But to say “coward”, followed by the term “pondan“, is something else. It’s highly degoratory, insulting and prejudice to the “pondan” community around us. Some are bloggers, too, I am sure. And many are voters. So, you know what to do when you cast your votes this time around…

Now assuming that “pondan” means that bloggers are one or all of the following: Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transsexual, we’re in for a “happy and gay” time with the laws.

NO Thanks to Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Mohammad Taib who condemned writers of political blogs, whom he says looked brave in criticising government leaders, but were actually “cowards”. He was commenting on allegations that Umno leaders were afraid to speak up and face bloggers.

“Why I say they are coward? Because they are afraid of using (web) addresses in the country but use overseas addresses to slam our country leaders. Is this the character of a man? This is not a man, this is a ‘pondan‘, he added. (Bernama, August 18).

Does he mean that we are now punishable under the many anti-pondan laws in the country?

Section 377 of the penal code prohibits sodomy and you are looking at 20 years jail time, fines or rotan (whippings). Perhaps, altogether. Adui, sakit-nya. (Some say worst than the actual act of ‘sodomy’ itself).

Cross-dressing in public is also a crime but the laws are “vague” and against public immorality. Individual states are permitted to enact state laws. In 1993, Kelantan adopted the Islamic laws, which means (Yo!) death for sodomy. In 2002, twin city Terengganu also adopted the same system. So, can I advise blogger Sheih@kickdefella, that “pondan“, currently working and living in Kota Bahru, to be EXTRA CAREFUL of his “pondan” activities from now on? Sheih?

The pondan phobia continues…

Since the 1990s, the government has been banning anyone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender from appearing on state controlled media. No wonder, not too long ago, state TV RTM ditched (through trickery), a very prominent blogger a.k.a Rocky Bru, from appearing in a talk-show although he had been scheduled to appear in the said programme. The blogger thought it was his controversial posting (about the prime minister fainting in Langkawi) that “had him”. Now, we wonder if his “pondan” activities were actually the real reason for him being dismissed from the show.

(Anyway, kudos to blogger and pondan Nathaniel Tan for having the opportunity to appear in Al-Jazeera recently).

Well, if this is not enough …

In 1998, there was a “People’s Anti-Homosexual Voluntary Movement“, to lobby for harsher criminal laws against “pondans“. Members of the group is said to be UMNO members. Which makes me wonder, why are the pro-UMNO bloggers ranting and raving (about being called pondans) when it’s their beloved party’s hobby to incarcerate those “pondans” in our midst?

But somewhere, sometime, there must be a party who emphatises, maybe sympathises with the pondan‘s plight… ?

Until now, no political parties have endorsed “pondan rights” in their party’s constitution. Please correct me if I am wrong. Now that VERY prominent blogger Jeff Ooi had joined the DAP, will the party endorse “pondan rights”?. Perhaps, it already has. Do keep us updated, coz maybe the rest of us “pondans” may want to join or vote for the DAP.

It gets better. In 2007, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad responded to a civil lawsuit filed by Keadilan’s defacto leader and former DPM Anwar Ibrahim, by stating that a pondan should not hold public office in Malaysia.

What about all those politicians or members of Parliament who are also bloggers? You must not forget you are a “pondan“. May we request you to kindly delete your blog. Oh, I forgot, Mahathir now says that bloggers a.k.a “pondans” are the “last hope”, so I think we better fight now for “pondan” rights in public office.

Now, I hope you all don’t sue me for calling you “pondans“, okay? It’s not me. I didn’t do it. It was the Mohammad with the 2Ms who tried to vilify that famous 5 million hits “pondan” Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Anyway, I am also a pondan what. So, what’s your problem?

* Sources about laws against gays taken from Wikipedia.

66 responses »

  1. Boy George says:

    “Section 377 of the penal code prohibits sodomy and you are looking at 20 years jail time, fines or rotan (whippings). Perhaps, altogether. Adui, sakit-nya. (Some say worst than the actual act of ’sodomy’ itself).”

    Hey! Where there is pain there is pleasure.

  2. monsterball says:

    Mahathir was accusing Anwar for sodomy.Judging from those sex maniacs ministers..past and present..all should go to jail for suspected sodomies…except so call righteous TDM.
    Anwar was never proven a sodomite.
    Of all ministers….this recently made senator…M bin M has one of the dirtiest track record a an ex minister…as a corrupted minister…as a playboy…as a liar…now back to do his dirty work for UMNO.
    Trying to boast and took on RPK of Malaysia Today..resulted NIL!!
    RPK have written all the details with proofs of this bloody most corrupted low class ex minister and sex maniac…yet made senator by Pak Lah…speaks what UMNO is.
    To summarized what RPK have written are….M bin M secretly married the daughter of Sultan Of Selangor[late sultan’s daughter} in Thailand…denied …than admit…paid millions compensations.
    How does an ex teacher have millions to pay…was not investigated.
    Caught at Australian Customs ..smuggling out illegal money worth close a million. Case just fizzled out?
    Have a track record to a bloody sex maniac..playboy….no problems to UMNO.
    House burgled …..he reported huge amount of money and jeweleries worth over a million lost…yet no corruption agency care to find out where he gets so much money.
    He does have the dirtiest track record…that’s why he was ousted out as one of the Vice President of UMNO and not given a chance to stand for election.
    Now this man is judging others?
    Why does UMNO want such a man back into active politics….now talking cock? I can only conclude to use his big mouth against Mahathir..if necessary…as both are the dirtiest crooks…so take a crook to deal with a crook.
    As such….he is trying to sharpen his dirty mouth…by accusing bloggers…to try luck with his skill…but he is a low class teacher with limited intelligence and cannot speak good English…even now.
    This should inspire voters what to do…if ever he stands for election under UMNO ticket.
    Bloggers should treat him speaking with foul airs….simply ignore him is the best….but if anyone is again being investigated by the police from his idiotic report..all should be united to fight injustices done to bloggers. Commentators must be allowed to support bloggers…if they want to join in the fight…as commentators represent PEOPLE’s POWER!!.

  3. bamboo river says:

    Pondan ah ?
    Like that we have to strip down to show him not the frontal …but our nice pair of backside . Just like the movie BRAVEHEART.

    oops! I don’t think this is sexual attack.:-)

  4. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha..bamboo river…watch out…he may get crazy with backsides than frontal.
    Usually weird guys like TDM usually talk of something he is known….so that no one will suspect him to be so.
    M bin M may like pondans nowadays. Becareful with your backside…..hahahahahaha

  5. hutchrun says:

    The Kurang `Jar (KJ) is a cowardly pondan masquerading behind a stupid stub beard to make him look `jantan`.
    Sometimes they were arab dishdashas to look manly, religous. other times they wave keris.

  6. kittykat46 says:

    Hehehehe….you have to read what M2T said in Malay to get the full flavour of what he was saying. The English version didn’t capture the nuances that well.

    This M2T guy is really working up a neurosis over bloggers…

  7. lucia says:

    yeah that was what i responded in aisehman and eliz wong blogs yesterday – that it was an insult to pondans. pondans are just people with different sexual orientation, they are not cowards.

    ok lah. monkeys… pondans… i’m waiting for more names.

  8. yh says:

    those that stay in glass house refrain from throwing stones. if one doesnt even dare to tell the truth to his father in law and breaking all sorts of laws in a foreign country, better not call others cowards. look at the mirror and you will find that you are the not the most beautiful.

  9. tonixe says:

    many including the mca warriors have been accussed of having no balls by hiding behind $$$ and UMNO. So we need people like you and some others without this problem ( presumably ) to take on the last of them like KJ and Keris with big rubbery bloated balls ! the result is obvious …they will decline and say you are all mad

  10. bamboo river says:

    Not really want to give him my backside. But to show that we humans have the same shape and look on the butt side! Male , female,gay,lesbian,transvetite even monkeys albeit with lots of hair lor.
    This M bin M seems to be lost of ideas to describe bloggers. As the saying in cantonese……”Kong Tor Yan Chi
    Sang Chai Mou See Fat”

    So , we have ‘See Fat’ what about his ?

    RPK has accepted his and that KJ’s challenge to debate.

    Expected reply from this two will be……I don’t think I would want to debate . MT and all bloggers are not writing the truth. If there is no truth, what is to debate? I am challenging bloggers to debate on the issue of freedom of speech and OSA,ISA blah,blah,blah.

    Biasa lah, no ‘See Fat’ people will ‘Eh Siam to Siam’ becos ‘Boh Kah Cherng’

    He,he,…Monty is laughing with his cigar on his lips!

  11. wits0 says:

    M2M seems to have demonstrated to the wider world how much shallowness and hypocrisy he represents as an UMNO jaguh kampong icon and its sole monopoly of Neanderthal-style jantan-ness. He seems to shrill from the deeper depth of the given Abyss than even Zam.

    Why don’t he take up RPK’s challenge? He simply dares not!

  12. jeancumlately says:

    BR said, He,he,…Monty is laughing with his cigar on his lips!

    May I add?

    Lemme guess, he learnt that from lewinsky..

    Seriously folks,
    Just send these M2M to the so-called “pondan” at some of the back alleys near the chow kit road and find out if these pondans are pengecuts. I was wondering where did they get the idea that pondans are pengecut?

    I am waiting how they would respond to RPK’s challenge too.

  13. KerinchiGuy says:

    hutchrun said: “The Kurang `Jar (KJ) is a cowardly pondan masquerading behind a stupid stub beard to make him look `jantan`.”

    hey, i just remembered a war movie called Jarhead. Maybe Mob’s Crib would want to do a poster of “K ‘Jarhead”.

  14. hutchrun says:

    Just send these M2M to the so-called “pondan” at some of the back alleys near the chow kit road..
    Xcellent idea. Then he`ll really learn what pengecut means.

  15. bamboo river says:

    The moment the transvetites sees this MbinM , they will remove their stilletos and do the century dash.
    No need to mentionlah.

  16. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahaha..with cigar on my lips!

  17. jeancumlately says:

    “The moment the transvetites sees this MbinM , they will remove their stilletos and do the century dash.”
    BR, in that kind of scenario, MbinM maight take it as a compliment. What if MbinM is the one who took off his pants and all the “pondans” burst into laughter and said, “…itu aje?”

  18. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…with cigar on my lips

  19. monsterball says:

    Seriously..M bin M have been taking his pants off in so many odd places …more often than all of you can ever imagine.
    He has a reputation to have the biggest ..eeerrrr…you know what….and itchify ladies are crazy for him.
    That part…I must take my hats off….but he is also such a low down cheap idiotic crook…100 times worst than Harun Idris…yet walking scotched free. That baffles me.

  20. bamboo river says:

    Jean, you are wrong!
    When the transvetites saw him, they ran off because his balls is hanging by his throat and that adam’s apple sudah jatuh ke bawah.

    After reading RPK’s acceptance to debate, the agenda laid out by RPK is good enough to cause his balls to jump up to his throat.
    Aiya, see , have to mention that part.

  21. […] Yeah, I’m a “pondan”, so what? BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING WRONG BEING A “PONDAN” ! But to say “coward”, followed by the term […] […]

  22. kittykat46 says:

    Hehehehehe…an UMNO insider told me M2M’s latest “thing” is with a Puteri Umno sweetie.

    This guy is a real skirt-chaser (or maybe baju-kurung chaser)..

    Careful, jeancumlately….

  23. monsterball says:

    I think jean will love a challenge to be chased by this fella. She loves rare adventures.

  24. hasilox says:

    It has been scientifically proven that genetic disorder causes different sexual orientation. Similarly, colour-blind is also caused by genetic disorder. How to demand someone who is colour-blind to be not colour-blind? Like it or not, nobody can solve genetic disorder using prayers nor laws.

    Some human never stop trying to ‘dethrone’ god.

  25. V T says:

    “lesbian, bisexual or transgender from appearing on state controlled media”

    are you so sure about hte lesbian Susan? hehehehe me thinks you got it wrong.

  26. arifabdull says:

    in 2003, in an Indonesian TV show I saw the doctor said sex orientation such as heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, etc aren’t inherited disorder nor disease.

  27. Hi Susan,

    “Pondan” does not mean ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ but it means ‘effeminate’ and is derogatory when used especially by a male against another male.

  28. msiaman says:

    Nearing election, everyone want to come out and make issue from nothing. You look at the Namewee, this pondan case etc.

    But do you see these morons coming out with solution(s) to solve the country’s ills? A bit fat no! But to cover thier lack of performance, they grab on to something and make issue out of it so in the eyes of the less sophisticated rakyat, they appeared to be champions. But champions for what? Some emotional solutions to thrumped up and imaginary problems?

    Like the monkey god, I am actually very surprised that for a malay he can resort to name calling and even calling people monkey. This I believe is taboo especially when wife is carrying. Either he doesn’t love his wife and family enough or his only have room for his ego in his heart and no-one else. Love? Maybe he is his only love in life judging from his conduct and actions that we are able to observe.

  29. monsterball says:

    Maybe his juice all dried up!!

  30. monsterball says:

    When have ever a crook is a true Muslim? No more juice..only pee cannot make babies nor get huge joystick cannot stand up straight…so now suffer the punishments …the real joys that money cannot buy.
    Frustrated and call others monkies.
    His is now suffering from…SATB…..Sperm Attack The Brain.

  31. wits0 says:

    M2M has done enough fu-lats that only truly blind and ignorant die-hards followers would still idolize him as an icon. Maybe his juice didn’t dry up – just that he’s singing that old frustco song by the Rolling Stones like a record stuck in a groove: “I cant get no satisfaction”.

  32. monsterball says:

    hi witsO….Guys with huge joystick have limited lifespan satisfaction…and yes…juice went hay the brain…then to the backside…where bamboo river had hinted so well…to get him more frustrated. I guess bamboo river did study medicine….otherwise…how does he know. I did not teach him….hahahahahaha

  33. hasilox says:

    It is correct. Sexual orientation caused by genetic disorder is not inherited whereas, colour-blind is inherited.

    However, they are both genetic disorders. Hence, they are medical conditions and no cure yet.

  34. wits0 says:

    Hiding behind ISA, OSA, and the sedition law, the ultra brave M2M calls others cowardly :

  35. wits0 says:

    Hasilfox, two opposing views seem to exist:

    How much certitude can be given to Global Warming for instance? I think it’s largely faddishly exaggerated, drawing on questionable science.

  36. Fair&Balance says:

    “Anyway, I am also a pondan what. So, what’s your problem?”

    Don’t insult the ‘pondans’.

  37. LesbianFront says:

    There is one case when a Malaysian filed for asylum based on his/her religious orientation claiming persecution by the government and society in Malaysia. Sadly he/she failed.

  38. monsterball says:

    So the poor soul got persecuted one way or another …..dead in jail….. declared as heart attack?…natural death?….modern method against being tied up and burn to death? They do follow British customs…dare not chopped of head like oldern muslims….too obvious.

  39. LesbianFront says:

    sorry typo error…

    should be sexual orientation not religious

  40. LesbianFront says:

    He was a Malay guy who sought asylum in Canada.
    But failed because ‘sexual orientation’ did not fit into one of five statutory grounds.

  41. kittykat46 says:

    “genetic disorder causes different sexual orientation”
    That’s stretching the research conclusions too far. I read a couple of very good solid articles on the subject in Scientific American.

    A fair conclusion from the research is that genetics influences sexual orientation.

    One research project covered the sexual orientation of identical twins who were brought up separately, and also those brought up in the same family.

    But many other possible influences have been studied – childhood experiences, family environment and upbringing, social influences especially adolescent social experiences, even the food we eat. And there is definitely a strong psychological aspect.

    Another thing is sexual orientation is purely not a binary status (M or F). Quite a continuum has been established, from extremes at either end, to very blurred.

    kittykat46, for example is definitely a heterosexual male, but I had a very gentle upbringing.

    People who deal with me, but never meet me in person sometimes wonder about my ummm..orientation…hehehehehe…

  42. hasilox says:

    Not all cases of different sexual orientations are caused by genetic disorder. Many are by choice. But there are also many cases caused by genetic disorder.

    For example; there are very young kids, guys, with very unusual feminine characteristics. These kids are way too young to be influenced by their surroundings. Of course not all of them have that disorder. But for those who have, how are we suppose to judge them?

  43. hasilox says:

    I think your points are also valid but not absolute. Don’t think we are able to pinpoint the root cause to one single cause. But there are definitely genetic disorder cases around.

    Global warming? Could contribute.
    Even without catastrophic events, there is still small percentage of abnormalities in various categories.

  44. Just as there is a political Islam, there is now a political ‘pondan’.

  45. Zig says:

    Omg this is hillarious haha.
    Good post Ms. Loone!

  46. Watch pondan pondan Malaysia on you tube!

  47. AhQua says:

    Wow! Was that Susan in the background??

  48. AhQua says:

    Is Angie Ng a ‘pondan’?? I’m confused.

  49. Mason From Kuching says:

    Mike, kindly check my correspondence for you to prior topics-“OXFORD MUST BE ASHAMED OF KHAIRY” Thanks.

  50. bangmalaysia says:

    By the way Susan, will you be joining us for the Bangsa Malaysia Get-Together on 25 August 2007 at the Blog House ( home of Malaysian All Blogs )
    No.66, Lorong Setiabistari, Damansara Heights, KL. Really hope you can take a break and fly down this weekend. Maybe just skip the weekend shopping at Chatuchak, MBK or Siam Paragon… huh..Sorry, just joking that was my weekend hangout when I was there.

  51. bangmalaysia says:

    Guys, apparently, there are still seats available for the Bangsa Malaysia Get-together at 8.30pm.

    Details at:

    See you there and thanks.

  52. monsterball says:

    bangmalaysia knows Susan cannot be there..even if she is in KL.
    He just want to update us the news of the so call “All Blogs” building…which is in fact a few political bloggers with their agendas.
    They do not represent Malaysian bloggers!!

  53. monsterball says:

    hi bangsamalaysia…Are you the 11 year old girl…Asisah..daughter of Big Dog?
    If you are….go study and read story books.
    Don’t patronise what you don’t understand.
    How come you write so good English at age 11?
    Something fishy going on.

  54. YukiChoe says:

    “Is Angie Ng a ‘pondan’?? I’m confused.”

    I know him, and he is a crossdresser, a transvestite. I am a transsexual female but please lor call me girl lor. Pondan is for shallow minded people, but all of you are not shallow, rite?

    Nice article, really. I find TS Muhammad X2 very ridiculous. Why suddenly all of the people I can consider my brothers, suddenly my sisters wor?

  55. pondan?? says:

    What can say here is being pondan is not chosen by the person. It just happens since they were born. Believe me there’s no pondans out there being pondan because they want it. So pondanisme is abselutely from god. We don’t know what god plan is. Maybe it is kind of test. So let put this into our mind. Meaning we are no right to be prejudice with these pondans. So why not we help them slowly to get back into the right track. Don’t judge them too hard. And for those who has normal feeling, be thankful coz god didn’t test u with it.and to all pondans out there, being pondan doesn’t mean u have a ticket to put back all the morality aspect. Show to people that you also can be a good person. At the same time, pray…

  56. hatepondan says:

    i hate pondan. at first i am still ok with them, but then they behave 1/2 girl 1/2 guy is crazy.. and the jealous of girls go F off pondan

  57. jerry says:

    pondans are still human beings and i personally think they are less of a threat in this modern day compared to the macho rapists who will even bite off the nipples of an undergraduate after kidnapping& raping her!Most recent petrifying news inSabah!It is the degree of sanity in a personthat holds respect for him or her,not their aesthetic image!Pondans can provide excellent sexual services which are grossly needed by the majority of maniacs in this country!

  58. mmsy87 says:

    im doin research about pondan rite now.. can anyone help me.. i want to interview… tq

  59. Nick says:

    I am writing a book about adopting a Pondan, any comments of value would be useful. Nick

  60. Asau says:

    Welcome to the world of Pondan. It is nothing wrong for them to be around us. They are also humane..not beast.. So, why feel uneasy??? after all they can gives something ‘oblaha’ & good services for those who are searcing and looking for ‘kui butukui..nang bui tinang’ kind of fun…xxx

  61. azam says:

    Love Pondan but could not find really good and carring..

  62. irenetancd says:

    Hello 🙂

  63. irenetancd says:

    Sorry, I was typing on the wrong blog. Please delete these two comments. Thanks.

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