That’s why I say: never apologise to the government. Especially, when you have not done anything wrong. And even if you felt you have, what is the point of saying ‘sorry” to a bunch of ineffective idiots? None of them have apologised for their misbehaviour, silly antics, rude and lewd remarks (and even if they did, it was done reluctantly). Have they ever apologised for turning this bloody country into a laughing stock? From “Malaysia Boleh” to “Malaysia Bodoh” ? Well, I hear nothing coming from the prime minister’s mouth. Have you?

I am ranting about the Malaysian Cabinet’s rejection of Wee Meng Chee’s apology for the unnecessary fuss that he has made with his controversial ‘Negarakuku’ YouTube video. However, Wee can still remain a Malaysian. So, stay happy-lah.

But then, Wee did not apologise to the government, did he? He apologised to all Malaysians. So, why is the Cabinet, who are only made up of a few idiots, speaking on behalf of us, the rest of  Malaysians? 

By the way, have we got our perspective wrong? We voted them in, remember? I mean, those idiots. We pay taxes, their salaries, and contribute our hard work to building this nation. And when something goes wrong, we have to apologise to them? You and I must be a bloody sado-masochist to do all that, isn’t it? Perhaps, we are. I mean if BN can stay in power for 50 years, and perhaps, more, we must not only be sado-masochistic but ultra-masochistic for wanting, and allowing, and perpetuating such a bad deal for ourselves, time after time after time.

Wee, you’ve come at the wrong time, when those idiots are dead set against bloggers. You’re just one of the scapegoats. By the way, this county really has no place for creativity such as yours. So, do plan your future well. But I am here just to tell you that if anything happens to you, which I hope, does not, this blog will tell one and all about your plight.

They said you’ve committed a crime against the nation. I really wonder what one can probably do to commit a crime against the nation? War is a crime, yes. But a rap song? I think we’ve just made ourselves a laughing stock again. But those idiots don’t care. Should they? They know they’ll win again come this election. Unless we prove them wrong!


Flogging demonstration at Folsom Street Fair 2004.


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  1. koolgeek says:

    I’m more interested to see how Malaysian “take action” against Google for violating MALAYSIAN LAW.

  2. koolgeek says:

    That kid apologize to save his family from trouble – responsibility to the family I guess.

  3. koolgeek says:

    Those UMNO cowards are targeting his family

  4. wits0 says:

    The kid need not nave to apologize for his family’s sake because this isn’t North Korea…(yet).

  5. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Susan,
    Stay focused. They are trying to distract the bloggers (again) from the big picture.
    – RM 4.3 Billion Port Klang scandal
    – Express bus tragedy – JPJ and CVLB total regulatory failure
    – Police corruption – Ex-IGP says “40% of Senior Police officers indictable for corruption”
    – Ah, yes, Altantuya trial

    Meng Chee will probably be OK at the moment – continue with his studies in Taiwan – there’s zero chance of extradition – a few more years, even the police probably would have lost his name, apa nama dia ?

  6. jeancumlately says:

    I do agree with kk46.

    Like I said b4, I dont see the reason why a big hoohaa about this guy. Honestly, we should be focussing more on other worthy causes. I dont even see this guy as a symbol for freedom of speech. I dont even think that the idea of freedom of expression is for that purpose. He is just another janet jackson doing the wardrobe malfunction. He’s a mass com student, not stupid and knows the repercussion.

  7. Dood says:

    Bodoh…! Menteri kita memang bodoh. Apa hal nak dakwa budak tu? Dia buat salah, dia mengaku, dia minta maaf. Cukup la. Bodoh…! Bukannya dia bunuh orang, merompak, menipu, rogol, tipu duit rakyat, salah guna kuasa. Dia hanya sedikit kurang ajar. Tidak lebih dari itu. Ada akta lagu negaraku? Shit. Siapa tau ada akta sebegitu. Cukup lah, hantar surat amaran kepada bapak dia. Cukup. Cukup. Tumpukan pada masalah lain. Bodoh…! Bodoh…! Bodoh…!

    – Aku melayu, aku sedikit marah + sedih bila rapper tu ‘sindir’ laungan azan. Tapi aku tidak bodoh macam menteri kita yang sibuk nak besar-besarkan perkara kecil. Bodoh tahap mangkuk tandas.

  8. hutchrun says:

    So MCA have left the BN and their leaders no longer in the Cabinet?
    MCA to continue assisting Wee over rap video mistake

    KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA will continue to assist student Wee Meng Chee who has come under fire for his Negaraku rap video clip.

    “We feel that young people make mistakes, more so when they are overseas and may not know about the sensitivities at home,” said MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek yesterday.

    More hypocrites.

  9. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….All of you are caught by those idiotic stuffs being performed over and over again.
    Lets see..we now have words spoken..insult to the nation…then dresses worn by singers…insult to the religion…then the freedom to change a religion to another religion by that person is an insult to the original religion….but the accusers can speak…act… rape or perform daylight robberies are all okay…as long as you belong to their party.
    I am beginning to understand why crooks love to join UMNO or supporting UMNO.

  10. monsterball says:

    hi guys…That’s how they do best…wasting time talking cock.
    Bet you…Wee will go off scotched free…and the hero is MCA…thinking this stunt will get them Chinese votes. It’s like you do me one favor and I will do you one to get more votes.
    Lets wait MCA protect UMNO …when they get a “do that to me again … more time” opportunity…..hahahahahahaha

  11. monsterball says:

    Insult TDM by ex Aussie PM……hue and cry for weeks….then all okay..when Aussie exPM apologize. TDM was so gracious to forgive and forget with a big smile. More votes to UMNO.
    TDM insulted the FATHER OF INDEPENDENCE…all UMNO opportunists kept they know TDM will give them opportunities to be millionaires. All done and delivered….as promised by by TDM to them….that’s how he can last for 22 years….then he performed a great act asking for forgiveness from Tunku…which I heard Tunku was not even interested in his visit to his home…..but that act did get back UMNO votes…little bit…TDM..nearly lost the elections in the history of UMNO…must change actor.
    Support UMNO or MCA….you can go jail as an act…but at night go home as you like. Where are the police and judge on that Abdullah Ang case?….sleeping and quiet as mouses. Justice and protections?….get lost and be damned UNLAWFULLY like poor Tun Salleh Abbas.
    That’s how these people are protecting the our country.

  12. whispering9 says:

    It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them. ~P.G. Wodehouse, The Man Upstairs

  13. monsterball says:

    But some apologize not from the heart …but to win votes…whispering9.
    Such are hypocrites and their apologies are just lip service…means nothing…and after awhile they will perform the same crooked acts over and over again.
    These people are not Godly souls….although claim to protect their religion with their lives. They are great actors.

  14. hasilox says:

    What else could it be if not because of the Free Zone debacle?

    For their efforts, I want to support BN!!!

    HOI meng chee, you cil@ka. Ho dare you to rob RM4.6billion from us? It’s Free Zone, not FREE TO LOOT ZONE. You think you can rob and then apologize ya. We want our money back!!!

    Long live BN!

  15. kittykat46 says:

    Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels – Samuel Johnson

  16. Mike says:

    hey susan been reading yopur blog for while now.Just want you to know i am about the same age about the guy and beleive me its not just you folks that are pissed off at the goverment infact alot of teenagers are pissed off at the goverment .Just take one look at the teenage blogosphere you will find nothing but disgust for the ruling UMNO and their dags the MCA and MIC.Instead of cursing namewee they must realise they must take the views of us the younger generation seriously.The rap song of namewee only echos of all our misgivings againts the UMNO.Who infact are nothing but a bunch of insensitive Malay educated Malays who are racist sexist and hypocritcal.

  17. pope says:

    i see this as a dangerous and a very strong message from government that they will not tolerate any critism and dissent. they are trying to shut our mouth. just play negarakuku during the coming election. it just best summarized what majority of chinese felt. no need long speeches. may god bless u, meng chee. you are our unsung hero.

  18. monsterball says:

    Mike….Malaysia’s hope lies witH the teenagers to correct all the selfish wrongs their fathers did in supporting UMNO and BN.
    Mahathir is always afraid of University students speaking out. He knows the learned are not easily fooled. He is most comfortable with half past sixes ministers….so here they change.
    The show must go on to win votes…that’s how they think.

  19. khairil says:

    if Wee is to be punished because of the “offensive video” can we punish those two parliamentarians who made sexist remarks on women quite a while ago, too? for the sake of justice, all malaysians are offended by them and they are far more “mature” than that bloke!

  20. BlueMoon says:

    Mamula Moon, Terang Bulan or not so terang bulan, this Wee guy should have gone further and sing his version of the national anthem in the tradition of the “neustro himno’ version of the Star-Spangled banner.

    Then we’ll see the fireworks!

  21. wits0 says:

    KK46: “Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels – Samuel Johnson”

    And scoundrels will have their own (suckers)supporters too.

  22. monsterball says:

    And supporting scoundrels is perhaps..kittykat’s last refuge?

  23. monsterball says:

    That is …when MCA loses all the seats in next general election…..kittykat needs to chabot from the party and take refuge somewhere to think of his future …right….witsO?

  24. bamboo river says:

    I felt sorry for Namewee’s father and his family.

    I don’t think his dad would have take all the trouble to come forward in the press conference organised by that MCA what his name Chua IF, this MCA would not have told his dad that everything will be A OKAY after he apologise publicly.

    That MCA even told the press that the matter is considered KAU TIM once Namewee apologise too.
    NOw ….?
    MCA can only slap on their own face and tell Namewee’s family…Vely SOLLY ah ….
    We aleady done evelything, BUT our BOSS say no can do. SO you better tell Namewee ‘Pou Choong’ !
    What the F…k is this man? MCA
    This is all ‘Chor Hei’ or what?
    It just pissed me off when I read the news.

    Lesson to learn…..
    Thong Hoi Tey Khong Fai Wah!
    Pat Chee Soh Wai!

  25. […] Never say “sorry” That’s why I say: never apologise to the government. Especially, when you have not done anything wrong. And even […] […]

  26. […] Never say “sorry” That’s why I say: never apologise to the government. Especially, when you have not done anything wrong. And even […] […]

  27. KTemoc says:

    actually the cabinet did accept his apologies – only chief head kicker said they did not – what does that make chief head kicker?

    koolgeek has been right that Wee apologised to take heat off his family – he did the right thing by his family, considering those blokes could even attack an international meet like the Apcet II conference 10 years ago, what more with a Malaysian family

    kk46 has also been right that Chief Head Kicker wants the Malay voters’ attention diverted – nothing like a ‘wee’ (excuse pun) bigotry to achieve that

    MCA continues to suffer like a mute stung by a hornet – but it may yet enjoy a half glass full (rather than empty) of favourable fallout as a ‘wee’ hero

  28. stenson says:

    Wee Meng Chee is a household name in malaysia now.You can look at it in either way.He is the reflection of growing perpetual frustration of the young malaysian chinese.

  29. stenson says:

    You can manipulate the law to put him in prison,but you cannot lock up the ‘ANGER IN THE HEARTS ‘of millions of young malaysian chinese in this country.

  30. monsterball says:

    So nice to read so many brave and level headed comments….especially from stenson.
    Malays politicians in UMNO can talk cock…belittle others.They are arrogant….no manners…never never wrong…never apologize..all these because they think they own Malaysia.
    The hope lies in young voters to change the course of our country. They do hold majority % in voting…provide all are registered.

  31. yan says:

    Squandering (or worst- STEALING) our nation’s money & resources is a serious crime against our nation. Why no action taken against these “robbers” & “pirates”??
    Malaysian voted & let BN stay in power for 50 years, and perhaps, more… is just like submitting our ars* to BN & tell them “come & scr*w us and enjoy it somemore”.

  32. wits0 says:

    Monty, till KK46 can effect the MCA to reincarnate from a a role of running dog at the very top level, all his otherwise sincere grassroot contributions actually prolong evreyone’s agony.

  33. hutchrun says:

    Now Semi Value praises BN led by Bad-awi building thousands of hindu temples – Star N32 Saturday, August 18, 2007

  34. wits0 says:

    Rumours went round that Wee’s family was threatened with burning down. We don’t hear of any preemptive warning by the police on that, do we, on both the rumours and its content. Why not?

  35. hutchrun says:

    UMNO, MCA, MIC collectively responsible for this:

    For How Much Longer? Part 1, Hizbut Tahrir Malaysia

  36. toomuch says:

    Yes, they are like gangsters and hoodlums, especially that bloddy stupid, stupid, stupid Padang Rengas idiot, threatening and intimidating the boy to the max. This in spite of what the Information Minister has announced that the boy has apologised and that the case should not be prolonged by any quarters any longer. Does this mean that the Information Minister’s words were just some goblok rubbish and that Malaysians should not listen to hem anymore and that he can easily be overrulled by some other minister. From now on I wont listen to whatever the Minister of Information has to say because he has become meaningless and irrelavant.

    So what is the role of the MCA here in this whole episode? What is the use of the MCA? They are just toothless like the running dogs that they are. These people practice the race-based politics and are suppose to protect Namewee but now UMNO seems to be dictating terms and imposing their power. So what is the point of even voting for the MCA if they can hardly protect the Chinese? So people in the next General Elections, this is something to ponder about.

    And for everyone’s information the Negaraku was a rip-off, ciplak and stolen from a Hawaiian song call Mamula Moon. This tune can be easily downloaded from the internet. So can a song that was originally stolen and rip-off from somebody else be so sacred that it cannot be used as a rap number, I dont see the logic. At least Namewee borrowed the song and used his creativity to express himself in a rap format. He did not steal it wholesale like what they did to MAMULA MOON.

    Come on, we are not in the dark ages anymore. How can any government on earth threatened and intimidated their youth whao are just expressing themslves in their own creative way. God I hope anyone reading this comments will reflect on this when theiy cast their votes in the next elections.

  37. lucia says:

    yeah i agree with someone here who mantioned to take wee’s negerakuku as this year’s merdeka theme song. i don’t feel like celebrating 50th merdeka looking at how things are going on now. i’ll let his rapping speak for myself this merdeka.

  38. wits0 says:

    With the given Reality, only a masochist would celebrate. No thanks, there’s no benefit from such a psychological condition.

  39. notsosmart says:

    Umno criticised others races and religion = NO OFFENCE.
    Wee criticised others races and religion = AN OFFENCE.

  40. hutchrun says:

    Malaysian cultural performances, food festivals and a choir of young Malaysians singing on the Great Wall of China will bring alive the country’s 50th Merdeka celebrations in Beijing.

    The celebrations will kick off in various Chinese cities and in Hong Kong from next week and culminate in Aug 31 receptions in Beijing, Kunming, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

    “We want to show we are proud of what we have achieved in building a harmonious country out of our multi-ethnic races. The celebrations will keep the Malaysian spirit alive within Malaysians in China,” said Malaysian Ambassador Syed Norulzaman Kamarulzaman.

    I was in town and old klang road about an hour back. Nothing much going on. Hardly any cars with flags – maybe 1 in 100. Only commercial vehicles n business premises with flags.
    The only way they can celebrate is wave the flag from the Great Wall-just like they climbed everest.

  41. hutchrun says:

    KTemoc on wee weenies:

    All this fame (of an unwanted kind) has come about, thanks in no ‘wee’ part to our dear UMNO as I had discussed in a ‘wee’ post Negarakuku – no longer a Wee issue, that I posted yesterday in the ‘wee’ hours of the evening.

    Mind you, the malaysiakini article which informed us of Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar saying the government had accepted the apology from the student contradicted in no ‘wee’ manner another minister’s assertion which led to malaysiakini headlining its article as Cabinet rejects apology from rapper.

    Perhaps it’s not a ‘wee’ matter of ministers contradicting each other (as was Zainuddin Maidin rudely contradicted by his UMNO colleague), but more of someone making a greater than ‘wee’ fib.

  42. cghgdw says:

    Why not send a choir of young Malaysians to sing in Gitmo, Cuba to show umno’s solidarity with the islamic terrorists there. And also another choir to cheer up old Osama shivering in his mountain hideout in Waziristan

  43. hutchrun says:

    Ooooo those `brave` MCA getting desperate:

    Khairy ‘speechless’ over MCA Youth’s antics
    Beh Lih Yi
    Aug 18, 07 6:54pm
    The outspoken Khairy Jamaluddin was ‘speechless’ today when asked to comment on the harsh criticisms from the MCA Youth which seemed to target Umno.

    ‘I don’t understand Mandarin’
    Liow asked to explain

  44. hutchrun says:

    During the MCA Youth meeting, the SIL sat there, blur like sotong, while MCA Youth chief hentam ‘certain quarters’ for waving the keris, whereas they, MCA, prefer to wave the Federal Constitution.

    SIL was said to be ‘unhappy’ as some vital bits didn’t appear in the BM translation of the text, and according to Malaysiakini, when the two met after,

    “The brief encounter was believed to end in an atmosphere of embarrassment.”

  45. hutchrun says:

    Liow`s hypocrisy:

    The delivery of Liow’s hard-hitting remarks however were only confined to Mandarin.

    In his earlier speech in Bahasa Malaysia, he praised Umno Youth chief and Education Minister Hishammuddin (nat: hey, isn’t that the keris guy?) Hussein for approving a RM14 million allocation for the Chinese schools under a MCA Youth initiated programme.

  46. monsterball says:

    Pak Lah said…and I quote…”a true Malaysian patriot loves Malaysia and all Malaysian”..unquote.
    Credit should be given…when credit is due…and this speaks well for Pak Lah’s loving kindness…fair to all character…just the opposite of Mahathir.
    No wonder they are loggerheads.
    And as commentators….some of us are against each other for the same reasons.
    Then the truth will reveal itself…who some of these commentators are …for all Malaysians….or for a party they secretly is promoting.

  47. hutchrun says:

    Kuala Lumpur – Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the decision of the Negeri Sembilan Syariah Court in the Nyonya Tahir case o­n Monday proved that non-Muslims could get justice in the Syariah Court.

  48. hutchrun says:

    We wonder who had instructed The Star to blackout the story, and why Keng Yaik had disagreed with MCA’s orchestration in making Wee apologise and subjecting him to legal action again.

  49. hutchrun says:

    The two youth leaders also urged all quarters to allow the Attorney-General to look into the matter and not jump to any conclusion about what the decision would be.
    [ ]
    Wee had since apologised but the issue took another twist when his two songs were sold by VCD peddlars in Muar.

    Now their knickers in a real twist.

  50. hutchrun says:

    Saturday, August 18, 2007
    Namewee Should Sue Those Who Defamed Him

  51. wits0 says:

    “”Siapa yang mahukan Wee di kenakan tindakan selepas dia minta maaf? Bukan Umno. Bukan MCA… Gerakan!””
    Keng Yaik, will he ever make a statement? Silence is certainly hardly golden here.

  52. bolehbug says:

    … some of what Meng Chee said in that video is not too far from the truth… from malaysia-today – RPK…
    Perhaps it is more pertinent to ask what did Meng Chee say that was inaccurate… can any of the running dogs in the Gomen and Umno rebut this word for word, can the bodoh “oxonian” actually understand rebuttal, or was he always tooo bodoh to be on a debating team… Nevertheless, the call to prayer does lead to sigfinicant economic impact in the value of homes etc…, just out of curiosity, are there guidelines on the decibel levels of these calls to prayer or is this query going to be deemed insulting and sensitive, if so please delete it… how do malaysian muslims complain when they are overseas and there are strict controls on sound levels in residential areas… do they also threaten etc… I live quite far from the mosque yet there is inconsistency regarding the decibel level of the prayer call varying from just being audible in my room to loud enough to disrupt conversation… again if this considered insulting and sensitive, then please delete.
    Inevitably, deletion of any sort permits nay compels an opinion formed of the rhyme/reason and credibility/integrity of the forum master…

    BTW, if the lyrics of negaraku was merely added to an existing melody (Mamula Moon), will we ever acknowledge it… if the copyright holders of the Mamula Moon, sue for royalty payment, hmm, will the gomen and the oxonian declare war on them for infringing on the sovereignity of the country…

    Just how sovereign can a country be if even the national anthem is a reworded love song without even the decency of acknowledgement…

    Has Negarakuku been banned in Malaysia, if not can I play it loudly on my home stereo???

    Anyway if any of the posting is deemed insulting and sensitive then just delete.

  53. bolehbug says:

    Sorry, cut and paste mistake from another blog.

    please delete para :…
    “Inevitably, deletion of any sort permits nay compels an opinion formed of the rhyme/reason and credibility/integrity of the forum master…”


  54. hutchrun says:

    Erratum: Apparently it`s an earlier one. Still nice beat.

  55. wits0 says:

    Hutch, according to the geriatrics LKY one, at Jeff’s blog, he said he was misquoted. Ha! What kind of stupid answer is that when alll the while the ppl really wants to know if he was indeed the hardliner in the cabinet?

  56. hutchrun says:

    LKY has a history of being misquoted doesn`t he. He also has a history of mis-spitting (once he got the tv cams too). He was also mis-photographed in the pic where he supported TDM`s declaration of malaysia being an islamic state.
    Come to think of it he was a mis-birth.

  57. monsterball says:

    witsO…Run LKY down as much as you want….but the fact lies…he is respected sincerely by the whole world and appointed by China as one of their adviser.
    Closest from Malaysia being recognized with same status was Tunku Razeliegh.
    Sure LKY is a cunning and smart politician….but he is a non corruptable man.
    Lets not judge others…when in our country…we have so many politicians that we are so ashamed of.
    You think we Malaysians are respected by the whole world?

  58. browsing says:

    im so glad u write about this, i ve been reading ur blog and wondering about ur opinion on Namewee. I couldnt agree more. The cabinet certainly comprise of lots of idiots. Namely, the guy who refuse to accept his apology and then claim to want to take action against YouTube (the everso infamous N). That just show how unforgiving and uncaring the gov is. Instead of looking into the problem of why ppl does this, he condemn ppl. OMG! I just got one thing to say to him, ‘Stop the whining if all u do is just talk talk talk and create more controversy and make a fool of urself’

  59. Eway says:

    Thanks to Dr M, we have a whole generation of politicians that only knows how to use the ISA and seditious act to combat criticism (and for cover ups).
    By the way who wanted to sue youtube? They can do what Thailand did, ban Youtube for a few days. This will really put Malaysia on the map. We will even get our names in the major news companies. I know it is against all of your principles but it really will increase the popularity of the cabinet.

  60. wits0 says:

    Monty, you must have taken the wrong (S’porean)LKY in question when Mr Crybaby face is meant.

  61. hutchrun says:

    Wee Meng Chee complained that the Malay media instigated the hostility against him. Indeed Malay newspapers arrogate themselves auxiliary moral police when they cover Azhar Mansor, M Revathi (Siti Fatimah to them) and others inimical to their mental straitjacket.

    Wee also complained of harassment by the Malay reporter who interviewed him. He said he was berated by the reporter for explaining he had no religion, which to the reporter clearly explained why Wee was of the sort of character that could (allegedly) insult Islam.

  62. monsterball says:

    LKY…Who are we talking about..witsO?
    Don’t tell me.. Lee Kim Yew….Country Height guy.
    I am totally confused.

  63. wits0 says:

    Cry baby faced, lim keng yaik.

  64. Mitesh says:

    its just a waste of time

    v much dissapointed

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