Merdeka is an illusion, at least to me it is
will i get busted for this? in this country, you never know…
anything can get you busted…
i hardly ever get personal in this blog, but today, i feel like just baring my soul
the reason for this state of mind is something that must plague most, if not all malaysians
when you are fed (stuffed) with daily doses of lies, slander, stupidity, mockery and ignorance
you become dull, the grey matter in your skull shrinks to an unidentifiable size

dullness becomes a part of you
i wish i could go somewhere and just turn off everything that is malaysia.
i think only then i will have complete peace of mind, utter serenity, pure bliss
this is not running away, nor is it escapism, but a self-rescue mission to avoid all things poisonous to the soul
yet can one run away from one self?
maybe i should just lay-off the internet and live in the real world, without reading newspapers or watching tv.
no more emails or mobile phones
just go back to old fashion snail mail, and turning up at people’s houses if you want to meet them
you might be shoo-ed away, given a piece of your friend’s mind, but at least there will be real connection

yet such relationships have its problems too
maybe i should just read books, good books and meaningful books.
perhaps write my long overdue poems, poems about how the sea no longer rush to the shore, but to a sewege hole
or why the sky is no longer blue but grey…?
did i tell you that once long ago i wrote a story about suicide? i said suicide was an alternative to life…

i got bombarded for that; people called me names; and suggested i get sent to a loony bin
it doesnt help that my family name is loone, and that affectionately, friends (and foe alike) called me ‘looney?”

not that anyone could reason out with me why suicide is not an alternative to life
the first thing people do is condemn, denigrate, and of course ban you from their thoughts
by the way, my poems have been floating in my mind forever
they are taking shape, even becoming human
also growing wings
and they have started to haunt me in my sleep
begging me to transfer them into paper, but i am putting them all aside for awhile…and for what?
i’ve been having so many dreams, lately, visions, blurry, hazy and unclear
but i have the uncanny feeling, they are trying to tell me things…there are hidden messages
premonition, predictions, or perhaps, memories from another lifetime?
i should go into the forests, really
explore the artistic side of me, which i had neglected, due to total disrespect and ignorance
towards the other sides of me

i almost always paint in black on white
i have examples, but i dont have my drawings with me now
if i reveal them, they might be a sight for sore eyes, are you prepared?

the thing about the society we live in is that its becoming more repressive instead of open
for example, drawing nude bodies of women, supposed to be an expression of women’s sexuality
might just get your painting banned
“ban” is such a familiar word in this country, it’s almost becoming a national bahaviour
coming back to books
i just finished reading “the kite runner”, a story about friendship in afghanistan
i wept shamelessly, it was heart-provoking
written in simple, but meaningful and powerful English
here, the writer doesnt brag about himself, how good he is, how holy-moly, etc

but admits all his failures… and how unworthy he is of a great friendship from one that is an outcast of his community
which brings me back to what is making me so melancholy
i am feeling more and more distant from the land that i was born
it’s becoming increasingly unreal, my people, most of them anyway, also look up to what is unreal
the more i know some people, the more isolated i feel

the more i think about this country, the more distant i feel
does this make me unpatriotic? though i never thought much of the word ‘patriotism”
especially when it has become such a cliche, when it’s constantly used, abused and exploited
by the government for its own gain and merits
did i tell you i hate governments? which makes me an anarchist
is there a law against anarchists in malaysia?
hate government does not equal to hate country
but the word patriotic only leaves a sour taste in my mouth
its hard, though, not to get involved
not to get angry and mad when there is endless harping about unity, but less or no integrity
when there is endless exposes about corruption but equally endless denials

when freedom of speech becomes a privilege not a right
when more and more people prefer politician power than people’s power
these are not signs of a progressive nation, but instead quite the opposite
but i have to let go, i have to take things lightly, for the sake of my soul, my sanity

truth is, it’s hard to let go
i know i hear you say “merdeka” a million times

i am going to be reminded again and again this month, like a broken record
it’s been 50 years now,and the colonials have long since left
but are we really free?
what did we free ourselves from?
we seem to be more entrenched, more set in our ways, more backwards
we have become more polarised, more divided, and worst of, more rascist than ever
repressive laws used 50 years ago are as alive and actively used now, even more than they did years ago
and you tell me there is a cause to celebrate?

don’t give me the government’s propaganda
and don’t give me comparisons to poorer countries
you need to be more convincing.
coz i am totally unconvinced. but if you think otherwise,
Give me a reason to celebrate merdeka, and I promise never to bore you with my rantings again.


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  1. RoadRunner says:

    This 50th Merdeka Celebration is turning Malaysians into poets of sorts. A lot of poetry has proliferated blogs this week!

    The use of poetry to provide perspective to our struggle to find meaning in our lives is fine with me. But it borders on the ridiculous to suggest our problems can be solved by poetry!

  2. ivan yang says:

    Hi, i have never written…, but just have to say this… When u are climbing a mountain, every single step forward and uphill is a task… and u get more and more tired until your senses are dulled into numbness.. but u tell yourself that u will be rewarded with a fantastic view at the top..that is if u reach the top! But if u believe in what u do, and slog on there, u will be there! May the force be with U!

  3. whispering9 says:

    “Don’t cling to things, because everything is impermanent”….a Buddhist saying.

    It is alright to cling to negative emotions like fear, pain, failure, desperation, hopelessness, meaningless, worry and so forth. After you allow yourself to be fully penetrated by them, you got to detach from them and continue your journey. We don’t necessary taste the fruits from the good seeds we sowed in our mortal life span. If you hold back on your emotions…and don’t allow yourself to go all the way through them, you can never get to being detached. You become too busy being in all your emotions. After you have experienced and recognized all your emotions…tell yourself it is time to detach and carry on with the journey. There are more things and emotions awaiting you. ….hahaha learnt this entire talking cure from Morrie on the Tuesdays. Poem is chicken soup for a tired soul.

  4. wits0 says:

    Mountain climbing needs a certain set technique otherwise the “grand view” is forever the delusionary carrot on a stick in front of an eternal optimist. Belief? That’s exactly what’s not there.

  5. 2legit says:


    Susan, I share the same melancholic feelings with you. After 50 years I find that theres absolutely no reason to celebrate.

    Actually I know you personally during your Malaysiakini days and I truly admire your sincerity in the fight for human rights. You correctly pointed out that we are being deludged daily by politicians with no quality & integirity and coupled with systems whose only purpose is to support and consolidate these corrupt politicians in power.

    Recently I attended the forum ‘In solidarity with Nat Tan’ and was pleasantly surprised to find individuals that did give me certain hope for the country. One truly oustanding individual was a lawyer named Haris Ibrahim. I am sure you know him. There is a movement of sorts that we hope to start come Merdeka, called ‘Bangsa Malaysia’.

    The aim is to porpogate an idea or concept of unity if you will (perhaps a bit ideal) without any element of racism or discrimination for a better Malaysia. I do sincerely hope you, Monty, WitsO, Kittykat, roadrunner, peter, bloggers and all fans of yours will join us. Perhaps we can turn our deep sadness and depression into something positive after all.

    Who knows perhaps we will all make history…..ONLY IF WE DARE TO DREAM.

    Details at:

  6. walski69 says:

    Not to be a blog-whore, but M for Merdeka

    Yeah, I know the feeling… been feeling kinda the same, and this year I’m de-celebrating the event… until and unless Malaysia once again can learn to embrace the real meaning of “Merdeka”…

  7. sofiairdina says:

    I was born way after independence day and I may fail to fully appreciate the sacrifices of our forefathers to give us “kemerdekaan.” Honestly, this is the first time that “merdeka” sounds a bit hollow and approaching meaningless. We were free from foreign invaders but what difference does it make? The country is still being controlled, rape and plundered by the privilleged few. Its even sickening to know that the perpetrators are one of us, walk among us and supposed to be protecting us. We might as well give this country to the dutch, the portuguese, the japanese or the englishmen. Atleast I know who is my enemy and know who to aim my shot at.

  8. luclai says:

    susan, it is good to get personal once in a while. this way, we can get to read your personal deepest thought and get to know you better. so once in a while it is good to rant instead of just offering stories from the media.

    another cause for not being too happy to celebrate our 50 years of merdeka is of course (at least to us non muslim) is the islamisation of our country. you can read about it in my latest post.

  9. Mason From Kuching says:

    Sweet Sister Suzie, how’s the Altantuya’s murder trail
    going? Minda update a bit…..plzzzzz

  10. monstermeatball says:

    I guess I have to be the Establishment bloke here. I’m not an UMNO cyber-cop BTW.

    Yes, this country is flawed, sometimes seriously flawed. But lets not forget to count our blessings.

    We have real peace in this country – nobody is trying to mount a coup every other day, our boys are not dying fighting wars in some god-forsaken place. There is worry about crime, but its still safe enough to go shopping every weekend , no ?
    There is still poverty and unemployment in the country, but most of us live better than people did 50 years ago.

    Yes, there are religious extremists trying to impose their ideas on others, and we need to fight them. But lets be honest. Christians, Buddhist, Hindus are all free to attend churches/ temples, right ? Has any non-Muslim ever been forced to convert or barred from practicing their personal religion ?
    On major religious festivals, we have big public processions that block up traffic for hours – and permission is freely given.

    There is racial discrimination in the country – and we need to work to remove it. But the Chinese as a community are far more wealthy than they were 50 years ago or 35 years ago at the beginning of the NEP. And I’m not just talking about towkays or rich cronies. There is a very large Chinese middle-class which lives quite comfortably, thank you – 4CS – careers, cars, credit cards, condominiums – of course they work very hard for it..

    Lets count our blessings a bit for 50 years Merdeka.

  11. pavlova says:

    hi susan
    i share your same sentiments.
    and i’m not going to console you that things are alright. continue with the fight and so on…

    truth is, it’s not getting better.
    we continue to fight, to create awareness, but people are oblivious. politics is ‘coffee shop’ talk at best, otherwise, more are indulgent in materials than these ‘mind boggling’ matters.

    so really, it leaves many with no choice.
    either you continue to keep the spirit to fight on, even though you know you might not live to see the results of it ( be it good or bad)..


    you just walk away. with no animosity. with no hatred. just indifference.
    the opposite of love is not hate, it’s just indifference. it just means that you’ve got no more feelings.

    so it’s just something to think about for us…

    all the best, nonetheless in whatever journey you take.

  12. sofiairdina says:

    Agree with u monstermeatball but with a but. I used to have that sense of pride when people outside wanted to know where is malaysia and who is this tdm. I remember explaining to them about malaysia and every little thing that I know about tdm when I was a student at the states.

    This time around, things are different. I dont know about you but I really hate this sinking feeling. Where are we now? The price of things, the crime rate, the corruption, the racial issues are all getting out of hand while the pm is either creating another slogan, announcing yet another billion rinngit project, sleeping or on vacation.

    I am complaining because I love you, malaysia.

  13. whispering9 says:

    Hahaha…the opposite of love is really hate. And the opposite of hate is really love. And after so many many love-hate-love-hate-love-hate you become indifference until boredom sets in or another hunk or bombshell comes along. Loosen up…don’t spoil your own mood. Time to detach from bad emotions and carry on with your ordinary lives and your missions, whatever that may be.

  14. padzac says:

    despite its shortcomings, malaysia is a wonderful country. sure its politics suck (a lot of other things also), but there is more good than bad here. in God’s time all will be well.

    btw, i was born on August 31st 🙂

  15. wits0 says:

    “But the Chinese as a community are far more wealthy than they were 50 years ago or 35 years ago at the beginning of the NEP.” Such a broad statement many be said of everyone as well, statistically but as you know statistic is easily made to reflect what the users want.

    First, “as a community”, is too sweeping and a poor rationale for justifying the excesses of the NEP. The NEP long broke its promise of not causing a sense of deprivation to others…why would Susan be working in Thailand and not in M’sia if her vocation is also found in M’sia? How big a group of the total are the wealthy nons? Who documents those who never succeeded in improving themselves economically because of discrimination?

    The NEP was flawed from the very beginning when it fails to keep its stated intention and ended up as preventing another’s light from shinning so that one’s own will shine. That’s why it easily degenerates into a tool for fascist Ketuanan and also one of enabling wealth seeking of the ruling elites.

  16. hutchrun says:

    Minister breaks rank on Islamic state
    Aug 2, 07 12:04pm

    A senior cabinet minister broke ranks today on the Islamic state issue by arguing that the nation’s founders did not have that in mind when the Federation of Malaysia was formed in 1963.

    Disagree with his colleagues
    Judiciary ‘playing football’

  17. hutchrun says:

    And in the Star the Pee Am has announced that Kelantan development will include a concentration camp `pusat pemulihan akhlak` that can house 500 persons.

  18. omigosh says:

    Yes hutchrun, we need more courageous ministers like Benard Dompok to break ranks with the rest and tell off the DPM that he made an utterly flawed and stupid statement.

  19. observantobserver says:

    It is sad when we have people like Rocky, Jeff and RPK being handled by the law for nothing.

    On the other hand, we have characters like MENJ of fame posting horribly troubling posts on his website. How come no authorities have come up and taken any action against him for posting such inciting posts on his website? Is he not causing disharmony among us Malaysians?

    An example from his latest post:

    “…Pope aide warns of Islamic threat to Europe.

    Why am I not surprised at this latest outburst? After all, these pseudo-monotheists, these cursed worshippers of a bloodied, half-naked Roman criminal swinging from a cross, are trembling in their boots and Islam is on its blitzkrieg across Europe. Mosques are sprouting, churches are emptying. Takbir! ”

    Man oh man….And this isn’t even in the comments section. It is written by the webmaster himself!!

  20. wits0 says:

    When it comes from a Taliban lite like this true believer Menj, it cannot be regarded as hate speech by M’sia Boleh.

  21. hutchrun says:

    N now he has to be popularised in MT.
    That`s going to be fun.

  22. observantobserver says:

    Yes its about time someone really made this kid famous. He’s been going on too long unchecked like this. Someone ought to teach him a lesson!

    Could someone post a comment regarding this in the “Umno, please do something” post?

  23. kittykat46 says:

    Folks,I received confirmation that the Hindu temple at Tambak Paya, Melaka, which Susan blogged about in July, has indeed been destroyed.

    What a sad, sad day for Malaysia

  24. sloone says:

    so you see kitty kat, one more reason why i will not celebrate merdeka!

  25. wits0 says:

    Exactly, Susan, we don’t need Monstermeatball to remind us that things ain’t so bad.

    Fact is, WE deserve better and M’sia should not simply compare itself with Ghana, e.g. ; it shouldn’t compare itself with what’s worse but what’s better.

    Slow cooking a frog means that it tends not to feel the heat – add to that, the process of ceaseless propaganda and false hypes.

  26. Rajah says:

    ‘Mason from Kuching’ says

    “Sweet Sister Suzie, how’s the Altantuya’s murder trail
    going? Minda update a bit…..plzzzzz”

    Mason, I made the folloowing posting on an earlier thread, predicting the trial judge’s ruling over Sec. 8 Evidence Act and the probable reasoning behind the ruling – though the latter would not be known until he makes his written judgment.

    “The trial judge is right now looking for his reasoning that would allow him to exclude the statement given by the accused Sirul.”

    “Sec. 27 Evidence has been ruled away. My gut feeling tells me this trial judge having ruled Sec. 27 as inapplicable since according to him “there must first be a confession”, is about to go the same way i.e. he will rule out somehow Sec. 8 – probably reasoning that Sec. 27 and Sec. 8 must be interpreted in a manner which is consistent with the intent of Parliament.”

    The trial judge did in fact make that ruling to shut out the statement by Sirul through the back door i.e. through Sec. 8 of the Evidence Act. Earlier the trial judge ruled that for Sec. 27 to apply there must first be a “confession”. The first roadblock so to speak the judge earlier set up – and now this.

    So Mason, my speculation not just as to the ruling but also how the trial judge would arrive at his ruling came out true.

    My interest is not so much in the verbal ruling he was about to make but in how he would arrive at his ruling. His ruling appears based on issues of fact and law and I feel confident it would be reversed by the Court of Appeal.

    There was this Court of Appeal ruling recently on another case involving “information which led to the discovery of incriminating evidence” under Sec. 27 Evidence Act. In that case, the information led to the discovery of a body and some jewelery. The CA led by none other than Justice Sri Ram ruled the evidence as admissible under what is now referred to as a landmark ruling over Sec. 27. It summarizes the law since the 1930s. Within the context of this landmark decision by the CA, I am confident the Altantuya decision would be reversed on appeal.

    The Mongolian murder will wrap before the month is out. The trial judge would retire to make his ruling. The verdict will be not guilty for all three – worst than I thought!

    Within the context of the Independence Day, this comes as yet another blow and another nail in the coffin of justice – an additional reason for Susan not to celebrate!

  27. Rajah says:


    Mason, the Altantuya decision (and here I’m ahead of myself) cannot stand – especially not now that the Court of Appeal has made that landmark ruling in that other case.

  28. smellysea says:

    back in the early 50’s when i was in primary school, we were all malayans. we were colour blind, race blind and religion blind…..and then came independence day august 1957…we were still malayans….a single class of citizens…no 1st, 2nd,3rd or 4th class of citizens. St. Xavier’s form 3….and malaysia was formed….but we were still malaysians and we watching rose chan’s shows without any problem of race, colour or creed! and then the fateful 513 came….. and then suddenly we were 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class citizens……why must i celebrate merdeka????

  29. wits0 says:

    Smelleysea, the descend began after the Indonesian Confrontation…and credibility leaked away at an ever expanding rate.

  30. RoadRunner says:

    But Smellysea, Rose Chan was left to bump and grind for the next 15 years! They kept playing ping pong and smoking all through those years!

    Susan may be wondering what that is all about.

  31. smellysea says:

    guess you’re right witsO, but where do we go from here??? the present govt is not doing anything to prevent this decay…..leaving people like susan thinking of suicide (poor thing)! we can only sembang2 here…. when the time comes… they will be in power again and the rot continues….( i pity my grandchildren!)

  32. RoadRunner says:

    Smellysea, now we’d have to travel across the border perhaps as far north to Bangkok, to see the same shows you saw. There the real meaning to “Tiger Beer” comes alive.

  33. smellysea says:

    true RoadRunner, but when rose chan opened the coca cola bottle…. she looked and smiled at us as malaysians…. my friend told me she smiled… i was not looking at her face then…

  34. wits0 says:

    The rot and decay will go on…in direct proportion to the complicity of the stupid and selfish voters involved. Meantime there’s nothing to celebrate about although the zombies might, predictably.

  35. We need to make a public statement.

  36. RoadRunner says:

    “i was not looking at her face then…” Smellysea

    Yes, you should be smelling the coffee instead of the sea.

  37. smellysea says:

    RoadRunner…in Bangkok.. its susan’s domain. go to betong lah…. she’s not there!

  38. RoadRunner says:

    Smellysea, if you have an opener anyone can open any bottle and not just coca cola bottles. Be that as it may, was that why the price of coca cola went up?

  39. RoadRunner says:

    Betong is not safe! Bangkok would be safer. My favourite haunt is the sea food restaurant “No hands restaurant”. It beats Japan when it comes to not using your hands!

  40. smellysea says:

    WitsO… ‘the show must go on’…. to tell the world malaysia… everything’s ok… come.. invest!

  41. smellysea says:

    RR… must check out that joint the next time i go makan angin…. cos my hands are free to check out some other things!!!

  42. RoadRunner says:

    That’s the point, Smelly. You do not need to use your hands. It is hands free.

  43. RoadRunner says:

    I have been on the road for a while, Smiley! The Hongkies are cheats. The first thing you do when you check into the Hilton is to lock up your travellers cheques. The Koreans are just too plain rough around the edges. The Japanese are good at what they do and that includes fleecing the tourists.

    The Thais?? Well, they love you to death!

  44. KTemoc says:

    Frustrating times – but let’s encourage Susan to think of and write up her poems, rather than suicide. 😉 Let me start the ball rolling:

    There once was a beautiful lily
    Its leaves chime in the breeze
    By a silver stream in the Kinta
    But God ordains it be moved

    To a paradise surrounded by seas
    In a vale of green tracks and trails
    The sweet music of its presence
    Calms the storm in my breast

  45. fathi aris omar says:

    Nanti2 kita jumpa, sembang2 Susan! Jangan sedih2, jangan monyok2 …

  46. RoadRunner says:


    Since you have no plans to celebrate “Merdeka Day” you should check this out!

  47. sharleen says:

    susan… even tho im x in msia i still feel the same abt wat u feel la…

  48. Let’s make a public statement

  49. let’s fly the flag upside down

  50. monsterball says:

    I am not celebrating the 50th Merdeka because the judge said he will throw Chin Peng’s case out…if he does not produce an IC card.
    Only a pro UMNO judge can talk like that.
    Elizabeth Wong’s blog has even a document from the government….saying all communists can be citizens…if they surrender themselves.
    And Chin Peng’s case will be proven one day….to be a patriotic Malaysians fighting the Japanese to free Malaya.
    So sad…that old man of 82 years want to come home to die….yet UMNO is not humane enough to let him do so. What are they really afraid of?
    What Tunku did at that time….all Malaysians understand is correct and right. Now time has changed…these UMNO blokes still living 50 years behind time…..feeling guilty instead of feeling great to be humane. Can release murderers…but not admitting Chin Peng’s great contributions to free and saved our relatives of all races.
    Still afraid of the British or no guts?

  51. Tim says:

    I feel that way about Merdeka and patriotism in general too. Patriotism is an artificial thing to me – “die for your country”, they say, but they never say anything about “killing for your country”. Or nonsense about “Western” and “Eastern” values. It’s time we started waking up and realize that the human race should be in this *together*, and not let skin colour or geography decide who we are.

    It’s also endearing to know that even you ramble at times :). *patpat*

  52. smellysea says:

    RR…kap khon krap for the info.. got to check out that joint one of these days.. looks like fun!

    Please lah ‘let’s burn the flag’ and ‘patriotic malaysian’….. leave the malaysian flag alone! my late father gave up his life for this country and i am a true malaysian and i love this country, my country malaysia……..its just that some pea brained goons who are masquerading as ministers are running this great country and they are the ones that are giving this country a bad name! it was great then… why not now???

  53. notsosmart says:

    Totally disagree to burn flag. Are you burning all loving and honest Malaysian too?
    Should do what the Hongkie does. Take a picture of the guy that you hate. Then use the heel of your shoe and continuously hitting it . Say all the curse you want. Better still in front of the Holy Site.
    If you don’t have a personal picture, maybe you can cut it out from the newspaper or magazine.

  54. “..not admitting Chin Peng’s great contributions to free and saved our relatives of all races.
    Still afraid of the British or no guts?” meathead

    Before you go showering Chin Peng with praises let’s examine the role played first by the MPAJA which then morphed into the MCP (or Malayan Communist Party).

    The MPAJA an organization you should be familiar with, first formed as an underground resistance movement against the occupying Japanese forces. However their loyalty was suspect when Malaya became independent from the British, and when they were offered amnesty by the Tunku at the Baling talks.

    Smellysea probably lost his father fighting the CTs under Chin Peng.

    Chin Peng was taking his instructions from another sovereign country, China; and he sought refuge in China along with others after they lost the guerrilla war and Malaya was declared free from terrorism in 1960.

    You’re a disgrace to those who laid down their lives for king and county, fighting the CTs in the post war years. Let us not forget our men and women in uniform who are the true patriots.

    What Chin Peng did is called treason and for which it is a life sentence in most countries.

    You should change your nick from monsterball to meathead.

  55. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    A lot of Malaysians of all races supported the long struggle against the CPM. THAT is one thing I want to make sure UMNO doesn’t try to write out of our history.

    My Dad was one of those who served. I almost didn’t get the chance to be born, but that’s a long story.

    But I agree, the war is over, and Chin Peng should be allowed to come home in peace.

  56. Mason From Kuching says:

    Hi Rajah. For the moment there I was pondering as to where this missing Rajah is. Luckily I managed to capture his attention.

    I predicted in earlier postings that the two murderers of Altantuya-Sirul and Azilah and their abetter, ARB will engage in a finger-pointing match faulting one another. I was so wrong. The two accused till date have explicitly admiting the crime in police records and testimonies but their attorneys have successfully annuled the admisibility of most of their confessions.

    And at no time have they accused ARB of hiring or instructing them and when it comes to ARB’s turn at the dock, the evidence that suggest him of abetting the murder is a keelover and I am surely he will be exonerated and neither will the prosecuters have a smidgen of evidence to be brought against him at The Court of Appeal.

    I shared your predictions that trio will walk out scot-free though the prosecution will surely file submissions at The Court Of Appeal but against the murderer, surely not against Baginda. This will be a surrealistic nightmare for the deceased family.

    But Rajah, remember that the father of the murdered Mongolian filed a 100 million lawsuit against the Malaysian government?

    Remember you mention that OJ Simpson was exonerated of murdering his wife and her lover but was found liable of the multi-million lawsuits brought by the victims families. Will there be a course of civil-suits if all accused are not found guilty?

    Sorry for writing ‘rojaks’ here. I’ll have to leave it to the expert- The King or Raja(h).

  57. Rajah says:


    I’m not a lawyer and I am no expert on the law – just someone with a passion for law and law enforcement issues. I wore the black robe once and the green uniform but not the blue one of today.

    It is sad how the executive since Mahathir has reduced the country’s judiciary into a ghost of its former self.

    However, I still have confidence in our Court of Appeal. Trial judges tend to make pro-government or prosecution oriented decisions which are then reversed by the Court of Appeal. The Anwar Ibrahim trial is one such instance. The unusual circumstances surrounding the Altantuya murder trial have guaranteed it a unique place in the history of our judiciary. Once again it serves to remind us that judicial independence is not something we should take for granted.

    It makes you want to throw away the black robe and have nothing more to do with it.

  58. wits0 says:

    Flag of our Forefathers reads treason into Chin Peng resurrection just because he fled to Red China after losing. Where else could he have logically fled? Sihanouk also later fled there when Cambodia was lost to the Commies.

    Just because Chin Peng believes in the Communist ideology which was always popular during that epoch to be used against colonialism, does that necessarily mean he also commited treason?

    Be it recalled that the communists guerillas used left over arms and ammunitions from stowed away supplies air dropped to Force 136 and MPAJA during WW2. There were no known mentioned arms and ammo supplied from China. Ammunitions are usually good for around a dozen years or so only. US made carbines and captured Arisaka rifles with their wooden stock can’t survive long in the humid jungle. In those years nearing the end of the Emergency, those pictures of captured communist arms always showed showed weapons in very worn and poor condition.

    Calling Monsterball “meatball” also does not make that treason label more valid.

  59. monsterball says:

    Flag Of Our Forefathers…..You are the nut head that should change your nick …not me.
    How old are you? I don’t blame you for what you wrote…but blame you for believing one side and not questioning or probing me…but call me names….like as you you think you are the patriotic and I am the traitor’s brother. Are you pro UMNO? If you are….waste of time to talk to you.
    Now read this carefully…….
    1. Communist Party was recognized by the British to declare Merdeka for our country.
    2. Japanese CAPTURED Malaya. British surrendered!! Chin Peng fought the Japanese under the support from China.
    3.British returned and fought side by side with Chin Peng. Declared him British war hero with a medal….I repeat declared war hero for MALAYA with a British medal…..not from cheap ones from Malaya at that time.
    4. Merdeka given and Communist party not recognized….Chin Peng went underground….fought the double headed British snake…but Malaya was very poor and need foreign support ..aids…to develop our country. I guess Tunku had no choice…but to agree. This is my personal opinion….as I love our Tunku very much and he was all for the good of our country.
    5. Given another choice to surrender at Baling…he refused and infect from that day onward….Chin Peng did live a very good life in Hatyai…up to now. Go guess who arranged all these.
    6. Chin Peng did save hundreds of Malayans girls being raped by Japaneses and saved thousands from being slaughtered….all races. Never documented…..but these were told by villagers to us old folks….by villagers involving…from the horse mouths…so to speak.
    7. Tun Razak went to China….WHY? To thank China for helping of the main reason.He was not only the Father Of Development….but a grateful man with farsightedness. Without him…China do not care two hoots about Malaysia.
    8. Now if China aided Chin Peng and we went to thank China for helping Malaya fighting the Japanese…who was China’s proxies here….Chinese troops or Chin Peng and Rashid?
    There is no doubt in my mind Chin Peng cannot come back for political reasons and solely for Malays and not for the so call unforgivable crimes he commited to our country.
    Like I said….UMNO is getting from bad to worst…….since these 26 years or more….most ungrateful sickening mentalities ministers we seem to see so call serving the country.

  60. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Your father and all others are patriotic like my father was.
    Fighting against the Communists…we have no choice….like Arabs fighting against Arabs…or put it bluntly…muslims fighting against Muslims in the Middle East.
    The USA and British were suoer powers at that time. We were truly puppets. aznd at their mercies in the 50’s and 60’s….and been brainwashed.
    What I hate is UMNO know all this and don’t want to behave humane to let the old man of 82 come home….afraid to loose malay votes …not for the country…..shameful lah…malays cannot take that….so the narrow minded UMNO ministers are thinking. If they choose to explain in good diplomatic words…what to be shameful for being humane and ever forgiving good souls….living true to the Islamic religion.
    No …it is dirty politics day in…day out.

  61. “Just because Chin Peng believes in the Communist ideology which was always popular during that epoch to be used against colonialism, does that necessarily mean he also commited treason?” Wits0

    Let me first give you a perspective of what happened during and after the 2WW.

    The Malayan Anti-Japanese Army or MPAJA started off as a resistance movement against the Japanese. It is common knowledge that the Japanese hated the Chinese throughout history. They treated the Chinese as a race unworthy of breathing the same air and walking the same ground as they do. How else would you explain atrocities like the Rape of Nanking? How else would you explain the Japanese equivalent of Auschwitz and the Japanese experimentation with germ warfare on the Chinese civilian population towards the end of the 2WW. In Singapore, then a part of Malaya, the Japanese murdered hundreds if not thousands of Chinese simply because they were Chinese. Their cruelty towards the Chinese everywhere is well documented and is not disputed – not even by the Japanese themselves.

    The British parachuted elements of Force 136 led by a relative of mine (who rose later to become the first Chief of the Armed Forces) behind enemy lines; and the plan then was to join forces with elements of the MPAJA to await the British invasion of Japanese occupied Malaya – which they did. Read the book “The Jungle is Neutral” by Spencer Chapman to learn more about it.

    It is a fact that the MPAJA had little or no material support from Communist China but they owed their loyalty to China, received moral support from Communist China and made no effort to disguise it. It was the declared long term strategy of the Chinese Communists to allow indigenous movements to operate without their intervention. Leaders of such indigenous movements traveled frequently to Communist China. Malaya had MCP and Indonesia had PKI or Partai Komunis Indonesia led by a Chinese Indonesian Aidid whose body was never found after the coup against President Sukarno in the 60s.

    After the War, the MPAJA refused to lay down their arms when called upon to do so. They continued their fighting and were referred to as CTs or communist terrorists – murdering British plantation managers who had to arm themselves, in the most brutal manner, spreading in the process terror among the local population. The Malayan Communist Party was later declared illegal. When Malaya became independent in 1957 we would expect them to emerge from the jungles to celebrate Merdeka as we now know it. Armistice was agreed to allow for talks in Baling, Kedah to take place. But their leader Chin Peng chose to walk out to continue his armed struggle but this time against the Malayan people. It was then that their allegiance to a foreign power became obvious.

    The MPAJA was the militant wing of the Malayan Communist Party and they retreated to the jungles to fight a guerilla war to make Malaya a satellite state of Communist China. MCP went underground and infiltrated the labour unions.

    What possible reason did they have to continue fighting after independence was declared in 1957? Think about it! A self-styled anti-Japanese Army with the three red stars on their caps (reminiscent of the red flag of Communist China), which went on to become an anti-British army, and then went on to fight units of the Royal Malay Regiment, the backbone of the Malaysian Armed Forces!

    It was a mistake to grant these traitors amnesty. Memories are short.

    I say let him rot in Thailand or wherever he chose to breathe his last. It has nothing to do with UMNO but has everything to do with those who laid down their lives fighting valiantly for their country in the 50s and into the 60s.

    We should put aside our political differences.

    August 31st is a day to remember the fallen.

  62. KTemoc says:

    Ode to fallen but unwanted heroes

    The Japanese had long since gone,
    their bayonets are no longer drawn;
    The long fought bitter war was won
    but sadly not for those truly fallen

    From the holes emerged ethnic heroes
    who had stayed still while others died,
    to shamelessly rob victory from others
    whose real sacrifices are now denied

    Eliminate any hero’s deeds and name,
    erase their service from our memory;
    don’t remind the bigots of their shame,
    their absence in defending our country

    Smash to smithereens their memorial
    New ‘heroes’ need the broken bricks
    to build their ethnic wira credential,
    complete with keris, hornets & tricks

  63. KTemoc says:

    Re above dedication – remember Joseph Gobbels who wanted to smash a memorial dedicated to Chinese (WWII) fallen heroes – he accused it of being dedicated to members of the MCP.

  64. Sorry says:

    Blue on blue, heartache on heartache.

  65. bola says:

    “Tun Razak went to China….WHY? To thank China for helping of the main reason.” monsterball


    You’re really misguided piece of shit!

  66. hutchrun says:

    I too lost family members in the Emegency. And I still say Chin Peng should be allowed to come back despite what the `Beruk Nasional might call `misguided piece of shit!`.

    Unlike f***faced beruks like Razak who during WW2 used to have their own cars. Another beruk who became a beruk minister usedto call himself a freedom fighter but in fact used to go around disseminating jap propaganda.

    Tun Razak was to later turn out to be most vile. He began the `rot` in m`sia.

  67. monsterball says:

    Flag of our Forefather….You sure know how to talk cock and bull when needed….using Japanese hatred for the Chinese to declare war in Malaya and Singapore.
    Best of all…love raping Chinese girls only.
    By the way….why should Chin Peng accepts the unfair Baling conditions given to him?
    Why do you IGNORE he was decorated by the British..for what? …for carrying Chin Peng balls?
    bola….I am misguided? Why …you can easily be brainwashed. No wonder we have so many idiots as ministers…..mostly voted in by one track minded voters.

  68. hutchrun says:

    More showtime:

    Tunggu dan lihat…

    Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dan PAS akan mendesak Yang di-Pertuan Agong supaya memecat Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR), Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman dan Setiausaha suruhanjaya itu, Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor.

    Naib Presiden PKR, Azmin Ali berkata, dalam tempoh tiga bulan akan datang, penyokong PKR dan PAS dari seluruh negara akanberhimpun di Istana Negara untuk mendesak Yang di-Petuan Agong memecat kedua-dua mereka (Malaysiakini, 5 May 2007).

  69. hutchrun says:

    And it was the US, British n ANZAC troops who brought Indonesian Konfrontasi to an end, tho` beruk Razak went around the whole country on a victory parade.
    Bullshit! The Malay Regiment was forced to leave Sabah/Sarawak when the WDCSA Commanding Officer threatened to withdraw all troops if the `beruks` were not pulled back for their ineffectiveness.

  70. wits0 says:

    Well, KTemoc, there are things I do agree with you. Flag seems to see the need to give the spun litany of events… as if we could agree with the start of the horrendous attack on the British planters in Sungei Siput.

    He won’t mention though that “Malayan Emergency” was the colonial government’s term for the war. The MPAJA was disbanded in December, 1945. The MNLA was the morph.

    The MNLA(Malayan National Liberation Army) raised the support of the Chinese because they were denied the equal right to vote in elections, had no land rights to speak of, and were usually very poor or that there were some Malays, Indonesians and Indians among its members.

    Nor the fact that in 1955 peace talks, the Tungku rejected all of Chin Peng’s demand(funny way to negotiate).

    Flag recalls to us the Partai Komunis of Indonesia but said nothing of the Indonesian genocide of the mid sixties. Half a million dead, many innocent (decades later, strangely enough the tsunami hit it the hardest).

    When somebody blew up the monument in the Lake Garden in the seventies, it was rebuilt with the specification, it seems, that the stone soldiers should only have certain ethnic facial features.

    “ make Malaya a satellite state of Communist China. ”
    Ha! Monsterball would say, I’m sure, “Tell it to the marines!”

  71. It is sentiment like that expressed by hutchrun and wits0 that makes Malays think that the trade-off between citizenship to non-Malays and Malay special privileges their biggest error.

    It changed the country’s demographics forever.

  72. hutchrun says:

    It is sentiment like that expressed ..
    Twit. That`s not sentiment but history. And if the malays think that it is UMNO that has re-written history.
    N you a founding father. Bollocks. You are merely a party to rewriting history, misleading malays. maybe your forefathers came here and stole jobs meant for malays. Beruk nasional`s useful idiot.

  73. Agree with hutchrun. Let’s burn the flag! Monster to lead the march. Name the venue and time. I’ll be there!

  74. wits0 says:

    FoundingFather, remember the Orang Asli? Please note your own presumptuousness. Human Rights isn’t something anyone can give another. By its very name, it’s everyone’s birthright!

  75. hutchrun says:

    makes Malays think that the trade-off between citizenship to non-Malays and Malay special privileges their biggest error.
    Only a fool, little grounded in history would crawl the ground with an asinie comment like that. My gramps (a non-malay) in those days only needed to blow the whistle, and the malays in thousands would respond – cos they respected and loved him.

    Today`s Beruk Nasional is nothing compared to the malays of yore. They had dignity (maruah) you fool. Today they are apitiful replica of what they once were.
    And it`s asses like you that perpetuate it, instead of trying to make this country a better place than it could have been. Like the MCA, MIC etc are doing. All farting that`s all they do.

  76. Yessssss….! I say let’s burn the flag!

  77. monsterball says:

    Great stuffs!! Part I like best is hutchrun’s..describing the present our old folks……and I quote…’They had dignity {maruah} you fool. Today they are apitiful replica of what they once were.”
    “Lets burn the flag” commentator…….please don’t burn the flag UNTIL we vote them out and change the flag…MAYBE!!
    Me leading the march? Why anytime…any day…but more than 1000 of us….okay…otherwise no power lah.
    witsO…I am with you most of the time…you know that…..but once awhile…….yes …you can tell it to the marines……hahahahahaha

  78. wits0 says:

    Hutch’s jibe was indeed the best because that’s the truth, the inconvenient and even the sensitive truth.

  79. KTemoc says:

    I don’t agree with burning the flag ’cause that’s my flag, my country. If we don’t like the government, let’s change it, well at leats to within our personal capacity (by voting whoever we prefer). If we can persuade our friends and relatives, and their friends and their relatives, well and good, but I do not encourage violent actions, even symbolic ones like burning a flag.

    I hope we don’t compromise Susan here as calls for burning the national flag may be deemed as an offence (not sure about this) but evn if not, it will provide justification and cause to Big Brother to come down hard on Susan and bloggers. Let’s stick to analysing and where relevant, criticising the ruling party’s bad policies, practices and dodginess.

  80. monsterball says:

    yea…Why are MCA and MIC so quiet on matters concerning Chin Peng……especially MCA who claim they represent the feeling of the Chinese and justice to one and all…that jazz.
    eeerrrr….I have seen it all. They will say they have better issues to fight for the chinese …and they will fight for us in a quiet and cultured way…and UMNO will say…if MCA talk softly….they will listen….but we all can shout like thunder..they will ignore us.
    In actual fact….MCA not only carry balls of UMNO…but are thick skinned crooked cowards.
    So folks….lets show these arrogant and selfish people with our votes….coming election. Be brave and vote for your children’s futures…..a Malaysian country for all MALAYSIANS.

  81. kittykat46 says:

    Greetings KT,
    Eh, I thought you were more concerned with a certain defacto party leader’s antics.

    Here’s a person who is fully aligned with you… 🙂

  82. KTemoc says:

    Greetings KK46

    I continue to be against de facto whoever. There can be no compromise, full stop.

    He is after all the ultimate in UMNO-ness, and continues to show on his back UMNO stripes, a hungry angry tiger in Sang Kancil’s clothing, using his current (but inerim) party to pry open the UMNO door for him.

    Being against de facto whoever and being against the bad policies of the BN aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Mind you, I am not totally against BN or DAP or PAS whoever except de facto leaders (note the plural noun) because de facto leaders are unrepresentative dictators.

    When de facto whoever stops being de facto leader, then I may support the (his interim) party.

  83. KTemoc says:

    typo – using his current (but inerim) should be using his current (but interim)

  84. monsterball says:

    KTemoc….You actually cannot blame ‘lets burn the flag’ wanting to burn the flag.
    This act is from one with extreme hatred on great injustices done to Malaysians of selected groups by the creator of the flag…UMNO.
    Patriotism does not mean loving the flag. It means speak out the truths and act upon it.
    Your messages have been inconsistent…thus you cannot claim you love the flag more than ‘lets burn the flag’ writer. I believe he love it so much….that he is willing to burn the flag…as it is stained with filth…dirt…smell of c4 powder..misused to wrap millions of stolen money from the public…even wipe out their dirty sweat after raping an innocent girl.
    So will you burn that flag….if you feel so much pain in your heart for those…. misusing the flag?

  85. monsterball says:

    KTemoc…Who is totally against or for any political parties are the real real idiots of Malaysia.
    Are you suggesting ‘lets burn the flag ‘ writer is an extremist and your inconsistency in thoughts are to be accepted by all?

  86. KTemoc says:

    I am staggered by your logic in supporting the burning of our flag, in fact so staggered that I think I am speechless at this point 😉

  87. kalimutu says:


    just go away as you wish

  88. kittykat46 says:

    Greetings folks,
    Please don’t get Susan into trouble by calling for things like “burn the flag” on this blog.

    I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not well-versed enough to quote you specific laws. But I’m quite sure anyone caught burning the Malaysian flag in a public place in Malaysia could be charged with anything ranging from disturbing the peace, to rioting, to the Sedition Act.

  89. hutchrun says:

    Anyone flying the m`sian flag is in fact supporting the BN, which makes money selling those flags.
    I encourage all not to buy nor fly one. Hit their pockets. They`ll have to write off a `loss item`.

    It doesn`t mean you love m`sia less.

  90. monsterball says:

    KTemoc….you don’t read my explainations and understand what I am trying to say…..but concluding saying I am supporting burning the Malaysian flag….which is not true. I guess we speak different languages….so leave it as it is.

  91. notsosmart says:

    ‘lets burn the flag’
    You should join umno since you like it so much. Only umno have the right to burn others flags. Others are not allowed. No way you get this permit. You need the privilege.

  92. monsterball says:

    KTemoc….suppose your daughter…an innocent 15 year old was raped and got pregnant by an UMNO CM and he got doctor to do an abortion and even using the doctor to claim he broke her virginity out of love…this or that….and that CM is scotch free.
    Out of extreme hatred…and knowing UMNO created the flag…will you blame that man to burn the flag …. to release his angers?

  93. Chin Peng personifies what we often refer to as ‘one man’s terrorist but another man’s freedom fighter’ and it is as a freedom fighter that I call for the building of his statue in his hometown. Let’s not be afraid. UMNO re-writes history. We write history as it is.

    Three cheers for Chin Peng! hip, hip….!

  94. monsterball says:

    “Lets burn the flag” writer….You are a brave an intelligent citizen. Please change your nick….so as not to be too obvious of what you are.
    It will make Susan’s job easier …as she has just deleted ‘anti-malay’ nick and yours somewhat may insult all Malaysians.
    I like to read more from you….but take my advise…your nick is provoking. No need to.
    We will speak the truths without our nicks to show what we are. What we write will prove who we are…not from the nicks.

  95. wits0 says:

    UMNO is so desperate that the populace ought to fly the flag for the simple reason that it lends legitimacy to its mis-rule and peversion of social and human values over decades. So it spins it to mean its patriotic to fly it and unpatriotic not to.

    Monsterball, BN parties like MCA, Gerakan and MIC are there to lelong your asses to Big Brother cheap for the own self advancements of their craven elites. One can become lost for words for those selfsame kind of despicable lies they peddle. I have the satisfaction to say that I never once voted for them or even considered it.

  96. monsterball says:


  97. monsterball says:

    hi you bloody coward!! Why copy my nick?
    What do you expect to achieve….frighten me away or trying to make everyone?
    So sad you are a Malaysian and even sadder for your wife and family…that is if you are married….but surely …you are a disgrace to your parents and religion.
    ahh….but no one knows who you are….That’s what you think…YOUR BRAIN AND GOD DOES!!

  98. monsterball says:

    Put monsterball on moderation. That will solve the problem

  99. monsterball says:

    hi copycat…You got a valid point…but why use my nick?
    You think I am afraid to talk the truths?

  100. monsterball says:

    SUSAN…….5.21pm IS A COPYCAT.
    So you bloody low down worm is dictating to Susan what to do in her blog.
    Saw those ‘MODERATIONS’ by Sheih on me?…..hahahahahahaha
    You think he is afraid of me… or chasing me out?
    Why…..You don’t know how much he loves me to tease me day in day out….to irritate me…you sickening low IQ fool.
    Or are you saying Sheih is serious and calling me..obiwan…frontliner and lovingly as papa monty are all false pretence.
    See…you don’t know what is a great joke to one that is not. Are you one of he half past six TDM created?

  101. monsterball says:

    Getting too crowded here.
    Goodbye everyone.

  102. monsterball says:

    SUSAN…5.29 is a copycat.
    He comes whenever some of us are united and serious.

  103. monsterball says:

    5.33pm is copycat.
    I will report all.
    Saying goodbye ..using my nick…arn’t you a thick skinned bastard.

  104. monsterball says:

    Thick skinned bastard can copy my nick and say goodbye to everyone… doing nothing wrong.
    Does that not sound like some UMNO supporters with no shame…low mentalities and get paid to do this kind of dirty jobs?

  105. UMNO says:

    “UMNO is so desperate that the populace ought to fly the flag for the simple reason that it lends legitimacy to its mis-rule and peversion of social and human values over decades.” Wits0

    For someone who claims to have wit, you sure cannot differentiate between the UMNO flag and the national flag.

    You dumb nitwit!

  106. wits0 says:

    UMNO thinks it’s that aggressive red-white rag meant? What I would call a presumption and projection of goblok delusion. Hi, Goblok Goblin!

  107. hutchrun says:

    differentiate between the UMNO flag and the national flag.
    National flag belongs to the vile UMNO organisation. This is reflected in their prime monkey adorning Angkasa Raya. UMNO has ordered those flags, and is selling them.

    To purchase the flag is to fill UMNO coffers. Only those who support the vile, corrupt govt. would fly one, and that means BN members only.
    If anyone needs to fly one they can make their own.

  108. hutchrun says:

    `prime monkey adorning Angkasa Raya`
    should be
    `prime monkey adorning Angkasapuri`.

    UMNO is desperate trying to sell those flags, `cos if not they become a `loss` item. Boycott purchases. Let Zam n Rais Yatim eat them.

    P.S.: UMNO also was not able to foot the bills, running into millions of ringgit, for the last GE. I believe some legal suits were filed in HongKong etc.
    UMNO can`t meet their bills. A failure led by an idiot.

  109. monsterball says:

    The way this UMNO writer talks…….he is the real idiot to think we cannot differentiate the two flags that are totally different in designs and colors?
    witsO….this goblok is twisted and programmed to talk like that.. Good….let readers know who is the real dimwit.You have established your reputation. They are jealous and shallow people. Both of us have heard them talk like this before.

  110. monsterball says:

    witsO….UMNO is suppose to be such a powerful and righteous … cultured and well mannered party…and yet need to insult and defend the party like that.
    Does this not tell you something?
    It tells me …the truth hurts!!

  111. wits0 says:

    Haughtiness invites hurt like a lightning rod to lightning.

  112. peter says:

    P.S.: UMNO also was not able to foot the bills, running into millions of ringgit, for the last GE. I believe some legal suits were filed in HongKong etc.
    UMNO can`t meet their bills. A failure led by an idiot.

    can some1 find the news regarding this one? i would like to follow up…

  113. wits0 says:

    “Let’s burn the flag” as a commentator sounds too instigatorily puerile in tone and contrived. Wouldn’t take him/her too serously. Offering that, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” line sounds superficial also, like a typical loony leftist incantation. Limited soundness in his/her statement.

    Why would I care to burn any flag when I can simply refuse to fly it because it does not convey anything meaningful enough anymore?

  114. monsterball says:

    Don’t take me too seriously.

  115. smellysea says:

    WitsO:“Let’s burn the flag” as a commentator sounds too instigatorily puerile in tone and contrived. Wouldn’t take him/her too serously. Offering that, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” line sounds superficial also, like a typical loony leftist incantation. Limited soundness in his/her statement.

    A very good diagnosis…..well said man…i salute you!

  116. monsterball says:

    Susan…9.45 is a copycat.
    witsO….I did not write that 9.45pm message ….but
    “lets burn the flag” made that remark in response to Chin Peng’s matter…the “one man;s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” and I agree with him totally on this matter.

  117. kittykat46 says:

    Is Susan’s blog being targetted by Cyber-cops from you-know-where ? I can see some possible candidates in the last 2 days – deliberate stirring, foul-language. All very old tricks in the book.

    Preparing the ground for another police report ?

  118. smellysea says:

    kk46… i think its time to stop the ‘burning flag’ stuff. why blame the bowl for the lousy soup?

  119. notsosmart says:

    LBTF is so interested to burn flag. Why don’t you tell us where and when. We can also help you with all the media coverage.
    Maybe for you, permit not required.

  120. wits0 says:

    kittykat46 don’t talk like that at 12.52 am, come on.

  121. monsterball says:

    witsO….I think someone is copying kittykat now..and few more…not only me.
    They are out to rojak Susan’s blog.

  122. monsterball says:

    But I have confirmed all those copying me.
    It is up to everyone to confirm..yes or not being copied.
    I hope I am wrong!!

  123. observer says:

    now whoever heard of the union jack belong to the labour or conservative body. this is stupid man! and whoever heard of the stars spangled banner or the stars and stripes belongs to republican party??

    which moron suggests that?

  124. hutchrun says:

    now whoever heard of the union jack belong to the labour or conservative body. this is stupid man! and whoever heard of the stars spangled banner or the stars and stripes belongs to republican party??

    which moron suggests that?
    Well in the US they have burnt the US flag too, and in the UK the UK flag. None were arrested. So you agree with LBTF and kittykat that the flag should be burnt?
    Me, I just don`t have time to waste on juvenile activities like that. I`m being more successful at encouraging people not to fly one.
    Burning flags is for UMNO and PAS.
    As for which moron suggests that – it`s UMNO. The country belongs to UMNO, the rest are traitors. Khairy says the next GE is about the `rights of malays`.
    Petronas, ACA, PDRM belong to the Pee Am who is the chief ulamak of UMNO (2 days ago he announced the `opening` of a concentration camp in Kelantan).
    Looking forward to more gulags.

  125. KTemoc says:

    Susan, you may not be targeted yet, but I suspect those 5th columnists are seeding the grounds here for ‘probable cause’ for the future. In other words, you are on ‘The List’ – welcome to the exclusive club 😉

  126. RoadRunner says:


    Bring back Rose Chan shows! I will vote for BN anytime.

  127. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for pointing out the 12.52 am fella.

    I was up working late last night, work related phone calls with the US, but not that late.

    Malaysia time was 1.25 am (Susan’s blog is set on Thailand time)
    Wah, those 5th columnists are very hard-working, ah.

  128. hutchrun says:

    Amazingly UMNO did nothin when the Indonesians in Selangor were burning the m`sian flag. UMNO just didn`t have the gonads to activate `probable cause`.

  129. wits0 says:

    If that’s a 5th Columnist, that’s a very persistent one(seems to be the only one)and seems likely to be a mildly psycho one too, more than just a plain 5th Columnist.

    So far, it seems, thare’s only one split-personality commentator here who got exposed and banned in at EW’s blog. He/she needs a Shrink, real bad.

  130. wits0 says:

    “UMNO just didn`t have the gonads to activate `probable cause`.”

    They’re very selective, you know. Bully boys have to be, knowing well that the maligned Commonn Wealth Forces would not be available again.

  131. This is not our country. We don’t feel we belong here. So what’s with the rhetoric?

  132. monsterball says:

    No wonder you are a petition writer.

  133. wits0 says:

    Not really a petition writer, Monty, something more disturbing, a split personality with an obsession for multiple handles. The individual mode of expression is like the fingerprint of Blog commentary ; it isn’t really that easy to fake things. An inciter can never be trusted(or welcomed) and like the devil, will appear quoting scripture too. Substitue law for scripture here.

  134. hutchrun says:

    I supposed his ass needs to be kicked.
    Indons who burnt the flags in Selangor are willing to take you on I`m sure.

  135. hutchrun says:

    `loyalist` and `hawk` some meetings with s`gor indons for both of you are in order. They`ll arrange to put your gonads where your mouth is. All in a day`s fun time for them.

    And I know a lot of people who won`t be flying the UMNO/Nasional flag. So, middle finger up yours. wothcher going to do about it. Hahaha pussycats you are.

  136. notsosmart says: Malaysia, my advice is NO. Who would want to do this in Bolehland. Maybe unless he belong to the Barisan. Are you?
    Baiting..? This is free speech zone, sorry brother. Shooo….shoooo…!.

  137. hutchrun says:

    loyalist n observer, yes talk is cheap isn`t it. Nontheless millions won`t be flying the flag – including malays.

  138. hutchrun says:

    maybe his mother got raped by indon drug addict? maybe his wife and sister were gang raped by malays? maybe somebody pee on his father grave? so when come to fly national flag….he think about all this? pity him la.
    Haha. That`s all you can come up with. N that`s the sort of mentality I should fly a flag for.
    You have already given in.
    Don`t worry about my family, take care of yours.

  139. hutchrun says:

    let’s see if you have balls enough to put your name
    Snigger, snigger you don`t have any, that`s why you need to wave a flag (in lack of).

  140. wits0 says:

    Hawk and loyalist are Neanderthal trolls and deserved to be treated like spammers. They also gave more valid reasons why people will not fly the flag.

  141. wits0 says:

    “You mean PKR supporters are not going to fly the flag. You mean PAS and Party Socialist are not going to fly the flag?”
    Political parties have their own set of expected “decorum” Individuals have their own choice – when they can exercise their own mind.

  142. hutchrun says:

    No kiddin’ ! That’s the stupidest comment I have ever read in my entire life!
    N you are stupider than them.
    Of course they`ll fly the flag. So will DAP. So will restaurant owners, kedai runcit owners threatened by municipal councils. Also lorry owners to avoid being summoned by the traffic police and RIMV. Also immigrant workers. That sort will fly the flag.

    In a awy that`s good cos it`ll give you monkeys a false sense of security.

    I`m talking of voluntary flying the flag. Not coercion. Get that into your thick skull, but that knowing UMNO/BN should be very difficult.

  143. hutchrun says:

    Oh n this one I just got to tell:

    I was with this malay Govt. servant , when he chucked the flag out of the car. When I asked him why, he laughed n said `itu p***i mak UMNO punya`.
    I asked him to xplain.
    Apparently the initials of the first two words in were in reference to the pee am.

  144. monsterball says:

    “loyalist” writer need not talk that brave under internet. If you have balls…do it..go to every house and check it out.
    hutchun too…talk talk and repeating is instigating…even tough messages are well received by me and few. I have posed a reply to you at another site…no need to repeat here. ….except be like Tian Chua…speak all these LIVE..if you dare..otherwise…once or twice…enough…no need to instigate by repeating and repeating..don’t fly the flag…like you are from an opposition party and not for the real good of all Malaysians.

  145. notsosmart says:

    For this year, I will only fly the flag if the HRH Agong ask me to. For the rest, I will fly kite.
    Sorry guys, I consider this case closed.

  146. hutchrun says:

    Well I certainly am not (neither do I think wits0 is)with the idiot `confusedcious` who has an extremely low comprehension level.
    Get away from me. Go find your own friends to party with.

  147. hutchrun says:

    …speak all these LIVE..if you dare..
    You going senile or what. I do speak it live and many agree, including ex-army blokes. Also my friends in Kg. Baru (psst they are malays).

    otherwise…once or twice…enough…no need to instigate by repeating and repeating..
    You don`t have to read. I`m merely answering points raised by commentators.

    And why you keep bringing up Tian Chua.
    You want me to compare you to that Ling Liong Sik who keeps flying the flag, and yet sold security maps to foreigners huh?
    That`s MCA. Don`t bullshit me with your patriotism.
    Even the MCP chaps used to fly m`sian flags OK. N members of my family too died for this country.
    So you keep your false piety to yourself.

    Finally, you are boring.

  148. hutchrun says:

    …speak all these LIVE..if you dare..
    But I do – and many won`t be flying the flag.
    How can I be like tian chua. Life would be boring if we all were the same.
    I believe in diversity.
    Can you eat cha siu rice at every meal. Please try talking some sense – then maybe can listen a bit.

  149. wits0 says:

    confusedcious : “..if we intend to burn it.”
    What’s this about “we”?
    Don’t think Hutch said any such thing about burning and I certainly didn’t.

  150. monsterball says:

    Malaysian flag sure attract alot of nuts.
    I wonder are these patriotic nuts or simply …nuts talking cock and bull.
    Looks like witsO will turn to be a nut…if he keep track to reply to these idiots…..hahahahahaha
    But witsO have a strong mind…go ahead witsO…battle them and see if some nuts are real chimpanzees from the jungle trying to have fun in city life.

  151. Susan … sad but true … I feel the same way too.

  152. V: Good evening, London. Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day routine – the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke. But in the spirit of commemoration, thereby those important events of the past usually associated with someone’s death or the end of some awful bloody struggle, a celebration of a nice holiday, I thought we could mark this November the 5th, a day that is sadly no longer remembered, by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat. There are of course those who do not want us to speak. I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones, and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now high chancellor, Adam Sutler. He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. Last night I sought to end that silence. Last night I destroyed the Old Bailey, to remind this country of what it has forgotten. More than four hundred years ago a great citizen wished to embed the fifth of November 31st of August forever in our memory. His hope was to remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives. So if you’ve seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you then I would suggest you allow the fifth of November 31st of August to pass unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight, outside the gates of Parliament, and together we shall give them a fifth of November 31st of August that shall never, ever be forgot. People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. Strength through unity, unity through faith! I am V. At last you know the truth. You’re stunned, I know. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it, that beneath this wrinkled, well-fed exterior there lies a dangerous killing machine with a fetish for Fawkesian masks. Vive la revolution!

    M for Merdeka

  153. fifan says:


    multi racial my country,Malaysia
    a nation,strong and powerful indeed,
    land reach in peace,unity and dignity,
    all people,live in perfect harmony,ever,
    young and old,work hand in hand,
    strives to be recognised,beauty indeed.
    in the eyes of the world,fast forward,
    a succesful nation, a respected nation


  154. holey says:

    Apa itu merdeka merdeka. Lies.

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