I am beginning to catch the drift, of why the OVERreactions to the fake photo ‘French Dinner for 3’ posted by Tian Chua in his blog has reached hysterical proportions. But is the trend meant to punish Tian or to flash the spotlight on DPM Najib Tun Razak’s alleged relationship with the slain Altantuya? Possibly hinting at a possibility that there may actually be one? A relationship, I mean. Let me explain.

It seems that more than sanctioning Mr. Opposition, the end game is to draw attention to the ailing Najib and his political fall-out, ensuring that the public, we Malaysians, and the world over, do not forget that this is a mysterious link, one that may not be explored (ever) in court, but may see the light of day in politicking (he may escape trial by court of law, but not the media).

The madness over the fake thingy have traveled all the way from Parliament to SUHAKAM (National Human Rights Commission), local (TV included) to International media like International Herald Tribune and BCC, and now to the MCMC (Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission) ! Suggestions to arrest the politician less he apologise have been making the rounds for days. But the man is relentless, he continues to harp on the fact that Najib needs to explain his link to the photo (God, where is the goddamm photo?)

Earlier, if we remember, the story of ‘Najib seen with Altantuya’ in a photo, exposed by Mongolian witness Burmaa Oyunchimeg ‘Amy’ in court, didn’t quite make it to the relevant, much less, front pages of the ‘tame’ local press (as Asia Sentinel puts it). In fact, Najib didn’t even want to speak about it (via his secretary who allegedly tried to black-out news about the photo from the media), but the minister later responded to the ‘fake’ photo, even making big claims about having ‘morals and principles’.

There were a myriad of responses for and against Tian’s action, which included describing the doctor of the photo as ‘bodoh’, “cheap-skate’ and ‘bankrupt of ideas’. There were also calls for Tian to resign as PKR information chief, and for the party’s defacto leader Anwar Ibrahim, to kick Tian out of the party. Needless to say, Tian gained hugely from it all. His blog which drew little attention in the past, now sees an increase in readership, much to Tian’s delight, I am sure.

But it must also be ‘painful’ for Tian when some commentators on his blog went as far as to suggest that he might even have been bought over as his gesture (fake photo) was not a wise move, for ‘what if the real photo shows up, people would be disputing its authenticity, would’nt they?’. And if that happens, the rest of us Malaysians will never know which is the real photo, and whether it was ever true that Najib had a french dinner with Altantuya and Abdul Razak Baginda. This must surely be beneficial to Najib.

And that was before the keris-waving Umno Youth got into the picture.

Well, my blogger-mate Black (who is now a columnist with Malaysiakini) says the recent bruhaha over the bluff photo, especially with Umno Youth and Education Minister Hishamuddin Tun Hussein throwing his support behind Najib proves that the former is in Najib’s camp, and not Pak Lah’s. That it was a typical ‘political keris (waving) gimmick’ by Hishamuddin, probably a sandiwara (famous Malaysian drama) as the country is currently in an election mode.

The minister even went as far as to liken Najib to the Prophet (PBUH), when he said that Tian’s action was similar to the western media’s display of the controversial cartoon caricature of the Prophet (PBUH) which sparked international rage among our Muslim brothers and sisters.

And now a very ‘hurt’ (sob…sob) keris waving Umno Youth, led by the famous son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin lodged a complaint with the MCMC, urging ‘speedy action’ against Tian as ‘Umno Youth and citizens of Malaysia are hurt’ by the latter’s action. TRUTH IS, IT DOESN’T “HURT” US BUT REMINDS US OF THE POSSIBILITY THAT NAJIB MAY BE LINKED TO ALTANTUYA! Man, if you repeat the same thing everyday, it becomes a fact, haven’t you heard? It’s called PROPAGANDA!

Honestly, I don’t see the recent OVER-reaction as protecting Najib. In fact, quite the reverse. From being buried deep in the inner (and not so relevant) pages of the mainstream press, news hinting about the possible involvement of Najib with the deceased is NOW being discussed globally. Everyday we are made to remember that there MAY be a photo. God, where is the photo? Is there a photo? No. Wait. Yes, there is a photo …

Did I hear someone ask if the worst is over yet for Najib?

I think very unlikely. He’s being dragged into public arena, day after day. He might even be having sleepless nights now, or worst, sweating in his sleep. At the rate things are going for him, he may just as well turn himself in as the STAR witness of the prosecution in the Altantuya case and put the matter to rest once and for all.


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  1. […] I am beginning to catch the drift, of why the OVERreactions to the fake photo ‘French Dinner for 3′ posted Read full story… […]

  2. Raja says:

    In court and in the Mongolian murder trial, when the prosecution witness stood up to declare that the DPM himself was not unaware of the surrounding circumstances (pointing to the photograph she claimed to have seen some time ago) which led to the sudden death of her cousin, she was not asked about it by the prosecution and it was not relevant to the issue or issues before the court then – since Najib is not on trial.

    Now there are two trials here. The trial in our court and the trial in the media – the trial by media includes Najib who is accused of being a party to the conspiracy.

    It concerns credibility of the accused. Did he lie when he said he did not know the deceased? The photograph referred to by the witness in the other trial would shed some light. Remember, Najid could still opt for the Clinton defense: “I did not have sex with that woman” (I inhaled but did not exhale!)

  3. Jeffrey says:

    As one of those who was absolutely gobsmacked (and not in a good way) at what Tian Chua (who will always be a poseur to me) pulled, BN might be overplaying their hand here. Righteous outrage was the right response, but all this equation to the Danish cartoons is just turning the whole thing into a circus. And no one takes circuses seriously.

  4. wits0 says:

    His-shame-mud-din wanna scan everyone’s mind to pre-empt such “insult” infraction. To bad he can’t.

  5. KerinchiGuy says:

    the protesters doth protesteth too much and you gave the reason why.
    touche, susan!

  6. WATTAHACK? says:

    Bocor – apalah tak sensetive kenapa nak besar besarkan
    Kaboom – apalah tak sensetive kenapa nak besar besarkan

  7. elizabethwong says:

    Told u TC was brilliant …..

  8. benher says:

    don’t u think this is fishy?

    When prosecution witness, Burmaa mentioned a government official being present together with deceased and razak baginda in a HK restaurant, both lawyers of prosecution and defence stood up immediately to stop the witness from continuing. Probably the first in the world for both sides to do that!

  9. Raja says:

    You can spin all you want, but this guy has lost his credibility just like his PKR.
    My sympathy to all his supporters.

  10. Raja says:

    “….both lawyers of prosecution and defence stood up immediately to stop the witness from continuing..”

    Yes, very curious and suspiciously so.

  11. Raja says:

    But then on the other hand, it happens and is not that rare. The DPP for a few seconds thought he was defending the accused! LOL.

  12. oA says:


    Lost credibility!!!


    Look who is talking.

    Just wonder how credible it is for one to talk so much about rules and regulation when the fact is that the system itself has intentionally by pass the rules and regulations sacred in a court of justice.

    Do not judge what one does but the intention behind it all.

    The photo does not only NOT diminished his credibility in fact inspires citizens to be critical of a broken systems that some are so blind and oblivious to and instead trumpeting it gloriously as if everything is well and fine.

    Despite of everything else – dpm reputes will always be linked to this unholy event. dpm knows it.


  13. Facial says:

    Hi……b4 you open your….

    Lost credibility!!! WHO?

    1) Tian Chua
    2) The murderers
    3) Baginda AR
    4) BNpukeetras
    5) SIL-does not understand the meaning of apology
    5) The real curprit – Najilb. claims to be equal to ….

    You tell us.

  14. KTemoc says:

    Isn’t it just wonderful how we can perceive a situation in whatever way we want – (1) Tian has ‘sold out’ by providing Najib the perfect weapon to rubbish the real(?) photo when it merges, (2) Tian is brilliant in drawing world’s attention to Najib’s involvement (don’t worry about proof, she said so what), (3) … what else? 😉

    My personal version is … well, I suppose I could spin it as ‘From Bodoh to Brilliant’ or vice versa

    World stage …? What about something more immediate and relevant to UMNO’s political needs, like playing to the gallery, their heartland? Say, does that mean the general election … er … is approaching? NOoo, it can’t be …

    Mind you, UMNO ought to realise that a manna-ish steak is best not overdone. See what it did, post-caricature, to a once-strong European financial support (600 million euro per annum) for the Palestinians … ah, ‘From Caricature to (financial) Castration’, now that’s brilliant!

  15. Raja says:

    “The photo does not only NOT diminished his credibility in fact inspires citizens to be critical of a broken systems…”

    Najib has no credibility that he could lose – a fact those who know him would readily agree. Anwar has lost all credibility and has not recovered from it and will not be able to do so in time for the general elections.

    This guy Tian Chua has unwittingly added his name to the list. Of course now he says it is for a purpose which is to smoke Najib out into the open and make him defend himself. Najib is a lot smarter than that.

    His ‘involvement’ if you could call it that in the Mongolian murder case appears based on nothing more than flimsy circumstantial evidence – his bodyguards did the murder and tried to get rid of the body through the use of explosives and computer records kept by the Department of Immigration confirming her entry appears to have been deleted – suggesting the involvement of powerful individuals within the government .

    But otherwise there isn’t enough prima facie evidence to even charge the guy with anything. Infidelity and promiscuity is not a crime. Corruption and abuse of power is but that is another matter.

    In the court of public opinion, things are different. There are no court rules nor procedures to adhere to. No law regulating the admissibility of the evidence.

    He has been charged in the court of public opinion with conspiracy to murder the Mongolian girl. The people of Malaysia are the prosecutor, judge and jury – all rolled into one. How about that for justice having to be seen to be done?

    What Tian Chua did I suppose is to make him break his silence and to take the witness stand on his own behalf. We ask Najib who stands accused of conspiracy to murder to be a witness in his own defense and rebut the allegations made against him. But as the accused he has the right to remain silent and in this case he has chosen to remain silent. In a court of law, no adverse remarks may be made as to his choice to remain silent. In the court of public opinion, the public may do so and have in fact done so.

    In the court of public opinion, the presumption of innocence has no application. You are presumed guilty until proven innocent. The burden is on the other foot.

    So go ahead guys! Try the guy, convict him and sentence him!

  16. kittykat46 says:

    Wow, logged in this morning and your blog looks refreshingly Different !
    Anyway , Tian Chua on the surface looks like he made a fool of himself, but in the end he got what he wanted – focussed public attention on the Najib link which the MSM and the rest of the establishment had studiously tried to ignore previously.

    UMNO’s wall-to-wall response to Tian Chua guarantees that even Makciks and AhYis who never heard of any whispers concerning Najib previously have now heard all about it.

    Of course Najib’s never going to appear in court or ever really have to answer for anything.
    This is Bolehland, remember.

  17. heliconia says:

    UMNO’s wall-to-wall response to Tian Chua guarantees that even Makciks and AhYis who never heard of any whispers concerning Najib previously have now heard all about it.


  18. whispering9 says:

    Sorry guys and gals,

    TC will always be a fool to me even though he threw a piece of coal and hit a bird for dinner. Methink it is like making lemonade from lemon.

    1.Fake photo – opportunity to spin and spread propaganda on opposition’s expense.

    2.Not happy with his attitude and loyalty.
    a. Over react to the fake photo
    b. Defend his ‘honour’ but limit collateral damage to party image especially since the last TDM-DSAI episode.
    c. Cannot find him guilty but will damage his integrity overseas and sear connections.
    d. Finally show the photo on TV to ‘tell’ the people of the ‘lies’ by opposition and get Naj into more bad light but not courting troubles.

    3. Should we pay TC? Nay! Fry him and bring down 2 birds with one stone.

    4. Majority reaction – He is not PM material, BN under … is good unlike previous who washed dirty linen in the public.

    Fake evidence exonerates the guilty. He will not be charged…just damage material. Btw, why is the Mongolian’s side is so quiet? I can bet they will accept the finale with the speech ‘Justice Serves’. Then again, I could be wrong.

  19. anonymous says:

    Why waste time over TC? He’s just Anwar’s court jester, and a temporary one at that.

  20. gua bay song says:

    KJ and DSAI both banging NAB.


  21. Nstman says:

    Umno appears to be digging their own grave the more they try to suppress the truth.

  22. UKYIKHKI says:


  23. Raja says:

    “Majority reaction – He is not PM material, BN under … is good unlike previous who washed dirty linen in the public.”

    This is a gross understatement!

    Further we didn’t put him where he is now. There is no direct elections to the post of Prime Minister. The post of deputy is not even mentioned in the Constitution.

    It is for UMNO to decide if anybody has what it takes to lead their party, whether someone is Prime Minister material or any other material.

    It has been like a bunch of robbers and plunderers deciding who among them should lead the pack. What difference does it make to the rest of us Malaysians??

  24. whispering9 says:

    Cool it Mr. Raja…sorry, I will rephrase..’Majority UMNO reaction…. ‘ I don’t have a good heart.

  25. i know says:

    What Tian Chua did, i felt, didn’t deserve this much attention. But as usual, the public overreacted, UMNO’s reaction was predictable. If nobody gave a damn about a picture and just saw it was as nothing more than a bad joke, then the situation wouldn’t have escalated to this level. Why did we have to pay so much attention to the pic anyway? We have no one to blame but ourselves. With that said, I still think the pic with the kentucky fried rodent was funny.

  26. hawk says:

    I think this is a smart chess move, many steps ahead.

    Tian Chua became a pawn or was bought to be this pawn of that 3rd party. He has disgraced himself and KEADILAN.

    With this fake photo, when the real one eventually appear, it will be easily packed up as a fake, and claimed to be more professionally done. The public gets confused and the TRUTH which all of us seek, gets blurred.

    Lets see if TIAN CHUA gets legally sentenced or sued. If not, then he has indeed sold himself.

  27. pope says:

    tian chua is genious. don’t worry about the fake photo. if the real one emerge, i think we will have the technology to verify the photo. he achieved one thing, to bring the focus on the missing link, najib. everybody has over reacted to this photo. american talk shows made jokes on their president everytime. it is really got to do with the maturity of a country citizen. of course our politicians are all bozos. they like to represent us without our participations. nobody get hurt by this fake photos. unless siapa yang temakan cili dia yang terasa pedas. i wonder whether he can be draged to court for producing this fake photo that does not have altantuya in it. long live tian chua! you are heroes.

  28. hawk says:

    We may have the technology. But if there be raised any element of doubt, whereby the judge can declare the photo fake even if its real, how?

    They have laid down the platform for confusion that is to come. And, the public will ding dong with no true answers.

    If Tian Chua, whom Ive respected is involved in faking, and admitted it, where is his credibility on any issues?

    He has disqualified himself. There are other ways to make a hooh hah, but certainly not with deceit.

  29. notsosmart says:

    i know…….

    Maybe TC know something which we don’t………..
    Maybe TC have something which we don’t…………

    Ever think who’s the person behind the FAKE.
    BAR gesture shows he knew that person well enough.

    Curiosity Kills…….?

  30. Raja says:

    “Cool it Mr. Rajasorry, I will rephrase..Majority UMNO reaction. I dont have a good heart.” whispering0

    I agree with you but I also think you have understated the fact that Najib is not PM material. He certainly is not – and more!

  31. hawk says:

    When that real photo comes, the conclusion will be, ……. is this the UFO* or not?

    * Unidentified F….g Object?

  32. whispering9 says:

    Dear Mr. Raja,

    I am just like you, disappointed that we cannot choose our PM and the state MB. _MNO rules and decides with a different yard stick. The second in command still pose a threat to many _MNO people who want an inept president. This Al case has also drawn us into their cloak and dagger scheme to retain power and money. Previously, I thought we could co-exist as a minority under the pretext of compliance. Not anymore, since, _MNO is capable of banishing the keris and threaten the minority who only wanted a peaceful and fair co-existence. Everything, including justice, in Malaysia is overstated to the extent it has become an understatement. Understatement has become a staple of humor in Malaysia like Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. I think my comment is more like a euphemism . Anyway, election is in August 2007. Lets test the theory put forth in many blogs that minority voters can make a difference. At least, give them a headache. Especially when we are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Ps: I like your briefs. Cheer.

  33. […] passports of all three individuals, to determine if they were in Paris at the same time (for the french dinner for 3). The 3 are: DPM NAjib Tun Razak, Altantuya Shariibuu (murdered) and her accused murderer Abdul […]

  34. hawk says:

    U mean 3 points from those passports will get a straight line?

    Too many loopholes to hold any water ler.

    That pic is what we need, but our stupid hero (TC) got to go about confusing and decieving.

    How to stand for elections?

  35. Malaysia Boleh says:

    Even if Baginda is somehow released, Najib should take responsibility and resign if he could not give a reasonable explaination for

    1) the lies he had told about never met Shariibuu

    2) The mishandling of the trial

    3) Erasing of immigration entry details

    4) The smuggling of C4 explosives

    5) Instructions to kill Shariibuu by UTK

    6) And it is time he answer the huge commissions that Baginda receive to broker military equipments. (and possibly passed back to him)

  36. Roy says:

    When we viewed Khairy Jamaluddin’s hysterical performance on tv last week about the photo, we have no doubt that we were looking at an extremist racist. As usual, he framed all issues as ‘us versus them.’ If this person became the prime minister of Malaysia, he would destroy the nation. Unfortunately, many UMNO politicians, including the Education Minister, try to outdo him in racism.

  37. pope says:

    what if tian chua had the real photo of this 3 people striking a similar pose as the fake photo. scary!
    najib will have nightmare.

  38. urge overkilled says:

    Hawk ,how sure are you that TC placed or made those pics.This is just a mind game,lets see where it ends.

  39. hawk says:




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