There will be no flags or gatherings for me, come this Merdeka (Independence day) as long as UMNO is still in power. Coz gatherings only prove to be an opportunity for wastage of time and money, for glamour seeking individuals to seek more glamour.

Anyway, what can be said that is already being said? Year in and year out? What is the point of talking about a Bangsa Malaysia, when we continue to let UMNO rule?

And to me, it seems strange, that people who back UMNO and BN are talking about Bangsa Malaysia? It does turn me off big time.

Long ago, I have taken the law into my own hands – I had decided not to fill in any forms or official enquiries that ask for ‘race”. I had decided never to support any political party that is race-based.

This Merdeka, I leave you with this message (English translation inside). This Merdeka, I will do some “meditation”, and leave the wine-ing and partying to others. Don’t drink and drive!

Is this a rhetoric?
Bangsa Malaysia, it is a dream
If tomorrow you go back to UMNO
To bloody MIC
If tomorrow BN still reigns
Racism continue to grow
Corruption stands tall
Is Merdeka merely a show of flags
Or on the bloody lips of politics?
If tomorrow our temples and villages
Continue to be demolished, to be burned
If ISA still lives
The academia continues to be restricted
If we continue to mourn
Freedom of speech
If Justice is still a trade-off
then Merdeka is merely a cartoon
and we stupid Malaysians
are still colonised.

(Sorry, postings will be scarce until Sept 1. Enjoy your holidays)


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  1. Black says:

    It’s true my sister….
    As long as UMNO, MCA and MIC still in power, no hope for Bangsa Malaysia.

    Our constitution is drafted by Lord Reid and not the Malaysian. That’s why the Divide and rule is still there.

    The real Malaysian Constitution is the one drafted by PUTERA-AMCJA. If we still use the British constitution, don’t dream for a better Malaysia.

  2. Outsider says:

    Dear Susan
    I don’t know whether or not you are a pondan, but inasmuch as your “in your face” expressions of opinion on the state of the nation are concerned you are among the fairest , if not the fairest of them all.
    It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So 20 images are worth at least 20,000 words, much more than the number of words in Namewee’s lyrics. Thanks.

  3. hantutelur says:

    We should celebrate Merdeka coz that’s one occasion when Malaysians become one race, share the same soil, fly the same flag, sing the same anthem. Don’t loose that spirit.

  4. Misben says:

    Just because a sibling is termed a ‘black sheep’ in your family, do you refrain from celebrating Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days? Don’t you celebrate a happy occassion with the rest of your family?

    It’s not just Merdeka, It is Nationalism Day. Malaysia Day, a day we Malaysians celebrate together, as one.

    I am a Malaysian as much as a UMNO member is not a Malaysian.

  5. hawk says:

    Ya, independence was achieved, but the aims for independence were violated. Such that the nations wealth is rampaged by gangters who masqueraded as patriotic politicians.

    We were fooled when we were prevented from being properly informed. Even elections campaigns were subdued. The media double talked. Alas, with advance IT means, we are now able to talk and listen to the populace. the PEOPLE.

    While there may be rumours, and mistruths along the way, at least all can get into proper debate, to be tested and verified, and we have a choice to decide what is true or false.

    Let s pray that this channel can eventually reach out all over Malaysia, that even the orang alsi in our jungles have access to the minds of the common people.

    The rampaging began not too long ago, 50 years to be precise. It was started by a small ignitiion. However, a chain reaction is triggered and greed seems unbounded. When it was RM100 in the past, over a lunch, it now grew to proportions of hundreds on millions of RM in kickbacks, where contracts are cartelled to cronies of ruling warlords, or the warlords themselves.

    The British saw this happening. That eventually, our leaders will tear our nation apart. It took longer when compared to countires in Africa like NIGERIA etc, but it will happen. The COLONIALIST will get the last laugh for we are showing we are INCAPABLE of ruling ourselves. We have proven that we remained PRIMITIVE. Civilility didnt permeate into our society, inspite of hundred of years of civilised colonial rule.

    But MERDEKA, I will celebrate, and shout it out for my next geberations.

    When elections comes this time around, lets hope that we can hear and identify real patriots and vote them in to care for us.

    Now they have the means to reach to us, and we should not excuse ourselves next time that we decided wrongly, becos we were not being given correct facts.


  6. bamboo river says:

    Merdeka ,Merdeka, Merdeka,Merdeka,Merdeka,Merdeka,Merdeka!

    Laungan bergemuruh seluruh Bangsa Malaysia.
    Pada 31 haribulan Ogos tahun 1957.

    Laungan sanubari dan emosi dalam hati dan jiwa.

    Bangsa Malaysia bersatu hati.

    Berjuang dalam era pembangunan dan ekonomi.

    Silaturahim di ujud oleh pemimpin negara.

    Membela bangsa Malaysia ketika perang komunis dan konfrantasi.

    Pemimpin datang dan pergi setelah menarujui negara, namun jasa tetap di kenang.

    Suasana suka dan duka rakyat mengharungi,
    Jiwa patriotik masih membara.

    Kerabat Di Raja tetap di hormati, menjunjung kasih Daulat Tuanku!

    Kini 50 tahun menjelang, bangsa Malaysia masih bersatu?

    May God Bless All Malaysians !

  7. hutchrun says:

    Merdeka is now the refuge of scoundrels, n to participate in their celebrations is to hob nob with them.

  8. wits0 says:

    Unfortunately it serves the agenda of scoundrels much more than convey the expected meaning that’s been like vaporware for a very long time.

  9. Silhoute says:

    Dear Susan,
    The 50th Merdeka celebration is as hollow back home here as anywhere else. Cant blame you if you feel so since you are faraway from home.

    I often wonder why no great leader has ever risen to make our land of plenty a better home for everyone of us irrespective of colour or creed. If our resources can be better managed, there is enough for everyone to share without depriving anyone of their share. Together we could prosper and progress to bring the nation into the forefront of the world’s stage.

    There are more story of disillusionments than being proud of the nation. There is no more spontaneity when people has to be coaxed into even flying the flags.

    The question we need to ask now is whether there will be time for us to rectify the damage before the country is done for? Anyway it is always better late than never.

  10. monsterball says:

    If you observed throughout ALL Merdeka celebrations…90% are Malays.
    Does not mean the Chinese and Indians do not support it? Sure they support!
    But for 50 years….their hearts and minds are sad that the true sincere celebration for all Malaysians is not there. Perhaps the spirit of the first few years was enjoyed by all races…right now…Chinese and Indians prefer to take that holiday opportunity to be with their family and love ones..then go line at the street to cheer all our heroes and so call advancements…each and every government project is stained with corruptions and massive miss-managements with one bail out after another. but I suspect profits are thee…but like Houdini….magic..all gone…a mystery always.
    So I understand Susan’s feelings…as that was mine too. What to celebrate? Be it for Merdeka or for 50 years…why should those who feel being cheated must celebrate? they cannot speak 90% of everything are controlled by the Malays….so let the Malays go celebrate. I prefer to read a book and not even watch the events live.

  11. monsterball says:

    I can say right here I have contributed in my small way to what Malaysia is today.
    I am proud to be a Malaysian…but will not celebrate as thousands like me..are feeling not treated fairly all our lives..but we are survivors…our genes are different from the Malays..they know it…so keep taking advantage that we can slog and toll..but there is a limit to everything and the limit is now.
    So vote for opposition is what I will celebrate..if more oppositions win or even form a new government. ….cannot be worst than what we have now.
    All the threats and scaring will work. Selfish uneducated voters…not many now.

  12. wits0 says:

    “I prefer to read a book and not even watch the events live.”
    I don’t even watch local TV on regular days. Way to not offend one’s own sanity.

    “Selfish uneducated voters…not many now.”
    Plenty ler, the ah MCA’s Ah Mows and Ah Tows, “new villagers” typos and of course the those feudal ones in the ulus.

    Some people, especially the BN ones will repeatedly continue to do their usual things like the inmates in an asylum, as if hoping for a different result each time…and their delusionary suckers will simply follow.

  13. jeancumlately says: 90% of everything are controlled by the Malays….so let the Malays go celebrate.

    What 90% monty? The economy? Politic? The land?

    I am a malay too monty and I dont think I am celebrating anything because I dont even have 0.01% of say on that 90%.

    Infact, I dont even own even 0.01% of what sami have or Ling or KJ have. When you say, malay, you are actually referring to about 1% of the total malaysians who have it all. That 1% consists of all races. The rest of us are suckers.

    Honestly, I dont know why the malays are celebrating so much. Beats me. Look at Jom Heboh – 90% malay also what?

  14. monsterball says:

    You are the ‘have not ‘ malay…poor girl!
    Welcome to the club of ‘have not”.

  15. kittykat46 says:

    Just drive 50 km or so out of the Klang Valley, the mood kind of changes a bit, even among non-Malays.
    One thing, the rural economy is holding up better than in the cities, with good commodity prices. And there is more interaction between the races in rural towns.
    I live and work in the city now, but I was pretty much a rural kid. I guess that’s why my thinking is a wee bit different, even today….

  16. monsterball says:

    witsO…..I was referring to VOTERS…not those idiotic ministers. young voters are mostly educated and can think for themselves and do love the country more than hero worship a man or a party.
    That’s why UMNO…especially Mahathir is afraid of university students to battle him in a debate.
    Notice..none of our minister dare to have live debates with any opposition leaders. All afraid to speak wrong things…all are parrots…memorize what to say and what not to say…to survive as ministers.
    That is why we have clear irresponsible attitudes …yet Pak Lah is not hitting on the nail..but keep banging the plank with no nails…. so how to make workable things?

  17. monsterball says:

    kittykat..don’t come out with your MCA attitude now. I live in rural areas more than city life all my life.
    Lets see Jinjang..kepong….cheras folks all shouting…’hooray…merdeka!”
    And even mixed places like Banting and kuala selangor….go find out who will celebrate.

  18. Silhoute says:

    monsterball is as just racist as most of them. it is such people that continue to piss off sympathetic Malays like me. Remember The MCA and MIC members are not Malays and they are the non Malays who benefit most and continue to support the injustices of the government.
    High time for you to grow up and mix with the rest so that you will not simply generalize.

  19. hutchrun says:

    One thing, the rural economy is holding up better than in the cities, with good commodity prices.
    That in truth is not really the case. The prices of basic survival items (transport, rice, sugar, flour, fertilizers, pesticides etc.)have gone up too.
    So it`s not as if they are all going to the bank with bundles of cash. If anything the rise in commodity prices does not offset the rise of costs.
    It is only something that the Star newspaper spreads around for the `feel good` effect. The actuality is very different.

  20. hawk says:

    Bravo Silhoute.

    Monsterball is chauvinistic and wild. He thinks he is civilised and dare to qualify himself as a rights fighter. Had the Malays not secure thier interests against the likes of such, probably all of u will be marginalised like the red indians of USA.

    Thank you for the grace and maganimous Malay hearts of the Tunkus generation and the likes of him. Its ppl like that that paved the way towards unity and harmony.

    However, there is today an overdemand of the UMNOputras, who feel all should be thiers. This is also counter productive and we are advocating to push back to the soberness of yesteryears.

    Sure we do not want to see the Malays marginalised, neither is there a need to see the others deprived and treated second class. There need to be meritocray as ther need to be priviledges. It a question of balancing these two sides of expectations.

  21. hutchrun says:

    MTUC merdeka present (m`kini):

    Minister flayed over ‘disgraceful’ bill
    Yoges Palaniappan | Aug 27, 07 6:39pm
    ‘Liar, untrustworthy, enemy of the workers’. These are some of the insults thrown at Dr Fong Chan Onn for tabling the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Bill. More
    ‘Backstabbing MTUC’
    ‘Where is your credibility?’

  22. wits0 says:

    Hawk: “Monsterball is chauvinistic and wild. He thinks he is civilised and dare to qualify himself as a rights fighter. Had the Malays not secure thier interests against the likes of such, probably all of u will be marginalised like the red indians of USA.”
    Here you go overboard again just because you don’t like Monsterball. Previously you’ve had to slight Susan without due thinking, it seems.

    I may not always agree with his(Monty’s) deliveries but no way can I translate that into ‘chauvinism’ and the rest of the instigatory raving which is conveniently used to discredit him.

  23. whispering9 says:

    With a subject like the above, you become hopelessly lost because it typically begins with a question and ends with another question. For example, if we do not want the BN coalition, then who or what do we want? Can we trust the opposition coalition? Will blogger turns politician remain pristine after swearing into the pit of temptation? I honestly think that intelligence has no survival value. One reason why professor leaves it to students to test the lesson theory. In most cases, intelligence defeats even our own instinct and humanity. To me, if you want to wave the flag just wave it proudly…if you want to celebrate then celebrate loudly. If you are in no mood to wave or to celebrate…well go shopping, sleep late, play mahjong, whatever. Don’t drink drive…good advice! Don’t put too much intelligence into everything, especially into bad or good moods. Do not even attempt to theorize racial behaviorism on the foundation of stupidity. Even with zero corruption and 100% accountability, my race still prefers to sleep or have tim-sum on Merdeka mornings. Only politician or psuedo professor tries to lecture on patriotic behaviorism with regards to flag flying non-compliance observation. Take a break with your own intelligence once awhile before your dense thots collapse into a black hole turning you into another demigod; so you think.

  24. wits0 says:

    Silhoute: “The MCA and MIC members are not Malays and they are the non Malays who benefit most and continue to support the injustices of the government.”
    Thet’ll be the top elites mostly. They sold their souls a very very long time ago. The worse part is, like a old bad superstition, there are ordinary member and supporters who still fall for them….some just for crumbs and some in ‘good faith'(spelt: wilfull and incurable stupidty).

  25. hutchrun says:

    Had the Malays not secure thier interests against the likes of such, probably all of u will be marginalised like the red indians of USA
    Poor chap drinking absolut vodka, hence the non-sense. M said malays were like redskins living on reservations.
    Where`s this fellow born anyway? He keeps trying to run with the redskins but makes a damn poor job of it.
    `Wingless hawk` would fit a better nic. And that would of course result in a dead hawk.

  26. monsterball says:

    When I tell out the feelings of the masses of Chiinese sufferings…I am a racialists. Therefore all those Chinese voting oppositions are racialists…and Malays voting UMNO are patriots?
    I am speaking as a Malaysian…therefore Susan is also a racialist? Why not tell Susan straight to her face…why select only me? …but never mind…I prefer to be call a racialist than a balls carrier or no guts man.
    What about the Malays that are split like hell…everyone knows that…which group is a racialist and which is not?
    Who cares what Shihoute or cracko hawk opinions on me. Who are they? What have they achieve in life? Faceless and nameless ..can talk big and talk cock and bull…but when come to real life….face to face….what are they? I could not care less if you call me ultras this or that.
    Go celebrate with pride and joy of the 50th Merdeka….no one stops you….but thousandS Chinese think like me will not have that false feeling…because they have lived under 90% controlled this or that by the Malays…and they are not cowards…but adapt themselves very well to the situations….but when come to so call celebrations…of great success of Merdeka…hundreds of thousands think like me.
    Maybe the most racialist people are the DAP?
    Dream on with your narrow minded logics.
    The racialists are the politicians..especially BN and UMNO.

  27. hutchrun says:

    Anyway MCA/MIC/Gerakan/PPP etc could not have got where they are if not being for UMNO malays.

  28. wits0 says:

    Hutch: ” dead hawk”.
    Or just a dishonest live dove.

    Silhoute, before you fault Monty, please try to remember what Utusan and Berita have been doing all these decades.

  29. hutchrun says:

    I would have liked to use the word `extinct` but it didn`t jive. Unless his clan thinks like he does, then it sure will.

  30. wits0 says:

    Gentle on the trigger, Hutch, “thoughtless”, will do for the moment….unless he asks for a stronger dose. 😀 The bird flu may need that though!

  31. wits0 says:

    Gentle on the trigger, Hutch, “thoughtless”, will do for the moment….unless he asks for a stronger dose. 😀 The bird flu may need that though!

  32. hutchrun says:

    Haha. Time`s up anyway.

  33. monsterball says:

    Somehow… alot of Malaysians do not think with a serious or patriotic mind….just blare out for the fun of it…or are they such terrible supporter of a party that don’t care for the country…but are stubborn die hard for the party. Then one small group of pro Mahathir will keep disturbing the peace and unity by disuniting people with their selfish agenda…and that is like gambling…buy which horse to hoping Mahathir will win..then those people will be rewarded by TDM.
    Such are the characteristics of such people….as seen with few political bloggers….even go to the extend to get two young 11 year old registered as bloggers to support them…thus showing they represent all bloggers…and the children are those bloggers children…how low will they go?
    Same in rea llife…voters seems to think like that too….betting on movie stars or horse…not looking at the Malaysian picture for all MALAYSIANS. The two heroes are TDM and Pak Lah..which movie star is more popular to support…that kind of attitudes.Our standard of thinking and reasoning powers are far far below that neighboring countries…and we are the laughing stock to more advance countries….yet they don’t know or don’t care?.
    Above all..It is the group of ultra malays that cannot take criticism…cannot accept changes..have no confidence to stand at level playing field…must have referees to favor them with one eye close…always….not confidence…why like that?….yet love to call others racialists??
    What bunkum logics>

  34. wits0 says:

    “What bunkum logics”

    Aiyah, false pride will obfuscate the potential of sufficient logic.

  35. monsterball says:

    I don’t see it as false pride more than a funny kind of up bringings…..witsO
    Or maybe the schools have something to do with it too.
    The whole senario changed due to internet…not due to our so call sincere politicians. They know now malays can get to read how oppositions think…no more black out news.
    Thus after these 10 find the educated malays are getting more and more sensible….no balls carrying party type.
    But the weird type are seen everywhere….just go to shopping complexes and see how they work…laughing and giggling…disturbing girls are their specialties. These are the lowly educated ones…but Chinese…the less educated…the harder they work…go check out the characters.
    and the traffic policemen smoking away…taking to each other for all to see. I thought they cannot smoke while on duty…but to them…rest time is off smoke and laugh..right at the road side at Subang Jaya. Not many take the career as defenders of the country…but as a job. Such are the attitudes of our people…no sense of proportions,

  36. monsterball says:

    Maybe thousand got married to their close relatives to produce weird off springs?
    Chinese will never marry a relative or same surname.

  37. wits0 says:

    Things when cultural got attached to a strange and unfounded sense of pride. Something which some people are afraid to face ; much easier to fall back on just “pride”. Also so much easier to point fingers to blame others for own hidden weaknesses.

    In bodohland the taboos are many and varied but basically its “pride” boosted inability to face criticism without going ballistic.

  38. monsterball says:

    Get it very very clear! When I dare to tell fellow Malaysians their short comings…faults and weird characters..then I am your true friend or you can call it a true Malaysian….better still…a patriot.
    The art of speaking nice complimentary words…nothing hard. carrying balls is an art…but not hard to do it..if one want to lean it.
    And those who will not offend stays clear away from trouble…that’s how they think!! But this group…the majority of Malaysian of all races must change their attitudes. We are talking about our children’s futures…and if you are below 30 is about your futures. This is serious stuffs!
    So accept criticisms.. with appreciations…not with instant hatred or putting a defensive mood..with an unnecessary argument. TRUTH HURTS!!
    So am I telling the truth or simply uttering nonsense? Talk on that…not labeling me as a racialists….which I am more a Malaysian that all of you out there trying to insult me… combine together….any group…any type…I am more sincere than all of you.
    Don’t sell your soul for any price. If you do…you may get rich…but you can get what money cannot buy…true happiness.
    So debate on my points…stop labeling me.
    Do yo have my guts and experiences? Why not debate..discuss and learn.
    Some of you may give up supporting a party and be free….then your minds will be smarter and more sincere. Dare to be free?
    I repeat….Majority Chinese do not think big deal of the 50th Merdeka celebration….as they are not fairly treated all these 50 years.
    They just adapt to earn a living…but are true Malaysians…as they will defend the country with their lives…if needed to do so.

  39. hantutelur says:

    bravo monty! despite a few points which i may argue, i am behind you

  40. lucia says:

    i agree with you susan that bangsa malaysia is impossible with UMNO around. i too have no heart to celebrate our golden merdeka. perhaps i will borrow this poem of yours to post on my blog during merdeka day.

  41. can anyone name me any other country which political parties are racial based and is not on the brink of , was at one point, or currently at civil war.

    how are we supposed to form a malaysian race when our politics divide us racially? our education divides us racially? even our sports and entertainment divide
    us racially? and whos fault is that?!

  42. monsterball says:

    I strongly advise Silhoute to go and mix with Chinese and Indians sincerely….without feeling which race they are from the skin…but treat all as Malaysians.
    He told me to go and mix with the Malays.
    Coming from Melaka from a Baba and Nonya upbringing…I have more malay and indian friends that he and most malays have ever come out from their coocoon to mix like me.
    We eat and speak like malays all our lives. My parents teaches us to love mix with all races. Schools maybe partial….but we listen to our parents…..thus here is a hint to the government…you may have all the formulas to now toe the line…or else get out voted…but the fact is UMNO have trained the old malays as bumiputras…son of the soil…owner of the land and because they are so…special rights..this and that. 50 years help that race to come up at par with the chinese are okay..but what about helping the Indians? Lets presume chinese are superman children…are indians not weak and poor? Why not help them too? So the create second class citizens propaganda..which infact are not.
    So you see…from the start…UMNO is a racialistic party and again using Islam as the non irrevocable religion for all malays…sums all up …race and religions dirty politics is their aim…divide to rule is what they learn from the British.. Again lets presume 50 years ago..that were necessary to guide a mild mannered race …like a good father….but on going for 50 years?? What bloody father will guide the children for 50 years..spoon feed them..unless want the children to be half past live with no working efforts needed…papa will give you money..don’t worry. This last 25 years and especially under Mahathir 22 years a PM were the worst…using race and religion to split the malays and care two hoots for the chiNese and indians…while squeezing the country’s wealth high and dry….yet can quote Koranic verses….so holy..such a great great hypocrite and cunning man. Strange…when come to a malay….no matter how much sins or evil deeds done….malays keep quiet…but they do show they hate Mahathir by voting against him in his last election. Therefore we can say majority malays are sensible and do have principles in life.
    What about those die hard UMNO and BN supporters? You notice I talk nothing about MCA or MIC…as they are not worth one sentence from my effort to describe these people.
    But UMNO members..the malays are suppose to be patriotic to the country? So lets talk Malaysia.
    What do one sees all these 25 years under TDM and now Pak Lah so great? Are they uniting all Malaysians?
    Beat up 20 year old buses and taxis are still running…all owned by malay companies….causing so much deaths…now blame the bus owners..never themselves. The laugh of all are the leaks at so call new multi billion new govt, building…and here …blame the contractors…engineers..architects….never themselves. Huge corruptions is the key reasons for all these and more to come…..and more great reasons will be given.
    As such ….UMNO is an insincere big time corrupted party.
    Pak Lah maybe doing his best to correct everything…and I do believe he is much better and more sincere than Mahathir…yet malays are compasring their two brains and looks…not judge their hearts…and how they speak.
    It is now the UMNO malays that are splitting the one else…and all started by Mahathir…yet anyone dare to call me a racialist?
    Go..keep on fooling yourselves….big brother UMNO is showing you how not to change. Pak Lah can have a good heart and talk nice..but no guts to act he is a non productive PM….talk talk but no actions…dare not sack anyone. We Malaysians are no fools Pak Lah!!
    Once again…go celebrate the 5oth Merdeka celebrations…who stops you…but I dare say majority Malaysians do not think UMNO have achieve so much good to shout about each year.
    It is the hearts of millions unsatisfied citizens that choose to ignore…as they don’t know how to correct their faults or admit their guilts or dare not be brave enough to correct them..just talk…choose one of these…it is UMNO style…talk big but what a bunch of hypocrites and cowards they are.
    They are taking advantages year in year out of two weak points on Malaysians….greedy and love peace.
    Get rid of that..wake up and lets celebrate next Merdeka year with true Malaysian style…do you dare to change? NO?…okay for an old man like me…anything goes….can survive so long …piece of cake…to drag on. Afterall..Malaysia is truly a beautiful place to stay. Are we all not lucky?
    Wait till all the oil fields dry up….I will be long gone dead…goodluck to all Malaysians feeling so happy and proud to celebrate the 5pth Merdeka Day. Remember..when you wave the flag and shout ‘”merdeka…merdeka..merdeka”…make sure the great feelings comes out from the heart and not from the mouth. then go check your feelings…are they learned…planted being programmed or really really know what you are shouting about.
    God Bless All MALAYSIANS!!

  43. monsterball says:

    Right now….it is the Royalties that Malaysians love sincerely.
    Never in the history of 50 years Merdeka have we ever seen so much love thrown to Royalties.
    That is the sign of majority Malaysians want the truth and nothing but the truth and times up for UMNO hypocracies.
    It is also a sign that real sincere and care for the country are appreciated by Malaysians. Right now…Royalties are showing that.
    Celebrating birthdays of Royalties have more meaningful togetherness than so call MERDEKA DAY.

  44. bamboo river says:

    My observation is…..the present gomen is only interested on creating false ‘feel good’ to the rakyat.
    We are not numb or dumb as we are now facing the ecomonic slowdown or rather downwards of our daily life.
    Every essential goods prices are creeping up at a fast pace and yet the gomen is saying our country is doing well.

    Now they are sort of smoke screening our perceptions by hyping on petty issues which are not an issue at all.

    Monty’s strong opinions … sad to say is very TRUE.
    What are we doing? Why must we continue to have the false feeling? If we could not take or appreciate criticism , do we think we could make it any better for our next generations?

    50 years and we are still way behind countries that is younger than us. Good example is our neighbour down south.

    The future of our generations is not in the hands of the leaders.
    It is us, we, me that will be the ones being blamed by our future generations.

    I will spend this Merdeka Day (not celebration) thinking hard and deep .

  45. hutchrun says:

    Coming from Melaka from a Baba and Nonya upbringing…
    As someone who grew up Klebang Besar, a malacca kampung, I too like Monty mixed a lot with all races.
    And what Monty says is very true. In fact malays these days will not mix with other races `cos many think it`s haram. In those days they had no probs.
    Today they are no longer malays but arabs.
    And it`s all the doing of UMNO which has been in the forefront of indoctrinating all those arab wahhabi inspired teaching.
    In reality the NEP as it is, is nothing more than a `jizya` imposed on non muslims.
    Today`s latest, the rotting imbecile goes further as the MCA/MIC dhimmis watch:

    Another nail in the coffin.

  46. hutchrun says:

    can anyone name me any other country
    As a foreigner told me, M`sia is the only country in the world where an affirmative policy exists for the majority race.

  47. hutchrun says:

    Reminds me of the time a malay salesgirl came around to my house and offered a rice cooker at a very low price.
    So mum asks her how come she could sell it so cheap, and she says she took it from the shop where she worked. My mum says but that`s stealing.
    The salesgirl says No,not stealing `cos the shopowner is not muslim.
    That`s how they are brought up these days.

  48. whispering9 says:

    Hi MB,

    Good sermon! Didn’t agree with everything but good anyway. ‘Wait until the oil field dries up’…we might not have to wait that long. It is another gross misinformation that our economy and capital reserve depend on the crude petroluem supply. Our greatest asset and the government revenue is our human capital or rescources. That right; it is the intelligent, hardworking and enterprising Malaysians. With the current woes you mentioned, we might even feel the diminishing capital value comes next year. Great news, isn’t it. An inevitable before change can effect.

    Thanks for bringing up the young blogger episode. Have I not foretell it? I think young kids should enjoy the innocence of not taking sides, having opinions and being pre-moulded into a wholesome image. They need their unadvertised or exploited youths to maintain a open link to their pasts into the openness of ideas and relationship come the future. Intelligence has no survival value, notwithstanding intelligent bloggers who are constantly fooled by it.

  49. monsterball says:

    No wonder so many malays in my office grouped together to cheat me!!
    I welcome competitions…but was shocked at the way they try to sabotage and compete against me.
    Now all close shops…no management abilities…just know how to steal and copy.
    God is great!!
    Never dream Muslims will do that.
    Glad you are also from Malacca…hutchrun.
    I know Klebang Besar very well. Most of my class mates..all ex teachers live around that area…very nice. I still drive to Malacca…have dinner with my class mates…and drive home to KL at 3am!!
    I love night driving at freeways.

  50. Outsider says:

    After spending quite some time sitting on the fence, fudging with words like “theocratic state”, the moribund Badawi finally came out with a statement declaring Malaysia to be an Islamic state, flouting the Constitution which might as well be thrown into the Klang river. The PM sure knows how to spoil the Merdeka mood and spirit, if that was indeed his intention. It rain heavily yesterday night and one neighbours Jalur Gemilang is now dripping wet and quite symbolically, flying at half-mast.

  51. kittykat46 says:

    My Merdeka Day plans?
    The national flag will be flying outside our home, as it does every year. My Dad lives with us, and he flies the flag with pride. He served the country for many years, and its got nothing to do with the UMNO thieves.

    Its a public holiday and also a long weekend this year. My kids like to watch the parade on TV, so I’ll humour them. Then the whole family will go for a Dim Sum brunch. We’ll probably go to the swimming pool in the late afternoon.

    50 Years of Independence does mean something to me. Many foreign observers didn’t believe it would last even 10 years.

    The bets were either it would end up a Marxist takeover like South Vietnam 1975, or disintegrate into intercommunal civil war like Lebanon 1975 – 1990. The 2nd case is still up in the air somewhere. History is not on our side. In the course of human history, very few Multi-Racial and Multi-Religious societies have survived for long.
    In many countries, minorities survive at the price of assimilation, or keeping a very low profile.

    So what’s the solution ?
    The current BN-UMNO kleptocracy is not the answer. The whole system of robbing Peter to make a few Privileged Pauls very rich will collapse under its own weight. The most concrete example of this today is Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

    A full-blown liberal democracy like the US or Australia is not really the answer. If you analyse it a bit more deeply, these societies succeeded by assimilating its minorities and denying them much of their cultural identity. I have lived in Australia as a student, and worked in the US before, so I’m not just spouting theory. The difference is between institutionalised racism and unstructured social racism.

    I have my own thoughts on what would be more workable, maybe another post, on Merdeka day itself…

  52. hutchrun says:

    In his written answer, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has broken ranks with the first three Prime Ministers on this fundamental issue and has now come out into the public to give support to his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Razak declare that Malaysia was an Islamic state – and in an unusually threatening manner which seemed to presage repressive times ahead.

  53. jeancumlately says:

    hutchrun came up with a story about a muslim thief and monty with a story of his malay employees ganged up to cheat him. The girl was thaught that it is okay to steal from non-muslims. Hogwash! And hutchrun, you believed that! I am sorry for for you.

    Both claimed to be not a racist.

    Actually, you are not doing anybody any good by quoting that. I have my own share of stories of indians and chinese and malays. But to me thieves are thieves, cheaters are cheaters, rapists are rapists. When you associate everything with race, that is racism. They dont rape, steal and cheat because of their races and religions!

  54. monsterball says:

    Secular State…meaning not a religious or spritual State as promised in the formation of Malaysia….now change to Islamic State?
    I really will not give too much attention to these type of talks. It is basically directed to please Kelantan and Trenggannu voters to vote for UMNO….that’s how I read it…and PM is talking exactly like Nik of PAS….saying others are free to worship as they like.
    Since our country is not comprising of real religious people…let it be so….as I am prepared to die defending my religion…..besides the country. That’s all matters to me. They do not disturb me..I will not disturb them….and if the Islamic State status chase out foreign investors…it is one more reason to vote them out and change everything to be Malaysians..not by race.
    I read from somewhere….Malaysia in the only country protecting the majority…not the minority races…but I don’t think it is true. It is protecting their personal wealth by fooling their own race….and get few other races who are greedy and opportunists to tag along. GREED IS THE WORD.

  55. kittykat46 says:

    “GREED IS GOOD “- Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street”
    Also slogan for Bolehland.

  56. hutchrun says:

    And hutchrun, you believed that! I am sorry for for you.
    Don`t be sorry for me – be sorry for her.
    In a 2nd instance a malay remisier who owed money around, in a moment of candor, let slip that since they were not muslims as per his religion he did not have to pay them.
    You can feel sorry for him too.
    Me I don`t care. But I can quote a few more instances of strange happenings.
    I`m not quoting with race, but religion. You obviously misunderstood.

  57. hutchrun says:

    When you associate everything with race, that is racism.
    Just out of curiosity, you seen many buddhist/christian/hindu/zoroastrian malays around?
    I haven`t.

  58. monsterball says:

    I know jean very well and she sure can twist incidents into a race…so be it. What I was implying is to see how bad the malays have become under Mahathir and Pak Lah….so was hutchrun.
    and if jeancumlately have many stories to tell us about chinakua …do so…not continuosly say got plenty to tell….but told nothing……shoot then out jean..lets hear how you got cheated by chinakui.
    We are talking about bad Malaysians…and so happen they are malays.

  59. monsterball says:

    jean said thieves are thieves…I DISAGREE!
    Chinese are famous to rob banks …Indians bag snachers…and house burglars…malays rob the country wholesale……sorry.. I mean the happen to be your race …JEAN.

  60. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately like to poke fire! Very unbecoming of a refine lady. I hope she is joking….but she wants to expose all the dirty races…one by one…what they lets do it….jean.
    You start jeancumlalety….or shut up and learn.

  61. jeancumlately says:

    Monty, hutchrun… just two years ago my chinese business associate took rm25k from me and disappeared. I dont even care which God he was praying to and I would not believe him if he told me that his God asked him to cheat me.

  62. hutchrun says:

    and so happen they are malays
    To that should be added `who use religion to justify their wrongdoings`.
    That is what I was/am driving at. Religion becoming a tool of suppression. Surely those teachings/impressions have been conveyed to them by someone they have high regard for.
    I also know of decent muslims. The problem is how far has the `indecency` gone? That`s the crux of it.

  63. hutchrun says:

    my chinese business associate took rm25k from me and disappeared
    Dirty cheat. I can empathize with you on that. I sure hope he gets his just desserts – I really do.

  64. monsterball says:

    So you got cheated by a chinese partner…and you haver light ears….so learn from that lesson.
    But to let you know…I never treated me cheating by my few malay workers representing the malay race. I always look for smart malay workers…but my company is small…all good malays for big ones and they are smart and loyal.
    Cry it out baby and let go the bad experience..but never stop trusting another chinese ….never use one to represent the whole race. …and forget about religions doing business….but pray as hard and as sincere you van be for God’s help ..if you need to..that is if you are confident God will listen to your prayers.

  65. jeancumlately says:

    hutchrun: … who use religion to justify their wrongdoings.

    So now you get the point. That means you understand that this people “use religion to justify their wrongdoings.” So you know that they are cooks, and just that: a crook! What do religion has got to do with it?

    Monty, I am sorry, my english is very bad and I think you are arguing a different thing and you missed the point.

    Monty, I may not be a refined lady. Sorry for that too. Should’ve known how to talk to a gentlemen.

    You said:
    …. she wants to expose all the dirty races…one by one…what they lets do it….jean.

    Actually if you read my messages correctly, and if I am able to write better, my messages are not that.

  66. monsterball says:

    Okay jean..we seem to always read each other wrongly. Let others judge.
    Don’t be sarcastic…..your English is much better than mine…I know it .
    Lets say..we both have difficulties to comprehend each other’s good intentions..okay?
    But you are clearly very sensitive…when talking bad about malays…why so sensitive?

  67. hutchrun says:

    What do religion has got to do with it?
    Now got to go to the begining. This is what I posted:
    My mum says but that`s stealing.
    The salesgirl says No,not stealing `cos the shopowner is not muslim.

    Similarly in the 2nd instance: `let slip that since they were not muslims as per his religion he did not have to pay them`

    Now you get the pic. It`s a direct allusion.

    The 2nd one was real bad – a total of about RM1m belonging to different persons.

  68. jeancumlately says:

    The salesgirl says No,not stealing `cos the shopowner is not muslim… hutchrun.

    That is my whole argument, hutchrun. You should blame the girl for being a thief and not believed her when she used religion as an excuse. That is all I was trying to say.

    Monty, I am not a fighter for the malays or the muslims because I am not qualified to do that. However, for some reason, generalization and blaming on islam as religion or malay as a race just piss me off. You want to crucify kj, nazri or anybody “yang sewaktu dengannya,” for betraying our (malaysians) trust, well, go ahead. Just dont tell me they acted that way because they are malays or muslims. I would resent that. They would still be that way even if they are hindus or christians.

  69. monsterball says:

    him jeancumlately….Even UMNO admits malays are crooks..owing millions to Mara…do not pay back one sen….even now so wealthy.
    Ofcourse…that was said out to please the other Malaysians that they know what we along know.
    It is a dirty political art to point out crooks…before we accuse UMNO as racialist crooks….an well done by cunning and dirty corrupted Mahathir.

  70. hutchrun says:

    You should blame the girl for being a thief and not believed her
    Aw heck. My mum did call it stealing dint she. Even you do.
    The point is she takes it as a form of `religous clearance` and others` beliefs be damned. So too in the 2nd case.
    There must be some underlying reasoning in it or else it wouldn`t be there.

  71. monsterball says:

    Who claim Islam belongs to the Malays and who glorify malays as the almighty in MALAYSIA?
    But thousands are converted to think like that too…so it is not the government…but the government half past sixes ..plenty of that..that we must also expose..such as those working I my office cheating me.
    Previously….poor as they maybe…malays have dignities and real cultured people. Now totally different..and thank God…majority are there is hope to expose change or be forever shamed,….no matter how rich they become..all Malaysians will despised them.
    Harun felt it….always living abroad…alone…until the day he died.
    so it is time all Malaysians be brave like before..for a united country…all identify ourselves as Malaysians. Lets combine and get rid of the worms attacking the apples.
    Not hard..just vote them out!!

  72. monsterball says:

    No jean..malay is a muslim and Islam belongs to the malays.
    This is what was taught for 50 years and on going….so if we accused by race…we are not racialists jean. We have no choice.We have to expose their lies using what they glorify.
    So please don’t get offended if we want to expose the great race and religion politics played by UMNO.
    Did you vote for UMNO? Sure you did….so you are are a racialist..even though you do not admit.

  73. whispering9 says:

    “The love boat has crashed against the everyday. You and I, we are quits, and there is no point in listing mutual pains, sorrows, and hurts.” – (from Mayakovski’s unfinished poem)

    Hutchrun and Monty…imho, if you continue along this course of reasoning and justification, you will lose decent respect and sympathy from your fellow Malaysians. Did you know Mayakovski shot himself in the head with a gun before he finished the poem. Intelligence collapses onto itself and leaves no logic to proceed.

    Today, a very nice and polite Malay Phone Technician came and solved my phone IDD. Wifey was so grateful, she belanja dia satu botol air mineral…terima kasih he said. Lets get back to the main tropic…there are many reasons to celebrate this Merdeka. Holiday is one and happy hour is another.

  74. whispering9 says:

    Jean is another!

  75. hutchrun says:

    if you continue along this course of reasoning and justification
    That is the same reasonong and justification that the MCA n MIC use to help keep UMNO in power.
    Are we then to close our eyes n keep silent on the increased erosion of right/liberties of the minorities – because `you will lose decent respect and sympathy from your fellow Malaysians`.

    Those same malaysians who have been so dumbed down while the `other side` has gained momentum.

    No thank you. I have to disagree. Appeasement is no longer on the cards.

  76. hutchrun says:

    Something funny happened recently.
    My indian neighbours used to ring their prayer bell in the mornings. Not even a minute it used to be. Never bothered anyone really for a few years.
    So they got a visit from the `holy` ones that it `disturbed` them and were told to stop it.
    Never heard of such a thing in the past.

  77. monsterball says:

    whispering9 alias virgin9..alias v9…one with three nicks….showing no principles in life wants to tell hutchrun and me how to get respect.
    I think both of us ..including witsO are not interested to gain false respects….but speak the truths.
    He may use one nick now …out of no choice..but he has stamp out a cunning character.
    He keeps on telling everyone….live and let live…meaning let it be..why change. such are the people that will not get Malaysians united…but apply an art to sit in the middle…be nice. Is he a BN or UMNO member?
    Bamboo river has changed to understand. I am so glad…but I doubt a person with three nicks is that sincere.
    Once I told him…a person with three nicks..get lost..he is still the same with one nick…twisting and turning.

  78. hutchrun says:

    More on reasoning and justification:
    [ ]
    The government has been quick to react by suspending Makkal Osai for one month. The paper ought to consider itself very lucky at the punishment meted out. MIC Youth urged the government to take stern action against Makkal Osai hoping that it may suffer the same fate as the Sarawak Tribune.

    MIC Youth’s call comes at a surprise since one hardly finds MIC Youth protesting or demonstrating against the demolishment of Hindu temples, making police reports when temples are demolished or even handing over memorandums when temples are earmarked for demolishment. And here they are seeking justice for Christians.

  79. hutchrun says:

    [ ]
    There have been no reports of public demonstrations by offended Christian communities demanding drastic action to be taken against the daily. So why did the Internal Security Ministry act so swiftly? If they were motivated by a genuine concern to preserve national unity and harmony, if the action was intended to be a deterrent for the future, then where was similar concern and action when a mob was instigated and incited to confront a church in Ipoh not too long ago?

    The writers are coordinators, Charter 2000-Aliran.

  80. wits0 says:

    Whispering9: “Hutchrun and Monty…imho, if you continue along this course of reasoning and justification, you will lose decent respect and sympathy from your fellow Malaysians.”
    Decent respect comes from decent human beings. To have any claim to be a decent human being requires, among other things, a sense of fair play and humanism. Neither of which can come from any fascistic backdrop or condescending presumption.

  81. jeancumlately says:

    I would not go on a shooting rampage and kill everything that eat pork and holding joss-sticks because I hate ah longs.

    I would not runover anything that move and darker then me because sami raised the the toll.

    I dont expect to get the chinese’s support by telling them that I have to spray bullets on them in order to get rid of one punk who sold pirated vcds.

    The indians would hang me upside down if I go to their temples and tell them to stop praying because it will turn them into a sami vellu.

    And please Dear God, dont make them hate me because someone in putrajaya is stealing millions and claimed to worship the God that I worshipped and speaks my language.

  82. hutchrun says:

    The indians would hang …sami vellu
    Haha. I don`t think they`ll do that. They ain`t so far gone as the perak mufti.

    dont make them hate me
    hey, we don`t hate you 🙂 I think you are nice.

  83. whispering9 says:


    Aren’t we who share and stand on this very space and discord, decent people? We are the converted! I am not refering to Umno, Mic, Mca, Dap, Keadilan, Gerakan, Pas etc. Just decent us with decent logic. But if this is good therapy, well happy pre-Merdeka Turkey Shoot, carry on then.

  84. whispering9 says:

    MB, you cursed and sweared but offer no solution to fill the vaccum of your bitterness. You are ranting for the sake of ranting. At this point, you are only drooping savila and not salvation. You are now utterly lost and irrelevant to the issue at core. If you are voicing anger and bitterness to seek relief, I would understand. But you are on a destructive path that with a A-bom on hand, will not hesitate to pre-emptive strike for world peace. Don’t bother to reply, I am deaf to your comments now.

  85. monsterball says:

    whispering9…So if you are not referring to one or any of a political party….what are you referring to?
    You clearly said hutchrun and I will loose decent respect if we continue to talk like what we did.
    It is time for those Malaysians that sits on a fence like you…who develop an art how not to offend others to now stand clearly …what is the formula for all of us to be united as Malaysians.. soul…heart and body….not hypocritically like you.
    The main issue is…..are we so proud of the 50 years of merdeka? So much been said…now you come out to upset everything and tell Malaysians to be human beings…get the ‘feel good’ feelings and continue as they are?
    According to your logic..Susan is a are millions of sincere righteous Malaysians…especially the chinese…..all not know how to live happily under such situations.
    To me…it is a subtle way to say lets keep supporting BN and UMNO.
    Tell us honestly…which party do you belong to…MIC?
    Your style sure is snaky…even from the first time I read your messages..under three nicks to confuse readers. Now you are doing the same thing.

  86. monsterball says:

    whispering9….You started it and I will complete it.
    I wrote so much…all agree with me..even you half heartedly … change your tone.
    Are you an idiot?
    Can’t you understand ..the solution is be brave enough to change the government by voting for the oppositions? What a sly fox you are…one moment…a mild mannered person ….keep telling me not to be rough on you…and now look at the way you write.
    Are you trying to distract others from the main subject…”merdeka”…. like hawk ?
    Why don’t you declare which party you belong to ……since you don’t have the guts to have one nick..but three…at least have the guts to answer for all to know…which party?. Don’t keep hiding under a blog and start teaching grandfathers how to suck eggs.

  87. monsterball says:

    Salvation my foot!
    Don’t preach here

  88. monsterball says:

    Be deaf to my responses…because you dare not even tell a thing about yourself…and answer my questions. ARE YOU AN MIC MAN?
    It is Malaysians like you with no balls and try to teach others to be like you.
    Next..out comes your bible teaching.

  89. hawk says:

    The formula for unity is there, only it was taken out of context and abused.

    The Malays have to have special rights because this was thier land before it was conquered. This land was ruled by Malay Sultans.

    That this was THEIR land, they took it easy and didnt have the foresight of its economic value. Then, they were contented, becos its thier land, and need not work too hard to own estates.

    The non Malays migrated here. The Chinese were essentially peasants working for mighty feudal landlords. They know the POWER of LAND. So, in order to turnround thier landless stature, they want to own land. And, knowing that they have opportunities here, in this new place, they worked hard, risk high and was were fiercely enterprising to gain capital and then be mighty landlords.

    That this land was then governed by the colonists, who treated ALL residents equally, regardless of race, triggered an inbalance in the economy structure, where the Malays took little interests, and in the political structure, where the non- Malays took little interests.

    The situation of an inbalance political structure and an inbalance economic structure began to be at odds from merdeka day 1.

    Today, we see that the strong arm of politics is stronger as it can determine and realign the economic structure. So, the arm wrestling still continue and at most its the ecomically strong society can only try its level best to restrain domination the politically strong society.

  90. hawk says:

    The equation of giving special rights to the Malays and engaging political power sharing with the non Malays is stricking a right chord.

    However, the steering of the special rights and the manipulation of political power sharing seems not to be justly done.

    Because , within , there was much greed and selfishness. There is a lacking of will to champion the patriotic call to build our nation. Self interests shoved aside sacrifice, triggering a chain reaction of rampaging that are now in proportions beyond our belief. From hundreds of dollars of yesteryears, the quantum of expectations grows to exceed billions. Everyone wants to be a Thaksin. They want more than they ever need, several times over, and each becoming FILTHY rich. True to phrase, wealth by being filthy.

    This rampaging cannot be terminated by democracy, as no one want to loose out. Only, our royalty can do so. Perhaps, we can be like a Thailand, only we have a conference of rulers and not one KING. But the call could cause a same effect. Can we call this call , a call for reverse revolution?

  91. hawk says:

    The money lords of UMNOputras took the NEP out of context, over react, and overdo it.

    Did the NEP succeeded in improving the equity of the Malays. Yes it did.

    But did it improve the distribution of this equity amongst the Malays? Definitely, it did not. And, this is definitely stressing up the Malays who didnt have, as compared to those who got thier share. They will tell them, go get yours, as the Chinese and Indians are having so much more. So, they subscribe to racism to achieve thier ends.

    So, in essence, we need a self governing body to oversee such. Is this possible? I dont think so, unless the Royalty is empowered to check and balance whoever is voted in to rule over us.

  92. hawk says:

    And, my message for Merdeka :

    Daulat Tuanku,

    Daulat Tuanku,

    Daulat Tuanku,

    and hope this exultation resonates throuout all MALAYSIA this 50th MERDEKA.

  93. wits0 says:

    Monty to whispering:
    “According to your logic..Susan is a are millions of sincere righteous Malaysians…especially the chinese…..all not know how to live happily under such situations.”
    That seems suspiciously his take, Monty.

    B4 whispering becomes pc preachy(of which the ass-selling BN parties have all been doing for some nearly 40 out of the 50 years, for the benefit of their own elites)yet again, let Whispering be reminded that Man shall NOT live by Bread alone. It’s simply not in the nature of Humanity to have to be masochistic and blindly political correct. This is not a human virtue no matter how you spin and dress it up to be.

  94. monsterball says:

    Thanks witsO for confirming my suspicions…and yes..nicely said to him…that this is not about human salvations and live by read alone.
    It is about Malaysians dignities and identities..that many lack to understand and once they understand ..they surely will want them. Thousands Malaysians have been mislead with false hopes and dreams..mislead by false history…mislead by false greatness of our country…mislead by all sorts of fantastic speeches..all sorts of fairness and great futures for all Malaysians…just hollow words to win votes……mislead by their cruel and cunning and selfish ways……fighting for the rights of malays…protecting them…protecting for 50 years and on going… the formula keep working to win votes…which infact…not so easy now…as lazy half past sixes..all created by Mahathir are fewer and fewer every year….so now expose this or that…let all Malaysians be happy…let all Malaysians know how democratic UMNO is…then look at the results…police and legal people are loggerheads…what do UMNO do?…NOTHING!! Why?..they create how can the master interfere?
    As long as Pak Lah talk and not one corrupted minister is being replace by him..and even putting back a M bin M into active politics..and now call Malaysia an Islamic State….he is playing dirty politics to keep UMNO alive.
    So are we celebrating 50 years of UMNO success on dirty politics or real freedom?

  95. whispering9 says:

    Dearest witso,

    When Jesus preached the above sermon, he was referring to the needs of our spirit and the soul. He was preaching about loving and scarifying the crumbs of lives and materialism. To me, unceasing barracking of any race is another Malaysian’s crumb of life. Then again, do you believe in Jesus to have used His quote?

    Firstly, I have never been suspiciously disposed towards any political idealism or party. I am a regular citizen with the right to vote and will exercise this right in a manner deems fitting to my judgment. I have asked you once, and I will ask you again. Can’t we be friends despite our political differences or indifferences? Needless to reply, the answer was perhaps a nope from your end.

    Secondly, most sopo bloggers, including Susan, have stressed the needs to change the present fashion of governance. Yes, we heard it and as for myself, I am converted to its essence and message.

    Thirdly, this article is somewhat our come-uppance…therefore, the merdeka moodiness is a re-emphasis on the needs to change. But in the above salivary argument, the core has become an unflattering dissertation of the Malay race. Even if one good can be found amongst the population of Sodom and Gomorrah, God would have spared the destruction. Citizens like jean and many others, are what kept my hope alive for the true spirit of Merdeka. What has this to do with any inclination towards whatever you think? Do not just cut and paste your disposition towards me.

    In any dawning of rebellion against fascism, feudalism and ‘whatever’, you do not spend too much times on whimsies. You prepare by fostering the spirits and the souls. You make friends, prepare proposes and ready better administrative tools, to fill the coming voids. Without such preparation…what you achieved thus far will only be filled with another more terrifying monster or power to come.

    I agree with hawk…some of us have moved into the middle of the ring, and some have tied themselves to the corners, scare and uncertain with themselves. I guess he is right, again. This may as well signal the end for some of us. Btw MB, I really2 disgust your constant disparaging of women and commentators. Do not corrupt the innocents. You are not that hot anymore!

  96. monsterball says:

    whispering9 always agree with hawk..and hawk is nut ..but I guess to whispering9 it is okay…as long as he speaks his language…Christianity.
    The way this ..another thick skin man with three nicks …twisting and turning..boy…how many such born again nuts do we have in blogsphere?
    Praising hawk is self explainatory of whip9/virgin9/v9.
    Both are shameless born with no fathers.
    Again he purposely ignore the hardships of the Chinese and Indians under UMNO 50 years….yet he talk so much of give and take.
    What righteous person cannot see is take take take…never give to us…yet ask Malaysians to forgive and forget.
    He tried so hard to be nice to me….now showing his true sickening personality..yet dare to call me all sorts of names.
    hi Idiot!!…Buddhist do not discriminate women…Buddha was the first to start hospital and nurses and nuns…go check it out…you idiot….it is you… son of no father that do that.
    What a sly fox whip9/virgin9/v9 is.
    Three nicks..disguising into the trinity…son…father and ghost not three but one?
    Go give your sermons to the monkies and donkies…not here.

  97. monsterball says:

    He said…I quote..”good sermon ..monty”
    To him..everything is a sermon…because he is a religious fanatic like hawk.
    But he is also a MIC man!!
    So we can safely say two snakes have come to Susan’s blog.
    One…hutchrun said wingless hawk….dead hawk.
    This whip9/virgin9/v9 should kill him softly and slowly….as he is worst than hawk in all counts.
    Monsterball will again do the dirty job….but any help…much appreciated.

  98. wits0 says:

    ” You make friends, prepare proposes and ready better administrative tools, to fill the coming voids. Without such preparation…what you achieved thus far will only be filled with another more terrifying monster or power to come.”
    You make friends when both sides can give and take; unilateral appeasement does little good. There are certain facts which both sides have to accept and what’s lacking has first to be mentioned and sometimes debated rather than buried as politically correct concession and convenience.

    No, I don’t have to a Christian to understand the spiritual message of Jesus. The greatest weakness of mankind is false pride and with that rationality always suffers.

    How do you deal with those who happens to be conditioned to be perpetually “offended”? As the the Sage Nagasena said to King Malind in that famous dialogue, “Do you cure grievous illness by soft medicine?” And we are only employing words here, not instigating anyone in the process.

    The truth may hurt but that’s a growing pain. It’s better than flattering words. Did not the Bible also said that, “Better is open rebuke than hidden love.”

    According to the occassion, the appropriate approach is indicated. But you seem to suggests that diplomacy, per se, is a “sone-size-fits-all”, all the time. Look what the UN has become because of that….an enabler of rogue nations, and a hotbed of duplicity and hypocrisy.

  99. monsterball says:

    If whip9/v9/virgin9 is not MIC..then he is PAS man….as he love to also belittle UMNO.
    Whatever it is..he is trying to catch fish like Simon the Fisherman….telling everyone to be mild and meek…for so God love those people.
    It is another way to control the minds..yet this person who mocks Jesus…mocks other religions..father..son..ghost…not three but one…copycat…is a shameless useless Malaysian.
    Leave us alone..okay..but try to be too smart…the gathering of the eagles will come…just watch it…you 3 nicks man.
    Thousand of Chinese and Indians hate you now.
    You should be thrown out of your church/mosque….that is… if your pastor/iman is not half past six.

  100. monsterball says:

    Come to think of it…it is Christianity he is cannot be PAS..must be MIC.

  101. tonixe says:

    now that we know it so lets do something right !
    history always repeats. As men always look for women and vice versa , no matter how bad

  102. monsterball says:

    wa …Read his message..first second and third..this or that…making us all feel so sinful and are lost sheep….he is the self appointed sheepdog.
    Dog he is….licking the balls of his masters.
    whip9/v9/vir9…..not three but one……what a fanatic he is.
    Soon he will disappear and complaint how unfair we are to him..and one will say I chase people away…ignoring Susan’s great success as a blogger.
    Then the start all over again and again….and we will all wait for the two ghosts …reborn..and reborn again and again. These two Malaysians will put Tibetans into shame …that have no father to be reborn again. Those Tibetans can only be reborn with natural acts of life..but these two….born without fathers are some real special …or snaky crackos…which are they?

  103. monsterball says:

    yea….look at all cars…out of twenty from a glance…you see one with national flag on. Then one out of another twenty have six flags planted in to his old junk to show how patriotic he is.
    You see them on small lorries and …but strangely..very few taxis. 95% do not celebrate the 50th Merdeka Day…all working hard to earn a living…what to celebrate.

  104. hawk says:

    Cmon monty,

    Inspite your age, u still way away from maturity.

    Dont throw wild allegations about the commentators and get them wrong. Worse, they betray your inner self. We now look upon you as a pervert with a phobia, prejudice, and paranoid over many types of people. Why make such profound claims of 1000 s ppl hating me and some like me, when it could be only you and some birds of your feathers? However, I dont see any hatred from you. I see anger. I see frustrations. I see desperations. They dont qualify as hatred. U cannot loosen up becos of your PRIDE and refusal to submit to hard knocking truths. You are a “no holds bar” kind of guy. I took your hard knocks in stride and able to punch back. A few are also able to punch back too. So, be sporting ler. Win some, loose some.

    Did an old Tamil lady rubber tapper seduce u your virginity in a rubber estate? Did a Christian pastor fool you and rob you of all you own? Did an UMNO putra forced entry to own 30% of your business?

    I did lose and most saw my apology. And I m thankful u didnt take advantage of my losing face.

  105. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Monsterball is just another pipsqueak failed businessman.

    Seething with envy, anger and frustration, he vents his hostility at the most obvious target – the UMNOputras.

    Go get a real life, ler – use your brains, what’s left of it, the world doesn’t owe you a living.

  106. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha..’get a real life’ nick is back!!
    He has brain…I have none.
    He is a success and I am a failure….hahahahaha
    Well UMNO people needs to talk like that …otherwise…how to F…monsterball for opening the eyes of the have nots?
    More f….means I am right….hahahahahaha

  107. monsterball says:

    hutchrun!..Your Kelebang Besar neighbor is here!
    And he put ‘baba” to say all nonyas and babas are UMNO supporters….hahahahahahaha

  108. hutchrun says:

    In those days there used to be Awang the fishaerman, Ah Chong the market garderner, n Ramasamy the dockworker.
    Now presenting Budawi the goatman:

    4get da bad English, this a really goat read…

  109. hutchrun says:

    And he put ‘baba” to say all nonyas and babas are UMNO supporters….
    Maybe he should have asked Ghaffar Baba

  110. monsterball says:

    I sense DAP will do very well in Penang and Malacca…that’s why UMNO is afraid to loose Trengannu and Kelantan…and now talk Islamic State and huge development there….no face to be beaten by by dominant malay States.
    Loose election okay lah…but loose malay votes…very very malu……hahahahahahaha
    Over to you…”Baba from Klebang Besar”

  111. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    You don’t need to be an UMNO supporter to realise Monsterball is a twit.

    I’m a real Babaputra by the way…Brand New Mercedes E220. A lot better than the failed Taugey Towkay Monsterball.

  112. monsterball says:

    Do you notice CM of Penang..{always can’t be bother to get his name right..but you know who I am talking about..the blue eye boy of TDM}
    He is desperately waiting for Pak Lah to say and commit…”hi you will be a minister in the next cabinet”..bUt PM is too smart. He sense Gerakan and MCA will be washed away by DAP.

  113. hutchrun says:

    Citizens like jean and many others, are what kept my hope alive for the true spirit of Merdeka.
    In that we earnestly look forward to you following:
    The indians would hang me upside down if I go to their temples and tell them to stop praying because it will turn them into a sami vellu.

  114. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha that braggart talks about merz car..which I own one since 1975…changing to new ones…every 5 or 7 years.
    Want to brag…tell me more. I have seen guys driving merz and still rent a room or a small house.
    hi idiot…cars do not make you a success.

  115. monsterball says:

    And so Susan and hundreds of thousand drives ordinary cars….are they all failures?
    What a idiotic braggart you are.

  116. hutchrun says:

    You prepare by fostering the spirits and the souls. You make friends, prepare proposes and ready better administrative tools, to fill the coming voids.
    And that is done first by a concerted effort in disseminating information on the `real` situation. Not through lying back n allowing the wholesale of fascist ideas through the media.
    If it was not for the internet, the fascism was galloping away. Now there is an opportunity to rein it in. The whole fascist ideology needs to be exposed for what it truly is.

  117. whispering9 says:

    Dearest witso,

    I have no intention to curtly end our conversation since I consider it rude. But I am on a punishing schedule for the next few days. I am perfectly aware of what you are saying since I too possess a good memory like yours. I remember all your comments very well indeed.

    Let’s look into the reconstruction of Germany and Japan after the wars, in comparison to the segregation of East Germany. The conquering Allies, in the case of West Germany and Japan, took a soft diplomatic approach to solve the practicalities of running the municipality and returning these war desecrated countries to civilization as soon as possible. They left day to day decision makings and operations to the existing bureaucratese, be them Nazi sympathizer or not. They won friends and supporters, even historic admiration, at the end of the day. In short, we take out the bad guys but not all the sympathizers or whatever (in your own context, remember?). They did not embark on a witch hunting expedition. The oppositions of Malaysia have only claim clamors and token parliamentary seats because they made unnecessary enemies with the existing bureaucratic organization, including businessmen. Do you want a repeat of mistakes? Then your pains will never end.

    ‘UN has become because of that….an enabler of rogue nations, and a hotbed of duplicity and hypocrisy.’ As usual many build on good faith but sooner collapse into their self serving latitude. Let’s not equate the acts of diplomacy to the like of a united nation. You should have memorized that I abhor offices simply because it can be corroded. I liken the members of UN to the carpetbaggers after the great American Civil War… those that took the advantage of despair. Don’t let our intelligence gets into the ways of a radical approach, or tell me concisely what you would prefer? Perhaps many will understand your disposition then. Hahahah…could it be ‘you oppose I dispose’. Take care. Are you afraid that I might sweeten your resolve? It is not worth a nickel if I can.

  118. c53k says:


    “..How do you deal with those who happens to be conditioned to be perpetually “offended”? ”

    How true!

    This is basically the biggest mind block that hinders the true dialogues between the Malaysians, especially when such discussions are touching the bases of the Others Malaysian with the Malay Malaysian!

    Until & unless the Malay truely learn to remote these baggages NO meaningful outcomes will be fortcoming in any inter-racial endeavours.

    This is especially so for those ‘enlighten’ non-umno Malays!

  119. hutchrun says:

    FP: So what hope exists that there can be a modernization and democratization within the Islamic world? How can this even begin to happen when the extremists appear to be in command in most of its quarters?

    Davis: Hope that a “reformation” of Islam will somehow eliminate its fundamental hostility to the non-Muslim world is wishful thinking. The only even modestly successful attempts to “reform” Islam have taken the form of de-Islamization. This was the policy of Attaturk, who in Turkey replaced the cult of Muhammad with the cult of himself.

    Throughout Islamic history, the only alternative to the rule of Islamic law is military dictatorship. It is between these two extremes that modern Turkey continues to oscillate.

    Democratizing Islam is really a contradiction in terms: one might as well try democratizing National Socialism or Communism. Islam is what it is: a repressive, expansionary, militaristic religious and political system with a mandate from Allah to conquer the globe. Putting it that way almost sounds silly to the Western ear, but this does not deny the truth of it.

    The fundamental problem is that the Muslim extremists are not really “extreme” at all — rather they are the orthodox faithful. By Western logic, Muhammad himself — who engaged in political assassination, wars of aggression, and massacre — would qualify as an “extremist.” Violence and intolerance are mainstream in Islam, not distortions of its orthodox traditions as they would be in a religion such as Christianity.

  120. hutchrun says:

    The conquering Allies, in the case of West Germany and Japan, took a soft diplomatic approach to solve the practicalities of running the municipality and returning these war desecrated countries to civilization as soon as possible. They left day to day decision makings and operations to the existing bureaucratese, be them Nazi sympathizer or not.
    That is a load of axis crock. The next would be to hear that pol pot did great good in Cambodia, Stalin in Russia and islamization of the malaysian state is good for you.

  121. hutchrun says:

    `took a soft diplomatic approach`
    Do this do that or I blow your head off.
    The writer must be thrilled with the Nanking massacre.
    Good lord, `it` sounds like that ktemock.

  122. kerp says:


    just for our forefathers’ sake, here’s one wishing you Salam Merdeka.

  123. monsterball says:

    hi kerp…The non voting man …hahahahahaha
    How nice to see you here.
    hutchrun…Are you enjoying yourself?
    It’s still hantu month!

  124. hutchrun says:

    Haha. So I noticed.

  125. monsterball says:

    There…Even the Deputy C.M. of Penang said…not many people fly flags at cars. He blame people will not buy it for RM3…..hahahahahahaha
    Malaysians will buy it for RM 6 ….if in their hearts they feel proud and happy.
    Penangates are such smart people.
    Then Najib tell Malaysians to ask ourselves what have we done for the country…hahahahahaha

  126. wits0 says:

    Whispering0: “I have no intention to curtly end our conversation since I consider it rude….”
    I think this is translatable to mean, “I have a different point of view and can have my last word.” Hahaha. Please do.

    “The conquering Allies, in the case of West Germany and Japan, took a soft diplomatic approach ..”
    They did because they also have the advantage of hindsight, understanding the lessons of severe meanness that the 1919 Treaty of Versailles after the Armistice ending WW1. That was a benevolent step from a position of strength that Marshall Plan also helped their own countries in return.

    “The oppositions of Malaysia have only claim clamors and token parliamentary seats because they made unnecessary enemies with the existing bureaucratic organization, including businessmen.”
    I think just because the opposition is sometimes unpolished does not entitled them to be severely chastised. Look at the gentlemanly Husin Ali’s Socialist party – it also went nowhere “big”. He has had to join PRK finally.

    The oppositions were motivated at least more by principles than by quick richess. The usual opportunists of that common political kind quickly joined the mainstream BN parties.

    As I’ve said before, businessmen naturally have a different attitude towards the governace of the land. They care usually and basically for their gains than other individuals who places good ideas and principles for the long haul. Monty seems to be a departure from that mold. For his directness, it is useful even if his deliveries gets sounding like a mite overboard.

    “In short, we take out the bad guys but not all the sympathizers or whatever ”
    You overdramatized within an less tha apt contest. First, the Allies were operating from a position of strength, not weakness. Secondly, the Allies did hunt for the Nazis responsible for war crimes. There was also the German fanatical Nazi resistance called the Werewolves who were summarily dealt with and because finally the German people themselves turned against their excesses, the Werewolves were defeated in little over a couple of years or so.

    Thirdly, all the deaths and destructions that returned to themselves, the German ppl were clearly convinced of the wrongness of Nazism. There is really not that much realization of things from the diehard partisan support for the oppressiveness of the BN, especially Umno. So, it’s really disingenuous to make a parallel comparision. On the contrary, these supporters of the System here are brainwashed to believe that their salvation lay with it, and only with it. And you suggests only kid gloves, as always, forever?

    Hence, as Hutch also concurs, one does more good in speaking out than staying smugly politically correct when the need is to be frank and plain speaking when its called for.

    “Then your pains will never end.”
    Would yours? Because you make a big Killing with shares?

    Incidentally my private angst is of little concern but that of many is of some material concern, apparently. I do not need a Mercedes nor ever own one ; any crate will serve my purpose and my needs are few and simple. I do not even have to play and worry about the Share Market and I have no debts whasoever. And I never came with family inheritance either.

  127. monsterball says:

    hi..’Baba from Klebang Besar’….don’t run away.
    I have seen towkays…selling taugey owing rows of shop houses…filthy rich….but what the heck…who am I talking to….driving a brand new Merz living in a rented house.
    And I have seen taugey towkays…meaning small insignificant bosses do not buy Merz cars …havintg children who are studying overseas from money earned from them selling taugeys.They are not idiotic braggarts like you.
    Don’t tell me you don’t eat taugeys…good for your health…an anti cancer medical vege…do you know that….jakun?

  128. monsterball says:

    All the real eagles are here. Old man like me can rest.
    Sock it to them!

  129. hantutelur says:

    First let me declare that I have already accepted all races are Malaysians, my friends, my neighbours, I don’t mind sharing the naton’s wealth with you all. But I’m sick of this UMNO bashing, Malay and Islam bantering by you of Chinese origin that I would say that you are ungrateful, greedy and unappreciative of what you have been enjoying on this soil. A man of that lived many generations like Monsterball should enlighten the younger people the real spirit and background of Merdeka instead of continuing with his racist statements offending rational Malays co-exist in this blog like that sweet Jean and myself. You only hate the current leaders, I do too. But don’t like those badhats with the rest of us the real nice and kind people who never even think of brandishing our kerises on you. The facts of the history remains however you spin it so be it understood. I admit the current situation is bad and volatile and I pray to God that nobody starts anything foolish to spark a bloodshed in this land.

    History said that Malays own this land, just as much as Chinese own China and Indians own India, so please don’t dispute it. We Malays were advanced and civilised people half a milleneum ago but the West robbed our land and pride. We were treated like whores being passed from hand to hand until the British colonisation. 50 years ago it was the Malay who insisted for independence. Chinese and Indians did not care for it, because they never regarded this land as their homeland. They were here just for cari makan. They had their home countries to return too. Thus the terms balik Tongsan and balik India. They cari makan here and send money back “home”. They never felt they belong here until maybe the 70’s and 80’s after the birth of the 2nd and 3rd generation when they became alienated from their motherland.

    (to be continued)

  130. monsterball says:

    I bet you ‘Baba from Klebang Besar’ is Hawk.
    Same idiotic style.
    hantus can sure change nicks like changing shirts.
    How I wish hey can change wives like me..and see whether they still have ballls left to talk…..hahahahahahaha

  131. hutchrun says:

    I don’t mind sharing the naton’s wealth with you all
    Like what? You admit you are colonised still since you pay obeisance to the colonisers.

  132. monsterball says:

    aiyah…..real hantutelur is back! Let you all enjoy him…but he got style….”to be continued”…first time I read such style….brain cannot work overtime?

  133. hutchrun says:

    I’m sick of this UMNO bashing, Malay and Islam bantering by you of Chinese origin
    So is your good friend Zam. Here`s what he says:
    Zam accuses theSun of promoting ‘Malaysian Malaysia’

  134. hutchrun says:

    `should enlighten the younger people the real spirit and background of Merdeka`
    Which is to kowtow to you?

  135. hutchrun says:

    I pray to God that nobody starts anything foolish to spark a bloodshed in this land.
    Tell that to UMNO, not us. They are fond of doing such things.

  136. hutchrun says:

    We Malays were advanced and civilised people half a milleneum ago
    Is that so? What about that Chola Kingdom up north? You don`t know history – wasting time. Your history starts from UMNO.

  137. monsterball says:

    Again..In a nut shell..hantutelur is saying….lets live and forget…lets adapt ourselves and keep being meek …mild and ever law abiding Malaysians.
    Millions of all Malaysians of all races are suffering….even MCA ..Ong Ka Ting said that to win chinese votes..but what responses from UMNO…NOTHING!!
    So hantutelur is really afraid of changes…afraid of doing right for the country..and afraid he will be a taxi driver..once UMNO lost the election.
    Don’t be fooled by hantutelur…his nick tells us all….a real hantu.

  138. hutchrun says:

    The rest I wait for the ghastly ghostly continuation.

  139. wits0 says:

    I’m sick of this UMNO bashing, Malay and Islam bantering by you of Chinese origin
    Hutch, AFAIK, is surely not of Chinese origin. And who colonised the Orang Asli? Hahaha!
    Zam expectedly turned the world upside down, as usual, to misinform adamantly.

  140. hutchrun says:

    Softening. For example, osteomalacia is softening while chondromalacia is softening of cartilage. From the Greek malakia, softness

    is a feeling of general discomfort or uneasiness, an “out of sorts” feeling, often the first indication of an infection or other disease.

  141. monsterball says:

    Pak Lah must be telling balls carrying Ong Ka Ting why is he telling out the sufferings of the Chinese now? Why has he not put out a subject to discuss in the Parliament?
    So…Samy keep quiet about the Indians sufferings.
    Such are the so call leaders of Chinese and Indians in Malaysia…talking near elections..what we like to hear…saying vote for them..have hope …peace and charity…..a subtle way of begging for votes.
    Problem was…all soft hearted felt for that ruse…no more!!
    Now is payback time….we are the boss…sack them all …except few like Pak Lah to be in the opposition seats for once….and show who are the bosses.
    Every vote counts!

  142. monsterball says:


  143. hantutelur says:

    Sorry, dearest Pak Cik Monsterball, now I’m back.

    Merdeka was to free Tanah Melayu from the colonials. It was not tanah Melayu Cina dan India, but Tanah Melayu. But you were allowed to stay as guests, we never chased you away. And what a guest, we didn’t just share our home, but also our food and whatever comes with the home. We allow you to be rakyat as well.

    (BRB, I’m going to adjust the flag outside, a bit senget now)

  144. hutchrun says:

    ..except few like Pak Lah ..
    No. For him must be something extra special. Remember he was Secretary of the Security Council after the riots.
    He has been up there for a very long time. When he was Defence Minister, his brother got a 15 year contract to supply nasi lemak/mee goreng at RM9/ per packet.
    Budawi`s excuse was that he walked out of the room when the contract was discussed. I don`t for a minute believe in that kind of rubbish.
    This man wears the `cloak of a priest and yet attends human sacrifices` (metaphorically speaking).
    This is the worst kind. No, for him, the best will be something that prolongs his agony. Something specially debilitating. Perhaps hantu punya telur for a start.

  145. hutchrun says:

    But you were allowed to stay as guests, we never chased you away.
    You should have

  146. hantutelur says:

    hutchrun: “You should have”

    DON’T wish for it.

  147. hutchrun says:

    For a second straight day, PM Abdullah has warned certain quarters described as irresponsible for creating tensions amongst the multiracial citizens in the country. Dismissing claims of racial riots in Pasir Gudang Johor. Datuk Seri Abdullah said the Government would not hesitate to use the law against them.

    UMNO could have easily started those `hantu` sms.

  148. monsterball says:

    Go dream on …I am a guest in Malaysia…hantutelur.
    yea…try chase us out.

  149. hantutelur says:

    owh, I lost one reply in the SL’s shredder!

  150. monsterball says:

    I think so too…hutchrun
    What have we not seen UMNO sly and cunning ways.

  151. hutchrun says:

    UMNO has also resisted calls for enquiries into Kampung Medan

  152. hantutelur says:

    monty, I don’t care ’bout you, you don’t have many years after all.

  153. hutchrun says:

    DON’T wish for it
    Wish or don`t wish doesn`t matter now. Do it and your guests will leave. Many will leave – you encourage them.

  154. hantutelur says:

    We have been tolerant and accommodating, yet you still want more. You are like a disease, a parasite, eating on people who feed you.

  155. hutchrun says:

    We have been tolerant and accommodating
    Grandmother`s fairy tales

    a parasite, eating on people who feed you.
    Yes that`s exactly what you are

  156. jeancumlately says:

    Honestly, I used to have that muhibbah spririt ‘coz I have had the opportunity to meet different people, dong business with different races and hell, I never really thought that the color of the skin matters.

    But here I am, reading hutchrun and all who are supposed to be, or think they are the wiser one and not the racist one.

    And you know what, I am beginning to feel betrayed even before I give them the power over me. Here I am as a muslim, listening to I dont know who saying “Islam is what it is: a repressive, expansionary, militaristic religious and political system with a mandate from Allah to conquer the globe.” Here I am as a malay branded as a keris-wielding racist, who uses religion to get rich, steal and what have you.

    As a malay, I want to look forward. But how would I trust somebody who had already branded me with such.

    Maybe I should review my ideals. Maybe I should think twice about equality. Even without the power, some of you sounded even worse then the umnoputras.

  157. hantutelur says:

    You were lucky Merdeka was achieved the UMNO way and you were accepted as part of the family. If it was the “hard” way, you were all long gone or become a second class citizen. If you really want to know what I wish, I wish I can turn back the time and made a Merdeka without Chinese.

  158. hutchrun says:

    Saya masih ingat lebih kurang 32 tahun dulu, semasa saya masuk ke alam persekolahan. Guru kelas saya, Ms. Chong, kemudian guru matematik saya Mr. Nathan, memainkan peranan yang sangat penting dalam memupuk minat saya untuk bersekolah dan belajar.

    Kemudian semasa saya di sekolah menengah, pengetua saya, Mr. V. Chakaravarthy, salah seorang pengetua yang saya rasakan terbaik, sekali lagi berjaya memupuk saya sebagai, dari seorang yang sederhana kepada seorang yang kuat berusaha.

    Saya juga masih ingat, ketika hari raya puasa, pagi2 lagi ramai kawan-kawan bukan melayu sudah berada di muka pintu rumah saya untuk berhari raya. Situasi seperti ini lah yang saya tak akan lupakan, tambahan pula saya akan sentiasa ke rumah mereka bila tiba perayaan Tahun Baru Cina dan Deepavali.

  159. hutchrun says:

    You were lucky Merdeka was achieved the UMNO way
    Yeah. MCA/MIC got truly fooled.

  160. hantutelur says:

    See, Jean? They are our worst enemy. That’s why older people always remind us to be wary of Chinese. They are very dishonest and untruthful. They cannot be trusted. They are only kind to us if we can give them what they want. Once they find we are useless to them, they simply chuck us aside and “what? you my friend ka? soli, tak senang.”

  161. monsterball says:

    Are you sure you can live to my age and be so active? A fool will think he can live forever..or afraid to die at old age.
    Don’t talk cock hantutelur…look at all disagreeing with your nonsense.
    May you live longer than all of us…and suffer terrible diseases and sickness that you wish you are dead…but cannot die……hatutelur…..hahahahahahahaha

  162. hutchrun says:

    What is there to review ideals. After all :
    `Dato’ Seri Najib kicked the ball first to insist to insist none should openly debate if Muslims could slander the followers of other religions`

  163. jeancumlately says:

    hantutelur, why bother? They are the one complaining and kept on saying they are the better races. Let them be. Let them believe that. And you know what, we should just let them cuss, complain, cry, shout and whatever. Let us believe that we are the better race like they do.

  164. hutchrun says:

    And Jean posts up there:
    The indians would hang me upside down if I go to their temples and tell them to stop praying because it will turn them into a sami vellu

    Now why should she even consider it. Something lurks.

  165. monsterball says:

    Have Merdeka without the Chinese and Indians? How old are you? Do you read the history of Merdeka or talking like an idiotic?
    Grateful to you? What nonsense are you babbling about?

  166. hutchrun says:

    Let us believe that we are the better race like they do.
    See. Say it out. It`s better.

  167. wits0 says:

    “Even without the power, some of you sounded even worse then the umnoputras.”

    How could that possibly be?

    I think Hutch will get resented too, even he says things more gently.

  168. hantutelur says:

    I will die too Monty. But by nature, you’ll die first. Even if I die sooner than you I don’t mind. What I meant to say was to deal with you would be a waste of time because it’s only a short battle.

  169. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…We never say the Chinese or Indians are better races. I say the Chinese and Indians come from a long history of great races and Malaysia is very fortunate..and UMNO have all the time to make the Malays to be at par…no need 50 years….just look at S’pore….Japan and China.
    You are fond of twisting and turning….very unbecoming of a refine lady.

  170. monsterball says:

    How do you know it will not be a long battle for me with you…and you die first?
    Some kind of God told you that?
    What.. i quote..’by nature’ are you talking about? Are you also a weatherman?

  171. hantutelur says:

    jean, don’t worry about me. i am ok here and in the real world. but here, these people are pests. but then pests can easily be eliminated. just spray them pesticides.

  172. jeancumlately says:

    Monty, that refined lady happens to be a muslim, a repressive, expansionary, militaristic religious and political system with a mandate from Allah to conquer the globe. That is what you believed in. Hold on to that believe.

  173. hantutelur says:

    monsterball: “How do you know it will not be a long battle for me with you…and you die first?
    Some kind of God told you that?
    What.. i quote..’by nature’ are you talking about? Are you also a weatherman?”

    What kind of argument was that? Hahahaha…. stupid old man, bankcrupt of ideas!

  174. monsterball says:

    Lets see if witsO and hutchrun think it is stupid or pure intelligence with a touch of humor.

  175. hawk says:

    Hantutelur, thats not the way it should be. Try to be accomodating. The Chinese should be best assimilitated into Malaysia

    I m a Chinese and admire the maganimonous nature of the Malays. Indeed we should be very thankful. But there are now Malays who take the issue of the NEP to exploit the Chinese at the expense of all other Malays. This is the noise I m making about.

    It is without doubt, if Malaysia is run by a Chinese like Lee Kuan Yew, it will be like a Spore. But where will the Malays be? Are there any Malays running any of Spores Govt companies. For that matter are there any Malays air force pilots in Spore? If Spore is not within a hinterland of malay population, the Malays will end up like Red Indians. I believe this will happen.

    If Lee Kuan Yew had been Prime Minister of Malaysia that time, and Tunku is the PM of Spore and made same noises, Tunku will be in Pulau Jerejak and Spore is still part of Malaysia.

    The Chinese are greedy and like the JEWs they think they r a superior race, You gotta safeguard YOUR interests. Some will even sell thier emperor to the conquerors for thier own gain. When the japs were fighting China, The Chinese prefered to fight each other than to fight the JAPS. How then could a small Japan dare to take on CHINA.

    Becos there are a zillion monsterballs who remain with same mind sets till now.

  176. monsterball says:

    Me..bankcrupt with ideas?….hahahahahahahaha
    That I am sure witsO and hutch are laughing too.

  177. monsterball says:

    here comes the mamak..claiming to be a chinakui… talking about jews…

  178. hantutelur says:

    you believe in God monsterball? ppl who believe in God are grateful, don’t blame on others for their misfortunes and don’t mind sacrifices. but you are just the opposites.

  179. monsterball says:

    hi hawk…How’s your ”Baba from Klebang Besar” nick?
    Give up?

  180. jeancumlately says:

    Hawk, assimilating chinese into malaysia depends on the new generations like me. But you know what? Their mentality of being “superior” pissed off the very people they tried to convince.

    And hawk… I used to hate you… hahaha happy merdeka.

  181. monsterball says:

    A devil wants to talk God stuff with me?
    He can even read me like a book…and tell me to be grateful..or else he may banish me from Malaysia?….hahahahahaha
    hi hantutelur……God is in all idiot.

  182. hantutelur says:

    thanks hawk, i was leading into the jews part but you said it first. you know how a chinese robbed rural malays of their land? first they ask for a small plot near the river to grow vegetables. they gave away some harvest to kampung folks to “buy” them. then he brought in a pair of pigs and reared them. the farm got bigger and bigger, vege and pigs. pigs waste as fertilizers. malays can’t eat the sayur anymore, no thanks we don’t eat babi. and the river got contaminated and malays moved further away. it is happening till this days. ever read the news or watch tv?

  183. hutchrun says:

    Their mentality of being “superior” pissed off the very people they tried to convince.
    Au contraire. You are the superior ones. As that ghostballs thinks of `parasites` n `petsicide` for the non believers, You have not explained what made you think of posting this (I`m curious):

    The indians would hang me upside down if I go to their temples and tell them to stop praying because it will turn them into a sami vellu

  184. hantutelur says:

    that was very inconsiderate of chinese to patronise the tolerant, kind, and peaceful nature of the malays. if that was not done on purpose then what?

  185. hutchrun says:

    Can one of the `superior` ones elucidate on darul Harb n Darul Islam.

  186. monsterball says:

    Good…we now know where we stand…don’t we …jeancumlately.
    You have poked fire and instigate hawk to disturb me few times…I take that as a joke..and even joke about you and stenson just now at FSZ.
    But on such serious have shown your twisted mind true color…so be it!!
    Put out your best argument and lets battle.

  187. hantutelur says:

    you don’t have to go to singapore, hawk. it’s happening here in malaysia. where do they place malay and indian workers in chinese run companies? ask monsterball, he’ll tell you. if they got tired of malays and indians, they’ll go for indonesians and myanmars

  188. hutchrun says:

    How do Islamic radicals justify such terror in the name of their religion?

    There isn’t enough room to outline everything here, but the foundation of extremist reasoning rests upon a model of the world in which you are either a believer or an infidel.

    Formal Islamic theology, unlike Christian theology, does not allow for the separation of state and religion: they are considered to be one and the same.

    For centuries, the reasoning of Islamic jurists has set down rules of interaction between Dar ul-Islam (the Land of Islam) and Dar ul-Kufr (the Land of Unbelief) to cover almost every matter of trade, peace and war.

    But what radicals and extremists do is to take this two steps further. Their first step has been to argue that, since there is no pure Islamic state, the whole world must be Dar ul-Kufr (The Land of Unbelief).

    Step two: since Islam must declare war on unbelief, they have declared war upon the whole world.

  189. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….These lazy kampong malay men…will not work…let their wives go work the fields and they stay home sleep and eat and talk cock….then come the Chinese happy to develop the lands…and he twist it stealing his lands.
    What bloody lands is he talking about own by him?
    Even the Royalties who rightfully own all lands do not talk like this idiot….and the royalties call us …his loving subjects.
    That’s UMNO education for 50 years speaking…..still want to celebrate UMNO’s Merdeka?

  190. hutchrun says:

    General Zia—ul—Haq, former president of Pakistan. He sponsored one Brigadier Malik to produce an authoritative military manual on Jihad called The Quranic Concept of War.

    In his laudatory foreword to the book, General Zia wrote:

    ‘JIHAD FI—SABILILLAH (Jihad in the path of Allah) is not the exclusive domain of the professional soldier, nor is it restricted to the application of military force alone. The book brings out with simplicity, clarity and precision the Quranic philosophy on the application of the military force, within the context of the totality that is JIHAD.’

    Indeed it does. Brigadier Malik writes,

    ‘the Holy Prophet’s operations …are an integral and inseparable part of the divine message revealed to us in the Holy Quran. … The war he planned and carried out was total to the infinite degree. It was waged on all fronts: internal and external, political and diplomatic, spiritual and psychological, economic and military.’

    Another point made by the author is that the war should be carried out in the opponent’s territory. ‘The aggressor was always met and destroyed in his own territory.’ The ‘aggressor’ is anyone who stands in the way of Jihad.

  191. monsterball says:

    There the hantu is such a sly fox.
    hi hantu Chinese businessmen have no race nor religion to do business…get it straight into your thick skull. Chinese do business to make money….not like UMNO can loose billions and never go bankcrupt.
    Chinese will be the biggest idiots ..if they put all malays and indians on low jobs…if they are so well educated and smart to do better jobs.
    If they do that…the Chinese companies will all go bankcrupt.
    Small shops and retails outlets have plenty malays working for the chinese…why are you so blind?
    Huge factories looses hundreds of thousands per day …if make one mistake…and employing foreign workers means UMNO acknowledges you low class half past six malays are no bloody good. That should give you reason to vote against them…but speaking to pro UMNO and a dumbell…waste of time.

  192. hantutelur says:

    the way monsterball talks about malays, will put lee kuan yew to shame

  193. monsterball says:

    hi hantutelur..Lee Kuan Yew is much much more smarter than me and all of us…but I take it as a compliment and not one of your sarcastic remark to me.

  194. monsterball says:

    What the bloody heck are you bring the name of Lee Kuan Yew into our Malaysians affairs?
    What kind of twisted mind do you have?
    I forgot..if ever any companies that are unfair or racialist…they are the UMNO’S owned companies. Why are you so blind to UMNO’s unfair and ungrateful attitudes and push them to the Chinese and Indians.
    Are you saying you are the landlords and we are there renting and staying here as guest?
    Show me that piece of paper…cannot …SHUT UP!!

  195. hutchrun says:

    Where does terrorism come in the picture?

    ‘The Quranic military strategy thus enjoins us to prepare ourselves for war to the utmost in order to strike terror into the heart of the enemy, known or hidden…’

    It doesn’t stop here, for Brigadier Malik assures us:

    ‘Terror struck into the hearts of the enemy is not only a means, it is the end in itself. Once a condition of terror into the opponent’s heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved… Terror is not a means of imposing decision upon the enemy; it is the decision we wish to impose upon him.’ (Original emphasis.)

    That is to say, the enemy should be made to live in a state of perpetual terror. We should be grateful to Brigadier Malik and the late General Zia for spelling it out with such clarity. We no longer need to grope in the dark to identify this ‘evil ideology of hate’ in Mr. Blair’s picturesque phrase.

    Though little known in the West, The Quranic Concept of War is widely studied in Islamic countries. It has been translated into several languages including Arabic and Urdu (the official language of Pakistan).

  196. monsterball says:

    I am not talking to Malays per se. I am talking to a Malaysians…so happen to be the malays..hooked lined and sinkered by UMNO….yet never wake up. Is that not a good fatherly advise?

  197. hantutelur says:

    go to get a breath of fresh air and to check my flags. monty, you don’t deserve to celebrate merdeka anyway. you are so chinese, not a bit malaysian.

  198. telur rasaksa says:

    Mamat Monsterball ini memang Kepala Otak tak Betullah.
    Macam pandai-pandai sangat , tapi sebenarnya paling bodoh sekali.

  199. hantutelur says:

    o, monty, you comment came in late. hey, i’ll vote for umno the next time around, because i’ll feel more secure than having people like monty to be at helm. a hypocrite, no integrity, unfaithful, greedy, ungrateful, tax evading taking advantage of the so claimed corrupt and inefficient government and agencies yet he enjoyed 50 inch LCD monitor while most of his malay workers couldn’t afford internet at home. can’t affor to have monty as our prime minister. he’s gonna sink us all. bye, and good riddance

  200. hutchrun says:

    As a true parasite, a Mullah’s very survival depends on others. It is critical for a Mullah to procure and maintain docile obedient hosts. A flock of gullible ignorant fanatics make excellent hosts and the Mullahs’ main task is to keep the sheep in their pen by hook or crook. They scare the flock by horror stories of hell and entice them by the promise of unimaginable glorious paradise if and only if they behave and keep on supplying them with milk, wool and meat.

    So, the infighting is all about survival. One bunch is having it all while another is sidelined. We must understand that there has never been one united house of the Mullahs. Mullahs are like packs of wolves. Each pack hunts and eats its prey. Packs of wolves fight one another for valued prey, particularly in the face of scarcity.

  201. monsterball says:

    As if we don’t know..including you…telur rasaksa

  202. monsterball says:

    If I am the PM… will not be jailed…but hanged at the lamp post as my first duty to the country for all to change and be straight….otherwise almost all lampposts will have dead corps…sure to get quick goood results…….hahahahahahahaha

  203. hutchrun says:

    If you really want to know what I wish, I wish I can turn back the time and made a Merdeka without Chinese
    BAGHDAD – Fighting erupted Tuesday between rival Shiite militias in Karbala during a religious festival, claiming 51 lives and forcing officials to abort the celebrations and order up to 1 million Shiite pilgrims to leave the southern city.

  204. hutchrun says:

    the Malays will end up like Red Indians
    Playing kemo sabe and tonto again. Even TDM said malays are living on reservations and this fellow wants to keep them there.

  205. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    This has been a good country to most Chinese.
    Many ancestors came with just the shirt on their backs.
    Now so many own expensive double-storey houses, regularly change new Mercedes (like Monsterball), watch super wide screen TV, but can rant the whole day condemning the country.

    Go visit Bangladesh , man.

  206. Mike says:

    look man.Merdeka is merdeka.I dont agree with susan on this.Just because a bunch of idiots are running our country doesnt me we cant have some fun.Plus its a malaysian malaysia not a chinese malaysia not a malay malaysia not a indian malaysia but a malaysian malaysia. Do not hate malays or anything.I still think if you are a true patriot then you would still celebrate merdeka and not be a a sulk just because we are run by idiot.They might be idiots but they are malaysian idiots.

  207. hutchrun says:

    but can rant the whole day condemning the country.
    No one did that. You have low comprehension.

    Do not hate malays or anything
    Any phrase or sentence to that effect?

    Plus its a malaysian malaysia
    Delusion. UMNO (majority shareholder of the Govt.) says no.

  208. Mason From Kuching says:


    I think we shouold hit the brakes on the racial bashing if we knowingly aware that our common enemy are non other than the UMNO and underlings-MCA, MIC, SUPP, PBDS marauding hordes who either serves the Grand Master, UMNO for uncouth chauvinism or self-serving-money-making benefits or both.

    I am not inferring you on this but just a thought…

  209. hutchrun says:

    A comment at:
    Anak Desa wrote:
    Zam Maiden and other Indian MUslims are trying very hard to be more malayness than the malays themselves.This is very evident at the present every where.Furthermore Malays kids from young age that they are taught Malay/Muslim. So when you adovacate Malaysian Malaysia, they see that we infringe into their religious /race rights. You will be surprise to know that the UMNO Putras, Bumiputra Contractors Association and other UMNO related NGOS’ stubbornly and blindly hold on to it and calling other traitors who call for Malaysian Malaysia for all.
    I am a Malaysian before my race….
    29/08 16:49:17

  210. monsterball says:

    Those twisters ..either have low comprehension abilities or like hantutelur..die hard supporters of UMNO. No one is complaining about Malaysia….a wonderful place to stay and bloody “baba from k.Besar”..get it straight..I buy all things I own…through sweat and toll….money earned….not through UMNO helping me …one sen. …so why should I be grateful to UMNO? If all Malays buy merz like me without help from UMNO…I say bravo..we are on the same boat…can hantutelur dare to say that? He must have got a tender from UMNO to get rich easy and fast….so one more against thousands of Malays cannot get it.
    Such a rich rich country…any fool with 50 years management can bring it to that status we are enjoying.
    What we are POINTING out are UMNO’S continuous race and religion dirty politics and on going…and look at how hantutelur talk to me….like I am a guest and he is the land owner. This is exactly how UMNO teaches Malays how to think and you all fall flat to it..and most educated chinese and Indians keep quiet and you think they are cowards or feeling like guest here? NO they are not…but they must wake up ..not to vote for peace and harmony ..but for change to unite the country …for the sake of their own children. Anyone dare to say this is no good fatherly advises?
    So lets focus on the truths..and the truths is malays have been fooled by UMNO..not the other races…yet you are still day dreaming.
    Now back to the country…the very fact we are vigorously battling all the ultraUMNO is to wake them up and enjoy the country with a united purpose in life..not separated by race and religion.
    Even amongst UMNO…you have pro Mahathir and anti Pak Lah…all Malays and with few balls carrying chinese…why don’t you all go hatam those pro Mahathir political bloggers? Why come here and talk cock ..when Susan have put out what most Malaysians are feeling and we all agree and here you keep twisting and turning the real issues….that is …are we all that ungrateful Malaysians..not celebrating the 50th Merdeka Day. To celebrate means we again agree to UMNO’s false pretenses again and again. I and majority Malaysians is now telling UMNO..go to hell with it….not the Merdeka..but the celebrations….as they have been twisting and turning and robbing us … far too long. What to celebrate.
    Furthermore…things are getting dearer and dearer and people are getting poorer and poorer.
    They need to wake up to realities of life….a total mismanagement by UMNO and scoundrels keep robbing the country for the past 25 years.
    Previous 26 years..go check it out..although not happy….still sincerely happy to celebrate. That’s why Pak Lah is trying to bring back the old spirit…but he totally forgot….old or new spirit…there is a limit to play race and religion politics…and the best part…the very race UMNO is depending…the malays are fed up of it all.

  211. hutchrun says:

    This is most extraordinary and unthinkable – MCA newspaper The Star “blacking out” the MCA policy statement on the “social contract”!

    The Chinese newspapers gave front-page headline treatment to the policy statement issued yesterday by the MCA Presidential Council following the shock declaration of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that Malaysia was an Islamic state and not a secular state.

    Strangely enough, the policy statement was reported by the Sun but it is also conspicuously omitted in the New Straits Times and the Malay newspapers.

    Releasing the MCA Presidential Council statement, MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said the Federal Constitution should be the reference to resolve controversies or confusion over the social contract.

  212. hawk says:

    Monty has a company.

    Tell us how his organisation chart will be when he retires.

    Will the MD and many other key directors in his company will be his offsprings even if they dont do well in school and are also lazy over thier work?

    Will he give his company to be run with meritocracy, as a guide, and employ non Monty s line to be the key directors?

    Its natural isnt it that all practice nepotism over what we own?

    However, certainly its essential in good management practice, that we give opportunities and reward good employees who are critical in making the company successful. And, belive me, these outsiderd of the company will be grateful even if they dont own, as they are properly rewarded.

    Same applies to a country, like Malaysia.

    U tell me, if monty tenders for a contract in China, and being an overseas Chinese. he can get the contract, over the local Chinese even if he is competitive? Even in Cjina, monty will be marginalised and treated as second class, let alone he goes to Thailand, maybe gotta change to Thai name, Australia, or anywhere in Europe.

    Lets Malayanise us and assimilate into Malaysia. Lets look at the positive qualities of the Malays and conform to its culture, not necessary to follow its religion. The Malays have fantastic culture and mannerism in thier adat. They are simple (not meaning lazy or stupid)( rather meaning not cunning in ways) and hospitable. However, they have to be different when encountered by a crowd of Chinese. They have learnt too well, as like the story of the camel and the arab.

    However, at the other end, the Malays should also assimilate the positive ways of the Chinese. But, not the negative ones.

    Mat Taib is more Chinese than Malay, and so is Najib. They acquired negative Chinese ways…….greed,………. extreme GREED. And, theres a whole horde in UMNO. U got it all wrong. Qualify the positive qualities of the Chinese and make it part of you.

    Anyone here can sum up what is positive about CHINESE?

  213. monsterball says:

    hi ‘baba frtom k.besar”…..this has NEVER been a race issue.
    It is you and others making it sound to be.
    This is a wake up call by holy bell boys from Heaven to the blind..the stupid..the greedy and the meek.

  214. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…Now hawk wants to learn how to pass the baton and international trade from me….waste of time.
    This is about Merdeka and Malaysia..not trade…you fool.

  215. hutchrun says:

    Anyone here can sum up what is positive about CHINESE?
    You should know. You call them greedy, even giving examples of Mat Taib n Najib. Yet you say the malays who are all
    `simple (not meaning lazy or stupid)( rather meaning not cunning in ways) and hospitable`
    `also assimilate the positive ways of the Chinese`.

    As an expert on the faraway redskins, surely you should know the nearer chinese better to be able to tell us. Then we can all become learned like you.

  216. hutchrun says:

    Also tell us about the local Indians, maybe there`s something your `expertise` can impart to them.

  217. wits0 says:

    “If you really want to know what I wish, I wish I can turn back the time and made a Merdeka without Chinese”
    Don’t count too much on even fav presumptions for therein can come irony too. Unity of “kith and kins” has not been shown to guarantee peace and prosperity. The examples are seen in muslim countries like Iraq, North Africa and Pakistan, etc.

    After revelling in ummah Unity(uniting AGAINST others mainly)for centuries as a source of strength, they are often now openly at odds with one another. Whata great irony, isn’t it? And Karmaically due too in the fullness of time, and things therefore happen accordingly in an unexpected manner. Oh heck, it must be the Great Satan’s fault at the behest of the Jooosss..!!

  218. hutchrun says:

    Merdeka celebration. Put a monkey in the banana plantation and he gets to be on a stamp:

    RM11 mil bill – just for NCER launch
    “Although the sum looks big, we have to take into account all the programmes and activities arranged for the launch,” he said in a parliamentary written reply.

    “For example, we have to consider the cost of lodging, food, transport and rental of tents.”

  219. hutchrun says:

    After revelling in ummah Unity(uniting AGAINST others mainly)for centuries as a source of strength, they are often now openly at odds with one another
    Like those Indonesians burning the M`sian flag in S`gor n none of these UMNO heroes had the nuts to go after them.
    I`ve had Indons telling me not to call them `melayu` even.

  220. wits0 says:

    “Anyone here can sum up what is positive about CHINESE?”
    Can we now ask, “Anyone here can sum up what is positive about UMNO’s rooted fascism via race and religion?”

    Mason, didn’t I mentioned before that (false)pride is the problem? 😉

  221. hawk says:

    The Indians? They are more humble than the Chinese. They assimilate faster and learn to adapt to the ways of their adopted land more readily. They are more accomodating. Thats why Samy Vellu lasted longer than Liong Sik.

    They also have a complex. Its really not neccessary but they have a complex about themsleves. Maybe, they are dark skinned and theres a prejucdice about it, especially from likes of Monty. But, Monty will even take the off cast extras from Bollywood and salivate all over like a deprived dog.

    And, U see, Indians strive hard to be professionals, as a high proportion of them are specialist doctors.

    As an example, TDM assimilated well, so well we r not sure if he s Indian, mamak or truly bumi.

  222. wits0 says:

    Hawk says, “They are more accomodating. Thats why Samy Vellu lasted longer than Liong Sik.”
    Not necessarily well loved when as bosses though.
    But you, yourself, are a towkay and have never worked under such. Therefore your experience in that area cannot be considered as vast enough.

  223. hutchrun says:

    Semi value accomodating? Yes thugs are.

  224. hutchrun says:

    They are more humble than the Chinese
    You talking of the poor ones. Any poor human being will be humble.
    You must be having many poor indians grovelling at your feet, so you see them humble.

  225. hutchrun says: a high proportion of them are specialist doctors
    Usually from the better off families and sent to study in capitation colleges like manipal.

  226. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    You should know Baba Seows have a long history of collaborating with whoever is in power – first the British , then UMNO. Tan Cheng Lock got a “Sir” for it, followed by his son Tan Siew Sin , who got a “Tun”. Too bad no more capable sons after that…

    Me being a Babaputra is just normal. What’s wrong with making money with a bit of help through connections ?
    All my projects are real hard work, no funny money.
    I don’t rob banks, I don’t cheat old ladies, all my payables are paid up to date.

  227. hutchrun says:

    Its really not neccessary but they have a complex about themsleves
    Flippant. What kinda complex? Oedipal or what? Needs more explaining.
    If you mean `darkies` then say it. They don`t see it as complex – you do. The fault lies inside you. They are proud of their dark skins.

  228. hutchrun says:

    As an example, TDM assimilated well, so well we r not sure if he s Indian, mamak or truly bumi
    You dunno, others do. He`s descended from a mixed Malay-indian marriage that entitles him to being muslim and malay.
    He also was the 1st member of UMNO Baru.
    Many such cases in Kedah area. They are in fact not considered Indian n they don`t/can`t speak tamil/kerala whatever.
    You can do the same too. If you convert and marry a malay, your children will be classified malay. You really should consider – it`ll be good.

  229. wits0 says:

    Hantu: “We have been tolerant and accommodating, yet you still want more. You are like a disease, a parasite, eating on people who feed you.”
    Oh yeah, holding to one’s breast, those supremacist and fascist obsessions makes one very accomodative. Was waiting for that topeng to drop and it did when the facade of presumption gets hurt…lightning rod attracts lightning as the odds lay. That feel good self-righteousness that never vary.

    By demeaning Monty’s concept wrt the “G-d” thing, you demonstrates you hope to elevate your own beliefs. Sounds like the common hiding of others light so that only yours alone will shine. Vely, vely positive attitude indeed!

    “People who feeds you” Mua hahahaa! Who needs to be fed?! Come!

    BTW, One has no remembered conscious say as to what race one is borned into but, after that, one certainly has the choice of lifetime of gainful understanding versus just common stunted mediocrity as a feel good cocoon.

  230. whispering9 says:

    Witso…you are nothing but a habitual cut and paste creature of cracked idealism. Congratulations, you have ascended to become a demi-god bestowed with the absolute intelligence to judge all of us as good or bad. Please get out of my life…I don’t need a false god like you!

    “islamization of the malaysian state is good for you.”…yes, if I am a muslim. It is better than your ‘load of axis crock’ and religion. Imagine associating deeds to the killing field. Hutchrun, today I lost all respect of you.

    MB…to think that I was the first to stand for his rights. Father, I have sinned badly. Amen

    To hell with the racists here…I am a Malaysian and I have put up my Flag and good riddance to the vile thoughts here. I shall not be back.

  231. monsterball says:

    There…the thick skin braggart ‘baba fm k.besar’ he made money from connections with UMNO.
    That should prompt the Anti Corruption Agency to check him out. Can drive a brand new Merz…worth more than RM350K to buy.
    And here is for all malays to read and learn….it is connections with UMNO… the way to get they boasts of more than 2 million members out of 5 million malay voters…how many have connections?
    Is that the way you call a successful businessman? It is not what you want?…who you know ..but not what you know to succeed in businesses?

  232. wits0 says:

    “I shall not be back.”

    Don’t let the door hits you.

  233. monsterball says:

    Bloody whip9/virgin9/v9/ is getting cracko to take on witsO..hutchrun and me…altogether.
    What bloody thing he is talkimg about standing for my rights. Who ask him to do that? What rights ishe talking about?
    He is copying Mahathir way of talking…telling me …an ungrateful person.…telling hutchrun ..he lost all respect for him….hahahahahahaha.
    witsO knowledge on comparative religions are respected by al.l.and this idiot call wiotsO…a demi god.
    I think his backside is very itchy.
    He really love threes…3 nicks…3 of us together to spank him…and ofcourse he thinks he is not three but one.

  234. hutchrun says:

    Hutchrun, today I lost all respect of you.
    WTF I never even asked you for any. Shameless you are. Go fly your flag, never stopped you either. Your Father should be forgiving you for:
    “islamization of the malaysian state is good for you.”…yes, if I am a muslim. It is better than your ‘load of axis crock’ and religion.
    As Patrick Sookdheo said You wait till your Jesus comes and breaks those crosses. And Amen you say. Phew! I `ve heard better twisted brains.

    To hell with the racists here…
    So? You are probably ending there anyway. You believe in it.

  235. monsterball says:

    witsO…He has been saying…
    “I shall not be back’… few times and then come back again like hawk.
    Actually he is sitting there….afraid to get the wallops he deserve by you two.
    What a brave last message from him….like a child….disturb us and run away……hahahahahahaha

  236. monsterball says:

    ‘Father…I have sinned badly” supporting monsterball…..hahahahahahahaha
    What bloody idiot will talk to the Almighty such nonsense.

  237. wits0 says:

    ““I shall not be back’… few times and then come back again like hawk.”

    Susan’s Blog is irresistable. Some even hopes to find comfort in frivolity but goes ballistic when none is found here. The facade cracks early and the rending of clothes happens next with lots of tantrums.

    Hutch, why is it that they always impute motives which are way off mark and project their own craving, like for respect?

  238. hutchrun says:

    Maybe they are mentally malnourished, soaked in their religion and can`t break free of shackles. They find comfort in that. Anything that threatens that comfort is very unsettling to them.
    They freak out.

  239. hutchrun says:

    And in private these hypocrite scoundrels who go `Amening` and `Fathering` complain, lament, weep that they are not allowed to build churches.
    They need more of the Perak Mufti to knock sense into their heads.

  240. hutchrun says:

    Looks like that Ghost`s Balls is getting his wish just as that Ghost Whisperer flies his flag:

    The details vary in each text-message but the theme is essentially the same – that the purported incident involves Malays and Indians in Masai and the port town of Pasir Gudang.

    Hawk`s complexed indians.

  241. hutchrun says:

    What whisp wishes for in his support for islamic state:
    The worship of a half-naked man swinging from a cross

  242. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha ….hatchrun is hopping mad

  243. monsterball says:

    hutchrun..I bet you …that balless whipering9 is quietly reading our messages.
    He will appear …when his ghost hawk appears.
    He is a follower..not a leader.
    He carry my balls with the hope…I will not oppose him in anything. He appeared to be timid .. gentle and kind. …but beneath that layers of onion skin…his true self is vicious and cunning.All these are actually hiding his sly fox character ..trying to preach and convert and trying to get support for UMNO.
    Now cannot succeed…f….hutchrun…belittle witsO and pray to God for his great sin to support me…..hahahahahaha
    You got the worst doze……hahahahahaha
    But what can you do with one who talks and run away?
    What Almighty will listen to his prayers? No matter how much he pray to the so call Almighty of his..which means all others are less mighty than his all Almighty..or perhaps all others are demi-gods….only his is Almighty……hahahahahahaha
    This ghost whisperer will get his wishes come true…by mocking Jesus on the month where all ghosts roam freely. Perhaps one have entered his body now? I HAVE NEVER SEEN HIM THIS WEIRD BEFORE.

  244. wits0 says:


    The Share Market, when it falls badly, can become very unsettling. One suspect this affected him as during today’s Market plunge.

  245. kerp says:

    very lengthy discussions i see here. and healthy too. ok, i better not get in the way.

    politics aside, wishing you happy Merdeka too, Mr Goh. i have to drop by once in a while, hoping to read susan’s new posts.

  246. kerp says:

    oh, and all the guys and gals here aswell. happy merdeka, fellas!!

    ok, i’m outta here.

  247. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Monsterball, RM 350K is just expenses on a RM 20 Million project, ler. But I dont’ expect a failed businessman with RM 700,000 accumulated losses (according to Simon Wee) to understand much arithmetic.

    All his rantings and verbal pounding of everybody who crosses him is really just a coverup for a miserably failed life. In the end all he has got to show for 68 years of existence is evidence that he has hyperactive genitals.

    Which reminds me I have to thank Simon Wee directly on his blog for doing an excellent public service.

  248. Never Ending Parasitest says:

    Malaysians are still colonised but by some Bodoh
    who still reigns Racism and continue to grow
    Corruption. Our Bodoh wasted our tax payer money through PKFZ, Perwaja, MAS etc etc, they can even buy a ticket to put a Mat space up on a Russian space ship.

  249. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…Now he wants to talk about me like simon wee.
    hi idiot..I lost millions and still is operating under same company. Scums like you will close shop…open another one…avoiding paying debtors.
    I live a miserable life?….hahahahahaha
    I must be doing something very good for the country to get few want to crucify me…yet no balls to do it.
    Gert lost….talk MERDEKA…NOT ME.

  250. monsterball says:

    Happy Merdeka kerp…but no celebrations for me.

  251. monsterball says:

    I think so witsO.
    Look at baba gone bonkers.

  252. monsterball says:

    hi braggart…Go to ‘shockingexpose’ blog and read all about me.
    Simon Wee made me famous….go thank him for me…hahahahahahaha

  253. monsterball says:

    But all my children and my maids relatives are waiting to know Simon Wee personally.
    I will give a RM5000 REWARD..if anyone can catch Simon Wee to see me.

  254. monsterball says:

    Correction!…RM1000 reward…not 5k
    He is not worth that much and easy to catch….any takers?

  255. monsterball says:

    Maybe he can come by himself…show me his IC card…it is him and I will give him the money…then he can use it to put as downpayment for a new motor cycle to do his low down investigating job…or maybe he can lick my balls and I will help him to get a job….as he said he needed one.

  256. monsterball says:

    hi braggart baba…are you that brave to meet me too?

  257. monsterball says:

    I carry only a one…made of bamboo.

  258. monsterball says:

    But sometimes I may carry something else…depending on my moods.

  259. hawk says:

    hutch run 5 47pm

    Lets go back in time. Now, instead of that Tamil Iskander, lets imagine that at that historical moment, Mahathirs mom fell in love with Ling Liong Sik’s Dad. She married him and gave birth to a baby with likeness like Ling liong Sik but then named him Mahathir.

    What are the chances that this Mahathir will become an UMNO member and then president and then PM of Malaysia?

    I think he has better chance as a mamak than as a MAH ……the surnames of Chinese muslims.

  260. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    I read on Simon Wee’s blog that Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia would be interested to talk to Monsterball aka. SS Goh.
    Shall I do my patriotic duty and pass them the information on his whereabouts ?

  261. monsterball says:

    Right now….I feel GOOD NIGHT to all my friends and SUSAN.
    Friends know who they are ..and get lost with all those idiots.

  262. hawk says:

    I think the Chinese played the wrong game before MERDEKA. They should have used thier economical strength and sponsor Bumi political factions instead of openly put thier hands into the politcal fray.
    If they had done it this way, they would be owning the politicians like owning horses and can ride them to achieve thier goals.
    The Jews did it this way in USA and the equation favoured thier economical positions by determining the political scene. There is no obvious Jews in the Senate or Congress, but they seem to get things thier way.
    Now, its too late. The politically mighty here is too entrenched and wealthy enuf, and they can plunder and pilfer to more wealth, by political means that they dont need sponsors to support them thru.

  263. hawk says:


    Monty is in distress? How did u corner him? Hmmmm…….. I hear a punctured deflation.

  264. urge overkilled says:

    Finally Malaysia has something to be proud of hmmm getting into the final of merdeka cup.Football in Malaysia has it’s pride again, but again the coach was an Indian guy la.It seems Indian and chinese do better in many things, but as you know the rules never them shine. hahahah Malaysia boleh land.By the way Merdeka la hahahhahah

  265. monsterball says:

    Here we go again…asking permission to so call crucify me…..hahahahahahaha
    Do it…bloody coward baba frm k.besar. You have hero worshiped Simon Wee…that’s good…and hawk is feeling so happy too.
    Want to break me….don’t talk…just do it.
    If I dare all od you and all my details are known…lets see what type of bloody man who talks alot and have not guts….one who brags like you….is nothing but a pondan.
    This is my last message on this matteR….DO IT…OR SHUT UP!!

  266. monsterball says:

    hi urge overkill write…welcome!
    Football is the most popular game in the world….and football is also the game bookies love to make fixed games….that is if they have confidence it can be fixed by players with fantastic skills.
    I can sense your pride and joy of hundreds of thousands Malaysians seeing Malaysia is in the final of Merdeka cup. Boy!…in our olden days…it is always Korea against Malaysia and one goal is all we expect from which team to win…and Malaysia was recognized as the best Asian team.
    Yes lets hope football get rid of politics…which is welknown..and the best coach is based on merits…not race.
    Sad if so call rules and conditions hamper the progress of the game….it’s again sen in Badminton…but we all can be very very proud of Nicol …world NO1 Squash player!! So lets rejoice having the world best…ah..but trace how does she get to be the best….no Malaysian coach or manager to take the credit away from her….when she win games or titles.

  267. monsterball says:

    Buying a British Premier League team is like buying a Casino with worldwide gambling connections.
    One popular game….not less than US100 million needed by the bookies.
    Noticed the moment you want to bet…the bookies make sure you have somewhat pay the ah long type of high interest by putting the odds and winnings to their advantages. Before the game starts…betters already lost RM5 to as high as RM25 to the bookies…meaning you loose a RM100 or win RM95 or as low as RM75!!
    Football bookies are never afraid you win…they are afraid you run away and not bet again.
    Bets are placed on every 15 minutes…until full time….half a game..full game. Extra time and penalty kicks are not counted.
    Why do great players in the world command such ridiculous high prices nowadays? It is the owner of the team…know they can depend on them to give or take the game….like we see in wrestling…looks so real..yet all fixed….so are some Japanese somo wrestling matches.
    So my friends..don’t be on football games…you are bound to loose….just like in casino…don’t play the jackpot machine…the odds is heavily against you.
    But rare players like Beckham earns so much on advertising…which I suspect no manager can tell him to throw a game….unless he wants to…thus…look at him…out of favor in Europe and grab by USA who is desperately wanting to bring the same further up to win the world cup.

  268. monsterball says:

    US100 million is the minimum capital needed. is the limit…as huge tycoons bet RMI million per game…nothing to them…and these are the bookies delights and friends.
    Did I tell you the biggest bookies are from Malaysia?

  269. hawk says:

    One balloon leaking

    So, blowing up another balloon.

    Just to show us he is a somebody.

    U know who I mean.

    Good morning everyone…..including Monty.

  270. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    A very good morning to everyone.
    I shall be off line until after the Merdeka weekend.

    My company is doing its patriotic bit to support the celebrations, and I’m going off provide some help which I committed earlier.

    What a wonderful day today !
    Malaysia Berjaya…

  271. hawk says:

    Same to you baba.

    And, monty slleges u and me are the same person.

    MERDEKA!! to all Malaysians.

    Let the MALAYSIAN race be born, inspite of all the labour pains!!

  272. Outsider says:

    KJ, the SIL is going to hoist the flag in a re-enactment of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s 1957 declaration of independence The guy, who handed his present position of deputy head of Umno Youth on a platter (he did not stand for elections) and not even an MP should have had the decency to turn down such an act of high honour. Instead he goes for ostentation. For me, it’s another reason not to watch the Merdeka do on TV. Better to read a book; more educational.

  273. hutchrun says:

    hawk at 10:17 pm

    Badawi’s maternal grandfather, Ha Su-chiang (also known as Hassan), was a Chinese Muslim who came from Sanya in Hainan.

  274. hawk says:

    Badawi is different.

    His father is MALAY, and the genealogy runs along the male lineage.

  275. hutchrun says:

    Rubbish. In Negeri Sembilan it`s matriarchal.
    If you are non-malay, whether you marry a male or female malay anywhere in the country, your children are malay.

  276. hutchrun says:

    Australian Christians poured out of churches across the country, smashing store windows and setting fire to cars, chanting “Death to the Blake Society!” after an art competition included images of the Virgin Mary in a burqa, and Osama bin Laden morphing into Jesus Christ.,22049,22332032-5001028,00.html

  277. noname says:

    SSM for Monty? Want to see whether he will kena like the CTOS guy or escape like Zakaria from Klang.

    But i think Kamunting is the better place. Good durian and whether is good with a hill behind the place.

    Any SB in here?

  278. hutchrun says:

    JAKARTA: Anti-Malaysia demonstrations broke out in Indonesian cities after an Indonesian referee was beaten while in Kuala Lumpur for the 8th Asian Karate Championship at the Nilai indoor stadium.

    In the East Java capital of Surabaya, dozens of youths conducted a sweep against Malaysian citizens at a local hotel in retaliation for the beating, which allegedly occurred at the hands of police officers.

  279. notsosmart says:

    Baba from Klebang Besar wrote:

    This has been a good country to most Chinese.
    Many ancestors came with just the shirt on their backs.


    Undeniable right. All our ancestors at certain time ( since the existence of human ) migrate to another land. Some for survival and some for better living condition.
    So, what’s wrong with it.
    As long as the migrants is contributing to the development of that land or country. As long as they don’t commit crime, corrupt, or rob the country of its wealth. Then this migration should be welcomed with an open arm.
    Unless you’re still interested swinging from trees to trees. Not interested in economic and development. And then, when an intruder came into your territory, you became very defensive. Well..that natural instinct, parts of the animal behaviour of survival. But you are a human, you should use your God’s given brain to improve yourself and your land.
    Otherwise, if you decided to deny migration. Who will then develop your country? Employ the foreigners? If so, do you think that they will shed tears and bloods for your country? They’re just another worker earning their salary. This is facts. Only your own countrymen will shed them, for this is their true home and country-land.

    Look at all the great nations of the world. Are they just one colour people? They knew that every race, ethnic and community have their strengths and weakness. They enhance their strength to create greater things and country. Our current gomen is blinding us from these. We are not taught to look and think wisely.

    We should teach the ignorant about these. Maybe not all will understands, but at least we have tried.

  280. hutchrun says:

    Accomodator in action:

    Former MIC deputy president S Subramaniam was assaulted by a group of men at this morning’s annual general meeting of Maika Holdings, the party’s troubled investment arm.

    Subra was roughed up several times when he attempted to speak at the meeting. The meeting, which kicked of at 10am, was punctuated with a series of commotion.

    According to a source, punches were thrown at Subra but the former deputy minister did not suffer any serious injuries.

    The source added that Subra was charged by a group of irate men, who are believed to be aligned to rival leader, MIC chief S Samy Vellu. However, Subra’s men stepped in to protect their boss from the attack.

  281. hutchrun says:

    The booklet, “Unity Threatened by Continuing Infringements of Religious Freedom” by Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism [MCCBCHST] is available free from MCCBCHST, Buddhist Maha Vihara, 123, Jalan Berhala, Brickfields, 50470, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-22739304

  282. hutchrun says:

    Peninsular Malaysia had a quarter million people in 1750, mostly indigenous Malays, with a small number of Chinese and Indians.

  283. wits0 says:

    Noname: “Our current gomen is blinding us from these. We are not taught to look and think wisely. ”
    The gomen always seeked to entrenched that fascist feel good supremacist thingy to some as Über Alles at every opportunity while claiming others are guilty of it. Those who point this out gets demonized as being negative or even worse.

  284. wits0 says:

    Pardon the minor grandma error.

    Why people don’t celebrate is simply because things carry little meaning from a badly flawed ideological and philosophical backdrop.

  285. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha..noname…I will be the next Chin Peng .. he uses guns to free the nation..I uses my brain And mouth to free the minds…good reward…….not a bad idea……hahahahaha

  286. hutchrun says:

    Indons celebrate Merdeka – M`sian flag burns pic:

  287. monsterball says:

    hutchrun…Lets see….Mahathir made hue and cry over a MILD sarcastic remark made by ex Australian PM…saying ‘tak boleh tahan”
    Now let see how much our present government can tahan on burning a Malaysian flag in the name of human rights justice.
    Something is very very wrong to get our neighbor so worked up….and boy….the muslim brothers too!!
    Had it be S’pore or Thailand…just wait for those kris carrying monkies performaces.
    I love to hear hussien and khairy opinions.
    CONFRONTASI…the other way round?…….HAHAJHAHAHAHAHA

  288. monsterball says:

    Lets see..November 26th is Pak Lah’s ‘feel good’ day. It is his birthday and then 68 years old full house. I am older than him few months…I am his ‘taikor”….hahahahaha
    Lets presume he uses few day earlier day to announce election date…thus ..just before Christmas …or latest Jan..2008?

  289. monsterball says:

    kittykat…I was told….few prominent bloggers who were so call elected members were not present.
    That’s how much unity they have and how powerful they are.
    Watch it….few maybe become ministers and I need to run away to Bangkok to be with Susan….hahahahahaha

  290. monsterball says:

    ooopp! THe above message should be posted at “Free Speech Zone”…but never mind…kittykat will know.

  291. Silhoute says:

    Monsterball wrote:
    Who cares what Shihoute or cracko hawk opinions on me. Who are they? What have they achieve in life? Faceless and nameless ..can talk big and talk cock and bull…but when come to real life….face to face….what are they?

    Its simple, click on my nick and you will know more about me.

    I used to enjoy Susan’s blog but not anymore when monsters are dominating the blog. People like you wont contribute one bit to racial integration. Thank god you are not in power.

    Whisper9 and jeancumlately I enjoy your fair comments.

  292. monsterball says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!
    One more rotten racialist call me a racialist wants people to visit his blog to show how educated he is…so are plenty racialists!!
    Get lost and bring all those friends of yours.
    You want to debate..okay….but stop instigating how terrible Susan’s blog is with me around…you jealous nut.

  293. monsterball says:

    ‘”choose to do nothing..other than tinkering with my 8 bicycles and 2 motor bikes”…so said this 56 year old
    silhoute…..such a clear lazy bugger call me a racialist…and from Kelantan too..must be a retired something and feeling grateful to his race for getting pensions doing nothing all his life….so fight for continuity for his kind..the real lazy buggers.

  294. kittykat46 says:

    I believe Susan welcomes a diversity of opinions on her blog.
    The Blog Owner has never ever asked any commentator to get lost.

  295. monsterball says:

    Well I did watch the live Merdeka program this morning to pass the time.
    I sincerely treat myself like a foreign …being entertained…That’s how I felt. Patriots would have shed tears of joy…not me ….just entertaining and fun to view….but I am a Malaysian patriot.
    Our new King and Queen are so majestic. The Queen is so beautiful and sociable…talking and smiling to few around her.The King is such a humble and well educated man.
    hahahahahahaha…Mahathir must be feeling very uncomfortable for more than 3 hours…chuck aside as a nobody.
    Noted Indonesian President was strangely absent.
    I guess burning of our flag has something to do with it.
    I have nothing but praises and good words for those wonderful children at the parade.
    Thank God…no one fainted!!

  296. kittykat46 says:

    Last night’s Merdeka celebrations at Dataran Merdeka unfortunately deteriorated into a crass and degrading political rally, with all the UMNO and MCA and MIC flags flying around.

    What were these fools thinking of ?
    Party political flags should have been kept well away from the official Merdeka celebrations.

    They could have choreographed a beautiful celebration of this nations diversity, instead became just a demeaning election rally.

    Many different people helped build this nation, including among them people who were opposed to the Alliance/ BN and also many people who had no connections with politics.

    I feel so betrayed after weeks of telling people to celebrate Merdeka Day by all means, because its a celebration of Malaysia, not UMNO or BN.
    And now these idiots did exactly that – politicise the whole event.

  297. Today is Merdeka Day – my country’s 50th year of independence from British colonial rule.

    I am sitting at home in a suburb in Kuala Lumpur after waking up shortly after noon.

    Last night, I considered witnessing the Merdeka Parade in the city centre but was unmotivated in the end.

    Fifty years of achievement should have at least motivated my friends and me to brave the crowd, sun and more to be part of an historic event together with other Malaysians. But it did not.

    So I am here analyzing the reasons most of my urban friends who grew up and live the capital, Kuala Lumpur, are missing out on the celebrations and treating the long weekend as another insignificant holiday.

    Some prefer to watch the celebrations on television from the comfort of home, if at all; some are taking a short holiday; some arejust lazing at home watching DVDs or Astro; some are surfing the Internet; and some are even working overtime in the office.

    Perhaps it is partly to do with Malaysians general aversion for heat, crowd and difficult conditions.

    A high school friend told me she is not “getting stuck in KL” and would rather “sleep in” as she is tired out from her demanding high-salaried executive job.

    Another best friend treated her entire family – parents, brother and mom’s best friends – to weekend in Macau.

    When I met her last week at a here at a five-star hotel that she was staying in as she had an assignment here, she was busy booking tickets and independence was the last thing on her mind.

    I guess perhaps in most countries, ordinary people are more concerned about their daily lives than politics and history.

    But I guess what’s sorely missing is national pride.

    Star senior editor and columnist Wong Sai Wan, who usually writes an assortment of topics from his decision to quit smoking to “bean counters” taking over the world, wrote a piece on school pride today, in which he described his own experience of being from a top school in Seremban and his pride of belonging to such an institution.

    The article made me think about whether I felt proud to be a Malaysian, which is different from being grateful for our blessings.

    I am thankful for the peace in my country, the beautiful facilities built for me to enjoy my life, my wonderful friends whom I met in school, the unique food and culture, and all other things Malaysian.

    So I am definitely thankful that we have come so far and achieved so much.

    Whether I am proud to be Malaysian, that I am still trying to figure out.

    Whether one day, I will say with pride, “I am Malaysian”, the way the British and Americans do.

    And whether my country will allow me to say it.

  298. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Translate that to get lost from me….and I know I am not the blog owner.
    Are you also teaching me something?

  299. monsterball says:

    And I am glad you see them promoting their parties flags at the parade…never too late to learn.

  300. monsterball says:

    freelunch2020!!!! So glad to read something from you again. I quote..”whether my country will allow me to say it”
    Hi gal….This is OUR country..and I agree with all what you say. Please don’t go backward…be stagnant…but go forward and say what you feel good for the country …based on true unity and one race….MALAYSIANS….and true freedom in choosing religions for all.
    Will you defend the country with your life? Sure you do…so why be afraid to speak the truths and let them prove we are wrong. They keep frightening or advising us this and that will not help. They don’t answer all our complaints….but twist and turn into dirty politics..which we are not politicians…just simple folks want the best for our children…..and if that is wrong…what come may…so be it.

  301. monsterball says:

    hi kittykat…contact Jeff and sign up as a DAP member lah….since you like to be in a political party.Millions of us want to be free and easy….you know like tourists traveling free and nice.
    Why be control by one party?
    Be like us…so submit your resignation letter to MCA… giving the Merdeka celebration sickening fiasco as your main reason…at least they know one vote less.

  302. hutchrun says:

    We are sustained by myths only as long as they are empowering, inspiring, instrumental and serve our interests; yet when those very same myths provide us with little else than the false comfort of an unreconstructed nostalgia for a past that never existed, then they turn into cages that imprison us for life.
    (Source: Malaysia and the Myth of ‘Tanah Melayu’ – Part 1)

    But then again, assuming that these are but misguided youth, who’s responsible for misguiding them in the first place, if not for a very large segment of our own Malaysian politicians, whose mantra is race, religion, race? All the kids are doing is emulating what they see exhibited by authority figures. Granted, they’ve taken it to a new low

  303. hutchrun says:

    PKFZ: Kong Choy skips Merdeka,,, 2-week MC, oveseas

    Minister of Transport Chan Kong Choy has “fled” the country, and likely skipped the Merdeka 50 celebrations, as the RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal was exploding in his face.

    Kong Choy was taking two weeks leave to go abroad because of health reasons, theSun reported.

  304. monsterball says:

    Sheih of “Kickdefella” put out a wonderful message of the forgotten foreign and local heroes that give us what Merdeka is today…broke a tear to my eyes. Had the 50th Merdeka parade trace the events leading to today….I will say UMNO is a grateful party..but no..they took the opportunity to promote their BN parties …saying they did that all by themselves.
    Such ungrateful politicians…such arrogant ones…how on earth we are so blind?

  305. monsterball says:

    And at Black@ AminIskandar blog….he posted very interesting forgotten history how did we obtain MERDEKA. Go read that too.
    Put these two messages together….we can see more clearly who is UMNO.

  306. wits0 says:

    Monty’s vindication is found in Jonathan Kent’s piece :
    Asia’s melting pot marks 50 years

  307. monsterball says:

    Thanks witsO…And folks….especially the younger generation….like the writer Jonathan Kent said…the only survival of our Independence…Chin Peng is not welcome back to Malaysia.
    Then read carefully and understand Chin Peng did contribute a great part to the Independence of Malaysia.
    Sheih did somewhat hinted too.
    Go read it..and learn the truth.

  308. monsterball says:

    Susan’s blog is about the truths…not like so many anti or pro government political bloggers.
    Worst still are few pro one man…Mahathir… bloggers who claim to represent all bloggers. such low down scums of the earth. You go and get a clear picture of who UMNO is …..and another clear picture what type of bloggers do we have.
    Do not be deceived….even by me!!
    And if you think I am talking nonsense or trying to deceive you…ask yourself ..what motives do I have….then those who keep on insulting me…and did the worst they can do to me…no other commentators have been so focus by these people to one…….WHY?…what are their motives….then more and more all Malaysians can think for themselves.
    Buddha taught us…telling Buddhists not to simply believe in him. Similarly….I ask you not to simply believe in everything told to you….but get all the informations and think for yourself with love for our country…not love for what you want or like.
    That’s selfish motives….and is disuniting the people….not me.
    I say Chin Peng is a Malaysian hero.

  309. monsterball says:

    I say Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat are Chinese helping the Sultan of Melaka.
    Why does it take 50 yeas to know the truth?
    It is because people are getting more educated and can read different opinions and internet has no chance for any government to fool people that easy…….so one by one is revealed..not by the government…but by professional loyal subjects.

  310. monsterball says:

    Now I say foreigners and locals gave up their lives to let us gain our Merdeka…not as you keep on thinking …it is the malays from UMNO.
    Why are they all forgotten by UMNO?

  311. monsterball says:

    And I does UMNO and BN said many many times that without the Chinese and Indians……..Malaysia will not be what is today…so why are some malays think differently…so arrogant and hell of so great about themselves.
    Why are we treated differently…and not as Malaysians…but as Malaysians with their twisted logics that they have no problems to have us if they own the land.Why are they trained to think like that by Mahathir indirectly by not changing the mindsets of the malays sincerely for 22 years…when no sultans talk like that at all.

  312. monsterball says:

    You …the ultra UMNO….what do you think?… the tourists come to see malay handy crafts ..or do so due to so many attractions…all built by the Chinese right now.
    So you ultra malays know growth and huge buildings built up by the government….but totally ignore who have contributed to the growth for 50 years.
    That’s UMNO ungrateful attitudes.
    It’s good to let all out on this 50th Merdeka DAY.
    Now those against….shoot out your reasons and don’t call me a racialist.
    Those who got rich by balls carrying or have connections….you are disqualified to battle me.
    Those who are pro Mahathir are also disqualified.
    I am interested in die hard UMNO….MCA and MIC supporters.

  313. wits0 says:

    Read this after Jonathan Kent’s piece and face it – the truth about bad ideological/philosophical grounding:

    31/08: Tall buildings, narrow minds

  314. pope says:

    i’m feeling very sick that the current pm performing the reactnament of merdeka during tunku abdul rahman times. it is really necessary? complety waste of time and money! distasteful! disgust!

  315. kittykat46 says:

    In practical terms, the actions of Chin Peng and the CPM’s armed insurrection played a critical role in convincing the British it was time to leave Malaya.

    But I’m under no illusions as to the CPM’s real objective at the time, which was the creation of a Marxist state.
    If the CPM had succeeded, the businessmen and the intelligentsia would have been among the first to be “liquidated” – a polite word for put to death.

    That is virtually standard operating procedure in almost all the communist takeovers in history.

    I’m pretty clear as to what would have happened in Malaya 1950 if the CPM had succeeded in what it set out to do.

    I’ve made it clear before that I consider Chin Peng a harmless old man now, and besides Malaysia must live up to its obligations under the terms of the international peace treaty with the CPM.
    So Chin Peng should be allowed to come home.

  316. monsterball says:

    kittykat…You are entitled you your opinion…just an opinion ..with no supporting proof. Facts are facts… and he fought the Japanese to free Malaya.
    And I want to add….without the indians tapping rubber and the chinese mining the tins….Malaysia may still have plenty of so call filthy rich malays paddling trishaws for tourists today.
    and without the Chinese..there are no Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh.
    So my malay brothers and sisters…don’t be an ultra and learn to accept the truths and be grateful…that chinese are by nature always interested in doing business and can survive without arguing with you all..waste if time…..but it has gone too far these 25 years and should be arrested to change the sickening mentalities and weird attitudes.

  317. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…Did someone said I will put Lee Kuan Yew to shame talking about the malays?
    This is a simply Malaysia talking…LKY is genius and best politician in Asia…and he does sometime speak with double meanings…or shall we say…diplomatically…but if you read his books…he did use or spoke the word ..that some malays are weird..I learn it from him….hahahahahaha

  318. kittykat46 says:

    I certainly recognise the MPAJA’s essential role as the principal resistance against the Japanese during WWII.

    But after it morphed into the CPM, that is something else.

    Some interesting websites for your reading pleasure.

    The history of the aftermath of the Marxist takeover in the former South Vietnam

    The history of the aftermath of the Marxist takeover in Cambodia

  319. monsterball says:

    kittykat…..What do you really know the meaning of “Communist” …don’t look at the dictionaries..just tell me the real meaning.
    Where were you when the Japanese invaded MALAYA…floating around…father not sure to have you yet with the chemistry from your mom?
    So you prefer European dominations than Chinese in Malaysia…but let me tell you now…even if you invite China to be very active partner to Malaysia..they are not interested. CHINA has never invaded any country…except fighting their internal wars amongst their own clans and historical rights……never a Muslim or an European country….so why are you so against the communist?

  320. llabretsnom says:

    commies murdered and tortured the innocents. were you one of them monty?

  321. monsterball says:

    They also killed Japanese to save thousands of malay and chinese girls being raped in village.
    Could your relative be one saved by Chin Peng or Rashid?
    And get it straight…all we know and are facts was that the Japanese murder and torture the innocents.
    Have you seen communists torture others here?

  322. monsterball says:

    Good morning everyone. The problem is we are so deeply intoxicated with hatred towards communism being written and spoken by USA and Britan…from movies of wars….they always show they are the nice guys and the winners..from new reels….year after year.
    But now look who are the axis of evils….that Bush was accusing …it is he..the accuser!! What a way to start a war..and who are being revealed raping and torturing prisoners in most unusual and sickening ways….Americans!!
    And one will reap what one will sow….so llabretsnom…..what is communist China now?
    Since all keep talking ‘communists”…like they are children of the is the devils that are twisting the good and sincere chinese people.
    Communist…derived from the word ‘communal’..together..gotong royong…with no ranks and no race discriminations….for all chinese may look alike…they come from more than 25 different races and cultures.
    Moa Tze Tung was the liberator of China from corrupted people and he called all communists based on that.
    So again ..what is China now …and what is Malaysia now?…one with 1.4 billion and we have 26 million….and China is what the are with shorter time to do it….without one sen help from foreigners…which now USA and others are owing China so much..and USA is carrying China’s balls.
    So is not communism good for all of us to built the NATION? Don’t be fooled by the wrong meaning of the word.

  323. monsterball says:

    Very simple….llabretsnom…Millions will spit at Mao Tze Tung face..but no….millions every month ..up to now homage and respect to his tomb…open to the public with his body preserved.
    Do you think 1.4 billion Chinese are fools…or are we being fooled by USA and Britain…and now by our own kind.

  324. Never Ending Parasitest says:

    I found a Merdeka song with a lot of Delima for the Malays.

    Not sure if they have found the answer!

  325. kittykat46 says:

    The Killing Fields in Cambodia – 2,000,000 dead is not USA propaganda.

    The Reeducation Camps of Vietnam – approximately 500,000 inmates is not USA propaganda.

    Chairman Mao’s China Great Leap Forward – 14,000,000 deaths (China PRC Government’s own official estimate today) is not USA propaganda

  326. kittykat46 says:

    The three events above occured within my lifetime, so that’s my Non-Dictionary definition of Communism

  327. kittykat46 says:

    I wrote this in a comment last night but for some weird reason it went into moderation…

    I certainly recognise the MPAJA’s essential role as the principal resistance in Malaya against the Japanese during WWII.

    But after it morphed into the CPM after the War, that is something else.

    Some interesting websites for your reading pleasure.

    The history of the aftermath of the Marxist takeover in the former South Vietnam

    The history of the aftermath of the Marxist takeover in Cambodia

    For those who hate the USA – let me put up one historical fact.

    After all has been said and done, ultimately the Principal Liberator of the Japanese Occupation of WWII was the USA.

    The USA utterly defeated the Imperial Japanese Army, Navy and Air Force.
    I’m not being a USA carrier as some may put it, just stating a historical fact.

  328. monsterball says:

    Great kittykat….You know the events..yet not the truth of it all.
    Go trace who were trying to dominate these countries and yes…without CHINA..these countries will be pawns for Russia and USA.
    You just got awakened to the truth of the Merdeka celebration….that’s enough for one week.
    The real truths of those sad events will be known….as freedom fighters are always the bad guys painted by USA and Britain….so use all the innocent dead to keep painting the false picture…..and the government of the day…have np power …but to tag along that reason…just like ours on the communists….who gave up their lives to free us from Japs..yet we stay focus Chin Peng is a rouge….you only apply your Christianity heart to forgive and say he should be allowed to come home… He does not need don’t twist like MCA. Majority Chinese educated know..why are you so blind?

  329. kittykat46 says:

    I wrote this in a comment last night but for some weird reason it went into moderation…

    I certainly recognise the MPAJA’s essential role as the principal resistance against the Japanese during WWII.
    But after it morphed into the CPM, that is something else.

    Some interesting websites for your reading pleasure.

    The history of the aftermath of the Marxist takeover in the former South Vietnam

    The history of the aftermath of the Marxist takeover in Cambodia


    For those who hate the USA – let me put up one historical fact.

    After all has been said and done, ultimately the Principal Liberator of the Japanese Occupation of WWII was the USA.

    The USA utterly defeated the Imperial Japanese Army, Navy and Air Force.

    I’m not being a USA carrier as some may put it, just stating a historical fact.

  330. monsterball says:

    hahahahahah…kitykat is comparing USA of 1945 and now is same and one…no change.
    I rest my case.

  331. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Have you been to Vietnam…Loas and Cambodia?

  332. notsosmart says:

    llabretsnom wrotes:
    ……………..commies murdered and tortured the innocents. were you one of them monty?…………


    This’s the problem with most Malaysian, likes llabrets. Totally blinded about the outside world, or maybe just plain stupid don’t even know how to judge the good from evil. Then again, maybe blinded by its own faith.
    “murdered and tortured” has nothing to do with the communist. Its happening all over the world. Even here in Malaysia we read them almost everyday in the newspaper, so you will call Malaysia another communist country?.

  333. monsterball says:

    Above all..have you been to China…kittykat?
    Answer this before we proceed further.

  334. monsterball says:

    hi kittykat….Why take so long to answer? You know what I am trying to imply…don’t you?
    So answer quick..then we talk further.

  335. kittykat46 says:

    I have been to China about 6 or 7 times and I deal with China on business several times a week.
    I have been to Vietnam twice, Cambodia once.
    Never been to Laos.

    China’s tremendous economic success only took off after Deng Hsiao Ping started to dismantle most of Mao’s ideological legacy. China today still has the Communist Party in power, but is moving as fast as it practically can to being a Capitalist economy.

    It took the removal of the Khmer Rouge and a massive UN sponsored reconstruction to return Cambodia back to civilisation

  336. monsterball says:

    kittykat said….”just stating a historical fact”
    He reads too much of twisted facts by the foreigners.
    Although wistO have pointed out what foreigners wrote on what I have written are correct……that does not mean I trust the foreign writers.
    I read books written by those who are the citizens of the suffered countries….visit those countries and talk to the people in the streets…plus the “knowledge of the great history of these people all linked to way or another.
    Now if that is not more accurate researches….who are kittykat and llabrets to talk fair and proper history of those sad events.
    Up to now..kittykat did not reply with a simply yes or no to me……why?
    This confirm he reads only what Englishman or USA writes. I suggest he travel and seek the truths or stay silent….read and learn…yet don’t simply believe what I say…go find out more from the horses mouth of those countries….and like “notsosmart” writer said….blinded by the outside world….blinded by own faith or plain stupid.

  337. monsterball says:

    GOOD!! kittykat….On China…here again you twist the facts. each leader has it’s own responsibilities and both Mao and Deng are firstly are non corruptable and Mao can be compared to Tunku and Deng to Razak….and takes all other leaders to be so …non corruptable to build a nation.
    Now do you know the history of China 100%?
    Easy for you to keep belittling China for this or that…leaving out the real fact….it takes non corruptble and real sincere people to bring the country of 1.4 billions to what is it today. Along the progress…they are strict and serious…letting no hindrances to their objectives…thus you only know so many millions died…but not the reasons why…and get it proportionately fair….millions to 1.4 million population is like few died compare d to Malaysia.. for their objectives….and each died are tried and approved by the people..for China depend on the people’s power….not like Malaysia.
    The very fact you can do business with China is due to MAO …to follow by Deng is easy…but China is fortunate to have Deng’s vision. Go think it out come you can do business with China now…and any idiot will know China cannot stay with a communal concept…but move up to socialists and then democratic..that’s proper guidances to the people who are very poor now not so…and need to move forward….so don”t talk communism …when you still don’t understand the real meaning.
    Without the Khemer Rough…Vietnam will be Russian or American controlled. …just like Chin Peng protected by CHINA..go find out the history of Vietnam.
    Do you know the history of those countries beside making doing business and money …visiting them? Stop Learning from books…when you have the chance to talk to the people on the streets…but I guess…you are there solely to do business.

  338. monsterball says:

    Here again…you got it wrong on Vietnam…kittykat
    The UN got the Khmer Rough..and by the way…the word ‘rough’ was coined by the USA.
    UN got them agreed and go find out…..who runs he country.
    It should be “Khmer Freedom Fighters”…..rouges…pirates…sucide bombers fanatics….go get your brain controlled by the Americans…after all…you also have a religion that they made an ordinary man into a God.

  339. monsterball says:

    Sorry…the word is ROUGE….not Rough.

  340. monsterball says:

    kittykat..I am sick and tired to talk to you ..when you keep hero worship USA.
    You can have your good opinions about them and bad about China and by the way Khmer Rouge were sponsored by China to fight USA government devilish characters.
    Just tell me you know the history of that you have been there 7 times.

  341. monsterball says:

    USA can bully Iraq with their evil reasons….but they dare not even touch N.Korea…..for China is waiting for them to keep dividing countries…with their most evil government foreign policies to sell arms.
    Even CHINA is playing their game on Taiwan.
    So that’s dirty politics… Deng said..’who cares if the cat is black or white when both can catch rats”….telling china to be more open minded…and so they did….that’s why you can do business there…but that’s progressive continuations of Mao’s thoughts…..not kill it. Get it very very clear.

  342. monsterball says:

    kittykat….I suggest you get the red book..’Mao’s Thoughts”….read and then know how great that man was and still is worship like a GOD by Chinese.

  343. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Go read..’ All Men Are Brothers” and ‘The Three Kingdoms”..and ‘Water Margin”…and “The Chin Dynasty”
    Have you read them?

  344. monsterball says:

    Then buy the full set of DVD on WW2 ..Vietnam War..told by the China….and compare to what you seem to know…only from Britain and USA.
    Be fair…read both sides of the story and visit the countries and talk to the people to find out….which do they believe….the USA or CHINA version.

  345. kittykat46 says:

    Just back from taking my daughter out to her piano class.

    Yes, I have read Three Kingdoms and Water Margin.
    I also read Karl Marx’s Das Kapital when I was a student overseas.

    Have you been to the Killing Fields ?

    By the way you got my religion wrong. I’m a follower of Mahayana Buddhism.

  346. sdghedy says:

    The new Killing Fields are now in Iraq, where American terrorists have so far killed 2 million civilians, forced 5 million out as refugees and grabbing the oil for themselves. And they are planning to invade and grab Iran’s oil next. After that, Venezuela’s oil and gas fields

  347. monsterball says:

    Good..then we can speak the same language.
    killing fields?…What do you mean..visit there through guided tours…..sure I did. So you keep listening to the tourist guide…and did you try having a lunch or dinner wit days and talk again..same subject. it is taboo..but can yo get the,m to speak from their heart?……hahahahahaha
    No I do not read Karl Mar’s ‘Das Kapital”
    What I was trying so hard to keep telling you how to feel and think like a Chinese when we keep talking communist is evil…now you want to talk about Russian Communism?….not interested….as I group all these as ‘white devils’ behaviors.

  348. monsterball says:

    yea kittykat…please response to “sdghedy” writer.
    Seems all do not agree with you.

  349. monsterball says:

    Mahayan Buddhism pray to all sorts of Gods…no wonder!
    Tharavadian Buddhist does not pray to any God…but pay respects to all special human beings…dead or alive and treat Buddha nothing more than that.

  350. monsterball says:

    That’s why Europeans and American government people are ..’amokui”…and barbarians when they force the Chinese to smoke opium… bully them give up Hong Kong And Macau to them…yet you keep hero worshiping them?
    However..there were Lords and Emperor…keep controlling the minds of the Chinese too…out came Mao…Chiang….and Dr. Soon…ofcourse you know all these….don’t you…I mean…about the opium matter.

  351. kittykat46 says:

    By now I’m very used to being the only person I know who is sympathetic towards the United States as a nation (NOT the Bush Administration)

    The overwhelming attitude in Bolehland towards the US is heavily anti-American. To me its a form of group-think, very much sponsored by the Mainstream media.

    I wholehearted condemned George W. Bush’s misguided and illegal invasion of Iraq.

    There is a very nasty war going on in Iraq, and a lot of innocent people are being killed. The Americans are at fault with wrongfully starting the war BUT the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi civilian deaths are being caused by Bombs laid and detonated by Iraq groups trying to bomb their way into power.

    What happened in Cambodia’s Killing Fields was the War was over, all the combatants on the anti-communist side had laid down their arms or fled the country.
    THEN the rounding up and killing of unarmed and unresisting innocents began, all in the name of ideology.


  352. jeancumlately says:

    Sad aint it kk46? You have to beg for others not to “DENIGRATE (YOUR) RELIGION OR ANY OTHER RELIGION.”

    The same people who complained about NEP.
    The same people who complained about the keris.
    The same people who cried for fairness.

  353. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Read carefully!! I am not criticizing any religion..but merely point out what Mahayana Buddhists believe…as against Theravadians. After all..we Buddhists fly the same flag…don’t we?
    hahahahaha..American governments have been dividing countries…create confusion to justify a war out of nothing and downright hypocrites over the Isreal and Palestinians conflict….witnessing millions killed but..their hands are clean…well well well…I cannot blame you wanting to hero worship such a satanic govt. on earth…and most powerful too!!
    Arn’t they a big bully.
    One thing we do agree..this land sure boleh…but made tak boleh by you know know…and one of them is MCA…which you think great party?
    You must be doing great profitable business with USA? Usually people have selfish ulterior motives and blinded by greeds ..translate as good fortunes given by God….to hide their guilts.
    Few MCA leaders are experts on this too….ans one just ran away…few days ago?

  354. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…..Shut up or talk straight…don’t keep hinting and hinting.
    kittykat was referring to the religion we both belong to… and you talk cock!

  355. monsterball says:

    hi kittykat….Have you heard about the Domino Theory for Asian countries by the whites..before all wars started?
    All are helpless and poor…frightened.
    Do you know for RM50..a person can kill another? So Americans need only to bring few millions US$…to stir up trouble …letting brother fight against brothers.
    Where there is great corruptions..US is there….but we are special..our rich country is being robbed whole sale by our own people…so no need Americans to interfere.
    American is the world’s only super power…can easily make the whole world live in peace….but no….they want tensions and wars….millions have to die fOr they can sell warfare weapons…any simple minded man know this know…yet you hero worship USA?
    America is a racialist country..trying to kill the their country…..failed…now after the brown…but is afraid if the yellow…what a bloody cowards they are…using latest weapons against rocks and stones……but the rocks and stones brave fighters will be protected by God…just watch it…..hahahahahahaha

  356. Never Ending Parasitest says:

    monsterball & kittykat46 should use chat room such as Yahoo Chat. Is more effective and responsive and serve your purpose.

  357. hutchrun says:

    A huge crowd of Malaysian Muslims on Friday burnt a Zionist regime’s flag and an effigy of American President George W Bush during protests over Zionists’ atrocities in Gaza.
    The ralliers marched from a mosque after Friday Prayers to the British high commission and then to America’s embassy, both in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

    They shouted “Long Live Islam”, “Down With ‘Israel'” and “Down With Infidels” before setting the Bush effigy and flag on fire in front of America’s embassy, which was heavily guarded by Malaysian police and two water cannon trucks. – from this news item

    Non-Arab Muslims need to have brought home to them the real nature of Islam as the “Arab National Religion” (as Anwar Shaikh titled one of his books), and to realize that within the universalist claims of Islam is the justification and promotion of the most successful imperialism in history, that of Arab imperialism — linguistic, cultural, and political — for which Islam serves as a vehicle.

    And now, why should non-Arab Muslims, the Turks or the Iranians, or for that matter the Malaysians (at least one Malaysian intellectual has complained about the growing arabization of Malaysia), become little Arabs, assuming Arab names or lineages or dress or anything? What an act of self-humiliation, civilizational immolation! Why should this be endured?

    And why should non-Arabs upon whom Islam was foisted any longer endure the natural suspicion and hostility that all Muslims will, and rightly, feel from an aroused Infidel world? Why not give up on Islam, the “Arab National Religion,” or at least attempt to create a non-Arab version that will throw out all the parts of it (the dhimmi status for non-Muslims, the duty to participate in the Jihad so as conquer Dar al-harb and incorporate it into Dar al-Islam) that were obviously created to justify and promote conquest by the Arabs of richer, more advanced, more settled communities of Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians?

    One can understand why some Arabs who see right through Islam would nonetheless, out of an identification with “Uruba” or “Arabness,” and a civilizational piety — after all, if Islam is not so wonderful, then the value of that Islam as the “gift of the Arabs” to the world is called into question, and so are the givers — refuse to distance themselves or express to Infidels, or in public at all, their doubts about Islam.

    “Death to Infidels”? “Death to America”? “Death to Israel”? What puppets of Arab marionettes, reaching and manipulating more than a thousand years beyond the grave, to make these Malaysians dance to an Arab belief-system’s tune.

    How embarrassed, how humiliated, they should feel, those non-Arab Muslims. Some must.

  358. kittykat46 says:

    I shall rest my comments here.
    I hope I have not bored or offended other readers to the death here.
    Hutchrun just gave an excellent illustration of what I call the Bolehland Groupthink on the subject of USA.

    Going for some healthy Merdeka Day massage.

    Selamat Hari Merdeka !
    Hidup Malaysia, Tanahairku…

  359. wits0 says:

    Hutch: “..Malaysians dance to an Arab belief-system’s tune.”

    The same who rants about western imperialism and are conditioned to do so without awareness of self and the real situation. So chic and accepted presumably by peers – in the narrowest of sense. Bigotry that’s justified by the brotherhood compulsion and oblivious of anything else.

  360. wits0 says:

    Hopefully, Monty isn’t unwittingly lending unintended support to such instituted prejudice of the Bolehland system.

  361. chaptokam says:

    Everytime i hear the umnopukitras shout Mer de ka it sounds to me like Mau Duit Ka. They dont seem to be satisfied with what they have. Money , Power, Woman , Lubang, apa pun Mau.

  362. wits0 says:

    KK46: “I hope I have not bored or offended other readers to the death here.”
    Not me, even if I can’t agree on any specifics. You’re okay! 😀

  363. monsterball says:

    witsO..I love our country and Malaysian memang boleh…but UMNO said “Malaysia Boleh”…just hollow words to please us…but they have all the time made it ‘Tak Boleh”…as everyone is suffering ….like idiots working so hard…yet tak boleh succeed..but infact …they boleh make decent livings…if UMNO stop playing race and religion politics.
    The truth will save us all…and it is showing now with no flags flown!! they know wait for the ballot box.

  364. monsterball says:

    Me too kittykat…You are a spot!

  365. wits0 says:

    “..if UMNO stop playing race and religion politics.”
    Until the economy really crashes and clearly so, the utterly selfish system(supported by foolish ignoramuses) is unlikely to.

  366. monsterball says:

    When that time comes…it is too late..witsO
    It is showing signs now…..but we are a filthy rich country and so they can still hide their sinful misgivings through manuplations.
    The best is to vote them out….and I bet you…within 4 years…all will be well and good.
    Some UMNO..MCA..MIC will for their lives….hahahahahahaha

  367. monsterball says:

    They are very very greedy….chaptokam
    Previously…those just take few millions and contended…now they want to compete as world riches people with billions…as our country is filthy rich.
    But they are extremely smart….will not want to be shown how rich they are…by being humble and money all spread out amongst cronies and relations to hod inn trust.
    Malaysia really have best actors in the political world…no one can come close to compete with these these blokes.

  368. monsterball says:

    HI ‘Never Ending Parasitest” writer…why should we patronize Yahoo chat room?
    Get them to pay us good money..and few of us jokers can go there to battle anyone..any subject….hahahahahahaha

  369. monsterball says:

    And I had a glimpse at the Merdeka Stadium live show on TV…and again all about UMNO great achievements.
    But credit should be given to the thousands of students performing very well.
    And I was laughing… seeing Samy and Rafidah sit next to each other..and Samy keep talking to Rafidah..but I never see her responding or smiling at all. Must be embarrassed by that idiot keep talking to her.

  370. monsterball says:

    Yesterday maybe was the best chance for robbers to rob banks and ATM machines… all cops are busy busy….hahahahahaha
    But I guess they don’t have that good brains either….hahahahahaha

  371. wits0 says:

    Know what, Monty and Chaptokam, greedy is just one half of it. The other being very envious/resentful/jealous! Not mentioning presumptuous(about the next person being better off than themselves) and fatalistic about the methods(to get rich) – the ends justify the means sorta.

    Can that vary or change for the better? Not likely, as long as self-analysis is missing or faulty because of primitive indoctrination. Top that up with the tendency towards the fascist inclination. Can the soil of dishonesty bear forth really good fruits? That would take plenty of individual honesty and integrity, not fascistic proclivity.

  372. monsterball says:

    Well put..witsO..No hope for us.
    Maybe tomorrow …I can think sleepy.

  373. Susan, please highlight this issue.

    Google the related news items if you need clearer picture.

    Or, for basic info, go to my blog Patah Balek (heading: BOIKOT)

  374. monsterball says:

    Goodmorning everyone!
    Yea witsO..No hope for us..if people are not awakened….after what you wrote ..that are describing the weird guys in UMNO accurately.
    kittykat…I don’t mean are a spot …like a dot…but a sport….sport.
    fathi aris omar…What the hell are you talking about?

  375. monsterball says:

    fathi aris omar…your blog is in Bahasa….need visitors?
    Here we sepearrkeng orang puteh bahasa lah.
    Talk to us here what you want …and we will response.

  376. chaptokam says:

    Monsterball i think maybe Samy trying to tackle Rafidah asking her for a date or any one of these. asking Rafidah for AP approved permits or her Ah Pong ,telling her how nice she looks with her mikimoto pearls hanging on her neck maybe he wants to buy for his mistress up north in Penang….. maybe……or asking her apa boleh dapat lagi sabelum mereka fly kite .

  377. monsterball says:

    Maybe both planing where to run off..pretending nothing is happening..ACA is closing in?
    One top MCA man has ran away just few days before the celebration….get details from jeff blog.
    Samy and Rafidah..these two most corrupted ministers?…..what a team to be together forever in an island of nowhere……hahahahahaa

  378. monsterball says:

    chaptokam…When Samy takes off his false hair piece and his corset..this ball headed and huge round big big belly clown will make it special for one to have an art to make him come…not easy.
    He forever cannot see his brother John….while bathing..or any position..even using a mirror to try to see. That’s God first punishment to him…..more to come.
    Rafidah is also wearing a corset…but she sure has a cute face…the first to be able to tempt TDM. Don’t forget she hugged and cried..hearing TDM farewell speech and did it again…giving her perfume smell to remind TDM something.. ….when TDM gave a fury speech hinting corruptions by ministers. She tried to get TDM aroused….but that old man has lost that emotions and M’s wife is not amused….so Lat tells her off with his cartoon.
    Both have two things in common…real thick onion face and big bellies…so they deserve to be together forever…in an island..or in jail. Samy is talking and talking..asking Rafidah..what are the latest plans to run for their lives….to be together..everybody knows…no time to loose.

  379. monsterball says:

    One maybe choked to death by Samy accidentally..trying to make him happy…as he is like Star War…Jabba the Hutt..enjoying with no regards to the one doing it for him..may squeezed her to death accidentally with his lumps and lumps of fat body…nothing look like a human being …when he sits down..just like Jabba.
    Really must admire the bravery of the sweet young thing doing the job. hope got insurance..but then ..if anything happens…insurance have an art to read all the small lines or find ways and means …telling the victim why cannot pay.

  380. Tamil Aneh says:

    Samy Vellu has been very good toward poor Tamils. Those who are in difficulty can always go to see him for help.
    Go and drive past his house and see for yourself – from early morning until nightime there is an endless stream of people coming to see him for help. He has full-time people just to attend to them, and he often meets them personally when he can.

    These are the people who will for vote for him and his party for the rest of their lives.

    Samy Vellu has created much good karma in his life, no matter what the rest of the armchair critics may say about him.

  381. Tamil Aneh says:

    Hidup Samy Vellu !

  382. hutchrun says:

    Samy Vellu has created much good karma in his life
    Big question mark. After all many thousand left with Pandithan.
    Many curse SV for having bankrupted them in the maika loan scandal.

  383. hawk says:

    Lee Kuan Yew, an adviser to CHINA?


    Those commies cant wait to finsih him off after what he had done to thier comrades in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew literally double talked with his double head and twisted tongue and played all the commies out and put them in detention…for life. One even tried to commit suicide.

    U think those commies in CHINA forgot his misdeeds to their comrades?

    But CHINA did took Goh Keng Swee as the adviser, then sent in a lady spy to seduce that old man such that he denounced his family and then disappeared to nowhere.

    The same will happen to Lee Kuan Yew if he be adviser there.

  384. wits0 says:

    Can good karma be truly be wrought independent of pure motive?

    All tyrants throughout human history have had their own enablers and supporters without which tyrants would not have emerged into positions of power. The thing that is also not really apparent is that of their own collective karma in the enabling process.

  385. wits0 says:

    Hawk: “U think those commies in CHINA forgot his misdeeds to their comrades?”
    Doubtful if Hu Jintao and Company existing today really remember or care to. They have, by all appearance, more lucrative and pressing concerns these days.

  386. wits0 says:

    Hutch: “Ratchetting it up: Banana leaf war?
    Clearly religiousity is what provides the means and excuse to expand one’s ego beyond the diameter of the Nazi’s Hindenburg airship.

  387. wits0 says:

    “Dimension”, instead of “diameter”, i.e.

  388. hutchrun says:

    Speaking at Kanal D TV’s Arena program, PM Erdogan commented on the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West to describe AKP and said, ‘These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”
    Source: Milliyet, Turkey, August 21, 2007

  389. monsterball says:

    wa wa wa…Tamil Aneh….Ne chedapok …na cheta pok elak!
    Samy Jabber is like demi God to the Tamil poor?
    Sure…I also know how to get filthy rich and throw back few ringgit to each poor. Which idiot do not know how to do that?
    Since he is so generous to the Tamil poor…why are the Tamil still very very poor under his leadership for more than 24 years..longer than TDM?
    He reminds me of Tan Koon Suan….accused for cheating his own race….but the Tamils are more easily fooled..than the Chinese.
    Good karma?….por lah!!

  390. monsterball says:

    Tamil Aneh is 100% MIC man to talk like that.
    Where are the PPP Tamils?…since Pandithan have changed heart and realize the Indians votes need to be united with have BN stay in power…..what a show…what brotherly love…what terrible hypocrites!!
    But the Indians will not simply vote for Indians anymore..they are Malaysians and will think like that…more and more each year.
    Malaysians Indians and Chinese are sick of race and religion politics….so are majority Malays.
    This the the real truth.

  391. Tamil Aneh says:

    You can blabber as much as you like, but he has the goodwill of many, many Tamils in this country – and they vote in elections.

    Have YOU done a good deed for another human being lately ?

  392. Agree Samy Vellu is a really good MP in that sense…He really serve his constituents…:D
    And you have to give it to him, top performing politician, delivers the votes.
    On the Indian community, can’t comment.
    As Works Minister, erm, why are our buildings, roads, etc falling apart?

  393. wits0 says:

    “delivers the votes.”
    And returns more than crumbs?

  394. monsterball says:

    hahahaha..Tamil Aneh…I am daily doing good deeds here….so are many…can’t you see?
    So does Lee Lam Thye…and Chinese hates him like poison.
    So does al the dictators in the world…helping the poor and needy…while cheating the country and the people wholesale.
    witsO have said it all…but if Tamil Aneh…which “Aneh neh” wants to stay as a neh for the tamil…okay lah. Afterall….Tamils is the only party in Malaysia..behaving like the Tawainese…talk too much….fight…throw curry powder to each other…thus cannot talk sense to them…and let Tamil Aneh carry the balls of Samy Jabber…who must have got something good from him…that’s the nature of few in with personal benefits in mind…not for the country.
    And finally…witsO..said it well in response to Tamil’s ‘delivers the votes’….and may I add…Samy is the only very thick skinned Minister keep talking and breaking his the Lunas by-election braggart talks…and is the only Ministers who keep carrying balls of two PM by ‘sink and swim’ with one..than …swim away and left that alone.. and go to the other side like a snake.
    So he deliver the votes?…why are we not surprise…..but Tamil forgot Samy nearly lost his election under last TDM …..lets see he deliver the votes again….as he predicted at Lunas. No more cows left roaming the streets. Most are educated cows. Only the monkies are doing the war dance…doing that as the last hope for them….empty cowards showoff their strengths …as if they own Malaysia.

  395. monsterball says:

    Freelunch2020…my beloved gal!!
    What a smart gal you are….few words and full of wits….like I always know you that way.
    Now please keep Susan’s blog with added voomph with your regular comments and joke with us too….don’t be too quiet.
    Bless you gal.

  396. monsterball says:

    hi Tamil Aneh….millions ordinary Malaysians do good deeds every day and don’t show or tell out….don’t try to be too smart with….witsO ..hutchrun or freelunch2020 and yours truly…plus many more…if tamils all talk like you…even your kind ..the mild and meek types …cannot stand you…..will right and proper………hahahahahaha

  397. monsterball says:

    I repeat…Tamil aneh neh….ne chettapor elek….hahahahahahaha

  398. monsterball says:

    But tell good deeds done in blogging okay lah…as so many balls carriers … snakes….onion skins bloggers around…so readers must know the truths. Susan have been doing good deeds all over her body and and bones…brain and waving around…we all can even smell that…with her ‘may the truth save us all” Can you feeeeel her…..tamil aneh neh?

  399. monsterball says:

    Tamil Aneh said..’he has many, many Tamils in the country….”revealing his lack of confidence in Samy!! He did not say majority of the Indians.
    freelunch2020 is wise….by not commenting on the Indian community…..but me…not so wise….hahahahahaha
    I rest my case.

  400. monsterball says:

    For those who do not know what I wrote in Tamil language for Tamil Aneh….it is telling him to go to hell…and guilty selfish Indians are afraid everyday to go to hell…yet love drinking..dancing and making woopies. and talk with a twisted tongue…..snakes they are..some of them…not all….hahahahahaha

  401. monsterball says:

    And Mahayana Buddhists..which kittykat embraces is somewhat like that…afraid to go to hell…praying to all sorts of Gods
    Now I do not say it is bad..don’t me me wrong kittykat….be a sport…..hahahahahaha
    PS: Do they sleep with the lights on?….I wonder.

  402. kittykat46 says:

    Boddhisatvas are enlightened beings who have declined to move on to Nirvana in order to assist sentient beings free themselves from suffering in the material world.

    Buddhism has no “God” or “Gods” and Mahayana Buddhism does not involve praying to all sorts of Gods.

    There is roughly a similar sort of veneration in Catholicism with regard to Saints.

    Please stay off this Subject, OK ? I never ever say anything bad about Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism ever.

    Bad Muslims/ Christians/ Buddhists/ Hindus etc. are a different matter – we are free to criticise the actions of recalcitrant people.

  403. monsterball says:

    hi kittykat…Don’t be too sensitive.It depends on how to you want to translate the word ‘god’ in your own mind. Obviously.. you being educated under the European environment thinks a holy person is a God… ….but infact he/she is a godly person.
    I have not belittle Mahayana Buddhist…but merely point out the differences between the Theravada followers…..and should be interesting for readers to know the differences….so are all other religions with different sects. Did I say believing in God/Gods are no good…or any religion is no good?
    I will stay on the subject….as I have just out Hinddhusim and Mahayana pray to all sorts of Gods[holy people]…and I never say that’s bad at all…except cultural believes and habits have creep into their religion…while praying to a real special one…European have call that person “God”.

  404. monsterball says:

    kittykat…I just one to sum up what is a Mahayana and a Threvada…..two schools of thoughts….one grew of Buddha’s teaching that each individual carries within himself the potential for Buddhahood. Theravadins say that this potential can be realised through individual efforts. Mahayanists on the other hand, believe that they can seek salvations through the interventions of other superior beings call Bodhisatvas….and I am quoting my late Chief Reverend…Dr.K.Sri Dhammanada’s book..’What Buddhists Believe”
    But both Mahayana and Theravada are one in the acceptance of the Buddha and his teachings as the only method to attain the supreme bliss of Nirvana….again quoting from him.

  405. wits0 says:

    Milarepa, he was da greatest One among known saints because there’s the least controversial things left standing wrt his life so filled with the full range of human experience.

  406. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…From “Merdeka Message” to Buddhists saints…all because of kittykat inspirations….don’t blame me…blame him….hahahahahaha

  407. monsterball says:

    The Merdeka 50th celebration ended up with 4 countries competing on fire works display….and the Aussie won the trophy.
    Only UMNO can think of such a great idea how to spend money…not enough….spend extra unnecessary public funds for an expensive trophy and give away for nothing. Who cares who is the best…they are paid to do a job…no good …get other countries to do it.
    They simply don’t care what royalties show them …great examples how to be fair with public money… …simply not to waste public funds.They do feel they own the country….by the way they do and act.

  408. monsterball says:

    kittykat has gone to FSZ to disturb jeancumlaty…sudah jadi sikit gatal…..hahahahahahaha

  409. wits0 says:

    “They do feel they own the country….by the way they do and act.”

    Is there any doubt at all? What do they actually share? The unsubstantials.

  410. monsterball says:

    No doubt wItsO….but important to remind people and let them judge for themselves.

  411. monsterball says:

    Just to let you all know…the blind people are getting RM150 per month social welfare money. Have they increase it..I don’t know…but do we see a lot of blind people in the streets doing all sorts of things to earn a you blame them? By right…all should be chased out….as it is subtle con jobs..selling 10sen tissue for RM1.
    Government cares? Can you imagine the trophy..maybe costing RM2000 can help how many poor people?

  412. monsterball says:

    UMNO talk at least RM1200 to get out from the poor and starving status.
    I guess blind…lepers…legless…and other disabled people depending on social welfare money …all are animals…not humans.
    I even budget RM150 per month for my dog…treat as as one of the family…or not have a pet at all.

  413. hutchrun says:

    RM150 per month social welfare money
    RM200 now, but they must provide proof of `occupation`. So some do direct selling, others sell tissue or kacang etc.

  414. monsterball says:

    So what about those that CANNOT work? How to survive with RM200 per month?
    What about the lepers…totally rejected by the public….although it is proven not contagious.
    What about those disabled….blind deaf and mute?
    I like to know in 50 years..why UMNO is not proving to the whole world how great they are.. looking after the poor and needy.

  415. monsterball says:

    Can you imagine…one big huge place like allocated and build up a township for all sorts of disabled Malaysians living there…each have their own area…yet all together and a specialized hospital ..only for them?
    Okay…those who can work and earn a living….give less….for they are also proud and don’t want more than necessary enough from social welfare.
    Why only Twin Towers?..Why not show we are the greatest humane country in the world…and pricked the conscience of others…so cheap to do these worthy and godly deeds.

  416. Jack says:

    Merdeka came and went.Just like another day.Just wastage of public funds minus the spirit.Leaders blast off fireworks to celeberate another year of good harvest.
    Only nuts join them to celeberate.

  417. wits0 says:

    “Why not show we are the greatest humane country in the world…?”

    Not much oomph an adrenaline stirring in quiet magnamity as boasting widely, loudly and ostentatiously. Fakery instead of of true humanities usually goes with of the Cro Magnon sort of expressions.

  418. kittykat46 says:

    Sustainable, practical development which helps ordinary people improve their lives is often small scale, low profile and hard work.
    “Small is Beautiful” type development.

    Bolehland’s politicians are only interested in massive “sexy” projects, which create publicity and also provide opportunities for their cronies to make a nice profit. In the end most of the money goes to waste, or into somebody’s personal bank account.

  419. me says:

    hi susan,

    i’ve been reading your blog for the past few months to follow up on the mongolian case?
    why is the sudden mention on the case?

  420. shiver says:

    the biggest waste of money at the merdeka stadium was having the four higher ends of the stadium torn down to make it look like 1957.
    my goodness, 15,000 seats taken down. just like that. without any thoughts whatsoever of heritage.
    i used to sit at those seats and it is a magnificent view watching Selangor or KL playing.

    this is the work of evil people who only wants to glorify themselves.

    that dissapointment. i will never forgive that PM and his flag bearing, everything want to be wanna be, look at his monkey face, the most richest unemployed SOB in malaysia SIL.

  421. monsterball says:

    me…I mean you…I mean ‘me’ writer….nothing much about the murder case that surprises all of us….and they just stated the case this Monday…after three weeks long rest….I guess it is due to the merdeka celebration….all happy happy…no bad news …now we are back to where we are…the truths…nothing but bad news.
    kittykat knows bolehland also include MCA and he is dead against them…so why not announce your resignation from being a member of MCA right here…free yourself…and be more enlightened?

  422. monsterball says:

    Merdeka came and gone….showing how great UMNO is….now what….demolish the leprosy heritage home….half way stop…as another group say.. no….what bloody monkies are governing the country?
    You can read on many occasions….one group do another opposite thing…one group want corruption…another group trying to stop it…one group want no more special treatment for malays any more…another group carry kris and shout..’try it…see what happen?’
    But best is Raja Nazrin…..comment that Rajas are here to check and balance things…not perform ceremonial things as some think as their only performances. Great stuffs to hit back at UMNO.. thinking the country belongs to them to do as they like.

  423. llabretsnom says:

    my dedication to everyone here:

    It’s by John Lennon

  424. […] race. For those interested in developments I recommend Susan Loone’s blog and in particular her latest post a few days before […]

  425. monsterball says:

    5 years unpaid leave for women with children and it will not affect government services…so said Pak Lah. While I rejoice for the women such a nice caring PM….it is indirectly admitting they are overstaffed….most do nothing…as we all know.
    Can any commercial firm follow such great idea?
    I believe we are the first in the world to have this good news for women…and I wish to tell PM….bringing up children lies also with great dedicated professional teachers..and babies have all the time with the mothers after work and on weekends. Failures of children badly brought up…..are not lack of attentions from working parents….but a real sore eye to see by everyone..are that …..teachers are not good enough…and most are the teachers.
    So don’t pass the buck ….but ignore the real reason of the problem by creating massive mismanagement with that idiotic idea.

  426. wits0 says:

    With 5 years unpaid leave…even the present 90 days…as if that wouldn’t impact negatively on the gomen services and productivity at work.

    While they are on such leaves, as if their absence are always replaced(?). When not, who knows, except that the public may unknowingly suffers and other staffs too who may have to cover their absence. Easy to announce new things for political gain because the actual impact is unknown and is not made known in clearer details.

  427. monsterball says:

    And since the government consist on 90% one race..we can safely say he is concern of one race only.
    If he is that religious…he should look deep deep into his heart and realize UMNO is the main culprit…..why find nice vote getting solutions..and not a permanent solution to shame the devil…UMNO.. and do that goodness act for real human kindness he claims to have?

  428. monsterball says:

    SUSAN!! Where is my one minute ago nice cultured message gone to? How can your dustbin keep throwing away good thoughts?
    Are you protecting me ?…hahahahahahaha

  429. monsterball says:

    oooppppp! that someone reading messages before posting out?

  430. Mitesh Rami says:

    For the sake of real human kindness just perform goodness act..

  431. monsterball says:

    Go to Malaysia Today blog and read a post darted 5th Sept..what Mahathir said about S’pore and read all are scolding him with dirty words…no mincing of their thoughts. I am so glad I have been proven right….judging this man.
    And go visit rockybru’s blog and see THREE POSTS are devoted to Mahathir…..praying and keeping up to date of his adopted father’s progress…proving I am again right….Rocky is pro Mahathir and claim to represent all bloggers as President.

  432. hutchrun says:

    He delivers a speech in front of hundreds, and then says he was misquoted. Another word is `takiya`:

    On the controversy surrounding Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim’s call for the withdrawal of the English Common Law, he said the chief justice had complained that he had been misquoted.`

  433. kittykat46 says:

    Mahathir held his position for many years.
    He did some good things, he did some bad things.

    I’m not a fan of Mahathir, but I can understand why some people have a high regard for him.

    I did wish him a safe operation and a speedy recovery. That’s just a human thing to do.

  434. wits0 says:

    “He did some good things, he did some bad things.”

    Have the bad ones being corrected or is correctable or are doomed to remain a permanent legacy? The good ones, were they done with pure motives?

  435. wits0 says:

    When the mouth opens, the brain takes leave:

    Re: [beritamalaysia] Sun: Zam attacks theSun again ………….


    “If Zam is unhappy about a Malaysian Malaysia,
    what kind of Malaysia does he envision?

    A Malay Malaysia?

    In this 50th year of our nation, should we not be proud to be Malaysians?

    What is wrong with a Malaysian Malaysia?

    Does wanting a Malaysian Malaysia equate with being anti-Malay?
    Does wanting a Malaysian Malaysia equate with being anti-Chinese?
    Does wanting a Malaysian Malaysia equate with being anti-Indian?” u/q
    Don’t tell us he was “misquoted”, too! More like he’s illogically frantic.

  436. hutchrun says:

    “He did some good things, he did some bad things.”
    The only good thing he can do is to help destroy the UMNO he created. That`ll be poetic justice.

  437. hutchrun says:

    If he can`t do that he should just kick the bucket, the old saying holds:
    If a ruler treat his subjects as grass n dirt, then his subjects have a right to treat him as a bandit and an enemy.

  438. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    A very good Hello to Everyone, and Good Afternoon. I am back, energised, and ready to do combat with my favourite sparring partners…

    What a great Merdeka weekend it was. Wasn’t the parade a beautiful spectacle – Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, all united, marching forward to build the country’s future.

    The rest of the weekend I spent in my hometown, Klebang Besar, Melaka. For those of you who know the area, its behind the Caltex station near the junction of Jln Tengkera with Jln Pulau Gadong.

    Why am I so pro-Barisan ? The little house I grew up in must have been one of the most run-down in Klebang Besar. We were dirt-poor Babas.
    Today we have two Bungalow houses, one in KL and in Klebang Besar, Brand New Mercedes E-Series and another BMW 5 Series.

    Things look good, Babas and most Melaka Chinese are solidly behind Barisan.
    There is a strong continued support for all BN candidates, just like the Machap by-elections. DAP is all set to go into oblivion in Melaka, including its Secretary-General.

    DAP are stirring things up with the pig-farm issue, trying to make racial capital from it. Its an environmental issue, ler…don’t make everything into a racial issue.

    Over to you Monsterball…and do your worst.

  439. hutchrun says:

    Deputy Finance Minister Dr Awang Adek told Parliament on yesterday that RM100 million was spent to commemorate the golden jubilee of Malaysia’s independence and that the costs were justified to create a sense of national unity. That’s RM100 million of taxpayers’ money going to various pockets, which I believe a big chunk would be made up of kickbacks to corrupted ministers and public servants dishing contracts out to various suppliers.

  440. Liyana says:

    Hey guys, actually I surf this web site to find whats is the meaning of “MERDEKA” coz it is apart of my english course forum. But i’m suprise with all this message. First of all I would like to apologise that my english language is not good. Well, I’m still learning. All this time I thought our country are free from PERKAUMAN. I thought everybody satisfide with what MALAYSIA had give. But now I realize that I’m actually wrong. But I think what ever happend, we should not loose the spirit to celebrate MERDEKA. Maybe politicaly we are not merdeka yet, but at least we dose not have to live in fear, we can go every where in peace. we are still a harmony country compared to others country such as thiland, or other muslim country. They fight everyday, killing each other, I dont undersatnd what they get by doing all that. to HUTCHURN… who said ISLAM allow for separation of state and religion,and terorrism. In Islam we are allow to respect other people either muslim or non muslim to avoid war or fighting. But I agree with U that now days there is no pure islamic state or country but MALAYSIa is still the best Islamic country because we are still at the right lane. It is just Malaysia didnt use the real ISLAMIC RULE in our law system. For me, those Islamic country who use violance against each other, they didnt practise what they should practise as a true muslim. They are to fanatic with what they want in their life without thinking what shuold and what should not they do. JANECUMLATER said that 90% of our politic control by malays. But dont forget our economy are conquerd by non malay. most of rich people in this country is also non malay. So this mean we need each other to support this country. I hope there is no something such as PERISTIWA 13 MAY happen again in this country. I hope we still can leave in peace and harmony ever after.

  441. monsterball says:

    Nice witty piece…Liyana….and welcome to the blog of happy go lucky smart commentators….except few….you will soon know.
    Please do write more and feel at home. I am sure Susan wants all of us to say this to you. THANKS.

  442. monsterball says:

    hutchrun/witsO…When one like ‘Baba fm K.Besar” brags he can get me into trouble like simon wee…now totally forgot what he spoke ….proving he is an empty vessels making the most noise…and are just hollow words…have the cheek to invites me to battle against him…is a low down worm that is not worth talking back to….correct?

  443. Liyana says:

    somehow I agree with monsterball. But not 100% agree. When we talk about racialist, evrybody will point their finger to the non malay. what ever malays do is right, but what ever non malay, do a lot of negative comments will come out. I think our goverment give to much face and to much help to malay people until they become to lazy to improve their own life because they know that goverment will help them. But there is ssomething that U and other people who always talk about racialist must think…. every races have their negative and positive attitude. Malaysia politic system are controled by malay, so many of non malay people complain about this and that, saying that they lost their right for this and that. Singapore politic system are control by chinees, we can see how malay and Indian people at singapore sufering for losing their right in a lot of ways especially religion. For example, muslim cant wear scaft to school. India politic system ofcourse controled by Indians, we can see how theire country is now. We are lucky there is nothing such as that happen in our country. We are lucky our goverment didnt say it is compulsory to all student either muslim or non muslim to wear baju kurung and tudung to school and take pendidikan Islam subject in exam. We still can pray in our ways, do or celebrate all the ceremony in our way. Dont U guys think this is better then nothing? If now non malay says that chinees should hold this country, after that Indians also will say that they are the one who should be the new goverment, so the same unsatisfaction will come out every time new goverment hold stand up. Eventhough priority is given to malay, non malay also still can achive successful and prosperity in their life. What elese we want in our life? Just improve what ever we have in our life and maintain all the peacefull that we have now.

  444. wits0 says:

    Baba speaks from his personal perspective…perhaps he has had BN biz connections and that speaks nothing of the unknown and marginalised people like the OA, e.g.. A superficial commentator tends to refer to the possession of a Mercedes as a criteria of success. It’s quite naturally irresistable within the contemporary “values” of Bolehland.

  445. Liyana says:

    Thank You for accapting me in this blog. Hope no body will ‘kecil hati’ with my comments.

  446. hutchrun says:

    We are lucky our goverment didnt say it is compulsory to all student either muslim or non muslim to wear baju kurung and tudung to school and take pendidikan Islam subject in exam.
    Not yet. But non malay women in the police force must wear tudung – ask the IGP.
    In the universities too there have been problems over the dress code. Strangely, many students these days shun national schools. Must be the stuff that goes on there.

    We still can pray in our ways, do or celebrate all the ceremony in our way. Dont U guys think this is better then nothing?
    Those indians must be stupid for crying that their 100 year old temples have been pulled down.

    we can see how malay and Indian people at singapore sufering for losing their right in a lot of ways especially religion.
    As a student, you should substantiate that.
    There`s no synagogue in M`sia, but there`s one in S`pore. With all those visitors n workers from Iran/Iraq, where`s the Shiite mosque?

    If now non malay says that chinees should hold this country, after that Indians also
    No one`s saying that.
    Non malays say the country should be held by malaysians. Not getting some dressed up monkey procreated in Kuwait to raise the national Flag on Merdeka Day.

  447. shiver says:

    hello baba from klebang besar.

    please speak for yourself, thanks. dont lump every single malaccan together as if every single baba malaccans are behind BN. funny actually, you are really one the few people i read that supports the gomen of the day.

    do you work for NTV7?

  448. hutchrun says:

    India politic system ofcourse controled by Indians, we can see how theire country is now.
    Goodness me. What are they teaching in schools these days.
    Anyway, there are 165 million muslims there in India so …

  449. monsterball says:

    SUSAN!! I am tired to put out a serious message and is thrown to the dustbin …right now. Please find and put it out…Thanks.

  450. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Liyana,
    You have generally written a sensible post, but I need to correct an often repeated fallacy often voiced by Malays in Malaysia.

    Singapore Malays are NOT suffering. They get no special privileges, but there is no real discrimination against them either. They have all the same opportunities going through the excellent Singapore educational system.
    Political power is a numbers game, that’s a separate issue. I’m not a professional politician.

    I work in a specialised area of International trade and finance, and in this line of work your knowledge and capability is everything – “ketuanan” nonsense doesn’t cut anything.

    I regularly deal with some very smart and knowledgeable Malays from Singapore. I’m sorry to say this, but in my line of work, I rarely meet highly competent Malay professionals from Malaysia.

    To me this proves its not a problem with race or religion. The problem is the system in Malaysia, it does not encourage excellence and professionalism among many Malays.

  451. monsterball says:

    hi Liyana….Do speak out your wise thoughts. We are no pro this or that here…and we can disagree like cultured people….but if we don’t speak up…then more misunderstandings.
    All of us are here to learn…never one is 100% correct.

  452. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Yes there are very smart Malays in Malaysia…and far sighted and wiser than you too!!’It is unfortunate you think so low of Malaysian malays and lean favorably towards S’pore….just a small country…and who does not know…everyone there need to be smart to survive. It is actually not a country…per se…if you are wise enough to think that wisely….but Malaysia is a country…and yes….more malays can be smart…but UMNO did not give them the chances…that I agree…but please stop saying you cannot find smart Malays in MALAYSIA….Go mix more wider groups …to talk like that in the future.
    You are making a fool of yourself.

  453. monsterball says:

    thanks again

  454. Liyana says:

    talking about Bangsa Malysia,I always hered our goverment speak and campaing about Bangsa Malaysia, but I dont think it will come true as long as there is still have quotation of races in every thing , as long as the priority is still given to malay people in every single ways.I am malay,but my I have chinees and indians friends. There is nothing we can do, only stick together and try our best to make this nation become stonger. Just ‘bersyukur’ with what we have and pray for a better life in our future.

  455. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    I didn’t mean it to be a racist statement.
    But I stand by my observation that the system in Malaysia does not encourage excellence and professionalism among many Malays.

  456. monsterball says:

    Liyana…You speak like a Malaysian…not a Malay….so do we all loyal citizens of MALAYSIA from other so all races.
    Yes we should all stick together….as the first person {I think}who said united be strong…divided will fall…was Kublai Khan….with a small army….got them so united and thus can win wars over stronger larger enemies… we unite and UMNO must hear us…sooner or later…or forever be damned.

  457. monsterball says:

    kittykat..You did not say the education system…but said you cannot find smart Malays here…. and may I add…..smartness does not come from being so educated like you.

  458. hutchrun says:

    Just ‘bersyukur’ with what we have and pray for a better life in our future.
    Reminds me of a frog in slow-boil water, and before it knows it`s cooked for good.

  459. monsterball says:

    kitttykat…Before you again talk so much about S’pore success….let me test your most intelligent brainwaves by saying ..what is so hard to bring S’pore..up to what they are now..with one race….all hungry and have a good smart leader to do exactly what LKY was doing.
    It is simply good management from a very sincere man…but Malaysia is 100 times bigger than S’pore….and I think S’pore is not a country…per se…like HongKong.
    To me… LKY have only one problem……how to bring S’pore to its present status with no race problems…..but if LKY were to do that in MALAYSIA…he will fail miserably….yet we all don’t know …if that’s true….don’t we?
    Problem with UMNO..we all know….so if we all know…does that not mean ..we all also know how to make Malaysia more successful than S’pore?
    The point is…why keep comparing and judging..but are you doing your part?
    Looks like you are sitting on the pretty fence…watching a nice gusti show? Get real.

  460. hutchrun says:

    [ ]
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I then decided to apply for a French passport as this would make my traveling so much easier. I rang the Malaysian consulate about this and they were initially very polite and asked for my personal details, such as passport number, IC number, home address, place of work, parent’s address in Kuala Lumpur, names of all my family members in the UK and Malaysia, etc.

    At the end of the phone call, they suddenly told me in a nasty voice that I had to surrender my passport immediately because I had been stripped of my Malaysian citizenship by virtue of just asking about applying for a foreign passport!

    My Malaysian passport and IC were both invalidated and using either would have been a serious offence. Very nice, I thought, as now I am completely stateless in a foreign country, thanks to my government’s policies.

    It ended up okay in the end. I was a computer specialist at the time and I went to the home office in Croydon and explained my situation and they contacted my employer and I obtained British nationality and a British passport within three months.!B836B7A2829D713B!1598.entry

  461. hutchrun says:

    JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia expects to buy Russian defence equipment including tanks and helicopters worth $1 billion when President Vladimir Putin visits Jakarta this week, a Defence Ministry official said on Tuesday.
    Russian and Indonesian companies are also expected to sign oil and gas contracts worth about $10 billion, local media reported.

    No wonder UMNO were quick to apologise to Indonesia on the refereee beat-up matter.

  462. monsterball says:

    I disagree Liyana….Don’t leave it to fate and say…lets ‘pray for a better life in future”
    Why must we always pray for this or that…and not work for them?
    Depending on super powers for down to earth problems create by our own mankind makes God sick of hearing these prayers…from the weak and the meek.
    Neither do we need to be fanatics.
    Keep you voice loud and clear..and yes..more from Malays..the better….as UMNO is afraid to loose the Malay votes.

  463. kittykat46 says:

    Its not true that Singapore had no race problems.
    The island nation has 76% Chinese, 14% Malays, 8 % Indians. They had a fair share of race clashes and riots once.
    Race is largely neutralised as a national issue in Singapore, throught its education system. No race gets a free ride, but neither are they denied opportunities.

    I don’t wish to continue this discussion – I share my experiences and knowledge, and I don’t believe I have criticised anyone personally, but Monty chose to attack me directly.

    I don’t intend to launch a counter-attack on him, so I will leave it at that.

  464. wits0 says:

    Liyana, if only you could get to read the officially banned book, “Malaysia and the Club of Doom”, by Syed Akbar Ali. It would explain plenty to you provided you have a mind that’s open enough. The reason it is banned is because the prevailing System is fearful that the malays might get enlightened to Reality which the nons are largely already long aware of, and confirmed via the Net. It is, afterall written by a malay and a muslim….and therefore constitutes a big threat to the repressive nature of the official ideology in Bodohland.

  465. Liyana says:

    HA… I’m getteing tired talking about serious issues, but I still want to talk about it. KITKATTY, U said that there is no real discrimination againts them? I dont know either U are muslim or not, but if U r muslim sure U know that in ISLAM wearing TUDUNG is compulsory for lady. If U r non muslim,let say U stay in malaysia, and U are discourage to do things that are compulsory in your religion for U to do , while muslim people are free to do all the things that related to their religion, what will U say about that? and like what monsterball said.. please do not say there is no smart malays in malaysia. You should find out more about malay people in this country.

    1 more thing I can say about malay people at singapore is, they are loosing theire attitude as a malay. especially the youth. They prefer to speak english more then malay language and some of them come to Malaysia and pretend like they dont understand malay language at all. ” sorry, I’m malay but I’m from singapore not malaysia. So can U please speak english because I’m not good in malay” this is the reality. This is my experience. But I think the same problem also we have with malay youth in malaysia but not too serious like singapore malays have.we can see in malaysia also young malay prefer to speak and wear like hollywood people.

    I go to singapore about 2 years ago, I can see how proud and arragont are they when they look at us, the malays from malaysia,wearing tudung,long pants and long sleeve shirt. I know not all of malay people at singapore are like that. but most of them are like that.

    About system in malasysia, I agree there is some weaknes in our e system, but that dosen’t mean it doesn’t encourage excellence and profesionalism among many malays. If that is true, thats mean not anly malay are not profesional, but also chinees and indians because they also have to go trough the same system in malaysia. When we ‘+’ and ‘-‘ all this = no smart people from malaysia and it is impossible for malaysia to be one of success develope country in the world like what we have now.

  466. wits0 says:

    Hutch: “No wonder UMNO were quick to apologise to Indonesia on the refereee beat-up matter.”
    Besides there won’t be that Commonwealrth Forces around to protect Bolehland as in the sixties. Nor idoes the officialdom really believes that Bolehland is really as united as then. The hotair tok kok ‘tokoh-tokoh’ will also be the first to jet out of harm’s way with all their accuimulated wealth gained over the years.

  467. hutchrun says:

    ..there won’t be that Commonwealrth Forces around..
    The best thing might be a real good butt kicking. That should expel the UMNO ego, and things will change mighty fast.

  468. Liyana says:

    thank you so much monsterball. I miss that in my writing. ofcourse afford is important, we have to work for them and not just pray. thats true! I have to talk like Malaysian not malay because I’m not living in this country with malay people only.I mixed with other races so I know little bit about what they want from this country especially in education and financial system. To Wits0..thanks for your sugestion.

  469. Australian Flashpacker says:

    Liyana, thats why Malays in Malaysia will never move foward. They should take Singaporean Malays as example!! I feel that the Malays in Malaysia are still the same as before 1957. = )

  470. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Get real…when you get 76% of one race and the leader is a serious non corruptable person….and able to explain clearly to the citizens…the futures…it is easy to bring them up to that status.
    What do you mean I am attacking you personally….and if so…which you think is unfair…go ahead …attack me back…but don’t use that excuse to stop your smart opinions.
    Now you go answer Liyana….but don’t be too smart to keep thinking like you are now….WITHOUT realizing why does he speak like that. You have little compassionate understandings….and MCA is part of the problem…yet you respect them.
    Go find out…why I also criticize Liyana…yet he thank me for it.
    It is from the heart one can understand better….do you have that heart?

  471. monsterball says:

    NO… Australian Flashpacker writer…….Why should Liyana learn from foreigners?
    We are doing fine by ourselves and belittling Malays here means belittling all MALAYSIANS.
    I suggest you look closely to your own country’s hypocritical and balls carrying political problems.
    We don’t need anyone to compare anyone of our race to any other country.. We are Malaysians….and we will teach each other…so far so good.

  472. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Did you see the 5% Chinese all run away from Indonesia? Don’t tell me you never know the real story.
    Now you tell me why the Chinese stay as they are…only 5%…so terribly out numbered. Did they learn from S’poreans?

  473. Australian Flashpacker says:

    You are right! But try to take a look at the Malays there! They are much more ahead than Malaysian malays. If you don’t compare, you will stuck there forever. = ) Thats it.

  474. Australian Flashpacker says:

    Did you see more and more Chinese entering Australia?? LOL!!!

  475. monsterball says:

    There is much to be admired about the Malays and yet…sick of their slow carefree mentalities and hypocracies.
    There is also much to admire about the Chinese and Indians…yet the clear selfishness and stubborn characteristics are also contributing to what Malaysia is today. If not how come…UMNO…MCA…MIC.. dare to be that corrupted and arrogant?
    So…..if we are to correct each other…let us first correct ourselves….to be free and impartial human beings…thus your messages will be respected and taken note.
    Every ultra was focusing in attacking monsterball for three years…..go check out why….and right now…go check out the results…who were right and who were wrong.
    So kittykat..if you are so right…don’t be afraid of personal attacks.
    Do God’s work now …here is your chance….kittykat.

  476. monsterball says:

    hi Australian Flaspacker…..More and more Chinese enter into Australia…because the Aussies are lazy and love to spend time at pubs drinking…instead of working…so much so…. huge opportunities to earn a good decent living. Aussie govt. is damn smart to offer all sorts of benefits to get them stay put……to cover the lazy arses of the Australians.
    And majority are working there…not migrate to Australia…get it clear.
    And by the way….Chinese enter to almost all countries in the world.

  477. monsterball says:

    And we have enough smart Malays that are non political to teach our Malays here. They don’t need to observe S’pore Malays….which are far apart in culture and characteristics from ours. They have lost their identities and are copying western styles.To be blunt…we don’t like western barbaric influences too much.
    We are looking towards Japan and Indian for inspirations…and that is good.
    To be influence by Australians are similar to be influenced by British and Americans…experts to divide and rule…and war mongerers.
    We are no fools!! Our smart Malaysians can guide them back …which I sometimes suspect..foreigners are seeing good results…now out to confuse…not to help.
    There is a simple saying…..all the good hearted people are dead….or died very young.

  478. monsterball says:

    And Aussie govt. is desperately finding ways and means to keep the Chinese there….as they have a reputation to work hard and are damn honest. Canada is doing same thing…..but more sincere than the Aussies..therefore you find more are going there to work in Canada nowadays.
    Without the Chinese washing your dishes and waitering at restaurants…..or opening restaurants themselves…you think you Aussies have fine cheap food from clean plates to eat without worries?
    I repeat….Aussies drink more beer than they work….and your government knows that….simply love the Chinese way of working.
    We will teach our other MALAYSIANS short comings……no need other experts…whose ulterior motives are not that sincere all through the years.
    We inherited the problem…we will correct those ourselves!!

  479. Australian Flashpacker says:

    Well, not to say lazy. Just enjoying live. Asians don’t really enjoy their lives. Yes, majority of Asians come here and work and never go back. LOL!!

  480. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha..That is the most ridiculous thing ever heard!
    They come to Asian countries to enjoy life and go back …drinking beer during office hours to talk nonsense and go back home to drink whiskey. They are mostly lazy drunkards blokes.
    But not many have chances to travel out….so they really don’t know outside world..and if they do travel out…it is like going on a Mecca pay homage to Britain and USA….yet infact they are Asians.
    Less we talk about AUSTRALIA..the better….as long as no Aussies try to teach us anything.

  481. monsterball says:

    Dream on..Australian Flashpacker…and if they do stay is not Malaysia is no good…but it is because in Australia…the Aussies are lazy…and your govt. treat the Chinese like gold…so who will not stay there?
    It is just natural. Imagine Malaysia govt. offer you so many many fringe benefits….half of you Aussies populations will migrate to MALAYSIA.

  482. monsterball says:

    You are NUTS!! Do you know he history of our races?
    Asian don’t know how to enjoy life?
    Go find out where the Aussie’s money are spend by tourists from AUSTRALIA… chicken ranches…buying imitation watches and shirts and shoes.. to go home and brag they are real.
    Those shop keepers are laughing at the way Aussies love to brag and drink beer…enjoying here…not at home.
    At home is purely non productive workers with big mouths…..fooling Aussie boss by another Aussie.

  483. monsterball says:

    Wine..Women and Songs…are Asians specialities for more than 5000 years..and Aussies just learn that…these 30 years…..we Asians don’t know how to enjoy?

  484. monsterball says:

    Okay..Enough of the insignificant humans ….being pampered by USA and Britain to be what they are.
    Merdeka post should end with a merdeka message …to respect Susan’s post.
    And I hope Malaysians wake up and not let others see us as useless and divided people.
    We are certainly falling backwards for past 25 years….and we can go forward very fast..if we all think as one..think as Malaysians and do the right thing for Malaysia,..not for personal benefits.
    On before of all of us…I thank Susan for such a wonderful post.
    Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Medeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
    Good Night FOLKS.

  485. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    What a Giant Ball of Bull Dung

  486. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Incredible how you guys put with so much Verbal Excrement from this Oversized Nut

  487. The level of intellect displayed here is just to low for me to participate in the ‘discussions’ if one could call it that.

  488. llabretsnom says:

    Some people never learn

  489. llabretsnom says:

    What do you call that creature which took an empty seashell and make it its own home?

  490. monsterball says:

    Thought I take a look again….what do I find?
    Usually empty head with no ideas…just say those thing. What else?
    witsO..shiver..huthcrun ….all f…him up….a real braggart. What a bloody shrimp he is.
    He is belittling everyone of my friends right now…especially saying all that.
    Let them deal with him.
    Philomena Roberts….welcome! What level of interlect you come from? Put out your highest intelligent message and lets see….what stuffs are you made of.
    Again…this is another way of admitting….you know next to nothing….poor girl…read and learn…don’t run away.
    GOOD NIGHT AGAIN. This time is real…hahahahahaha

  491. “What level of interlect you come from?” Monster

    For one thing you could at least learn how to spell ‘interlect’ and its meaning. No one comes from ‘interlect’.

  492. monsterball says:

    Who cares about good English Philo and don’t you try using this line of talk as an excuse that you are more intelligent than me.
    Now shoot out your so call more intelligent ideas or message to prove you are such a smart gal.

  493. monsterball says:

    Philomena…Be a nice lady…..I am not a monster….so have some manners. You have projected you are smarter than all of us….and we don’t need English lessons…so go straight to the point to prove you are smarter than us. We are all ears.
    Ilabretsnom….Is it quiz time? What are you trying to say?

  494. monsterball says:

    Philomena…Be a nice lady…..I am not a monster….so have some manners. You have projected you are smarter than all of us….and we don’t need English lessons…so go straight to the point to prove you are smarter than us. We are all ears.
    Ilabretsnom….Is it quiz time? What are you trying to say?

  495. monsterball says:

    Good morning to all!
    It looks like few foreigners plus a Malaysian rat…when I said ‘goodnight’..out he comes… are trying to reach us something.
    Lend them your ears and see what can they teach Malaysians.

  496. monsterball says:

    Our wise men said “Look East” and now say ‘learn from the Japanese”….not one have ever said ..learn from the a British or an American or a mixture of both of them….call Australian…..and they are right on these advises.
    Now few are trying to teach all of us….how to such eggs…starting my English spelling….hahahahahahaha

  497. monsterball says:

    Liyana….Don’t be afraid to talk with broken English!
    This is one way to try frighten you off….not me.
    You are doing fine….and one way to learn better is have a dictionary beside you…whenever you read the newspaper and any word you cannot understand…refer to the dictionary and learn.
    ME?….Go to hell..I have learn enough English…and lets see these foreigners talk sense….not try to be too smart and talk cock….which one lady …philo…has started exactly doing that…talking cock.

  498. monsterball says:

    However…our wise men knew how to advise but never practice what they taught us.
    That’s why they also sucks.

  499. Lord says:

    I think this blog has been littered with sweet nothings, immature comments and at times abusive language by the few same posters.

    It helps if serious contributors come along and make some real contribution. Philly is right.

  500. monsterball says:

    Lord oh Lord…Another one comes…saying we are immature commentators..and surely mean your truly is the most childish.
    We have a bunch of idiots now judging us…and that means Susan’s 1 million visitors are all nothing to do…but read pr post here…all nonsense.
    Strange they don’t go round to other blogs…that are sickening pro politicians or anti-government….but come teach me good English and label me as childish.,,hahahahahahah
    Waiting for smart comments from them….but no ….just keep talking cock…hahahahahaha
    This means …we are telling the truths and shaming the devils……hahahahahahaha

  501. monsterball says:

    So Lord of the clowns……you be the first so call serious contributor….why talk cock?

  502. monsterball says:

    And where is that smelly pussy me a monster.
    Where are you? You have no cock…why talk like that?

  503. monsterball says:

    Soooo cultured..and dear to call Philomena..Philly’
    hhhhhhhmmmm after something FOC?
    Long ago…a team of such clowns came to Sheih’s exactly like that when we exposed the devilish characters of the orang putehs…….judge….make sarcastic remarks…then jabot.
    Philomena….if you are addressing her officially..Philo is trying to be friendly….but calling her Philly is from an itchfy man…looking for free milk….hahahahahaha
    And her calling me a monster…..f…..her no time….hahahahahaha

  504. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Very sad that a few commentators who very politely called for a higher standard of discourse on this blog – without criticising anybody – got seriousy abused by one Arrogant SOB who seems to think he owns this space.

  505. jeancumlately says:

    First of all, I would ignore anything that comes out from australian, the american appointed sheriffs (I mean a deputy) especially when he / she try to talk about “value.” What do bush’s poodle know about “value” other than to sit when it was told to sit? A nation that needs a big brother to stand is now trying to teach someone to run! How did your forefather get to australia anyway? Yes, the chinese did go to australia. But they went there for opportunities and not because of your values. And surely not because they robbed someone in england. Get it? Now, sit!

    Liyana, its good to see someone like you talking. But you have to handle the frustrations of having to handle those with no real understanding on islam but looked at themselves as the expert. Tudung is considered backward. The lesser you wear, the more advanced you are. That is why singaporean malays are considered more advanced than us. And wow, they dont know how to speak malays…

    Also, it would help alleviate your frustrations by agreeing that there would be no discrimination if any race other than the malays are in power. There is no discrimination in singapore, in thailand, in india, in pakistan, in america, in australia, you name it. Only in malaysia because the malays are in power.

    I pity those who failed to meet intelligent malays in malaysia. Where have you been? Putrajaya?

  506. hutchrun says:

    Tudung is considered backward.
    Further refdlecting your backward understanding. Tudung is not seen backwards. In fact many girls wearing tudung are very `forward`.

    What is considered backward is the taliban going around forcing women to wear the headscarf. If it`s the woman`s choice so be it. Not that she be forced into it.
    Like what they start doing to brainwash the girls from primary schools onwards – force them to put it on.

  507. hutchrun says:

    What do bush’s poodle know about “value”
    Last few years the Aussie economy has been doing very well. So they must know about `value`. Even the PM is reputed to have a house hideaway – and that`s one guy who really knows value (at least the way he spends money).
    So many other instances.
    Nah, Aussies know more about values than m`sians who like boat people clamber to get on board the gravy train.

  508. hutchrun says:

    I pity those who failed to meet intelligent malays in malaysia. Where have you been? Putrajaya?
    Why Putrajaya? So far that.
    Once a year is enough seeing the malay cream at the UMNO General Assembly. Sons of the soil, lords n masters of the world.
    They are brimming with intelligence pouring out of their ears.

  509. hutchrun says:

    That is why singaporean malays are considered more advanced than us. And wow, they dont know how to speak malays…
    You may think of them like that.

    Here`s what a s`porean malay told me:
    I`m not like them (meaning m`sian malays).
    An Indonesian got angry when I called him `melayu`. He said:
    `Kita bukan macam dia`.

  510. hutchrun says:

    A nation that needs a big brother to stand..

    GENEVA — American workers stay longer in the office, at the factory or on the farm than their counterparts in Europe and most other rich nations, and they produce more per person over the year.

    They also get more done per hour than everyone but the Norwegians, according to a U.N. report released Monday, which said the United States “leads the world in labor productivity.”,2933,295556,00.html

  511. hutchrun says:

    In m`sia, half the year the prublic sector is sleeping – going by the no. of holidays alone.
    M`sians, esp. a certain sort, are fine to talk about other peoples` values when they have zilch.

  512. kittykat46 says:

    I apologise for an unfair statement about Malays in Malaysia.
    Maybe I spend too much time dealing with Jabatan Kerajaan, whether KL or Putrajaya.

    I’m going to stay away from commenting on anything touching on Race or Religion for as long as I can.

    On the subject of Australia and Australians.
    They have a right-wing reactionary Prime Minister – its perfectly understandable if you dislike him, but don’t tar the entire nation.

    The uncouth, beer-guzzling, lazy Australian is as much an unfair stereotype as my unfair stereotype of Malays made earlier.

    On the negative side, yes Australians love short working hours and jealously guard their off work hours. And some of their unions are still living in the 19th century. And there are still plenty of White Supremascist racists there.

    My observation of Australian work ethics is – they are very serious during working time, and their per-hour working time productivity is very good, comparable to most other industrialised countries.

    And the Australian companies I have dealt with generally have a high standard of integrity. They usually delivered according to what was agreed upon. When they couldn’t deliver to the specification, they highlighted it up front, not try to sneak it past our checking.

    Gentleman companies is what I call them.

    I’m not being an A** licker as somebody may shoot back at me. Just ask anyone who regularly deals with Australian manufacturing, trading or financial firms.

  513. jeancumlately says:

    Huthrun, I never said wearing tudung is backward. Read the context of the sentence.

    Once a year is enough seeing the malay cream at the UMNO General Assembly.

    Hutchrun, you were seeing the malay cream at the UMNO General Assembly? Wow. I guess pak lah is a malay cream to you. You have a better chance in meeting the malay cream in pasar borong selayang. Every malaysian should know that by now.


    What is considered backward is the taliban going around forcing women to wear the headscarf…

    Do you mean in malaysia? How about complaining about those who wants to wear the headscarf but not allowed to do so for a change?

    Aussie economy has been doing very well. So they must know about `value`. Even the PM is reputed to have a house hideaway

    Funny. I thought we were talking about human value and this guy talked about real estate…

  514. jeancumlately says:

    kk46… fair enough and I offer my apology too.

    I just want to make a point that anyone can make a racist and condescending view on other race if they choose to. No one race is perfect except hutchrun’s. We should all learn from him / her / it.

  515. hutchrun says:

    You have a better chance in meeting the malay cream in pasar borong selayang. Every malaysian should know that by now.
    Been there many times. You call that cream?
    No difference. In fact the envy n jealousy is greater.
    No. They are the riff raff.

    Funny. I thought we were talking about human value and this guy talked about real estate…
    You mean you talk about sheriff`s n deputies, that`s human value? They only talk that in TDM`s office, putrajaya n now hamid albar`s office.
    You are so brain washed there`s nothing original from you.

    I never said wearing tudung is backward.
    No you didn`t. You were doing a `takiya` job. This is what you said:
    `Tudung is considered backward. The lesser you wear, the more advanced you are. …`

    I merely put it in better context.

    How about complaining about those who wants to wear the headscarf but not allowed to do so for a change?
    This blog is titled `merdeka` so we stick to that. And you haven`t really answered that have you. Another `takiya` crap to promote the islamic state under the veil of `oh muslims are repressed all over the world`.

    Maybe the syariah law would be best for m`sian muslims. Would be nice to have some biddies hanging from a crane, or stone throwing in Dataran Merdeka, a beheading now and then.
    Oh Oh nearly forgot all that wonderful lashing.
    Wow what weird sexual antics.

  516. monsterball says:

    The rat who is also born without a father… appeared only when I said goodnight insulting me…….is out supporting orang puteh with his twisted logics.
    hi bodoh…I don’t own the blog….I and few others are protecting the blog…so far so good…1 million hits and constantly growing… thanks to you.
    Jeancumlately…Great stuffs!!
    Where is witsO?

  517. hutchrun says:

    No one race is perfect except hutchrun’s
    I used to do cross country pretty neat.

    We should all learn from him / her / it.
    Why the `We`?
    Speak for yourself. `It` is better. See you begin to learn.

  518. monsterball says:

    kittykat…I have been doing business with Australian companies for past 36 years and on going.
    No you are wrong….some Australians are real pain in the arse…want to bully others into submitions…but if one dares to complaint to higher ups like me…then ..yes…high lever guys are mostly professionals.
    Most have not travel out and talk through their nose…and few knows next to nothing…but hold the title ‘Export Manager” to make others work…and they get the credit….but ALL are great beer drinkers.
    I wish you have some good to say about our people…instead of belittling them…then apologize….smelling the wind is blowing against you.

  519. hutchrun says:

    No one race is perfect except hutchrun’s. We should all learn from him / her / it.
    Come come. Why so coy?
    Bumiputera malays are supreme. Which country do you live in if you don`t know that. And no one can be equal to you – surely you know what`s in your religion instead of having a kufar spell it out for you.
    I have nothing to teach you, it`ll only make you a bad soul (as your religion tells you). All i Do is pay the `jizya` and that`s enuf for you.

  520. monsterball says:

    hutchrun….please do me a favour..this us not the time to quarrel amongst Malaysians..especially with jeancumlately…okay?
    Thanks in advance.

  521. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…And Philomena said the level of intelect here is below par.
    Where the f…has she gone to?
    shiver…where art thou?
    Bamboo river….busy?

  522. hutchrun says:

    ..this us not the time to quarrel amongst Malaysians..especially with jeancumlately…okay?
    I don`t see it as quarelling.
    If the facts are unpleasant, they are not of my doing.

  523. jeancumlately says:

    I would love to answer but the problem is I dont know who the complainant is, what is he, what is his race and if he’s a malaysian. I am not going to shoot at random and hurt too many innocent bystanders who happened to respect others’ beliefs. You sounded like a bitter person, trapped in place you dont want to be, you wished you can make a change but you are helpless, you want to be somewhere else but still, you are here living and breathing. Sorry for you.

    You want to prove that you are superior but all you can do is shouting about how bad others are and how superior you are. Why do you think you are of any difference from the keris-wielding umnoputras that you kept complaining about?

  524. monsterball says:

    Me a SOB…baba siow?
    You braggart with no balls …call me SOB?
    You who sees a white skin think it is your God talking to you…call me a SOB?
    You who speak wit refine words and have great manners…but inside your heart is full of dirt me a SOB?
    You who bought one Mercedez thinks that is success..while I bought few even before you were e a SOB?
    Do you know what is MerzSL?
    You brag and carry UMNO’s balls …now carry foreigner me a SOB?
    Then what are you?…son of a mother with no father?

  525. wits0 says:

    “Why do you think you are of any difference from the keris-wielding umnoputras that you kept complaining about?”
    He is different, inconveniently so. Getting pique or taking exception isn’t about to change that. Bad comparision.

  526. monsterball says:

    hutchrun…..jeancumlately is blunt and right. You are somewhat hurt by idiotic and unfair Malaysian govt. policies. I read your message on your sufferings and again I appeal to you…to close ranks and not take any opportunity to agree with foreigners…unless you consider yourself as one…since you now hold a British passport ..out of no choice.
    Things will change for the better…be patient…and you will get your Malaysian passport back …one day.
    Meanwhile….you have been a wonderful supporter of TRUTHS…and now is about foreigners who have no qualifications or reasons to teach us…is trying to frighten one new malay commentator away. I need your understanding and help…not to quarrel or have differences in opinions with jean.
    Thanks again.

  527. hutchrun says:

    You want to prove that you are superior
    Why do you repeat yourself. Everyone knows the bumiputeras are superior. Me, I don`t care.

    but all you can do is shouting about how bad others are and how superior you are
    No I don`t say they are bad. I say they are superior. Dint I say there`s nothing to teach you. You are enlightened, what with the true path n all.

    ..but still, you are here living and breathing. Sorry for you.
    You are? Don`t be. Rest assured I`m doing very well – all on my own that too. No handouts.

    N finally, you wanted something on `How about complaining about those who wants to wear the headscarf but not allowed to do so for a change?`

    Had to do a google search, but it`s something like what happened in front of my very eyes in DayaBumi n it goes like this:

    This is what the Muslim Student Association is doing on American campuses, in a video apparently shot by an MSA member at the University of Texas at San Antonio using the name “dawahworks.”

    The title of the video is: The Missing Hijab 2 & the Jew.

    You’re not going to believe this, as he thuggishly harasses a female Muslim student to explain why she isn’t wearing the hijab, and justifies forcing it on all women with quotes from the Koran.

    And it gets worse, when he moves on to a Jewish student. The sense of menace is almost palpable.

    “What would you think is the biggest accomplishment of the Jews in America? 9/11?”

    Click the video and get taught by someone else:

  528. monsterball says:

    Yes…jean at times do speak out of point…as witsO pointed out….but lets put all differences under the bridge and focus to get foreigners talk positive…not always negatives about our country.
    We don’t need them to teach us.

  529. hutchrun says:

    …not to quarrel or have differences in opinions with jean.
    That`s not fair. I have even differences with my parents. Differences make life interesting and life worth living.
    Also helps keep lawyers in business :). That doesn`t make me a lawyer btw.

  530. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…please focus on Philomena…Lord and Australian Flashpacker commentators….not hutchrun. THANKS.
    witsO on Ali Baba…plus all.

  531. hutchrun says:

    Malaysian Idol:

    Ten political personalities have been shortlisted and it is up to UM hostel students to choose their idol through a compulsory survey.
    [ ]
    For example, students were asked to explain their understanding of Islam Hadhari, or civilisational Islam, a concept mooted by the current prime minister.

  532. hutchrun says:

    …since you now hold a British passport ..
    I don`t – tho` I can go there anytime.

  533. monsterball says:

    hutchrun…. I quarrel with jean more than anyone here. I am asking you to focus on those foreigners for awhile..and close rank.
    Life is never fair…and don’t joke about lawyers and politicians…which Mr. Bean said…both should go to hell.

  534. monsterball says:

    I thought I read you holding one..hutchrun? Sorry for the mistake.

  535. monsterball says:

    hutchrun and all my friends.
    Do you know what is this all about?
    A nice malay commentator ‘Liyana”‘ was talking and opening his
    her mind …feeling quite at home talking nicely…even crack a joke or two…go read that..then out come these devils trying to belittle malays…assisted by a melaka devil…frightening him/her off.
    jeamcunlately was focusing to protect Liyana…upon my request.

  536. monsterball says:

    hutchrun….are you always believing in USA govt. propaganda stuffs? You keep quoting how bad muslims are…. based on USA reports.
    Have you been totally brainwashed by them…ignoring those terrible wars they create out of nothing.

  537. bamboo river says:

    Jean is doing a good job albeit with a few skirmishes with hutchrun.

    What is happening now are , we are all trying to catch a snake in a coop but stepping and tearing the feathers of the chickens!

    Please be calm for awhile and think the reasons for our comments if it was misinterpreted or otherwise.

    Liyana is speaking her mind on issues and we as Malaysians should do our best to help her understand .

    Jean, as far as I know is a straight to the point type of person so, her comments may or may not be your liking. Picking on her reasons in order to retialiate may not help much.

    I am actually stunned by the flow of debate between Jean ,Hutchrun with Monty trying to diffuse the situation.

    Sorry, guys , I have to read them all over again in order to come to my conclusion that it is our own doing and agreed with Monty that we must try to undo things without hurting each other. (It is quite a task not to offend though)

    Please try to see the perspective of the issues brought up by Liyana ,…not as the ammo to shoot each other.

    Everyone are doing their best to help Liyana….so…let’s just do it.

    Ignore outside BATUAPI.

  538. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Monsterball SOB – Stuffed Full of Bull Dust.

  539. monsterball says:

    Wearing a tudung does not make a lady better muslim than one without wearing it. While it is written in the Koran some 1500 years ago….one must imagine wearing a tudung or covering he whole body was a great intelligent idea for living under Middle East desert and windy conditions.
    One need not wear somewhat a uniform to prove one is a better muslim than from one that dies not wear anything to show what religion one is embracing.
    only the religious teachers and maybe their DIRECT followers…such as nuns or wives should dress up like that.
    I travel alot and use to see Arab women dress up …all black…except eyes seen only…nothing else can be seen and use to have deep thoughts…is that practical out in malaysia…or are they tell8ing me something that they know more than us….I mean the muslims. No they are simply saying I am a muslim..and this is how we identify ourselves.
    With no disapproval to those who want to wear a tudung….which I view that sometimes…quite pretty UNIFORM…but is it practical on hot and humid weather with no deserts?
    Similarly….I find men with long hairs tie into a pony tail….are they nuts? Why like that…not manly and not girly…definitely not any religion attire….why like that in hot tropical climate? If it is in a USA with cold winter weather…quite understandable….but copy without any sense of proportions…..thinking how handsome ..but actually is making a fool of himself.
    Many sio call things written in the Koran should not be followeed word by word by smart semsible mordern people….not oit of being a disobidient muslim…but out of simple commomsense tha5t things…conditions and circumstances have changed.
    We just got the handphone not more than 20 years ago and the DVD movies…also not more than 15 years ago. Just go back some 40 years and imagine how movies are shown with drop outs…not a perfect picture from magnetic tapes formats…and one movie may need three big reels of tapes to store as a hobbies..and now one can collect one thousand movies…taking so little space.
    I wonder if all those great spiritual leaders were alive to experience all these..with David Copperfield performing those magic acts…what will be those holy books for us to read…will they be the same?
    So one must live according to time….and I repeat…wearing a tudung does not make a muslim lady better than one who does not wear it. Religions is about your soul….not your attire.

  540. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha..Ali Baba is mad.

  541. bamboo river says:

    And Baba from Big Klebang…is a Tai Phow Wong?

  542. wits0 says:

    BR: “And Baba from Big Klebang…is a Tai Phow Wong?”

    One reduced to cussing? Lost his cool.

  543. monsterball says:

    I once asked a pretty broad minded lady who worked for me without wearing a tudung…then suddenly wear one…what is the real reason for her.
    She said her husband brought her to an Iman…..baca some surats and the ‘talisment’ is inside the tudung to keep her away from being naughty or anyone to harm her.
    So from that is not about being a muslim must wear it…but mainly….husband don’t trust her.

  544. hutchrun says:

    hutchrun….are you always believing in USA govt. propaganda stuffs? You keep quoting how bad muslims are…. based on USA reports.
    Have you been totally brainwashed by them…ignoring those terrible wars they create out of nothing
    I could write a book on that alone. Anyway, I`ll try to keep it short.

    Based on USA reports you say. It`s those idiot Bush n his people who talk about religion of peace and in the process create much damage. Now I`ll thank you for listing out this so-called US prop that I use to justify my comments. P`haps we could go thru it one by one.

    Meanwhile, seeing as you are allergic to the US here`s something from the Indians (not the redskins). After that if you want to, we can discover Maimonides and Europe (few hundred years back). But first those Indians where historians say the worst genocide in history was committed by the muslim invaders (est. 60 million):
    [ ]
    It is said that in order to bring the children to submission to Islam, they were made to enter, next day, through a very small door while the Quran was displayed on the other side. The idea was that as the children would enter the door with their heads down, they would then be told that they had bowed to the holy Quran and thereby to Islam. When the children saw that trap, the seven years old Sahibzada Fateh Singh threw his feet first instead of his head while entering through the small door. Throwing the feet towards the Quran meant an insult to Islam.

    Have fun. Got a few more from different parts of the world including Pakistan, Egypt, etc. if you should be interested.

  545. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Yes, pardon me, I forget myself.
    I should not have descended to the same undignified level as the one I’m criticising.

    So, Bamboo River is Monsterball’s sidekick ?

  546. monsterball says: bamboo river have a chance to BARK real GOOD…on this DAY…….hahahahahaha
    He has descended to that level from the day he was born without a father……hahahahahaha

  547. wits0 says:

    Monty: “Have you been totally brainwashed by them…ignoring those terrible wars they create out of nothing”.
    Try :

  548. monsterball says:

    ‘same undignified level as the one I’m crticising”….hahahahahaha….my toes are laughing!
    The baba siow …born without a father.. not only is a Tai Phow Wong….but good actor too…..bamboo river.

  549. hutchrun says:

    I love this. The white man`s arse getting kicked:

    Riyadh ul Haq, who supports armed jihad and preaches contempt for Jews, Christians and Hindus, is in line to become the spiritual leader of the Deobandi sect in Britain. The ultra-conservative movement, which gave birth to the Taleban in Afghanistan, now runs more than 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques, according to a police report seen by The Times.

  550. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    “Coming from Melaka from a Baba and Nonya upbringing…”
    Monsterball August 8th 5.43 am….so you are a “Baba Celup” or a liar ?

  551. monsterball says:

    hi witsO….those words do not mean a thing..if nothing makes them to make those things mean something or a reason to do so.
    Come on witsO….those are the times when the Prophet had to fight wars…why keep labelling muslims like that?
    and today….it is proving it to be so..out of the coined word… ‘terrorists’ or ‘sucide bombers’…with out anyone ever feel their pains ..sufferings….started by the Jews and USA.
    I have lived long enough to notice USA is a expert to fool others….and sadly..weak malays are lured into their sinful net. I will not talk much on this matter…but say that….muslims and the christians have an axe to grind for past 300 years….and the muslims are falling into the US traps ….out of their own corrupted people doing it….Saudie Arabia is great example.
    Why must we keep belittling ordinary muslims here in Malaysia with those quotations?
    Yes ..there are plenty in Malaysia that are fanatics and need us to battle them..but jean is a border line case…you and hutchrun know it….so why battle her?

  552. wits0 says:

    “those words do not mean a thing”
    History does not mean a thing?

  553. monsterball says:

    hi idiot…Come from a Baba /Nonya upbringing does not necessary mean my parents are like your idiotic types.
    Thousands Melakans….of all races talk and behave like babas/nonyas…speaking bahasa to each other…yet are pure hynanese ..hokkien … cantonese…etc etc…..not like you….don’t know how to speak your own mother tongue.
    Don’t try to be too smart!!!

  554. monsterball says:

    So let history be just history…witsO…to learn from the mistakes and not repeat it.

  555. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Monsterball…starting to fall apart from pressure from all sides.
    Just a little bit more push…he’ll go Gaga..
    I have a whole weekend to sharpen my word knives.
    Life is GOOD !

  556. hutchrun says:

    ..but jean is a border line case…….so why battle her?
    No one`s battling her/him. Just getting the record straight.

    muslims and the christians have an axe to grind for past 300 years….
    At least they are people of the book so they can kiss each other sometimes.
    You obviously know a lot about the faith since – as you put it- `those are the times when the Prophet had to fight wars…why keep labelling muslims like that?` (Tho` Jesus dint do it, neither did Buddha).
    So tell us what`s in store for those Hindus n Buddhists? A good idea would be to examine what happened to Nalanda University and the bamiyan Buddhas.

    Why must we keep belittling ordinary muslims here in Malaysia with those quotations?
    Remember this one. Ordinary man Najib has been quoted by the now deceased MggPillai as saying:
    `Dato’ Seri Najib kicked the ball first to insist to insist none should openly debate if Muslims could slander the followers of other religions`

  557. hutchrun says:

    …to learn from the mistakes and not repeat it.
    So you think those buddhists are going around doing the bombing in Southern Thailand?
    And Hindus did the bombing in Bali?
    And Nordin Top is a Christian?

  558. monsterball says:

    How are we going to progress if each race talk like that over and over again..witsO?
    We talk that to fanatics…and I repeat jeancumlately is not a I make myself clear to you and hutchrun?
    One needs to understand each other to be real good friends…and as much as I sometimes hate her nonsense…she is proud of her race…what’s wrong with that?…yet she can go to the level to joke and fool or be fooled by us… proves she is not a fanatic….quite a sociable person…and I have put out a long message on tudung… ….go read it…and I expect no muslims to offended by me.

  559. monsterball says:

    witsO/hutchrun…Ignorance makes us talk smart talk!!
    Cause and effects will be the answer to all you both have written…so find out the cause…not keep telling the effects.

  560. hutchrun says:

    Take nothing for granted.

  561. hutchrun says:

    …so find out the cause…
    Cause and effect I`ve been thru a long time back.
    I know the cause.
    I also know the effects which are the product of the cause.
    Behind the effects, lies the cause.

  562. hutchrun says:

    …Ignorance makes us talk smart talk
    Yes. It applies to Prez. Bush – not me.

  563. monsterball says:

    There you go again hutchrun……mixing up politicians hypocritical muslims to a person on the street.
    Go search for the TRUTHS yourself and do not depend on others…especially from me….hutchrun.
    TRUTHS also depend on who is seeking it…why….for what reasons….thus getting TRUTHS to be revealed to everyone is not easy.I a still seeking TRUTHS…so who am I to tell you two what is right or wrong…except it is definitely wrong to keep harping on this or that without a solution in your minds.
    If you are so truthful….don’t just quote this or that…tell us what is the right paths to all Malaysians to be united.
    Don’t just quote….give us SOLUTIONS…if none…then lets all try to travel the middle path..give and take…without loosing our dignities and identities.

  564. hutchrun says:

    ……mixing up politicians hypocritical muslims to a person on the street
    There you make the same mistake. A muslim is a muslim. Many others have said the same as Najib. There is no difference. He may be hypocritical in his politics, but not in his faith.

    …except it is definitely wrong to keep harping on this or that without a solution in your minds.
    It is more wrong to swallow the untruth as truth don`t you think?

    …then lets all try to travel the middle path..
    In Buddhism/Hinduism there might be this `middle-path` thingy. In the Abrahamics there`s only absolutism.

  565. hutchrun says:

    ….give us SOLUTIONS…
    There`s only one good solution, but that idiot Bush and Europeans are getting in the way:
    That is to give Iran the nuclear weapons.

  566. monsterball says:

    hutchrun..You cannot use your own bad experiences to teach others. I have lots more bad experiences from government that you can never ever imagine….yet I keep looking at the positive side…and that is Malaysia is a wonderful country to live in.
    So I will lay down my life to make sure my children and grandchildren enjoy what I know they should have.
    witsO cannot reveal where he is staying…cannot come out to meet his wonderful friends. Are we not wonderful friends witso? Should we not meet like bamboo river and so many …even including Susan?
    hutchrun….have a chip on his shoulders against UMNO….but we are here opposing UMNO’s race and religion dirty politics….so the common ground is that we both hate UMNO…but for different reasons…and that is not good. We should have same reasons to be more sincere and easier to succeed.

  567. monsterball says:

    HUTCHRUN….I don’t know what the heck you are talking about Bush and Europeans on our MALAYSIAN SOLUTION. maybe you know more than me.

  568. monsterball says:

    HUTCHRUN… are repeating and repeating yourself. Are we on the same wavelengths?

  569. hutchrun says:

    maybe you know more than me.
    Maybe. Way i look at it the m`sian problem is an imported one. So the solution has to be external. The only way is to give Iran the nukes so they can go play with them.
    And this that idiot white men are preventing `cos they are scared.

    ..You cannot use your own bad experiences to teach others
    But I haven`t said anything of my bad experiences.

    ….have a chip on his shoulders against UMNO…
    You are joking surely. I got no chips on that. Can walk into minister`s office no problemo.

    ….so the common ground is that we both hate UMNO…
    Actually i don`t hate them. I just think they should be in the opposition bench for a short while.
    Like Alvin toffler writes in `Future Shock`:
    An organisation that gets too big for its foundations must splinter.

  570. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…..witsO/hutchrun…..Ali Baba thinks we are quarreling. Now this to show how we can disagree by agreeing and after all that..we are still good friends. Eat your heart out….Ali Baba..a shrimp…grago…good for nothing..only good to make blachan.
    Actually he sounds like hawk.

  571. kittykat46 says:

    I kind of wish Susan would put up a post on a new subject soon.

    The current subject seems to bring out the worst in everyone…including myself….

  572. monsterball says:

    hutchrun….You sure got a fantastic imagination that our problems are cause by external influences into UMNO….but you are entitle to your opinion….after all…we are thinking same objectives…but with totally different reasons….but that’s long as the objective is the same.
    And lets say….I totally misread ALL your intentions/objectives…whatever….but we are just simple Malaysians wanting to be united as one.
    Lets drop the subject..there is no end to it…as you have pointed out I have misread all your messages. I think jean also said..she sometimes do not know what you are talking about.
    Jean and I are idiots….period.

  573. hutchrun says:

    Jean and I are idiots….period
    Nah. I disagree with that too.

  574. monsterball says:

    hahhahaha..hutchrun….you are going to make ali baba mad

  575. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…Ali Baba said he is sharpening his word knife. What’s that witsO?
    All I know swords are engraved with words….never words spoken by a knife….hahahahaha
    And he is going to use that …this weekend…FEELING GOOD…,,..hahahahaha

  576. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    The knife is a much deadlier weapon for close quarters combat, like what is engaged here.

    Before you can even draw the sword completely out of its scabbard, my knife has already slit your throat….heheheh

  577. wits0 says:

    Hutch: “Like Alvin toffler writes in `Future Shock`:
    An organisation that gets too big for its foundations must splinter.”
    That’s in the overall Way of Nature….Change to continue or perish.

  578. monsterball says:

    oh I see…that nut is going to kill me with a knife this weekend feeling good……hahahahahahaha

  579. bamboo river says:

    I just hope Baba from Big Klebang is not using a sharpened knife because Monty’s battle scared sword is Long and BLUNT!

    BFBK…….nahhhh…I am not Monty’s sidekick….becos I do kick around with Monty once in a while…..just to agree to disagree with each other.

    Kittykat46…….the current subject is NOT bringing out the worst of us BUT we are still doing it anyway….;-) !

    Hutchrun’s sense of humour is very amusing!
    Witso’s premonition on both Monty and Hutchrun is coming true.

  580. […] wrote in her post prior to the Independence Day that she is not going to wave the Malaysian flag to celebrate the country’s independence as […]

  581. jeancumlately says:

    Wow, lively “exchange of opinions.” A bit busy yesterday and did not realize that I am in the midst of a healthy exchange.

    I do not wish to stir the hornets nest again and will stay away from commenting on others’ beliefs. Just let me clarify on the tudung issue.

    Monty said , “Wearing a tudung does not make a lady better muslim than one without wearing it.”

    True monty. By the same token, a muslim lady not wearing a tudung does not make the lady a better muslim than one wearing it.

    So why is wearing and not wearing a tudung becoming an issue? I am not wearing it but I would defend my fellow human who think that they should be wearing one. And I would resent it if one day I decided to wear a tudung, people would start to call me names, looking at me as a lesser being, a terrorist or talibanized.

    Covering her hair is compulsory in Islam. Like any other religion, there are rules and regulations and commandments. I never disputed that “rules” myself as a muslim and I would not appreciate any one from different religion to tell me that I was being stupid for believing in what I believe in. I treated fellow malaysians the same way because I think they are as human as me.

    Quoting one or two incidents just two highlight how “bad” a particular race or religion is, well, that is pathetic. I touched on this subject a few times before and if anyone still think that keris-wielding is malay, drinking toddy is indians, selling prirated vcds is chinese, killing jews is germans and bush is christians, then forget about unity. I saw the biggest racist complaining about racism all the time. The biggest favour you could do to your kind is to shut up because you are turning away the very people who would otherwise support you, like liyana and me.

  582. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately is a defender of the rights….protector of the good..helping the helpless…f….those who keep..f…her except to dear Monty….hahahahahaha
    All agree lah…why so jiong hey?

  583. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha bamboo river…That Baba born without a father….said he will throw his knife to kill me… before I can take out my sword.
    Just imagine that low pea brain…sinful braggart because father no known…. seeing too many kungfu movies and start dreaming killing me…hahahahaha
    One even camwe with a real sword pointing at me…trying to rob in my office few moths ago….and ran away when I walk towards him.
    Calling you my side kick,,,,,hahahahahaha
    You know why bamboo rive…he cannot stand anyone respecting another or be friendly with no personal selfish ulterior motives we all do….can quarrel…yet stay close friends…he cannot stand it…it’s simply too much love real respect and love he never had. All his life…he needs to carry balls..and the result…Merz230…WOW!!
    He is teaching his children to continue his balls licking art to UMNO.
    That’s BARK at him GOOD and proper on a nice DAY lah.

  584. monsterball says:

    “Long and BLUNT”…..smoking a Swisher Sweets “BLUNT”…enjoying it….while that idiot keep throwing knives at me….missing the target by a mile…..hahahahahahaha

  585. monsterball says:

    BlogWatch is putting a 4 star to Susan’s message on Merdeka.

  586. Very well said, Susan. It hit right to the point.

  587. hutchrun says:

    Quoting one or two incidents ..
    Can quote many thousands more.

  588. hutchrun says:

    The biggest favour you could do to your kind is to shut up…
    Too late.
    Islam: `What the West Needs to Know` argues that Islam is a violent religion bent on world domination. The documentary uses passages from the canonical texts of Islam as its source material. It is presented in six parts:

    1. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet: In the first part, various commentators argue that Islamic violence stems from the teachings and examples of Muhammad and that the Qur’an prescribes and sanctions violence against non-Muslims.

    2. The Struggle: In the second part, Walid Shoebat defines the word “Jihad” to mean the struggle to impose Allah’s will over the earth, resulting in holy war against the non-Muslim world in order to bring it under the rule of Islam.

    3. Expansion: In the third part, Bat Ye’or describes the expansion of Islam through conquest and presents historical evidence of enslavement and massacres of Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and Hindus by Muslim invaders.

    4. War is Deceit: In the fourth part, Robert Spencer and Serge Trifkovic discuss the Islamic principle of Taqiyya, Islamic dissimulation, which, the lecturers argue, enjoins Muslims to deceive non-Muslims in order to advance the cause of Islam.

    5. More than a Religion: In the fifth part, the documentary asserts that “Islamic law governs every aspect of religious, political, and personal action, which amounts to a form of totalitarianism that is divinely enjoined to dominate the world, analogous in many ways to Communism”.

    6. The House of War: The final part covers the division of the world into Dar al-Islam (“the house of Islam” or “the house of peace”), the land governed by the Islamic law, and Dar al-Harb (“the house of war”), the land of non-Muslims. According to the film, Muslims are enjoined to bring the Dar al-Harb under the control of Islam. The film argues, “Muslims in Western nations are called to subvert the secular regimes in which they now live in accordance with Allah’s command.”

    “If their central thesis is true — and it’s worth considering — then this is the most horrific film of the 21st century so far.”
    – The Charlotte Observer

  589. wits0 says:

    Hutch, would you’ve thrown Jean into a fit(apoplexy)of denial.

    “Like any other religion, there are rules and regulations and commandments.”

    Except that to the others, these are not mandatory and no one can punish you if you don’t adhere in totality. Not even if you criticize religion. THAT is the earth-splitting difference – between a compulsion and a real faith. The rest of the arguments are smoke and mirrors.

  590. wits0 says:

    Remove the redundant “would”.

    Monty, what would you say? Which is more important? Reason or Dogma?

  591. monsterball says:


  592. monsterball says:

    And we all should stay reasonably understanding towards certain faith followers who are guided by dogmas….as their have been brainwashed for decades. so we need to slowly explain….not battle or belittle .
    And understand…thy just have it ‘so good’ only for past 20 years….thus some are really changing to the bad side….but not jean.
    hutchy is such a forceful knowledgeable man on Islamic matters..but he project a hatred character…not an understanding one….thus most of his facts are presented in sardonic manner….confusing the muslims minds.
    Please do not mixed up with my exact same style…but my target is mostly on Malaysian unity….UNLESS we get a fanatic talking religious cock and bull…but again…jean is not that kind.
    she even avoided to describe what she thinks of hutchy in a diplomatic way.
    Can both of you somewhat able to read jean’s heart?

  593. hutchrun says:

    ..but he project a hatred character…not an understanding one….
    That is an incorrect reading. I say it as it is. What I say is that `I will not be conned by those professing their version of truth`.
    The hatred is from the other side, I understand that and treat it with equanimity. That does not mean I have to accept their hate.

    ….confusing the muslims minds
    That`s kinda cute. They are not confused-they just don`t like being exposed.

  594. kittykat46 says:

    I’m afraid Reason is an overrated commodity.
    It may be adopted by, at best, a small fraction of the populace.
    All the Ruling regimes in history, whatever their stripe, have understood that.

    Dogma (almost) always wins.
    Unfortunate, but true.

  595. monsterball says:

    Who is conning you hutchrun?
    What you fail to understand is that the Malay dirty ..filthy politicians are are poisoning their minds….so there we read the products…of these evil doers. What we must do…is learn how to defuse that…by good reasoning powers..especially on religion.
    Look at her response to my ‘tudung’ matter…did jean get angry?

  596. monsterball says:

    If reasoning is overrated commodity….then there is no God.

  597. hutchrun says:

    ..filthy politicians are are poisoning their minds…
    They couldn`t do that without the religous establishment (i.e. mullahs. imams etc) firmly behind them. Remember also that M`sia has been at the forefront of the OIC for many years.
    Also Islam Hadhari has been approved by 2 Arab scholars. In fact what UMNO is doing is what PAS wants it to do. There really is no difference between PAS n UMNO.
    In Islam there`s no difference between religion n politics. Probly the day hudud n syariah law are implemented in totality, PAS will merge with UMNO.

    …did jean get angry?
    Doesn`t matter. But I do note the phrase:
    `The biggest favour you could do to your kind is to shut up…`

  598. monsterball says:

    Lil’ Ms Pinky…The daring gal who went to Dubai on an assignment?
    WELCOME! Need you to give your thoughts to so many subjects…especially on men…..hahahahahaha

  599. hutchrun says:

    Mosque, State, and Nationhood

    Muhammad was his own Constantine. This history of mosque/state relationships has always been complex, but for most Muslims, mosque and state have ideally always been pretty much the same thing. Muhammad did not simply found a religious movement – what he founded was a community, the ummah of believers. He was arbiter, judge, military commander, political leader, and so much more.

    Because Muahmmad reported revelations from God, he was also fundamentally a legislator for the community. Thus, the relationship between religious and political authority has always been much different than it has in the nations where Christianity has been dominant.

    Thus, both the religious dimensions and the political dimensions are equally important. An Islamist movement cannot exist without the support of Islamic history and theology, but any particular Islamist movement also depends upon the political and social atmosphere in the country where it develops. Because of this, no one form of Islamism is any more purely “Islamic” than any other and no form of Islamism is a historical inevitability.

  600. monsterball says:

    hi hutchrun…Talk is one thing…doing is another. Have you seen non muslims are shouting like hell on the streets? Why try make fire out of cold woods?
    And kittykat also love to hero worship USA..comparing to our Malaysian way of life. Is that also doing good for the country?
    Don’t just criticize….give sound and sensible reasoning solutions. jean said…shut up.

  601. hutchrun says: jean said…shut up
    No. If don`t like just don`t read.

  602. hutchrun says:

    The boiling frog story states that a frog can be boiled alive if the water is heated slowly enough — it is said that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will never jump out.

    The story is generally told in a figurative context, with the upshot being that people should make themselves aware of gradual change lest they suffer a catastrophic loss. Often it is used to illustrate a slippery-slope argument.

  603. monsterball says:

    What the reasons you keep quoting Koranic verses for hutchrun?
    Tell me your religion…I will battle you on that.

  604. monsterball says:

    No I will not avoid you. You are poisoning MINDS AND BELITTLING OTHERS…LIKE AS IF YOU ARE SO GODLY.

  605. hutchrun says:

    Don’t just criticize….give sound and sensible reasoning solutions.
    Oh yeah. MCA, Gerakan, PPP, etc accepted Mahathir`s declaration of Islamic State (4 years ago, I think), and that has made the situation `very good` looks like.
    I don`t think I can be like them. At least the DAP had the balls to go around with the `say NO` declaration. for that I give full marks to Lim.

  606. hutchrun says:

    Religion is cock talk.

  607. monsterball says:

    Forget frogs…lets talk real stuffs.
    What is your religion…so great that all mankind must admire for producing such a Godly person like you…SHOOT!

  608. monsterball says:


  609. hutchrun says:

    If you say I`m belittling others, when what I say is true and taken from their religion,
    then I hope,
    You realize that you are actually insulting their religion, `cos I`m being more faithful to their religion whilst you are calling it lies.

  610. monsterball says:


  611. hutchrun says:

    …so great that all mankind must admire for producing such a Godly person like you…
    Since you represent all mankind (you being the only one on at this blog at the moment), then you are the God. And in talking to you, I must be talking cock.

  612. hutchrun says:

    Haha. You quoting the nazarene. So what does that say. You fond of cliches.

  613. monsterball says:

    hi hutchrun…don’t twist and turn again.
    I repeat….What is your religion…..lets talk cock on that.

  614. monsterball says:

    Avoiding to reveal your religion shows what kind of man you are…saying I am almighty at Susan’s blog does not hold water.

  615. monsterball says:

    hi hutchrun..I am quoting ALL good religious teachers advises..not only from Jesus…check it out.
    There…you know nothing about religions…first sign shown.
    Umpteen times…..What is your religion?

  616. hutchrun says:

    What is yours?

  617. hutchrun says:

    ALL good religious teachers advises
    Really. Then you haven`t checked this out:

    Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war, do not embezzle the spoils; do not break your pledge; and do not mutilate (the dead) bodies; do not kill the children. When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them….If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them. (Sahih Muslim 4294)

  618. monsterball says:

    Again …hiding under internet…you keep pouring out ONLY Islamic war-like verses….tons of compassionate love…treat everyone equal…teach how to be a good human being…you totally ignore.
    Why do you hate Islam so much?
    Just because the Malaysian islamic government and political people treat you unfairly?
    You have a SPITEFUL CUNNING character…..that’s why I keep asking your religion..and you keep avoiding revealing it…yet so great it talking cock about others.

  619. hutchrun says:

    Why do you hate Islam so much?
    I love it so much I quote the verses while naughty buddhists, christians n hindus oppress muslims.

  620. monsterball says:

    Don’t ask me what I asked you first. Don’t play foul on a debate. Reveal yours and I will reveal mine.
    Do you think I was born yesterday?

  621. hutchrun says:

    You have a SPITEFUL CUNNING character…..
    Oh you are soooo sweet.

  622. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha….Enough of your snaky twisting rocking and rolling stuffs.
    Just reveal your religion and stop projecting how good you are. Everyone knows who WE are need talk cock about yourself.

  623. hutchrun says:

    Just reveal your religion
    Don`t have any

    stop projecting how good you are
    I`m not. Only you think – not my fault.

    Everyone knows who WE are now..
    I don`t

  624. monsterball says:

    Well FOLKS!!
    I rest my case.
    And jean….you have our respect and love always.
    Liyana…where are you?
    Learn something?
    Don’t keep quiet…bless you.

  625. hutchrun says:

    Ah finally a rested case.

  626. wits0 says:

    KK46: “Dogma (almost) always wins.
    Unfortunate, but true.”

    Win, only to incubate the next conflict, i.e. The history of human non-peace. Who’s gonna break this wheel of Karma? Never any external agency, for sure.

  627. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Forget about that insignificant little spit of chicken excreta – he is not worth wasting the mental energy to argue with him.

  628. hutchrun says:

    Why are there no Buddhists in Afghanistan? There used to be lots of them.

  629. monsterball says:

    So finally you are saying you are a freethinker.How do you become one?
    What free man thinks like you?
    Freethinkers are the ulitmate wise people on Earth…so you think you have reach that stage?
    and your conclusion…Islam is bad for all mankind.
    All free thinkers do not suddenly become one…they study …for a scientist….brainwaves getting more and more inputs…then most actually are free thinkers…or else they cannot person their profession in excellence. are you a scientist..from tong sumpah school?
    What else do you know as a freethinker..besides being an expert in Islamic one track minded studies?
    Since you love talking about Islams…so free thinker friend…lets talk ALL shoot out what you know.
    Now don’t tell me to start first….you have actually said you have attain higher plains of life….so lets see what schools you come from with that label…free thinker.

  630. hutchrun says:

    In war our main objective is the opponent’s heart or soul, our main weapon of offence against this objective is the strength of our own souls, and to launch such an attack, we have to keep terror away from our own hearts… Terror struck into the hearts of the enemies is not only a means, it is the end itself. Once a condition of terror into the opponent’s heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved. It is the point where the means and the end meet and merge. Terror is not a means of imposing decision on the enemy; it is the decision we wish to impose on him.” (p. 59)

  631. monsterball says:

    hin hutchrun…Don’t go to Afghanistan …when we have not solve our own problems… back home here…so catch your monkey mind and not let it roam ….just stay put here in MALAYSIA.

  632. monsterball says:


  633. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    are you a scientist..from tong sumpah school?

    That’s exactly the school that Monsterball graduated from…

  634. hutchrun says:

    Don’t go to Afghanistan …
    On the net, the world is my playground. You don`t have to go there. I like travelling.

  635. hutchrun says:

    INDIA – The scale of ‘loss of life’ and ‘social upheaval’ caused by militant Islam may be worse in India than any other land, simply by virtue of the number of individuals involved. By some estimates, over 60 million have died in conflicts with Muslims over the centuries. Jihadists have destroyed all native Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist communities from five of India’s provinces (including North Kashmir, now called Pakistan and Bangladesh).

    Islam first came into India as a Military force in the year 715 C.E., in the Province of Sindh, but it made inroads into the country proper between 1020 and 1194 after which Mohammedan power became dominant in north India.

    The people of Kerala had their violent introduction to Islam in the 18th century, when Tipu Sultan, the usurper of the Mysore Principality marched into Kerala attacking the Zamorin Raja of Calicut and began ‘converting’ people to Islam.

    Tipu went about with a Koran in one hand and a sword in the other giving the subject people of Kerala a choice of accepting Islam or death. Doing this, he marched from Calicut up to Alwaye where he was forced to retreat because of stiff resistance. In 1669 Aurangzeb issued a general order for the destruction of Hindu temples, and it is estimated that about 3000 temples were destroyed and converted into Mosques in the 750 years of Muslim rule in India.

  636. hutchrun says:

    A few days ago, unidentified people had threatened the owners of these video and CDs shops through letters, warning them to close their “un-Islamic” business or face bomb attacks. The owners of the video centres had started negotiating with the local administration to find alternative businesses. However, the militants bombed the CD shops after the deadline expired.

  637. monsterball says:

    The way hutchrun reply….2.39pm shows his free thinking capacity is limited.
    And baba siow is just itchy tom put out a message….and as usual…an idiot one.
    Born without a father..what do you expect. I think he has lost all his knives.

  638. hutchrun says:

    Osama’s invitation to Islam
    “I invite you to embrace Islam,” says Osama, and yes, that is a prerequisite for an observant Muslim before he can commit an act of violence against an unbeliever.;_ylt=A9G_RmTZp.FG9v8AqwkwuecA

    No one is noting that Osama, like Adam Gadahn last year, accompanies this invitation with unfavorable comparisons of Christianity and Judeo-Christian Western culture to Islam, and an appeal based on the Qur’an’s presentation of Jesus as a Muslim prophet.

    That the jihadists are mounting this kind of theological appeal is one of the least-noted aspects of their communiques to the West. Most analysts don’t understand and don’t care what they are doing in these statements, and just brush past them.

    In reality, however, such statements go right to the heart of why Al-Qaeda and other jihadists are fighting, and what they are fighting for.

    Here is Osama inviting us to accept Islam, and probably very few Americans would be able to articulate why they wouldn’t want to accept the invitation. If more attention is not paid to this, Osama’s appeal will surely make inroads among Westerners that will deeply surprise most analysts.

  639. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    You have a SPITEFUL CUNNING character…..- Monsterball

    Exactly Mr. Monster..YOU have a spiteful Cunning Character

  640. monsterball says:

    hi hutchrun….That is in Lahore….what has that got to do with Malaysia?
    And since you have so much time to roam round the world…give us some news on US and JEWS killing Muslims OR treat Afikans like animals.

  641. hutchrun says:

    Germany considers increased spying on Muslims

    BERLIN — After thwarting what might have become a “massive” attack on American installations, German authorities will review ways to fight homegrown terrorists, including a proposal to allow Internet spying on all German converts to Islam.

  642. monsterball says:

    Let witsO deal wit hutchrun. After all..witsO thinks very highly of him.

  643. hutchrun says:

    That is in Lahore….what has that got to do with Malaysia?
    That`s where your favorite mullahs, imams etc go to get trained n come back to teach the natives how to be good muslims and cover their heads etc etc etc.
    C`mon, I thot you were the intelligent one from the Univ. Of M`cca and you interrupt me with something inane.
    Buck up laddie.

  644. hutchrun says:

    Let witsO deal wit hutchrun.
    Oh dear. Scratched a raw nerve.

  645. monsterball says: foot!

  646. hutchrun says:

    Your foot must be proud.

  647. monsterball says:

    You think too highly of yourself….hutchrun…by saying ‘Scatched a raw nerve”….hinting me.
    I repeat…freethinker…my foot.

  648. monsterball says:

    Is that how great freethinkers response…hutchy…. your 3.18pm refers.

  649. hutchrun says:

    Hey it`s your foot man. You can refer to anything you like. It`s still your foot. Do what you will with it. I got no interest in your foot.

  650. hutchrun says:

    You think too highly of yourself….
    Nope. That`s what you think I think. Which again is of no consequence.

  651. monsterball says:

    I sometime notice NUTS also think they are like scientists..great medical people…real wise well educated people…and call himself a Freethinker.
    Perhaps these people with chips on their shoulders love to stay happy ….by proving how smart they are..

  652. hutchrun says:

    ..chips on their shoulders love to stay happy ….
    Why worry. You are happy by the sound of it, and intend to stay thataway.

  653. monsterball says:

    A sincere person will not take more than half an hour and after numerous reminders to tell me he is a freethinker.
    It is only a cunning bloke do that…need to think hard…and on the subject on religion….one need not think hard…just let it flow from the heart…into words.
    Then glance through all tat were written.
    Chip on hutchrun’s shoulder is written all over….and yes…my foot is still laughing.

  654. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Gents – Forget about that insignificant little spit of chicken excreta called Masturbateball , oops Monsterball
    – he is not worth wasting the mental energy to argue with him.

  655. hutchrun says:

    It`s good you are very attached to your foot. The rest seems loose.

  656. hutchrun says:

    Indonesian group rallies for world Islamic rule
    Posted Mon Aug 13, 2007 0:27am AEST
    Updated Mon Aug 13, 2007 0:35am AEST

    The Hizbut Tahrir group has heard speeches calling for global Islamic rule. (Reuters)
    More than 70,000 members of a Muslim group have held a rally in Indonesia calling for a caliphate – or Islamic rule – to govern the world.

    The supporters of the Hizbut Tahrir group filled up most of an 80,000-seat sports stadium in the capital Jakarta, waving flags as they heard speeches saying it was “time for the caliphate to reign”.

    The meeting was held as part of “civic education” for Indonesian Muslims, Hizbut Tahrir spokesman Muhammad Ismail Yusanto said.

  657. hutchrun says:

    Sheikh Manna` K. Al-Qubtan, professor of Higher studies at the School of Islamic Law in Riyadh, indicates that:

    Basically, the command of non-Muslims over Muslims in not admissible, because God Almighty said: ‘Allah will not give access to the infidels (i.e. Christians) to have authority over believers (Muslims) {Qur’an 4:141}. For God – Glory be to Him – has elevated Muslims to the highest rank (over all men) and foreordained to them the might, by virtue of the Qurtanic text in which God the Almighty said: ‘Might and strength be to Allah, the Prophet (Muhammad) and the believers (Muslims) {Qur’an 63:8}.
    Thus, the authority of non-Muslim over a Muslim is incompatible with these two verses, since the Muslim has to submit to and obey whoever is in charge over him. The Muslim, therefore becomes inferior to him, and this should not be the case with the Muslim.

    Dr. Salih Al-Sadlan, professor of Shari`a at the School of Islamic Law, Riyadh, cites the same verses and asserts that it is not permissible for a infidel (in this case is a Christian) to be in charge over Muslims whether in the private or public sector. Such an act:

    “entails the humiliaton of the Muslim and the exaltation of the infidel (Christian). This infidel may exploit his position to humiliate and insult the Muslims who work under his administration. It is advisable to the company owner to fear God Almighty and to authorize only a Muslim over the Muslims. Also, the injunctions issued by the ruler, provides that an infidel should not be in charge when there is a Muslim available to assume the command. Our advice to the company owner is to remove this infidel and to replace him with a Muslim.”

  658. Lim says:

    I cannot help notice the meaningless exchanges by the same few posters. It is time to raise the standard above that of the many chatrooms one finds. Otherwise this blog is doomed.

  659. monsterball says:

    Lim….Don’t worry. Like a temple….there will be nuts….and so we have two right now here.
    Depend on them to have a true Malaysian country?…..these rouges think only for themselves and usually talking cock.
    Have a nice weekend…Lim.

  660. monsterball says:

    bamboo river…baba siow said I am insignificant…hahahahahahaha

  661. monsterball says:

    YES!! Even independent Blog Watch is putting out words of praise to Susan on her “Merdeka Message”…saying not easy to write out one….unless from one who love her country.
    And if one care to look at few more Blogs that pick up blog messages from all over the world…Susan’s messages seem to be taken out frequently and complimented.
    Merdeka…means freedom. How free are we all?
    It appears Malays is the controlled race…not others…for 50 years and I winder why.

  662. V T says:


  663. monsterball says:

    Thanks V T. Listened to it few times and the interview. He is such a talented song writer.
    Truths always hurts….and I hope he is okay.
    May he be well and good and may he have a long and prosperous life.

  664. hutchrun says:

    Firing of live bullets at opposition gathering an unexpected Budget ’08 bonus | Print |
    Parti Keadilan Rakyat condemns the heavy handed fashion in which the police violently disrupted a peaceful gathering and talk that was scheduled for the night of 8 September in Pantai Batu Buruk, Kuala Terengganu.
    Mere hours after the release of a “people friendly budget”, we are shocked that the police decided to shoot live bullets into a crowd of innocent people gathered peacefully at a talk organised by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH).

    This was in addition to the use of tear gas, batons and handcuffs to brutally disperse the crowd.

  665. hutchrun says:

    Two kids were reported to have been shot last night with “peluru hidup” (live bullets). One allegedly shot in the chest, the other allegedly on the neck. Currently at Kuala Terengganu Hospital – critical condition. See report here.

  666. hutchrun says:

    Bagaimanapun, akhbar berbahasa Cina, Sin Chew Daily telah menyiarkan laporan di muka depannya mengenai perkara itu semalam, yang dianggap berita terbesar mengenai apa yang berlaku terhadap diri Chan dalam tempoh 10 hari yang lalu.

    Laporan itu menyatakan, menteri berkenaan telah meletak jawatan, sambil menambah, Chan telah menyerahkan surat peletakan jawatannya kepada Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tanpa pengetahuan pemimpin kanan MCA yang lain, termasuk Ong sendiri.

  667. wits0 says:

    “Firing Democracy in Malaysia”

    Imagine how many protestor deaths there could have been in France had the Paris police done the same over the nightly car burning sessions not that long ago from ’05 onwards.

  668. kittykat46 says:

    In countries which have strong law enforcement accountability, police are under instructions to use strictly minimum force, if at all. Water cannons normally only get used if unrelated members of the public are actually in danger or property is actually being damaged by the protesters.
    The reason is very simple – the Minister in charge of Police would be in very hot soup if it there is eveidence that unnecessary violence is employed.

    In Malaysia, police, especially FRU, are trained to exert maximum intimidation by employing violence right up front. And they get away scot-free every time.

  669. wits0 says:

    So, KK46, can we just say, third world infrastructure and thinking with first world aspiration/pretention, now?

  670. monsterball says:

    Regardless how extreme opposition parties are speaking out.
    Regardless how untruthful they are.
    Regardless how much spoken have somewhat won the hearts and minds of listeners…that make UMNO look a liar and a cheat.
    Regardless what Pak Lah have forewarned not to speak sensitive issues.
    Such method to shut the mouths and frighten the people and critically injuring innocent innocent by-standers…I ask PAK LAH…is this how a righteous non corruptable person act?
    I read that as a desperate situation of present government…if they don’t punish those trigger happy FRU guys.
    It is infact encourages more to turn away from UMNO type of governing Malaysia.

  671. kittykat46 says:

    Elizabeth Wong has a good description of the incident and also a follow up report this morning.

  672. monsterball says:

    The papers said 4 FRU men injured by rioters…throwing home made bombs burning UMNO flag.
    Details reported said FRU men were defending the peace of the nation.
    Very simple….this is not the first time we read such incidents. what baffles me…if government is so bad….why are the returned with greater majority voters?
    So majority publics do thrust the government…or are blinded by fear or selfishness…which is which?

  673. Liyana says:

    Salam Sejahtera everybody………..Wo0w, I left this blog for three days and now I can see how many replies about Tudung, Culture and terroris. This what I want to say:

    To HUTCHRUN – about non malay women in the police force must wear tudung.. I also not egree with that. Their reason is to make it ‘SERAGAM’. nonsens!
    But in the Universities, as long as they are not forcing non malay student to waer tudung and baju kurung, I still can accept. Universities is a place to gain knowledge, to be a better person, not to ‘tayang body’. Just keep your sexy body for the special person.
    About 165 million muslims in India… do U know they can’t eat beef and most of them only muslim by name. I was work with people from cashmir.I also have relative at India. And dont U see how worst are their politic and management?. every where we go we have right to do what our religion allow us to do as long as it didint disturb others.

    AUSTRALIAN FLASHPACKER – Who ever we are,we should proud with our culture. Why must be like singapore Malays? Our culture didint stop us from move forward. Japan still can move forward even they act in their own culture, talk in their own language. U r not malay, U r australian. Im sure U proud with your own culture.
    Majority of asian go there and work and never go back? LOL!!!!!! Monsterball had answered U. Majority of foreigners including australian come to malaysia, marreid with malaysian and forget that they are not from malaysia. I work with foreigners B4 this and ofcourse I always deal with foreigners even my english is broken.

  674. Liyana says:

    Now what FLASH? Still want to say your country is better? your culture is better? FreeSex, born B4 marry, prostitute every whare. is that better? is that a healthy life? may that kind of culture lead people to a healthy life? is that a country wich fulled by high value people? sure you know nothing about “MORAL VALUE”.

  675. Liyana says:

    To BAMBOO RIVER – Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Please….. let me know more about this world. Halp me.. Help Me…

  676. monsterball says:

    Great piece Liyana. Keep talking!
    Bless you.
    Now lets hear hutchrun response…..who obviously have a personal hatred to malays in general..I wonder why….then hate UMNO….then hate Islam religion…then catch all I am saying and say he is not this or that,…then repeat over and over again.
    He loves to report the FRU matter…now let him tell us what he other side is saying…so we idiots can judge by ourselves..not based on his one sided story.
    oohhh….. how he loves to paint Islam is warrior religion …love to kill…revenge like sickos.
    With guys like him…..there can never be a united peaceful Malaysian country.

  677. Liyana says:

    To MONSTERBALL – I agree 90% with your writing. Didnt wear tudung doesnt mean thay are bad. Wear, dosent mean they are good enough and will not bring them to a better muslim if they didint know the purpose of wearing tudung. Wearing tudung only is not enugh to avoid from harmness and maksiat. we have tu cover the aurah,pray and a lot more. But now days people wear tudung just as trend or force by their parents, not true from their heart. I am wearing tudung, not force by anyone, but it just I think it is working to me to avoid negative activities. It is like I ‘sedar diri’ when tudung is on my head. and the most important thing is.. I am not disturb by guy all the time. I feel safe when guy didnt disturb me. It is not I want to proud with my self,but if I open my hair…people thought im foreigner and the boys ofcourse will not blink their eyes once they look at me. Ermmm…. Why do I start talking about my self? Do anybody care about that? ha.. ha..

    talking about Quran, all words in Quran actually are flexible to apply in every century. Depends on the follower how to apply it in this modern era.

    About husbund brought her wife to Iman… U realy make me SMILE…and SMILE… and SMILE… U dont understand. It is okay, not your fault. Every body have our own view and opinion.

  678. hutchrun says:

    About 165 million muslims in India… do U know they can’t eat beef and most of them only muslim by name.
    `most of them only muslim by name` – why not you go and teach then. It`ll be a lot of fun.
    Don`t talk nonsense. Please. I too have been to India. And there are no problems for muslims to eat beef there. A lot of beef is imported to M`sia from India also.
    As for the rest of your post, I`m too busy to humor you.

  679. monsterball says:

    I think you are a sexy and beautiful female…thus your better half is very jealous…so you please him ..wear tudung…no fights about it.
    Men are by nature more jealous blokes…don’t you know that?…..hahahahahaha

  680. Liyana says:

    HUTCHRUN – In Islam, In the past Muhammad s.a.w go for war to protect Islam and Muslim and he only go if oder by ALLAH s.w.t. And the way they fights is not like what happen now. They didnt smply go to public area and kill unguilty people. To all the ‘tawanan’, they have to choose either pay some money or teach the muslim people reading. No violence against them. except if they try to harm the muslim people ofcourse they have to fight back. Will you just stand still if someone try to harm you or kill you?
    Dont just read what ever you found in internet or in a book. find someone to guide you on what you are reading. You are trying to prove that Islam are terroris.. You didnt think or maybe you never know what Bush soldier did to muslim people when they are arrsted.

  681. monsterball says:

    Liyana….On the 165 millions in INDIA…I tend to agree with hutchrun.
    You need to see and talk to the Indians in INDIA to understand.

  682. monsterball says:

    WOW!! Liyana…1,24PM message should open the mind of hutchrun for more FLEXIBLE TRUTHS.

  683. hutchrun says:

    Dont just read what ever you found in internet or in a book.
    Haha. I learnt how to suck eggs long ago. You can`t sell your peace.

  684. monsterball says:

    So do I know how to suck eggs long before you….yet I find what she wrote is 90% true about you.

  685. hutchrun says:

    ….yet I find what she wrote is 90% true about you.
    None of my business what you find is true. I don`t pay your salary.

  686. monsterball says:

    So you can’t sell your piece either…..I don’t pay your salary too.
    And I take it my business to defend the truths…as I see it…any problem?

  687. Liyana says:

    Ha….. dont say like that la monty, Im not sexy.. but if I go to Lubnan sure no body know that Im from Malaysia. WaAa.. Perasan!!!!

    Hutchrun… Not all part of India allow muslim to eat beef. Most of muslim there prefer lamb. Belive me laa… My manager eat lamb everyday and I ask him why not beef, He said at Indian very hard to eat beef because in Hindu it is Haram to eat it was ban to eat beef. so since childhood he use to eat lamb coz easy to get. Go back to schooll, learn again about Islam in India. And no need to humor me. Humor your own self.

  688. hutchrun says:

    No. Did I ever tell you to stop? So why talk stupid.

  689. hutchrun says:

    Our followers ‘must live in peace until strong enough to wage jihad’

    One of the world’s most respected Deobandi scholars believes that aggressive military jihad should be waged by Muslims “to establish the supremacy of Islam” worldwide.

    Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani argues that Muslims should live peacefully in countries such as Britain, where they have the freedom to practise Islam, only until they gain enough power to engage in battle.

    His views explode the myth that the creed of offensive, expansionist jihad represents a distortion of traditional Islamic thinking.

    Mr Usmani, 64, sat for 20 years as a Sharia judge in Pakistan’s Supreme Court. He is an adviser to several global financial institutions and a regular visitor to Britain. Polite and softly spoken, he revealed to The Times a detailed knowledge of world events and his words, for the most part, were balanced and considered.

  690. hutchrun says:

    Oooo monty`s lovey doveys.

  691. monsterball says:

    To the eyes who love you Liyana….you are all beautiful to him…so you wear tudung to please him…hahahahahaha
    Okay…back to serious stuff on beef…hutchrun is right..out side they don’t eat beef not served officially in a country of HINDUISM….but at home millions do. …just like thousands muslims drink hard liquor and are great gamblers in MALAYSIA….but you may say…those are not Muslims…then we are back to square one.

  692. hutchrun says:

    .out side they don’t eat beef ..
    How do you know? I`ve eaten beef outside.

  693. hutchrun says:

    Another `non muslim` talking:

    Dr. Salih Al-Sadlan, professor of Shari`a at the School of Islamic Law, Riyadh, cites the same verses and asserts that it is not permissible for a infidel (in this case is a Christian) to be in charge over Muslims whether in the private or public sector. Such an act:

    “entails the humiliaton of the Muslim and the exaltation of the infidel (Christian). This infidel may exploit his position to humiliate and insult the Muslims who work under his administration. It is advisable to the company owner to fear God Almighty and to authorize only a Muslim over the Muslims. Also, the injunctions issued by the ruler, provides that an infidel should not be in charge when there is a Muslim available to assume the command. Our advice to the company owner is to remove this infidel and to replace him with a Muslim.”

  694. Liyana says:

    Haiiyyaaa…. Dont fight laa. Why You guys always fighting. About Muslim in India, I just say what I know but not just from what I read, it is from what I learnt and from what my cashmirie frineds told me. I know not all muslim there not just Islam by name, but what I know, there is people like that at India. Okay maybe it is true I have to find more about Islam in India.

  695. monsterball says:

    Sooooo what? Me too…in hotels and non hindhu restaurants.
    I am generalizing things.

  696. hutchrun says:

    That I agree.

  697. monsterball says:

    Great…Liyana.! What’s next hutchrun?

  698. monsterball says:

    hi hutchrun..Will you stop talking on Islamic religion and talk something else…before I start blasting your ‘freethinker” mind AGAIN?
    It is so peaceful..and she has said she will learn more about India.
    When have you ever be that humble?
    Why keep belittling the Islamic faith?

  699. Liyana says:

    Hutchrun… belive me, those muslim who dont want to unite with non-muslim, and those muslim who only talk about war and about how to kill non-muslim all the time without thinking how to bring this world to peace, they actually dont understand what is the meaning of ISLAM. ISLAM mean SEJAHTERA, PEACE. They didnt read or maybe they forgot about the history how NAbi Muhammad s.a.w. respect the non-muslim untill the madinah can be the first Islamic Country.

  700. hutchrun says:

    Why keep belittling the Islamic faith?
    You mean all those quotes, professors, islamic theologians are `belittling`.
    In saying that you are the one who`s belittling, but it`s probably on your poor learning of the subject.
    Oh and I don`t mind if you blast freethinkers, vhristians, buddhists, hindus anyone `cept muslims. Ooooo you lover boy.

  701. hutchrun says:

    Liyana..belive me. You need a teacher to show you the true meaning.

  702. monsterball says:

    And Muhammad actually became more powerful by loosing the war… he and his followers were infact very peaceful loving people …practicing faithfully… the true Islamic faith.

  703. jeancumlately says:

    Guilty of generalizing things…

    And who was that quoting from here and there and generalize it as Islam’s point of view?

    Even KKK has their view and even Bush can justify killing the innocent Iraqis. Anybody bashing the christians for what kkk or bush did?

  704. Liyana says:

    The conclusion is….. Im sure there is no religion in this world lead their follower to any bad things especially WAR. Budhhist, Hindu, Islam, Christian, etc.. axcept 1 but I dont want to say what is it even I know less of malaysian follow that religion and most of them are foreigner. But what I know is, that Religion allow theire follower to kill those who are not theire follower.

  705. monsterball says:

    Liyana…huitchrun thinks he knows more than you and me.
    Let that be so…as if all his messages…no one knows who are right or wrong.
    Continue posting….and even teach non muslims how to be a human being….not become barbarians like…you know whom I am talking about.

  706. monsterball says:

    Good! jean is here. I REST.

  707. hutchrun says:

    Yeah. Monty`s ready.

  708. hutchrun says:

    ….and even teach non muslims how to be a human being…
    Well they are lifting the curfew in S.Thailand and all those nasty buddhists are going to go around bombing.

  709. Liyana says:

    hutchrun… I got principle in my Sejarah Dunia, Islam, Asia, and Malaysia. I know quite a lot about ‘Jatuh Bangun Negara2 Islam’ and what lead them to the ‘Perang Sesame Islam’. I know there is a lot of misunderstanding about Islam every where. even my Muslim Friend also sometimes get confused about Islam and ask so many Question about Islam to my lecturer. All this happend because there si to many ‘Tukang Putar Belit’ either from Muslim or non muslim.

  710. hutchrun says:

    hutchrun… I got principle in my Sejarah Dunia..
    So? Doesn`t mean a thing to me.
    I also know of non muslims in Govt funded tertiary schools who are badly treated by true muslims in the colleges they study. Doesn`t mean anything either. Just an observance.
    You want to change something go change those like menj. Hey, whaddya know – maybe you can learn the right way from him.

  711. kittykat46 says:

    Another “Cartoon Crisis” slowly gaining momentum…this time a Swedish newspaper.
    Coming soon to a flag-burning session near you.

  712. jeancumlately says:

    Well they are lifting the curfew in S.Thailand and all those nasty buddhists are going to go around bombing.
    That is another crap you are throwing hutchrun. Just quote here and there and generalize things. Why dont you go back further and find out what made southern thailand the way it was. Who was instigating and who was the “putar belit” and led them to the mess. You must have this great idea that muslims do bombings and killing for fun. If you noticed, not all killers are muslims and not all muslims are killers.

  713. hutchrun says:

    Stuff you. It`s those evil buddhists doing it. What you jumping in with your muslims for.

  714. jeancumlately says:

    I also know of non muslims in Govt funded tertiary schools who are badly treated by true muslims in the colleges they study.


    How do you know that they are true muslims anyway? Because they are wearing turban or because they said they were muslims. Well, bush said he is a catholic and lied to the whole world about iraq. Should we blame christianity?

  715. wits0 says:

    “…huitchrun thinks he knows more than you and me.”
    Maybe he does, Monty. In any case, History is the final arbiter like the saying that a tree is judge by its fruit.

  716. hutchrun says:

    How do you know that they are true muslims anyway?
    Cos the nons have to sit outside the surau while the `hate` is spewed inside. Their job is to sit outside and hear it, and not move away.

    And also they have to translate passages demeaning christianity.

  717. jeancumlately says:

    Hutchrun, you were describing guantanamo bay… but from what I know, it was not run by al qaeda.

  718. Liyana says:

    Hutchrun………still think that Islam is terroris. Read again my 2:04pm msg and 2:12pm msg. Only stupid Muslim who dont understand dont realy practice the real Islam will do so. what about muslim people toucherd by non muslim? Im sure you hered about that. but maybe You just close your eyes or said ‘padan muka’ to them. are they not human? the person who toucher them, rap the women, are they deserve to do so? are they a better human? or maybe in your opininon good human deserve to do revange? Like what I said there is no religion in this world allow violence. Think laaa………..

  719. hutchrun says:

    Hutchrun, you were describing guantanamo bay… but from what I know, it was not run by al qaeda.
    They don`t celebrate `merdeka` in Guantanamo.

    I`m talking about what your co-religionists are doing in M`sia which is the subject of this blog.

  720. hutchrun says:

    That goes for liyana too. Do drop into menj`s site – both of you. Maybe you`ll learn something there.

  721. Liyana says:

    Hutchrun, what is your religion?

  722. hutchrun says:

    Oh mama. Why are you so interested in labels? I`ve never tried to convert anyone. Monty has assumed I`m a freethinker.
    I think for today I`ll be a Red Indian – it`s a good day to die.

  723. wits0 says:

    As I remember it, many Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan were wishing that they were selected for a Carribean holiday at Gitmos.

    BTW, woo hoo…:

  724. jeancumlately says:

    Yes I know very well that they do not celebrate merdeka in guantanamo bay. Why? Should we generalize it and blame it on christianity?

    Dont you get it? Religion has nothing to do with it.

  725. hutchrun says:

    Religion has nothing to do with it.
    Sigh. This calls for a repeat:

    One of the world’s most respected Deobandi scholars believes that aggressive military jihad should be waged by Muslims “to establish the supremacy of Islam” worldwide.

    Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani argues that Muslims should live peacefully in countries such as Britain, where they have the freedom to practise Islam, only until they gain enough power to engage in battle.

    His views explode the myth that the creed of offensive, expansionist jihad represents a distortion of traditional Islamic thinking.

    But I suppose Osama is a Jew. The little rascal.

  726. hutchrun says:

    Pada tarikh yang sama, Hizbut Tahrir Malaysia (HTM) turut mengadakan Muktamar Khilafah Bersama Hizbut Tahrir yang bertempat di Pusat Perkembangan dan Kefahaman Islam (CITU), Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam. Dengan kehadiran lebih kurang 500 peserta dan kapasiti dewan yang lebih kecil, sebahagian dari peserta muktamar terpaksa berdiri dan ada sesetengahnya terpakasa duduk di lantai. Namun demikian, situasi begini tidak mematahkan semangat mereka untuk terus kekal sehingga ke penghujung muktamar.

  727. Liyana says:

    Hutchrun, I found that You never answer people question. I understand why… You scare you will loose. or may be You dont know what to answer because you dont have the answer or maybe you know you are wrong. You keep saying that Islam are terorris, can I say all Buddhusit or Chinees are ‘samseng’? can I say Budhha are ‘samseng’ religion,Buddha and shaolin or kung fu teach theire follower to be ‘samseng’? because you know the mastermind of ‘kongsi gelap’ are chinees. Sure you will say I cant say so. Sure you will say all the chinees samseng be come like that because they didnt ‘taat’ to the agama.Am I right? I guess you will say I am wrong.

  728. wits0 says:

    “Religion has nothing to do with it.”
    Depends on which religion.

  729. hutchrun says:

    Am I right?
    Wrong. But you shouldn`t worry `cos there`s only one agama:

    (The Prophets are paternal brothers; their mothers are different, but their religion is one. I, more than any of mankind, have more right to `Isa, son of Maryam, for there was no Prophet between him and I. He will descend, and if you see him, know him. He is a well-built man, (the color of his skin) between red and white. He will descend while wearing two long, light yellow garments. His head appears to be dripping water, even though no moisture touched it. He will break the cross, kill the pig, and banish the Jizyah and will call the people to Islam. During his time, Allah will destroy all religions except Islam and Allah will destroy Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal (the False Messiah). Safety will then fill the earth, so much so that the lions will mingle with camels, tigers with cattle and wolves with sheep. Children will play with snakes, and they will not harm them. `Isa will remain for forty years and then will die, and Muslims will offer the funeral prayer for him.) Abu Dawud also recorded it.

  730. hutchrun says:

    See it`s written: During his time, Allah will destroy all religions except Islam…

  731. Liyana says:

    hutchrun is so stubborn. Still dont understand that those people are to fanatic with jihad, while actually they dont understand what is real meaning of jihad.

  732. hutchrun says:

    They can recite the holy book without looking at it and you say they don`t understand. Like I said why not you try teaching them (start with the M`sian Menj).
    Or it`s back to school for you.

  733. Liyana says:

    Hutchrun…. I told you.. dont just read it. find somene to guide on what you are reading.

  734. hutchrun says:

    No need guides lah. We redskins are good scouts.

  735. hutchrun says:

    But you certainly need a guide to understand better.

  736. Liyana says:

    Ho..ho.. you think so.. So sure you never make any mistake in your life coz U are ‘good scouts’.

  737. hutchrun says:

    Mistakes we make, but NEVER on this issue. And you still need a guide.

  738. kittykat46 says:

    All can shake hands and agree to disagree ?

  739. Liyana says:

    Hutchrun……there is no religion in this world is terorris untill somebody turn it into that. If you dont belive in Islam, it is up to you. But if it is true that Islam is terroris, then why non of my ustazah or ustaz tell to me that we actully should dissmise all non muslim in this world? why every body told me that I should respect others and do not creat trouble? Why? You are the one who need guide. If you simply read it without guide sure you will missunderstand it.

  740. Liyana says:

    I think so kittykat..

  741. hutchrun says:

    ..why non of my ustazah or ustaz tell to me that we actully should dissmise all non muslim in this world?
    I cannot speak for them, but maybe they should learn from this fellow then:

    One of the world’s most respected Deobandi scholars believes that aggressive military jihad should be waged by Muslims “to establish the supremacy of Islam” worldwide.

    Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani argues that Muslims should live peacefully in countries such as Britain, where they have the freedom to practise Islam, only until they gain enough power to engage in battle.

    How about you asking them. Should be interesting.

  742. Liyana says:

    that is absolutely wrong. I dont know who is Muhammad Taqi Usmani. I told you.. dont simply belive. You trust to internet so much..

  743. wits0 says:

    Which other religion has a central pillar that’s similar to jihad? Do name them.

  744. Liyana says:

    Please Understand first what is the meaning of jihad. Jihad is not WAR.

  745. hutchrun says:

    I dont know who is Muhammad Taqi Usmani.
    See, told you, you need a guide. There`s much dfor you to learn. Now you are in darkness.

    Mr Usmani, 64, sat for 20 years as a Sharia judge in Pakistan’s Supreme Court. He is an adviser to several global financial institutions and a regular visitor to Britain. Polite and softly spoken, he revealed to The Times a detailed knowledge of world events and his words, for the most part, were balanced and considered.

    Mr Usmani’s justification for aggressive military jihad as a means of establishing global Islamic supremacy is revealed at the climax of his book, Islam and Modernism. The work is a polemic against Islamic modernists who seek to convert the entire Koran into “a poetic and metaphorical book” because, he says, they have been bewitched by Western culture

  746. wits0 says:

    “Jihad is not WAR”
    This link says otherwise:

    So please reveal its documentation of peaceful attainment in history to defeat the above.

  747. Liyana says:

    well, I mean who is he.. Not a prophet right? are you sure the ‘battle’ he said mean WAR, killing others just because they are not muslim. if you said Islam are terroris, why dont you do reaserch about YAHUDI. Then you will know who is terroris… You should learn about Islam from bottom.That is how my Indian english teacher start to accept Islam in his life, not accept it as his religion,but as harmless religion in this world. Before that he also have the same mind like you. You realy2 remind me about him.

  748. Liyana says:

    my time is up. I got to go… so see you guys again latter. but not sure when.bye….

  749. hutchrun says:

    well, I mean who is he.. Not a prophet right?
    20 years as a judge in Sharia Court is nothing? And Your ustaz (or whatever) is more learned than him?

    That is how my Indian english teacher ..You realy2 remind me about him.
    Good for him. To him it`s just Shiva wearing different clothes:

  750. Liyana says:

    sure I’ll come back to tell wits0 about JIHAD. bye….

  751. hutchrun says:

    Now we can take up the third observation in Justice Basak�s judgement, namely, that �This book [The Quran] is not prejudicial to maintenance of religious harmony�, and that �Because of the Koran no public tranquility has been disturbed upto now and there is no reason to apprehend any likelihood of such disturbance in future�. He has gone further and chosen to repeat the etymological exercise which we find in most of the books written by apologists of Islam in modem times. We are informed by Justice Basak that the word �Muslim� has been formed from the word �IslAm� which in turn derives from �as-salam�, meaning peace. The mission of Islam, we are assured by him, is the establishment of peace, and a Muslim is he who works wholeheartedly for this fulfilment. The argument is clever but not consistent either with what is advocated by the scriptures of Islam or with what we find in the recorded history of this creed spread over more than fourteen hundred years. Human history has known several movements which have used words to mean exactly the opposite of what those words stand for in common parlance. Christianity, Communism and Nazism abound in such doublespeak. So also Islam.

  752. hutchrun says:

    [ ]
    Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhyono stayed away from our grand 50th Merdeka day celebrations despite the personal apologies from Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi over the beating of the Indonesian karate referee Donald Pieter Luther Kolopita by four policemen in Nilai recently.

    The incident had stirred up anti-Malaysia demonstrations throughout Indonesia. Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar also failed in his diplomatic mission aimed at cooling off the tension and anger of our neighbours.

    The foreign minister has failed to sense the ‘silent protest’ of the Indonesian government since early this year over various incidents. Does he know that the Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur has been downgraded and has been without a new ambassador since February? Now, the deputy chief of mission, Abdul Rahman Fachir, has been promoted as ambassador to Egypt and yet no deputy ambassador has been named.

  753. Pro-Jihadi says:

    Convert – Or Die.
    We will win in the end.

  754. hutchrun says:

    Ahhh. Dat`s da way to go.

  755. monsterball says:

    hutchrun…Please don’t lie! I asked you what is your religion…and you said you are a freethinker. Now you aid I assumed you are a freethinker.
    And witsO….You are so well versed with all religions…tell me which religious teacher dare to fight wars against all odds and succeeded?
    Please don’t use that circumstances and conditions of Middle East compare to Roman empire …and wost still…India and China.
    And please UNDERSTAND…Islam is infact closest to the Christianity faith…except Jesus is not God and both are branches of Judaism….which Johovah is Allah and vice versa.
    All things been said….MUSLIMS are not warriors…but swear to protect their faith with their lives. I wish other faith followers are that faithful and sincere to their own beliefs.
    So don’t keep instigating and support hutchrun.
    And if hutchrun thinks he so so smart to say he is a freethinker which means …a Buddhist…then let him declare himself straight forwardly and let me..a Buddhist battle him on Buddhism.

  756. monsterball says:

    Pro-Jihati is quoting Osama bin Laden latest message to USA lah..hutchrun.
    oh gosh! Don’t tell me you love Bushy too.

  757. monsterball says:

    hutchrun should stand for elections to be the Prime Minister of MALAYSIA. He seems to teach everyone something and everything…and he is always right.
    His style is like a pro Mahathir supporter.. Can he be one name “hutchrun” creep into this blog and take our kindnesses as stupidities?

  758. hutchrun says:

    and you said you are a freethinker
    Why you lying? I said `don`t have any`. You are the one who gave the label.
    I have noticed you believe in labels a lot.

    declare himself straight forwardly
    WTF. You think you are a priest? N even if you are one, you certainly are not mine.

    Pro-Jihati is quoting Osama bin Laden latest message to USA lah..hutchrun.
    So? It`s been done for centuries. Nothing new to me. Maybe to you.

    Don’t tell me you love Bushy too
    Bad memory – possibly alzheimer`s. I called Bush an idiot for not letting the Iranians get the nukes n calling something `religion of peace`.

  759. hutchrun says:

    hutchrun should stand for elections to be the Prime Minister of MALAYSIA
    You think I got no work. Why don`t you?

    and take our kindnesses as stupidities?
    It`s your stupidity. I got nothing to do with it.

  760. monsterball says:

    Well he is a pro Mahathir for sure.
    Same style..line by line to twist and turn .
    He can’t even understand what I am saying…..but take word by word and twist them…..yet claim others don’t understand his so call highly intelligent messages.

  761. monsterball says:

    Yes you are right! I think have nothing to do….so stand for PM post lah…..why talk so much negatives on Islam and government…both are dominate by Malays.
    Go save Malaysia by doing it…not hide under internet and talk big only.
    In case you forget…..I am all known by everyone….so be like me…have balls or be a pondan. Right now…you are the scum of Malaysia.

  762. hutchrun says:

    He can’t even understand what I am saying…..
    Of course I understand. In effect what you say is that you got no balls, and when push comes to shove, you would rather stay at home and close all your doors.

    …..yet claim others don’t understand his so call highly intelligent messages
    Even an idiot can understand, but you can`t?

  763. hutchrun says:

    …..I am all known by everyone….
    That makes you omni. Stupid God you are.

  764. hutchrun says:

    Right now…you are the scum of Malaysia.
    Is that all you can manage. Sheesh! You really are cum oriented.

  765. hutchrun says:

    Malaysian muslim says:

    The Passion of the “Bloodied, Half-Naked Roman Criminal Swinging From A Cross”

    It looks very much to me like that the bloodied, half-naked Roman criminal swinging from a cross which some gullible groups revere as their “god” (hint, hint) can’t even save himself, much less others. What a weak, stupid and idiotic “god” is this that some people actually think can “save” me from my sins (nauzubillahi min zaalik)?

    I spit on this “god”, I spit on this imagery that they have attributed to “God” and I spit on the idea that some crucified individual can actually offer “salvation” instead of God Almighty, the true Creator of mankind.

    Monty`s lovies.

  766. monsterball says:

    hutchrun….I asked you to reveal your religion..and you replied…”don’t have any” …8th 2.39 pm
    So is that not a freethinker? Yet I battled you…..based on that…you never deny it…now you said I label you.
    The labels I have for you are all recorded here.. many…….now you claim to have a religion?
    What a bloody great twister you are.

  767. hutchrun says:

    So is that not a freethinker?
    That is your label – at least you see the error of your ways.
    Today I`m red indian. Tomorrow I dunno yet. You are in the middle of a twister. Can you maintain any sanity?

  768. monsterball says:

    You can keep instigating others to hate Islamic religion……hutchy…but not to me. Good try.
    Anything else?

  769. hutchrun says:

    You can keep instigating others to hate Islamic religion
    So boring lah you. Endlessly belittling islam that way, you are sure to come to a bad end.

  770. monsterball says:

    GOOD. At last….the truths reveal.
    We ALL know who we are …only people born without a father like you…don’t know who you are…today….tomorrow…or next day…then did not take any medicine…got lost even…don’t know the mother.
    Everyone know when you said you have no religion …means you are a freethinker….or are you claiming to be GOD reincarnated?

  771. monsterball says:

    Now you know it is boring when you have no more answers to reply.
    You have bored readers with all your nonsense spamming and repeating all those idiotic messages…. for weeks…now you realize it?

  772. hutchrun says:

    …only people born without a father like you…
    Hey relax bro. My dad was probly jamming your ma while I was being born.
    That makes me your older brother lah.

  773. hutchrun says:

    …now you realize it?
    Since you brought it up – yes younger brother.

  774. monsterball says:

    Me belittling islam?
    hi hutchy….what a snake you are.
    Me come to a bad end? Reveal yourself and be a man.
    If dare not…don’t offend others to the extreme.

  775. hutchrun says:

    Reveal yourself and be a man
    It`s more fun you revealing yourself. I`m enjoying this. Kinda slowly removing your clothes. Like the dance of seven veils.

  776. monsterball says:

    And I dare to offend only hypocrites..liars…con men…corrupted people…telling it straight to their faces.
    Do you dare to do that?

  777. hutchrun says:

    Do you dare to do that?
    So far doing pretty well.

  778. monsterball says:


  779. hutchrun says:

    Here`s some medicine for my alzheimer`s afflicted younger brother:

    PADANG, Indonesia (UCAN) – Stefanus Prayoga Ismu Rahardi felt bad seeing his daughters’ discomfort at having to wear the Muslim head covering that conceals a girl or woman’s ears, neck and hair, as part of their school attire.

    “The first time I saw them in jilbab, I could sense they were uncomfortable,” the father of three daughters told UCA News Aug. 25. “They did not know how to wear jilbab and got angry,” he recalled. “They were irritated.”

    Agustina, his eldest daughter, is studying at a public junior high school. His second daughter, Yashinta, is studying at a public vocational school. Both schools are in Padang, capital of West Sumatra province, 880 kilometers (about 545 miles) northwest of Jakarta.

    The 44-year-old Catholic recalled that in July, during the first days of the school year, teachers often asked his daughters why they did not wear the head covering to school. “I suggested they wear jilbab,” he continued, so they would not have to answer the same question over and over again. But he also advised them to regard it as only “an accessory.”

    “They were in a difficult situation. They had no choice,” explained Rahardi, a member of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Padangbaru.

  780. monsterball says:

    So far doing pretty well…name that person.
    There you see….you talk cock again.
    I say clearly persons…not a religion..or a race…or a group…ONE PERSON…understand ENGLISH?

  781. monsterball says:

    Jeancumlately..YOU ARE SO RIGHT!

  782. hutchrun says:

    Oh here`s more medicine for the alzheimer`s victim:

    Prostituted Star Covers-Up Vicious Police Violence
    Posted on September 10th, 2007 by nathaniel tan
    Riots are MCA’s one and only trick card.

    Without fear-mongering, MCA would cease to exist.

    The front page of MCA mouthpiece The Star today angered me no end. Police SHOOT at us, and we’re the ones accused of violence 😡

    Not satisfied with having robbed the Chinese of their dignity, MCA continues to try and scare Malaysians with maliciously untrue associations between the Opposition and violence.

  783. monsterball says:

    ha..That’s good hutchrun.
    Now f.. MIC.

  784. hutchrun says:

    More for F..monty, my poor younger brother with alzheimer`s:

    Parents are fuming over a letter from a Kuala Lumpur primary school headmaster directing non-Muslim pupils not to bring non-halal food to school.
    Parents who received the letter had called Zainal Abidin Senapi, headmaster of Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Mega to complain and seek clarification on its contents.

    Zainal’s letter dated July 14 sent to parents and guardians of students read: “Please be informed that non-Muslim students are altogether forbidden from bringing non-halal food to school, forbidden from using canteen utensils, for example forks and spoons, and from throwing rubbish into rubbish bins.”

    In the letter made available to malaysiakini, the headmaster also wrote that the matter must be viewed seriously in order to respect Islam as the official religion of the country and to respect the school’s canteen operator.

  785. hutchrun says:

    Now f.. MIC.
    They balready effed long time ago. No hope. Scratch off.

  786. monsterball says:

    After that…get someone to f… your rear. I will pay for it…hahahahahahaha

  787. hutchrun says:

    Really sounds like it`s being done to you now.

  788. monsterball says:

    He is dong it!! Can hear his moans and cries.
    Usually he responded immediately…now more than half an hour…..enjoying the PAINS.
    I will pay! Does he dare to meet me to collect? My credit is good…ask bamboo river.

  789. hutchrun says:

    There are no taxes in Islam!
    “There are no taxes in Islam, but rather there is a limited Zakaat [alms] totaling 2.5 percent. So beware of the deception of those with the capital. And with your earnest reading about Islam from its pristine sources, you will arrive at an important truth, which is that the religion of all of the Prophets (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them) is one, and that its essence is submission to the orders of Allah Alone in all aspects of life, even if their Shari’ahs [Laws] differ.” — from the speech of Osama Bin Laden

    In the crazy hodge-podge that makes up his Invitation to Islam (to be followed by an Invitation to a Beheading) Osama Bin Laden has decided to appeal to the low-tax voters, liberatarians, ronpaulites, admirers of dinesh d’souza. Bizarre, of course.

    Muslims traditionally have lived off the non-Muslims in the lands they conquered. Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Hindus paid the Jizyah. In India after tens of millions of Hindus had been killed, the Mughal rulers ceased to engage in such wholesale slaughter. And also, once they had a sufficient local population of Hindus who had been forcibly converted — out of fear, out of a desire to avoid the miserable condition of dhimmi (or zimmi) — they allowed the Hindus to be treated as if they were People of the Book, and remain alive so long as they fulfilled the duties of a dhimmi. In that way the Muslim rulers could continue to live on the Jizyah paid by these “zimmis.”

    They also relied, when full-scale military conquest of Infidel territory was no longer possible, on constant raiding parties, up and down the coasts of Europe, even as far as Ireland or, in one case, Iceland. They looted, they killed, they kidnapped non-Muslims and brought them back to be enslaved. In the west, as well as in the east, raiding parties would seize Slavs (hence “slaves”) and also Georgian and Circassian women for the harems.

    And now Muslim states exist either on the manna of oil wealth, which they did nothing to deserve and which is merely the result of an accident of geology. Or, where oil is lacking, they exist on the disguised Jizyah of aid from Infidel states (instead of other, but rich, Muslim states). And within much of Dar al-Harb, the Lands of the Infidels where Islam does not yet rule, many Muslims have settled and taken every conceivable advantage, legal and illegal, of the extensive benefits offered by the generous, and innocent, states of Western Europe — and indeed, raise huge families on those benefits paid for by Infidel taxpayers, while those Infidels, given the expense in Western Europe of raising a child, and the widespread unsettlement and unrecognized apprehension over this same growing Muslim population, have fewer and fewer children themselves. And thus demographic conquest by Muslims continues, unopposed and indeed inadvertently supported by Western welfare states.

    “No taxes”? Ask once the Infidels cease paying the Jizyah, or that oil ceases to be quite so abundant. Then the Muslim states will undoubtedly return to the condition of wretchedness that they were in when the Infidels did not supply, as they have for the past century at least, good government, stability, encouragement of agriculture (see the Maghreb, see Egypt under Cromer), the rule of law, and all the other things that allowed economic development and that will not take place, cannot take place, under Muslim rule — insofar as those Muslims remain devotees of inshallah-fatalism.

    Just look at the Muslim oil states. They have received ten trillion dollars, entirely without any effort on their part, since 1973 alone. What have they done with it? They remain hopelessly dependent on armies of foreign wage-slaves. They have failed to create modern, self-sustaining economies. They live on oil, and on the rents from oil. They produce nothing. They offer no services. They do not share their wealth with other, poorer Muslims, but always expect the Infidels to support those other Muslims — and the Infidels, so far, have been insanely happy to oblige.

    “There are no taxes in Islam…”

    Osama Bin Laden will apparently try anything. Go ahead. Read His Lips. Give him your vote. Show how impressive you found his campaign speech for the Islam Party, its workers tirelessly treading the True and Shining Path, the sendero luminoso, fi sabil Allah.

  790. monsterball says:

    Talking to a sicko…why have I not follow jean’s example. I am off!!

  791. hutchrun says:

    You were off a long time ago.

  792. hutchrun says:

    The story involves helpful alien emissaries, the telepathic Kanamits, giving mankind all the necessary tools to survive and to end wars and famine. As a further token of friendship they even freely transport humans to their paradise-like planet.

    The aliens accidentally leave behind a book. A United Nations official (Mr. Chambers) and his staff take their time in deciphering the book by means of a rudimentary Kanamit-English dictionary. Eventually they are able to translate the title as “To Serve Man”. Mr. Chambers signs up for a flight to the alien home world, as he climbs on board the ship for the trip, his assistant yells to him not to get on: “It’s a cookbook!” The irony of the story is instead of ‘serving man’ by providing for his needs, the aliens were literally ‘serving man’ as a meal on their home planet.

  793. hutchrun says:

    The Tower Hamlets collections also include multiple works by the founders of modern political Islam, Sayed Qutb and Sayed Abdullah Maududi, and a large number of texts from Saudi scholars, promoting the Wahhabi fundamentalist school of thought.

    These, the report says, refer to “incredible hatred of women, incredible hatred of non-Muslims… and of Muslims who are not part of the Wahhabi tradition”.

  794. wits0 says:

    Monty.”which religious teacher dare to fight wars against all odds and succeeded?”

    Hmm.., for today, the Iranian mullahs may try to but they don’t fight but instigate their minions to but they also hope to win influence without fighting for it in their surrounding region. For others, even suicide bombing is justified…

    Men need more humanism, less religion and all their superstitions associated with theocracy and incorporated supremacism.

    “Islam is infact closest to the Christianity faith…which Johovah is Allah ”

    Meaning that at one moment in time, God gave a certain set of laws and later another?! Haven’t you iow created a inconsistent Good with these statements? You are saying that the syariah laws is compatible with Jesus message of Love? No way, I should think.

    “I wish other faith followers are that faithful and sincere to their own beliefs.”

    You need to study deeply the nature of different beliefs before making a sweeping conclusion. Physical unity is not necessarily a measure of greater human virtue or understanding. It can also just be an expression of fascist politics.

    Humanity will survive and prosper by defending the Truth, not religious brand or label. So wise and free men don’t seek for G-d, they seek for the Truth, especially from a Spiritual sense and observations of moral values. Constant reflection on good moral values with a view to Humanism is the way not compulsive and blind partisan adhering to Dogmas.

    “So don’t keep instigating and support hutchrun.”

    I just ask questions, questions that irks because they conflicts with the denied and inconvenient truth. You, otoh, chose the easy way by subscribing with the convenient political correctness that is further removed from Reality.

    Another inconvenient truth here:
    “Almost all the harm inflicted upon Buddhism throughout history has been caused by Islam, says Ole Nydahl.” u/q

    Yeah, Monty, tell me the author, Ole Nydahl, is wrong.

  795. monsterball says:

    yea hutchrun…catch a word and write stupid remarks. You are good at that….besides your sickening comments.
    witsO….To each his own thoughts. Anyhow…our ignorance will kill mankind on day.

  796. monsterball says:

    witsO …The author is yours truly. I don’t need this or that book…or depend on reading books only. I am using my god gifted reasoning power.
    Right or wrong….it is meant to understand weak minds…..not to despise them or take advantage over them.

  797. Australian Flashpacker says:

    monsterball, whats it all about??
    i missed many parts up there… highlight some for me… LOL!!

  798. Australian Flashpacker says:

    Mate, wheres the posts that i had debated with you last week?? had been blockd??

  799. Pro-Jihadi says:

    You are all wrong when you say Jihad is not War and it has nothing to do with religion.

    In Jihad, the killing of infidels and the false Muslims who collaborate with them, in the defense of the Ummah, is not only allowed, it is required.

    The vast majority of Muslims are not violent people. You will not find them killing infidels.

    But I am right in also saying the vast majority of Muslims symphatise with and support the Jihad.

    Your previous Prime Minister is correct in saying there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. There is only the true Islam.

  800. hutchrun says:

    yea hutchrun…catch a word and write stupid remarks.
    Just going down to your level so you can understand better. You wouldn`t understand any other way obviously this god fellow gifted you with low powers of comprehension.
    Which is why you f here and there, drool over pussies etc. Tut tut terribly deprived n depraved.

  801. hutchrun says:

    The vast majority of Muslims are not violent people…. symphatise with and support the Jihad.
    Very correct. There may be moderate muslims, but Islam is not moderate.

  802. monsterball says:

    Islam is moderate. Muslims are moderate people in Malaysia. You..huchy is an extremist….always thinking how smart you are…only can talk cock.

  803. Australian Flashpacker says:

    Islam is moderate….Muslims are not….

  804. monsterball says:

    If more than one billion muslims are not moderate…WW3 would have started long ago….you dum dum.

  805. Australian Flashpacker says:

    well, its starting….just that you guys dont really realise it….
    Its starting mate….LOL!!!
    Just maybe some Muslims in Turkey can be considered moderate,…= D

  806. monsterball says:

    And North Korea..China..Russia…and India will kill all that Hitler have left undone…..hahahahahahahaha

  807. monsterball says:

    Good….Aussies die first..piece of cake…followed by catching old hog… hutchrun …put in jungle..use c4…shut his mouth…..hahahahaha

  808. Australian Flashpacker says:

    The world will not be peace with Muslims like Al-qaeda & Talibans,…should finish them first…

  809. obnoxious9 says:

    WW1 & WW2 everybody know lah. WW3 is over…the Cold War. WW4 is the current War on Terrorism. WW5 is coming lah…Just to let you folks know. Am I wrong? Anyone to correct me?

  810. Australian Flashpacker says:


  811. Pro-Jihadi says:

    WW1 – Victors – The Western Allies
    WW2 – Victors – The Western Allies
    WW3 – Victors – ? Anti-Communists claimed victory, but China is the real winner.

    WW4 – Jihad Will Win – The USA will collapse , Washington will be Radioactive dust, Europe will bow to Islam.

    There will be no WW5.
    The Caliphate will rule and there will be peace on earth. All will submit to the One True Faith.

  812. monsterball says:

    obnoxious9!..Taking you as a retired teacher teaching us…….you are right….Cheers!
    Aussie….you wish your dream will come true to save your skin…..your kind started it..they will finish you off…then Britain…and already Osama is warning USA…the biggest devils on Earth..but sadly not the citizens..who have to go along because they elected that BUSHY man
    Here in MALAYSIA….our cunning politicians are smart…carry balls…so we are safe…..hahahahahaha

  813. Australian Flashpacker says:

    I hope the world will end before Islam took over!!!
    Rather die than to bow to Islam!!!
    Keep on dreaming mate!!! Seems like you are having a real fantastic dream..

  814. Australian Flashpacker says:

    Monty, your politicians got no balls…
    so dont worry, you guys are safe!!

  815. monsterball says:

    Pro-Jihadi and all muslims that don’t know the middle road in the Koran will also die.
    There will be no more religions…so said the Lords Of The Rings…….GUESS WHO.

  816. monsterball says:

    And all Aussies will die happy..drinking beer….singing Matilda.

  817. Pro-Jihadi says:

    There is no middle road in the Koran.

    A Muslim submits to the tenets of the Koran….That’s it.

    Its a beautiful religion.

  818. monsterball says:

    hi Aussie…You have no choice…die you must…don’t try to be brave. They will kill your kind slowly….with a thin rope….not able to kill you few times…let you suffer….worst than throat cancer..for half an hour…than …hanging successful.
    Can you feeel my vibrations?

  819. Australian Flashpacker says:

    At least we were happy before we die….
    unlike those people die without knowing that they had been backstabbed by their so called relatives…

  820. Australian Flashpacker says:

    no, i dont feel anything but eating Hungry Jacks!
    Hey, Monty, ever been to Aus?

  821. monsterball says:

    No Aussie..You are not happy. YOU ALL ARE DRUNK.
    And Pro-Jihadi will be stone to death for being an idiot.

  822. monsterball says:

    More than you ever live there all over AUSTRALIA….Love your country…..but innocent people will suffer….because you carry USA balls….and you drunkards voted him in….so don’t be too nice to me.

  823. Australian Flashpacker says:

    thats even bettaaaaaaa!!!
    Balls Bag Biting Monster, you been to Aus before??

  824. monsterball says:

    Can’t you read good English? YES…many times….and I have friends and relatives all over…became rich…because you Aussies are lazy blokes.

  825. Australian Flashpacker says:

    buddies, continue tomorrow yea!!
    gonna sign off now…Hungry Jacks time…

  826. Australian Flashpacker says:

    we need not to be rich.
    In this life, just want to be happy.
    cmon, if you come to Aus 1 day, we should have aus lager.

  827. monsterball says:

    Steal working time to talk..boss walk in….now capot!
    Have a nice day.

  828. monsterball says:

    hhhhmmm….’Hungry Jacks time”….can be translated few Jacks are hungry to hantam her…you know where..that’s how she keep her job secured……hahahahahahs

  829. monsterball says:

    I drink wine lah…cannot afford….I blanja you with a cigar!
    But you may need to wait your turn…for when I reach Australia….even 10 days trip is not enough to eat drink and be merry with my rowdy friends and relations…but you are most welcome to join in…since you are nice to me.
    Have you seen those casino girls?

  830. monsterball says:

    hi Aussie…Do you know..if I deposit Aus10000[ten grands} in a casino..I get air ticket and free 5 star hotel … two nights stay ….with the condition I gamble for two nights..8 hours per day?
    After that….we go eat real real giant craps.

  831. hutchrun says:

    Some of the South Korean Christian missionaries who were recently kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan were subjected to beatings during their captivity. According to the pastor of the Saemmul Church, the beatings had been administered when they refused to convert to Islam. Five of the 19 captives who returned home at the weekend were male. According to hospital chief Cha Seung-Gyun: “We found through medical checks that some male hostages were beaten. They said they were beaten at first for refusing to take part in Islamic prayers or for rejecting a demand to convert.”

    The statement from the Koran (Sura 2: 256) that there should be “no compulsion in religion” has been cited as proof that Islam does not employ force to maintain its numbers. Perhaps this is true if one only judges the Koran, and ignores verses such as Sura 8: 12: “Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them,” or Sura 2: 191 which states: “And slay them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out”. Compulsion is certainly implied in Sura 9: 29: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya (a tax paid by Christians and Jews) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

    Quoting small segments of a book, out of their original context, can be construed as misrepresentation. However, despite all arguments that Islam does not sanction the imposition of force upon others, the Koran does sanction the worst kind of compulsion – slavery. Sura 33: 50 sanctions sexual intercourse with women who become slaves as prisoners of war. Slavery was practiced by Mohammed and his companions, and has continued to this day in regions such as Mauritania and Sudan. Slaves were often “encouraged” to become Muslim. Egypt was ruled between the 13th century and 1517 by a dynasty of captured slaves who had been converted to Islam, called Mamluks. When the Ottoman Empire absorbed Egypt, Mamluks continued to administer Egypt until 1811. The tradition of enslaving Mamluks (slave-soldiers) had started in the 9th century under the Abbasid empire.

  832. Australian Flashpacker says:

    hey, cant understand the Malaysian English!!!
    translate back the Malay wording..

  833. hutchrun says:

    “I invite you to embrace Islam,” says Osama bin Laden in his latest videotape. Most analysts take this as pious window-dressing and focus on what they believe to be the more substantive points of his message: his comments on the war in Iraq, his critique of capitalism, the similarity of much of what he says to Democratic Party talking points, and the like. But in fact the invitation to Islam is the heart, and the most revealing aspect, of bin Laden’s entire statement.

    The chief reason for this, of course, is because in traditional Islamic law, the invitation to Islam must precede an attack on non-Muslims. The Islamic prophet Muhammad makes this clear, directing Muslims to issue this invitation first, and if the unbelievers refuse, to invite them to enter the Islamic social order as second-class dhimmis, and if they refuse both, to go to war with them.

  834. Australian Flashpacker says:

    Good Hutchy!!!
    We’ll see what they have to say there…LOL!!!

  835. hutchrun says:

    Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war, do not embezzle the spoils; do not break your pledge; and do not mutilate (the dead) bodies; do not kill the children. When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them….If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya [the poll tax on non-Muslims]. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them. (Sahih Muslim 4294)

  836. hutchrun says:

    A Muslim group that wants to open a giant £100 million mosque in London has set its sights on “winning the whole of Britain to Islam”.
    Tablighi Jamaat aims to build an Islamic complex near to the site of the 2012 Olympic stadium, with a mosque for 12,000 people, by far the largest religious building in Britain.

    The organisation, which has millions of followers worldwide, insists that it is a peaceful, apolitical revivalist movement that promotes Islamic consciousness among individual Muslims. However, intelligence agencies have cautioned that the group’s ability to fire young men with a zeal for Islam acts as a staging post, for some, along a path that leads to jihadist terrorism.

    Kafeel Ahmed, the Indian doctor who died from burns last month after trying to set off a car bomb at Glasgow Airport, is the latest in a line of terrorists for whose initial radicalisation Tablighi Jamaat has been blamed. The group (literally, the preaching party) belongs to the ultra-conservative Deobandi school of thought within Sunni Islam, whose adherents run more than 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques.

  837. monsterball says:

    Never mind Aussie…lets go have a bite and let one or two… release their hot foul airs.

  838. monsterball says:

    This Aussie should also be stone to death…with a doubled snake character.

  839. hutchrun says:

    Aussies already had the hot foul air from Bali, which monties appease.
    Stalin called such appeasers `useful idiots`.

  840. hutchrun says:

    In the 1930s, a young liberal journalist named Alan Cranston sounded an alarm about the dangers of National Socialism. Cranston, who later served as a Democratic senator from California, recounted his anti-Nazi effort in an interview a few months before his death in 2000:

    While I was doing my foreign correspondence work, I read Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” . . . There was no English-language version of it. When I quit journalism and came back to try to get involved in activities in the United States, one day in Macy’s bookstore in New York I saw a display of “Mein Kampf,” an English-language version, which I’d never seen before, which hadn’t existed. I went over to look at it out of curiosity and as I picked it up, I knew it wasn’t the real book. It was much thinner than the long book that I had read, which is about 350,000 words. So I bought it to see how come. And delving into it I found that it was a condensed version, and some of the things that would most upset Americans just weren’t there as they were in the version I had read, the original, in German.

    So I talked to an editor friend of mine in New York, a Hearst editor named Amster Spiro, and suggested that I write and we publish an anti-Nazi version of “Mein Kampf” that would be the real book and would awaken Americans to the peril Hitler posed for us and the rest of the world. . . . We proceeded to print in tabloid the version that I wrote, with a very lurid red cover showing Hitler carving up the world, and we sold it for ten cents on newsstands. It created quite a stir. Some Nazis went around knocking down newsstands that displayed it in St. Louis and the German part of New York and elsewhere in the country.

    We sold half a million copies in ten days and were immediately sued by Hitler’s agents on the grounds we had violated his copyright, which we had done. We had the theory that [though] he had copyrighted “Mein Kampf” in Austria, he had destroyed Austria with his army, so we said he destroyed his copyright at the same time. Well, that didn’t stand up in court, and a Connecticut judge ruled in Hitler’s favor. No damages were assessed, but we had to stop selling the book. We got what was called an injunction. But we did wake up a lot of Americans to the Nazi threat.

  841. Australian Flashpacker says:

    so the conclusion is, Muslims are not moderate.
    Thats it!

  842. monsterball says:

    And hutchrun is the most intelligent old hog Malaysia has ever produced.

  843. monsterball says:

    And the Aussie kepala pusin now….cannot comprehend hutchrun …who can?

  844. monsterball says:

    Ah yes…witsO..the wise one only can.

  845. Australian Flashpacker says:

    i;ve got no idea with what the kepala pusin…

  846. monsterball says:

    GOOD! Less you know the better and this is a compliment to you.

  847. hutchrun says:

    And hutchrun is the most intelligent old hog
    You think so. There are other intelligent ones.
    But `useful idiots` won`t know.

  848. Australian Flashpacker says:

    yea, we are on the same side hutchy..

  849. hutchrun says:

    A Quranic concept of terrorism
    By N.S. Rajaram
    Jihad is the ‘evil ideology’ that is driving terrorism. Muslims should take the lead in rooting out this barbarism.

    Early reports indicate that there were no fatalities from four coordinated explosions that again targeted Londons’ transit system yesterday, July 21, 2005, exactly two weeks after the Islamikaze carnage of July 7, 2005 that killed over 50 persons. Perhaps we will also be spared the surreal drama that is enacted each time there is a major Islamikaze terrorist attack: politicians and various other ‘experts’—non—Muslim and Muslim alike—start praising Islam. They tell us that Islam is a noble religion that stands for peace and compassion and abhors violence. This is what Mr. Tony Blair did immediately following the London bombings of 7/7/05. It is now all but an obligatory ritual.

    The major players in this post—attack drama are Muslim leaders and academics. They voice apprehensions about the possible ‘backlash’ against innocent Muslims, resulting from the terrorist acts of a minority. They assure us that the terrorists are acting against the teachings of Islam. This is soon followed by a third act, an airing of Muslim grievances— the war in Iraq, the Palestinian problem, and of course the oppression of Muslims in non—Muslim countries like Britain. The talk is always about backlash and grievances, rarely about their own responsibility in allowing fanaticism to flourish in their midst.

    In all this there is an unstated assumption that the root causes of terrorism lie outside the teachings of Islam. If that is the case, how are we to explain the fact all the terrorist attacks—from New York to London to Bali—have one thing in common: that they were perpetrated by groups acting in the name of Islam? It is hard to believe that the Bali bombings had anything to do with Iraq or Palestine.

    In this drama of denial and diversion, there is always a reluctance to mention the one word that goes a long way towards explaining terrorism: Jihad. While Mr. Blair talked about an evil ideology of hate, he did not mention Jihad. Neither did the British Muslim leaders who promised full cooperation. All spoke in vague terms— about fighting ‘extremism and fundamentalism’ without telling us how.

  850. monsterball says:

    Glad you both are thinking alike.

  851. monsterball says:

    One is a nut..another encouraging the nut…but then who don’t know Australia government……biggest thick skinned balls carriers of USA…and many AUSSIES are like that too….what hypocrites… in Asian….calling themselves Europeans.

  852. hutchrun says:

    Your only qualification to nutship is thru your useful idiocy.

  853. monsterball says:

    By calling themselves Europeans…these idiotic blokes are still identifying themselves as ex convicts from England. What idiots they are. What shame they bring to those vast majority who love sincerely to be identified as ASIANS.

  854. hutchrun says:

    Useful idiot doesn`t know Australia is a continent.

  855. monsterball says:

    And before Australian Flashpacker says I agree….please don’t. You are that kind of hypocrite I am referring to.

  856. Australian Flashpacker says:

    I call myself Asian though!!!
    And this land is not belong to Asian!!
    This land belongs to us!!!

  857. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…Any 10 year old knows that. What are you trying to teach with that..hoggy dog?
    He just like to keep posting….and irritating me…..but he is a NUT…so I am quite amused and will play with him.

  858. monsterball says:

    NO Aussie…The land belongs to OTHERS… were sent there as convicts and they were kind not to eat all of you up.
    Had they learn few things from the Zulus…you are finished!!

  859. Australian Flashpacker says:

    I am sorry, my roots are not ex convicts from England though…
    My roots are not English!!
    you got the wrong person…HAHAHA!!
    And Hutchy is right, Australia is a CONTINENT!!

  860. hutchrun says:

    …..but he is a NUT…so I am quite amused and will play with him
    Awww don`t be coy. You only play with yourself. I enjoy useful idiots. They make my day. Kind of comic relief from this project paper I`m doing.

  861. monsterball says:

    Who cares what your roots are f….every tom dick and harry….producing complicated genes.. like you…claiming have bloodline from all Europeans.
    Maybe you are planning to keep a lovely true blue Malaysian girl….like so many Aussies are doing here. I wonder if they really love their females.
    Maybe drink to get drunk and don’t want to see the ugly faces? hi love is blind…so don’t go for flesh..go for the pounds and pounds of flesh….hahahahahaha

  862. monsterball says:

    Notice hog catch words? Without that..his brain cannot work. He needs me to jump start his old engine.
    Notice he talks and talks ONE SUBJECT?
    Very iNteligent NUT!

  863. hutchrun says:

    Notice he talks and talks ONE SUBJECT?
    Useful idiot doesn`t know it`s more than subject.

    He needs me to jump start his old engine.
    Useful idiot try to get someone to teach you what `comic relief` means.

    Very iNteligent NUT!
    Useful idiot thinks so.

  864. Australian Flashpacker says:

    You are funny Monty.. of cause my roots are from other European countries.. Well, is there anything wrong by claiming yourself European because you have European roots? Well, i wont forget my roots as you did..maybe you are one of the local malays…LOL!!!

  865. monsterball says:

    I don’t think you have a root at all….but generalized yourself a Europeans…which Germans…Swiss….Spain…Portugal will not want to call Europeans.
    I guess Hitler targeted the Jews…so guys like you have some Jewish blood…try to complicate the DNA f….ad producing lost continent off springs to save your own hide.
    Even the Darwin theory will be re-written …some 100 years later on…because of your so call Europeans….famous to erase real history of mankind.

  866. monsterball says:

    And I am a Malaysian….don’t try to be cute!

  867. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Monsterball is a very poor excuse for a Malaysian.

  868. monsterball says:

    But if you really want to know….my roots are from China…very very pure blood.
    Do you know pure blood dogs fetch very high price tags and mixed blood are worthless.

  869. monsterball says:

    hi Aussie…brainless supporter you have.
    Are you not a lucky bloke!

  870. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Monsterball is a Dog ! Pure stray-dog bloodline..

  871. monsterball says:

    So learn Aussie….Baba have no roots like you.
    f….by so many races…don’t know what to do…so mothers rules the home….lean towards the malays…make sure no one learn any chinese and talk only malay language…to come out with …what we call baba siow…..meaning baba nuts.

  872. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    You got something against someone who speaks Malay at home ?

  873. hutchrun says:

    Haha. The useful idiot showing his colors.

  874. monsterball says:

    Aussie….But those are few in Malacca and Penang.
    Majority may not able to speak a word of Chinese…but are real patriotic Malaysians and smart too. But few marry their own relations like the Egyptians…because they look down on the poor or others and come out with nuts like Baba fm Klebang Besar….bragging all the time….with half a brain.
    They are quite lovable…if you are lucky to find those I have mixed and live with during my childhood days….but they like to show off and brag and get jealous of others…it is in their genes.

  875. telur rasaksa says:

    Muak betul lah blog ni.
    Asyik asyik Mamat yang sama berhujah pada diri sendiri aja.

  876. monsterball says:

    But sad to say..out of 10….you are lucky to find one smart baba like me.
    Most are teaches…braggarts..lazy …just big mouth with empty words…and boy…have few dollars…look down on his own poor babas…carry the balls of the malays…just to get few dollars….which one dollar is like a truck wheel…that big to them…real stingy people.

  877. monsterball says:

    apa you chakap? tak phaham lah. ini orang puteh bahasa blog….tetapi chakap simple bahasa..boleh orang tua nak saya hatam you tak. ini macham…not fair.

  878. monsterball says:

    you sokong saya jadi kawan ku?

  879. telur rasaksa says:

    Wah, satu post sudah nak hentam saya ?
    Bagi-lah “chance” sikit.

    Aku ni bukan nya pandai Bahasa Inggeris.
    Baca pegang pada kamus Inggeris-Bahasa, bolehlah faham.
    Tapi nak tulis lambat sangat.
    Maklumlah, belajar sekolah kebangsaan aje.

    Tak apalah, saya baca saja, tak payah buat komen lagilah.

  880. hutchrun says:

    The Taliban in Our Universities.

    By Farish A Noor

    While teaching at the University of Malaya not long ago, I experienced a number of episodes that made me wonder about the future of the Malay-Muslims in the country.

    On one occasion, I found myself in one of the science faculties of the university. I was about to deliver a lecture on the subject of civilisational development and inter-civilisational dialogue to the students who were assembled there. Just as I was about to begin, a young Malay student came up to me and asked if the lecture could be delayed for a few minutes. When I asked him why he wanted the delay, he stated that he wanted to read out a doa (prayer) on behalf of the students who were present. Caught off guard, I turned to the other lecturer present, who told me that such things happen quite regularly and that most lecturers allow the students to have their way.

    The student then proceeded to read the doa, but not without making a crucial qualifying remark first: ‘This is just for the Muslims. The rest of you must not take part’ he said. Thanks to a few ill-chosen (or perhaps deliberately-chosen) words, the student had effectively split apart the audience into two groups: the Muslims and the non-Muslims. When he finished reciting his prayers, the young demagogue passed the floor back to me. I was then expected to speak about inter-cultural dialogue and how communities should come together!

  881. hutchrun says:

    Malaysia’s Home-Grown Taliban
    “Is this the future of ‘Moderate’ Islam in Asia?”, asks Farish A. Noor.

    There was, not too long ago, a time when I could safely say to myself: “Well, no matter how bad things are here in Malaysia, thank God we don’t live in a country like Afghanistan when it was under the control of the Taliban.” But life has a way of ripping apart your illusions in the most brutal manner, and we are reminded as we grow older that adults are not allowed to entertain the sweet delusions of youth for too long.

    Just when we thought that we had seen the back of the tide of radical religio-politics of the 1970s and 1980s, there came a string of embarrassing blunders to remind us that we, too, have our fair share of wannabe-Talibans right here in Malaysia. In the year 2000 we were treated to the Islamiah Aqidah Protection Bill of Perlis, that proposed – among other things – that Muslims found guilty of ‘deviant’ and ‘un-Islamic’ behaviour be sent to so-called ‘faith rehabilitation centres’ so that their interpretation and practice of faith could be somehow ‘corrected’ by the religious ideologues of the state.

  882. monsterball says:

    Okay lah..kawan…ku boleh hatam saya. ..kalau ku nak. Saya diam diam …only for you.

  883. monsterball says:

    hi kawan..tarok bahasa comment….pakai kercil budak bahasa ….boleh kita phaham.
    Janyang baca sahaja…chacap cherita burok…atau..bagus…atau….you sudah tengot itu “x” cherita…apa machan dia pekin ini ..pekin itu……atau orsek perumpuan…tetapi jagan chakap ugama….malas baca lah.

  884. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river…chu mak yeh ni kum tim.
    Orsee mim chut ah?
    Susan…LU HOE BOH?

  885. jeancumlately says:

    If you ran out of idea on what to post then dont. If you want to do a project paper by doing cut and paste, keep it to yourself. If its just about surfing the internet and find whatever article that suits your argument and post it, leave that to a 6-year old. My maid said this, my driver thinks that, my dog did this, my boyfriend told me this, my mistress told me that…

    …and I am a free thinker. I dont do any thinking.

  886. monsterball says:

    ni mern put yeow taryin wor.
    ternsia…wa chue farn pee ke ne cherk!
    li lern….wa chin kerk!!
    Tangsi wa ting tow Susan cherk liow lulian….bamboo river cherk petai…..wah yiow pow chui yean yean.

  887. monsterball says:

    Wonder woman with a chip on her shoulder is here. I am out!

  888. hutchrun says:

    God is on OUR side ! Kill the Infidels!

  889. monsterball says:

    What is this jean….you here and stenson is asking for you right now at FSZ.

  890. monsterball says:

    jean…Your message is cute! No wonder stenson loves you so much.

  891. hutchrun says:

    If you ran out of idea on what to post then dont.
    Expected of those who walk in the footsteps of the useful idiot. You don`t worry. Go ask your dog what `comic relief` means.
    Meanwhile, do keep dropping in, There`ll be more.

  892. monsterball says:

    MERDEKA…means free…and this is certainly FSZ 3!!

  893. monsterball says:

    I must learn the art of how jean can put out such a short message and make someone talk like a lunatic.
    How do you do that jean?

  894. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately….Do it one more time!

  895. hutchrun says:

    jeancumlately….Do it one more time!
    Haha. Do it. The useful idiot`s wagging its tail.

  896. shiver says:

    this clearly is a waste of space, hey monsterball is this the ONLY blog besides elizabeth wong you are addicted to? have you start one of your own?

    clearly out of 900+ comments here, 700+ belongs to monsterball.

    sometimes you have logic in what you say, sometimes you are just plain annoying, i think most times you are annoying and yes i noticed when you wanna cuss or are intimidated, you will always put hahahahaha at the back of your comments. whatever for?

    betul la ni, asyik mamat 2-3 yang komen, yang lain dah tak ada minat lagi. aku tengok dari 500 komen dah jadi 900+ yang banyak kome tu mamat monsterball je.

    tak boring ke? asyik je taip taip taip, kalu bukan kutuk, hamprak orang lain.. asyik bising, kalu bukan tu pun asyik nak goda pompuan kat sini.
    ada tak ko buat cadangan nak majukan malaysia ke, taupun dah gi ceramah2 parti pembangkang ke apa? apa pasal entah2 kat sini bising2 je. bagila komen ko kat malaysia-today. jangan asik nak urat pompuan je la bang, dah la tua, ingatla umor tu..

    sembahyang la sebelum ko disembayangkan!

  897. monsterball says: teaching Susan how to runner blog.
    hi shiver…If Susan does not mind…why are ou so concern?
    Now don’t just judge others like me…put out nice comments of any subject…that is …if you have the knowledge and brain to do that. I DOUBT.

  898. monsterball says:

    I just revisited ‘shockingexpose” blog…to recall things…..and Susan should be alert of spammers in disguise of putting garbages in her blog.
    It is gathering huge amount of readers….yet few are saying doomsday for this blog.
    It is a low season to all…..maybe…..but Susan’s blog stands out…most successful right now. No one can touch her….so like Susan said…AND LISTEN GOOD…SHIVER……not one blogger have one commentator blog so much …and she is happy…why are you not for her?

  899. Baba from Klebang Besar says:

    Did you hear about the blog Monsterball started ?
    It had one hit per day – his own.

  900. monsterball says:

    You are very very wrong..shiver…..I comment at kata tak nak…mob…Black…elviza..anon from miri….kerp…niamah…shockingexpose..and few more….and most of all…my home…sheih’s blog.
    All make me feel at home…besides Liz and Susan….and if I want to….more bloggers will welcome me….I know that.
    So why should I start a blog…and it is none of your business anyhow…what I choose to do.

  901. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…baba siow is back….non chinese…not malay…not half half…what is a baba?

  902. monsterball says:

    Now listen…and eat your hearts out…Monsterball is very famous in blogging world lah….hahahahahaha
    ooopppp…..making them more jealous….hahahahaha

  903. hutchrun says:

    With very few exceptions, useful idiots always think themselves famous:

    What does this all mean? According to Gandhi, if hundred Hindu women were to return to Kohat and were raped in a brutal manner by the Muslims, they should all be determined to avoid taking any assistance from what Mahatma Gandhi called ‘the British bayonet’, which only meant the British Government. Gandhi was of the view that Hindus should cheerfully submit themselves to the carnal acts of the marauders. Only then, he would consider them all as true nationalists! Mahatma Gandhi said that he was giving practical advice to the Hindus when in fact he was giving only a heartless and cruel advice. When a householder finds his wife or children, other near ones and dear ones murdered, with his property set on fire, what an extraordinarily heartless advice to offer!! Is it not downright madness to talk of Swaraj and nationalism to a common helpless citizen when he had faced the total destruction of his everything? To return to one’s home for the purpose of regaining one’s lawful possessions was viewed by Mahatma Gandhi as a selfish act.

    Mahatma Gandhi was perhaps a schizophrenic if not a totally deranged person.

    Let us again turn to the Muslim-loving words of Mahatma Gandhi in 1924:

    ‘Sometimes Muslims kidnap a woman and make her embrace Islam. I do not understand how, in this manner, she can become a Muslim. She does not know the Koran. Alas! She knows very little even of her own religion. I cannot understand how she can become a Muslim. … Our true wealth is not money, land or gold. They can be pillaged. But our true wealth is religion. When we abandon that we can be said to have pillaged our homes. You Hindus are losing much through love of we