Alamak. Kesian, Joceline Tan. She kena hentam right and left for her latest article in her Sunday Column “Insight” : On the Wings of Youth Wings, (The Star). And to think my ex-boss Steven Gan of Malaysiakini actually wanted me to write like her – once upon a time. It’s true-lah. Me? I was stunned. But Steven liked the way Joceline described her subjects or paint color into her stories. and Joceline got many UMNO sources, though some are “political insiders” with no names.

Anyway, Steven wanted me to emulate her, for example, because she is really good at describing how situations or people look like, as in DAP’s Teng Chow Kim is “reed thin”. Something like that-lah. I didn’t want to write like anyone else (have to have my own style mah), much less, her. So, I said “Sorry-lah, Steven, I can’t do it”. I would also tease him alot about it, and would be very cynical whenever her name was brought up in our conversations. But the fact is, when I am writing a story, I am really too busy with the content of the story than to bother if my subject’s is bald or hairy like a monyet.

Speaking about monyet, Joceline’s article incurred the wrath of many a blogger. Many took offense at certain quotes, for example, when she played the “apologist’ for Khairy the Son-In-Law, when she said: “ Khairy is being called all kinds of names on the Internet, from monyet to racist”.

Like, hey, who called who monyet first?! If she had only put that line in context, it would have made all the difference, wouldn’t it? But I guess, it got censored? Anyway, Joceline is really an experienced journalist, so who’s to tell her how to write, eh? 

The other quote that got everyone riled up was this one: “The 31-year-old rising star evokes strong and often negative emotions from people outside his party but within Umno, he is the most happening guy”.

Yeah, happening – like being racist, irritating, annoying, aggressive and calling bloggers names. But Khairy fans will say: That’s his freedom of speech, what. You think you bloggers only have the right to speak and call people names, ah?

Aiyoh, then what do we say?

Anyway, the one that sounded the most absurb was a quote from a “political insider” who said “Khairy reminds many of the young Dr. Mahathir”. Joceline did not say this, a “political insider” did. Anonymous, some more. Either, he must be so afraid of sounding absurd that he chose to remain anonymous, or he/she doesn’t exist.

Whichever it is, to me, a monyet is a monyet is a monyet is a …


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  1. monsterball says:

    I will tell Joceline!
    hi Joceline Tan….whoever you are.
    Open your pair of stupid eyes and SEE how successful Susan is WITHOUT copying your style.
    All original….ALL gusty iron-lady style….all so cute too…and we all love her very much.
    Put all my ALLs together….Susan have worldwide Intl. readers and admirers.
    She is a success WITHOUT copying your style…it’s ORIGINAL!!
    Say hello to Susan here…if you have a big heart.
    I doubt.

  2. monsterball says:

    Sure Susan….monkey is a monkey….yet some like ‘KingKong” try to get close to humans.
    And few humans like Joceline Tan may love to get close to monyets?…..hahahahahaha
    Monyets have unpredictable characteristics…one moment very nice…next moment may tear her apart.
    Has she got the right moves…right stuffs to keep monyets happy?
    But real humans do treat all monyets as monyet….and another monyet. If she don’t…then she is a monyet too…period!

  3. wits0 says:

    Steven Gan wrote, “Enemies at the Gate”, in M’siakini where he expounded vehemently the quagmire that US-led Coalition would face in 2003 Iraq War. I’m sure KTEmoc might have appreciated that greatly. As it turned out, that was completely proven wrong!

    Jocelyn Tan attempts her raising of literally Lazarus too often ler. It becomes an expected signature tune. Susan otoh hand exposed the falsity of patriotism based on jingoism and serving as the last refuge of scoundrels(as Samuel Johnson described it in the 18th century) while in M’siakini. I should say that Susan remained true to herself but one does not prosper thus in Bodohland.

  4. Chee Yong says:

    Hard to imagine that The Star used to stand for Suara Tunku Abdul Rahman. Right? Now the paper itself to me holds no credibility and objectivity in their reportings. Mainstream newspapers except The Sun fed people with loopsided news. Baca pun mengantuk laaaaa.

  5. wits0 says:

    The Star became a dark shineless one after the suspension chastisement by Tun Mahathir in the eighties and the abject recantation of role and purpose by VK Chin. A few years ago when TheSun becoming a big rising star, they truncated it over a small error. Still it remains the most respectable nonetheless.

  6. khairil says:

    monsterball’s first comment should be directed to Steven Gan, instead. I find it quite funny that our discussions tend to get off topic at times. Joceline Tan’s column, although quite redundant sometimes, still offer a good read. After all, different views won’t hurt, would they?

  7. mindspring says:

    Which is worse, to be called a monkey….or…..

    for your boss to tell you to go plant sweet potatoes?

    No kidding, that is what Pak Lah told Muhyiddin, as reported in the Star today.

    If you missed it, you can read it here:

  8. nyc says:

    2 para in i was not sure which set of balls she was trying to juggle or lick or do both at the same time. Also i am quite sure MM does not gives a rat’s ass about the monkey. Everything you learned in Creative Writings 101 was in the article.

  9. Moses Foo says:

    Hello Susan,

    I’m sorry I don’t know Jocelyn personally but based on her professional persona, she has sold her soul to “whatever”…Why she write what she wrote, I don’t know, but “jilat buntut”? Well, she can do all the jilat she wants for all I care, just write some more-lah we’ll see what other comments will come out.

  10. hasilox says:

    I thought we can only see such advertisement outside some sleazy massage parlours. How wrong. xD

  11. wits0 says:

    How far can any Jocelyn jostle with the truth and still retain her(remnant) integrity in the guise of proffering an alternative view? It will take a miracle worker….to walk on water.

  12. monsterball says:

    Steven Gan have found a way to charge membership fee…thus consider as internet newspaper…but I still say is a political blogger and of late…pro UMNO. What’s up Doc?….Afraid UMNO will come down on you?

  13. monsterball says:

    hi Susan..I read Joceline’s write up. What’s so great to copy her? No style…no art to add in humors to put out a point…all straight forward like senior students in Form 5 put out any essay…childishly….no experience…showing not developed brain.
    She must have something Steven Gan wants….surely not her stupid straight forward childish way of reporting…YET he wants you to copy her style?
    Glad you left Malaysiakini.

  14. monsterball says:

    I have a strange feeling Steven is dying to re-employ you. NO DEAL!!
    BUT if for much much better income and Joceline is under you for a long long contract…accept it and make sure she serves you coffee with snacks every morning…not the T-Lady….make her carry your balls….oooppp no balls..I mean your legs.
    Now you will be the first lady with a million hits in blogging…Steven should be interested in the future of Malaysiakini with you at the helm….or he is a wealthy idiot too?
    No matter what power of love or persuasions Joceline Tan have on Steven Gan…that power can never stay long and firm. It should wear out by now.

  15. […] Joceline, Khairy and “Monyet” Alamak. Kesian, Joceline Tan. She kena hentam right and left for her latest article in her Sunday Column […] […]

  16. hutchrun says:

    Kesian, Joceline Tan. She kena hentam right and left for her latest article in her Sunday Column “Insight”
    Well she certainly deserves it, tho` one can understand when viewing the MCA`s propaganda paper. There`s nothing particularly good about her writing style.
    The only thing good about the Star, if any, are its biz/classified ads. The rest is zilch – including that Wong Chun Wai bloke.
    Their current god is that OKT (orang kena tuduh).

  17. tonixe says:

    this joclyn sure has some big openings in Umno , plus those running dogs. A soundpiece lah whatdoya expect.

  18. hutchrun says:

    Klang is heading to oblivion thanks to the Istana Zakaria and his clan.
    As for the Joceline Tangki aka Journalist Boneka, makan your own article about virtues of both Son-in-laws, you want ketchup with that ar? Happy eating!

  19. bobby says:

    Joceline Tan will sell her mother for nothing to achieve whatever she does not know she want. Anytime her name is on the toilet paper, I skip. She knows her sell by date has long expire, so create unfounded accussation and anger promoting articles to infuriarate readers. She knows it but she had to do it for money – every one in Malaysia do it too!!! But some of them do not go to bed peacefully, and I doubt she ever will, as she knows it.

  20. wits0 says:

    “The rest is zilch – including that Wong Chun Wai bloke.”
    Latukship for convolutions and swallow-backs. How to be a titled apologist without selling soul in the context of Bolehland? They pretend miserably to be like the lotus plant on “style” in lieu of substance.

  21. Omigosh says:

    I use to know Joceline years and years ago back in USM when she did her Masters in Development studies, I think. She seems to be like a nice person, and like-minded like us, seriously. I just wonder what changed her after she became a journalist.

  22. pope says:

    the star is no longer the people voices. it is another propaganda machinery by bn.

  23. hutchrun says:

    Update: Pro-Umno blogger BigDog as put up a posting arguing why Joceline’s “insider” is off the mark for elevating KJ the “political son” of Dr Mahathir. In fact, it’s an insult to the former PM that Joceline would let pass such a shallow and narrow argument by her “insider”.

  24. hutchrun says:

    A proud product of USM who doesn`t understand `happening`.

  25. Omigosh says:

    Frankly, I dont give a damn about the SIL, Oxfart, monyet, baboon shit but I do hope that Joceline will redeem herself in her future articles and set her head straight.

  26. hgderw says:

    Another “political insider” said “Khairy reminds many of the young Adolf Hitler”, who would later blew his brains out in his Berlin underground bunker in 1945 as Soviet troops closed in to capture him.

  27. kittykat46 says:

    The mainstream newspaper journalists and writers live in a different world from bloggers.
    I hope I don’t sound like a BN apologist here 🙂

    The MSM are governed by two core realities. One is the Printing Presses and Publications Act, which gives requires the newspaper to renew its publishing permit every year. The Minister has absolute authority to deny the permit, and the decision can’t be challenged in court.

    If that happens, kaput, the newspaper shuts down and a few thousand people lose their jobs.

    The other reality is the newspaper’s editorial line, which the newspaper’s owners obviously have a strong influence over. All the mainstream press in Malaysia are either owned by or have strong links to one BN component party or another.

    To my mind , Jocelyn Tan’s article on the SIL (Simian-In-Law) was excessively fawning, even with the understandable constraints which she operates under.

    Is she gunning for a promotion, a big year-end bonus or what ?

  28. Hi Susan,

    Actually, I am longtime fan of Joceline Tan and really like her style. Her articles are always a good read and insightful.

    But as she became more powerful, she forgot what got her there….

    Her readers……….

    She started to bodek Khairy too much.

    I’ve a few of her articles on Khairy before this, always with a nice big photo of him smiling doing something nice with the rakyat…but somehow, despite the beautiful writing, it’s unconvincing. And I get the feeling of ‘dongeng’ when I read it…..

    Perhaps I am influenced by the Internet but even normal Malaysians have a bad image of Khairy: aunties and uncles think of him as a rich brat who like fast cars…dunno where they get this gossip from…they are definitely not Internet savvy….

    After uncontrollable laughter and I still laugh when I think of the article, I felt so sad for Joceline Tan, whom I used to idolised.

    For someone like her to stoop so low means that there is no hope for the mainstream media….

    What’s the point of having a column if no one reads it or believes it anymore?

    So sad lah.

    So sad Joceline. I was such a fan of your column and you had to bodek Khairy….WHY?????

  29. wits0 says:

    “The mainstream newspaper journalists and writers live in a different world from bloggers.”
    Right, understood and fully discounted for.
    OVERBOARD complicity via inappropriate fawning becomes the obvious matter for contention…and who stands to gain from that? Only the dark side of the Force!

  30. noname says:

    Monsterball kipas Susan. Skit skit ok ler.

  31. Omigosh says:

    Heard about the moron with 2M to his name making remarks seen to be inciting worse racial riots than the May 13 incident. His remarks is extremely inflammatory and dangerous., believe me. He should be condemmed severely.

  32. hutchrun says:

    ..inciting worse racial riots than the May 13 incident.
    Yesterday`s SUN pg.2. He should be detained immediately under ISA (that`s what it is therefore innit?)

  33. wits0 says:

    “..inciting worse racial riots than the May 13 incident.”
    You don’t see all these star journalists condemning ’em vulgar demagogues so blatantly in plain views. They’ll rather write up on mosquitoes.

  34. hutchrun says:

    “..inciting worse racial riots than the May 13 incident.”
    Possibly Star will be making donations to UMNO kelana Jaya as `protection money` on behalf of MCA.

  35. Roxanne says:

    What! You gloating Susan? To be fair to Joceline and to keep the record straight, I started calling bn politicians monkeys over at mob’s sometime early in the year because of some ministers’ low IQ behaviour but I wasn’t a blogger then. True to their nature like the apes they’re, they’re ape-ing back. What’s happening to the Altantuya case? Keep your focus. Don’t be distracted and do keep the case alive for her. Come to think of it, it’s the month of the hungry ghosts …

  36. kittykat46 says:

    Yes, the ghost of Altantuya is HUNGRY for Justice.
    Justice which she is not likely to get in Bolehland.

    Case outcome already pre-decided behind locked doors.

  37. wits0 says:

    When star journalists, like Joceline, write for justice as in the Atlantuya’s case, then we’ll know that their integrity is sound. Otherwise they serve only the ivory towers for their own best interests.

  38. V T says:

    Alamak, freedom of speech equates freedom to bodek?

  39. I’ve just reread the article again. And am thinking perhaps it’s our biasness that caused such an uproar not so much the article.
    Perhaps, Joceline is right and the reality is Khairy will win the UMNO Youth Chief position.

  40. sloone says:

    ok, i’ve just retrieved monty’s and omigosh’s comments from the spam blocker 🙂

  41. bamboo river says:

    I was stupified but not surprised when reading Joceline’s article.
    However, I don’t think she is fully responsible on what she writes. Her Boss or bosses should be.
    Journalistic intergrity ? Yah, that she must bear the consequences.

  42. monsterball says:

    Many thanks Susan.

  43. Roxanne says:

    freelunch2020, I only wish more bloggers are like you. I remember the late Derrida, one of the most prominent linguists of our times, saying that a writer loses intent once his or her piece of work is set free and there’s nothing much he or she can do about how it is interpreted or used. I’m sure Joceline must be feeling totally helpless.
    I was rather taken aback by the fierce reactions of other bloggers as I found the article reasonably objective. Disturbed by the reactions, I questioned my reading. Did I miss something? It troubled me that I could be so way off.
    So I took to the task of analysing the article line by line – the way I was taught in linguistic studies at the university to analyse text – to see whether the accusation of subjectivity could be proven but the answer came out negative. It was reasonably objective.
    So what that really happened was anti-Khairy bloggers were reacting to the reality of him becoming the next Umno Youth chief and Joceline the messenger had to bear the brunt of their anger.
    DAP is lucky to have you as you’re large enough to admit that you could have been bias. Your mind is not arrogantly and stubbornly closed and if you’re a politician, Malaysians who want a better country should vote for you.

  44. hutchrun says:

    With hisap-pudding`s tenure up, of course it`s a foregone conclusion that KJ will be UMNO Youth Chief. And I look forward to that. Being anti-KJ has nothing to do with it. The anti-KJ wing in UMNO youth is too weak. And I do not at all feel angry about KJ becoming the chief – in fact I`m very pleased with the idea as I`m quite sure it`ll hasten the rot within.

    Jostling`s article is not at all objective, and I very much doubt she`s feeling helpless about it. She`s part of the `greater effort`.

  45. kittykat46 says:

    Freelunch2020 is not and was never part of the DAP. She was associated with the Rocket for a short while, but that’s about it.
    I believe she works for the “Bintang” now…in effect Jocelyn’s colleague.

  46. hutchrun says:

    It was reasonably objective.
    It was equally reasonably subjective enuff to uphold the virtues of KJ quoting `political insiders` (like Wong Chun Wai?-who even is privy to the discussions of the Rulers Council):
    “Khairy reminds many of the young Dr. Mahathir”.

    What greater testimony than that. TDM must be very pleased.

  47. wits0 says:

    Now we have a Noam Chomsky here too. It appears that Chomsky wasn’t regarded as being stubborn in his support for the likes of Pol Pot even after he was discredited by events.

    Hutch: “She`s part of the `greater effort`.”
    She’s part of the greater gain too.

  48. hutchrun says:

    She’s part of the greater gain too.
    Haha. Prostitutes in journalism . Chomskyites go berserk at being impugned on their `objectivity`. Hitler was a sweet, dear vegetarian who was `oh so , misunderstood`.

  49. Dear all,

    Now that my initial emotional response to Joceline Tan’s article has passed and I can analyse her piece with a clearer mind, I have to say it may after all be true. And the overwhelming negative response in blogosphere may be due to the correspondingly voluminous negative press that Khairy Jamaluddin has received on the Internet, especialy on top political news portal, Malaysia Today.

    As most readers are influenced by these writings like The Khairy Chronicles which paints the UMNO Youth deputy chief as a Machiavellian devil dominating the administration of the country, reading an article that paints such a different picture severely challenges their worldview. So automatically, Joceline’s article is dismissed as false but the question is how true are the other negative news?

    Admitedly, Malaysia is a cauldron of information and disinformation, a condition quite normal where information is too tightly controlled.

    For the record, I have no idea if The Khairy Chronicles are true but will base my assessment of the capable politician based on his public statements.

    As a new politician in such a high-profile role and from a background so different from most of the grassroots and no feudal ties to boot, it is inevitable that Khairy will be subject to fiery darts from every angle whether from jealousy, resentment or fear.

    Power is, after all, the goal of most in politics and the seats of power are scarce.

    What is seldom acknowledged of Khairy is his ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to change Malays’ mindsets via Mat Cemerlang and MyTeam. Both projects display the core of Khairy’s character, his tremendous self-belief and his belief in the importance in cultivating sufficient self-esteem to move forward in life. Instead of writing-off these Mat Rempits, he gives them another change, and hope for a better life.

    Racist comments aside, it is the reality of politics to play to the gallery. If only people knew what DAP leaders say in Chinese-language ceramahs which can be equally derogatory of the Malays.

    As a young political observer, there are currently three major runners for the UMNO Youth Chief position: Khairy, Selangor Mentri Besar Khir Toyo and Mahathir’s son, Mukhriz Mahathir.

    Ask yourself of the three, which is your preference?

    Who will represent NEW BLOOD and FRESH THINKING? And who will represent an old era of nepotism? Or will all be equally corrupt, so let’s just choose the best looking.

    Having seen Mukhriz a few times and not Khairy, I have to agree with Joceline that Mukhriz is a polished gentlemen.

    What is UMNO politics like? Is it a gentlemen sport?

    That’s the question, I am afraid. Politics is not a picnic at the Ascot in summer. Malaysian politics, if you have seen it, is really the terrain of the most ambitious and ruthless.

    Just think of politicians who made it: Mahathir, Anwar, etc. Even in Opposition politics, Lim Kit Siang keeps an iron hold on DAP. He too removed many capable leaders who were not ‘in his clique’.

    So, I feel it’s unfair that Khairy receives so much ‘hate’ when other with far greater crimes are enjoying their retirement.

    I strongly believe the uproar is mainly caused by jealousy and resentment due to his age and relationship with the Prime Minister.

    But you have to give it to Khairy, he got up there. And shows that anyone with enough ambition can do what they want if they put their minds to it.

    Hopefully, Malaysians will see his phenomenon rise as a confident assertion of chasing a dream.

    And he has proved he is not just talk, he declared his goal to be Prime Minister, and is now working towards it.

    While many bloggers are just ranting from their bedrooms.

  50. hutchrun says:

    ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to change Malays’ mindsets
    Well he`d better:

    Anwar vows to sue KJ … and breaks into a song
    Bede Hong | Aug 15, 07 3:38pm
    The PKR de facto leader wants to sue the Umno deputy youth chief for calling him an agent of the Jews, and sings ‘You ain’t nothing but a hound dog’.

    – m`kini

  51. Roxanne says:

    kittykat46. Thanks for the update. What a lost for DAP.

  52. hutchrun says:

    While many bloggers are just ranting from their bedrooms.
    So just let us do that. Jostling tan can always write another article of praise on that NEP beneficiciary`s `out of box ideas..`, to change malays` mindsets (I`m still laughing over that one).
    I`m outside my bedroom – if you need to know. But I`m wearing shorts – if you need to know.

  53. wits0 says:

    “So, I feel it’s unfair that Khairy receives so much ‘hate’ when other with far greater crimes are enjoying their retirement.”
    An accepted fascist who becomes one without expounding selective hatred would be one that gets automatically beatified as a saint even while alive and recognised by ALL humanity. How to become a garbage man without the attaching stench?

    While there are murderers out there who are yet uncaught and not prosecuted, we need not pursue or prosecute the caught petty thieves and other other criminals too?

    I think it’s unfair that a nation should forsake an upholding of all egalitarian ideals in favor of elitist privilege. There is no end to this.

  54. wits0 says:

    “While many bloggers are just ranting from their bedrooms.”
    Maybe because they cannot afford a separate computer room like the classy rich.

  55. Dear all,

    Apologies if the bedroom comment sounded derogatory. My point is most bloggers may need to get a REAL look at politics and not just rely on second hand info whether from Malaysia Today or the mainstream media.

    Hutchrun: Tks for the feedback. But Anwar is really in no position to say anything. ‘Ain’t nothing but a hound dog’ should be his theme song. Anwar is also partly responsible for the Chinese school uproar in 87/88 where BOTH MCA and DAP worked together to protest his ‘brilliant’ idea to appoint non-Mandarin-speaking administrators as senior management in Chinese schools.

    Wits: “While there are murderers out there who are yet uncaught and not prosecuted, we need not pursue or prosecute the caught petty thieves and other other criminals too?

    I think it’s unfair that a nation should forsake an upholding of all egalitarian ideals in favor of elitist privilege. There is no end to this.”

    It will take me another 1,500 words to expound on the concept of justice. Plus, qualified lawyers would be more knowledgeable. And related articles abound on the internet. Also, you are more than intelligent enough to make it out.

    Tks all.

    Just a rakyat with her own views.

  56. wits0 says:

    “It will take me another 1,500 words to expound on the concept of justice.”
    All the lawyers verbiage will still not suffice for what we at this age and time understands about what’s ethical and what’s not. At some point, you can’t do a Lazarus by words alone.

  57. hutchrun says:

    Just a rakyat with her own views.
    Yes. And I have my own – which do not rely on khairy chronicles ( I did not read them).

    As for that Anwar comment, yes Anwar was responsible for that UMNO policy, which was a carry thru of Razak`s foundations.

    Compare that to the Islam Hadhari that Bad-awi is propagating, which he had got approved by 2 arab scholars. One of them being that Yusuf Qardawi fellow, whom Anwar refused to meet after his (Munich treatment) on account of the `scholars` support for suicide terrorists.
    It is little wonder that this has got the country into a deeper mess.
    KJ is a propagator of Islam Hadhari too (tearing down hindu temples is a favorite pastime), but then he should be, having been born in Dubai. And the arabisation of the malay goes full throttle.

    I think it`ll take me a million more words to expound further at this rate. But then I would think you are also intelligent enuff to see the trend, barring playing the Devil`s Advocate.

  58. wits0 says:

    “It is little wonder that this has got the country into a deeper mess.”
    And of course, he also, “dunno” but don’t we we do despite the non-mention by the MSM?

  59. ajoy says:

    i have a feeling that joceline is among us…

  60. zewt says:

    one of the comment said STAR stands for Suara Tunku Abdul Rahman…. wahh… betul kah?

  61. monsterball says:

    From a non political party man reading the above comments…sure look like MCA…UMNO…PAS and Keadilan supporters are having a ball right now…and my friend ‘ajoy’… joceline is here.

  62. wits0 says:

    Apologists journalists of the MSM for the System always fall back on the Reality of the situation, but no matter under which administration, where justice becomes just-ice, all the legality existing won’t get linked to true justness.

  63. whispering9 says:

    Cut and Paste from JO blog…

    “But someone was cheeky enough to ask Dr Mahathir point-blank on Joceline’s posturing for the Son-in-Law, and got this answer from the 82-year-old former PM, raw:

    Spot on! I am a dictator remember? I had an administration that was cruel and harsh… that arrest people and put them under ISA (Internal Security Act) all the time, spend money on mega-projects until the country is bankrupt… that is Dr Mahathir and that is Khairy!

    It’s a compliment to him, not to me. I’m grateful. I don’t have to say anything else. Next question?”

    I rest my case….

  64. […] propaganda for the ruling Barisan Nasional (National Front) coalition government. Bloggers, like Susan Loone, are offended by Joceline’s flattery of Khairy in her column in The Star, owned by the Malaysian […]

  65. UMNO says:



  66. hutchrun says:

    Haha. Your leader also sleeping lah.

  67. Observer A says:

    Star is just another political newsletter, it’s like those rubbish hypermarket flyer they stuffed in our letterbox, only difference is we are paying money to read that rubbish.

    No major newspaper in Malaysia is readable..

  68. Ahead of Time says:

    Wonder what was Steven Gan’s agenda when he asked you to write like a prostitute journalist which jocelyn tan is? jocelyn is in the payroll of mca and umno to write articles/interviews that run down the opposition politicians and other progressive personalities. Did steven gan mean for you to write like jocelyn about umno, mca gerakan politicians? Just the same, beware of steven, he may have changed. cheers!

  69. hutchrun says:

    Jostling Jocelyn is a very far cry from Tom Wolfe`s New Journalism.
    More like that nutty daily kos feller.

  70. wits0 says:

    Poor FL, used to like her Blog as she was quite friendly. Remember she linked to Kos but now cannot confirm that because she allows only selected applicants to view it now.

  71. hutchrun says:

    Yesterday I posted Wee & the wee weenie minds, using Wee Meng Chee’s surname (tongue in cheek) to paint (pun) the sorry affair.

    Today I see the Star Online using Wee’s surname in the same play, as evident in its headline Just a wee issue, say Liow and Khairy.

    Once a dear friend (or could it be a once-dear friend) informed me that the Star Online also ‘borrowed’ another of my original creations, ‘cyber-jihadist’.

  72. ND Lalak says:

    Although it was orang utan, gorilla, ape or king kong what ever it is. The whole thing is a big giant monkeys who made fools of his / her self. Including Khairy Jamalludin… the monkey.

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