to teach grandfather how to suck eggs …all over again.
    Go teach spaniards….phillipines..East Timoreans…your kind. Better still go to Africa..so many are dying there.

  28. monsterball says:

    Bloggers may have great differences in opinions..and some have personal agendas…but ALL are Malaysians.
    Why don’t they protect our country from no good outsiders too?
    Why allow foreigners to meddle with our country’s affairs?
    Why are they so idiotic and selfish too?

  29. monsterball says:

    Good morning to all….Why can’t you all F….VALDEZ?
    Do you agree with foreigners who have no good intentions…to talk…instigate racial differences in our country?
    Will you allow someone to come into your house and join in your family quarrels?
    Have you ever seen such good foreign souls…come to your house….and solve things?
    Valdes is fanning ‘others’ against malays….do you think this is funny?
    Why keep quiet? Mind your own business? If Malaysian affairs are not our business…. why then are you all so anti this or that of the government?
    Are we so idiotic and weak…we need foreigners to teach us how to deal with our problems?
    Are you 100% sure Valdes is one hell of a good Samaritan?
    If he is one….then why choose Malaysia and in Susan’s blog only?
    Fanning racial matters is no joke.We Malaysians are all qualified…not from out-siders.

  30. monsterball says:

    Get it clear if a foreigner support us in the injustices of the government…it’s okay…but Valdes is asking ‘others” to go against the malays! He is creating an uprising of other races against the malays.
    Do you just want to keep quiet?

  31. sofiairdina says:

    Malaysia is not a perfect place. Malaysians are not perfect people. We do drive our cars like a maniac, throw empty mineral water bottles to the side of the road when we could not find a river, forgot to flush the toilet every now and then and blamed the singaporean whenever we could. But we never made it a habbit of finding a foreign students, blow a hole on their head, stuff a c4 inside their bodies and all that fancy stuffs. Happens sometimes but the frequency may be as rare as another genghis khan being born in Mongolia.

    So to tell everyone that malaysia is not safe anymore is like telling everyone not to go to mongolia bcoz genghis khan will wait for you at the airport with his sword and armours.

    It is still safe here to study here. Of course I am assuming that study means you go to school and does not include selling a billion dollar hardware and dating a married man at the same time. Its a different game. Ordinary folks like us would not do that to any mongolians and we would love to hand over whoever killed any mongolians to mongolians. We are nice people. We love Genghis khan too.

  32. jusoh56 says:

    jusoh56….Noted your comment and likewise..I think your intelligence is below par.

    Monsterball , you think you are smart eh ! No point lah wagging your own tail. Any barking dog can do that .

    Your English is first class ?. Don’t bullshit here. from the way you write, I would say you are a pathetic numbskull.

    Go through your posting and see what you are writting . It cannot be the fruit of a top class brain . Counld it ?.

    If it is, then, it will surely tarnish the Malaysian Education system lah ! hi !

    Just go on barking ok ?.

  33. jbl87 says:

    25 to 30 Years ago, when I was a teenager, our education system was good. At standard 6, we were very knowledgeable. Our English language was better.
    Today, some secondary school teachers and university students can not converse in English. Ask a college student or a even a university student certain things we learnt as students in primary and lower secondary levels – some of them either mmm and ghhh or stare at you blankly – you call that educational progress? Yes, more students get more As, but the passing marks are so low and imagine the guess work and luck on answering objective questions. The standard of the education system and level is so low. Coming to Malaysia to learn English.!!!

  34. jbl87 says:

    Sorry, It was not 25 0 30, it was 35 to 40 years ago. when the educational system was good.

  35. monsterball says:

    jusoh56….Eat your heart out. I am smarter than you by halves on all counts.
    And you go on barking……like a sick dog…not me.

  36. monsterball says:

    Go ahead ..so me your intelligent stuffs.
    Go post a message on every site….lets hear from a moron like you…..your opinions…besides smart to talk cock. Anyone can talk like you..dumhead.

  37. jusoh56 says:

    jusoh56….Eat your heart out. I am smarter than you by halves on all counts.
    And you go on barking……like a sick dog…not me.


    Sorry man you are the one using all the expletives not me so, you are the one barking not me ! he ! he ! .And also wagging your own tail again !.

    So, start using your head and talk intelligently, stop barking ,ok ?

  38. monsterball says:

    There ….that’s all you know.
    What else nitwit?
    I never bark at anyone…unless he/she starts first….so you F..OFF!! Go check your FIRST message!!
    But idiots like you will love to quarrel….thats all you know.
    And for Valdes….I am DEFENDING…you idiot!!

  39. monsterball says:

    hi idiot… jusoh56…..was 23rd Oct 2.29pm not your first comment? What did you write?
    Use my head?
    You go use your head. I used my brain.
    Can’t understand…can’t talk…want to insult me?

  40. jusoh56 says:

    hi idiot… jusoh56


    There you are , barking again !

    Since you love to bark, I don’t think you will change, so be it.


  41. monsterball says:

    Yes idiot…..moron with a pea brain.
    Put out an opinion and don’t try to arouse anger with insults. Others will ignore a fool like you…not me.
    Adios or no adios….thick skin idiots like you will come back
    Cannot spell…cannot format any good ideas…want to be hero to play with monsterball….call me names…give me advises?…you bloody sicko?
    Come back and get more F….from me.

  42. Hantu Laut says:

    monsterball,jusoh56 and valdez munoz

    Since each one of you claimed to write and speak better English than the other, I suggest each one of you start your own blog and let Susan Loone be the judge on the proficiency test of the English language for all of you.

    All of you should also take an IQ test to determine who is smarter.

    Knowing how to speak and write English does not make a person smarter or more intelligence.Intelligence can be expressed in any language

    English is a bastardised language that has evolved to become a lingua franca in many parts of the world. So, please don’t get into each other’s hair over something that all of you are not very good at.

  43. jusoh56 says:

    English is a bastardised language that has evolved to become a lingua franca in many parts of the world. So, please don’t get into each other’s hair over something that all of you are not very good at.


    Hantu Laut, firstly, I am never ever in any competition with anyone especially monsterball (my replies are only to him). And neither did I ever claim that my command of the English language is superior to any.

    I chance upon Susan Loone’s blog and I came across monsterball’s posting which its expletives which I found very offensive and a pain to read.

    I reminded me of the dogs so I told him so.

    If you read his posting, practically every one has expletives !.

  44. Hantu Laut says:

    Well, he beats you by the number of comments.He has 27 against 5 of yours. Now, you should understand why he called himself ‘monsterball’.

  45. jusoh56 says:

    Well, he beats you by the number of comments.He has 27 against 5 of yours. Now, you should understand why he called himself ‘monsterball’.


    I choose not to lower myself to his level.

    I could have match his expletives but what for ?. Waste of my time.

  46. wits0 says:

    “English is a bastardised language”

    Just wondering how many are not.

    Would a Bahasa have ever been possible with the heavy volume of Sanskrit words inclusion from the beginning itself?

  47. I think it is about time we Malaysian remove the blindfold from the eyes of our lady justice who holds the balancing scale. The blindfold has allowed persons to tilt the scales of justice unbeknown to the judiciary.

  48. Avitov says:

    “I appreciate your comment!
    Antares to me

    show details Nov 15 (11 days ago)

    My dear Avitov,

    I thank you for your strong comments which have the ring of truth and great depth of feeling – qualities I personally respect and value. Unfortunately the humans who wield political power in my country are morally very weak people and that’s why they are such absolute hypocrites. Hypocrisy is a disease of people without the courage to preach what they practise.

    An honest pirate admits to being a pirate, and a decent murderer also confesses to his or her crime and gladly accepts the consequences. Not so the despicable specimens who have risen to power and fattened their Swiss bank accounts through the political patronage of feudal lords.

    Malaysians have been silently watching the fiasco that passes itself off as a murder trial. This is why we are determined to see the judiciary reformed – in fact, completely overhauled. In the 1980s Malaysians were making money and this money corrupted their values, which is why they kept quiet and allowed a would-be dictator to distort reality according to his own will. Now it is clear to everybody who has even half a brain cell that Justice is almost completely dead in this country. It was blown to smithereens along with Altantuya Shaariibuu, whom I regard as a beloved sister.

    I assure you that most Malaysian people, though weak because life is too comfortable here, are actually lovable human beings. It’s only our so-called government that has gone beyond tolerable limits of criminal mismanagement. Last week 40-50 thousand of us defied the prime minister and the police by marching for clean elections. That was a sign that the dark days of demonic misrule are nearly at an end. And be it so.”

    Magick River
    44000 Kuala Kubu Baru

    Tel: 603) 60.643.643
    Cell: +6) 012.6706736
    Website: http://www.magickriver.net
    Blogs: http://magickriver.blogspot.com

    Music Archives:

  49. Valdes-MunoZ says:

    I see that Antares got the point that must seems to keep missing, it is nice to know that some one understand…

  50. Valdes-MunoZ says:

    From: UB Post Blog.,
    Editor-in-Chief : Choimboroljav Sumiyabazar,.
    “I wrote a number of stories on Altantuya murder case for Onoodor, a Mongolian language daily newspaper, which you can find here, here, here, and here. Tomorrow another one will be published on the front page of Onoodor newspaper about phone calls the two accuseds made to each other before and after the deceased was murdered. Some of the stories generate very good responses from Mongolian readers, strongly demanding justice over the Altantuya case from the Malaysian court. And, the most read stories of the UB Post web site are also the ones about the murder too.

    My previous post “Malaysia-Is it a good destination to learn English?” generated 47 responses on Susan Leone’s blog here. Glad to know that Malaysians caring a Mongolian blogger’s perspective point of view to the case. I don’t think mine is the only voice, there are dozens of blogs by Mongolians. Unfortunately those are in Mongolian language. Maybe this is one example of why Mongolian youths want to go to foreign country to learn English, which is becoming widely popular since the early 1990s when Mongolia opened to the world. I wish my fellow Mongolians study global spoken languages and walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the development of the world. That’s why here are so many businesses that bridge Mongolians with Malaysia, Australia, USA, and Singapore. Remember Altantuya’s friend was saying at the court that she was coming to Malaysia with the help of Help Center here.
    In the other development, an editor from the Asiasentinel.com contacted me to know whether Mongolian press outlets have published a photograph of Altantuya posed with the accused Abdul Razak Baginda and Malaysian Deputy Premier Najib Razak, who are still denying that he does not know her. Up till now, I did not see that photograph published on Mongolian press, but I think I have seen an image depicting Altantuya sat behind a table together with Razak Baginda and Najib Razak. But that was a computer generated one, obviously visible.”

  51. English is the easiest language to learn at the most basic level. This is why it is and will remain the language of global communication.

  52. Malaysian says:

    This is nonsense.

    A lot of Arabs come to this country to learn English.

    Malaysia is by far a much safer place than any countries in the world.

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