Never lose focus. Never let your thoughts be derailed. Never let them threaten you. Let bloggers come and go. I am back on the Altantuya murder trial. Today, I am laughing again, but seriously, I think today’s witness – the police chief interrogator should be sacked, don’t you?

Though I’d be happy if I were the guilty party or the accused in a murder trial.

I gathered from Malaysiakini that the Federal CID interrogation branch chief DSP Zainudin Abdul Samad did not take down notes when he visited the crime scene on Nov 6 last year, during investigations into the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu. He agreed with Azilah’s lawyer Hazman Ahmad that this was a high-profile case but said he did not take down notes because he did not think he would be called as a witness.

How can, man? Was he born yesterday or what?

The lawyer was said to be “visibly annoyed” when the police officer failed to recollect many things. Perhaps, h even slept during the journey to the murder site? He disagreed. However, he could not remember making calls during the journey, but the lawyer pointed out that he had.

Well, this CID couldn’t even remember the full name of the first accused in Malaysia’s trial of the century! Later he said he remembers that Azilah Hadri “doesn’t like lying”. Now who would believe him? Very poor witness lah.

I think yet another witness thrown out the court!


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  1. kk says:

    poor stage performer!


  2. wits0 says:

    Part and parcel of the, “I dunno” psyche manifesting downstream wat.

  3. hutchrun says:

    Heading for a `mistrial` by the looks of it. The judge has said he`ll make a ruling on whether she was actually murdered later. No body no case.
    Sunny Ang case comes to mind – he was hanged tho`.

  4. kittykat46 says:

    Some months ago I wrote in your comments page that I feared there could be “deliberate incompetence” in the prosecution of this case.

    This is becoming clearer by the day.

    My reaction to the news above was WTF ?
    Police ALWAYS take notes during an investigation.
    Its standard operating procedure.
    They even have a standard sized notebook which fits in their uniform pocket, so they will never be caught not being able to note down what they see and hear.

    BTW I have relatives who are senior police officers (you can’t choose your relatives… 🙂 )…

  5. hadhari says:

    Azilah Hadri “doesn’t like lying”.
    Azilah Hadri doesn’t like being in court, charged with murder.
    Azilah Hadri doesn’t like having to cover his head with his dirty underwear while walking to and from court.
    Azilah Hadri doesn’t like to be hanged for his crime.

    (note: hadhari, i had to delete the three last lines from your comment. you made direct accusations of murder when an accused is proven innocent until guilty).

  6. luclai says:

    and i suppose the prosecution just let it be. yes, it is becoming clearer day by day the prosecution is defence no. 2

  7. omigosh says:

    I think the only reasonably good witness till now is Chief Inspector Ho, who was steadfast in his testimony and took down notes in his police diary. The rest are all incompetent, inept, probably paid off or plain fools. I fear that justice for Altantunya may NOT be served.

  8. ghenjis khan says:

    The Prosecution need only to show the relavant events involving persons allegedly commiting the capital offence …

    the crucial witnesses have been brought to testify ….

    the fact that a body has been blown to pieces remain INTACT and 3 xpersons have been charged ….

    at the end of the Prosecution Case, the Judge need only bring those facts together and look at it from TOTAL POINT of VIEW …..

    Call for the defence … and we will see the next stage of Cross-Examinations, denial, more proofs, and all kinds things will emerge ….

    Somewhere therein, lies the truth …. two words will become crucial REASONABLE DOUBT …

    and not UNreasonable doubts !

  9. Rajah says:

    “note: hadhari, i had to delete the three last lines from your comment. you made direct accusations of murder when an accused is proven innocent until guilty).”

    No, Susan. You are not ‘proven innocent’ in any case. Innocence has nothing to do with the legal process. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is the presumption of innocence that guides our legal process, like those of the other English common law students.

    An accused walks not because he is innocent but because he is not proven guilty – and not proven guilty ‘beyond any reasonable doubt’. It is not beyond any doubt but only reasonable doubt.

  10. Rajah says:

    ooops, sorry ‘jurisdictions’ not ‘students’ what am i talking bout??

  11. Rajah says:

    You’re right Khan.

    We all know the two did the murder. How else would they know where she had been killed and where explosives had been used to try and dispose of the body since without a body there can be no murder (followed by attempt to delete all traces of her ever being in the country)?

    “Guilty beyond any reasonable’ doubt is not always an issue in all cases.

    Judges are not required, indeed they are discouraged from going unnecessarily into the complex legal definition of what is ‘reasonable doubt’ when addressing the jury. Since Malaysia does not have jury trials, this is not a problem. All the judge needs to do is remind himself on the law regarding ‘proof of beyond reasonable doubt’ when he applies it in his judgment.

  12. Rajah says:

    We all know the two did the murder.

    But knowing the two did the murder is not enough to convict them – sad to say. The prosecution and the legal system generally has to prove they did the murder beyond a reasonable doubt. These two can still walk free.

  13. Rajah says:

    In my opinion for what it is worth, the prosecution has their case going badly for them.

    1. Sirul’s confession has been ruled as being less than voluntary and therefore in law inadmissible as evidence. Confessions are by definition true;

    2. Defense has attempted to create reasonable doubt as to who entered first into Sirul’s apartment. If a police officer entered ahead of Sirul for whatever reason then he could have planted personal effects said to belong to the victim. Defense does not need to prove he did but just that there was a possibility that the police did and no one remembers or could be sure.

    3. I’m not sure if the prosecution has tried to offer Azilah’s confession as evidence. But I’m sure if they did, it would have been ruled inadmissible though relevant by the judge following his earlier ruling over Sirul’s confession. There is more likelihood of that confession being admitted and yet it was ruled out.

    4. Then there is this about Azilah being told to accompany the police to where they were going i.e. he did not lead the police to the scene of the crime but was led by police to the scene the police had reasons to believe was the scene of the crime.

    5. The voire dire over the application of the evidence allowed under Sec. 27 Evidence Act has yet to be deliberated. But if the judge rules that the fact that Azilah and Sirul both led the police to the scene of the crime which only the killers would know, then their both their fates are as good as sealed. But who knows some judges have arrived through the use of convoluted reasoning to then say it does not prove the guilt of the accused!

    As for Razak Baginda, the evidence so far shows he employed various people to keep the victim away from him and his family – after all the fury of a woman scorned knows no limits.

  14. Rajah says:

    So you guys out there know that the chances of you being run over by a truck are much less than being murdered by a woman scorned.

  15. monsterball says:

    Rajah keep repeating and repeating his messages on the case.
    I guess he wants to show how smart he is.
    Susan….Why are we not surprised? What qualities do we have in the police force is daily exposed by how the so call high ranking guys answer to the questions.
    The case is getting no where like a criminal case…but a mismanaged case of some sort.

  16. ghenjis khan says:

    what is dismal about this almost a farcical prosecution is the state of poor preparedness and extremely unsystematic investigations ….

    displaying lack of professionalism of mind you graduates Police Officers and legal officers [they don’t have to pass CLP or do the Bar-at-Law] ..

    [I would say, the Chemist Prime Minister [ex-Oxford] would make a better PP … ]

    for those following the English traditions, it was worth reading and going through the whole trials at the Old Bailey or Manchester and Birmingham … trials about murder, and mayhem …

    and then, they would have one highly spirited writer would write a book to show proofs of their innocence …..

    meanwhile, the QCs and PP [they even had the PP Sir something to prosecute ] would fight ..until their summaries ….

    and the words, phrases … and the logic of the arguments are something to savour ….

    one time, the Judge would don the black pieceof cloth over his beautiful locks of goats hair to pronouce the death sentence ….. but they abolished it altogether except for treason !

    and the newspaper the Observer, particular would be the most investigative … Sunday Times too, I suppose …

    I will again have faith in the Courts the moment the DYMM Agong would march with the Lord Chief Justice and the Justices along a procession equivalent in STATUS to the opening of Dewan Raayat … and all the retired Judges may attend as a College of Judges !

    it shows that the Judiciary is INDEPENDENT of the Legislature and Executive …

    and the Lord Chief Justice pay and Status is the same if not more than the Prime Minister ….

  17. Rajah says:

    “I gathered from Malaysiakini that the Federal CID interrogation branch chief DSP Zainudin Abdul Samad did not take down notes when he visited the crime scene…” Susan

    Police note books are not evidence. It is their sworn testimony in court that is evidence. Police officers often need to use their police notebooks to refresh their memories since court cases come years after the incident or incidents.

  18. Rajah says:

    Such memory refreshing is allowed in court because often police officers have no recollection. Police notebooks are used only for that purpose. Otherwise their use would infringe on the law against hearsay.

  19. Rajah says:

    “Police ALWAYS take notes during an investigation.
    Its standard operating procedure.
    They even have a standard sized notebook which fits in their uniform pocket, so they will never be caught not being able to note down what they see and hear.”

    You’re right about what they “see and hear’ because that would constitute evidence – but not what they record in their notebooks because to repeat in court what is written therein as proof of truth of their contents would be hearsay and therefore inadmissible.

    The police witness is allowed to read with the court’s permission what he wrote in his note book in an attempt to refresh his memories.

  20. Rajah says:

    Assuming monsterball has not forgotten to take his medications today, perhaps he’d like to help us understand what ‘proof beyond reasonable doubt’ means.

  21. monsterball says:

    It is proof beyond any reasonable doubt you are a braggart and posting long long repeated messages to spam Susan’s blog… overseas and try instigate locals with your hero worshiping of USA.
    It is beyond any reasonable doubt…you are a snake..who ran away from Malaysia for personal benefits…and blame others are the reasons you left.
    It is beyond any reasonable stick only to Susan’s do your dirty work…to repeat and repeat your nonsense.
    It is beyond any reasonable doubt that Susan is fully aware of it all. is beyond any reasonable doubt…you are not a gentleman…said goodbye and came back again and again… ..breaking promises not once…but few times.Such thick skinned character cannot be trusted at all.

  22. monsterball says:

    Rajah is a typical empty vessels making the most noise…trying to proof he knows so much about doubtful laws and justice. He is even proving he is a soothsayer….can predict the outcome of the case… easy as that.
    Anyone with no much knowledge of legal matters may think he speaks so well on laws…but trace it properly…you can see his objectives and agenda.
    He tried to belittle Malaysia while living in USA and hero worship USA. I have exposed him …now toned down.
    Do you think such a person….whatever he put out…will care for us in Malaysia? He is a damn coward..running away from the country and want to talk like us…do you think he is qualified to do so? Then why is repeating long long sickening messages at Susan’s blog? To spam the blog!!
    This Rajah have not one ounce of good intentions for us…but instigate and run away to see us suffer.
    Now on Atlantuya matter…he is simply such a smart way….Susan cannot delete him.
    Lets see after this case…what else he will apply his so call “proof beyond reasonable doubt” art.

  23. monsterball says:

    Did you notice this snaky bloke teaching Susan ‘reasonable doubt” interpretations of the law….with no respect…nor manners to Susan as Blog owner?
    This pariah Rajah is badly brought up.

  24. Rajah says:

    It is almost midnight in Malaysia. Over here it is mid-afternoon. It is not surprising that he has difficulty sleeping. He has forgotten to take his medication again. ADS is a serious affliction.

  25. Rajah says:


    It’s the same all over the world. Everyone loves to hate the police – and at times they have good reasons to do so. Police brutality, police corruption, police cover-up and police what-have-you – even police ineptitude. But it is not the police who decides if an accused is guilty or not guilty. Ah yes! We must not forget the conspiracy buffs among us. They too would like their fifteen minutes of fame.

    But in the context of the Mongolian murder trial, and in the context of the testimony given so far by DSP Zainuddin who interrogated the fist accused, it is a little too early to say what really happened. We have to wait for the X-examination and re-examination by both counsel to find if Azilah’s confession has been forced out of him by DSP Zainuddin, or that the police under Inspector Koh led Azilah to the scene of the crime or Azilah led the police to the scene of the crime.

    There is no evidence so far that Azilah was interrogated at odd hours of the day and night, depriving him of sleep, not given food and drinks when needed, denying him of his right to pray five times a day etc. Sleep deprivation is known to have led to hallucinations. Lock-up Rules are made for a reason. It records everything including who comes in, when etc.

    But of course, if Parliament amends the Penal Code tomorrow making “failure to take medication as prescribed by his doctor while suffering from ADS” an offense, I would love to lock ‘monsterball’ and throw away the key! Never mind, the Lock-Up Rules!

  26. rm says:

    guys cool down ,why are we heating eachother.lets wait and see what happens next,we cant be the judge ,the jury and the executor all the sametime.let law take its course.we dont want to send the wrong persons to gallows and later regert about it.all courts base thier judgement on facts and evidences could even betruth that the victim been murdered else where,or even died in the station during investigation?so let wait for the other witness,o far the defense lawyers have not gone on the full gear yet,noone wants innocent people to be hanged or even been framed nothing this is a high profile case and lives are at stake.the real crooks maybe out cool down guys

  27. Never Ending Parasitest says:

    Bolehland’s Police have the best brain in the world for the brain are seldom used, heard about a joke where a man went for a brain transplant, the doctor said the Malaysia’s police brain is good and cheap and hardly used!

  28. Hajar says:

    Wanna hear a joke?? OK. This one was told to me by a Jamaican cab driver driving me to Heathow Airport.

    He said, ” Do you know what happened at the World’s Used Brain Exhibition held in Glasgow recently?” I said, “What?”

    He said, “There was this buyer who was looking at the various used brains on display. He came across one brain priced much higher than the rest and asked why?” I said, “Why?”

    He said, “It is an Irish brain”. I said, “So?” He said, “An Irish brain is seldom used.”

  29. hutchrun says:

    Benny Hill joke:
    Q: What`s black and blue, and found floating in the Irish sea.

    A: Englishman cracking Irish jokes

  30. monsterball says:

    Rajah thinks he is funny too.
    What a bloody pariah he is.

  31. monsterball says:

    Malaysian joke:
    Monty” hi Pariah…Rajah…where art thou?
    Rajah: Why you ask? Take your medication and go to sleep.
    Monty: There you are. What medication are you talking about?
    Rajah: The one I posted to you one week ago. Did you not receive it?
    Monty: Yes I did and handed to the police.
    Rajah: There…how to be nice to you. I pushed drugs and gave you free. No wonder I got news police are after me again…inspite of my different disguises…they seem to know, Like I is people like you…I left Malaysia.
    Monty: Good …stay there permanent and don’t come back.

  32. Hajar says:

    That is not even funny!!

  33. Rajah says:

    Inspector Koh failed to take down the actual words used by Azilah when he was alleged to have pointed to the place where the victim was shot and was blown up. He went back to write his report (his investigation diary).

    These are not then contemporaneous notes and therefore do not qualify, in my opinion, for use in memory refreshing.

    I suppose the purpose of admitting his report as defense exhibit is for the limited purpose of showing inconsistencies between his court testimony and the notes he himself wrote.

  34. monsterball says:

    okay… tell a funny joke. Mine is original.

  35. monsterball says:

    okay… I try another one:
    Monty: Rajah…where art thou?
    Rajah: Here in USA.
    Monty: Come back. You write well and brave. Come back and help your country.
    Rajah: The moment I come back….my balls shrink…dare not write…as I have been black listed by the government. Can do so from far away only.
    Monty: Is that not a sad story.
    Rajah: Yes it is. That’s me…what to do…..born like that.

  36. monsterball says:

    How about this?
    Hajar: Hi Rajah…Why let Monty talk like this to you. You know so much law..sue him lah.
    Rajah: Cannot lah..he is brave and I heard he got connections.
    Hajar: What connections? He is old….why afraid of him?
    Minty: Hi Hajar…don’t cho chook cho chook. Why not you do something yourself?
    Hajar: Why should I? It’s between you and Rajah.
    Monty: Then keep quiet and watch. Rajah…Hajar is right…sue lah.
    Rajah: You can go to hell. Take your medications and shut up.
    Monty: Talk big from USA and want to make me a drug addict like you with your so call “medicine” you sent to me? Police are after you right now.
    Rajah: hahahaha….what’s new!!. I have been running away from them with different disguises and passports..those idiots cannot catch me.
    Monty: You are NUTS!!!

  37. monsterball says:

    hutchrun…. Sad that Benny Hill died long ago…..sad. I have full collections of his DVD. He was really funny and somehow…the British put out comedies with great intelligence.
    Best so far is ‘Yes Minister”
    Have you seen it?

  38. carrot says:

    Monty, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. If you don’t like Rajah’s views (coming out of an empty vesel), just scroll over them without reading them. It would help your blood pressure. You complain of long winded inputs from Rajah regarding the Altantuya case. What of your long winded tasteless personal attack on Rajah? As a visitor of this blog, I’m interested in opinions about the case; not opinions about Rajah.

    This is just a suggestion ofcourse 🙂 Take it or leave it. I”ll be the one doing the scrolling-over the next time I see monsterball ranting.

  39. monsterball says:

    carrot..Noted..and please scroll down.
    So you want opinions from outsiders?
    No wonder our country is full of shit.

  40. monsterball says:

    If one goes to South Korea or even Thailand and talk politics of that country…they will check you up. If you have dual citizenship…worst still..they will haul you up…deport you after nice rest in jail for few months.
    This was what I am trying to point out about Rajah and the likes of silverwolf…..and selfish readers cares for interesting contents to read….but not focus to protect the country from foreign busy bodies.
    That’s how great the sense of dignity and loyalty towards our country has some become…..truly half past six and selfish.

  41. carrot says:

    You’re one fast rolling ball. I’m still trying to catch with the logic. My grandparents came from China. Now if they were to read interesting news about China, would that make them selfish busybodies?

    Dignity, eh? You sure sound like you’re bursting with it 😉

    Seriously though, how does one protect the country from foreign busy bodies?

  42. monsterball says:

    carrot….That’s what I am trying to do….no matter good or bad remarks from them….as these foreign busy bodies have no love for our country or your children’s futures.
    No your grandparents slogged and tolled like mine and they contributed to the developement of our country. Furthermore…It is in the constitutions…we are Malaysian citizens.
    It is those who ran away…be it any race…somehow having dual citizenships…don’t dream…they don’t care about our futures….so identify them and don’t be afraid to tell them not to be busy bodies. i think the government is acting fast to cancel these blokes with dual citizenship….but you know…how govt. is…many are filthy rich malays…so they talk…but dare not act to protect their race.
    Just look at silverwolf hero worship USA and supported by Rajah. Don’t fall to interesting messages…but study who is talking.
    Previously…a US pastor came posting here to talk things so nice to read and all for Malaysians…criticizing USA govt. foreign policies…but infect…dressed up with Christians doctrines to try convert Malaysians into Christianity….not loving us.
    Again I confronted him…and he ran away.

  43. monsterball says:

    I repeat..your grandfather came and made Malaysia his home….not sitting down doing nothing. Without him…Malaysia will not be what it is today.
    They have strong feelings of their roots..China. It is natural and he maybe still thinking about China…but he stays here..and if there was a war to defend Malaysia…then call MALAYA ast his time…..he will die for this country.
    But Rajah is full of shit. Can you now differentiate loyalty..dignity against foreign busy bodies and cowards?

  44. kittykat46 says:

    I’m not combative as you are 🙂 but I have to say I generally pay little attention to blogs and comments on Malaysia by foreigners or Malaysians who are permanently living overseas.

    They are not here to face the situation, good or bad.

    Exception, of course, for Susan 🙂 we consider her very much still a local girl.

    And M. Bakri Musa
    who writes intelligently on Malaysian subjects. Very rare to find a Bumiputra who can think strategically outside of the NEP box.

  45. wits0 says:

    Right, Kittykat, M. Bakri Musa’s writing is much much better than the verbiage of Professor Azly Rahman!

  46. LongMan says:

    Salary incresed. Salary paid. I think IGP has to do something with his team. Unless he is also sleeping.

  47. monsterball says:

    Kittykat….I don’t agree with you to just ignore this or that written by foreigners. It seems you are indirectly allow foreigners to say or do what they like here… long as they write matters that pleases you too?
    Your explaination that Susan is living overseas does not amuses me…as we all know she is not PERMANENTLY living abroad!! How on earth do you think youngsters will get your super skill just to scroll down what you don’t want to read?
    As mush as we agree with each other all the time….I am truly surprise you take foreign busy bodies like a joke. Perhaps you are also living abroad…having two homes…spell it out!!

  48. monsterball says:

    But overseas bloggers like M.Bakri Musa and the likes of him is another matter. witsO and you can like or dislike to read…who cares…but if he comes here and make a comment in any blog…he is a foreign busy body and should be treated as such.
    I guess both of you ..especially witsO only think how smart the writer is..more than the love for the country.

  49. monsterball says:

    witsO/kittykat….I know it is difficult to protect foreign busy bodies….but once you find one…..why not do your duty ..instead of encouraging him/her to continue talking against our country or introducing a religion under the disguise of being a goodie?
    Show good examples to youngsters please …and not how smart you are!!

  50. kittykat46 says:

    Hehehe Monty,
    Up until late last year, my job took me a great deal of the time away from the country. I really got sick of getting in and out of airports and jet planes.
    But I did get to see what other countries are like- the good and the bad. A lot of Malaysians, fed a daily dose of government controlled newspapers don’t realise how the outside world has changed, and is changing.

  51. Rajah says:

    The Mongolian murder trial has everything a Hollywood movie maker looks for. On the remote possibility of Mr. Razak Baginda going to jail, he could consider writing his book about the conspiracy to murder and the murder of this well heeled foreign beauty from far-away Mongolia.

    Some readers suggest that her family has been paid off and is now remaining silent over the brutal murder of one of their own! If that is true, then it adds to the murder mystery.

    I do not know if there are now laws in Malaysia that work to prevent a convict from profiting from the crimes they commit. If Razak ever goes to jail for abetting, he could come out a very rich man after perhaps 10 years helped by a pardon from the Agong.

    But let’s not judge the man as there is still no evidence that he asked the duo to murder her at this stage of the trial. Somebody else with a motive and the influence could have done that – even with his prior knowledge. But that is only speculation on my part.

    But since when does anybody need to prove somebody else did the murder to prove that he is not guilty??

    His only folly would appear to be his involvement with this lass who has mothered two children of her own and was apparently looking for financial security. Razak at his age and with his experience and exposure does not appear to be that naive young man who would fall head over heels for the affection of a woman with the kind of background Altantuya had. I’m sorry I do not mean to speak ill of the dead but those are facts.

  52. Madhaterz says:

    Well, he may be genuine as we must realise what type of people the police force in Malaysia employ. When you employ monkeys this the result. The Malaysian govt is smart, it employs monkeys to do their monkey business. An intelligent police force is dangerous.

  53. Rajah says:


    Now that the judge has ruled out Sec. 27 and then Sec. 8 of the Evidence Act 1950, what is there left???

    Sirul’s confession was ruled out earlier as not being voluntary (the ‘poisonous tree’). Now the fact that Sirul led police to his apartment where he pointed out incriminating evidence (the ‘fruit of the poisonous tree’) is also ruled out!!

    If his earlier ruling is any indication, this judge is likely to do the same with Azilah’s confession and the fact that he led police to the scene of the crime! I am looking forward to his reasoning.

    I hope the prosecution has made all the objections necessary to preserve the grounds they would need to file the appeal. All is not lost yet. I believe on appeal his rulings will be reversed by the Court of Appeal.

    I do not trust the police but I still have some faith in our legal system and the rule of law.

  54. Rajah says:

    The role of the defense is to punch holes in the prosecution’s case. Defense counsel need not prove their clients did not do the crime.

    The judge’s rulings have helped the defense case. No doubt about that.

    The trial has gone so well for the defense that they do not need to put their clients on the witness stand in their own defense. I certainly wouldn’t do it under the circumstances because their testimonies could end up being self-incriminatory.

    The right to remain silent is a constitutional right and no remarks would be allowed on their choice not to take the witness stand and tell us what they know. Silence is not an admission of guilt.

  55. monsterball says:

    kittykat…There is nothing for us to brag about Malaysia…..when you have seen so much outside world….but it is our problems and we don’t need outsiders to poke fire or teach us.
    For what’s worth….nothing like home sweet home.
    Sick of those cowards talk so much righteousness..when they run away from their own country and carry balls to for their new bastard fatherland.

  56. arifabdull says:

    monty & everyone,
    country is just a border to divide us, human for economic market division.

    i dont think we need to be katak bawah tempurung for not allow foreigners’ opinion, and its silly but not even seems patriotic enough to me! 😛

  57. arifabdull says:

    and, to uncle monty….
    u too does the same things as Rajah does… repeating and trying harder to get attention. just check and go count, how many comments have u posted on this page, alone?

    but, it still ok to me. i just want read others opinion.

    wondering, why u so offended by Rajah’s comments?

  58. Hajar says:

    Apparently, monsterball is not taking his medications again! Don’t forget monsterball! You need to take those medications on time.

  59. monsterball says:

    arfabdull…Waste of time to explain again. Care to understand…go read my message..26th 11.29am talking to carrot.
    Shut up Hajar. Don’t think you are so damn smart!!

  60. Foreign amb. says:

    Wow how incredible!!!

    We have wannabes lawyer in da house.
    How low can one lawyer go to prove his worth? ….. LoL

  61. monsterball says:

    arifabdull….Don’t compare me to Rajah.
    Go and embrace the free borderless world we all dream of.
    The fact of the matter is.There is no such thing and never be so….unless we humans all die like flies and start live on Earth again as an ameoba.
    Me repeating and wanting to get attention? Why… don’t you know how famous I am now….doing a dirty job no one wants….just few months ago….few trying so hard to kill me?
    What more fame do I need?

  62. katataknak says:

    Everything is going by the script. Going by these performances, Baginda will surely be acquitted without even being called to defend himself and the two covered ones may even be free. The judge would make a few courtesy comments on the lack of professionalism of the prosecuting team and the police and thats all folks.

    Of course the prosecution would say they would appeal but then it would be just a sequel that is pre-scripted.

  63. pope says:

    i’m malaysian. i don’t care whether a comment is make by foreigner or malaysian staying abroad, i valued them equally. they can speak and give their opinions as they want to. we must also hear them if we want them to hear us. peace! i think everything are not right in malaysia. some countries are far more better and advanced than us. open your eyes.

  64. oA says:


    How low can one lawyer go to prove his worth?


    Cheap skate lawyers are like that .. they can never make it in the real world.

    The only way they can convince themselves and prove their worth is by making their pronouncements in some blogs – hoping to hear praises – but instead scorns and farts.



  65. Foreign amb. says:

    First we have wannabes lawyer

    Now we have wannabes doctor.
    and they are asking people to take medicines..

    Maybe those wannabes should be admitted into psychiatry wards.

    Talking about mentally disturbs people.



  66. wits0 says:

    If the System is set to let them walk, all the hair-splitting knowledge of the letter of the law isn’t going to make any difference.

  67. wits0 says:

    Mointy, “the love for the country” is not a one way street. It’s really a two way interactive one. We take the recogniseable truth or lack of what a foreigner says as the criteria, not his status or geographical location.

  68. Stranger says:

    hmmmm…! not a good blog to contribute anything. not worth my time.

  69. hantutelur says:

    i dun mind rajah, he makes sense. monty? nonsense

  70. Rajah says:

    “Of course the prosecution would say they would appeal but then it would be just a sequel that is pre-scripted.” katataknak


    They would need to have grounds for any appeal. There would have to be issues of law before an appeal can go forward. There cannot be an appeal without leave of court.

    If I’m not mistaken there are three judges on the panel of our Court of Appeal. As you know appeals are based only on issues of law and not the facts. The trial judge has completed his fact findings. The Appeals Court does not go into issues of fact, leaving that to the trial judge.

    It is not that easy. The CA judges would have to find the right legal reasoning to uphold or overrule the trial judge’s decision.

    Already there are many issues of law in this case.

    I find it hard to agree with some of the rulings by this trial judge.

  71. mosnterball says:


  72. Foreign amb. says:


    YAWNNnnnnnnnnnn …..

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …


  73. wits0 says:

    You see, Monty, Michael Backman who wrote about M’sia’s wasteful projects is a foreigner:
    He spoke the truth.

  74. monsterball says:

    The one who copied my nick at 11.58pm says it all for me.
    Have it your ways. Have fun.
    We all know how to read each others characters by our messages…..don’t we? Goodnight.

  75. Hajar says:

    “If the System is set to let them walk, all the hair-splitting knowledge of the letter of the law isn’t going to make any difference.” Wits0

    It is extremely important that we protect the majority who are not guilty. If that means setting a few who are guilty free, so be it.

    No legal system in the world is flawless. Until we find one that is flawless we have to make do with the one we have.

  76. monsterball says:

    Sorry to break my silence. I need to response to witsO.
    I read what Micheal Backman wrote and yes…he is telling the truth …like you said.
    But that does not mean all foreigners are writing stuffs with the ulterior motives to love our country sincerely.
    As much as Micheal Backman is telling the truths…you mean we all do not know that at all? Sure we do. But why do we praise him for writing it? Imagine 10 more write same stuffs.
    Why must we need foreigners to remind us? Are we not saying we are weak and incapable to comprehend our own country’s situations…and need the foreigners to open our eyes?
    Are you sure Micheal do not have another agenda and we believe his reasons as gospel truth?
    To me….it means we are afraid to change…afraid to try new things….why?
    I feel shameful personally to read a foreigner seems to know more of us than ourselves.
    And his conclusion that Rafidah stays only at Damasara…while he stayed at different places does not qualify he is better than Rafidah…and I personally have no respect for Rafidah myself…..but do we need a foreigner to belittle our ministers?
    Telling TRUTHS does not qualify any foreigners to mind our Malaysian business….be it even a Malaysians who have given up defending the country and chose to live abroad…goodluck to them…but let them not teach us what to do.
    Goodnight witsO

  77. human book says:

    List of racial discriminations in Malaysia, practiced by government as well as government agencies. This list is an open secret. Best verified by government itself because it got the statistics.

    This list is not in the order of importance, that means the first one on the list is not the most important and the last one on the list does not mean least important.

    This list is a common knowledge to a lot of Malaysians, especially those non-malays (Chinese, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli, Tamils, etc) who were being racially discriminated.

    Figures in this list are estimates only and please take it as a guide only. Government of Malaysia has the most correct figures. Is government of Malaysia too ashamed to publish their racist acts by publishing racial statistics?

    This list cover a period of about 50 years since independence (1957).

    List of racial discriminations (Malaysia):

    (1) Out of all the 5 major banks, only one bank is multi-racial, the rest are controlled by malays

    (2) 99% of Petronas directors are malays

    (3) 3% of Petronas employees are Chinese

    (4) 99% of 2000 Petronas gasoline stations are owned by malays

    (5) 100% all contractors working under Petronas projects must be bumis status

    (6) 0% of non-malay staffs is legally required in malay companies. But there must be 30% malay staffs in Chinese companies

    (7) 5% of all new intake for government army, nurses, polices, is non-malays

    (8) 2% is the present Chinese staff in Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), drop from 40% in 1960

    (9) 2% is the percentage of non-malay government servants in Putrajaya. But malays make up 98%

    (10) 7% is the percentage of Chinese government servants in the whole government (in 2004), drop from 30% in 1960

    (11) 95% of government contracts are given to malays

    (12) 100% all business licensees are controlled by malay government e.g. Approved Permits, Taxi Permits, etc

    (13) 80% of the Chinese rice millers in Kedah had to be sold to malay controlled Bernas in 1980s. Otherwise, life is make difficult for Chinese rice millers

    (14) 100 big companies set up, managed and owned by Chinese Malaysians were taken over by government, and later managed by malays since 1970s e.g. MISC, UMBC, UTC, etc

    (15) At least 10 Chinese owned bus companies (throughout Malaysia, throughout 40 years) had to be sold to MARA or other malay transport companies due to rejection by malay authority to Chinese application for bus routes and rejection for their application for new buses

    (16) 2 Chinese taxi drivers were barred from driving in Johor Larkin bus station. There are about 30 taxi drivers and 3 are Chinese in October 2004. Spoiling taxi club properties was the reason given

    (17) 0 non-malays are allowed to get shop lots in the new Muar bus station (November 2004)

    (18) 8000 billion ringgit is the total amount the government channeled to malay pockets through ASB, ASN, MARA, privatisation of government agencies, Tabung Haji etc, through NEP over 34 years period

    (19) 48 Chinese primary schools closed down since 1968 – 2000

    (20) 144 Indian primary schools closed down since 1968 – 2000

    (21) 2637 malay primary schools built since 1968 – 2000

    (22) 2.5% is government budget for Chinese primary schools. Indian schools got only 1%, malay schools got 96.5%

    (23) While a Chinese parent with RM1000 salary (monthly) cannot get school-text-book-loan, a malay parent with RM2000 salary is eligible

    (24) 10 all public universities vice chancellors are malays

    (25) 5% – the government universities lecturers of non-malay origins had been reduced from about 70% in 1965 to only 5% in 2004

    (26) Only 5% is given to non-malays for government scholarships over 40 years

    (27) 0 Chinese or Indians were sent to Japan and Korea under “Look East Policy”

    (28) 128 STPM Chinese top students could not get into the course that they aspired e.g. Medicine (in 2004)

    (29) 10% place for non-bumi students for MARA science schools beginning from year 2003, but only 7% are filled. Before that it was 100% malays

    (30) 50 cases whereby Chinese and Indian Malaysians, are beaten up in the National Service program in 2003

    (31) 25% is Malaysian Chinese population in 2004, drop from 45% in 1957

    (32) 7% is the present Malaysian Indians population (2004), a drop from 12% in 1957

    (33) 2 million Chinese Malaysians had emigrated to overseas since 40 years ago

    (34) 0.5 million Indian Malaysians had emigrated to overseas

    (35) 3 million Indonesians had migrated into Malaysia and became Malaysian citizens with bumis status

    (36) 600000 are the Chinese and Indian Malaysians with red IC and were rejected repeatedly when applying for citizenship for 40 years. Perhaps 60% of them had already passed away due to old age. This shows racism of how easily Indonesians got their citizenship compare with the Chinese and Indians

    (37) 5% – 15% discount for a malay to buy a house, regardless whether the malay is poor or rich

    (38) 2% is what Chinese new villages get compare with 98% of what malay villages got for rural development budget

    (39) 50 road names (at least) had been changed from Chinese names to other names

    (40) 1 Dewan Gan Boon Leong (in Malacca) was altered to other name (e.g. Dewan Serbaguna or sort) when it was being officially used for a few days. Government try to shun Chinese names. This racism happened in around year 2000 or sort

    (41) 0 churches/temples were built for each housing estate. But every housing estate got at least one mosque/surau built

    (42) 3000 mosques/surau were built in all housing estates throughout Malaysia since 1970. No churches, no temples are required to be built in housing estates

    (43) 1 Catholic church in Shah Alam took 20 years to apply to be constructed. But told by malay authority that it must look like a factory and not look like a church. Still not yet approved in 2004

    (44) 1 publishing of Bible in Iban language banned (in 2002)

    (45) 0 of the government TV stations (RTM1, RTM2, TV3) are directors of non-malay origins

    (46) 30 government produced TV dramas and films always showed that the bad guys had Chinese face, and the good guys had malay face. You can check it out since 1970s. Recent years, this tendency becomes less

    (47) 10 times, at least, malays (especially Umno) had threatened to massacre the Chinese Malaysians using May 13 since 1969

    (48) 20 constituencies won by DAP would not get funds from the government to develop. Or these Chinese majority constituencies would be the last to be developed

    (49) 100 constituencies (parliaments and states) had been racistly re-delineated so Chinese voters were diluted that Chinese candidates, particularly DAP candidates lost in election since 1970s

    (50) Only 3 out of 12 human rights items are ratified by Malaysia government since 1960

    (51) 0 – elimination of all forms of racial discrimination (UN Human Rights) is not ratified by Malaysia government since 1960s

    (52) 20 reported cases whereby malay ambulance attendances treated Chinese patients inhumanely, and malay government hospital staffs purposely delay attending to Chinese patients in 2003. Unreported cases may be 200

    (53) 50 cases each year whereby Chinese, especially Chinese youths being beaten up by malay youths in public places. We may check at police reports provided the police took the report, otherwise there will be no record

    (54) 20 cases every year whereby Chinese drivers who accidentally knocked down malays were seriously assaulted or killed by malays

    (55) 12% is what ASB/ASN got per annum while banks fixed deposit is only about 3.5% per annum

    There are hundreds more racial discriminations in Malaysia to add to this list of “colossal” racism. It is hope that the victims of racism will write in to expose racism.

    Malaysia government should publish statistics showing how much malays had benefited from the “special rights” of malays and at the same time tell the statistics of how much other minority races are being discriminated.

    Hence, the responsibility lies in the Malaysia government itself to publish unadulterated statistics of racial discrimination.

    If the Malaysia government hides the statistics above, then there must be some evil doings, immoral doings, shameful doings and sinful doings, like the Nazi, going on onto the non-malays of Malaysia.

    Civilized nation, unlike evil Nazi, must publish statistics to show its treatment on its minority races. This is what Malaysia must publish……….

    We are asking for the publication of the statistics showing how “implementation of special rights of malays” had inflicted colossal racial discrimination onto non-malays.

  78. Hajar says:

    Monsterball, please please and please take your medications!

  79. Rajah says:


    1. Sirul gave a confession.

    2. The confession was made to a superior officer while he was not in police custody but was traveling in the company of his superior officer and others, when he was told it was in connection with an ongoing investigation into the Altantuya murder case,

    3. Sirul was not under arrest.

    4. Sirul was not cautioned when he gave his confession.

    5. It was not necessary to caution Sirul because he was not under arrest.


    Sec. 17 EVIDENCE ACT 1950

    Admission and Confession defined: (1) An admission is a statement, oral or documentary, which suggests any inference as to any fact in issue or relevant fact, and which is m made by any of the persons and under the circumstance hereinafter mentioned.

    (2) A confession is an admission made at any time by a person accused of an offence, stating or suggesting the inference that he committed that offense.

    Applying the LAW to the FACTS:

    There is no dispute that what Sirul made was a confession. It was a statement and it was made orally. By a person accused of an offense? Yes, he was accused though not formally charged, when he was told that the police knew everything about what happened and that there was no point pretending anymore.

    Sec. 24 EVIDENCE ACT

    Confession caused by inducement, threat or promise when irrelevant in criminal proceeding.

    A confession made by an accused person is irrelevant in a criminal proceeding if the making of the confession appears to the court to have been caused by any inducement, threat or promise having reference to the charge against the accused person, proceeding from a person in authority sufficient in the opinion of the court to give the accused person grounds which would appear to him reasonable for supposing that by making it he would gain any advantage or avoid any evil of a temporal nature in reference to the proceeding against him.

    Applying the LAW to the FACTS:

    The officer was a very senior officer many ranks above Sirul and it was made in a “commanding voice”, it was an order and Sirul confessed as a result. Where is the threat, inducement or promise?? Sure, Sirul was nervous and trembling. He was about to confess to a crime. What do you expect?

    Judge ruled “in totality in the context of the factual background, there is clearly inducement to seek Sirul’s confession.”

    Was Sirul induced? I don’t think so.

    Any legal eagles here who would like to share their knowledge of the Malaysian case law on what constitutes “inducement”?

  80. monsterball says:

    human book has put out a lists that should interest all good Malaysians.
    Now…this will be interesting to get opinions …is the lists valid or false…and what can we ordinary citizens do..if they are true.
    Lets talk the future of our children.

  81. monsterball says:

    Hajar thinks is funny. Maybe he can offer the first message for us to learn and listen.

  82. […] Altantuya: another lousy witness Never lose focus. Never let your thoughts be derailed. Never let them threaten you. Let bloggers come and go. I am back […] […]

  83. ghenjis khan says:

    and this morning front page TV news is the RM27 million assets said to be owned by a Senior Policeman !

    why bother about investigations, murders of foreign persons, illgeal aliens, legal aliens, children and least of all corruption …

    what have we become of a Nation celebrating 50 years of “independence” in a modern context !

  84. kk says:

    malaysia Nation celebrating 50 years of “independence” song seems racist to me. what race do u only see?!

  85. max says:

    The trial smelled of either intentional incompetence, or just plain incompetence of the gov’t (the police, prosecutors). I hoped for the country sake it is the former!

  86. monsterball says:

    yes kk….previously we can feel the pride in listening to nationals songs. Somehow the citizens do treat such songs nothing to be proud or having the patroictic feelings to learn them anymore.
    Are the government blind or what?.
    genghis khnan….Many many more senior policemen are filthy rich!! in Subang Jaya….all detached houses above RM2 million are bought up bu police officers and they will block the whole road for their own celebrations …..against the law themselves….but if you do it…they will come and tell you remove it…UNLESS!!

  87. monsterball says:

    Hajar knows how to be sarcastic. lets see has he/she has a brain or is it another idiot talking big? Such a person can tell you to get a life….when he/she does not know what’s life is all about.
    Come on Hajah….show your intelligence….don’t be shy.

  88. wits0 says:

    Hajar: “No legal system in the world is flawless.”

    Never implied there is, but we don’t need executive interference(real and imagined) to further foul up the works.

    That, besides that precedent set by Madey, there is this general drop in general societal standards due to the Gomen policies of blind and all out “affirmation”. Police with bad footwork and dubious judiciary figures in high places.

    It seems to me that the legal system is supposedly one whose main aim should be the delivery of justice, not merely one of observing technicality and legality. If an institution seeks to identify itself with justice, it must be seen to do so. All the mumbo jumbo wrt the article of the law is quite incomprehensible to the general public that nevertheless has a certain streetwise perception regarding whether justice exists or not.

    BTW: Remember that BBC interview, “Who runs your world”?

  89. wits0 says:

    Monty, though we may know what Backman knows, the cowed media is far too obsequious to squeak over it. Therefore the majority of ppl are being restraint in ignorance and many are complacent in that state.

    Backman did us a double service, first in mentioning it, secondly by striipping away that hubris in our system, exposing it thoroughly via the Net and printed media oversea. If we fault him on hidden agenda, be aware that human beings always have an ulterior motive – the question is simply one of whether that motive is acceptable. Bodohland’s governance with its sel-serving motive of stupidizing the populace has a far worse motive.

  90. monsterball says:

    I am not faulting Backman…witsO
    I merely said what he wrote….we know.. don’t we? I feel ashamed it takes a foreigner to tell us our faults again!!
    But if t takes a foreigner to open our eyes and need to remind us….then we are not as brave as him…..and you maybe right on that.
    Now this draws out human book lits of stuffs that I like to read too. Are they all true? And I bet human book is a Malaysian.
    We need more of his kinds..but the list is long enough for all of us to TRY AND put out our most loyal and dedicated message…as if we are at war…and we are all called to defend our country. what are our solutions to blatant bullies…obvious favoring one race in everything…what is the permanent solution stop all these…race and religion separations stuffs by BN? we know it is BN..who else….yet they keep ruling us..not managing us as we vote them in for….why are we so satisfied…yet living under terrible unfair playgrounds put up by them. WHY?

  91. 4332 says:

    Susan, I do not understand why you did not censor many personal attacks as well as bad language and rude remarks by certain individual.

  92. kk says:

    4332, i believed those remarks have not gone beyond control yet 😀

  93. 8822 says:

    Susan I agree with kk. This individual is really a pain. I think you should just ban him from your blog. We want interesting comments, not personal attacks on fellow commentators.

  94. 8822 says:

    Susan I agree with 4332. This individual is really a pain. I think you should just ban him from your blog. We want interesting intelligent comments, not personal attacks on fellow commentators.

  95. Hajar says:

    We need real intelligent discourse to bring up the blog to the level expected of those who use it as a forum to debate.

    Was there not a call earlier for Parliament to amend the country’s Penal Code to include “failure to take one’s medication as prescribed by one’s doctor” an offense?

    Mr Lim Kit Siang, if you’re reading this, please take note!

    Monsterball sees ‘freedom of speech’ as an excuse to bash just about anybody here. In doing so he sounds like those BN MPs who hid behind their ‘bocor’ rhetoric in response to Samy’s ‘bocor’ revelation. It is a real distraction if not a disgrace.

    Be that as it may, even shouting down another poster for exercising his freedom of speech. must be tolerated because in this case it does not do anything to prevent the other from exercising his freedom of speech – unlike someone who holds his bull horn on Speaker’s Corner at a certain park in London having to wrestle with an anarchist bent on preventing him from speaking at all, this is after all a message board. One can choose what to read and what not to read.

    It would be nice though for the blog owner to keep him in check before it is too late and even the handful of commentators here take flight to other blogs.

    To: Monsterball

    Having a ball at the expense of other commentators is fine with me. But didn’t I tell you not to forget to take your medications?

  96. Rajah says:

    To continue from where I left off, and to those who care to read and debate on the course justice or lack of it has taken in the Mongolian murder trial, here is what I think happened so far.


    1. Sirul made a oral confession to his superior officer who accompanied him during his trip back to Malaysia (not the Investigation Officer in the case);

    2. Sirul was not handcuffed. He was not in police custody. He was not cautioned;

    3. After his superior officer told him there was “nothing left to hide”, and that Azilah had ratted on him, Sirul ‘made a statement’ offering the police to lead the way to the place where it happened.


    Sec. 27 EVIDENCE ACT 1950

    How much of information received from accused may be proved.

    When any fact is deposed to as discovered in consequence of information received from a person accused of any offense in the custody of a police officer, so much of such information, whether such information amounts to a confession or not, as relates distinctly to the fact thereby discovered may be proved.

    Applying the LAW to the FACTS:

    For information received from the accused to come under Sec. 27 there must first be a confession.

    Sirul did confess. That is not an issue.

    The judge ruled the confession inadmissible for having been “induced” and therefore not voluntarily made.

    The judge later also ruled that the confession must be a “confession of guilt.”


    The term “inducement” is not a term of art and is here used in its popular meaning. That is not in issue in this case. The issue is whether a man with the background, education and training that Sirul has had would have been induced by what was said to him by his superior officer who talked to him in a “commanding voice” which incidentally is what superior officers do when they talk to those under their command. Was Sirul induced?

    My contention:

    First, there was no inducement; and the confession is a confession of guilt. Secondly, if there was inducement, my submission is that Sirul was not induced by what his superior officer said to him.

    After the ruling of inadmissibility, there was still hope yet for the prosecution if it could be proved that the information Sirul gave the police led them (the police) to the scene of the crime, information only the killer or those involved in the murder could only have known.

    But alas! Here comes the real blow. The judge ruled that for there to be information leading to the scene of the crime there must first be a “confession of guilt”! It is not a “confession of guilt” so ruled the judge – a ruling which effectively sealed all hope of the prosecution ever being able to rely at all on Sec. 27 Evidence Act 1950.

    The battle is not over yet. The prosecution tries another way to admit the fact that Sirul led them to the scene of the crime. Sec. 8 is that other way.

    Motive, preparation and previous or subsequent conduct

    Sec. 8 EVIDENCE ACT 1950

    “(e) A is accused of a crime.

    The facts that either before, or at the time of or after the alleged crime, A provided evidence which would tend to give to the facts of the case an appearance favourable to himself, or that he destroyed or concealed evidence or prevented the presence or procured the absence of persons who might have been witnesses, or suborned persons to give false evidence respecting it, are relevant. ”

    But it is not to be! The judge ruled that what Sirul gave was a statement, and that Sec. 8 “does not include” a statement.

    With all due respect to this judge, I find his interpretation of Sec. 8 inconsistent with the real intent of Parliament.

  97. arifabdull says:

    monty, if u serious want to restrain foriegners’ comments u may ask Susan to find out how to allow Malaysian IPs only can access her bog. but, via proxy they still can go trough.

  98. Rajah says:

    Also I feel this judge is confused as to the admissibility of the confession and the confession itself. He erred in my opinion in his ruling that “there must first be a confession”. There is a confession and therefore the information given by Sirul to the police is within the ambit of Sec. 27 EVIDENCE ACT 1950.

    It is a “confession” as defined under Sec. 17.

  99. monsterball says:

    arifabdull…Thank you very much. I am serious and ashamed as a Malaysian.
    I don’t know what you say is correct or not…since Susan holds dear to freedom of speeches…even allowing people coming into his blog to belittle her.
    What I am trying so hard to say is that we visitors…hopefully are all Malaysians and living here…can do our protect our country and Susan’s blog. Why impose on the blog owner?
    I never knew Rajah was from abroad….until…I read him saying so and keep insulting us. Like I said….do we need foreigners to teach us?
    You can call me an idiot…anything….I don’t mind.
    I am the most open book commentator in Malaysia.
    Now go to kickdefellla blog at read my response to zorro. Why not also put for or against …instead of keeping quiet?

  100. monsterball says:

    Now read hajah’s insult to me …then read his latest…taking back all his words at another site.
    You see…some are just foreign dogs…period!!

  101. Cyber Police says:

    Monsterball “…even allowing people coming into his blog to belittle her”.

    Belittling is not as serious as abuse of the space provided by the blog owner – like you do all the time when you launch into your usual tirade of abuse against commentators.

    You deserve to be spanked by the owner of this blog for polluting the space provided by her.

  102. Rajah says:

    There seems to be some confusion mostly on my part as to what happened.

    Did Sirul just inform the police the location where Altantuya was shot and blown to pieces with explosives i.e. he made the statement to the police when confronted with the facts by ACP Mastor?


    Did Sirul actually later lead the police personally to the location??

  103. The Hague says:

    “Why must we need foreigners to remind us? Are we not saying we are weak and incapable to comprehend our own country’s situations…and need the foreigners to open our eyes?”-Monty
    (My answer to your qeustion is YES and AFFIRMATIVE. If we are downtrodden and suppressed, the inteference of foreign goventments or foreign-hands is very much needed, citing Nathaniel Tan’s arrest, have not Malaysian sought the United Nations Human Rights
    offshoot as an ersatz venue to appeal and protest?

    “monty, if u serious want to restrain foriegners’ comments u may ask Susan to find out how to allow Malaysian IPs only can access her bog. but, via proxy they still can go trough”.-arifabdull

    Have Newsweek or Times magazines ever prevented a foreigner from commenting on US affair? If yes, can anyone show me any instances?

    Rajah is here to assert his brilliant perspective and thought provoking arguments for the tenure of this trial.

    There is pointless to engage someone at whim in a fault-finding vendatta, isn’t it?

    As I have this quote to say to yous from Oscar Wilde- “(Blind) Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious” like those lunatic suicide bombers and the Umno led neo-Nazis.

  104. monsterball says:

    cyber police….you want to spank an old man? Boy what have I not heard or read in this faceless and nameless world…so brave.
    The way it is written…it is a bitch talking.

  105. Hajar says:

    Talking to yourself again, monsterball?? Tsk, tsk…tsk! Told you to take your medication.

  106. arifabdull says:

    Hajar! please do not disturb others with ur bad mouth…

  107. wits0 says:

    Monty, it’s true that neither Newsweek or Times has prevented criticism of US policies.

    This is quite a glaring fact considering how frequently M’sia has bad mouthed the US and Western policies, especially when under Tun Mahathir.

    But this does not mean that some knowing people in the streets there welcomes the one-way bashing as if it’s an accepted and rightful faddist thing. Look at what the Americans are expressing wrt unremitting US bashing from 3rd world countries in the Little Green Football blog, for instance.

    The Hague commentator, I guess, also would not be surprised that the Umno led neo-Nazis would be the first to run away in the face of external threats(neither would I) – they are simply local bullies and demagogues, appealing to the basest sentiments.

    I think, Monty, the nature of patriotism, the feel and perception of it, varies from a wage earner to a towkay. The capitalist tend to be “more patriotic” because the stakes for them is obviously greater.

    If I find Rajah’s rants tedious, or for any other reasons, I’ll just skip ’em.

  108. Cyber Police says:

    Mr. Monster,

    You claim Rajah insulted you. Please be so kind as to cut and paste his writing on this message board that you find personally offensive and insulting to you?

    This would be your Sec. 112 statement.

  109. notsosmart says:

    Unconditionally agree with The Hague. Let everyone have the right to their personal comment and opinion, so to speak. We should focus on the subject of SL blog. Lets leave inter-personal conflict out.
    We are here for justice and fair trial.

  110. Cyber Police says:

    The multiple use of different nicks does not help.

  111. pope says:

    i find it weird that we cannot allow foreigners or those living abroad to critic malaysia in this forum, as insisted by few bloggers or only one?.
    i may not like what you have to say but i will defend your rights to say.

  112. monsterball says:

    Few now Pope….not one

  113. Linda Frater says:


    You’re a pain in the arse and such an ‘ol fart!

  114. monsterball says:

    Linda….No wonder China call your race… a barbarian. You are a disgrace to your gender and your race to talk to me like that.
    But this is free speech and it shows you have an arse no one wants and speak for yourself about old farts.
    Donald Trumps will sack you…if he finds you working for him…hahahahahahaha

  115. Linda Frater says:

    what makes you think i’m anything but malaysian?? but then old farts like you cannot understand, believes everything he reads….lol

  116. monsterball says:

    So …presuming you are a Malaysian as you are hinting….the word BARBARIAN is rooted to your…so sad…..hahahahahaha
    My IQ is far far higher that you….don’t make a fool of yourself.
    Calling me old fart…okay lah….that’s a fact. What else sweety?

  117. monsterball says:

    Linda Frater is being exposed as a real estate dealer… a nuisance…but gorgeous looking gal.
    But old fart like me sees her as a bitch with no manners and badly brought up.
    All her beauty means nothing. I have seen hundreds!! If she knows what is good for her…stop being arrogant…be humble and firm…read more and get smart ….right ways to hook the right man. Otherwise…she will be a dustbin girl…then garbage itself.

  118. hawk says:

    Everywhere , this monsterball picks a fight.

    Linda, he is just going thru second childhood, wanting attention like a cry baby. Becos he is home alone. None of his family wants to be near him. He is CRYING.

    Worse, he is shitting everywhere. He claims this, not me!!

    Ignore him.

    I will too.

  119. case close says:

    One by one, all the witnesses get discharged.

    So at the end, no witness left.

    Finally, all accused get released because. Insufficient evidence cited by the judge.

    When prosecuting appears to be siding with the accused. If this is not sandiwara, what is???

  120. whispering9 says:

    This case has a foregone conclusion when the father of the victim came to court with a golden shirt and a golden smile. Much ado nothing…another sickening episode. That is why I become mad.

  121. hutchrun says:

    Good it goes this way. Then the AG will say I`ll appeal. 2 days later there`ll be a small item on page 7, where AG will says `no appeal`.

    Najib is already getting very confident. So where`s that photo?

  122. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahaha…hawk must have heard Linda is sexy and attractive and his mouth is water liou liou.
    hi hawk…talk to her…buy a multi million piece of land from her
    hahahahahahaha….hawk is thinking how popular he is here….teaching Linda to ignore me….hahahahahaha
    This guy…..experts of 7 holes…stuffing cotton wools to all the holes is a coffin maker? If not…how else he knows so much about god and devil stuffs.
    Linda?….why she has to ignore at least four more guys…but you hawk….everyone hates you . Coconut skull with onion face and a pea brain….what do you expect.

  123. monsterball says:

    Atlantuya murder case? Look at those dull and stupid witnesses being questioned nowadays. Does that sound like a terrible murder case? It’s more about police personality contest.
    I gave up few weeks ago.
    But nice to see you guys are still speculating…probing…thinking…like smart Columbo.
    I am all ears to read on.

  124. monsterball says:

    hi hawk…Don’t you shit in Bangkok too? You mean you keep all your shits and come back to Malaysia to pooo pooo?
    So I travel all, over the world and let go shit like all normal folks and you twist use that to mean another thing.
    Shit….you REALLY don’t know when to stop your idiotic logics…and boy…here goes my family stuffs again.
    Me on second childhood?….dream on.
    How on earth a GODLY person talk like that?
    I told all of you….he has a split personality….very bad hearted one…projecting how a godly person he is.
    Last time ….he will end up…no matter what….I care for you….monsterball.
    Now comes a sexy attractive girl….he has abandoned me and trying to get free love again. right infront of the whole world………hahahahahahaha

  125. Rajah says:

    The trial judge is right now looking for his reasoning that would allow him to exclude the statement given by the accused Sirul.

    Sec. 27 Evidence has been ruled away. My gut feeling tells me this trial judge having ruled Sec. 27 as inapplicable since according to him “there must first be a confession”, is about to go the same way i.e. he will rule out somehow Sec. 8 – probably reasoning that Sec. 27 and Sec. 8 must be interpreted in a manner which is consistent with the intent of Parliament.

  126. Rajah says:

    That is a stretch by any standards!

  127. Rajah says:

    Hisham’s argument is that statements given by the accused to the police are only admissible under three circumstances – namely, S. 27. Sec. 24 (not Sec. 8) and S. 113(CPS) Evidence Act.

    Sirul’s statement under all three circumstances is not admissible according to Hisham.

    I bet my bottom dollar that the trial judge will agree to defense submission as to admissibility of Sirul’s statement.

  128. Rajah says:

    Where did Smiley come from??

  129. Rajah says:

    Ooops! S. 113 is from the Criminal Procedure Code and should read CPC not CPS!

    The other sections are from the EVIDENCE ACT i.e. Sec 24, 27, and Sec. 8.

    It is interesting to note that Justice Sri Ram and the other justices of the Court of Appeal have yesterday ruled on the admissibility of similar statements made by the accused to the police in another case.

  130. Rajah says:

    “SHAH ALAM, August 1 (Bernama) — The High Court here Wednesday ruled as inadmissible Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar’s statement disclosing and act of pointing to the spot where Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu was blasted.

    Justice Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin in his oral judgment said he was not prepared to accept Sirul Azhar’s statement as part of conduct under Section 8 of the Evidence Act 1950.

    He said that in this case, the prosecution had submitted that the statement made by Sirul Azhar, the second accused in Altantuya’s murder, was not a statement under Section 27 of the Evidence Act (a statement leading to discovery) as the police had already discovered the crime scene.”

    Well, what did I tell ya!

    But all is not lost. We have an appeal coming and I have more faith in our Court of Appeal.

    Then there is the Federal Court.

    This trial judge has made a verbal ruling. We have to wait to see the legal reasoning he employs to arrive at his ruling when he delivers his written judgment.

  131. monstermeatball says:

    Rajah talking to himself again.
    Hajar also talks to himself.
    Ah, yes psychiatric care is expensive in the US ?

  132. monsterball says:

    Susan…..8.22pm not mine. I am the real polite monstermeatball.

  133. Cyber Police says:

    Listen! Monstermeathead! If you don’t have anything to say, just shut your foul mouth.

    Susan for reasons known only to her, is allowing her blog to lose the integrity it should have by allowing you to spew obscenities, and insults such as this. Your constant running down of commentators who visit this blog is a disgrace to the blogging community.

    You leave a trail of obscenities wherever you go – and not just on this blog. For an old man, you should know how to control your mouth!

  134. monsterball says:

    Susan…1st Aug.10.06pm not mine.
    montermeatball commentator should know that.

  135. monsterball says:

    monstermeatball…Is this idiotic ‘Cyber Police” talking to you or me?
    Imagine if our real police are as dum dum as him. Come to think of it…some do!! He must be a son of a dum dum lazy policeman.

  136. monstermeatball says:

    Hi monsterball,
    I only started commenting on Susan’s blog last night. I have been reading her blog for a long time.

    I have to admit my moniker is “inspired” by monsterball, but never falsified your Id.

  137. dlquill says:

    even if the case is thrown out of court and everyone released, we in malaysia already knows what happened. if the court cannot judge, then let conscience be their greatest enemy. they cant face the public & their family & friends without looking at the floor. they cant sleep at night, before they die, they will struggle in pain for months with their flesh eaten by diseases, in their afterlife, they will be frying in hell foe eternity.

  138. monsterball says:

    Thanks monstermeatball.
    We are on the same wavelengths.
    Please visit “Free Speech Zone” and yu will enjoy a bunch of highly intelligent jokers there….can joke…pull each other’s legs and talk serious stuffs….if needed.
    Right is God’s creations…this or that….hahahahaha
    What about the current post. Like your opinion on Chin Peng not allowed to return to his own country at age 82…..having been decorated by the British for fighting against the Japanese and infect played a very big part to liberate us from the Japanese occupation of Malaya.
    We can free murderers….but cannot allow an old man come home to die in his own fatherland. Is this for all Malaysians or for one race’s pleasure only?

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