Aiyoyo…what have we become? Before one murder case is solved, another happens…apa sudah jadi, man? Lets wait and see how this one unfolds…the thing about these murders, it’s not only about the murder that is questionable, the performance of the police force comes into question too. For this one, it’s too soon to tell…

Remember, not too long ago, there was also hot news about a certain minister’s son and a certain ‘high profile sex scandal’ .

Whether true or not (their involvement), our ministers are getting really famous (for all the wrong reasons) these days with all kinds of scandals appearing in the news. Welcome to Bolehwood! 


The police are investigating the possibility of foul play in the death of a well-known local Indian actress who was also the former private secretary to the son of a senior cabinet minister.

Contacted today, Sentul district police chief ACP K Kumaran confirmed that his officers were investigating the death of K Sujatha.

“We will be investigating her cause of death and whether there was any foul play, we have not ruled out suicide (either). We’ll then see if a inquest is needed.

“It is still too early to tell what had happened to Sujatha,” he added.

Following her death, a Tamil newspaper had reported that she had died of a ‘mysterious illness’. Her remains have since been cremated.

The 29-year-old actress died in her apartment in Jalan Ipoh, Sentul, on June 25. Her body was later taken to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang for post-mortem.

Police report

Kumaran revealed the status of the case when asked to comment on a police report filed by PKR supreme council member S Manickavasagam with the Brickfields district police headquarters this morning.

The report, in relation to the circumstances surrounding Sujatha’s death, was based on a two-page letter he had received via express post from an anonymous person.

The letter was posted from Jelapang, Ipoh, in Perak and addressed to the PKR headquarters in Brickfields.

The letter alleged that the senior cabinet minister’s son was involved in Sujatha’s death and requested the opposition party to pursue the matter.

“Please help us, we are poor people. (The minister) and (his son) are powerful,” read the letter written in broken Bahasa Malaysia, which named the minister and his son.

The letter also implicated Kumaran and accused the Sentul police chief of accepting bribes in order to close the case.

However, Kumaran denied the allegation.

“I have not seen the police report (lodged by Manickavasagam). I only knew about it last night when I received a SMS (short message service) about it.

“Investigations are being carried out. My officers and I have nothing to hide. We’re not scared. I’m concerned why my name is implicated because I know for sure I instructed for a fair investigation to be carried out,” he said.

Kumaran said he will get a copy of Manickavasagam’s police report before considering his next course of action.

Speaking to reporters later, Manickavasagam urged the police to immediately probe the serious allegations raised in the letter.

He also wanted to know why Sujatha’s body was taken to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang when Hospital Kuala Lumpur is located much closer to the deceased’s apartment.


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  1. Libra says:

    The police will say,” no foul play. case closed.” What else can we do?

  2. Linda Frater says:

    Is something going on? With RPK. I can’t get into the MT website again. It was okay earlier on, so what’s up?

  3. monsterball says:

    Case closed lah Libra…..but another minister…not happy…case open again….then more bribes make braver statements saying minister has no right to this or that. Ii is police case…don’t interfere….case close’ You see…it depends of the money up front…..more…better explanations.
    Have wenot seen how our badminton players performed before? But luckily some realised itis wrong….then look at the sickening football.
    Strange plays also seem to creep into Hockey team…and look at the all new ones…different strokes. You mean the old guys cannot play well> Put huge money up front …they will play like their lives depending winning every game. No money…no stick talk…or foot talk…but hands seem to talk well in badminton…and Nicol is by herself….no Malaysian or minister busybody… coach … no politics.

  4. Hajar says:

    Monsterball apparently has taken heed of my advice and seems to have taken his medication.

    Monsterball, you must not only take your medications every day for the rest of your life since ADS is a life long affliction involving the mind, you must do so at the same time each day as prescribed by your doctor.

  5. eng says:

    now not sure if Samy’s gangster will make any move to threaten the family OR maybe he will kneel on Badawi’s door.
    Is it another pre-election thingy to make sure the MIC kow tow completely to the UMNO ??

  6. monsterball says:

    Hajah has a mouth….talking nothing sensible…but barking like my Pug dog..trying to get attention.

  7. monsterball says:

    But judging the way he talks….cannot be a Pug..but the mongrel I took pity and bring home…body full of ticks and sores are attacking his brain… begging for attention and help… to give him medicine. Let him suffer and talk cock..who cares!!

  8. Hajar says:

    Ooops! I take back what I said about monsterball having taken his medication.

  9. Billy says:

    Strange, I was the only one who could access MT. All others have failed to get in, I think. Anyone here who has visited the site for the last 1 hour??

  10. moses foo says:

    RPK was saying something about Welcome home PM…something cooking there…

  11. monsterball says:

    Billy…not everyone is interested in MT blog…or what RPK is saying. It is of late….people are concern about him….now all settled…why do we want to visit him again?
    But for your information….I took your cue and click to it…all okay…getting one more hit for me for nothing….hahahahahaha

  12. monsterball says:

    Yip Billy..I read what RPK said about PM. He is living to the letter as best anti-government blog in Malaysia. he can even make nothing to something….and obviously someone is feeding him with informations that are so secretive…yet he knows. One guess who feeds him….you tell me.
    I just read and let the two devils in UMNO curse each other with their wayang kulit played day in day out…no work….but talk cock and cocksure to get voted in again. Do you agree?

  13. Cyber Police says:

    Mr. Lim Kit Siang, the Leader of the Opposition calls and rightly so for commentators to act as moderators. He says:

    “Peer-moderated blog

    This blog will adopt peer-moderation for comments. As word filters and other measures are not bombproof, on the odd occasion malicious comments can still slip through. You are invited to be the blog’s final line of defence against possible sabotage by malicious comments. If you spot a comment that you feel is inappropriate, please send an email to pointing out which comment may be offensive. Let’s work as a team. Thanks. ”

    Of late there have been comments which make a mockery of free speech. This has to stop!

  14. darick says:

    aiyoyo…. after sometime….. the AG will tell the polis to close the case bcos all allegation are baseless…. AG hari-hari cakap macam ni, saya pun boleh jadi AG lah….! what to do? BN is the producer, director, script writer & actors….m’sia bolehwood! vote them out & save m’sia once & for all……!

  15. anakbanjar says:

    Ayoyo sami (not intentionally insinuating anybody).

    We need scandals, one over the other, so that the rakyat is confused. More will be coming before the election, by which time the brain is numbed enough to continue voting the BN!!

  16. Paul Warren says:

    Can it be, Indian Minister a little more clever than Malay Minister/Consultant whatever….so maybe more clever to hide any incriminating stuff? You can always learn from mistake of Malay Minister/Consultant whatever isn’t it?

    I think this one non-issue la.

  17. Cyber Police says:

    So any posting here that fits that description please email @

  18. Anonymous says:

    OOT : I love the cat..


  19. hutchrun says:

    OOT : I love the cat..
    I must agree to that. Usually spend a few seconds looking at it. I really do love that cat – so gung-ho 🙂

  20. bamboo river says:

    Hajar or rajaH?????????
    If you are interested to engage with monsterball, may I suggest you go to FSZ?
    If not just let your mind speak on the current posting by Susan.
    You have been tailing Monty since the last posting.
    Please take note.
    On the above issue, definitely smelled a dead rat.

  21. […] Another mysterious politically-linked murder? Aiyoyo…what have we become? Before one murder case is solved, another happens…apa sudah jadi, man? Lets […] […]

  22. Cyber Police says:

    I think there is a lot to be said about limiting one handle to one IP address like what you see in Lim Kit Siang’s blog. Otherwise you have posters masquerading as another, and through the multiple use of different nicks etc causing in the process a lot of attrition and aggravation which is very distracting.

    Also there should be word filters to filter out obscenities.

  23. wits0 says:

    I agree with Bamboo and Monty in that using multiple handles(and even making threat anywhere under a different one) demonstrates, at least, unreliability and dishonesty, no matter what was being said.

  24. Boys and girls! Can we move on? Do not let one poster’s use of obscenities distract the rest of us who believe in freedom of speech.

  25. kittykat46 says:

    Hajar sounds a lot like Rajah…coincidence or split personality ?
    Too early to make any sense out of what happened to Sujatha.
    My MIC source did tell me the Senior Politician’s son is an arrogant, dangerously out-of-control SOB. But the source is a Subramaniam loyalist, so he has his own point of view.

    Everything in Bolehland seems to be done with smoke and mirrors these days. The daily morning Star and NST are just like a mind-deadening, feel-good SOMA.
    Anyone who has read “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley will know what I mean.

  26. flabbergast! says:

    […] driving me insane. Yet, it doesn’t seem to stop people from political theories that could be outright scandal whether we believe it or not. It’s always sooo hard to […]

  27. Linda Frater says:

    Speak for yourself, monsterball. A lot of people are interested in RPK’s MT.

  28. yh says:

    it must be the global warming. too hot, then too much rain. floods abound and parliament leaks. no time to guide his son. hmm…karma?
    she commited suicide? but others were told that she died of cancer. after all this, why was she sent to Klang Hospital. who is to answer this?
    lucky this boy, this is Bolehland. everything will be ok. dont worry, like the song said. oops, the writer and singer of this song committed suicide. what an irony!

  29. monsterball says:

    hi flabbergast..I said ‘not everyone is interested”. I did not say
    “everyone is not interested”
    Read carefully!!

  30. monsterball says:

    huh what Linda Frater……my English not clear enough?

  31. monsterball says:

    sorry flabbergast…my 8.30PM message was for Linda.

  32. monsterball says:

    hi Linda..You are an American…correct?
    May I on behalf of Susan and all welcome you to blog in Malaysia.
    I am glad you like MT blog and shows we Malaysians are broad minded and a bunch of jokers too.
    I also like MT blog and RPK is a fantastic story teller..exciting and witty.
    But not all Malaysians treat him we know our country very well.
    So go enjoy his blog…and perhaps you want a laugh or to Susan’s “Free Speech Zone”.
    Read and then feel free to talk anything and we will response and have fun with you.
    Meanwhile …have a nice SUNDAY.

  33. Linda Frater says:

    You’re an idiot for believing everything you read.

  34. monsterball says:

    Linda…We both agree then…..but arn’t some of us love to be idiots at times and laugh away than be hypocrites…..hahahahahahaha

  35. monsterball says:

    hi Linda…You are famous on current post. ALL talking about you…as if you don’t know.
    WOW!! All says you are gorgeous looking….but old fart like me…can look differently and I say your character is full of shit.

  36. dlquill says:

    hey anyone got the life history of s sujatha? i am sure she didnt commit suicide, got lots of future.

  37. dlquill says:

    i wonder who the senior minister is? so powerful and dangerous, can he put the igp or pm in his pocket?

  38. urge overkilled says:

    it must be the global warming. too hot, then too much rain. floods abound and parliament leaks. no time to guide his son. hmm…karma?
    she commited suicide? but others were told that she died of cancer. after all this, why was she sent to Klang Hospital. who is to answer this?
    lucky this boy, this is Bolehland. everything will be ok. dont worry, like the song said. oops, the writer and singer of this song committed suicide. what an irony!

  39. urge overkilled says:

    it must be the global warming. too hot, then too much rain. floods abound and parliament leaks. no time to guide his son. hmm…karma?
    she commited suicide? but others were told that she died of cancer. after all this, why was she sent to Klang Hospital. who is to answer this?
    lucky this boy, this is Bolehland. everything will be ok. dont worry, like the song said. oops, the writer and singer of this song committed suicide. what an irony!


    They say sweeter the sin bitter the taste in your mouth. This is a classic example of life,what goes around comes around. The son he is a nice guy after all,i know him in person. His stature and position lead into all these trouble waters.

  40. ktak says:

    A father, his son and the actress who swallowed weed killer

    By Baradan Kuppusamy

    JAN 16 – The upcoming inquest into the death of K. Sujatha, actress and former personal secretary to Vel Paari, the son of embattled MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, will be explosive and is likely to be politically damaging to both father and son.

    The son is just emerging, politically, out of his father’s shadow and is ambitious to carve out a political career for himself as his father departs from the political stage is imminent.

    But the inquest, in which Vel Paari is expected to be a star witness, could possibly damage his political career.

    A key question the Feb 13 inquest will determine is whether Sujatha was murdered, as alleged by some opposition politicians, or had committed suicide by consuming weed killer.

    Either way questions would be raised during the inquest over how and why she died, why she was rushed from her apartment in Kuala Lumpur to the Klang hospital some 30km away and why her body was hurriedly cremated.

    “This inquest is long overdue and I hope all these questions are answered,” said Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam, the PKR leader who put the issue in the public arena and made a name for himself as a opposition firebrand and is a fierce critic of Samy Vellu, Vel Paari and former Sentul OCP ACP K.Kumaran over the handling of Sujatha’s death.

    Kumaran has since filed a multi- million dollar defamation suit against Manivasagam for alleging he covered up the case. Vel Paari has repeatedly denied any improper involvement in her death.

    It has been widely speculated that Val Paari had a relationship with the actress when Sujatha worked as his private secretary at Maika Holdings where Paari, Samy Vellu’s only son, is CEO.

    The inquest at the Magistrates Court 2 in Jalan Duta will be before Coroner Mohd Faizi bin Abu.

    Police extensively probed the case and questioned Paari at length but never made public their findings, which are likely to be revealed at the inquest.

    The unresolved controversy surrounding her death was a key issue exploited by the opposition to discredit Samy Vellu, the MIC and consequently caused the BN the Indian votes in the general election.

    Political analysts say it is significant that the inquest is being held now, nearly two years after her death, and at a time when Samy Vellu is mired in numerous controversies including his still unknown plans to hand over power of the party to a yet unnamed successor.

    The inquest, MIC insiders said, will pile the pressure on Samy to hand over power sooner rather than later.

    Sujatha, 29, died on June 25, 2007 at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang after she swallowed weed killer.

    She is said to have confessed on her death bed to what had actually taken place at her apartment but that confession has also never been revealed.

    Manikavasagam, who accused Kumaran of covering up the case, had claimed that he had proof of foul play linking Vel Paari to the case and lodged several police reports alleging the same.

    But Paari denied any involvement. He was questioned at length by a special Bukit Aman team that took over the investigation from the Sentul police.

    Manikavasagam has also asked the Bar Council to hold a watching brief at the inquest.

  41. Libra 22 says:

    Former Minister & still MIC Presidents Son. You think he will be proven guilty. Dream On. They have all the money to buy of anybody. Their powers are unlimited. They can go ahead and swindle all the Indian Money in Malika Holdings and till to date not charge for anything or being jail for money laundring. Do you really think that K.Sujatha family members will agrue or reject if they were given mega compensation amt.
    Start Thinking My Fellow Indian Mates.
    You Work Hard You Get Paid. That’s all.
    Basic Rule Of Life.

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