RM100,000, wei!!! If yes, where’s the money?

Blogger Kean-Jin Lim alerted me to this:

Going on the offensive, Berita Harian reported that UMNO Information Chief, the man with two Muhammads (as RPK says it), has accused bloggers of receiving money from an ‘external organisation‘ to blog. The amount of money received is about RM100,000 a month, he said. Whoa!!!

He said “this organisation” allows the bloggers (local and oversees) to post all kinds of sensitive stuff. (Which organisation, pray tell???)

“We mustn’t take this lightly as they are professionals and the government must have a special approach to handle the problem of blogs growing like an epidemic,” said the man with two Ms.

He said he was worried that the sensitive stuffs on blogs can influence the minds of the young generation, including Malaysin students who study abroad. (Like they all so stupid lah, hiya! What an insult!)

Asked about allegations on his person in Malaysia-today, he said:

‘Let him (RPK) say what he wants, those stories are 15 years old”. He said his police report on RPK was effective considering what the latter had done to him.

He is willing to be attacked to defend the country and religion, he vowed. He has lodged a police report, he added, so let those concerned take action. (Which country, which religion?)

Lats Monday, Muhammad lodged a police report in Dang Wangi Police HQ againt popular blogger RPK, alleging that his posting on July 11 (though there were no posting that day) insulted the Agong and Islam, with the intention of destroying the mind of the rakyat.

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  1. hutchrun says:

    Well he has not said `who`. But I infer he means Malaysia Today which exposed what all he has been up to.

    His crap is going to be hitting the ceiling real soon, with the fan going full blast, when harakah hits the stand. Betcha he`ll be frontpage news.

  2. KTemoc says:

    I dont know who this kean jin lim is but he seems to be spamming a lot of such emails lately

  3. sloone says:

    kean-jin is a nice blogger (malaysian) who blogs from finland. penang lang also 🙂

  4. monsterball says:

    That’s why political bloggers cannot be grouped with non political bloggers into one Asso.
    Rumors and instigations and are their art and craft.
    If RPK is paid by someone…so is Kean-Jin Kim.
    But sometime what are put out to expose a real crook like M bin M is fine.
    Just reading his name M bin M ….makes everyone sick….except UMNO and their balls carrying alliance parties.
    RPK is lucky they chosed the worst and most corrupted from UMNO to file a police report. This gives RPK so much extra attentions…is he not a lucky blogger?
    Now what is Kean-Jin Kim’s motives? Bet you …he has one.

  5. monsterball says:

    Is that so Susan. So Kean’s is a patriotic Malaysian. Good to hear that.

  6. wits0 says:

    “M bin M ….makes everyone sick”.

    Really does, one notch more than even Zam although both have long passed the post.

  7. sloone says:

    everyone, this is a berita harian report.

  8. monsterball says:

    If RPK is paid RM100k per month….he deserves it. He is a fine exciting story teller…and constantly upgrading his blog.
    Let that be an inspirations for those POLITICAL BLOGGERS ….desperately trying to get attentions.
    Those bloggers that have no dignities or principles in life are already employed or looking to be employed by copying those that are employed.
    But for RPK…his strength are informations no one can get and marvelous write ups.
    No one can come close to him right now…except Susan.

  9. wits0 says:

    The M bin M one thinks only in terms of money and was caught with his pants down trying to smuggle the same into Ozzieland. What he said about bloggers further reinforces that suspected deadset obsession with money being his sole focus.

  10. anakbanjar says:

    That Misinformation chief, MohamadX2 said:
    “..he was worried that the sensitive stuffs on blogs can influence the minds of the young generation, including Malaysin students who study abroad”

    Ya, I agreed with you MohamadX2. They can easily be influenced to be an MB, and then try to smuggle US1mil to Australia. Or they can be easily influenced to marry a Sultan’s princess, without his Majesty’s consent in Yala or Pattani.

    Ya, these bloggers are really bad news.

  11. WATTAHACK? says:

    can someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make a police report on the unprooven lie this M2M made? pls make it so he have to show proof else throw in in OSA/ISA for making unfounded claims.

  12. wits0 says:

    Susan, “berita harian report” these days would be doubted even on the weather.

  13. I think he was talking about bloggers hired by them lah. I want I want, lets register with them.

  14. elizabethwong says:

    can whoever’s pocketing the 100K/month, pls share with us non-paid poor bloggers? At least buy tea or karipap lar… 😛

  15. monsterball says:

    Non paid bloggers? Are you kidding Liz? You think all are so noble like you ans Susan?
    But when poor Susan you are free…I will be honored to have tea and curry buffs with you two. Secret Recipe Coffee House does serve excellent curry puffs.
    Non paid bloggers you say?…..Are you serious?

  16. monsterball says:

    witsO….Susan will pick news from the dustbins and put out…if she finds it interesting. That’s what make her a great witty blogger…..hahahahahaha

  17. hawk says:

    U mean we can build a pipeline out of blogging?

    Should hv dumped my factories long time ago!!

  18. monsterball says:

    But when there are serious news or subject…she will also bravely put them out too….with her own fury opinions.
    Right now…so quiet…so M bin M is to irritate us….hajhahahahaha

  19. hawk says:

    why the 2Ms wont make a police report on the posting on 2M at Malaysia today?

    That the story is 15 years old?

    It will be told for another 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 …… years ler. Monty: How many years is that?

    No need to count yr 7 holes over and over again…. ler, it just means forever.

  20. kean-jin lim says:

    “I don’t know who this kean jin lim is but he seems to be spamming a lot of such emails lately”

    KT, I not meant to spam your email account. I’m sorry. I will remove your email address from the list.

    Once again, I’m sorry.

  21. wits0 says:

    Aye, Monty, we know what papers are best used to wrap Tampax in. They should be provided free for evry purchase of the later.

  22. wits0 says:

    “Right now…so quiet…so M bin M is to irritate us….hajhahahahaha”
    He irritates not merely just because of the the obvious blathered trash but because he is in the least suitably placed position even in his pantheon of “leaders” to moralize at all.

  23. kean-jin lim says:

    Mr. Montersball,

    My motive is simple I just want to share this news to other bloggers. Just want to aware them what had reported in other language newspaper. That all.

    I don’t get a sen paid to mail this piece of news or blog.

    By the way, I’m Kean-Jin Lim not Kean-Jin Kim.

    Thank you 🙂

  24. Mason From Kuching says:

    If the stealth salary of mercenary bloggers tantamounts to such amount as allege by Muhammad bin Muhammad TAIB, rephrashing WitsO commentary that he smuggled millions and caught pants down in Ozzieland after evading Malaysian Custom (of course he’s untouchable in BlolehLand if he is in the good-book of his political masters) reeks the merits to question how a Miinister has at hand in his very own hand-luggage contains so much money at the meagre Minister’s salary. Yes, his siblings are bussinessmen, just like Sarawak’s CM TAIB Mahmud (sorry 1 M only).

  25. monsterball says:

    Mr. Kean-Jin Lim…..Sorry my friend for spelling your name wrong. My sincere apology.
    I was not implying you or Liz or Susan getting paid. I was hinting some bloggers are pro UMNO being paid to upset others.
    witsO….don’t forget…..Susan does not buy papers anymore…so she does get some of her news from dustbins FOC…..like from berita harian………hahahahahahaha
    hi hawk….never too late!! Shut shut your factories and do pipeline blogging. Make lots of money..selling space and adverts.Put on your weird character. It is call genius with one screw loose….hahahahahaha

  26. monsterball says:

    But you do have a motive…don’t you Mr.Kean-Jin Lim……to serve the country daringly without fear or favor. We are on the same boat.

  27. kean-jin lim says:

    “But you do have a motive…don’t you Mr.Kean-Jin Lim……to serve the country daringly without fear or favor. We are on the same boat.”

    I’m impress. Thank you. Thanks.


  28. peter says:

    1stable, whether the bloggers got paid or not, what is the big deal here? the news, tv and media are well controlled too by BN too, or in another term, well PAID!!!!! hhmmm… maybe charging them not paying tax? haha…

    2. when talk abt sensitive issue… what is sentitive issue?! who made it?! (i read some blog said tun M is the one started it) is it like malay get special treatment while chinese hav to admit it’s normal? we talk abt sensitive issue here coz we dun wan sensitive issue to be secret! in fact, WE DUN NEED SENSITIVE ISSUE IN MALAYSIA!!!!! this is the act of public interest, not some monkey show!

    3. religion… i have nothing against it. it’s just that government should not use up too much money on building mosques as what they did over the pass years. although unmo always claimed that malaysia is islamic country, but is it really? malaysia supposes to be belong to the native, and non of my knowledge told me that the real bumi is islamic. or am i just out of jungle?

    regarding the 2xM, “He is willing to be attacked to defend the country and religion” this statement make me wanna vomit. the monkey do know how to act! read more abt this here:


    he really have no shame for his act, some more can blame his ALLAH for his pass mistake! this LAIR is not welcome to the gate of god’s kingdom!

  29. peter says:

    “I was hinting some bloggers are pro UMNO being paid to upset others.”

    yes, monsterball, it’s the monkeys from unmo who started steering up the fire abt racial n religious issues by 25 Umno cyber-troopers headed by “Azalina lesbian”.


    anyway, i know u knew abt this but i just wanna elaborate it to get attention to others 😀

  30. V T says:

    Why can’t people just make up their mind?

    first it was “bloggers are housewives and unemploys”

    now it’s “bloggers, professional bloggers who’s paid RM100,000 a month”

    can mohamadX2 please clarify which is which?

  31. Sagaladoola says:


    Sign petition ..

    Investigate Malaysia Today Allegations On Muhammad Muhammad Taib

    the next thing that fella opens his mouth again, we print it out with a long letter …. and submit it to all parties (ruling and opposition)..


    Already 1273 signatures.. Forward it to all your friends…


  32. monsterball says:

    If that is so easy to clarify V T…then the excitement in blogging will be lost and gone.
    Actually quite easy to clarify….but not important.

  33. bamboo river says:

    What else do you expect from the M bin M ?
    He had stirred a killer bees hive.
    But RM100 grand ?

    Wow, now I really know what BLOGs stands for.
    Brings Loads Of Grands!

  34. oA says:


    can mohamadX2 please clarify which is which?


    This is akin to asking a crook to explain to the world why crooks should be respected and listened to?

    “ ** sigh ** ”


  35. big bird says:

    Raja Nazrin said that characters with shady past should not be made leaders. Well UMNO and barisan cronies have a whole line-up of crooks,con artists and shady scandalous morons.

    But ths M bin M character tops all the gobloks there is. He can just blurt out that RPK or bloggers are on the take. PROVE IT!!!

    Raja Nazrin is right. We have a bunch of morons running the country. I remember what Jeff Ooi said the other day, I quote,

    “We allow a bunch of monkeys run the country, they will turn it into a zoo.”

  36. Libra says:

    MX2 is trying to build up a case for PRK’s arrest under the ISA. No respectable paper worth its salt would have carried that statement but Berita Harian did!
    MX2 is a rabble rouser and create issues out of nothing.
    He created a hue and cry about a Church to be built in Shah Alam higher then a mosque and it was built in a Malay area. He created a lot of problems for the Christians then.
    He lied to his ex father- in -law (the sultan), he smuggled money inti Australia, he lied to the court that he did not understand English.
    And now he is talking about being good examples to young people.
    If bloggers are bad influence why can’t the media controlled by BN counter-influence them?

  37. Libra says:

    MX2 is trying to build up a case for PRK’s arrest under the ISA. No respectable paper worth its salt would have carried that statement but Berita Harian did!
    MX2 is a rabble rouser and create issues out of nothing. He is a racist.
    He created a hue and cry about a Church to be built in Shah Alam claiming it was higher then a mosque and it was built in a Malay area. He created a lot of problems for the Christians then. The church was built in another place because of him.
    He lied to his ex father- in -law (the sultan), he smuggled money inti Australia, he lied to the court that he did not understand English.
    And now he is talking about being good examples to young people.
    If bloggers are bad influence why can’t the media controlled by BN counter-influence them?

  38. notsosmart says:

    MX2 wrong doing is undeniable. He ( and all politicians )should stop using the name of Allah to defend themselves. Being Muslim is his faith but his corrupt mind have nothing to do with religion. He is putting shame to the religion. Mmmm….should tell Osama about this…..
    He should stand up like a man and defend himself without using the religion as his shield. He have to accept the facts from the bloggers, hold onto his dignity and face the punishments. No other option.

  39. notsosmart says:

    Reading HRH Nazrin statement in the NST today?
    Please resign with honour or your head may roll…
    Ooop…sorry guys. Forgot he could not read English.

  40. big bird says:

    M for Merdeka:

    Independence of Mind

    Independence of Spirit

    Independence of Concience


  41. kittykat46 says:

    M&M could be trying to set the stage for bloggers to be charged under ISA for being an agent of a foreign power.

    Ai yah, there’s nothing new about get-rich-quick schemes to earn RM 100 K on the Internet. Its administered through a Nigerian bank account. They will pay into any Swiss bank account of your choice, but first you must give them all your financial details.

  42. big bird says:

    Marina Mahathir’s Musings:

    “In fact, if anyone decided to do a poll for the Worst Malaysians Award, I bet there would be no shortage of nominees.

    At the top of the list would be various politicians. For instance, those in Parliament who forgot that they had mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, insulted all women, and were completely unrepentant about it.

    Then there are all the ones baying for the blood of bloggers, as if bloggers are the root of all evil in this country, and not their own inadequacies.

    I would not only name them the Worst Malaysians in the Past 50 Years but also the most ignorant and imbecilic.

    None of them actually know what a blog is or what a blogger does, yet are happy to label them all sorts of names, including unpatriotic, unprofessional and liars.

    Funnily enough, they also label bloggers “not read by many” and “goblok” (stupid), which apparently means “political bloggers”. That is a sure sign that some people just have no clue.

    I would also give a Sharp-Box-on-the-Ears award to those who could have reprimanded bad behaviour among their colleagues, but did not, just for political expediency.

    Quite obviously something happens to the brains of people in politics, where they think that everyone only thinks in terms of elections, instead of sheer human decency.

    So their rule is “never tell off one of our own because that would give the opposition an opportunity to hit us”. What they forget is that the rest of us are watching, in total disgust.”


  43. monsterball says:

    Many says Marina Mahathir is 100% human rights activist blogger and 100% not interested in politics.
    Having such a famous father…. and mom ….. such a loving devoted wife…one way or another….such birds of the feather that sticks together….which we can say with envy as a true loving happy family….CANNOT ignore politics ….even if she wants to. She has also said she is not interested in politics and I met this truly gracious lady once supporting the court case against Ricky and Jeff…talked to her…very mild mannered lovely lady. She even thanked me putting out a Buddhist prayer for her father at times of needs.
    BUT…she told Sheih not to bring me to mix with the bloggers anymore at court cases. I wonder why.
    Marina said we have no clues what political bloggers are doing. PLEASE TEACH US…TELL US WHAT ARE THEY DOING.
    Instead….and as usual….blare out how we idiots…..[YOURS TRULY MUST BE THE ONE SHE IS HINTING TO!!} are such ignorant people.
    Now that’s the political art of talking…accused accused with no explainations.

  44. big bird says:

    I think what Marina is trying to say is that politicians like Khairy, Nazri and Zam, 2M, Norza, Azalina, AAB etc, etc are labelling and branding bloggers as unpatriotic, unprofessional, liars, stupid, goblok, monkey, following the law of the jungle“not read by many” , root of all evil and “political bloggers”. etc… without actually knowing what a blog is or what a blogger does.

    There are many out there blogging but their blogs may not necessarily carry a socio-political content and yet these freaks are saying that all bloggers (Malaysian) are evil and are all out to destroy UMNO and Barisan by spreading lies, etc. Totally ignorant retards. They are now SOOO AFRAID of bloggers. As Marina also said, how come we are now suddenly SO POWERFUL??

  45. Alice'sCat says:

    o dearie me, he has outdone himself this time, hasn’t he? such fable. such imagination.

  46. KTemoc says:

    I have written an email to Kean-jin to clear up matters. Thanks Susan for letting me know Kean-jin is a fellow Islander.

  47. monsterball says:

    Then …if that’s the interpretation big bird…good.
    It proves Marina Mahathir is a humnan rights activist…with a touch of political interest in her message.
    Then..it is very well written against UMNO under Pak Lah.

  48. 2legit says:

    I truly agree, Monty.

    You know, it just doesn’t make sense. A little Malaysian girl may be blogging telling of her experiences at school, at the circus or a picnic by the sea. Suddenly she hears of these UMNO thugs threatening to use the ISA, OSA against all bloggers (she included) and 4th floor Oxford dickheads calling her a monkey or goblok.

    I guess thats what Marina was trying to say. That these fools know shit about blog and blogging and just stereotype all bloggers to be unpatriotic, unprofessional, liars, stupid, goblok, monkey etc etc.

  49. copycat says:

    if u against unmo, u will be C-4ed! hehe…

  50. 2legit says:

    Copycat, I would rather be C-4ed than be taken by their lies, deceit and racism.

  51. monsterball says:

    2legit…..You hit it on the nail. Like rice with so many grades…political bloggers…the so call smartest of them all should realize this and NEVER call it
    “All blog Asso” for their group.
    They are the ones ….government is eyeing ….not others….so why call it All blogs?
    Do they have that decency..dignity and principles in life to protect the innocent bloggers…especially the youngsters from the start? NO!! They want to prove how powerful they are for personal benefits.
    That’s their clear characters…to get attentions and get employments into political parties at the expense of others.

  52. notsosmart says:

    Someone should start the “MALAYSIA IDIOT” shows. We have enough outstanding politicians to participate in this monthly awards. Believe Marina would be a good judge.
    Remember to send more application forms to the Barisan.

  53. ghenjis khan says:

    it is about time the government politicians accept the fact that in a country where news is controlled by the ruling poltical parties, and that they owned literally ALL forms of mass media from TV stations, pubic stations, newspapers ……

    some nice guys or organisations, be they foreign, communists, socialist, taliban, al qaeda, christians missionaries, neo-conservatives, jews, ….

    we don’t care, …. I think we are capabale of filtering what is good for us and what is bad for us NOT to read or bother about ….

    next report the good , the true stories, don’t hide what shouldn’t be hidden from public knowledge ….

    about corruption, about murders of inncoent people, about robeeries, about abuse of powers, about misues of tax payers money by almost all the Majlis Bandaran/Bandaraya, Ministeries ….

    about shoddy work in public buildings, about pollution of environment by companies owned by Dato’ or Tan Sri or people with close political connections …

    about illegal logging, well about almost everything ….

    there should be a law prohibitng political ownership of shares of newspapers and TV stations nothing more than 5% ……
    even proxy shares …….

  54. monsterball says:

    ghenjis khan….The government have been mismanaging the country for so long….and someone for 22 years taught them the art to deny and forget….how do you expect them to react?
    By using their powerful rights we vote them in…to protect themselves and never change…that’s their sickening mentalities.
    So what can one man …even as PM do? Play the same game lah. Hearing M bin M made a Senator by him is proof enough….Pak Lah is playing dirty politics WITHIN UMNO….so all the dirts are still there…how to change? Reduce their power or vote them out is the only solution for better Malaysia.
    I live in Subang. For two or three months traffic police are working hard….now back to the sickening style…no traffic police when there is rain nor traffic jams. It shows IGP is not powerful!! But he said his officer is framing him on corruptions. This shows police dept. is also playing politics very clearly.
    The point is…how on earth are all these happening….totally out of control by the government in a sense. BECAUSE the PM of the past and now the present is not being respected or taken seriously by the govt. subordinates and the public. How long do we all need to tolorate such blatant mismangements and hypocracies?

  55. peter says:

    before tun M stepping down, everyone believe such act is the best for malaysia into brighter future…

    but NO NO NO!!! thing got worse day by day. just think of yourself wat ta heck is going on recently?! blowing out whistle out of thin air to sabotage bloggers???!!! they actually forgot their wages are from the taxpayers yet they intentionally stirring up fire for bloggers n commentors! not to mention yet they are the one started sending 25 cyber troopers whacking themself in race, religion and politic to cause chaos among the nation!

    if 1 disagree with them, then he/she could be wrong… but if almost everyone disagreed those dumbass, who are the one being simplicity mindset? we even have tun M against them, it prooves that we can’t be wrong!

    i used to be a well-behaved citizen voting MCA aka BN for the better future. but NOT anymore, enough is enough! those apes robbed us daylight yet throwing stones at us! this is how they pay us!

  56. monsterball says:

    peter…Not everything the government is going are no good for the nation and people.
    like I said…they never admit their mistakes….but that does not mean they do not know the public is against them…and they do take that seriously….as public are voters.
    But some bloggers do create sickening ant-govt news for personal agendas. It is they who may create the tensions and fire…not the government. These are die hard political bloggers out to make a name for themselves…get attentions to get employmenship unprofessionally……period!!
    Look at today’s announcement on sports matter. Is that not a good move? And PM knows sports involve no race nor religions and youths are the future of Malaysia. I think what PM did showed he love Malaysians of all races sincerely.
    So lets give credit where credit is due.
    Corruptions is the main thing…and as long Pak Lah have no balls to expose or sack the UMNO corrupted ones …no matter how much good he maybe doing…he is playing dirty politics..so we need a change of government ….simple as that.

  57. Sorry says:

    Kaching!! Kaching!!

  58. monsterball says:

    sorry said ONE word…”peanut” and “kaching” in two different sites. Is he the new teacher of the blog?
    Put out a sensible comment…not a judgement remark.
    I hope you know the differences.

  59. Sorry says:

    Class dismiss!

  60. money says:


    if they give me one time “RM100,000.00” i will close my site and back them up 😉

    put it another way, if umno willing to pay non-malay RM1200, and malay RM1500 for voting them, i would say at least 99% voters will be bribed by them, yes, u damn right, not 91%!

    the thing is, we love money as much as they do, sadly we dun get the chance to enjoy the piece of pie. so which ever political party wins, we get nothing out of IT!

  61. kibardd says:

    im soooooo “prestation” with this 2M

  62. monsterball says:

    In USA…every candidate must declare all the details..where did their money come from to stand for elections.
    In Malaysia…all the money is financed by the respective parties….so filthy rich….where did all the money come from?
    See..so simple to understand party take 90% I take 10% and I will do the donkey job..if elected.
    All are working very very hard…except few will not join that crowd….and PM have the power to appoint cronies….only the PM…no one else…yet one or two may defy and do exactly like the PM.
    But Pak Lah seems to expose all these…and TDM is all bent to prove him wrong….until lately..no one believe him anymore.
    Want to get RM100000? Just prove you can get 1000 voters to follow you. that’s how pengulus got rich.

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