Another update (24 July 2007): Police report puzzling (RPK)

UPDATE (23 July 2007: RPK’s response to the police report ): “…go to hell Muhamad the son of Muhamad. You are a disgrace to the Muhamad name. And let me tell you Muhamad the son of Muhamad: you should thank your lucky stars that this is 2007 and not 1907. If this was 1907 instead of 2007 I would challenge you to a duel. It would be a man-to-man, one-to-one duel. It would be a duel to the death with kerises”.

Yesterday, on the 22, I said I was sending these boys (on the left) to collect donations for you, Petra. I thought you might need it. Oops…I hope I am not insulting the King of Thailand and Buddhism. If I am, I am very sorry.

You see, Umno (I have no word descent enough to describe this party) has lodged a police report against Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) of the popular on-line news Malaysia-today. Ok, as citizens of the country, they have the write to lodge police reports. Nothing wrong with that.

But the reason for doing so is hillarious, at least to me. Umno information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib (who filed the report in Dang Wangi today), accompanied by some 30 people, told reporters later that the report was regarding remarks published on the website on July 11 and several other articles. (Malaysiakini).

He claimed that the postings and articles were disrespectful to the King and Islam. According to him, they had the potential to create unrest in the country and strike fear in the people.

“The reports contain criminal elements which could incite anyone and cause fear. Maybe these people (bloggers) had forgotten that Malaysia is a country with many sensitivities,” he said.

Taib said such postings and articles could have a negative influence on the younger generation and urged for the police to take swift action.


What does Umno know about sensitivities? The abuse of NEP is not sensitive to others? Threatening to bathe the keris in Chinese blood is not sensitive to others? Waving the keris and uttering threats is not sensitive? Tearing down of Hindu temples is not sensitive? In my view, these seem to be more disrespectful to the King and Islam than mere articles and comments. If the non-Umno’s were not as tolerant, what Umno did and continues to do can create unrest.

It’s amazing that Umno can still talk about “sensitivities”. Bullshit, really. Don’t their actions influence the younger generation too? Especially when some of them are shown on national TV!

RPK has just joined the ranks of victims, waiting to be slaughtered. These are the patterns to look out for to know the General Elections is really around the corner. You see the cyber patrollers who were supposed to do their jobs to counter the criticisms against the government has failed. So what more convenient way than to abuse authority and get the police to do the job that they are not supposed to do. And to think that the police department is complaining about having not enough resources, while the country’s crime rate is shooting sky high.

Anyway there are several reports against Umno, what happen to them? To name a few:

So? Apa macam?


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  1. monsterball says:

    So Susan….What is your advise?
    Black is trying to gather support to protest in the streets.
    You said..I quote..”RPK….bla bla bla…..waiting to be slaughtered” I FULLY AGREE!!
    So if RPK is asking for trouble….shall we protest?

  2. omigosh says:

    Yes, Susan, First Nat now RPK. The question is WHO NEXT?? This dickheads are the ones weilding keris and making fiery statements against other races. They are too much. They are acting as if they own the whole bloody country. What is so happy about our 50th Merdeka with these goons running amok??

  3. Zig says:

    Erm, dunno if it’s my connection problem or what…

    But visited Malaysia today’s website… can access main page but when click on the links to the articles got connection error…

    Bad omen.

  4. hawk says:


    Sure, pls go the streets. After all, humans are like herds. If the market goes up they rush in. If it goes down , they rush out.

    Yes, U r also bull headed. What more, a chance to run up a stampede. Go Bulls Go !! Ooops, shit, u may be just a buffalo. Get Stenson to follow. He likes your call……mooo mooo mooo!!! Yup, he sings yr tune too.

  5. monsterball says:

    Susan…you deleted the part I quoted you said?
    Have you changed your mind?

  6. monsterball says:

    zig…No MT blog is still alive!
    Something wrong with your connections.

  7. monsterball says:

    zig…You are right!!
    No connections now.
    BAD NEWS!!

  8. Billy says:

    Malaysia Today’s website has been blocked after 3pm today.

  9. luclai says:

    actually people had been saying already it’s only a matter of time that RPK would be arrested… and true enough.

    RPK is very bold and i admire his writings as he write without fear or favour. the UMNOputera are running scared.

    what do they mean by “the articles could have a negative effect on the younger generation.”. how do they know? who are they to be guardian of the younger generation? who are they to say what is good/bad for the public? they always sing this same song, like when they ban movies and books – singing they are not appropriate for the public to watch/read as they might get influenced blah blah blah. so fedup oledi!!!

    yes i notice too articles from RPK cannot be accesed except the current one ‘a game of cat and mouse’ datee 22 july, about the PM going on holiday and where RPK also mentioned about a consipiracy to have him arrested! i had copied that article just in case suddenly it can’t be accessed again. if it is still there, you guys better quick go and read it now before it disappears.

  10. Billy says:

    I have been trying for the past 2 hours. Susan, sorry, got to use your site to get in touch with fellow bloggers there. Hope u don’t mind.

  11. Billy says:

    Can u imagine the stupid Information Minister( the one who tried to take out cash from Australia years ago), together with 30 of UMNO lackeys trooped to Police station to lodge report against MT & perhaps RPK.

    Wonder how is RPK now.

  12. monsterball says:

    luclai sound so logical on freedom of speech and when any true Malaysians reads it….just cannot disagree…..but I have been posting there for two years and RPK loves to talk anti government stuffs with his fantastic good as Dan Brown novels. He likes to create sensational news out of nothing.
    But for what’s worth…our government lacks the creditablities to tell youngsters what not to read.
    It is so clear in subtle mind controls…inherited from the British to divide and rule…as clearly seen right now UMNO Youth Cheif ..telling MCA Youth off…and keep saying UMNO is the conscience of the Malays. Is that not racialitics ….plain and simple…and say support MCA in certain ways…divide to rule concept.
    For all these….not matter what RPK did right or wrong….RPK needs all Malaysians brave supports.

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  14. kirth's says:

    is it? no wonder i can’t go into any of the links in MT! it says something to do with SQL Database bla bla….
    geesh… that’s bad…

    i hope nothing happens to YM RPK. my prayers for him!!!

  15. monsterball says:

    My sincere prayers too. RPK is quite old and I hope the police is kind enough to make him very comfortable and allows him any medical treatment he may need while the police are doing their job for the government.
    This is not a criminal case….like as if RPK has shot someone.
    May RPK be well and good in spirit and health.

  16. whisperingshout says:

    Time to know your computer and stay at the safe side of the ‘law’ 🙂

  17. Billy says:

    monsterball, how do u know RPK has been detained. MT shutdown & RPK going to be investigated only. U mean he is already in custody of the police???

  18. kirth's says:

    i could view the MT now…. it’s working!!!

  19. Black says:

    We must defend RPK. If he been arrested soon, we must gather infront of IPD Dang Wangi to show our supports.

    We must tell the government and police that bloggers and commentators are not afraid. Plus our jail is not too big to put all bloggers.

    Come, stand up and defend our rights.

  20. monsterball says:

    Billy…I really don’t know…but all signs are pointing he is now arrested …is it not?
    And if people offer prayers…why can’t I? No harm done.
    He has few assistances to help him man the MT blog…so why should he shut down while being investigated..makes no sense.

  21. Zig says:

    MT’s back online. Phew..

    Anyway, just a comment on this quote “the articles could have a negative effect on the younger generation.”

    I started reading MT and alternative news bout 3 years ago back when I’m still in secondary school. And I think it opened my eyes to the various issues that were kept away from us (students).

    Even remember that ISA was portrayed as a good thing in buku sejarah tingkatan 5.

  22. monsterball says:

    Black….Announce the time and date…when you are ready and sure.

  23. sloone says:

    definitely, we have to defend him. innocent until proven guilty!!! monty, make sure you are there, bring candles and flowers for petra, for me, pay you later ok?

  24. Moses Foo says:

    Hello Susan

    Is my first time commenting on your site, so I hope you can bear with me.

    The current situation with MT/RPK is, like what Zig said, bad omen. Yet, to write with a title, next victim, axe coming and so on, is a little bit about emotional reaction. In a way coming from people like you and LKS is a bit disappointing.

    Yes, my initial reaction was also an alarming one. I mean is this the beginning of a clampdown? Like what happen back in the late 80s? But shouldn’t we stay calm and think carefully about how to face the situation and get out of it? The analogy here is that of a fire alarm. Of course, unless the writer has their own reasons for such heading.

    In another sense, it is a little naive to think that freedom or freedom of expression would come about without its price. I’m just thinking along the line of history, in countries that today in some way we regards as free and democratic.

    Anyway, my point is that, it may be the start of something sinister but carry on inspite of it. Enough of this strong-arm tactics.

  25. sloone says:

    Dear Moses, appreciate your comment. thanks

    RPK/MT is the next victim after Nat, what else can you call it?

    2. If a fellow blogger, a friend at that, receive such threats, I will surely be emotionally. I cant treat this as a joke. Any threats to fellow blogger is not something to be un-emotional about.

    anyway, i am wondering what the charges are? against the King and Islam. who defines that and what are parameters. its really up to them. anyone of us can be guilty.

    3. we are still calm, no threats of burning down dang wangi police station what?

    4. never said freedom of expression comes without a price. in fact i said, we have to be prepared for the consequences. what we are doing here is defending RPK’s right to be innocent til proven guilty.

    5. Yes, enough of this strong arm tactic!!

  26. monsterball says:

    okay SUSAN…DEAD OR ALIVE…I will be there!!

  27. Moses Foo says:

    Hello Susan,

    How is RPK? Just waiting for news of him.


  28. monsterball says:

    okay…RPK is no where to be found!!
    Just spoke to Black….about attending the protest. He said not yet….and once all clear..he will give me details.

  29. monsterball says:

    Susan…Now MT blog is back to normal!!
    But will wait for Black’s final news.

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  31. Moses Foo says:

    Hi Susan,

    Maybe you can put a new update that MT & RPK are back in business and RPK is going all out with no holds barred…


  32. wits0 says:

    Well, RPK gave a very resounding reply to the one who made the police report on him and MT :

    That’s one of the blandest icon of Umnodom

  33. monsterball says:

    hi Susan!
    MT blog….sometimes can go in….sometimes cannot.
    Maybe did not pay telekom bill…rushed out to pay….but will take 2 days to be normal.
    Now yes …no..yes …no to get in properly.

  34. Moses Foo says:

    I suspect is because of the high traffic. RPK mentioned about upgrading the server.

  35. monsterball says:

    Hope so Moses Foo

  36. Mason From Kuching says:

    I am in (joining in the physical protest). This is the fight not against the Nazis, not against the Junta, nor against the Chinese, Indians or Malays,
    but the figtht to defend our basic human rights from annihilation by our very own fellow countrymen who betrayed us, legalising institutionalised mauradings anew, and robbed us of our liberty-emancipation.

  37. monsterball says:

    Great news Mason.
    Amin Iskandar@Black should be the person to get in touch. He is organizing the protest…that is if RPK is really arrested.
    Right now….seems quiet and okay…but BLACK is still doubtful.

  38. pope says:

    may the force be with RPK!

  39. Billy says:

    Susan, tks for letting me comment at your site this afternoon. Actually, RPK was upgrading his server for 2.5 hrs.

    BTW, he gave the bloody M b M ( Information Minister) a good bashing. Chow!

  40. Billy says:

    One more thing, susan. I requested for the video on Altantuya thro email. No response from u till now. Wld u mind to check?

  41. The Observer says:


    Suddenly its all quiet at Parti Keadilan Rakyat and not even a comment or posting in their operators blog.Not even at the new blog master Nat Tan whom Petra spoke against his detention consistently.

    Where is PKR? is there a direction from the Party to ignore this case?

    So much for keadilan? Justice is only for their own close circles and cadres.Not for all those poor supporters and others.

    Selective Justice.

    PKR have no integrity and credibility any more and an insult to justice and fairness.

    Please go and surf their website and their shameless operators blogs. You will see what i mean.

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  44. Frank says:

    Those who cannot access Malaysia-Today, read RPK’s response here:

    If only MCA and MCA Youth can be more assertive and have the marbles to respond jsut by half of RPK, the Chinese would have more respect for MCA and MCA Youth Leaders. See here:

  45. omigosh says:

    Ha, ha, ha hey guys guess what. RPK is a fighter. He wont go down without a fight. Another surprise, the present Agong is his pal. Dont forget he is from Terengganu Royalty. I believe he is ‘safe’.

  46. kittykat46 says:

    RPK’s website was inaccessible due to bandwidth problems – like everybody tried to access in the moment the news was out on the police report about him. It looks OK this morning.
    Keep your fingers crossed over the next few days.
    Unfortunately, its Open Season on Political bloggers in Malaysia !

  47. wendy says:

    can anyone tell me how to access to RPK’s article on the july 11. i wan to read it

  48. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Wendy,
    I believe this was the offending article.

    To me it was really quite a thoughtful critique of Muslim’s own weaknesses. Not degrading the religion of Islam in itself.

    But UMNO has its own twisted logic.

    What else do you expect from the ex-Menteri Besar who got acquitted of criminal charges in
    Australia on the grounds he couldn’t understand the English warnings on Australian immigration forms.

  49. wits0 says:

    Haven’t Tun M and Mushy of Pakistan at different times already spoken the same thing about the Muslim backwardness? They simply didn’t go further into more details.

  50. Yarlputra says:

    Hi susan,
    Could you please kindly mail me of plans to support RPK incase he is arrested. Like a candle light virgil or something ,anything to support RPK

  51. hutchrun says:

    Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad believes that there is an attempt by the government to curb voices of dissent on the Internet.
    [ ]
    Asked if Malaysia Today webmaster Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin had ‘stuck to the facts’, the former premier replied: “If he did not, people would not read it.”

  52. ghenjis khan says:

    somebody is very very angry now …..

  53. Rajah says:

    “If he did not, people would not read it.”

    But how would we know unless we read it first? The spin master working over time – as usual.

  54. Rajah says:

    It is a question over who has the legitimacy to rule and to do so using Islam and the Malay Sultans as political platforms for them to stand on.

    In the 1950s UMNO was the party representing the Malays and has been instrumental in winning political independence from the Brits. Today there are other Malay political parties competing for legitimacy to rule.

    It is not a question of who has offended Islam or the Malay Sultans but who defines and who decides when Islam and the Malay Sultans should feel offended.

  55. monsterball says:

    Rajah….You talk so bravely and keep running down our country.
    Will you be brave enough to come back and defend the rights of the people…should your continuos instigation harvest results?
    You see…we also say the same thing….but we are HERE…at our country.
    So if you don’t have the balls…keep quite and don’t talk cock all the time.
    Sick of those living abroad talk big…yet run away…saying this or that…but infect …they think of their selfish reasons and not the country at all. I have seen plenty of yoUr kind Rajah…so shut up!!

  56. V T says:

    History has a real bad habit in repeating itself.

    History is a real pain in the buttock while back at school, memorising this dooda did what on that dunno date; henace, history is really a painful subject to me for dates and occassions remains elusive to my memories…..

    History now is still in the habit of oft repeat, let’s take a look at history, say a time frame of 2-3 months. yeah, that’s all, me memories a a tad bit rusty.

    Well, a while back blogger Rocky and Jeff were little known to Malaysia outsite the net sphere, and out of the blues, some people from some big shot newspaper sue them and now both enjoy fame (still no fortune there).

    A little while back, say 3 weeks back, Tian Chua of PKR decides to post a doctored photo of our Deputy Prime minister on his blog, supposedly sitting there, grinning, as usual, with his trusted sidekick and a women, who she is, I know no. and Now the funny thing is that after approximately a week after his posting, some one from UMNO says to get Mr. MCMC to investigate or something like that and that the DPM, while still maintains his cool grin says “I am not worried”, well or somethign like that, and anyway……… Tian Chua got humongous traffic hit on his blog, so much so that he has to come out to say “it’s a fake photo”, in reality what he is trying to say is…. please slow down the hits will you….. now, I am quite sure that this is better than the ISA stint.

    and now, just last week they decided, against their good consions decides to find a scapegoat, (it is always good to put the blame on someone as it whould indoubtly, close the lid on all the goofs.) so they arrested Nat, Nat is another blogger, party member of PKR and he is also a Havard graduate.. this is a big no no, as Nat is from a really prestigious university with frends in high places around the world, so after some intense grilling. I mean questioning, they decided to let him walk out, free. that this is another goof, nothing achieved except that I too go read what Mr. Nat has to say, come to think of it, my friend now read his blog, the only thing that has been achieve through this excercise is very very good publicity for Mr. Nat.

    As humans have a habit of recording history, it is therefore human tends to live along history and oft, repeat history.

    for all the goofed effort, someone decides it’s high time they go for a really reconised and respected figure in the blogsphere, and hence, YM RPK is not only candidated through careful selection, but basically by choice. This report lodging at the dung wangi station has some immediate effect, that is, no bloggers walk alone.
    from Rocky’s Bru, Screenshorts, Lim Kit Siang, to the likes of Mob’s Crib (he’s the poster guy with very graphical description of Malaysian life) and it doesn’t end there, another Doctor, Dr. Lim Teck Gee to Micheal Backman(yes, he’s the guy that say Malaysia Bodoh, and most Malaysians secretly agrees with him) writes something, or in their blog, and the thing is that YM RPK’s blog was pack till somewhere around 2.00am, (yup, I only manage to access the blog then.) Now if this doesn’t stop and if the authorities still deemed it necessary to arrest and shut him up…… they might just make a matyr of this man. is this what the authorities had plan for?

    Will we learn nothing from history, is history just his story? is history fated to repeat itself, each wave bigger than the previous? we shall see, and we just might yet see. History, it seems, is now a real pain to the people who had learn nothing.

    My salute to you, Bloggers.

  57. bamboo river says:

    I hope this time my comment will get thru !
    Tried many times but my pc overloaded .
    RPK will be fine and smoking his pipe from my point of view.

    This guys had actually given the ‘kamikaze bandana’ to that M bin M. He is dealing with the wrong guy like RPK.
    Looks like plan ‘B’ is activated by them.

    Those koochilek cybertroopers could not handle MT so back to get the mothership to attack.
    I guess that is what RPK wants. Deal with the mothership and get rid of it for good.

    So, my verdict is…..RPK will definitely give us a good 50 th birthday surprise this 2007.
    Wait and see!

  58. omigosh says:

    In Malaysia Today

    “Raja Petra Kamarudin has been summoned to the Dang Wangi Police Station, Jalan Staduim, at 11.00am today (25 July 2007) for his statement to be recorded with regards to the police report made by the Umno Information Chief. It is believed a second police report has also been made with regards to the article Raja Petra wrote called ‘See you in hell Muhamad son of Muhamad’.”

  59. whispering9 says:

    RPK has more than 1.3million hits in a normal day. When dsai was jailed, his active supporters were only in hundreds. I think um_0 don’t read statistics. It is suicidal to take on MT when our local newsprints can’t enjoy such readership numbers in a single day. Beside, um_0 have isolated themself from other bn partners with their insensitive remarks and actions. If they move into arresting dissidents now, they will be out of political favor soon than later. In fact, oppositions might even welcome such arrests. Besides, with economy in doldrums, businessmen will not get upset with peaceful street protests. It is still VMY. hahaha…’talking cure’ lah.

  60. omigosh says:

    You are right whispering9. I was in Kelantan recently and the grassroots are totally pissed off with the government especially with the rise in petrol and other essential items. They say PAS will definitely regain Kelantan unless BN use all the bloody dirty tricks again like importing tens of thousands of phantom voters to the East Coast. Anyways I will definitely support RPK in candlelight vigils, forums in solidarity etc like what we did for Nat. As for BN and AMMNO, to use the words of RPK, they can go straight to hell.

  61. V T says:

    RPK of Malaysia today summoned to Dang Wangi,

    there’s a petition on line.

    please visit and sign, thank you.

  62. Moses Foo says:

    Hello Susan

    On a lighter side of things…what was the highest number of comments you ever recorded for any of your posting? Last check, RPK’s last opinion is somewhere in the 550s, and I think it still climbing. Occassionally, just for the fun of it, did a scan through and I think depending on the opinion, it easily range from 150s upwards.

    Not that the number of comment mean anything if the content is lousy…just for the fun of it if you got my drift 😉


  63. F Abdullah says:

    Hey you guys and gals out there…

    Hope you all will be more responsible bloggers ok….just be responsible of the effects and impact of what you wrote…its signification…to the general public….

    If any parties have any personal wars…let it be on the personal level…and not be splashed all over the net…to be accessed by anyone from all over the net world..

    There are other serious stuff out there..people are dying from wars, from natural disaters, out of hunger etc…But then again….if you have a mission in fighting corruption, abuse of power, oppression, world peace..then go ahead my fellow bloggers..

    Just be more responsible with the freedom of voice and space given….let us not upset National Security and Unity….

    from me..
    F Abdullah or Uji

  64. HardHorse says:

    Dear Malaysia,
    All you guys need to learn something, whatever you try to type or express here NOT going to help you in anyway,Because Barisan Nasional control 85% of Parliment. UMNO also know that whatever they do to Indian and Chineses,they still going to vote for them.So the solution is very simple,vote for opposition.Dont worry if its Keadilan or PAS or DAP. Just vote for any of Opposition party,atleast we can let more opposition leaders in Parliment to fight for public( since we know MCA,MIC and GERAKAN) totally helpless to fight for public.They are more concern for they post,since UMNO will sack any of them who try to fight for justice. So as Malaysian I think its time for us to vote for opposition and let more opposition leaders in Parliment. THink over, do you think you are happy with this Govt?? Malaysian dont even have right to talk or express their unhappyness against Govt Rulers. we are just living in Military Rule,which is called “democracy”

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  66. stcin says:

    NAZRIN is being prophesied in RAHMAN, amen !

  67. fdfdfdf says:

    Ask our hero RPK to oust the hound dog Khairy J and Hishamuddin and Mahathir and the country will be peaceful without these guys! All 3 stooges are RACIST & RAPIST of the country’s wealth & daylight robbers of our rakyat taxpayers money. This is cyberspace era not keris (Hang Tuah dan Hang Jebat) era. Return to the jungle and rule by the law of the Jungle!

  68. Subudra Thavy says:

    RPK is a great person, a man in the true sense of the word. Good thing he is immune or he would have landed himself in jail with the isa detainies. He has educated us well with malaysian politics that even people like us who never considered politics as our bowl of rice have understood that it is our responsibility to proect our beloved country from falling into the hands of corrupt people who may sell our country because of insatiable greed. We have shown makkal power to the ruling elite. I hope RPK will keep up his good work and keep saving the country from rot. Now all politicians will think twice before breeding corruption or the next election will see an end to it. We must make it our resposibility to educate every citizen about the importance of politics and not to be apatetic to it.

  69. Blood&Flames says:

    GO go anti-BN people…make 2008 the great history of all….I’m sick and tired with this 50 years rulling…go to HELL UM…UM…what is the party name…my finger slip when it comes to spell the word…it something like curse…hahaha

  70. Sree says:

    Muhammad son of Muhammad……….strikes again !

  71. Sree says:


    Please learn your history well. You may be a product of our local schools so i understand your ignorance. Not to blame you but all the history books are doctored anyway. I’ll give you a clue…….. Who is the first ruler of Kedah and 7 after that ? This is well documented my friend so go read !

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  73. kclim says:

    Have you heard of police brutality? That’s what is happening in Malaysia right now. RPK we are all with you out here!

  74. ahmad says:

    god-damned culprits. anyway, have any idea what happened to malaysia today website? it cannot just vanish into thin air, and don’t tell me the band of bandits took it away.

  75. RPK FTW says:

    unfortunately RPK’s prophecy came true.. i just read about him predicting chances which he will fall victim to the supreme powers if he shall bring forth their destruction with the truth, seems like all these came too soon n i hope truth will prevail n justice served!

    my prayers will always be with RPK

  76. Jimbeam says:

    UMNO monkeys at it again. I am sick and tired with these monkeys around! why don’t they go back to the jungle and eat bananas!

  77. The cancerous cells of corruption within umno and barisan have reached the advanced stage, it is only a matter of time when the rotten body and soul shall perish for good and into the deepest layer of hell..

  78. zoeyzara says:

    sejahat jahat mahathir, anwar saja yg susah & org yang sokong anwar je yang susah…. sebaik baik paklah, rakyat semua susah.. barang semua naik harga

  79. persian says:

    Hi! Guys, I would really appreciate if you could help me with my problem. I CAN’T RETREAT MT.HARAPANMALAYSIA site!!!

    I really, truly and in dire need of your kind helping hand!! I’m suffocated! I need other material to read in order to keep my brain alive and kicking. So please help me.. don’t let my brain died! 🙂

  80. kclim says:

    Stupid UMNO monkeys. What they know about sensitivity? waving keris, threatening other races, inciting racial hatred, body snatching etc.

  81. bosco says:

    What is the BN Government scared of? Why is it over acting over comments made on the blog? We are certain that we the people of Malaysia never requested them to baby sit and take notice of what we read or want to read. We do not have freedom of the press. Now it appears that we cannot exchange information. Are we not the people who are to be the Judge, Jury and the Executioner of what is a news worthy article based on its substance?


    WE are not MISFITS. We live in a civil society. We can distinguish between what is a fact or a myth or a spin. Do not live in a continued state of self denial and do not be naive to continue to make statements which are out dated by claiming that a subject matter discussed by the people, is sensitive.

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