This is NOT from Malaysiakini, I got this in my inbox, from Anne James, who said “Simply hilarious – from a psychiatrist friend!”. Truth is, almost the entire nation is dwelling on such thoughts, don’t you think so? When people think Altantuya, all sorts of conspiracy theories spring about. But to me, its crystal clear where everything is heading to. It’s so predictable that sometimes I think the conspirators, if there were indeed a conspiracy, are really idiots. But at other times, I think, that the conspirators, have made it so easy so we are led to believe what they want us to believe. Yet, most of the time, I also ask the same question: Indeed, are you kidding me?!!

So the pyschiatrist wrote:

“Dear Folks, I am sorry for venting but I find it difficult to contain my ire and incredulity at recent events.

Keeping in view Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s mind-blowing article in Malaysia Today, the Mongolian trial is moving straight towards an inevitable conclusion, either slap on the wrist for everyone, acquittal for everyone or pardon for everyone.

Who has the power to authorize 2 policemen to make a hit? A political analyst who does not belong in the force, does not work in the same ministry, and is not their superior? Are you kidding me?

Who has the power to delete immigration records in KL and Beijing ? An adulterous political analyst and 2 bumbling policemen? Are you kidding me?

Who has the power to authorize and access C4 usage? An adulterous political analyst and 2 bumbling policemen? Are you kidding me?

Why did both the defence and prosecution lawyers move today to expunge the Mongolian woman’s court testimony that her immigration records had been deleted? How come both sides would want to collude to expunge this fact altogether from court records? In whose interest would it be to have this fact expunged? A nobody political analyst and 2 bumbling policemen? Are you kidding me?

Now who would want to keep this quiet? Perhaps only someone with real power who had real authority to authorize a hit, access C4, delete immigration records and guarantee the verdict so long as he is kept out of court. One stupid political analyst and 2 moronic policemen? Are you kidding me?

Mana boleh!!!



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  1. zsedfd says:

    Who has the power to order a nation-wide complete cover-up of his involvement in the murder ? An adulterous political analyst and 2 bumbling policemen? Are you kidding me?

  2. Facial says:

    Hi sis, you are really wrong,not only one stupid political analyst and 2 moronic policemen?,

    The other most stupid one is the DPP Salad bin Sardine.

  3. ...... says:

    …and who asked the judge for a not guilty verdict and think about how to reason later?

  4. copycat says:

    why DPM gone missing?

  5. Maybe he went to raise the flag??

  6. nyatok says:

    as usual, in end, non of the government servants will be convicted, with the word from mouth of judge “there is no evidance…..” and story ended.

    but if you approach PM or DPM for their comment, this is what he will give you “i don’t know about it, it’s not my job, ask them!”

  7. sofiairdina says:

    Susan, here’s my suggestion…

    You seems to know a lot of facts and the actual going-ons in the case. You have a good relationship with the Mongolian (?) and I think you have the capacity to get the inside story.

    Everybody had predicted the outcome of this case and lets face it, we could not do much. The only way is for you to put everything in a book for all to see. That way, even if they got away with murder in the eye of the law they would not get away from the truth and the eye of the people.

  8. hryhew says:

    This is the stand of honorable men — claim photo is faked but resign anyway,,2140846,00.html

  9. ghenjis khan says:

    I will keep saying this, please ask this simple question …

    DPP: Sirul Azhar and/or Azilah, what is your Orders for today 19th October, 2007 ….. followed by

    DPP: Who issued the Orders ?

    Remember all the Gestapo and High Command of the German Third Reich, replied , “we follow Orders ”

    during the Nuremberg Trials ….

    that’s what the Genocidists of Slavs said on murdering and gruesome murders of the Bosnians at Sebrinica !

  10. elizabethwong says:

    DPM went to waffle about women’s rights. LOL.

  11. notsosmart says: you believe him?

  12. luclai says:

    well what to do. they think the rakyat are all gobloks, so they try to kid us lah.

  13. elizabethwong says:

    Yes siree. I believe everything this govt says.

  14. arifabdull says:

    i believe in dog, though…LoL

  15. monsterball says:

    I believe little little what the govt says. I am little bit smarter than Liz…..hahahahahaha

  16. copycat says:

    nice. so u wan to be C4-ed as well to get the passport?

  17. james says:

    Your people stay in Malaysia for long lor? this is our culture…your “baba nenek” tak ajar U meh…?
    majority malaysian is like mah…if not let bulan win or rocket win. another fitty one three oh…

  18. jeancumlately says:

    …can we leave religion out of this? Really.

  19. monsterball says: said jeancumlately….so it should be noted by “idiotc-malay” commentator….which I don’t think he is a malay ….so jean..he is a racialist too!

  20. KTemoc says:

    Susan, I would advise you to delete comment by idiot_malay – I don’t like the smell fo it.

  21. monsterball says:

    james….lu no stay here? how lu know ‘baba nenek’ tak ajar? got lah…but we got many dolla free to just ‘x’ one place…can u get bulan and rocket to give more…we ‘x’ them…u tell them give signals how to get money..okay?

  22. V T says:

    You are not kidding me, damn sure, some time back Ronnie Liu’s Blog – “Altantuya case: Are you still following? (II)”

    I then consulted the stars……… and it was reveal to me that all Four will walk free, not three, not two, not one, yes folks, all FOUR will walk free.

    In Malaysia, can one you know?

  23. V T says:

    Hi all, comments by “idiot_malay on August 3rd, 2007 at 1:41 pm” should be kept, he’s probably one of those cyber trooper from either UMNO or “ITs” component parties.

  24. monsterball says:

    No KTemoc…bad advise to Susan to delete ‘idiot-malay’. Susan loves freedom of speeches.
    Why don’t you advise Susan to delete copycats on me……confusing all of us?

  25. Silhoute says:

    I have ceased to follow the Altantuya’s murder case a long time ago. Ceased to read MSM and the Malaysian TV news too. Altantuya’s case is a foregone conclusion. Its all a show and finally the PM will say the court has decided and he cant interfere with the court decision.
    Do you still believe in the system? I don’t.

  26. arifabdull says:


    isn’t this racist?

  27. arifabdull says:

    i agree to V T and it should be kept for the record.

  28. sloone says:

    yes arifadull, sangat rascist ! dan sudah delete. nampak macam cyber troopers nak create problems. sigh,,,:-(

  29. monsterball says:

    Then also delete “lets burn the flag”….to balance things up.

  30. arifabdull says:

    i respect ur prerogative rights as the owner of this blog. thx Susan.

  31. observer says:

    monsterball, let us not make mockery of free speech.

  32. […] Are you kidding me? This is NOT from Malaysiakini, I got this in my inbox, from Anne James, who said “Simply hilarious – from a […] […]

  33. […] would hate to see miscarriages of justice. I was interested to come across a psychiatrist who analyses a current high profile court case. Interesting questions, my dear Psychiatrist, but is it so […]

  34. monsterball says:

    observer…Who is making mockery of free speech?
    Try to teach me something?

  35. well, monster, self censorship is just as bad if not worse than censorship. you cannot say you are for free speech when in the same breath you call for censorship.

    there are two faces of freedom of speech. if we reject one than it is not freedom of speech. remember what philosopher voltaire said in the 1700s?

  36. Yahoooo....! says:

    Hello boys! Wassssup!

  37. halfmast says:

    Born Again Christian: — God is busy right now spreading his Message in Iraq and Afghanistan. But he has not forgotten you.
    Tell that again to the 21 surviving South Koreans and their 2 dead companions in Afghanistan. You should have been there shivering and pissing in fear now, you Born-Again Nut!

  38. wits0 says:

    “Remember, Muslims, Christians, Jews…we are of the same Book. ”

    How nice! That just about alienates everyone else. Ignoramus Born Again Christians give other Christians a bad name as well.

  39. monsterball says:

    witsO….Another born again religious nut is here.

  40. monsterball says:

    How on earth so many Christians are born and reborn again these 10 years?
    WOW..It is a few thousand years are …only the Tibetans can claim mastering the art.
    Not even ordinary Buddhists or Hindhus dare to say..’I can be reborn. Watch me do it..”
    Next they will claim the world is theirs..join them or get burn in hell.
    Where is the TRANSFORMER…we are being attacked by DEVILS!!

  41. Bluesailor says:

    NEWTON LAW“` cannot destroy energy nor create them. we juust follow the formula we create along our lifetime. pls pull forward and leave all religion where thye are.

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