These are the footages (image from Malaysiakini) shown in the Altantuya’s murder trial in the Shah Alam Court today. But while everyone present was enjoying the little show, the prosecution (who is supposed to be finding out who killed Altantuya, remember, and not jumping to defense of the alleged murderers) DID NOT ASK who were these individuals cited on the CCTV camera.

Not only were they not interested in who these guys were in the footage, they did not ask what they were doing there? Were there any significance at all for the footages to be shown. Hey, I am confused here, this was supposed to be evidence produced in court by the prosecution, right?

The CCTV footage and eight photographs showed some people in various locations in Hotel Malaya where Altantuya was supposed to have stayed when she was in Malaysia, before she was murdered.

The footages had a drama of its own kind yesterday when it experienced “technical glitches”. Instead of footage, a series of jerky ‘still’ images were seen as the player stalled frequently due to differences in video format (different from the one the prosecution team had set up…hmmm?).

Much time was wasted to get the thing fixed (court had to stand down twice in an hour). Hey, aren’t they supposed to make sure all these things work before it is produced in court. For god’s sake, this is the trial of the century, not some kid’s video programme session!

Hear! Hear! There are more discrepancies. The time and date found in the footages did not match. When asked by the defense, the witness (hotel manager Low Mow Chan) gave contradicting answers. Another “absolutely confused” witness?

At last, the defence lawyers implied that the CCTV recordings have been tampered with. Who wouldn’t? So, would I!

Now how does this sound for a full blown conspiracy theory? The images were captured on Nov 11 last year. The video footage was handed over to a police officer the day before, that is Nov 10 2006 !!! It was supposed to be dated Oct 18, a day before the murder.

I can’t tell you how confused I am over this trial. But then again, since the beginning of the trial, it seemed that almost every witness was a little confused, save one who was alleged to be an “absolutely confused man”.

May God save us all!

footage, a series of jerky ‘still’ images were seen as the player stalled frequently due to differences in video format, forcing the court to stand down twice within an hour to try and fix the problem


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  1. Alison says:

    What on earth is wrong with the whole damn trial? It seems like a really cheapskate “kids’ TV show” (As quoted by Susan).

    It also seems like to me that they are staging this whole trial thing up. But if they really did, it’s a really bad job. They need to have a project management course in order to manage this correctly and perhaps they can also watch Prison Break to think about contingency planning.

    I have to say “Thank God I left the country!!!” loudly.


  2. Rajah says:

    First these photographic images are relevant to prove the duo were at the Hotel on a certain day. It is not hearsay.

    Further than that, they don’t prove much. Did they deny ever being at the Hotel? Don’t think they are that stupid. Hotels have closed circuit TV for security – spying not only on guests, visitors but also their own employees.

    The defense of course would raise objections to preserve the issue in the event of an appeal.

  3. ghenjis khan says:

    but there was a question of which two guys stayed in Room 823 and the line of questioning was stopped abruptly !

    if you ask those people from Dreamworks I am sure they would bring to LIFE people in the CCTV!

  4. Rajah says:

    “What on earth is wrong with the whole damn trial? ” Alison

    There’s nothing damn wrong with the whole damn trial. The Prosecution team was put together at the last minute. The trial was rushed. Venue had changed and the previous was asked to play badminton – and given a break.

    I am not normally a conspiracy buff. But this only points to one verdict. Razak acquitted for lack of evidence. The other two probably not.

  5. Rajah says:

    “Not only were they not interested in who these guys were in the footage, they did not ask what they were doing there?” Susan

    Obviously, Susan, the photographic images speak for themselves. If they treat the images as a statement to prove the truth of its contents, then that would be hearsay. You could look at the images and make your own inference.

    It is hard to say what their relevance would be without knowing what the issues are. Altantuya was not murdered at the Hotel and nor was she kidnapped there.

  6. Rajah says:

    “It also seems like to me that they are staging this whole trial thing up. But if they really did, it’s a really bad job.” Alison

    It does not need to be a good job – but a job nevertheless that would blow a hole in the prosecution case.

    They are not selected for their ability to do a good job.

  7. itoldusob4 says:

    the so called influential/VIP parties involved here are achieving exactly what they hope to from day one. interest in this case is already waning with all the ridiculous events unfolding as people r losing interst due to frustration, realising that the truth will never be uncovered again and the accused will very likely get away scott free (explains why till today, no photo/sketch of the accused’ faces), bah, blah, blah. so sad for the innocent once again in bolehland.

  8. Joseph says:

    These are crazy!! What do they prove but they were there?

  9. Rajah says:

    It is not crazy if there is an issue of whether they were there at the appointed time and day. Is there?

    You must understand the Prosecution is building up their case. Seen in isolation it does not mean much more than they were there at the Hotel.

    What about on the totality of the evidence?

  10. kk says:

    who knows, the hotel manager gonna retired soon with a kingdom waiting for him!

    as i believed, the manager (Low Mow Chan) should managed to produce a duplicate copies somewhere, cause chinese ppl are smart in tactic of making easy money!

  11. La Cucaracha says:

    At the beginning of the trial when the Mongolians were attending, I was following it keenly. However, I seem to have lost steam and my eagerness at reading updates on the case has dwindled!
    Compared to the case of “The Engineer and the Karoke Girl” 2 years’ back, this case seems far less interesting despite having an A-list defendant!

  12. Mulan says:

    Why the question never been answered or not been arised again abt room 823- unidentified 2ppl? Who were they & who were duo on the picture? Are they related to the case/room? it supposed to be an evidence.

  13. omigosh says:

    I suspected something was fishy the moment they ganged up with defense counsel to protect VIP/high official who ordered deletion of immigration data. From there on, it was downhill all the way. Notice how all the prosecution witnesses were actually BETTER as defense witnesses. The whole trial is a bloody sham.

  14. nyc says:

    OJ Simpson-ed!! This is the direction the trial is heading. The rich and powerfull will get away and the others will get suckered.

  15. Fred Jackson says:

    I am sure that if this new prosecution team was any good, they’d be changed again because someone’s son plays badminton with the judge’s aunt’s niece’s son.. I hope the Mongolian government sues the Malaysian government to Kingdom come…

  16. yh says:

    the holes are getting bigger by the day and dont be surprise that it will grow so big that even an elephant can go thru.
    this show is great. seems there is not even an iota of preparation. lets see more pooh-poohs ok.

  17. kittykat46 says:

    The CCTV footage date stamped Nov 11 2006, given that the tapes were handed to police on Nov 10 2006. Technical failure or evidence the tapes are doctored after the fact ?

    CCTV equipment are normally set to automatically date & time stamp whatever is recorded on their equipment, just as your PC automatically date & time stamps any amendments to a file on your hard disk.

    The technical possibilities are
    a) Somebody wrongly set the date on the hotel recording system.
    b) There was some equipment failure and the system simply defaulted to some date upon reboot – can happen to a PC date/time too.

    The 3rd possibility ? – go figure it out.

  18. PCK says:


  19. Berlin says:

    It is just that everything seems fabricated to me. All the witnesses, all the evidence, even the prosecutors and defenders seem like they are in the same team.

    Who knows, maybe one day they will say that the dead girl is not Altantuya. Maybe one day the immigration department suddenly has a record that she already left the country before the murder happened.

  20. PCK says:


  21. dlquill says:

    I think it are damned stupid to show the stupid ctv footage. Wasted aday time with an idiot manager more suitable to be a pimp. If they want to end the case, show Altantuya looks alike walking around the ctv, put a date after she has been murdered and the court case over.

  22. PCK says:


  23. Rajah says:


    Would you be so kind as to tell us the facts? As to why there was this need to show the CCTV footage to the court?

    Is it needed to dispel doubts that the victim ever stayed at Hotel Malaya on the days in question? Is it needed to show that individuals resembling the accused duo were seen walking the hotel lobby and on the floor of the hotel where the victim was staying on those days and dates?

    Are these issues in the case?

    Is the prosecution still building its foundation for their case? It looks rather late for this.

  24. Nstman says:

    This trial is a farce. the prosecution appears to be going all out to screw their own case but trying its best to aid the defence. so what’s going on. Only in Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh.

  25. pope says:

    i still hope for miracle that justice will prevail.

  26. Rajah says:

    I don’t see how the duo could be freed – assuming newspaper reports are to be believed.

    Is it true that Azilah led the police to the scene of the crime?

    Is it true that Sirul on another occasion also led the police to the scene of the crime.

    These are damning evidence against the accused. Their confessions may not be admissible in evidence in court, but to what extent are these ‘fruits of the poisonous tree’?

  27. kittykat46 says:

    This has been a very strange trial and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a very strange verdict in the end.
    Nothing is what it seems on the surface…or have I been reading too many spy thrillers ?

  28. ACP Mastor says:

    Look! The guy confessed to me. How could the judge ruled his confession out for being involuntary?

    I can’t help it that I wear his superior officer’s uniform. I was not forcing him to confess. Remember, this here is a guy who would murder at your command. He is a soldier. He does not have to be a robot! Call it legalized murder if you want!

    Whatever I do surely I am not expected to take him to a candle light dinner before the confession could be ruled admissible?? Hell, he would enjoy his dinner at my expense and ask for double and yet not give me the confession I need.

    But didn’t he lead me to the scene of the crime where fragments of Altantuya’s body were found? Who would know apart from the killer or his accomplices in the murder?

    Fruit of the poisonous tree under S. 27 Evidence Act? Naaah!!

  29. […] Altantuya: the “fabricated” cctv footage [image]These are the footages (image from Malaysiakini) shown in the Altantuya’s murder trial in the Shah Alam […] […]

  30. hgtute says:

    Those 2 guys in the footage are gigolos-lah, and they were just soliciting for customers-lah in the hotel hobby. Vely common-lah nowadays in this islamic country-lah. Economy vely poor-lah, must work hard to make a living-lah, you know-lah.

  31. monsterball says:

    yea kittykat….agrees with you. Rajah can try his best to convince the trial is fair and proper….but it will not hold water….as so far the trial is heading no where close to be a good clean criminal legal murder case. I smell too much political interferences from powerful people.

  32. awang adek says:

    Don’t worry…Razak Baginda will surely walk away
    as a free man at the end of this trial…Malaysia Boleh

  33. wits0 says:

    Monty, to the layman, the whole litany of legal terms is meaningless, boringly so, and a waste of time if the justice system is bias because the key players are. If the spirit is wrong, for all intent and purpose, the trial is simply flawed.

    Why dispute over the manner an egg is opened for breakkfast like in Gulliver’s Travel just to show some knowledge of the law in theory.

    So far, not only has the 2 accuse seoarately brought the police to the site of the crime but:
    R.Surenthira Kumar and Maria J.Dass, from SUN
    Day 22
    SHAH ALAM (July 19, 2007): A police officer told the court today Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar had led a police team to his apartment in Kota Damasara where a pair of earrings, a ring and a watch believed to have belonged to Altantuya Shaariibuu were recovered from a jacket in his wardrobe.

    So how can these two be not guilty? Occam’s razor approach to concluding a simple matter without unnecessary meandering.

  34. monsterball says:

    Did we not all read today’s newspapers that a senior judge is accusing another for being bias and fooling around with a corruption case concerning Diam?
    What shit reputations we will be showing to the whole world….on so call Justice for everyone.
    It is like gangsters protecting another gangster type of country we are living in….and we…. the innocent by-standers are depending on luck….not on justice to have a fair trial. Thank God…all of us are simple folks.

  35. jentan says:

    Will all God fearing leaders please stand up to TRUTH AND JUSTICE in all matters? Otherwise you are not leading by the right examples. Remember the motto : “KEPIMPINAN MELALUI TELADAN?” Does it not exist anymore?

    God is fair and just.

    All those who dwell in Him need to follow Him. We need to fear God and believe in Him. If we do, then we too will will want to be FAIR AND JUST. Otherwise we bring SHAME TO HIM. He is too Holy and Good to be shamed by us. Please own up to justice and fairness.

    Where is the BAR COUNCIL? You are the HEAD of the THOUSANDS OF LAWYERS OF MALAYSIA. Please speak up to alleviate all the desperations and fears around us. It has gone BEYOND POLITICS. Matters are hitting hard on the “INTEGRITY, SHAME AND EMBARRASSMENT” OF THE NATION. This is probably why RAJA NAZRIN SPOKE UP to lead you, BAR COUNCIL!

  36. wits0 says:

    The Bar Council can’t get its act together since the sacking of Tun Salleh. It’s almost a waste of time to follow the going-ons there since…..all the buzz always end in one anti-climax or another.

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