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To my Hindu country men and women, my heart goes out to you. In a sea of sharks and piranhas, the angel fishes would definitely be dead meat.

THIS IS BAD, ABSOLUTELY BAD. From keris waving, these guys are aspiring to become temple demolishers. From threatening to bathe their keris (Malay dagger) in Chinese blood, now they are going after the Hindu community, giving warnings, by stringing up two banners in a temple vicinity, which read: “Don’t test our patience“, “Tear down this unlawful temple“.

This temple was built on a private land, but since it’s under renovation and will be larger than the former one when completed, it may make the Muslims “uncomfortable”. I do not want to jump to conclusions, but why would anyone feel ‘uncomfortable’ about this, if the said temple, were built on a private land? The only problem is, it doesn’t have a permit. And since it’s not a “tempat maksiat” (place where sinful activities occur), why can’t they have a permit? Unless, no application has been made for it.

Don’t get the whole thing wrong. This is UMNO we are talking about. Not the majority of soft-spoken, kind Malays who are our neighbours, colleagues, friends, and relatives. The trouble is, by constantly doing what they do, politicking and playing the race and religion cards, they give the entire Malay (plus Muslim) nation a bad name.

This UMNO action was allegedly confirmed by Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam recently, who told Harold Gomez ( a trustee of the temple in question – 16-year-old Sri Maha Periyachi temple in Tambak Paya village) that he (Ali Rustam) “personally had no problems with the temple but it was the “Umno Malays” in the village who were not happy”.

Well, if it is true that the honourable chief minister said this, he did not even bother to conceal the fact that it was the UMNO MALAYS!

Gomez also said the temple did not face problems for the last 16 years, but recently it received a letter from the local authorities saying that the temple will be demolished after renovation work. Negotiations are going on, but UMNO have starting beating their war drums. It’s the pre-election fever, I guess. But Malaysian Indians only make up about 8 percent of the 26million people in this country. Insignificant (to UMNO) as far as voting power is concerned.

Speaking about elections, didn’t my blog mate Sheih @ kickdefella say it would be somewhere in August this year?


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  1. mahendran says:

    😦 am really very much disturbed by the news. i think among the “whu cares about minorities” cases/news u have heard so far, this is the worst!

    sad day for a nation of 50

  2. susan loone says:

    so am i mahendran. i think we don’t deserve that 50 years of nation building.

  3. wits0 says:

    Susan if you call that 50 years as “nation-building”, then the term is indeed a dirty word and the real wormy fruits are now so telling, so loud and clear.

  4. susan loone says:

    yes, wits0, maybe i should ‘tarik balik’ the 50 years nation building statement. nation breaking more like it!

  5. hamzah says:

    sad day indeed for malaysia & malaysians.

    Thank you umnoputras for embarassing Melayu and Muslims!

    oh Samy where are you?

    oh Pak Lah, PM for ALL Malaysians where r u?

  6. wits0 says:

    50 years of substituting fascism as “nation building” until it cracks at the seams. The MSM is there playing a major role to knock thinking out of existence. How long is that delusion really possible?

  7. kittykat46 says:

    The Indian community is virtually guaranteed to vote for UMNO/ BN/ Semi-Value. UMNO knows very well there is near Zero political fallout from the temple demolitions apart from a few DAP grumbles and some distant thunder in Blogs.

    Frankly my (unspoken) attitude towards the Indian community after Ijok was – Don’t bring up the issue of Indian Temple demolitions again. We all deserve the government we vote for…

    Of course there are “pengundi hantu” but that’s a different story.

  8. omigosh says:

    Things are really getting out of hand with these keris-weilding racist fanatics. I feel that dickhead hisham and AAB’s hoodlum son-in-law are not being good role models at all to these thugs.

  9. wits0 says:

    The supporters of the BN component parties outside of Umno has acquired the the chronic Masochistic syndrome. Ther seems to be no cure. Heads in holes and asses up in air for mass harvesting cheap, for the big brother.

  10. mahendran says:

    put the blame squarely on Ali Rustam the CM and UMNO Youth leaders, and yeah every other malaysian whu treats issues based on communal boundaries.

    negaraKU ?

  11. Billy says:

    The famous SIL said that UMNO Youth was hurt by Tian Chua’s photo of Najib having dinner with the Mongolian lass. Now we see who is more hurt. He thinks he (and the rest in UMNO Youth) is the only one who has feelings and others don’t. With the latest wanton act, I wonder who is testing whose patience now????

  12. yh says:

    what next? chinese temples and all other places of worship except mosques? you can feel the intolerance level surging and I fear the worst unless we stand united against such bigots.

  13. BobSam says:

    KittyKat, please understand that if you are given the option, vote for me, else we will give Chinese/Malay developers approval to build new townships by converting your rubber/oil palm estates. What choice would the poor Indian estate inhabitant have?

  14. BobSam says:

    Anyway let us celebrate by bringing some cows to the event. We can slaughter the cows & the goats to feed the poor tractor drivers and poor people whose feelings have been injured by the new larger temple.
    If we can do it at the Parliment, we can do it anywhere.
    Why r u bothered if we do it?
    But dont u dare eat ur meat or slaughter ur favorite animal in our presence…

  15. BobSam says:

    Sorry for the lenghty post.

    But the PERSON in the MIRROR better wake up.
    Send a note to your ADUN, your MP.

    Tell him/her what u think. Even better, SMS him/her and follow up with a fax. Call his/her service center and get their fax number.

    Dont be overtly emotional and do stupid things. Just call ur ADUN & ur MP, inform him/her about ur displeasure. Tell him/her that you will be informing 10 friends who are voters in that area. You will ask them to inform another 10 voters in that area. Try this in every BN area, and see the response.

  16. NEDU says:

    These guys who are calling themselves as nation builders – UMNO YOUTH should be prosecuted with Islamic law where their hands should be chopped off. Even they deserved their private part to be chopped off so that they don’t produce anymore creatures like them.

  17. wits0 says:

    SIL is trying a new devious “softy softy”, approach, emphasizing on (wronged) “hurt”. And we are much touched and lining up to cry ’em a river…Booo…hooo.hooo..!

  18. luclai says:

    i wonder what will happen if one day, say the indians hold some banner that says “don’t test our patience! stop tearing down our temples”.

    i’m sure those UMNOputera would jumped up and down and accuse the indians of this and that and even lodge police report or whatever.

  19. notsosmart says:


    Don’t again get religion involved. We do have Muslim who don’t object….Our sincere friends are making their point, that UMNO is only after their own interest, greed,…..
    Oh….Samy is enjoying his gold-plated toilet.
    Pak Lah is traped in the web.

  20. serious shepherd says:

    I guess this is the right time to give UMNO and BN as a whole a reduced majority. Last election we gave PAS a reduced majority and they ended up using their remaining power and support to rebuild church that was demolished a few days earlier (circa mid-June this year, happened in some Orang Asli village in Kelantan). Only reduced majority can reduce a political party’s arrogance.

  21. kittykat46 says:

    Pak Lah “tak tahu”

  22. hamzah says:

    notsosmart – Dont again get religion involved.

    Hello – umno advocates the destruction of a place of worship and you want me to keep religion out of this??

    We do have Muslim who dont object.WILL THE MUSLIMS WHO DON’T OBJECT PLEASE SPEAK UP?!

    are you a muslim notsosmart?

  23. DarkKnight says:

    Please dont drag Islam in this issue. This is no way an Islamic move. In Islam, we are prohibited from demolishing any kind of place used to worship whatever God that belongs to whatever religion, UNLESS those places somehow threatened the well beings of the society. This rule stands even during war.

    To those pro-demolishing, please muhasabah yourselves with the direction of Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah. Islam is a kind religion, kind to all human.

  24. hamzah says:

    Terima kasih DarkKnight!

  25. Jan says:

    Can’t you see this is a sandiwara. After this Samy will come out and defend the temple and Umno youth backs off with kisses and votes to Samy & BN. This is nothing new.

  26. BobSam says:

    Serious Shepherd – r u sure of ur facts?

    I m not, I will try and obtain confirmation of what u said.
    But for the record, no building has been rebuilt. No funds have been paid/given. The summons is still there and so is the fine.

    Can you kindly verify/validify ur facts? I will check on mine too.

  27. serious shepherd says:

    Kelantan gov’t to rebuild church

  28. notsosmart says:

    Hamzah. Look at PAS. They are also Islam, and haven’t heard of their destruction.
    Its all BN-UMNO game. The other two dogs is not barking.
    I am not muslim, but have muslim friends who condemn such act.

  29. anak malaysia says:

    greater punishment awaits the persons who had done this cruel act on a holy place. Umno putra congrats to u and your buddies your religion speaks well of you!!!!!

  30. Nstman says:

    In the Thirties, Hitler Youth, Gestapo and SS ran riot by bludgeoning the Jews into submission. Now, Umno Youth is doing the same thing. The world must stop them before they go amok. If you dont stop them, the next step will be the concentration camp and ultimately the final solution.

  31. LoonyTune says:

    Yep! It’s Official!

    The lunatics r running d asylum!

  32. kroni2u says:

    lets take religion or politics out of the equation … question to the temple, have you checked or applied to the local govt for your building for extension/renovation?

    if no, why not? have you even submit your application?

    if yes, when did you submit?

  33. wits0 says:

    If a religion did not insinuate itself into politics in the first instance, there wouldn’t be any problem, is there?

  34. Nstman says:

    Frankly, Indians are getting what they deserve. remember they have been voting overwhelmingly for barisan. So stop complaining, Indians. Suffer in silence and continue voting Barisan, and continue shunning the opposition.

  35. notsosmart says:

    I like your style….Nstman.

  36. antibn says:

    Guys, please please vote for opposition this time to reduce the majority seat for BN this GE.

    BN MP’s are shame to the county

  37. antibn says:

    M’sia is turning into a fanatical Islamic country, no more churches, temples more spa, bothels, casinos, loan sharks, corruptions. I will UMNO was more aggresive in combatting crimes than putting a crap banner in a place of worship.

  38. J-Shree says:

    Read todays THE STAR ….Kofi Annan praising Malaysia for religious tolerance. He must be hoodwinked. Somebody please tell him the truth.

  39. antibn says:

    I wish muslims were strong in their faith that can still have a temple or church in the vicinity.
    We have listened/watch them pray thru loudspeaker everyday, that did not shake my faith in my religion, why are they. Weak faith!

  40. antibn says:

    Mainstream media is BN propaganda. Malaysia only takes compliments from foreigners, not constuctive critiscism.
    I know there are idiots who believe in the Mainstream media.

  41. antibn says:

    Guys if we dont show our power thru voting in the next GE, we are signing of our life to the corrupt, racist,and extremist govt. We are also signing off our childrens future!
    Look at our basic education system- everyone deserves to be treated equally with merits- of not we get half past six doctor, engineers, police,ministers. Can you imagine- what this country will be in next 10-15years

  42. eng says:

    It is very important for the Malays who oppose to this banner stand up and reject this banner in public so that the non-malays especially the indian will not have ill-feeling towards the malays (many ppl still think UMNO = all malays) and the issue may gets a better resolution.
    If non-malays were to stand up to this banner in public, they will be potrayed at ANTI-MALAYs or even ANTI-ISLAM by the media (or UMNO), it will be blown out of porpotion, and the temple will definitely be flatten.

    however, i like the idea suggested of putting another banner says ‘DON’T TEST OUR PATIENCE UMNO – from ALL MALAYSIAN’
    I am willing to chip in some money to get this done (seriously). I would love to see this banner next to the existing one on MalaysiaKini 🙂

  43. sofiairdina says:

    antibn and those who had dragged Islam and questioning islam or even malay as a whole.

    Did you read the banner? It said pemuda umno tambak kaya, ok. Did the word islam apperaed anywhere. No.

    Please read darknight’s comment on what is Islam’s view on this demolition thing.

    If you insist on dragging all muslim into all issues you’ll risk fighting all muslim who would otherwise be your friends.

  44. antibn says:

    dear Sofi,

    Do u not realise that the state and religion is one in the government, any thing that has got nothing to do with religion has been religionised.

    I dont knw if u know this a church construction was suspended for 28 years. Why?

  45. antibn says:

    Lina Joy?Why

  46. antibn says:

    Temple in Penang. Why?

  47. antibn says:

    I dont wanna fight muslims, I wanna dialogue. I wanna know the reason thats all.

    Why can we all be equal.Why double standards?

    Lets talk about NEP i.e for Bumis only.That means sons of the soil. Indian , chinese do not get that privilege, ok thats fine.

    Why then when one converts to Islam – this privilege is given i.e Indian Musims. The are not Malays or Kadazan or etc.

    It is because of religion right!

  48. antibn says:

    Why discriminate us- we are all the the children of God irrespective of colour, creed,language and etc. When you discriminate your fellow men u discriminate the GOD who created us.

  49. sofiairdina says:

    I am a malay and I am a muslim like million others. I certainly did not make those decisions and I do not necessarily support that decision. Why drag Islam or Malay into this? Do all muslims look like kj to you?

  50. sofiairdina says:

    That is the whole problem antibn. You tried to lump the whole issues into one basket and tried to find one solution that fits all. Do I need to answer those issues one by one in this space. Even Sami Vellu would not be able to “goreng” his way out on these issues at one go because it involved history, constitution, politic, culture and what have you.

    I am not trying to defend any of the action of the government (read politicians) in any of those issues because I am not even on their side in most cases. But the point I was trying to put to you is, you cannot start the so-called “dialogue” by calling the muslims “Weak faith!”

  51. Nstman says:

    Indians, you cannot have your piece of cake and eat it. You have always proclaimed yourselves as proud Barisan folk. So let it be. Accept Barisan policies. So please dont go around crying because nobody can help you because you didnt help yourself. So put up and shut up.

  52. antibn says:


    well , I agree u have not been part of this process, so let me ask you this, are you against this sort of discrimination against religion and race?

  53. antibn says:


    I guess we got to agree to disagree. As far as I see it ,(or maybe u should look around too) suicide bombing, terrorism, killing, persecution towards other race, religion happens mainly in Muslim countries.


    When ones faith is strong nothing can shake them, well if u are not , u need not worry. I am talking abt the weak ones.Comprende!

    Anyway let me tell you I am not a fan of Samy Velu, but think and think again – DPM Anwar Ibrahim can be charged for sodomy by the BN – for going against mahathir.what can Samy Velu do. All the road contracts are Class AAA Bumiputra companies- Controlled by UMNO.If you were to give contract on merit and not on Cronies. Go figure!

  54. eng says:

    the most you could do is to convince Antibn (or some other reader of this blog) that it’s not the work of all malays or all muslim to put up that banner.

    There are million of the ppl out there who look at this banner and think it’s the massage from all malays / muslim.

    That’s why it is very important to have another voice to disassociate UNMO from ALL malays thinking.

    Anyway AntiBn:
    agreed you have put too much issues into this basket, and u never get solutions.

  55. sofiairdina says:

    antibn… you are even more racist than I thought. Now you go around and equate terrorism and suicide bombings as a muslim things.

    I dont think you even get the point so let us just forget it.

  56. wits0 says:

    Eng, on the exterior, antiBN seems to have done that but there’s more than meets the eye. What is called religion is being differently understood. The nons only have secular religions.

    Much of the discrimination on the nons is easily associated with a supremacist sentiment derived from one religion and traceable to it. That will remain the perception of the nons.

  57. antibn says:

    Well, Sofi. Suit yourself.

    The truth hurts.

  58. sofiairdina says:

    antibn… you turned away the very people who would’ve supported your cause but you chose to emulate sammy vellu instead. Like it or not, you need the support of the moderate malays (if I may use that word) to achieve anything including stopping the demolition of your temple. But you would not achieve that by calling them weak faith, terrorist and all. Get that first.

    Yeah, somebody did get hurt. I bet you would say that it is not you.

  59. antibn says:

    sofi, I thought we were finished. But go on I will listen. This is democracy. One can criticise and be critised.

    Equal and fair.

  60. noname says:

    Sofi, u sounded much like jeancumlately. But i totally agree with you.

    Remember people there is another muslim based party called PAS but why UMNO is associated with muslim. PAS should be the right one. What you are trying to do is to bash the ruling party and i say it is ur ignorant to summarize it as malay and muslim.

    Yes the truth hurts especially to those whose complaining. heh heh

  61. antibn says:


    I call spade a spade. I am not offended if you equate me to Semi Value. Thats because I know thats not true. You call me a racist, I am not upset because I know thats not true.

    but Sofi , think, where are these moderate Muslim voices, I cant hear them. In Britain? In US? In Malaysia? Where? They are all secretly supporting these acts against humanity.

    Convince me pls. I could be wrong.

    I have not seen any peaceful demonstation against 9/11 bombing, or July 07 london bombing. I was in that tube which got bombed.Any protest against JAISor whatever when Hindu Revathy who was separated from her family.

    And you get upset when I voice these thing out.

    Do not cloud your mind with emotions. Think.

  62. antibn says:

    Anyway guys, thanks for nothing. I have said my piece. I regret if my straightforwardness had offended anyone.

    I believe we need to sharpen our mind, no our swords.



  63. skunk says:

    Lets all love one another.

    Man made Cigarettes, God made weed. lets all smoke and be happy.

  64. skunk says:

    No more war, no more bombing, no more hatred.

    All love love love.

    Bob Marley da man!

  65. sofiairdina says:

    OK la antibn… still you cant get the point.

    You said ” call spade a spade” and wow, I really admire that my man. Then learn this:

    Pemuda umno = pemuda umno
    umno = umno
    Terrorist = terrorist
    Perompak = perompak

    and NOT

    pemuda umno = melayu islam
    umno = melayu islam
    terorist = islam
    perompak = melayu / india / china.

    That is what calling spade a spade. Now go practice.

    Then you said “I have not seen any peaceful demonstation against 9/11 bombing, or July 07 london bombing. I was in that tube which got bombed.Any protest against JAISor whatever when Hindu Revathy who was separated from her family.”


    Ok..ok I admit that I did not do any peaceful demonstaration when that thing happened. But please also note that I also did not participate in any demonstration when thousands of people were killed in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Palestine and Afghanistan…

    How about you? You demonstrated for those muslims in Guantanamo bay? Get real…

  66. wits0 says:

    Faith is not Race. To call that racism is blind cut n paste hollow parroting.

  67. putrasarawak says:

    I love Kerismuddin.
    I love Nazri bodoh moon.
    I love Samy no value
    I love Bodoh Bung Mukhtar
    I love Close one eye MP.
    I love also love Bodohwi
    I love Bodohland
    I love Musa Hassan – Chief Gangster of Police
    I love DPP- Abdul Ghani Patail @ corruption
    Despite all these shortcoming I will still vote for BN. Like it or not.

  68. putrasarawak says:

    Guantanamo bay – wow sounds cool.

    Is it a good holiday spot?

    Expensive ahh?

  69. putrasarawak says:

    Where is that ahh?

  70. putrasarawak says:


    Just ignore antibn.

    Lets find ways to tackle this temple issue now.

    Any suggestion?


  71. putrasarawak says:

    wit what u say ahh. I no understand.

  72. putrasarawak says:

    sorry ahh your name is wits0

  73. skunk says:

    Religion cause more division.

    Be a free thinker , like me the weed man.

    Smoke and be happy.

  74. skunk says:

    putrasarawak why u so bodoh?

    Guantanamo bay not holiday spot lah, prison.

  75. skunk says:

    U can go there free if u scratch George Bush’s ass.( Like the gores dan menang holiday ke Guantanoma bay Resort.)

  76. sofiairdina says:

    Make a police report… take the goddamn banner and burn it down.

    and the name is sofia btw. You would enjoy Guantanamo if you are into pain and torture. Food and accomodation is free courtesy of uncle sam. Only muslim need to apply.

  77. putrasarawak says:

    Police report can be made.agreed.

    u think we can burn the banner?

    scaredlah – then we kena burn ma.

  78. skunk says:

    Miss Sofia – are u the singer who come out in tv3??

  79. putrasarawak says:

    I like the name – Guantanamo Bay.

    Its sounds so posh- ‘ I live in Guantanamo Bay, I park my 2 ferrari at the main driveway.

    The bay is 2 minutes walk from the house.

    Life is cool.

  80. putrasarawak says:

    By the way we have our own indoor pool if you dont fancy the beach.

    Pool is heated.

    Property is booming and looks like a jolly good investment.

  81. sofiairdina says:

    Putra, pass it over to me and I’ll burn it for you… quietly.

    skunk… get off that grass, ok? You smoke too much of that stuff and the lamp post would start to look like a singer from tv3.

  82. putrasarawak says:

    Aku nak baliklah. Boss tak bagi gaji lebih kalau keje lebih masa. Ini pun macam Guantanamo lah.

    Sofia- jumpa lagi.

    Malam ini I ada dating.

    Dengan Maya Karin.

    I love Maya Karin so much.

    My love for Maya is beyond race, religion, and bum colour.

    Byee all.

    Love all

  83. skunk says:

    I know u are the Sofia Jane!!

  84. serious shepherd says:

    For a start, promote this tagline: “Tolerate religious practice, not godless lifestyle”

    Next, all non-Muslims should stop going to discos, night clubs, karaoke longues, brothels, Magnum ENE, Genting Casino etc. Just let those Umnoputras and secular Muslims dominate those places. The purpose is to change the perception held by most Malays that non-Muslims have no religion at all, based on what they saw from the secular British.

    Lastly, please attend services of your respective religions. Kalau church tu biar penuh sampai jemaahnya sampai ke jalan. Only then the sanctity of non-Muslims’ place of worship will be respected and the Muslims will see non-Muslims as people with religion / faith.

  85. wits0 says:

    Seriously, clueless shepherd, what gave the malay muslims the moral right to project their own exoteric usage (of religion)on to others?

    It’s their perception, maybe, but its actually they themselves who ought to wake up to the role of religion beyond the medieval cast. And you’ve also implied wrongly that religion must have a “God” concept to go with it.

  86. notsosmart says:

    Naahhh……Kofi is equally corrupted.

  87. Siew Eng says:

    everyone here don’t vote bn, okay?

  88. bolehbug says:

    something about the Kg Jias Church being torn down…

    much as we may want to be politically correct in Bolehland, dont call it religion lor, call whatever la, call it LOVE,
    dont call it a church or temple etc
    call it BEDROOM
    LOVE & BEDROOM = ok or not in bolehland where we love to (else forced to) pretend nothing got to do with religion
    LOVE brought the lovesicko to tear down a bedroom and another and threatened the bedrooms of others

    Unfortunately, it is pertinent that the so-called silent majority (birds of a feather but of different species – chicken?) have spoken so LOUD that most of the rest are deafened that they thot nothing was said

    unfortunate consequence of the Perlembagaan
    UMNO members = all muslims
    MCA members = atheists, christians, taoists, etc
    MIC members = atheists, christians, hindus, etc
    no offense meant to those in the etc category, but as true blue malaysians = should be used to being lain-lain by official default

  89. bolehbug says:


    Malay = muslim la, check the constitution
    UMNO = Malay => UMNO = Muslim lor
    otherwise Lina Joy (malay) will be allowed by the national registration department to register her religion of CHOICE (caps for emphasis), and the other judges will not defy the constitution (KELUHURAN PERLEMBAGAAN) and confer malignant powers to the NRD.

    Admiral Cheng Ho recently only promoted like crazy because found out as muslim mah, hello chinaman also got muslim la, actually more muslim in heritage and numbers than all of 60% malaysia la, but chinaman muslim hear want to have prayers in chinese also cannot…hmmmmmm

    So Antibn, sofia right in a way lor, no LOVE reason la, just lovesicko hijack LOVE reason to because lovesicko no clever despite all the 19A-25A all A’s in exams mah
    but you also not wrong, this one bolehland way of solving all conflict mah, ignore/deny/discredit/ISA

    after all, got also people like SIS, ineffective, but got lar
    malai female = educated to be subjugated
    (somehow, sounds more insulting in BM =
    Betinor melayu) but guess what women are called in negeri cik wan siti kembang,

  90. bolehbug says:

    Show la any malay who not muslim, then maybe in bolehland, the automatic connection and synonimity of malay and muslim may be considered wrong.
    Yes la, some of us know la that a lot of these rubbish made by some malays but malay=muslim mah, so cannot blame too much other people lor

    but more important, never heard malay/muslim come out against NEP, come out and say that NEP is insulting and detrimental to the self-esteem of malays, instead of listening to crap like MELAYU GLOKAL

  91. bolehbug says:

    Anyway, why so much noise over this banner ar

    Indian all vote for BN according to SemiV mar,
    So now shut up and eat shit lor
    At least Malay/Muslim got a website trying to scold them to enlightenment – Magpie Morons
    Indian got what la, besides thani, gangsters, thani, MIC (Malaysian Indian Crab) story, Kill snake or indian story etc

    SCOLD enough or not ar

    If not, got some more = indian hero lose toes also dont get help or datukship, dies also body belong to other people because court say they say so,

    Hmm, funny hor, a lot of indian lawyer(liar) hor
    still lose everytime in court hor

    Aiyah, maybe all indian become muslim lor, then
    no need kena scolding like this, bcoz not going to improve anyway
    Then can break table/chair at umno meeting hehehe
    Then can really mean, INI GUA PUNYA BAPAK PUNYA JALAN

  92. bolehbug says:

    Race = religion la if you malay=muslim
    aiyah you never read newspaper meh,
    LinaJoy is muslim la, dont care what LOVE she got

    Serious Shepherd
    For a start, promote this tagline: “Tolerate religious practice, not godless lifestyle”
    Wah, seriously ar.
    Then you also also fall into trap of being biased lor

    I believe in god la but that not equated to organised religion, that one very different.
    Belief in god very personal thing, like daily struggle to maintain integrity
    But organised religion, forever create trouble by wanting to control how people belief, then kacau other religion for … read history lor

    More people killed in name of religion since recorded time than anything else,
    Think about it, poor jews but at least didn’t killed becoz of Judaism, just HItler don’t like their whatever la

    In Christainity, church attendences falling but not equal to falling number of christians la, just people fed up with bad press of church officials like rape of choirboys etc
    Hmm, maybe if umno not smart, same thing will happen to their ‘power-base’

    “”If you insist on dragging all muslim into all issues you’ll risk fighting all muslim who would otherwise be your friends.””
    Aiyah why u want to talk like that ar, ALL ar, then you say don’t include you in saying something not nice to your ear, hello, knock-knock, ALL you say wan mah, maybe antibn just waiting for one malay/muslim in bolehland to say something clearly when a wrong is done, then can be friend, real friend not conditional on what you say friend.

    very sorry
    my fingers very itchy
    sory ar

  93. wits0 says:

    Bolehbug: “Race = religion la if you malay=muslim”

    The same exists not merely because of this specification of Bolehland, ler, you’ll find the same nonsense in Eurabia too, with, e.g., from the likes of Anjem Choudary and ilks. This one and folllowers can publicly curse the Queen but until today we find no response from Her Majesty. Instead we hear of a triviality regarding her non amusement with the antics of the BBC.
    That’s an appeasenik atmosphere in leftist-socialist controlled Londonistan.

    Serious Shepherd is an apologist ler, as if some bigotry is appeaseable. Could be a person of good intention but also one who has never heard of the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intention. Example, like one who has never heard of the impossible Neville Chamberlain.

  94. Libra says:

    I have always been puzzled by the Indian psyche. Despite being marginalized as a race. Despite being at the bottom of the social strata. Despite being economically disadvantages, they are the strongest supporters of Barisan Nasional and Samy Vellu, who is wholly responsible for their plight.
    They have been called ‘keling’ in Parliament by UMNO MPs.
    I have seen labourers, lorry drives and jobless Indians standing outside polling centres, wearing BN T-shirts, and urging people to vote for Barisan.
    If they continue to prop the very institution that suppresses them, what can we say?

  95. BSS says:

    And now we have religious groups objecting to Evan Almighty and calling for a ban. Even before they had watched the film. Sigh. If they don’t want to watch it, fine, but why stop people like me who can distinguish between fact and fiction? I am soooo tired.

  96. wits0 says:

    And done on the premises of presumption that they are referring to the SAME universal God! Nice try at usurpation there too to justify their narrow worldview.

  97. GeorgeBush says:

    May I suggest. Get the muslim, the hindus, the christians, the jews (if there is any), the buddhist, the atheist..lets sit down peacefully under the banner for a whole day..reciting poetry, singing songs..etc.

  98. Mani says:

    Dear Libra
    You are absolutely right.All they fight for is to screen more tamil movies in the National TV is enaugh. Even Samy Velu is in favour of fighting for this, we seen this before.

    We do also see many Hindhu Docktors , Lawyers and other educated peoples I wonder what this people are doing.

    Do we need another Mahatma Ghandhi to fight for us.

    Presummed Kofi Annan dont read all this cries frm Malaysians perhaps.

    Even the Indian (Chennai ) speakers used to say tis when they visit here !

    Tamilians…wake up from yr deep sleep !

  99. whispering9 says:

    Dear antibn,
    Have you seen one of those pictures where the eyes play tricks on you? If we close our eyes and only use our ears to listen, perhaps, you would understand what sofiairdina is trying to convey to you. The sound of pemuda umno and ‘amok’ is the only chord you hear. There is no sound of discrimination from the gentle malays or muslims. You can be wrong and the majority malays muslims can be just as disgruntled as you over such intolerance. But anti islamic and malay remarks are what breaking the much needed bond to help Malaysia moves forward. You inadvertently played into your enemy hands, perpetualing their racism further. Don’t forget changes in a nation sometimes take centuries and not in one day or your lifetime. You can’t do everything on you own, you know? Try to win one person over everyday or every-comment.

  100. wits0 says:

    Whisper, in 50 yrs the nation has changed in the wrong wilful manner. Don’t blame antibn too much. He spoke much inconvenient truth and can sound irksome but this polirtically-correct(but factually perverted)surreality needs a strong shock awareness. So much officially mandated STFU and what have we got now?

  101. whispering9 says:

    How can I blame antibn when I think like him sometimes? I just reminding myself and him of another alternative instead of painting the whole pot black. We have been blickering for 50 odd years over the wrong issues. And this has fueled a wider wedge between Malaysians. Situation usually become worse before it improves. Having more friends helps.

  102. anon says:

    Dear Susan,

    So what else is new? Demolishing temples is nothing new. Thre are some who are Above the Law. Be it The Court of Law or The Law of Nature.

    These people do not give a hoot about demolishing temples and churches. To them, it’s just another place where kafirs who are not entitled to woship HIM.

    These are the sanctimonious saints who blatantly flout any law and take it into their own hands. The non-Muslims are pendatangs in their eyes. But these are the same myopic eyes who fail to see where they came from.

    They actually believe that they are the natives of this country. As long as you have muftis like the one in Perak and racists like him, we will find it difficilt to even dream of racial intermingling. They do not want that, it’s that simple.

    I hope you read RPK’s articles on Understanding The Muslim Mind.

    Best wishes.


  103. susan loone says:

    hey guys and gals,
    maybe all is not lost yet. read this:

    The Invitation

    Firstly, let me invite you and all others to join us in a ‘Acara Mesra Rakyat’ – a gathering at the temple premises to pray, mingle and celebrate with Malaysians of all faiths, colour and creed.

    It will be on at 8am, 15th July 2007 at the Periachi Amman temple in Tambak Raya, Ayer Molek, Melaka.

    The prayers which will start as early as 7am, will end around 8.20am.

    This will be followed by short welcome speeches by the co-hosts, En Yusof Abdullah, Gurukkal Shri Periasamy and an officer from the National Unity Department, Mr N.S. Maniam.

    Then, visitors are free to mingle, share a common breakfast and NOT talk about problems, but instead enjoy the richness and diversity of their new-found friends.

    At 9am we are calling for a press conference and then round up the day’s event officially.

    So, please help me and invite all and sundry.


    Actually the idea for an event of this nature started rather clumsily. Our Gurukkal wanted to have special prayers on the 15th of July 2007. My friends and I wanted to form a human chain, made of all ethnic

    groups. Yusof thought of a press conference.

    Since Yusof and his team were with us from the time we asked for help, I decided that he should become the co-host with our Gurukkal for this event.

    On consulting some of my friends, I realized that this ‘almost disastrous’ chain of events involving a possible demolition of a house of worship could actually be turned into a blessing for our country.

    I am a strong believer in the chinese saying – “Where there is danger, there is opportunity”

    Hence, my next strategy. As I write this, my new friend Yusof, is hearing it for the first time !!

    With Yusof’s help, I would like to turn the Bukit Katil Parliamentary Constituency, from a hot bed of ethnic tension, to a model of community integration. For this we will invite the Ministry of Azalina Othman, Sharizat Jalil, Dr Maximus Ongkili, Prime Minister’s department and whoever else who will put aside partisan politics, ethnic and parochial chauvinism, party allegiance, etc and work with us for nation-building.

    With Yusof and the Gurukkal’s help we should hold the next “Acara Mesra Rakyat” in a surau/mosque, followed by a church, a Gurdwara, a Buddhist temple, any spiritual movement, etc and later on move to community centres and residential neighbourhoods, holding joint prayers, tele-matches…the works.

    How about that??

    When I stop to think, I find God’s plans mind blowing ……WOW!!


  104. kerismuddin says:

    Hello people ,

    Guess u guys are talking about UMNOputras.
    Look guys, u are all kafirs. Do u think we give 2 toss abt u.

    We are sysytematically trying to cause as much inconvienient to Non Bumis and Non Malays to leave this country.

    Look we have take the education system, religious right will be gradually taken away.

    We will take your money and pay bumis education overseas, give housing discounts and etc.

    We are taking away ur basic right , cant you guys see it??

    The best part is what can u all do??

    Ha ha ha.

    What can you do abt my keris??? Haaaaha

  105. kerismuddin says:

    If u guys wanna fight, lets go for it.

    Come u indians and chinesse.
    We malays are the majority here.

    Can u see us in parliament, how fanatical we are we.

    Our aim in next 20 years is to make Bolehland the home of Malay and Muslims.

    We aim to be the Afghanistan of the east in solidarity with our brothers in Middle East.

    U get my point.

  106. Nazri says:

    Yes Kerismuddin u are very correct.

    I so agree with you.

    We dont need the Chinesse and Malay now.

    I knw chinesse and Indian contributed to the ekonomi M’sia when we were in the kampung without any ambition.

    But we are the TUAN now. We say they listen!!
    They work hard we take their wealth lar.

    Kita lepak je Keris.

    Lepas itu kita sapu saja.

    Lets do it

  107. Wiseman says:

    hey Nazri and Keris,

    I know u guys are the big bully.

    Why cant u see it this way.

    Do you see Corruption and NEP is eating everything in this M’sia.

    I feel sad what will come of M,sia one day.

    Imagine of all Chinesse left M’sia.

    Just a thought.- do u knw that during CNY when the chinesse shops are closed the whole of M’sia is quiet and deserted.

    Can you imagine if the Chinesse dont buys Proton, the Proton factory will have to be close down and thousand of Malays in Shah Alam will go jobless. Do u know if all the Chinnese money taken out of KLSE , what will happen.

    I sorry the Indians are a minority here.
    But I know Indian have riches here- Tony Fernandes, AK, Mohanswamy.

    No AK no telecomunication, no ASTRO, No Maxis, No Airasia, Malaysia will move back into STONE AGES.

  108. kittykat46 says:

    Satu lagi Projek Barisan Nasional.

  109. Wiseman says:

    Guys what are gonna do with ppl like this governing us?

    I am frighten man.

    I know things will get worse. I dont want my kids and grandkids to grow up in this environment.

    I think I am going to go to another country to start afresh, at least any other country does not have racism in their CONSTITUITION and GOVT ENDORSED.

    This is really bad man.

  110. amoi says:

    why malaysia is so messy??? it is because malay ruling the country?……

  111. amoi says:

    or their “uncivilised” religious belief?…

  112. silverwolf says:

    To see this bunch of fascist pigs in front of the temple of a religion that has the insight not to kill animals, and so reminiscent of the Nazis and the Christians in their 500 year persecution of the European Jews, makes me vomit. Those who incite fear in women and children will reap the whirlwind of the living G-ds wrath. What scum. What epitome of human garbage. Every racist in the world helps murder children. Whenever someone makes a racist remark, he is doing Hitler’s work. Racism is the epitome of collectivist thinking, and utterly false because it is based on image; actually it is a form of idol worship. But Thomas Jefferson told us how to avoid this: build a wall of separation between church (organized religion) and state. Organized religions divide people, even if their original insights into human truth were valid. Do you know the story of the Devil and his friend? No? Well…the Devil and a friend were out walking one day when they saw a man walking ahead of them suddenly stop and pick up something in the street. And as he looked at it his face lit up with joy. “I wonder what it is that that man has found?” said the friend. “I can tell you that easily,” said the Devil. “He’s found truth.” “But isn’t that a bad business for you?” asked the friend. “Not at all,” replied the Devil. “I’m going to help him to organize it.”

  113. jeancumlately says:

    amoi… i would like to congratulate you for such a wise comment. Can you enlighten me what is your race and religion so that I can learn a thing or two about what is a better race and a civilised religion?

  114. hawk says:

    Jean, u r very sarcastic to amoi

    Religion sets the motion of civilisation. These religions began long ago. The most recent one is Islam, about 650AD….Could it be 666AD that it starts to flourish? To what extent each religion civilise thier believers from babarians and savages can be witnessed by how these groups are behaving, different from the other.

    Now , we are facing a prospective clash of civilisation.

  115. wits0 says:

    Hawk : “Now , we are facing a prospective clash of civilisation.”

    Hmm…read :

    Why does the blogger say that? worth thinking about the unPC stuffs.

  116. hawk says:

    U see the hands of the devil. Dont believe? Ya, the devil is all around. Indeed, the DEVIL is given a free hand to dominate over us. Why?

    One important way to judge a prophet or any messenger of GOD is not to listen to HIS words, becos words can be decieving and also may be hypnotic.

    The only way to disearn the good from the bad is to analyse thier deeds, their behaviour. How thier behaviour affects the happiness of those around them. Did they become happy at the expense of another s happiness etc.

    Judge the tree by the fruit it bears.

  117. wits0 says:

    “Judge the tree by the fruit it bears.”

    Assuredly, but remember that brain-washed deniers cannot face reality either….it’s easier for such to pervert reality.

  118. amoi says:


    I once voted for BN. I have the rights to asked that even though you are not the right person to answer me. I want to know why our country is getting messy? – Are you capable to answer me this? if not- shut yourself.

    If you wan to know my religion- My religion is Peace. I accept every single human being regardless their race and religion.

    I believe in humanity. I believe in God. That’s it.

    I dont act upon ” falsehood”. I have mind. I know which is wrong and right.

    Even, if anyone asked me to kill the child. Do you think i will do it blindly? even if my godly verses says so.?? I dont follow anything blindly lady.

  119. amoi says:

    Dear all,

    im not racist. I love everyone. They can be from any race, country and religion. I love them.

    Recently, i noticed some hiccups in our country. Its starts from race to religion. From school-cemetry. I just wanted to knw the truth where the root of racism starts. How? Why? how we gonna prevent this from spread to our next generation.

    jeancumlately, i dont want blame your race/religion. But hope to get help,”sympathy” and justice for us. (for non-malay and non muslim).

    Please help us to survive. Can you madame? I will more glad if you can do that than you reply me in sarcastic way or in even good way(i dont expect both). Action pls.

    Sorry to all and jeancumlately.

  120. hawk says:

    When one declared ” In the name of GOD” u can forget debating with them ler. They are brainwashed to whatever they want to believe in. This is the difficulty, the big problem now.

    If they say “in the name of UMNO” at least we can still reason with them.

    Thats why, one of God s commandment is, never to swear in HIS name.

    How can we judge any other an infidel or unrighteos in thier ways. Thats for GOD to judge ler. Those non idol worshipers,, just becos u dont believe in idols, U think yr hearts and minds are righteous and sinless that u can pass such judgements? Search yr hearts deeply. Even the sins are just in thoughts, you are already evil.

    If others want to pray to idols, thats thier right. If u believe they are wrong, then, prove to them with your truth. If your truth is not accepted, then let them be and wait for your GOD to pass judement on them. Why cry out kill this ,destroy that!! If u want to do such, do it in your own name. Why bring in your GOD who may disagree with your actions, and then cause HIM shame?

    Now PAS chief say dont smoke, then all of u follow ler, becos if u smoke, u are an infidel.

    Why cant behave positively and be moved by your hearts with compassion and love.

    Difficult ler, such mindset.

  121. wits0 says:

    Hawk: “This is the difficulty, the big problem now.”

    The World’s biggest one now and has always been so. Self-Righteousness of the most damnest sort (in your terms)is in taking the name of God in Vain. The Devil would hardly appear and say, I’m Satan, follow me! Of course he would say, “I’m God, follow me!”

    By not thinking and fully fed by dogmas, the Devil becomes victorious.

  122. serious shepherd says:

    Wits0, I visited the blogsite and I could not find words like ‘Sabra and Shatilla’ (where 2000 muslim refugees were massacred by Christian Phalangist militants) or Srebrenica (where 8000 Bosnian Muslims were massacred by the Serbs, who are, orthodox Christians). That’s one organized religion that ‘sexed up’ terrorist attacks regardless of success rate but treat the death of Muslims as mere statistics.

    UMNO is UMNO. For once they used Islam as mere tool for assimilation, using YADIM to Malayanize the Chinese by preaching them to convert to Islam and ensure that their kids do not use Chinese surname. Now they are using Islam to gain the waning popular support from the moderate and extremist muslims by acting more extreme than the extremists. At the same time, the PM shook hands with Bush and recently, Helen Clarke and vow to fight against terror. That’s one talam dua muka political party for u. Everyone can repent from previous mistakes of voting for them by not voting for them in the next general election.

  123. hawk says:

    The Devil comes in deceit, He is an Usurper.
    Will he come and declare His is the DEVIl?

    He comes and declares He is GOD or even the most favoured of GOD, and then go against HIS ways of love and mercy.

    The usurper hates the sin of usurping most. Ask yrself who is this and why?

  124. hawk says:

    R Chistians never the tools of the Devil?

    Sometimes, we do worry we are. Sure, the inquisitors, The pagantry of the Catholic Chruch, Jonestown, the Mormons and blah blah blah, False prophets within the church. Misguided evangelicals. Its so difficult to sieve true word from the false.

    So, we just judge the tree by the fruits they bear.
    Words are deceptive, They twist and turn. And evil words may seem good. But evil deeds? They are that transparent and glaring for us to know.

    And, whatever we do, or think or decide, we always hold to the beacon of the Apostles creed in case we strayed away.

    Thats why we pray all the time, and submit to the HOLY SPIRIT for continous guidance.

  125. hawk says:

    Who redeemed and salvaged the Bosnians?

    The muslims? The mujahideen? The Al Qaeida?

    There, if the claim is true, that Orthodox Catholic is attempting to wipe out Muslim populace, why wont any of the Muslim Nations get matyred there?

    But the war was not along the line of religion. It was becos one racist, Milo…..

  126. hawk says:

    There are more Chinese muslims in China than all Malaysia. And, they are not Abdullahs or Mohds.

    I suggest UMNO encourage them to migrate here Give them immediate citizenry. Also give them the NEP , and all the perks.

    By your argument, the Chinese Muslims there are now MALAYS?

  127. hawk says:

    Even the Quran mentions Jesus special birth.

    How was it so?

    Why must it be so?

    For what purpose that it is so?

    For the purpose as a prophet, For the purpose as a messenger?

    No, but for a purpose as a sacrifice of love and grace to effect forgiveness of sins.

    If u cant accept that as an act of GOD, then, its your choice. The inquisitors will be upset, but they were wrong about their enthusiam. We just tell you this TRUTH and let it seed.

  128. hawk says:

    I judge my Jesus this way :

    He died on the calvary for me. An action of love.

    He says to me Believe and You shall have eternal life. He didnt come and confront me, “Convert or DIE”.

    Please judge the deeds of of whom u believe and follow. Tell me . I will listen with open ears. Then, must I convert or DIE?

  129. dlquill says:

    The Dictator Evolution
    A Short Story

    There is a country. It is made up of well educated and a multi-racial population. The country is a fortunate land full of natural resources and god given wealth. It has no earthquake or tsunamis. It is a land safe from nature’s fury but it is ruled by a dictator. The country is slowly deteriorating not from natural disaster but by the greed of man.

    The fate of the country is in the hand of the dictator. Life is getting harder for the pathetic low-life sons of the dirt, many are turning to violence because they don’t make enough to live on. Money is the root of all evil. When you are pressured to a certain extend by forces beyond your means, you tend to turn violent. This is basic animal instinct. And human are only top of the line animals.

    No human at his normal self would dare to take a dagger and rob another. But if he owes shylocks, requires drug needs, hunger and with no other means of earning, he becomes a tool of the devil, loses his mind and does whatever to get it. And after the first experience, he gradually turns hardcore, bolder and more violent. This is the nature of the low life sons of the dirt.

    In the advent of the country’s changing economic and political arena, monopoly is the game. For example, from thirty financial corporations, it is cut down to a few, and from a few to one. Laws don’t apply to monopoly because either you take it or you don’t. No choice. Then, other forms of businesses follows: highways monopoly, toll payments system monopoly, telecommunications and TV stations monopoly, newspapers monopoly, oil and gas, water, electricity, you just name it, there’s a monopoly tycoon or shall I say “a monopoly tyrant”

    How are monopolies created?

    It is a natural process of a dictator country. In a country when the dictator eliminates all other opponents or shall I say a tyrant with no opposition, it becomes the natural process. Absolute power corrupts. A rich country with surplus of natural resources is a playground for powerful tycoons. The tycoons are usually the selected cronies of the dictator. The country’s coffer becomes the looting ground for the cronies to prosper for the dictator and his children. The Dictator has the machinery to dilute or inflate currencies. With this tool, they can control markets, destroy empires and fortunes can be made overnight. Massive corruption and siphoning of dirty money abroad drains the country coffers dry and eventually becomes bankrupt.

    Then the second stage evolves.

    Businesses all over the country failed and the honest man loses his belongings and savings to crooked monopolies. Empires are built on the blood of others. Upper medium educated class citizen performs mass migration and exodus to safer haven. The country is left only with the outcast and pathetic thieves and beggars. Robbery, murder and rape are committed rampantly. In a short while, the low-life sons of the dirt become scavengers crawling for their daily meal. Violence happened everywhere in broad daylight. There is no more police work as there is no more money to pay the force.

    In order to survive, low-life creatures band up into motorcycle gangs like wolves packs to perform robbery and murder. Those who did not qualify for the wolves pack will be left in back lanes and gutters to die of disease and hunger. Man has become a beast! But the beasts need to have a master. But how does the beast masters evolve from?

    The beast master comes from the third evolution.

    They are the rich and powerful dictators or their children who owns monopolies. With their political knowledge, dirty money and think-tanks, they recruit the wolves pack to become their soldiers. Between the monopoly owners, they are wars and power struggles. They need the scum to do their dirty work like assassination and murder. They no longer need brains, they only need muscles and numbers. In time, weaker monopolies will be swallowed by more powerful ones like the sharks eating the sardines. When the giants clashed, the small and the weak get stampede. The country will be in mayhem and the poor suffers. No one is spared.

    As the law of the jungle applies, only the fittest survives. The beast master who wins the war of monopoly will be crowned the king of the dirt. It will be like the times of Conan, the barbarians, the Huns and the Mongolians, ruled by an evil warlord whose palace is built with human bones. Their daily pleasure is to have their motorcycle gang with samurai swords chopping each other with the winner rewarded with gold and women. Blood excites him. Slavery returns. Life and death is at the fancy of the beast master. He has become the Anti-Christ! Life holds no freedom, no morality and the only hope is for the coming of a new messiah!

    The Quill

  130. hawk says:

    Bravo dlquill !!

    I hope yr vision is not an overkill. But then such happen elsewhere : Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Myammar, and worse cases, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan…..

    Is this a social cancer that will gradually consume the whole world and set the stage for the times of troubles?

    Even USA is beseiged with senseless power fighting, not by swords but by words. By the pen. Do they need another round of terror to realise IRAQ is not a waste of time? Must the suicide bombs happen on home ground only then they will realise its real for them?

    Whats the root cause? Man s sinful nature and the DEVIL himslef. His cards are shown. Will it be the winning pack?

    What are the signs of the DEVIL?

  131. RGRaj says:

    Such things did not happen during Mahathir’s time. As corrupted as the Malaysian government was during his time as PM, at least he had control over his subordinates. Abdullah has totally lost it & his subordinates are like unchained & uncontrolled beasts.

    Now only the Malays can make any real difference and turn Malaysia around, failing which it’s simply going to be another Pakistan.

  132. Mani says:

    PAKISTAN…….here we comes !!!!

  133. Jason Jeff says:

    Since when Mr Gomez be Hindu? Pls check facts.
    Stop starting some silly stuff by quoting some people’s name!!!

  134. HardHorse says:

    Dear Malaysia,
    All you guys need to learn something, whatever you try to type or express here NOT going to help you in anyway,Because Barisan Nasional control 85% of Parliment. UMNO also know that whatever they do to Indian and Chineses,they still going to vote for them.So the solution is very simple,vote for opposition.Dont worry if its Keadilan or PAS or DAP. Just vote for any of Opposition party,atleast we can let more opposition leaders in Parliment to fight for public( since we know MCA,MIC and GERAKAN) totally helpless to fight for public.They are more concern for they post,since UMNO will sack any of them who try to fight for justice. So as Malaysian I think its time for us to vote for opposition and let more opposition leaders in Parliment. THink over, do you think you are happy with this Govt?? Malaysian dont even have right to talk or express their unhappyness against Govt Rulers. we are just living in Military Rule,which is called “democracy”

  135. amoi says:

    You are absolutely correct, HardHorse. My next vote to oppossitions.! No More BN. Enough is enough. Time for change

  136. kittykat46 says:

    I received confirmation that the Hindu temple at Tambak Paya has indeed been destroyed.
    What a sad, sad day for Malaysia

  137. Selinen says:

    They can destroyed the temple not the faith.
    Its proven that they are from same group of terrorist. Keep it up your “good” work – Terrorist society

  138. Dave says:

    The politicians are forgetting that rakyat voted them to take care of their rights. I still think the rakyat is a intelligent but major weakness we are a tidak apa lot. And Malaysians are always sitting on the fence and let others make decisions, just follow the crowd la! Just creating a noisy society without substance. If decisions do not hurt me, I am all right!!!

    Breaking temples without just cause is definitely human weakness not the weakness of faith. No faith is unjust.

    Reduce BN majority in the next GE. Fight for our rights as humans not race or religion. Even malays have to realise if help is withdrawn from govt, then where do they stand??? Hidup bangsa malaysia.

  139. Faggot26 says:

    Seth,Thank you so much for your blog and rankings. ,

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