Welcome to Alfred Ho’s blog where he discusses retro music and politics in Malaysia.

Alfred has been in contact with me since the last Ijok by-election. He’s passionate about politics and issues that affect the local community. He’s written letters to various personalities about his plight and several had been published in Malaysiakini, and now he’s started blogging.

Alfred is a special singer and now blogger. Do drop by his blog and leave him some encouraging comments.

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  1. notsosmart says:

    Thank you Alfred for your courage. As a handicap person, you are much much better that most people on the street.
    Keep on going…Fred. Admire your will-power.
    I still remember those days watching you singing.

  2. david chew says:


    This is david here, lost touch with you a long time ago, since your Malaysiakini days? How have you been faring since?

    Yes, I know Alfred. In fact have been a fan of his since Bakat TV days way back in 1970. Even bought one of his EPs, the one with “Train from Tennessee” and a few others. Not too long ago, bought 3 of his CDs which I have been listening to either at home or while driving.

    Alfred is a good singer, especially the fans of evergreens like my generation. A pity there is no Godfather behind him, to be his patron, to sponsor him, the media to give him the exposure for success. Occasional support for him has been few and far between such that people quickly forgot him.

    Reading his letters to the various people, all the way from the PM, BN politicians and bureaucrats, it is very sad that all chose to ignore him in his plea for their help to the handicapped like him who only want to earn a decent living as an entertainer.

    People like us can help him that much by highlighting his plight in the media and what little we do for Alfred, he appreciates it very much.

    Bloggers like you and others have started the ball rolling and hopefully, something would crop up for Alfred in future.



  3. monsterball says:

    Head him sing long long ago. I recalled he is blind.
    Am I right?

  4. monsterball says:

    Visited Alfred blog. Yes he is the blind singer.
    Again ….cannot get into his blog!!
    Notice “o” comments…him and black?
    Something wrong with their system.

  5. Chaptokarm says:

    Dear Alfred what a coincidence I’m listening to your music right now and these are my favourites. Wild Wind, Susan , Music Maker best wishes to you.

  6. Alfred ho says:

    Reply to Monsterball,

    Tried leaving a comment myself, it ‘s Ok.

    I clicked on comment & a small box will appear. You can comment then. Any problems pls email me at alfredho.singer@gmail.com

    Thank you,
    Rufina (Mrs Alfred Ho)

  7. sophie says:

    hope all new and old bloggers in malaysia dont get into any trouble. woof woof


  8. Gary says:

    I know Alfred Ho since many years ago. Thank you Susan for bringing back my long forgotten memories. We should support Alfred whenever and wherever we can. We can make use of internet technology to assist Alfred selling his ‘singing’. Anyone out there have such skill?

    I come across a blog, ‘The Bitter Stick Girl’ http://stickgal.blogspot.com/ where anyone can ‘donate’ to her. We can use this to assist Alfred.

  9. monsterball says:

    Thank you Mrs.Alfred Ho…still cannot get in. Also few others who are my dear friends.
    Will call programmer to refresh and check things out.
    I guess it has to be like this…or many programmers will have no incomes.

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  11. Chee Yong says:

    Fulamak, I remember Alfred Ho ah. Last time during my my schooling days, used to listen to his songs on Radio 4. Then remember bought his album that was released under Pony Canyon label, if I’m not mistaken. Me and my Dad like his voice. Welcome welcome Alfred.

  12. Chee Yong says:

    Forgot to say thanks to Susan for promoting Alfred in your blog.

  13. luclai says:

    yeah me too one of those who used to love to listen to alfred ho’s songs. long long ago i had bought 2 of his cassettes… one of them was the one with the song ‘music maker’ – nice catchy song.

    i had also seen alfred ho performing live once… at a hotel or some function. he sure has a good voice.

    all the best to alfred! welcome to blogosphere!

  14. Alfred ho says:

    To all bloggers pls email at alfredho.singer@gmail.com for more enquiries.

    Thank you

  15. Alfred ho says:

    Dear Susan,

    I’m Rufina, Alfred’s wife. Im very new to blogspot.com. Can I know how you create a part in alfred’s blog like you “leave a respone” column. I’m stuck. Can u help?


  16. Moses says:

    Hi Alfred,
    Good to see that you have many friends who remember you. Keep up the struggle.

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