This guy is having a taste of his own medicine.

WHAT!!!??? This guy knows this only now? He was part of the BIG problem. Now got no more space in mainstream media, have to turn to bloggers. Yeah, yeah…we’re the buffoon, isn’t it? Use us when you need us, don’t need us, throw us into jail….sorry, I’m not buying these words…no matter how sweet it sounds…

(Malaysiakini) As Umno musters its forces against the emergence of bloggers, the party’s former president Dr Mahathir Mohamad is urging online dissidents to keep up the pressure on the government.

At a special meeting with bloggers today, Mahathir described bloggers as the “only hope” left to speak out on problems in the country.

“Umno has become completely paralysed. It cannot do anything (to correct itself). The only hope left is with the bloggers,” said Mahathir during a two-and-a-half hour speech to some 100 bloggers at the Perdana Leadership Foundation headquarters in Putrajaya.

Mahathir was speaking on the perceived intolerance of Umno’s leadership towards criticism on allegations of corruption, cronyism and nepotism.

He has been over the past two years attacking number of party leaders, in particular his handpicked successor, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his powerful son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, who is Umno Youth deputy chief.

Up until now, Mahathir had only been expressing tacit support for online dissidents, although he had once dubbed malaysiakini as “traitors to the country” when he was in power.

‘Be brave’

Of late, many Umno leaders have been on an unprecedented warpath against bloggers who criticise the government and its policies.

Mahathir also referred to the eight-hour marathon police interrogation of political website owner Raja Petra Kamarudin as an example of how the authorities can intimidate bloggers.

“You have to gather force. You have to talk to people. Even if you are arrested, you go and talk… If you have only one person doing that, it’s not good enough.

“If you want to do something that is positive, you have to get everybody, as much as possible, and do it openly and say it loud and clear,” said Mahathir who was met with loud applause from the floor.

Citing a recent lecture in a local university, Mahathir expressed disappointment with students who blamed the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) as the reason for not speaking out on issues.

“There are ways to get around the rules and regulations. If you want, if you love your country, you would take the risk,” he added.

Write prudently

However, Mahathir advised bloggers to be careful in their writings and avoid courting negative publicity.

“There are bloggers who use words that are dirty, obscene, personal attacks, monkey, monyet… people would react by saying ‘so those are bloggers? Useless people! Read the mainstream media. The (New) Straits Times tells you the truth,’” said Mahathir with his usual sarcasm.

On the upcoming general election, Mahathir claimed that there would be widespread vote buying due to the precedence set in the recent Selangor’s Ijok and Pahang’s Batu Talam by-elections.

“It is for certain that in the coming general election, a lot of money would be spent in vote buying… if the ruling parties do this, we would be governed by a government that is outrightly involved in corruption,” he said.

“For RM200, people are willing to sell their votes. They are not just selling their votes. Dia jual maaruahnya (he is selling his dignity).”


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  1. Newbee says:

    “For RM200, people are willing to sell their votes. ” Mahathir

    For less than that, I know people who are willing to sell their grandmothers into prostitution.

  2. wits0 says:

    To call the monster Frankenstein is always a misnomer as it was created by Dr. Frankenstein.

  3. wits0 says:

    He might consider apologising for Op Lalang first. That might even help some.

  4. monsterball says:

    This man….the most troublesome politician Malaysia has ever produced…is also the most hypocritical…most corrupted and most cunning. Name all the negatives most..he wears the labels all the way.
    He was a dictator for 22 years… asking bloggers to speak out for justice and fairness? What a joke!!
    Ofcourse everyone expects Mahathir talk like this….till the day he dies for personal reasons…no need to explain.
    Only UMNO is proud of this man…no one else.
    Let him keep making a fool of himself.
    Sad at this age..what a clown he turned out to be.
    He believes in Allah? Bullshit.

  5. monsterball says:

    Susan..I just posted and it is in the dustbin?
    Please retrieve. Thanks.

  6. monsterball says:


  7. monsterball says:

    witsO..Hundreds of companies went bankcrupt in the early 80’s…..all due to him..he does not care…because mostly are Chinese companies.
    Then he picked and choose which Malays he wanted to help …like as if he is the King of Malaysia…he had the rights to do so.
    Then….all his 22 years…he mastered the art to create tensions out of nothing…whenever corruptions are to be exposed.
    He picked and choose the Judges and Police to enhanced his dictatorship….putting an innocent man like Tun Salleh Abbas into shame ….he could not care less as long as it is to protect himself.
    UMNO dare not admit all his wrongs….so he attack only Pak Lah…not UMNO.
    Now he wants Justice?…..hahahahahahaha

  8. wits0 says:

    Monty, Bingo! You drew the picture well.

  9. monsterball says:

    Big huge projects are needed to have big huge commission ….to strengthen party and personal benefits. Can you imagine UMNO is so filthy rich with small donations from party members every month?
    So are all the BN components. Do you recall Ling Liong Sik Jr. bragged he paid RM100 million taxes year at age 21?
    Do you recall Abdullah Ang can go back from KAJANG jail everyday as he likes?….all under Mahathir.
    So many are proud of Twin Towers…PutraJaya…and Bukun Dam would be one more ….had it not been scrapped away. He cares nothing for environments….only how to make money….remember all his speeches why the damn must be built?…even if that dam was infect no use at all.?..but it was a multi billion RM project…that’s what makes him interested….billions..upon billions. Afterall…few RM million also corruptions…why not big huge ones.
    That’s the genius of Mahathir that UMNO members admire…even now.
    That’s why we have so many filthy rich MALAYS..doing nothing.

  10. wits0 says:

    Th “genius” of Mahathir turned things upside down and why should AAB, UMNO and BN care when they benefitted no end from that?

    With that typical “back tilt” of his head in front of a mike he stresses his points in all his sermons but obfuscates other points. Here is a man for whom truth is what he decides to be, not what it is.

  11. monsterball says:

    According to Rocky….he needs to scramble into a full house hall listening to Mahathir…..even before the event started.
    This pro Mahathir blogger have exposed himself. Just go and read his blog!
    Now look carefully at the hall photo…not even half full.
    It will be wise if Rocky do not show too much one sided pro Mahathir and against UMNO character in his blog. He is supposed to show good examples to young bloggers too..being somewhat recognized as a leader of some sort in blogsphere.

  12. monsterball says:

    Our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman ….somewhere up there in paradise….is laughing on UMNO BARU….old UMNO killed by TDM..
    God Bless our beloved Tunku…the one and only one who saw Mahathir through and through…..long before TDM became PM.
    Only a very sincere and righteous person have that power to see things others cannot see.
    So in actual fact …we should call the present UMNO…as UMNO BARU…..and let all those members be so proud to be the member of Mahathir’s UMNO BARU….not the Tunku original one. Hope history books get this right too. I doubt!!

  13. monsterball says:

    If anyone copy the word ‘umno”…you will be sued .
    Yet…’umno baru” can become “umno”…no problem in the eyes of our law.
    Can that be done legally….as if it is ‘UMNO’…then why kill the original one ? Is that not a case of hanky panky for Justice DEPT to investigate?

  14. hutchrun says:

    Important thing would be to use this Frankenstein to purpose. The more he speaks the more it`ll help widen the rift within the BN, and that is good.
    There couldn`t be a better 5th column.
    In that he should be supported.

  15. monsterball says:

    I disagree with hutchrun cunning way of thinking.
    Be straight forward….and lets not play the same game as TDM has taught many for 22 years.
    We are not politicians…nor balls carriers.
    We need to show to young voters how to have dignities and principles in life….and work hard for a living…..more important to easy money.
    hutchrun will do well to speak with a straight tongue.

  16. hutchrun says:

    You say`cunning`, I say `thinking strategically`. Could be too much Sun Tzu or all those war books. Never mind. I stand by what I said.
    You really are thinking like a taugeh towkay.

    Anyway, I found this interesting:

    August 15th, 2007 | by akula |
    You do remember when KJ accused Anwar as a `traitor to the Malay cause’, puppet of the United States and Jews. Right? Well KJ also told the UMNO youth gathering in Kuala Kangsar that `he(Anwar) must be hounded until there is no place for him to run to’.

    In Malaysiakini today it was reported that Anwar is suing KJ for his above remarks. And right after he said this, Anwar broke into the ever popular Elvis Presley’s tune of You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog, obviously referring KJ’s promise to hound him.

    So now KJ been labelled as a hound dog. I guess he deserves it since his favourite past time is to call everyone else monkey.

    Cant wait for round two!

  17. Omigosh says:

    I am not certain. Maybe Hutchrun has a point. They say that in politics there are no friends or enemies. Enemies may one day turn out to be friends. So old Frankenstein may still be of some use depending on what bloggers or the masses want to achieve. Old Frankenstein’s statement that, “Umno has become completely paralysed. It cannot do anything (to correct itself). The only hope left is with the bloggers,” is indeed a powerful statement. If we truly want to see change, then perhaps old Franks words has some meaning.

  18. kittykat46 says:

    The whole situation with Mahathir is so rich with irony.

    The absolute government control over all the mainstream media, which he wielded when he was in power, is now the primary means to silence him. So the Internet dissidents, who were his enemy are now his allies.

    But I’m not into Mahathir bashing for the sake of it. He was a man with a tremendous vision, but also absolutely ruthless in carrying out his vision and obliterating anyone he considered as interfering with his game plan. In the process he condoned, even encouraged many corrupt practices and carried out many suppressive measures. But I’m also not blind to the good that
    he has done.

    Malaysia in 1980 was a rural agrarian-based economy. Heavily exposed to fluctuations in worldwide commodity prices of rubber, oil palm and even tin. Our per capita GDP was less than 30% of what it is now.
    Labour costs were relatively low, but foreign investors were uninterested because of investment policies discouraged foreign equity ( compulsory 30% bumi ownership etc. etc.).

    Mahathir was the architect of the transformation of the Malaysian economy into a primarily export manufacturing-based system. It could only have been done with someone of his drive and authority.

    Ah yes, in the process, he destroyed the independence of the judiciary, created an UMNOputra culture of handouts and cronyism, spent billions bailing out cronies who were utterly incapable of running a major corporation, blind to corruption among his supporters.

    I wish the nation can have a PM who is smart, competent, dynamic and also respects human rights, intolerant of corruption and racism.

  19. whispering9 says:

    “You may said i am a dreamer….but im not the only one” John Lennon – Imagine

    TDM is a great past leader notwithstanding the flaws . Today, we must have a clean and capable leader. Please don’t kill his message. He is not asking for an anointment. Listen to him when he is right.

  20. Omigosh says:

    “There are bloggers who use words that are dirty, obscene, personal attacks, monkey, monyet… people would react by saying ‘so those are bloggers?
    Joceline, Khairy and “Monyet”

    OMG I hope he didn’t mean Susan and the commentators here, me included. Ha ha..

  21. Omigosh says:

    On the subject of: Joceline, Khairy and “Monyet, this is Mahathir’s (old Frank, Huh!) response to Jostling’s write-up on the baboon:

    On a story in Sunday Star in which Khairy Jamaluddin was referred to as a ‘political son of Mahathir’

    “Spot on! I am a dictator remember? I had an administration that was cruel and harsh… that arrest people and put them under ISA (Internal Security Act) all the time, spend money on mega-projects until the country is bankrupt… that is Dr Mahathir and that is Khairy!

    It’s a compliment to him, not to me. I’m grateful. I don’t have to say anything else. Next question?”

  22. monsterball says:

    When a commentator put out a message….you can read he is a supporter of a party or a free man like me.
    However…free men like me can also be pull to support a supporter of a party without realizing it.
    Such are the half past six free men.

  23. wits0 says:

    KK46: “I wish the nation can have a PM who is smart, competent, dynamic and also respects human rights, intolerant of corruption and racism.”
    The fact that he managed to “succeed” without these positive and needed observances surely must’ve encouraged the likes of KJ to think he also can – that the means always justify the ends…whatever the means, i.e.

    This is a pervasive ideological
    fallout that cannot be replaced by juggling figures. Oil also may well prove to be a curse. And what’s known as privatisation is largely piratisation.

  24. Hantu Laut says:

    Maybe we should also give some credits to the old man, he has, in his own ways transformed this country from a tropical backwater into what it is today. Although, some of the laws like the ISA seems draconian, it is a necessary evil.

    I do not agree with what he is doing now.He had his time.He should just bite the bullet and accept that he has made a bad decision.

    His has lost his focus and become too personal in his attack on Abdullah’s leadership.I think he should go out and do some charity work like what some famous people do after retirement.

  25. 2legit says:

    A time to ponder on reaching the 50th year of nationhood…

    EVENT 1: Merdeka Dialogue:
    “Merdeka: Wither Bangsa Malaysia?”

    EVENT 2: Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka Get-together
    ‘Bangsa Malaysia : The Way Forward’

    EVENT 3: 50th Merdeka Anniversary Nation Building : Dialogue
    50 Yars in History: 1957 – 2007

    Details at:

    There might be a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

  26. wits0 says:

    “ISA seems draconian, it is a necessary evil.”
    It is draconian and it was hardly necessary. His successor has changed little but rides along on this expediency.

    Before the Tun can really be accepted as a reborn messenger of creditworthiness, he could apologise – some.

  27. kittykat46 says:

    The ISA is an UNNECESSARY EVIL. Period.

    Giving the Minister absolute discretion to throw people into indefinite detention without the right to a trial, without the right to answer the accusations against him, without even having to justify what exactly the person is accused of is just so profoundly WRONG.

  28. hutchrun says:

    The Frankenstein world headed by OIC n Bad-awi:

  29. wits0 says:

    If some ppl believes in Caliphate, and then think they are more loyal and patriotic than others, then what would be the right word to describe such?

  30. hutchrun says:


  31. Lady says:

    I’ve read your blog on several things now. It makes me sad to think that any country would treat people who are just trying to voice their opinion that poorly.

    But, it’s not as though we don’t have people that would rather take bloggers out of America too.. Because I’m sure it’ll become a huge political issue here as soon someone thinks that bloggers are in Al Queda or something.

    Save us all.

  32. hutchrun says:

    Lady you ain`t seen nuthin yet. Btw Larry Kudlow was on CNBC sayinm` you have 24 of these lovely cluster cells in the North East. All homegrown.
    Many happy parties ahead.

  33. monsterball says:

    hantu laut….Mahathir has an agenda to squeezed us high and dry for party and personal benefits…as he knew the well will be filled over and over again….carrying two hoots for the reactions that the actions he was doing and saying.
    Surely such maybe a hero to some in UMNO. Afterall…it is they who so call benefited from TDM so call good moves and decisions.
    But he also play dirty politics within his own party. That’s his nature…go against him…you are in trouble. Is that a leader or a dictator?
    Majority Malays know he is wrong..even within UMNO….who values dignity and principles in life more than dirty politics.Did Mahathir for 22 years did any good deeds? SURE HE DID!! WE ALL KNOW THAT TOO!! But study his characters…his actions…and events surrounding the 22 years under his premiership….then you will know Mahathir is not for Malaysia…but for UMNO and for himself…and his family.
    So if you love the country more and is not an UMNO member and not a will fully agree with me.
    Otherwise…you are a hypocrite protecting your own race for face savings …or doing like he is an MCA man.
    All his wrongs….I have written out . Why not take point by point and lets debate.
    Lets talk about his deeds or misdeeds one by one.
    Lets talk about his character.Afterall….he RULED us for 22 years plus.. are we so ungrateful bastards? Or are some minority malays still practising ‘lets forgive and forget” . like we saw Pak Lah was doing to TDM recently….so noble…because he is actually protecting his own race and party member….period. now TDM is out to criticize PM again. Is that not a wayang kulit show? ULTERIOR MOTIVES IS AN EVIL BY ITSELF …IF THE ULTERIOR MOTIVE IS FOR PERSONAL GAINS.

  34. Mason From Kuching says:

    Mahathir is irrefutable the greatest tyrants among the premiers of malaysia. I am not saying that Mr. Badawi is an eminent PM, but a charlatan who depends much on eminece grise of his son in law.

    But to have Mahathir playing God and repeatedly hurled tirades at the interim goverment is comparable to President Suharto of Indonesia running his philippics on the failed administration of Megawati Sukarnoputri and her succesors.

    Facts : When the East Timore and the Chinese were mauled, raped and killed in Indonesia, Mahathir chose to be reticence and when similar instances occurs in the Middle East, he did and still do what he could branding Israel and the U.S. as evils and ever-readily championed the cause of the Palestinians and even leveraging the so called ‘suicide(homicide)-bombers’ as the only option they only have to defend the self-proclaimed Arab land.

    Facts :He admitedly spuoted that he was being branded as a dictator for the incarceration of dissidents under the bestial ISA which reflects an empirical evidence to suggest that he is irrefutably the “Biggest of All Evils”.

    Facts: During Mahathir’s tenure, the press has opted to flatter him on the front page than any other PMs in Malaysian history. Any trivial complaint was treated as detrators and in reprisal face misused of the ISA has sent countless of dissidents among them was Lim Kit Siang and the power-play removal of Tun Salleh Abbas.

    Facts : now that his daughter is a blogger and befriended many blogger-friends, like Raja Petra and Jeff Ooi, mahathir is using this tool, her daughter and co. to carry out his personal attacks via the internet by bloggers as he averred is the only hope on leaders that reneged him such as Mr. Charlatan who is too weak but took orders not from mahathir but the ‘Son In Law’.

    My last sentence to mahathir, SHAME ON YOU!

  35. Mason From Kuching says:


    Paragragh 6 :Any trivial complaints were treated as detractors and face reprisals that sent countless of political victims among them, Lim Kit siang, the underhand power-play removal of Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Salleh Abbas.

    My Last Sentence : To The Great Tyrant called Mahathir Mohamed, SHAME ON YOU!

  36. sinomalay says:

    “Now got no more space in mainstream media…”

    Dear Susan, bloggers and Mahathir too,

    What do you mean by mainstream media? If you are describing The NST, The Star, The Sun and the like as mainstream, then you are wrong. Please check the meaning of mainstream. The mainstream media refers to newswebsites like malaysiakini and news blogs; they are not alternative media because most people now get their news online before they switch on the TVs and turn the pages of their newspapers. Times have changed!


  37. V T says:

    Never trust this frankenstein.

    He should learn to keep quiet, Malaysia is seeing unprecedented numbers of huge white elephants because of his “hand-picked” sucessor.

    you made a mess of Malaysia for Malaysians while in office, and now you think you’re wiser?

    just shut up lah old man.

  38. V T says:

    TDM, don’t you ever incite blogger to do your dirty work.

    If you’re so good, start your own blog.

    otherwise, just keep quiet.

  39. wits0 says:

    Good one, Mason From Kuching, many could not possibly have forgotten that Mahathiran legacy so soon – how perverse his “principles” were/are. His charlatan successor will not correct any of these perversities but add on to them with his winks and denials. Neither could bricks and stones structures ever compensates for them. How long can a country live on noisy, empty, feel good hypes and disintegrated morality(ethiclessness)? What’s there to celebrate?

  40. wits0 says:

    Monty: “Only a very sincere and righteous person have that power to see things others cannot see.”

    Quite so. The Tun seems to have long lost this ability with the advent of his new Deal and all those gimmickry of “Newness” attached. The cacophony and cascades of the MSM adulations and personal awards collected from all over the globe by flatterers would make a Ceaser feel that he is more than mortal. He created a tradition of surreality that his successor will surely embrace. Like globe trotting as a constant perk, e.g. and now with a larger jet too!

    There was a time when you can hardly go through a copy of the Star without seeing his image somewhere even when not in the front pages. Makes little difference if his image was never casted in actual bronze.

  41. monsterball says:

    Mason From Kuching….dito witsO complement to you.
    I like the part about daughter being used……which I fully agree. Not many people can see what you see.

  42. monsterball says:

    hutchrun is sarcastic calling me a tuageh towkay …meaning small fry boss…when I disagreed with his so call …’thinking strategically”.
    To me …he is an unreliable person that can swing his way of thinking for personal benefits…not for the country.

  43. Mason From Kuching says:

    Susan opined:-

    This guy is having a taste of his own medicine.

    WHAT!!!??? This guy knows this only now? He was part of the BIG problem. Now got no more space in mainstream media, have to turn to bloggers. Yeah, yeah…we’re the buffoon, isn’t it? Use us when you need us, don’t need us, throw us into jail….sorry, I’m not buying these words…no matter how sweet it sounds…

    Dear Sue,

    I hope your good-friend, whats his nick again? Oh yeah, RunAmocK, ehh, KTemoc, correct(?) would agree with ya….

    And Uncle monty’s post on August 16th, 2007 at 2:37 am, I coudn’t agree with ya more.

    Wits0, remember when Silverwolf commended your good command in English, I have this to say to you:-

    Language helps us to articulate,
    Ideas enables us to create.

    Plaudits to you for your great philosophy and keeping this blog which I frequent the most, EXCITING.

    If anyone fully read the excerpts of Mahathir’s speech and interview, the master-manipulater of event was just rehashing his impenitent ideologies
    and if bloggers have anything to be proud about it would be eithier blind-patriotism or using Mahathir as thier vocal to condemn the interim administration’s harassment and intimidation of bloggers.

    But in retrospect, remember the oldest motivation
    of mankind–revenge? And the “Ruses Of A Professional Con Artist?”

    For bloggers of wavering and flinching of conscience, and venal already in his pocket of coz, are and will be connived by the ‘The Great Con’ himself having planted an influential ‘shill’, Mariana ‘Masquarading’ Mahathir socializing and fraternizing well with the blogging community so that he could use them as his ‘weapon’ to unleash against not his race, religion nor country but all
    the mega-projects wherein not even a penny of kick-backs falls or landed into his pocket.

    He was right to hand-picked the ‘right’ puppet but
    the hand-picked puppet seems to be pupetted by another puppeteer.

    And remember not long when an UMNO politician accused bloggers of being paid RM100K a month, having read some intrepid bloggers who adduced classified documented evidences to subtantiate his/their allegations of ‘top-guns’ corruption, I was thinking of that as well (the elusive figures $$$$$$ being paid to venal bloggers).

    Mr. Charlatan will always be remebered as a TIGER who walks into his office as PM (whom once initiated the Royal Police Commission and the arrest of the ‘untouchable, Eric Chia) and walks out like a LAMB (all hollow and false promises).

  44. monsterball says:

    So lets summarize Mahathir’s 22 years.
    He hand picked the Judges and Police. He got rid of all opposing him.
    All done….he handpicked his cronies.
    Then the con job begins….billion RM projects ONLY…earn the money and simultanously shouting and diverting attentions of the people…creating an issue out of no issue…so that the con jobs are not seen or suspected…but few knew and resigned…especially two ex DPM.
    He failed 4 times to get a DPM to toe the line….yet he still think he is so right.
    Doctors can never manage a country. Go round the world and see which doctor can do it?
    What Mahathir greatness is his big mouth with smart ideas to twist and excites the people. He is an actor par excellence…but we level headed people calling him….the biggest hypocrite PM we ever had….he does not care. He has a very thick skin face to do his mission …to save his family….until the day he dies. He developed a team of hypocrites…all happy to be millionaires….while he earned 100 times more…for 22 years..then spread a little to his chosen few…all are happy.
    Such a man is crying for justice and fairness from Pak Lah….yet UMNO ministers have no balls to tell him off…shows signs of corruptions all over. TDM knew it from the start. What can Pal Lah do to this? NOTHING!! That’s UMNO for all to elect them back again.
    My English is simple and to the point…as I see it.

  45. monsterball says:

    A con man has to project a cultured and refine character. Mahathir was criticizing others using vulgar words.which yours truly and many others are doing it.
    I have this to say to him. it is better we use F… words to vent our angers out that be a total hypocrite like him..with such a thick onion skin face all his life…so cruel…so vicious…so so wrong…yet never admit being so…so clear that the whole almost the whole nation is despising him…yet he keeps on creating trouble for personal agendas.
    The whole world…not one is saying how god he is….but ah…he is giving speeches here and there all over the world. That must be UMNO trick to keep this idiot busy…as he loves limelight.
    What do you call such a man….seeking justice when he never give anyone that…unless it pleases him…not based on fairness and law. DICTATOR?
    He is thrown out to the dustbin. He is an has been.
    Wake up retired civil servant and stop being arrogant and day dreaming how powerful you are.
    If not for respecting Susan…I will F…him left and right. I am sure one man will forgive me at least…our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman…dead or alive..we will love him forever. Dead or alive…no one care about Mahathir…except few ball carriers whose parents ..friends or themselves are being rewarded by this evil man in the past and at the present…to buy some limelight events for him to speak. I cannot help laughing he has to pay US100 thousand or was it one million to meet George Bush.It must be for something to divert our attentions from one big con job.
    Using vulgar words….Mahathir? Why I am one of those you wrote an open letter to read…remember? No result..go to Malaysia Today and talk cock…no results…now talk to political bloggers. He is really a clown.

  46. ghenjis khan says:

    Benito Mussolini got the Italian trains on time ….

    Adolf Hitler got the Germans to exercise with goose steps …

    Stalin sends them to Siberia ……
    Mao sends them to the farms ……

    TDM got us to pay dearly for PLUS, LRT, Monorail, ride Twin Lifts, Steel making, Proton without the Neutrons and Electrons, …what else ……
    and don’t forget Kemunting, Taiping !

  47. hutchrun says:

    hutchrun is sarcastic calling me a tuageh towkay …meaning small fry boss…when I disagreed with his so call …’thinking strategically”.
    You mean you have a right to convey perjorative meanings when you post, and others should not? You are no different from this mahathir on whom you vent your spleen.

    I never said you should not disagree – but you sparked it by using `cunning` etc. in the `slap your face` manner. Every time you do that I have a right to slap you back in return. I`m not one to turn the other cheek.

    You invited it, the least you can do is enjoy it.

  48. monsterball says:

    An 82 old man who had a recent second heart attack and difficulties in breathing should spend his precious time with his love ones or travel to see as much as he can…but no…he has pumped himself with so much energy pills or maybe can afford to take a RM5000 per cup of wonder drinks per day…Chinese are most famous for…to appear so strong again…for what?….for crying justice…hahahahahaha
    Even Julius Ceasar will loose out to this hypocrite ..if he was alive.
    Who says Malaysians cannot act?
    Underneath the so call healthy look….his doctor and an ambulance must be standing on guard outside. He maybe peeing into a plastic bag hooked to his chest right now…… more through the penis…..yet as long as he can stand up straight…he is out to tell how much he love Malaysia and how wrong are we not hearing him crying out loud. LOOK AT THE CROWDS FOR THESE TWO YEARS!! NO ONE CARES. He will keep speaking till the day he dies. That’s how much he love Malaysia…a man who had 22 years PLUS to do what he wanted..did not do it….now crying out loud to be done..knowing it is an impossible task for anyone with such a short time to correct all his evil wrong doings…and planting wrong history books in schools…speaking like a guru and got thousands of Malays smart to twist and turn like him.
    He does not love Allah….for sure. If he does..he will not do all these things. What a bloody hypocrite he is.

  49. monsterball says:

    hutchrun….is a twister too.
    Me…straight as an arrow taugeh towkay…..hahahahahahaha

  50. monsterball says:

    Lets all not forget poor Tun Salleh Abbas personal sufferings for more than 20 years…ghenghis Khan…and hundreds of businessmen went bankcrupt in the early 80’s because of Mahathir.
    Lim Kit Siang may like to tell us how many times he went to jail….confronting him….yet true jail bird like Abdullah Ang can go home from jail every day.
    Where can you get such a nice PM?

  51. hutchrun says:

    Straight as an arrow `taugeh` haha.
    Sound more like a supporter of the Bad-awi/KJKalimullah coterie. The bank account taking precedence over that long spiel on `chinese justice`.
    You got to be a `taugeh towkay` supporting BN.

    The worst of the lot are the chinese/indian twisters who go n vote BN, n then sit down n wring their hands shouting `o calamity`.

    N mahathir still remains the best weapon to swing the rural votes the majority of whom are malays – whether you like it or not.

    As for me – I may not eat rotten fish, but my plants sure love it.

  52. hutchrun says:

    Another example of the much lauded (above)Chinese Justice:

    Y`day the cabinet in which MCA is a `major player` in reaching consensus, decided that Namewee is seditious and action should continue -even if he has to be extradited.

    Today the Star says:
    MCA to continue assisting Wee over rap video mistake.

  53. monsterball says:

    I will vote for whoever I think is good for the nation…hutchrun.
    You can say all you like about the Chinese and Indians who never depended one sen from Mahathir….and without these two great races in Malaysia…you maybe a fisherman earing a living right now.
    If you say Chinese are giving bribes to get tenders…I may agree with you…but to say we Chinese are cunning and insincere…you are full of shit.
    Don’t bring races into this debate….and the word ‘best weapon’ to describe Mahathir is somewhat cunning and political way of thinking.
    We don’t need Mahathir as the best weapon when he is the worst of the lot in UMNO.
    We need to be brave and speak out the truths…so let all read and judge. We don’t need to swing this or that voter’s mind. we need to be truthful to WIN the hearts….and don’t start branding me as BN supporter to start a debate.
    Yes….if all are idiots…I will vote for the best idiots to manage us . It can be BN…why not?. Are you smarter and more sincere than me?

  54. monsterball says:

    hutchrun is now saying Chinese and Indians are not loyal to the country. What is he…a Singh or a Malay?
    Without the Chinese and Indians….he maybe a fisherman right now….and yes I will vote the best idiots for the sake of the country…as I belong to no party.
    So if the best is BN…what’s wrong? Are you saying you are smarter than me?

  55. monsterball says:

    If hutchrun wants to keep up with nonsense spoken by the government….then there are so many nonsense spoken before.
    That’s how they waste time doing nothing.
    Why is he so upset by idiotic decisions..want to win votes for another party?
    Let hutchun declare he belongs to no party ..then we can talk…patriotic citizens…agree or disagree…we belong to the same boat.

  56. hutchrun says:

    hutchrun is now saying Chinese and Indians are not loyal to the country
    Never said that. You don`t even know how to understand what you read.
    N you come here being an exponent of `justice`.
    Good for a belly laugh in the morning.

    Are you saying you are smarter than me?
    Well, I dint say that either

    What is he…a Singh or a Malay?
    You dint mention Sinhalese, Portuguese, Iban, Dayak others? Don`t like them or what? Possible, they are below you isn`t it?

    ….he maybe a fisherman right now….
    Ever been to Kuala Selangor? Get some good fish there. Chinese fishermen. Lovely makan at the restaurant there.

    So if the best is BN…what’s wrong?
    Then do what you are doing-supporting Mahathir`s policies.

    Are you saying you are smarter than me?
    Once again, (this is becoming repetitive), you said it.

  57. hutchrun says:

    Let hutchun declare he belongs to no party ..
    You are so daft? You should have figured that out by now.

    …we belong to the same boat.
    For the moment I prefer to keep my options open.

  58. monsterball says:

    hutchrun sure know how to twist and turn…asking me to support Mahathir’s policies.
    Get lost hutchrun…we don’t belong to the same boat…even if you don’t belong to any party.
    I don’t like twisters.
    But I will comment on you again….if you try to twist and turn like a snake.

  59. monsterball says:

    hutchrun…What do you mean…at your 7.00am post and I quote…”The worst of the lot are the chinese/indians twister who go n vote BN, n then sit n wring their hands shouting ‘o calamity.”

  60. monsterball says:

    hutchrun..calling me a daft….a silly crazy one.
    Is he not trying to irritate me.
    WOW!! What a smart snake he is.

  61. hutchrun says:

    hutchrun…What do you mean…at your 7.00am post ..
    Means exactly what`s posted there.

    …asking me to support Mahathir’s policies.
    To quote you: So if the best is BN…what’s wrong?

    …we don’t belong to the same boat…
    Once again I was right in keeping my options open

    I don’t like twisters
    Makes no difference. You don`t even know when you are caught in one.

    But I will comment on you again….
    You may not like what I write and you may disagree with my thinking – that’s fine. But I am honest to a fault. I will always say exactly what I know for certain and what I believe to be true.
    I won’t accidently offend you either. If you are offended – it’s no accident. I hide nothing and hold nothing back. I always have both barrels loaded.

    Me Snake?
    There`s a name for you:
    Hypocrite: insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have.

  62. monsterball says:

    You can have all your cannons and barrels loaded….who cares.
    You are the real daft!!

  63. itoldusob4 says:

    truly a crooked mamak of the highest degree, the moment the tides change for him and resolve with the bunch of UMNOs in power of their differences & a compromise reached, he’ll be back in the bandwagon faster than you can say F**K and all msians plus bloggers are F***ED again.

  64. hutchrun says:

    You can have all your cannons and barrels loaded….who cares.
    You are the real daft!!
    Good. Obviously that`s all you can manage.

  65. Moses Foo says:

    hutchrun, monsterball,

    Sudah, sudah,…jangan gaduh lagi, pergi berbaik-baik, tak kira sapa betoi, sapa salah…pergi salam-salam semula.

  66. monsterball says:

    okay lah Moses Foo. Call hatchrun to go to the Free Speech Zone. That’s the place for two dafts like us talk all the cock and bull we want.
    Sorry Moses…I apologize for disturubing the peace. You are so right.
    So please move on.
    ps: hutchrun…go to Free Speech Zone.

  67. pope says:

    he is no angel!

  68. pope says:

    i have one theory, about this man. i think he knew that the government he lead (he one of them) last time were so corrupted that he need to quit and critized the system from outside because he loves the country and trying to save whatever left.

  69. wits0 says:

    Being no angel is such a mild euphemism that excuses plenty – too much. This dude loves power and glory and has gotten so used to adulation and publicity that he really misses them. What stirred him to oppose his own hand picked successor started with the lost of gain for his cronies for the ongoing megaprojects. Something, which we might say, was again for the wrong reason(s).

    Were he that noble he wouldn’t have disregarded human rights for the individuals during his tenure like as if there couldn’t have been room for a kinder approach where it counts. No, this types see only the forest but not the trees.

    Till this day his throat-cutting Proton idea is still sucking the blood of the driving public – where is that sense of social responsibilty to keep fleecing the people this this long in the interest of the benefit of his bumi automobile contractor cronies?

  70. notsosmart says:

    Maybe…. pope, maybe.
    Why don’t you ask him to make a public declaration that he and the gomen have abused the ISA and OSA. Exposed all the dark secret, then let the rakyat be the judge.
    Maybe after this with his apology, the rakyat will forgive him.
    YAWNNN….just wake up from my sleep.

  71. hutchrun says:

    A knife can kills; it is also a useful instrument.

  72. monsterball says:

    Good morning folks!
    Somehow…MCA is showing no guts and power in the so call BN.
    Just go and read S.Times owned by UMNO….hitting hard at the judges…asking few to be sacked for being irresponsible and few pages are devoted to this subject.
    The Star..owned by MCA headline is about the point system of driving safely…and browsing the pages…nothing about the judges.
    I have been observing… S.Times is putting out more important issues for public interest than Star.
    This also guide us to know what MCA is a…. toothless party who claim to represents the Chinese.

  73. wits0 says:

    “Mahathir described bloggers as the “only hope” left to speak out on problems in the country.”

    In the earlier eighties the NST was claiming the same thing wrt to itself as it reinvented itself to glorify Mahathir – as the only papers that speak for Bolehland.

    He just want to make use of bloggers with the bait.

  74. hutchrun says:

    He just want to make use of bloggers with the bait
    Only place he`s getting exposure. The MSM esp. Star don`t quote exactly what he says.

  75. hutchrun says:

    THE Malaysian leadership needs to speak up on religious controversies to reassure people that the country is not slipping towards an Islamic theocracy, says the only Cabinet minister to have taken a stand on Islamisation.

    Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok, told The Straits Times that people want reassurance after a string of controversies over race and religion in the past few years.

    ‘People want the position to be restated although they know that there’s no way the country can become a theocracy,’ he said in an interview.

    Tan Sri Dompok, a Christian from Sabah, has been one of the few who have consistently spoken up.

    When Deputy Premier Najib Razak declared last month that Malaysia was an Islamic state, Tan Sri Dompok was the only Cabinet minister to refute it.

    MCA n MIC have supported Mahathir`s declaration of Islamic State M`sia.

  76. monsterball says:

    witsO….First open letter to all Malaysians…then say Malaysia Today is the only blog he can get his messages to the people.
    Now he said all bloggers should hear him and help him…as this is his only hope…to get justice done.
    Everywhere he goes to speak…hall almost empty.
    Only very few die hard supporters…some nothing else to do…go listen and some go for the free food…as seen in Kota Baru lately.
    I notice one clear distinctive character of him. He can pretend speaking to full house or ignore all nagatives spoken against him. Why so thick skin?
    At age 82…he is now a clown….and many are crying in shame…pitying him….yet he ignore.
    Easy lah….keep talking…so hope government will arrest him and then his mission accomplished.
    That’s how smart he is trying to divert the attention of his children to himself.
    Now trace back to all his 22 years….praying and quoting Koran verses….how can such a man love Allah?

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