THANKS to Elizabeth Wong for the “present”.

This is the case it seems.  Or, are they waiting for the trial to be over?

Berita Harian (on Aug 18) reported that the government has ‘thrown back’ Altantuya family’s RM100 million summons against the two accused in her murder – Azilah Hadri dan Sirul Azhar Umar. The documents were returned lawyer Karpal Singh’s office without any reason given. The summons was issued on Aug 2. So, Karpal issued the summons directly to the two policemen in their personal capacity, on Thursday.

Karpal said he did not understand why the summons was returned as the two accused were still police officers, and the summons was made with regards to their mandate as police officers.

He added there was no problem (yet) with the summons issued to the other accused Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda and the government of Malaysia (on Aug 3), as he has received word that lawyer Wong Kian Kheong would be representing him in this case as well.

Karpal Singh is representing Altantuya’s father, Shaariibuu Setev, 56; her mum, Altantsetseg Sanjaa, 56, and her kids Mungunshagai Bayarjargal, 9, and Altanshagai ,Munkhtulga, 4, who want to be compensated, claiming that Altantuya’s death between 19 and 20 October last year was caused by Azilah and Sirul Azha.


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  1. ghenjis khan says:

    Are the two men with covered faces throughout the trial, Government Agents [meaning in the employ of the Government of Malaysia] or even as Contractors [meaning, the Government of Malaysia has entrered into a contract with them to do certain things] ?

    The fact that they were addressed and identified as being Chief Inspector and a Corporal of the Special Task Force [UTK] clearly puts them as Agents of the Government of Malaysia.

    Is the AG Office full of 3rd Class LlB fellows or what …?

  2. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha..What else?
    That’s Malaysian justice.
    What the goverment is saying ….sue the two buggers lah…..why us?
    They are applying commercial company logics.
    Is this right?
    I think it is legally right…but morally wrong.
    Expects UMNO have morals and ethics?….hahahahahaha

  3. Valdes-Munoz says:

    I just finish seeing the video about Altantuya, I can not stop crying !!!
    I have no children and yet hearing her father sadness and
    seeing Altantuya’s son in great need of his beloved mother have left
    my heart aching with no end. Now I have found that I my self can not
    sleep I can not stop thinking about Altantuya and here family. I do
    believe now that all that she did was for a reason including the
    empty threats she made was made in order to have Raza speak to her. All of this has nothing to do about greed but just to make him true to the promises he so willingly made to her.In also that there was no way that she could have been of any conceivable threat what so ever,what can she do to him but nothing.
    Her actions was that of a disparate mother with a heavy and broken heart.
    Trying to collect what ever way she know how a commission promised to her and yet was denied and cheated from her. She gave her life trying
    to help her family that was in disparate need.She ALSO was more then just
    a jilted women but also a women being cheated from a business that she helped Raza make millions in his illegal arms trade.If I was her(and if I could be so brave) I would have done exactly what she did for the love of a mother is greater then life it self,this is the love that would make a mother loose her life in trying to save her child’s life,this is the kind of love that is both beautiful and tragic. When I was a child I was very
    sick for years and my father left my mother and I almost died.I
    remember how my mother would sacrifice all for me even if it meant
    loosing her life she would have done it.
    I am dyslexic and with other problems but my mother never gave up
    on me . I am educated because of her,this just to show the power of a
    mothers’ love. So every time I think of Altantuya it just make me feel
    just so very sad . I feel that I must do some thing for her family and some how in
    some way fight for justice for Altantuya! I do not think the
    government of Malaysia with the cover up of the Malaysian illegal
    arms trade are truly willing to give her justice. The only thing I
    can think of if we can have the American people have the united states government but pressure on to the government of Malaysia for this is a human right’s issue that not only affects Malaysians and Mongolians but affects all citizens of the world. We the people in the international community will be endangered no matter were we will go even worst then it is at the present time.

    What I can I do to fight for justice for Altantuya? How I can help her family? I thank you if you can help in this important request.

  4. monsterball says:

    You can stop crying and pray for her soul to be in peace…Valdes-Munoz.

  5. ping pong says:

    what happened to the mongolian lady court case? any updates on it susan?

  6. joexx says:

    i want some update regarding of the case…
    can anyone send me something….

  7. Patrick C says:

    The Mongolian government should get the russian govt or the International tribunal or some organization like that to pursue the case in the event justice is not served. Something smells fishy……… all the way from Malaysia to Paris.

  8. avvit says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAA Valdes-Munoz is such a sop.

  9. avvit says:

    Can someone tell me why Sharibu is issuing summons? I don’t get it. No one has been found guilty of anything yet.

    Except his daughter that is.

  10. Valdes-Munoz says:

    avvit use your brain that if you have one.

  11. Vitin.Juni says:

    avvit can you read?

  12. avvit says:

    I’ve been typing away and you ask me if I can read and you ask me to use my brains?

  13. avvit says:

    HAHAHAHAAHA another funny thing is that Sharibuu put that youtube thing in MONGOLIAN!! HAHAHAHA. That’s good. Now the whole world can understand what he’s saying!!

    Vitin did you tell Sharibuu to use his brains?

  14. Vitin.Juni says:

    avvit your truely hearless and brainless …

  15. Vitin.Juni says:

    Do you have a mother do you have a sister or a daughter?How would you like it if some would do this to some one in your family ? Shariibuu do not know english he is a mongolian and for most mongolians russian is there 2nd language english would be more of a 3rd or 4th language . If he was malaysian then it would have been done in malay,if you had a brain you would have known this,and if you know how to read you would have read the english translation that Susun had provided.Avvit how can you live with your self mybe it is the fact that you are a blood thirsty cold blooded demon just like the UTK,UMO,Baginda and Najib…

  16. avvit says:

    Someone please get Vitin.Juni a violin.

  17. Vitin.Juni says:

    Someone please get Avvit a brain and teach him how to read. Oh I have a violin and I play it very well to be a musician one would have to have talent to have talent one must have a heart feelings of love and compassion…

  18. Vitin.Juni says:

    Avvt have on compassion no talent no heart and he is “proud of it”…

  19. Vitin.Juni says:

    It is about womens rights it is about humen rights you are ether part of the problem or part of the solution get with the program step up get on track or step back get out of the way and get off…

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