There is an online petition calling for the release of Nathaniel Tan of HERE. It says:

To: Bloggers Around the World

On 13th July 2007,

A prominent Malaysia Blogger, Nat (Nathaniel) Tan of was detained by Malaysian police force which is currently tainted with several corruption scandals. reported that:

“Police took Nathaniel Tan of PKR away for questioning, without providing any reason at all. They entered his office at about 4.45 pm today, and told Tan to follow them to the Bukit Aman police headquarters. The policemen also requested that Tan bring his notebook computer with him. It is believed that he is being questioned on matters relating to certain postings on the Internet.”

Malaysia is currently tainted with several mind boggling scandals such as the cruel demonination of Altantuya and the support of gangster in the crime-infested state of Johor in Malaysia.

We the ordinary Malaysians have NO CHOICE but to seek help from international communities to petition the Malaysian government currently led by Abdullah Badawi to release Nathaniel Tan with immediate effect. We also hope your petition will be a signal to the Malaysian government to stop intimidating the Bloggers in the light of the coming General Election.

Thanking you in advanced.


The Undersigned

So, people, please do the necessary for Nat Tan.


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  1. Raja says:

    “A prominent Malaysia Blogger, Nat (Nathaniel) Tan of was detained by Malaysian police force which is currently tainted with several corruption scandals.”

    This is a gross understatement.

    Malaysia has had a record of human rights abuses surpassed only by countries like China.

  2. kk says:

    that’s malaysia spirit. un-cure-able sickness in bolehland!

    malaysia boleh?!

  3. I says:

    Susan, thanks for spear heading this.

  4. hawk says:

    Blogging offers a new channel of oppotunity for pratical democracy. The populace is no longer confined by time and space, when such limitations only permit us to cast our votes, once every period, to chose our respresentatives for govt.

    With this access, the people can put voice to our votes and discuss issues with those who were voted to govern over us.

    Being voted into government is a responsibility. It is not to be taken just with honour and pride such that they are empowered to rule without question.

    If the govt is interested to be responsible, then blogging offers a very good way to hear the rantings of the populace. When we are unreasonable, explain to us. When we lie or accuse falsely, rebuke us with truth. Be pro-active with what is commented and suggested. Why shut us? Why cover up? Surely, you want and need to know the views of your people. The truer they are, the more pain they will inflict.

    Now u got the chance to listen to us, not only the “yes” men who surround you and feed you with news and info you only want to hear.

    The OSA is abused to protect the corrupt. We got to dismantle it.

    Sign me in. Lets collect a million or more.

  5. Madhaterz says:

    This rot in the govt is beyond help. Only totalitarian governments of the cold war era do such things. The OSA is conveniently used yet again to shut people up.

    I hope that we all will speak up for Nat.

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