Is this for real? We hope to hear from Jeff Ooi soon … but I think they got his age wrong-lah!

PETALING JAYA (TheSTAR) : Prominent blogger Jeff Ooi (Malaysiakini dubs him “Malaysia’s Most Influential Blogger” is set to join the DAP and contest in the general election. The DAP is planning a “welcoming ceremony” on Tuesday to announce his crossover from blogosphere to party politics. Top party leaders as well as some of Ooi’s blogger friends will attend the ceremony.

Ooi, in his 50s, is an e-business consultant but is better known for his blog which focuses on current issues with an emphasis on politics. He is also an expert of sorts on the new media.

According to sources, the party has Ooi in mind for the Puchong parliamentary seat as well as the Kinrara state seat.

He is the latest in a string of new professional faces whom party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has wooed and recruited to form the line-up of candidates for the general election. Among them are the young IT millionaire and Oxford University graduate Tony Pua, political scientist Liew Chin Tong and Dr Cheah Wing Yin who was the former president of the Private Medical Practitioners Association of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

“Ooi joining us is important in the sense that he represents the critical thinking ground that is a part of civil society.

“The fact that he has decided to take a stand and be active in DAP shows that we are capturing the middle ground,” said a Selangor DAP politician.

The party is eyeing more young professionals especially those from non-governmental organisations. Several more personalities will be unveiled in the next few months.

Lim declined to comment on Ooi’s impending entry into DAP.


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  1. monsterball says:

    If it is is good news for DAP as Jeff is a smart brave and righteous.
    He told me he is a Gerekan and between these two…DAP is good for him.
    Presuming it is true…I will simply say….

  2. gheeetw says:

    All Gerakan Party members should follow JO’s fine example and dump the NEP-yes, Islamic- State-also-yes Gerakan into the trash dump of Malaysian history. Eulogy on its tomb: 1969-2007
    Worthless political party that has outlived its purpose, like the PPP. Hereby consigned to the vultures and hyenas

  3. luclai says:

    great! more out-spoken bloggers should join the opposition, whatever it may be – DAP, PKR, PAS. then they all can fight against UMNO in cyberspace! expose them!!

  4. I am all for JO to take on BN under the banner of DAP, or for that matter, ANY opposition banners…. We SIMPLY just need more opposition voices in the Parliament and in the State seats. Can’t really depend on MCA and Gerakan if you ask me! Good move by DAP, and I think the party will do well this coming election.

    On a separate note, yesterday. all school kids had to attend extra lessons in replacement for the Hari Raya holidays… but I think it is more for the coming election which might NOT be during school holidays. So people, get ready for GE anytime soon!

  5. monsterball says:

    Read in papers about Jeff about joining DAP. WHAT GLORIOUS NEWS!! He is not just a nobody in Blogging. Next to is Jeff Ooi most …the most respected blogger in Malaysia.

  6. Wei See says:

    Susan, I just spoke with Jeff Ooi, it’s true that he’s joing DAP. The Star got his age right. He’s 52 y. o.

  7. cherwith says:

    His joining DAP? 😦 Hmmm

  8. Vishnu says:

    If its true, he must quit as vice -President of ALL BLOGS, as ALL BLOGS is a non partisan movement.

  9. ghenjis khan says:

    all he has to do , is to stand as candidate in Chinese majority stronghold of traders, retailers, and hardworking shopowners, blue & white workers ….

    and, speak well of the “educated” Malay and Indian minorities ……

    and hope he does not lose his Deposit …

  10. monsterball says:

    gehenjs khan is stupid to speak sarcastically without knowing Jeff…..exposing he is anti DAP .Why like that?

  11. wits0 says:

    JO isn’t likely to lose his deposit. Good thing it’s not that Gerakan outfit – one that exists only to enable a group of self-serving elites.

  12. WATTAHACK? says:

    JO is in Subang area rite so it ok to take on Puchong side? just wondering…. who is opposition in Subang?

  13. Libra says:

    For a Chinese to join MCA or Gerakan is to sell away their rights. It is to bring about their own demise.
    Every vote for MCA is a vote for an Islamic state, a vote for corruption, a vote for NEP, a vote for UMNO to mock the Chinese with the keris. A vote to be second class citizen.
    Yes, the Chinese will have a fat bank account but where will be dignity?

  14. jrtiues says:

    the Chinese will have a fat bank account…

    Excuse me, how can second class citizens ever get to have fat bank accounts? By robbing or cheating? There a lots of Chinese making do with living from hand to mouth, slogging away 15 hours a day and they do not have fat bank accounts

  15. stenson says:

    Good luck to you jeff.If bn can win by 91% in this coming election i will hang my head high up in the lamp post.

  16. Frank says:

    Jeff going to DAP is a BIG BIG career mistake.

    Wrong party to join. As a matter of fact, Jeff should stay where he is.

    What can Jeff do in DAP in terms of making a difference in the issues of this country. DAP had done nothing fundamentally useful. The NEP is stil here, the chinese school problem remains unabated, the scholarship racial bias etc.

    Unless DAP wants to win Govt, there is no future for those voting for DAP and for those working in DAP. I am still curious what the hell is DAP fighting for, instead of shouting in Parliament with claptrap statements, street demonstrations and plenty of seminars and workships.

    Gerakan is irrelevant, MCA is a stooge, (a vote for MCA is a vote for UMNO), and DAP is a party aims to go no where, like its ROCKET logo.

    Jeff joing a political party like DAP or MCA or Gerkan is the downward slide of his reputation. People will talk.. Jeff is just another political animal using the internet for to advance his partisan political interest.

    Jeff joing DAP is DAP’s gain but Jeff’s loss.

  17. notsosmart says:

    Somebody ( majority seats )have to be in the Parliament to makes any amendment to the constitution and protects the interest of its citizens.
    Jeff and a lot more others need to voted in and genuinely serving the country, not for personal interest or glory.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

  18. monsterball says:

    How about Jeff joining PAS Frank? Excellent idea?
    You Frank..everything PAS is okay…and others are all wrong choices.

  19. JerryWho says:

    yeah… was invited to the press con by jeff, will podcast the video when it’s done.

  20. bamboo river says:

    The assets of a political party is their representatives. If they are doing their job expected by the rakyat whom had voted them, I don’t have any objection .
    All the best to Jeff Ooi.

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  22. omigosh says:

    I respect whatever decision Jeff wishes to take. I have see him speak particularly at a forum in solidarity with Nat and he will make an awesome politician. I hope fellow bloggers will give him our full support (maybe through our blogs). Good luck Jeff. Way to go.

  23. stenson says:

    You are not proposing any alternative views of which party we should vote frank.Maybe you like the idea of malaysia becoming a communist country?You are outdated frank.Umno will ruin this country in no time.We need to stop the rot.

  24. bolehbug says:

    Some interesting responses posted here.
    methinks me 2sen worth
    JO got good rep, good rep good for party, party good for JO will be question mark
    (party as in generic)
    maybe when oppo party can set up shadow govt then oppo party got credibility, getting good rep not enough, must show up every statement made by some goblok minister with credible statement, then people got choice beyond CIMB and screw the rest kind of representation

  25. Mason From Kuching says:

    The caption-‘Losing Jeff Ooi to the Opposition?’ entails the commenteries of the risk of losing ‘the most influntial blogger’ in Malaysia?-I don’t think so…

    The DAP Supremo is a prominent blogger till date. And the perceived ‘King-of-Malaysian-Bloggers’ is
    designated as a likely Puchong parliamentary seat
    under the DAP ticket. He may highly win, with his celebrity-upperhand in the Blogosphere, and sustain his victory ONLY IF he is found not liable in the multi-million-lawsuit by the plantiffs-The NST top echelons.

    Remember that a person will be annuled of h(is)er official post if they are on the lam.

    So Good Luck Man, hope he’s victorious in the latter.

  26. Mason From Kuching says:

    Addendums -The DAP Supremo-Lim Kit Siang

  27. Frank says:


    You mean DAP can stop the rot caused by UMNO.
    Hey, DAP had been around for God-knows how long… and tell e, with all the yelling and street demonstrations and workshops and seminars, did you notice any change to the wellbeing of the Chinese. No it got worse.

    Yousee, UMNO will do everthing opposite to what DAP talks about. UMNO sees DAP as the bad side of the Chinese with MCA as the spineless side of the Chinese.

    I would like DAP leaders to tell me what difference have they made to the wellbeing of the chinese since 1970 or since 1980 in real terms, after being in Opposition and without wanting to win Govt or wanting to compromise to work with a credible Malay based party.

    I don’t need to tell the Chinese who they should vote for… They should know. But the chinese are too damn scared of change… because they cannot see beyond their noses. When the chips are down, they migrate, send their children overseas to get PR or whine in char koayteow stalls and in karaoke bars. While the chinese cappocino chattering class are more interested in how to spend their parents money and showing off in Starbuck and Coffee Beans and complain on blogs without any responsibility. They even think that to vote in an election is the waste of their bloody time.

    A vote for Gerakan is a vote to split the chinese vote
    A vote for MCA is a vote for UMNO to continue bullying the chinese
    A vote for DAP is a vote for ineffectiveness.

    You make the choice . Why should I suggest who you should vote if you know where you should be your future generations’ livelihood if you have not encourage them yet to migrate..

  28. Frank says:

    Oh by the way,

    I am waiting for the day when DAP comes out with a clear policy intention to work with a credible Malay based party ( not UMNO) to win govt.

    Until that day comes…. well, you know what I think of DAP!!!

  29. Frank says:

    monster ball

    ghenjis khan has a point. Except you don’t it. And my bet is you don’t know Jeff Ooi as well as you think you do.

    By the way you do have your own reputation too on the internet.

  30. whispering9 says:

    Dear Frank,

    Datuk Wong thinks bloggers are on an ego trip yet he ends his piece with ‘cyberspace is a new political frontier’. He also wrote that young people like crimes, gossips and sports. Jejune generalisation, isn’t it? Two things I know for certain, firstly young people who survive on celebrity gossip don’t register to vote and secondly, those who read about the crimes will definitely vote against ineptitude. I have condemned DAP as much as some do but this election is no longer about who I like or trust anymore. I was advised not jail the thief who helped a granny to cross the road. With that piece of advise, I decide to let the dogs have the bone. Let them fight amongst themselves for decency and liberty. If the ‘good guys’ can’t get the job done, lets send in the devils…so to speak. My vote is to JO or any other bloggers (not cyber troopers) who decide to campaign. Sheik should stand under PAS in this election and make it merrier. I want to exercise my country birthright to be a kingmaker for decency and liberty. Hooray, lets go on an ego trip. If our Malaysian soccer team can take such a horrible beating so can we. At least after this election, we have made a way for posterity.

  31. Chee Yong says:

    Hey Frank or whatever your real name is. First of all is this your genuine name? You sounded like my cynical friend. Dont come here holding your head high and hentam DAP. The problem now lies in BN not the DAP. Dont talk about DAP cant make changes. Go tell that to BN who has been the govt since 1957. Take your questions and air it to BN. They hold the majority in Parliment. They are the policymakers. However Jeff joining DAP is indeed a welcoming news. Its better he alligned himself with DAP then from where he formerly from.

  32. WATTAHACK? says:

    DAP had done nothing fundamentally useful. The NEP is stil here, the chinese school problem remains unabated, the scholarship racial bias etc.

    Neither has MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, UMNO. So???

  33. Chee Yong says:

    WATTAHACK, NEP is the product of BN. I cynically suggest you vote for BN. Dun blame the opposition for these products.

  34. WATTAHACK? says:

    I don’t need to tell the Chinese who they should vote for… They should know. But the chinese are too damn scared of change… because they cannot see beyond their noses.

    Says who? You? Are you a racist then?

  35. WATTAHACK? says:

    Dun blame the opposition for these products.

    i didnt blame them pls read the above post on who posted it i was just replying the BN is none any better…

  36. WATTAHACK? says:

    I belive we all need to stand by JO, Rocky or Sheih etc… if Susan runs in Thailand in upcoming election we should also stand by her….

  37. Chee Yong says:

    I stand corrected WATTHAHACK. U have my sincerest apologies for my misread.

  38. Frank says:

    Chee Yong and WATTAHACK and all PRO-DAP readers.

    Go and celebrate tonight. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

    It is confirmed. Jeff IS JOING DAP.

    I received an email invitation from DAP, repeat from DAP, to attend the welcoming party

    Now you should know why I am on DAP’s mailing list.

    Sad day for the blogging fraternity.

    Screenshot will have to shut down or change its name because after tomorrow, it will be seen as another DAP blog like that of LIm Kit Siang’s blog.

    Screenshots’ perceived neutrality is now compromised unless Jeff blogs on mobile phones and on laptops and about IT in Malaysia and keep local politics out of Screenshots.

  39. Chee Yong says:

    I am proud to say I am pro DAP because so far they have faught a worthy cause for the rakyat. Kit Siang’s blog speaks out against the wrongs happening in this country. And its up to Jeff what he wants to blog. You dont own Screenshot. And so what if you’re on the mailing list? Does it make any difference?

  40. monsterball says:

    Chee Yong…Frank talks about my reputation and he is showing what a low class PAS member he is.
    I have always admire DAP…but never a member of any political party. Now the son is running the show…it makes more sense everyday.
    Frank have been talking cock and bull…when he talk about PAS…his party.
    Look at the sour grapes talking above!! If Jeff joins PAS….he will blown different horns.

  41. monsterball says:

    Frank receiving an email invitation to a DAP party and his cow brain tells him to tell all of us.’\
    hi idiot….anyone can get emails for invitation to any important parties….and you believe it?
    Get a proper invitation DAP high class invitation card…then blow your stupid horns!!
    The day you are invited Frank….means DAP is serious to be an idiot party……so dream on.

  42. Frank says:

    Monster ball

    Just to let you know that despite my anti DAP comments, DAP still has a respect for a different viewpoint.

    Ass-licking DAP supporters are thae worst kind in DAP… because they can’t think for themselves.

    Monsterball… you have worst names being called on the internet, but because of your advanced age, I reserve that from mentioning that as a respect for you. But your mouth is undeserving of your advanced age.

  43. Frank says:

    Chee Yong

    I would take monsterball words only 10 % or less.

    There is a word in the intelligence world called a “mole” from the establishment to infiltrate with subtlety that you don’t know your enemies from your friends.

  44. Chee Yong says:

    Hey Frank, every parties have their own hantu raya. So if you have any grudges with any of them, please take it outside. DAP is relevant in the politics today. So just because u have issues with these hantu raya, u hentam DAP. Think thats unfair.
    Monsterball, same here. I am not affliated to any parties. Not yet anyway…….

  45. Frank says:

    Chee Yong

    Besides attacking me, how about attacking what I said about DAP, MCA, GERAKAN in terms of their usefulness to the chinese.

    Past 30 years had been a disaster for the chinese, you think DAP will change for the better, with Jeff and Tony Pua in for the coming election, if they can’t do for the last 6-8 elections?

  46. Frank says:

    Chee Yong

    You said Kit Siang’s blog speaks out against the wrongs happening in this country

    I quote Jeff: TALK IS CHEAP.

    When you are in Parliament you got to find ways to make THINGS happen.

    Blaming UMNO is only half the story. It is not answering the question.

  47. Chee Yong says:

    I wouldnt want to waste my time talking about MCA and Gerakan for doing nothing for the ppl.Frank first of all I am not so narrow minded as you. Lets talk about what BN has done for Msians. I dont like to talk about race when we are all Msians. So please have this concept drilled into your sanubari. I see myself as a Msian. So u can take your chinese question and sell it to someone else. And please dont belittle Tony and Jeff. With inclusion of Tony and Jeff, their ideas will definately benefit the party.

  48. Chee Yong says:

    Frank, I suggest you go to Hansard and do some reading la. And I believe mathematically you have a problem. BN is the majority in Parliment. So policies are being drafted and allowed to go thru by them. So I dont understand what u r saying make things happen? Maybe u have some brighter ideas? Come on share la……u talk like org bijak.Or pretend to be one.

  49. monsterball says:

    Frank..I have much much more loving kindness and real strong support for me…OPEN YOUR IDIOTIC EYES!!
    You have been commenting long enough to know this and I corrected you at Sheih’s blog…blindly telling all good about PAS…you ran away. Now you come here to belittle DAP and Jeff’s smart decision.
    I know and spoke to him for hours and smart guys like us need to see and talk too many occasions. One time and we can conclude his character. Ofcourse all political people are cunning and selfish….but I believe Jeff is concern about the people of Malaysia….and can be very daring…not like Lee Lam Thye. So don’t teach old cock who have seen everything your idiotic logics.

  50. Sam Tam says:

    HI Susan,

    you should have a more positive spin to the header. No one is losing Jeff to the opposition. It is the Opposition who is gaining Jeff Ooi!!

  51. monsterball says:

    Franks talks cock and he keep a blind pair of eyes ….ignoring I have much much more respectable supporters than his insults to me.
    He talk Pas matters like an idiot….I confronted him at Sheih’s blog…ran away few times….not want to talk DAP and Jeff’s future.

  52. monsterball says:

    ooopppp! I thought I lost my first message.
    Sorry folks…repeats was not intended.

  53. Frank says:


    I am still at Shieh’s blog. In fact Shieh was worried associating with you, if I remember right after an expose was done on you by another blogger.

    I used to see you in all the other blogs…. commenting and fishing and probing… for who???

  54. WATTAHACK? says:

    you should have a more positive spin to the header. No one is losing Jeff to the opposition. It is the Opposition who is gaining Jeff Ooi!!

    I 2nd that thought! Bloggers do not own Jeff as well… I think he can still blog and represent bloggers in NAB even if his linked to PAS. Politics is not everything but without good ppl standing up for us in politics then we all will be nothing very fast!

  55. Frank says:

    Sam Tam is 100 % correct. It is the Opposition who gains Jeff.

    Chee Yong and all the happy DAP supporters, and hopefully monsterball will be there to celebrate.

    Great day for DAP… one month before 50th Anniversay Merdeka.

  56. Chee Yong says:

    And if its opposition gain like DAP, that that translates to people’s gain. We would need to muster all the support we can to gain foothold in BN dominated areas. Yes there is a cause to celebrate!!!

  57. whispering9 says:

    Frank, I still don’t get your gripe. Be frank and tell us what is in your mind. Do you want me to immigrate? Don’t vote for JO? Vote for you? Vote for anyone but DAP? Vote for Pas? What if Pas is not in my MPs list? Don’t give any damn? Continue to support BN? … haven’t the damnest idea what you are trying to input.

  58. sloone says:

    wattahack and sam, let me spin what and how i like.

    my point is we lack independent bloggers. jeff is also vice president of the all-blogs pro-tem committee. we almost lost elizabeth, if she became deputy pkr wanita chief.

    not that i mind at all jeff joins DAP. i think its great. and congratulations are in order.

  59. Frank says:


    I am with you on this. That was what I was trying to tell Chee Yong.

    We need independent bloggers… we don’t need bloggers from political parties.

  60. Frank says:


    You are giving me too much credit when you said” haven’t the damnest idea what you are trying to input.”

    I lay out the scenario and leave it to the maturity and wisdom of those who would use the information provided.

    It would not be fair to you and all for me to suggest what to do… I think that is the choice you have to make BASED on the scenario provided.

    The question is whether you agree to the scenario I have painted.

    At least I respect your comments, not like monsterball and chee yong who prefer to attack the messenger and not the message …the kind of dirty tricks of UMNO Youth employed and learned very well by Monsterball.

    Each once will have to make that choice, the job of bloggers is to provided information, viewpoints and counter viewpoints, different perspectives, and not necessarily those that have to be a comfortable one.

    You make good decision by able to internalise the BOTH sides of the information… not just one… people like Chee Yong are only interested on information that makes him feel comfortable and then put his head in the sand and go on a self-denial on information he doesn’t like and pray it will go away.

  61. whispering9 says:

    Ah…I got your message now. Terminator 4 scenario isn’t it…is it this sequel that gave us the famous line ‘talk to my hand’. ‘Resistance is futile…assimilate’ an apt description used by JO recently from Star Trek ‘the Brog’. Yeah, I know. Whoever jumps into a pot of acid will eventually corrode to some extent. Let’s hope they will do that ‘presidential thing that US presidents usually do’ when the time requires them to put aside vetted interest and do the right thing. I don’t expect angels to run the government but not our present MPs (Monkey Parliament…courtesy of KJ). It is time the politicians serve us and not the other way around. We can always sack them in the next next election if they cannot deliver anything useful. If JO and the gang win this election, they can effect some such precedent for accountability. Let’s hope it is a groundswell opinion for better governance before we really implode into a bottomless slime hole described by kk46.

  62. monsterball says:

    Frank …Sure you will never leave Sheih’s blog. you are a PAS man…..but your remark..Sheih…..want to disassociate with me…..what a bloody bullshitter you can become. Did he tell you that?
    We are meeting soon for a bite…you you want to join in?

  63. Frank says:


    DAP cannot win the election and form govt. It has to work with a Malay based party.

    DAP knows it, everybody knows it. The dominant party has to be a Malay based party, whether we like it or not. DAP thinks it is too hard to work with any Malay based party, stuck with its chinese chauvinistic views as Opposition while the UMNO thugs with the help of the ball-less MCA and MIC continue to run govt and make racially biased policies. The only good thing DAP can do is to shout and yell and complain about the BN govt.

    Tell me, what good is DAP if it does not want to win govt. Talk is Cheap. Talk in Parliament is cheaper still.

  64. Frank says:

    monster ball

    tell me where, in Kota Bharu ?

  65. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha Frank….why ask…you silly fool.
    You saw Sheih there lately?
    Meeting soon does not mean tonight goblok

  66. wits0 says:

    Frank and his, “chinese chauvinistic views “, presupposes like any of those bigots that chauvinism belongs to one specific ethnic group….even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

  67. Frank says:


    you are right, but the chinese ARE chauvinistic , never mind about other ethnic groups. We are not comparing which is more chauvinistic… If you think chinese are not chauvinistic, you need to study chinese social sociology and ethnigraphy.

    Chinese are chauvinistic, whether you think otherwise or not. The only other ethnic group that beats the chinese in this are the Jews and Japanese.

  68. Frank says:


    anywhere in klang valley, no problem.

  69. Chee Yong says:

    Hi frank, give me a break. You are a racist. U going around here commenting what you think about the chinese. I think you’re a kurang ajar person. I refrain talking about other people’s race but it seems like u like to throw comments about chinese and how much you think about DAP. And to begin with, i dont think you;re even using your real name here. Guess you’re one of those king of the jungle that hides behind the internet. And please cut your crap bout DAP cant form the govt. We know that. So dont sound like a broken record and repeat it over and over again. That fact alone doesnt take away what DAP has done all these years for the people of Msia. And sad to say you’re one of the ungrateful recipients.

  70. monsterball says:

    But I am afraid Sheih doe not want to meet you Frank. You insult too many…including me.

  71. Chee Yong says:

    And Frank, please stop harping on the fact Jeff cant be impartial anymore. He is an existing member of a political party anyway all these while. So whats your point? He blogs when he is in Gerakan. He will blog when he joins DAP. So dun sound like a burung kakaktua. Thats a bird to associate you with for saying my head is in the sand.

  72. obnoxious9 says:

    Alamak Frank…you also insulted me lah…I am a 100% chinese. Heehee. MCA and Gerakan influence and voice in BN has been deteriorating even after being in compliance with UMNO. The only hope for you and me is to stop segregating Malaysians into races like what you did. I cannot stomach such preposition. Time is changing, whether you like it or not. Even hawkers and streetside traders are holding degrees now. Gotta to stop being Malay, Chinese, Indian etc when you want something extraordinary better for Malaysia. RPK has a good article on what PAS should do if they want to win the gman. Beside I am not looking forward to forming the dorminant government. I only want legitimate voices to be heard from time to time without someone raising the keris or fist. JO and the rest promise to deliver that and I am willing to take that chance. Afterall I also gave AAB a chance. Let’s drop politic for a change and look into good men and women intentions.

  73. obnoxious9 says:

    Sorry folks…obnoxious9 same with whispering9. Forgot to change the pesky ‘forget me not box’.

  74. Frank says:


    that is sad.Anyway I can still visit Shieh at his old home at Jalan Husin near Berek Dua Belas in Kota Bahru when he goes back to KB. Perhaps we can meet up with you there.

  75. Frank says:


    We are all Malaysians, it is the UMNO thugs who are making us think like Chinese Malay and Indians. So are MCA and DAP and MIC.

    As for Chee Yong , he is so paranoid about people criticising DAP and the chinese.

    I apologise to Chee Yong since his feelings are so badly hurt as a Chinese.

    To make him feel good being a Chinese again after all my nasty comments, the following article should make him feel better.

    click here:

  76. Frank says:


    Thank you for your indulgence in allowing me to have cross-swords with the likes of Chee Yong.

    As for monsterball, both of us have been interactiing and having fun for quite sometime in other places too. Won’t be last for both of us

    I will end my piece here.. so that we don’t clog up your bandwith.

    Thanks again.

    PS, Chee Yong, don’t forget to read the article I attach. It will make you feel better than my comments about Chinese. I apologise for my very harsh words , compared to the article, about the Chinese. You have a peace of mind, you hear.

  77. Frank says:


    Thank you for your indulgence in allowing me to have cross-swords with the likes of Chee Yong.

    As for monsterball, both of us have been interactiing and having fun for quite sometime in other places too. Won’t be last for both of us

    I will end my piece here.. so that we don’t clog up your bandwith.

    Thanks again.

    PS, Chee Yong, don’t forget to read the article I attach. It will make you feel better than my comments about Chinese. I apologise for my very harsh words , compared to the article, about the Chinese. You have a peace of mind, you hear.

  78. wits0 says:

    Frank is a bigot and he can’t change his views. It does not matters to him if he insulted anyone by his bigotry. I think he wants to elicit an equally bigoted response on his own race. “Chauvinism” is that old canard that came from the Umno types from the very beginning of fascist Umnoputraism and is something that the MCA types cowardly allowed to stick through pathetic complicity.

    China was a Communist country, but how fast it turned to Capitalism – suggesting that it’s ieed apable of change according to the pragmatic needs unlike some dysfunctional countries now occupying the central stage for world crisis….countries whose fascism is so pronounced and intolerant of any other people in their midst.

  79. Chee Yong says:

    Frank I dont give a damn about someone giving a speech in iowa talking about chinese. But to hear it from another malaysian, is very sad indeed. Just to let you know, your actions and words only shows you’re a true blue racist. People like u that gives Msia a bad name.

  80. WATTAHACK? says:

    Susan: independant bloggers? for how long?

    if every blogger stays independant who with a righteous heart will help us progress the country and the parliament? someone has to stand out and lead one day. someone has to get into the democratic system and change it from within.

    if all of us are outside the great wall how can we change what’s inside the palace? there will be more JO’s in blogland not how many Righteous Leaders we have?

  81. Chee Yong says:

    And Frank, I believe North Korea. is the best country for you to live in U know the juche policy? Very serasi with you since u r a racist. U might as well dont interact with the rest of the world. Support the Great Leader and live on self sufficient policy. Stay in your own hut and syok sendiri and go on critisizing bout others. And probably daydream bout how great a specimen u are.

  82. monsterball says:

    Frank…Sheih is hospitable. So if you know his home address at KB and force yourself in…why anyone will welcome an idiot like you . Are you trying to say…how pally you are with Sheih? He told you he does not like me?
    Read all the above Frank. Last time …it was you and me…now so many.
    Yes you are right witsO and Chee Yong and level headed friends . Thank you…go hatam him….if he keeps talking cock and bull.

  83. Frank says:

    Oops! Before I depart, I forgot to thank Chee Yong for his compliments. For him to be that angry and upset must have struck a very very raw nerve. And that is when Truth hurts.

  84. monsterball says:

    Frank……I never had fun with you. I F…ed you. So don’t be too nice.
    You are a disgrace to Pas.

  85. Frank says:

    Another Oops for monsterball.

    It seems you do have the same two ends of the alimentary canal. Quite surprising for someone of your advanced age with that kind of “mouth”.

    I am slowly losing my respect for you. You know, respect for elders, we learn from young from our parents.

  86. monsterball says:

    Truths hurts …says Frank.
    What shit truths is he talking about?
    Next to hawk at Free Speech Zone…this Frank is a bastard to dare criticize DAP and Jeff.
    The truth is… without DAP as a daring watchdog over corruptions ……your balls would have been fried and fed to the dogs.
    The so call democratic rights…large or small in numbers in the government have been vastly created by DAP.
    Get that into your thick skull.
    How we all vote is another matter…but I hate ungrateful and sickening guys talking truths….knowing nothing of it at all.

  87. monsterball says:

    I don’t need your respect.
    I despises you….get it clear!!
    Had I post friendly to him….his tune will change to be nice to me.
    hi Frank…incase you forget…obiwan…papa monty and frontliner for life…so said Sheih to me.
    hi Frank…This is wisdom age I am experiencing.
    I think guys..he is not a chinese. How can one be so..talking like that?
    Catch the words…gaining or loosing respects from him. Chinese don’t talk like that.

  88. hawk says:

    Hey why implicate me here? U speculate all your nonsense everywhere without making sure your allegations to be correct.

    CRY BABY!! Just want attention, Go to a whorehouse and pay to get fondled ler. Then claim u are a ladies choice, I mean a ladies man.

    If Chinese talk like monsterball, I d rather be Tamil ler.

    Samy Vellu, here I come!!

    Cant we be not racist about any postings.

    Cmon ler, post as MALAYSIANS.

  89. AwtarSingh says:

    This reminds me of one incident I had growing up. There was this Ah Chong and his girlfriend named Julie.

    One day Julie lost her kitten. Frantic and concerned for the sanity of his girlfriend Ah Chong asked every passerby who goes by her gates, “Has anybody seen Julie’s pussy.”

    I think kittykat46 may want to consider a name change.

  90. Frank says:

    Chee Yong and all

    Read here all about “monsterball” who claimes to be a a friend of DAP and pro Chinese, so he says.

    The article speaks for itself. All the bloggers know his dirty mouth. He patrols all the blogs to vomit filth at others.For an old man like him, a Chinese himself.

    I leave you with this for you to read all about monsterball. Know the kind person he is, not what you read on all the blogs he patrols around.

  91. hantutelur says:

    so he thinks he’s doing a favour to sue (and sheih), but NO, monty, you might land her in jail for your racial overtones. this is the time when we should be very careful with comments we leave here. i have been following monty all over blogosphere and i know his thoughts are on autopilot (and lucky he never crashlands.) nevertheless he’s as harmless as a toothless bulldog.

  92. monsterball says:

    Thanks hantutelur.
    Now this Frank is advertising me on a long long story that all know how it ended.
    Frank is really a sickening idiotic bastard.

  93. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha……I just cannot help laughing how Frank can stoop so low….and down right idiotic.’This sums what what a character he is…hahahahaha
    Goodluck Frank….Have you read hantutelur?
    Wait….some more will come…if they read what you are trying to do….you are in for a feast.
    But Frank is a thick skinned bastard…is he not?

  94. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha hawk said…if chinese talk like me…he rather be a Tamil………hahahahaha
    Trying to be nice? I thought you said those who do not believe in your GOD can all go to hell.
    Malaysia have Chinese plenty like me…don’t you know that? I guess they have no time…but to compete against your worldwide export furniture business. They are wondering how can they employing more than few thousand workers…are listed and the stock market with minimum RM600million… and loosing sales to hawk …who employs only 5o workers here and 50 in Thailand…….hahahahahahaha

  95. monsterball says:

    hi Frank..this site is about Jeff….and DAP…..GO BACK TO IT OR SHUT UP!!

  96. wits0 says:

    Frank says: “Chinese are chauvinistic, whether you think otherwise or not. The only other ethnic group that beats the chinese in this are the Jews and Japanese.”

    Well one, like Christopher Hitchens, might say that, for example, that the Pakis are worse with that innate religious fanaticism to boost.

    Frank is seemingly neither well studied nor has his jaundiced eyes opened.

  97. hutchrun says:

    I think all should read Terry Pratchett`s take on chauvinism in `Jingo`. Some quotes:

    […] Vimes’s grin was as funny as the one that moves very fast towards drowning men. And has a fin on top.


    “Taxation, gentlemen, is very much like dairy farming. The task is to extract the maximum amount of milk with the minimum of moo. And I am afraid to say that these days all I get is moo.”


    She sighed again. She was familiar with the syndrome. They said they wanted a soulmate and helpmeet but sooner or later the list would include a skin like silk and a chest fit for a herd of cows.


    One of the universal rules of happiness is: always be wary of any helpful item that weighs less than its operating manual.


    “Give a man a fire and he’s warm for a day, but set fire to him and he’s warm for the rest of his life.”


    And there was nothing finer than a wizard dressed up formally, until someone could find a way of inflating a Bird of Paradise, possibly by using an elastic band and some kind of gas.


    “‘Chapter Fifteen, Elementary Necromancy'”, she read out loud. “‘Lesson One: Correct Use of Shovel…'”


    He had the look of a lawn mower just after the grass had organised a workers’ collective. There was a definite suggestion that, deep inside, he knew this was not really happening. It could not be happening because this sort of thing did not happen. Any contradictory evidence could be safely ignored.


    It was so much easier to blame it on Them. It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us. If it was Them, then nothing was anyone’s fault. If it was us, what did that make Me? After all, I’m one of Us. I must be. I’ve certainly never thought of myself as one of Them. No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them. We’re always one of Us. It’s Them that do the bad things.

  98. monsterball says:

    Are you preaching hutchrun?

  99. Bola says:

    A man complained he had balls too small i.e. until he met monsterball – who had no balls at all.

  100. Chee Yong says:

    I’m not sure who touches whose raw nerve? Aft Frank said that it will be last piece of comment, he decided to shoot another piece after seeing the barrage of criticisms levelled against him. As a Msian, its sad to see we have this kind of entity living under the rocks in our country.

  101. hutchrun says:

    Are you preaching hutchrun?
    What I wrote are quotes from Terry Pratcett`s books. You can easily get them, cheap, at the ground floor second hand bookshop at Central Market.

    The last time I heard Terry has not founded any new religion. Nor does he claim to be a member of one.

  102. monsterball says:

    hahahaha….bola….no balls means no guts…some are complimenting me having too much.
    What type of bola are you…ping pong ball?
    Did you read post on me with ping pong balls by Sheih?

  103. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Folks,
    Don’t get too worked up on Frank. He’s just another shit-stirrer.

    For all we know, another one of those overpaid, IQ-challenged UMNO-cyber warriors. Their modus operandi is to deliberately provoke racially charged arguments among blog commentators, so UMNO can intervene and press police to investigate the blogger for “seditious” comments.

    I value the opinion space that Susan provides here – please don’t let shit-stirrers destroy it.

  104. Sagaladoola says:

    Hi Susan,

    So, is Jeff going to resign from the All Blogs top hierarchy?

    Is All Blogs going to be independent or politically affiliated to any party?

    No offense but I need to know what is the direction and All Blogs committee approach to this.


  105. sloone says:

    Hey Sagaladoola;

    You should ask ALL-Blogs lah, not me.

    Though Jeff ooi has said this in malaysiakini:

    Ooi, who is also the pro-tem vice-chief for the National Alliance of Bloggers, said he will continue to hold the post.

  106. Chee Yong says:

    Sorry just 1 question here. Jeff used to be in Gerakan while holding the post. So now he is in another party which is DAP. So he is already affliated to a political party when he is holding the post. Only a different one now.So how does this change anything? Just a question that has been running thru my head. Anyone?

  107. stenson says:

    The biggest blunder I make in my life is to vote for bn in the last election.When I see the chinese are suppressed esp. in the institutions of higher learning,it really hurts me.I expect malaysians to be treated equally and not unequally by the govt.we voted in.If kerismaludin keeps on wielding his prick in unruly manners,one day the chinese will respond accordingly.We have our limits.How do you expect the students to behave when the minister himself shows bad example.

  108. After Jeff … it’s time to rope in some prominent Malay leaders from blogsphere. Rocky? What about you? Dr Azly and Dr Farish?

  109. It’s time to create a truly Malaysian political party. Our forefathers dreamed about it. But let’s take the baton and make this dream come true. Let’s show BN that a political party by Malaysians (from all race and religious backgrounds) for Malaysia can be a reality contrary to what has been professed before. Let’s show BN in this election. Let’s dump all corrupt, self-serving, racist and sexist MPs out of our Parliament. Enough is enough!!

  110. […] They are asking stupid questions like “should I continue to read his blog“? […]

  111. hutchrun says:

    Jeff used to be in Gerakan while holding the post. So now he is in another party which is DAP.
    That is very common in m`sian politics. Once you switch to another party, you don`t really have to inform the party you were affiliated to earlier. No law to do that.
    In jeff`s case, cos of the publicity, they have to cancel his membership. He`ll probly send them a letter , that`s all.
    But in case of most ordinary members no one bothers. So membership nos. of most parties are suspect.
    In some cases the branch heads to remain branch heads, even pay up the membership fees of their members so the branches do not go defunct.

  112. hantutelur says:

    i notice most bloggers are guy who were rejected, retrenched and jilted, either from political parties or press, now DAP plucked Jeff from the blogworld, it’s the reverse now, will it work?

  113. hantutelur says:

    guy = guys

  114. Sagaladoola says:

    Hi Susan,
    Hehehe, ok .. I thought you are in All Blogs. Anyway, thanks for the output.


    Hi Chee Yong,

    Well, it does make a difference in some sense.

    1) When Jeff Ooi was in Gerakan, if he brings up issues that do not look good on UMNO, the ruling coalition cannot simply shoot him down as Gerakan is allied with UMNO in BN.

    2) If Jeff Ooi is in DAP and at the same time a big “character” in All Blogs, whatever points being brought up by anyone under All Blogs may be regarded as “non-independent” by the ruling coalition. In this highly political world with a “controlled” mainstream media, it will not be hard for the ruling coalition to paint that “all views from All Blogs is an attempt by the opposition to stir trouble”. It is easier to discredit the points of an opposition than the points of an independent non-political party affiliated organisation.

    3) Did Jeff Ooi contest for an MP position for Gerakan in the past? I guess he may do so (contest for MP) for DAP in the up-and-coming election. Therein lies the difference between direct involvement and a normal member.

    4) There are people complaining that the mainstream media is black-outing certain important news that does not look good to BN. If you read in some places, there are even people saying they won’t read certain newspapers because it is ruling coalition affiliated (major shares from people of BN). With Jeff Ooi, a potential DAP MP present in All Blogs, try to imagine applying a similar scenario.

    No offense intended. Since there is someone asking, I just need to state my opinions on this.

    Nonetheless, whatever that is, I agree that Jeff Ooi is doing something good for the society.


  115. kittykat46 says:

    “most bloggers are guy who were rejected, retrenched and jilted, either from political parties or press”.
    That’s just standard govt. establishment BS.
    Many bloggers are ex-mainstream media pressmen. They are finding their own voice after years of working under the restrictions of the mainstream media. In fact, I find the veteran pressmen/ women among the best and most responsible bloggers for Socio-Political matters.

  116. big bird says:

    Blue Monster is right. UMNO is a total lie and we have bought their lies for the past 50 years. Their apartheid-like policies should be rejected totally by all, including Malays as these policies only enrich a few. Why after 50 years independence are there still so many hard-core poor Malays.

  117. Chee Yong says:

    Yes I agree.

  118. monsterball says:

    So isc MCA and MIC…total liars…with hard core poor of their races too! In short BN for 50 years lied to us.
    What’s next is sum up best by stenson too.

  119. monsterball says:

    Sagaladoola….There is no All Blog per se….as it is not registered and recognized yet as a society.It was a rush rush job by some to unite and stand behind Rocky and Jeff court cases….but the rush rush job was also with other personal agendas by few to be pro Mahathir and no records of who vote or seconded the so call members.
    So these are few political bloggers….including Jeff with selfish reasons to form All Blogs. It should be “All Political Bloggers”…then welcome any one to join in…as politics is the main survival of that group…to get recognized and be so lucky like Sheih and now…Jeff…getting good jobs in PAS and DAP respectively.
    Yes, my friend..including RPK…these are blogging not for free…but to advertise themselves for a job…and few have UMNO…to hit anyone against them…so now Jeff need to keep away from his ‘friends” in so call All Blogs…mostly pro UMNO with one or two…not pro…but sitting on the friends as drinking kakis…so their motives are also selfish….which many do not see.
    Yes Jeff…needs to think hard on his position as a member….but my guess is…he will not resign and see what those loving buddies of him do to him when he put out all anti BN stuffs.

  120. KTemoc says:

    Re JO as Dep Prez in Allblogs (does this exist officially?), Sagaldoola hit the nail on the head.

    Then he was just an ordinary member of a party, as could have been other c’mtte members. But now he’s a DAP candidate standing (or intending to stand) for election. I don’t believe the situation is the same anymore.

    Allblogs (and as I ask, does this really exist as an official entity? and if it does) would be mightily compromised by having as its Dep Presidency a DAP politican (not member)

  121. Sagaladoola says:

    monsterball does somehow have some valid points there.

    KTemoc and everybody.

    Frankly I am still in a blur state over this All Blogs thing.

    As you can see, the All Malaysian Bloggers (by The Star) looks even more active. This is a risk…

    Well anyway, let’s watch and see.. in the meantime I will continue my independent blogging.


  122. monsterball says:

    Most political bloggers are ex journalists and out of jobs. The one trying to impress all of you by exposing me….simon wee….go read his profile.He is HUNTING for a job!! Thus trying to get attention..and by committing the cardinal sin on me in blogging…who will trust and hire him?
    But you can smell political bloggers are doing all these ….not for free. Everyone….including bloggers with human rights close to their hearts have ulterior motives to blog….but have proven to be more honorable …regardless which political party they declare they belong to….or known to us. Sheih and Jeff falls under this group….not tilting heavily to pro politics with pro one party political blogging motives. Go visit Big Dog and Rocky..and you can clearly see pro Mahathir in their blogging objectives Then you have some like shar101 and a voice..under the disguise of between human rights and politics….but is actually pro Mahathir.
    It is these political bloggers that give bad reputations and name in the blogging world…and very sad….much much more innocent bloggers are dragged into this bad reputation created by no one else…but by political bloggers. The innocent ones are the youngsters creating a blog to talk school stuffs….wanting to have pen music and movies..stuffs like that. They are also bloggers!!
    So if the political bloggers have any sense of responsibilities..dignity and principles in life…..they should form their own group…say it clearly…others cannot join them….and fight till kingdom come with the government for all we care.
    And by that way…they may have many of us supporting their righteousness…but stay away as a member…be it a blogger or a commentator.
    once well organized…..then government will need to pay serious attentions to bloggers.
    It is showing journalists are good in talking politics but lousy in managements….perhaps that’s why they are jobless. They do not want to change for the better. All we see are experts in organizing demonstrations….protest…parties..meeting this or that WITHOUT a proper set or rules and regulations. Which party or professional Organisation will take them seriously….and year mark them for employmenship? The way they talk…tell the characters cannot be relied upon. Again look at Sheih….Jeff and Susan….all employed…why?
    Political bloggers are daily churning out low class rumor mongering issues than facts.
    The good part…guilty people …even rumors are feeling the guilt and therefore certain rumors are good to keep them alert not to try funny things to the country….. but it also creates disunity amongst races and tensions that may spark up into bushes of fires ….unnecessarily. So political bloggers can be dangerous….if not checked and contained.
    So my friends…political bloggers are out to impress….get attentions to be employed…period.
    Don’t be fooled by their patriotic acts…no way are they patriotic..but for their own selfish reasons.

  123. monsterball says:

    bola…stop your nonsense…hahahha…good one!

  124. monsterball says:

    Now someone is spamming Susan’s blog with my nick here and and other site!
    Susan….4.53am is not mine. I recalled on who works night shift in factory doing that before.
    Is there a way you can check who is posting and copy my nick?
    Why do people do such things to blog owners?

  125. monsterball says:

    Whoever you are….shit head…put out your insults on me like a man.
    By copying my nick to confuse others…you have no balls.
    Worst of are spamming Susan’s blog.
    What do you gain? Are you trying to impress others how smart you are?
    I am an old man…and seeing such sickening Malaysian make me sad for our country….totally no respect for others …or elderly people. I am not talking about respect for me.. I am talking about our way of life…gone to the drain with Western low class influences.

  126. Guys says:

    Hello guys, monsterball. Focus on the issue.

    Jeff Ooi has crossed over to the DAP. Good or bad??

  127. hantutelur says:

    monty, if you are the one posting the lengthy analysis on malaysian bloggers/blogging, i salute you, i second to that thought and well, uncle, you really make most sense there. and i second to your opinion that this thread is getting damn heavy. Susan, i think you might consider a FSZ 2.0

  128. RoadRunner says:

    Before you heap praises on people like Jeff Ooi, consider this. Wasn’t he with Gerakan earlier. Why did he join the DAP?

    Those who eased him into the DAP probably lured him with promises of a nomination to one of the party’s safe constituencies in the coming GE. Is this fair to the others who have shown their undivided loyalties over the years for that nomination?

    Jeff Ooi or political wannabes like him should be made to earn his stripes. This speaks ill of certain members of the DAP leadership. There will be a lot of in-fighting as a result.

  129. hantutelur says:

    oops. i don’t mean this thread, but the Free Speech Zone

  130. DAP member says:

    The effect of Jeff Ooi joining the DAP and being promised a safe seat in the GE, will do more damage to the DAP. He is more of a computer nerd than a politician. I think he is abrasive in his relationship with others and does not have what it takes to be a politician. Period.

  131. monsterball says:

    hantutelur….You know the long post is me and thanks.
    Guys….Good or bad…why not you give your opinions? So many have said so much…have you read them?
    ‘”DAP member” commentator is definitely not a DAP member to talk like that…sure sign it is good news for DAP

  132. kittykat46 says:

    My take – Good for DAP, not so good for Jeff Ooi.
    Politics almost always seems to diminish the person, even if they become a success at being a politician. Its a dirty game, no matter what party you belong to.

    In a small way I’ve been struggling with such issues myself. I believe in social justice and democracy, and I’ve been active in voluntary work. Some people (political party members obviously) have been telling me to really make a difference I should join a political party. So far, I’ve refrained from such a step.

  133. monsterball says:

    Guys commentator talks like a teacher in the class room….telling us what to do….but have no brain to put out anything for others to read. Why can’t he keep quiet…or learn to ask politely.

  134. monsterball says:

    kittykat sound like a Gerakan man…sour grapes talking about Jeff’s bad decision to join DAP…while everyone is welcoming the idea as smart move…a win win situation for both.

  135. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty
    I’m an MCA man 🙂

  136. hutchrun says:

    MCA`s Wong Chun Wai is more powerful than Jeff Ooi?
    Today`s Star Pg. N20, Wong gives the impression he is privy to the Rulers` Council meetings.
    I suppose Wong is now a `sultan` or `raja` of sorts.

  137. monsterball says:

    Another party I hope will get out from the BN is the People’s Progressive Party…PPP as all know it….headed by Kayveas.}
    Initially….everyone is admiring how Kayveas style…exposing corruptions without fear nor favor…bringing him to the limelight.
    Then threatening to leave BN…if not treated well and given more seats to contest in coming general election. Now not given more seats…why not leave?
    You see…he has no confidence PPP can do better without BN….so why threaten anymore?

  138. monsterball says:

    So I am indirectly right kittykat…as Gerakan and MCA belongs to BN.
    No wonder you follow me wherever I go…hahahahaha
    So glad we can disagree by agreeing all these months and stay friendly.. Lets keep it that way.

  139. hantutelur says:

    “Those who eased him into the DAP probably lured him with promises of a nomination to one of the party’s safe constituencies in the coming GE. Is this fair to the others who have shown their undivided loyalties over the years for that nomination?”

    Exactly what I have been thinking. No doubt his presence in the party would give a new hope for the opposition, but an ex-Gerakan? A man with grudges is emo driven. I think he is just another trophy for DAP.

  140. KTemoc says:

    A political party needs high profile personalities to stand as candidates, much to the chagrin of those who struggle their way up the branch ladder, sometimes only after years of dedicated hardwork.

    It’s a tough call for the party leadership.

    On theory, a party has a greater chance of winning a seat if its candidate is high profile (and well liked – these two qualities are not automatically synonymous), clean and perceived by public to be capable of delivering.

    A party is also aware that to merely reward the old faithful’s with selection as election candidates may be good for morale but not necessarily brilliant for winning as many seats as possible to not only make an impact in parliament but convey an image as a credible party to the public, basically to show it’s not a pathetic one or two seat party, which is important for future elections – look at the PKR as the poor example of this perception.

    The downside is that selecting only parachuted hi profile personalities like Jeff (DAP) or Khairuddin (PKR – Ijok) would antagonise long time party faithful’s, especially the ambitious ones.

    The ruling party has the luxury of rewarding ‘selection-jilted’ party faithful’s with choice appointments, while our opposition leaders can only offer consoling words, which may sometimes be not enough. And internal sabotaging would occur, which if not remedied well could see the disintegration fo a party – oh, any party in mind as an example fo this?

    Tis a difficult juggling act for the leaders.

  141. monsterball says:

    KTemoc….please don’t compare Jeff to Khairuddin and especially using the Ijok by-election. Your logic is out of proportions.
    Ijok depends on unreliable Indian voters and PKR is nothing to compare with DAP.

  142. What? says:

    “Your logic is out of proportions.” monsterball

    What nonsense is that??? How could logic be out of proportions? It is either logical or not logical but never out of proportions. That is so retarded!

  143. KTemoc says:

    In Ijok the PKR did exactly what I mentioned in general – it picked a hi profile bloke (another factor was the majority Malay element) over a more established party faithful. So Narra left with a huff and puff.

    In the coming election the DAP has picked hi profile Jeff. Whether this would create resentment within DAP remains to be seen.

    So what’s wrong with the two examples of airborne troops versus mud-sloggers?

    And what do you mean by ‘unreliable’ Indian voters in Ijok? Explain ‘unreliable’!

    From the word “unreliable” are you saying that PKR had “relied” on Indian voters who turned out to be “unreliable”?

    Then, does that mean that Indian voters are only “reliable” if they had voted a certain party? Who decides that? Please explain.

  144. monstermeatball says:

    I’m the polite monstermeatball.

  145. monsterball says:

    Susan…8.47pm not mine!

  146. monsterball says:

    KMTemoc..Let other judge your comment…and my response…excluding the drop out medical student.

  147. Mine yours what does it matter, you morons!

  148. Cyber Police says:

    Monstermeathead, consider yourself warned!

  149. monsterbaII says:

    Susan… none of the above comments are mine! I’m in fact don’t exist

  150. notsosmart says:

    Looks like someones bought a cloning machine here. Don’t worry about them Monty. They could use all the balls they need, coz they themselves don’t have any balls at all. So…. they have to borrow yours. Give them the smelly one..hahahaha…Just ignore the nerd.

  151. wits0 says:

    “Looks like someones bought a cloning machine …”

    Maybe an elephant just release some dung and within minutes the bugs aka dung beetles appear and start making their own dung balls – a role that their lives are synonymous with…so very enterprising.

  152. monsterball says:

    Susan….12.35 is not mine.
    Thanks notsosmart. I am more concern about Susan’s blog having readers running away ….reading not intelligent stuffs created by this copycat.
    It is spamming the I see it.
    witsO….so the dungs have turned to worms..and the worms have been transformed to a human being right at Susan’s blog….smelling me as his target. Won’t be surprise it maybe a she .
    Where the heck is the TRANSFORMER promising to protect the world? Talk big and is no where around when we need IT…..hahahahaha

  153. citizen says:

    Many people seems quite unhappy with Jeff Ooi’s decision. He probably had expected negative feedback like this. If the man has made a decision for a better malaysia, hey.. respect the man! If not, go join the party of you like and do something. If you think he should stay where he was, who are you to say what people should do with their life? If he thinks DAP

  154. citizen says:

    Many people seems quite unhappy with Jeff Ooi’s decision. He probably had expected negative feedback like this. If the man has made a decision for a better malaysia, hey.. respect the man! If not, go join the party of you like and do something. If you think he should stay where he was, who are you to say what people should do with their life? If he thinks DAP

  155. citizen says:

    Many people seems quite unhappy with Jeff Ooi’s decision. He probably had expected negative feedback like this. If the man has made a decision for a better malaysia, hey.. respect the man! If not, go join the party of you like and do something. If you think he should stay where he was, who are you to say what people should do with their life? If he thinks DAP is the place he can do best, what is the harm giving the man a chance to perform?

    I’m not pro DAP, I voted BN but now I know it was a bloody mistake.

  156. malaysianpeople says:

    I voted BN and i fully regretted just because the BN candidate was my friend

  157. billauchris says:

    Jeff did join the DAP. He moved to Penang and if I am not mistakentoo part in the 12th General Election on 8th march 2008 and emerged victor for the Julutong Parliamentary Constituency.

    For the daring feat of diving from the blogosphere to the “politicosphere” and won the contest, I congratulate you, Jeff.

    Personally I am happy that Jeff moved his base to Penang which really needs people like him who dare to speak up without fear and favour. There is what I deem as progress and change for the better.

    But, I am not too happy with what that is brewing up in Perak where two of the DAP members were offered, according to the press, RM65-80 million
    to cross over. If the deal is successful, we just see Perak go back to the BN. I hope the PR keeps a close watch of their respective MPs and ensure that there is no traitors within who could betray the trust of the public.

    My advice to PR is never to let the press know your plans in advance and fight your battle through the press on whatever issue. Never volunteer your information to the BN-controlled press.

    MP Siva is playing with fire. Firstly, he threatened to resign; secondly, he was approached by some guy from BN offerring him a handsome price to cross over and now he just made a police report. You are still not well formed and gdrounded as a Malaysian politician. In my assessment, within you, you are still a racist. Prove me if I am wrong.

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