Long Yew Foo, a SINCHEW reporter sent me some questions on the current blogger situation today. I didn’t quite made the deadline, so I thought I may as well share my answers here with you (my answers in bold):

1. What do you think, will the government act against boggers who belittle Islam and the King﹖

If the government targets you, it can do anything. They have arrested blogger and PKR webmaster Nat Tan without proving he is guilty. It can happen to any of us, any time, for any reason, without consideration for rule of law or justice.

2.Government said they want to impose some regulations to tighten up the rules and regulation on bloggers.Are you going to stop writing or become more “careful” in writing blogs?

NO! I am a responsible blogger. I believe in sharing information, in clarification and exposing untruths. I will continue to do so. There is no reason to be more careful than I already am.

I believe in freedom of speech and that there are consequences, especially in a repressive state. But I do caution my commentators to be on the watch out. They can get you anytime also if they want. Why let them get to me, to get to you?

3. Nazri’s recent statement:”In the name of freedom,these websites allow the broadcast of slander,lies and swearing,the use of harsh,degrading language and racial slurs without regard for the reader or those concerned”How far this statement from true?Why?

If it slander, lies and swearing, prove it. Tell us the truth. When you arrest a blogger for doing such thing, how are we to know whether what he says is truth or lies. Because it his/her words against You/the government. Why not refute his allegations with facts and figures. If a blogger lies, soon he will have no readers. We, readers, are NOT morons.

4.Is is possible for Malaysia’s government to control bloggers?Why?

The government can do anything it wants because the authority and laws are in their hands. Why? So that they can continue to carry out injustice, and those who speak against them will be punished.

5.Based on your opinion,why does the government suddenly want to regulate blogs on internet?

a) because bloggers are getting more popular than the government controlled media, therefore whatever propaganda the government wants to tell us will not work

b) the ruling parties within the government (UMNO) is having an internal/leadrship crisis, so its best to silence bloggers who might and can expose these truth

c) general election is coming, BN not confident of winning significantly, so better threaten bloggers and at the same time, threaten all those who practise and believe in free speech.

So, at the end of the day, it will be only the government/BN/Umno propaganda that reaches the rakyat.

Long ended his mail by saying “Thank you for your concern,and really looking forward from blogger’s voice rather than one side story”.

And you, my friends, are welcomed to add in your views.


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  1. Benji Wong says:

    Investigate Malaysia Today Allegations On Muhammad Muhammad Taib Petition



    New Petition…

    Citizens In Solidarity with Raja Petra and Freedom of Speech !


  2. hutchrun says:

    Looks like Muhamad2 may have had intentions to be the next PM, but oxfart boys have got him snookered.
    They are using the s`pore media now to bring him down after instigating him to lodge the reports – knowing very well the dungu is an idiot in a hurry.

  3. wits0 says:

    The blandest one from the pantheon wanna climb even higher, eh. Pride cometh before the fall.

  4. omigosh says:

    Yes, the Barisan (Alliance) Government had it good in the last 50 years when it came to spreading their propoganda through the highly-controlled mainstream media. They allowed only news and information that they want the people to hear and were quick to label alternative news or activist as ‘communist’, ‘subversive’ or irresponsible. Now bloggers and alternative news sites like Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today have given Malaysian a certain degree of ‘freedom of speech and information’ and Barisan and UMNO particularly are scared shit. Blogstats for Malaysia Today for example can reach as high as 1.5 to 2 million a day which is awesome. This is certainly a threat to the ruling party as their influence and hold on political power is getting shaky particularly among the younger generation. They are going all out to curb dissent and bloggers. Bloggers it would be wise to follow Susan’s word of caution and publish news that are ‘evidence-based’ rather than mere speculation, rumours or personality bashing.

  5. boh tong says:

    They (Malaysian Govt.) can’t get you,can they when you are in Thailand?
    What about me in S’pore? Can they arrest me too?

  6. sloone says:

    boh tong, the msian govt can get us no matter where we are.

  7. monsterball says:

    Have RPK really offended the King? NONSENSE.
    Don’t be afraid….the more you are afraid…the more they will be brave to do unreasonable things…and we cannot criticize them.
    Freedom of Speeches are twisted and turnabout to suit their whims and fancies.
    I am ready to protest with Black and others to support RPK or anyone else.
    Four letter words are now deemed offensive…yet 2 hours for letter words DVD movies are for sale all over Malaysia.
    Bloggers are getting more united and differences of bloggers are there to see..but all must unite…if one blogger gets into trouble….that’s the unity bloggers must have. When everything is peaceful…you go your way…I go my way is best. political bloggers can never be grouped together with human rights into one so call association.Once that’s settle…Bloggers United will have the strength and stuffs that the government will be afraid of. Lets get organised!

  8. khairil says:

    i ve been reading very closely a few popular sopo blogs including this one and this is my first comment ever. honestly, most people as young as i am wouldnt even bother about the current political events but honestly it is very inspiring for me, as a young malaysian, to see and experience that we are moving towards a political revolution. i just wanna say thank you for being here.

  9. […] shuts up bloggers The government controlled Malaysian news agency Bernama writes (via Susan Loone) about the government’s plan to take “tough action against web bloggers who write on […]

  10. kasi naik says:

    susan – i wonder sinchew will publish wat u told them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. omigosh says:

    Khairil, welcome to blogosphere. Yes for one as young as you and taking an interest in issues such as human rights, justice and freedom is indeed wonderful. All of us are involved in this hoping that the ‘polictical revolution’ as you termed it will bring about a better Malaysia for all races, be it Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc. But sometimes peace and freedom does not come without a price. Good luck in your struggle.

  12. JerryWho says:

    correction: Nat is NOT PKR webmaster.

    the real mccoy is someone else.

  13. itoldusob4 says:

    hi susan, what’s ur response (if any) to this comment by …25/07: UMNO Info Chief did a police report against Malaysia Today
    Biggum Dogmannsteinberg…”Then again, in other blog, moderators purposely and irresponsibly allowed slanderous lies and defamatory remarks against leaders and even HRH Malay Rulers be posted and continuously linger for public consumption, like in the case of Susan Loone.”…why would he make such a comment on your blog? Has he missed the point?

  14. wits0 says:

    BigGum Fauxdog is simply furious for being banned from here.

  15. sloone says:


    Susan Loone has no time of day for the likes of Biggum or what’s his name. This type, and a few others, cannot understand why Susan Loone, does not want to join their fold. Well, they are preoccupied with Susan Loone. Can you blame them?

    Hahahaha. They’ve been trying to get my attention, spreading lies and slander about me when they don’t know a single bit about me.

    So, I suggest you also dont waste time with the likes of them.

  16. sloone says:


    “dear susan loone,
    this is reporter from sinchew daily.

    thanks for ur comment.and we did published ur comment together with the statement of reporters without border. im afraid that u might not understand chinese words and need translation.

    we published at page 6,second top column.published date is 27/7/07.


    Best regards,

    Sinchew Daily Reporter
    Long Yew Foo
    Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad (http://www.sinchew.com.my)


    so if any of you guys and gals know chinese, look out for me lah, ok? :=)

  17. monsterball says:

    Susan….ni how mah? Wa tin tow ni chai mee kwuok. chor sem mok? chia ka mee quok ren ah….hahahahaha
    chieo ku ni cher chi how2 . wai lai…amin her ni ke war chin hurt char…how put how?
    chia cian

  18. monsterball says:

    Susan…ne hu tok ma? mm hu…ngo kon kwon toon wa. tian kon ni hay mai kwok…hai mi hai?
    amin kwon ni wan mai kuok low….kar pa ki…churn kar?….hahahahahaha
    chew ku sen chi ho2
    fun lay….ngo chian yum char.
    choi keen

  19. monsterball says:

    Big Dog….you say…itoldusob4?? Why he will write about anybody or anything against UMNO and Mahathir. That’s his job.
    He is anti all….but cunningly anti Pak Lah …supporting Mahathir and under payroll of Umno….yet not loyal to whole of UMNO…..what do you call that?…partisan???
    From the above…you can know how successful Mahathir have educated some malays …how to be liars and shit pots and play out their boss like he did.. for 22years. But our beloved Tunku’s wishes and warning were heeded and fulfilled.

  20. monsterball says:

    Susan….qua kitek lu i kon ang beng hwei.
    hemang lu kor sinti hoho di be kuork. tulai …..qua chiar lim te…chiak swee swee hoi sim ….hoe bo hor?

  21. […] occasions both here at Blogwatch.eu and my own blog, it is not at all uncommon that prominent Malaysian bloggers are intimidated by the law enforcing officials. There are more arrests and lawsuits against bloggers in Malaysia […]

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