I’ve been thinking about love.

Indeed, love is beautiful. For example, think about this: Everyday, during rest hour in court, she sprays perfume all over him, rubs lotion on his face, hands and legs. Every morning, she shaves the hairy stubs away from his worried face. A loyal wife who, despite allegations of her husband’s involvement in the plot, has worn a T-shirt to the murder trial that says “Mrs. Abdul Razak Baginda” on the front, and “proud of it” on the back. Such sweetness. How many woman will stand by her man, despite the countless scandalous things said about him? Something as scandalous as him abetting in the murder of a young Mongolian woman?

Yet, that is what accused Abdul Razak Baginda’s wife Mazlinda Makhzan does every day. Some people called it ‘special treatment“, some call it “Love, great love”.

Other high-profile women have been known to stand by their man too, despite the reputation of their husbands. For example, America’s ex-first lady, Hillary Clinton. It was reported that after the evidence of President Clinton’s encounters with Lewinsky became incontrovertible, she remained resolute that their marriage was solid. Both Clintons’ memoirs later stated that the revelation of the affair was a very painful time in their marriage; Hillary Clinton faced both support and criticism for remaining in the marriage.

Closer to home, during the Ijok by-election in April, “deputy prime minister Najib Razak’s wife jumped to the defence of her husband, calling opposition accusations levelled against him as “lies, baseless and immoral”. “I know my husband very well. He is not that sort of person,” said Rosmah Mansor at a campaign function in Batang Berjuntai. “Many lies are hurled at him … my family and I always seek God’s guidance to have a strong will to face these lies”. She also said that Najib was a good husband and a good leader who would never bring disrepute to his family or government”.

Another woman who has stood by her man was PKR party president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. Who despite allegations of homosexuality, sodomy, corruption and what nots, have stood steadfast and loyal to ex-deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim.

Do these women do it for love or to salvage their own dignity, and the pride of their families. I guess, sometimes, the line between these concepts are blur. For these women, I guess the song “stand by your man” by America’s Dixie Chicks, would touch a raw chord within.

“Stand By Your Man”




Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman
Giving all your love to just one man
You’ll have bad times and he’ll have good times
Doing things that you don’t understand


But if you love him please forgive him
Even though he’s hard to understand
And if you love him, whoa be proud of him
‘Cause after all he’s just man


Stand by your man
Give him two arms to cling to
And something warm to come to
When the nights are cold and lonely


Stand by your man
And show the world you love him
Keep giving all the love you can
Stand by your man


And if you love him, whoa be proud of him
‘Cause after all he’s just a man


Stand by your man
Give him two arms to cling to
And something warm to come to
When the nights are cold and lonely


Stand by your man
And show the world you love him
Keep giving all the love you can
Stand by your man


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  1. kittykat46 says:

    Love can get really twisted too.
    Look at the case of the little girl murdered in Penang over the weekend.

    It seems the mother knew the boyfriend did it. She allegedly put up a preposterous show claiming the child was abducted by some unknown person while she went to pay a parking ticket.

    She still tried to protect the man who had so cruelly killed her daughter.

  2. wits0 says:

    Somethings done in the name of love are quirks and even worse.

    The Clintons are political animals. Wonder if they have an honest bone between themselves.

    Have to differentiate desires and self-interests from love, to begin with.

  3. aliS3taN says:


  4. ginger says:

    Whether these women did it for love or salvage their own dignity and the pride of the families, they should at least reflect and have the conscience to check if their actions are RIGHT or WRONG. If you love somebody, you do not condone their wrongful acts. This is not love, this is being selfish and foolish.

  5. sofiairdina says:

    Aaaahhh love… so sweet… Now tell me what the hell is the word suppose to mean…

    People did the nicest thing, the nastiest thing the stupidest thing, the craziest things. All in the name of LOVE.

    Stand by your man… yes I would if I can get the right chemical reactions in my body because in order to do that, you need an extra-ordinary strength – knowing men. Morphine or even ecstacy are not enough.

    Yep… that is what it is all about ladies and gentlemen. Chemical reaction.

  6. ChenZhen says:

    Not to be taken for granted.

  7. stenson chin says:

    Mrs.baginda public display of love and support for her husband is just display only.Inside her heart she said,’bastard what is wrong with my hole’.

  8. sofiairdina says:

    Sten, put the best hole on a rottweiler and it would not make any difference.

  9. wits0 says:

    Is she proud that her man seeks another hole?! I fail to find the remotest logic for her pride so soundly brodcasted as a hole-ly slogan.

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  11. luclai says:

    ya, i agree with wits0. that was exactly my thought – her hubby pay footsie with another woman, had an affair with a woman while supposedly on ‘business’, and she is proud of it? can’t understand women! (though i am one!).

    even if she feel that baginda did not murder altantuya, or did not any way had any hand in the murder, the fact still remains that baginda had an affair with her… and that is something to be proud of??

  12. hasilox says:

    I guess priority takes precedence during critical times. How can the wife get her ‘revenge’ if baginda can’t even keep his life? Help him pull through this one, only then her ‘revenge’ is possible 😛

  13. farizrani says:

    Stenson that’s just rude. You’re not impressing anyone with that remark.

  14. stenson chin says:

    I am not here to impress anybody.I dont like hypocrisy and people proud of the damage they did to others.If they killed you and leaving your 2 kids without mother how would you feel.And they are proud of what they did to you.

  15. farizrani says:

    Who said they were proud that that mongol was killed? And please note that that Mongol is not so angelic. Remember she lied to almost everyone? Remember she threatened ARB’s daughter’s life? Remember she came to Msia just to blackmail ARB? If she’s such a good mother/person, why tell everyone that her kids are sick, her mother has cancer and her father is dead?

    ARB’s wife and family are showing support to him. They are proud to be his family. They are not ashamed of him. They are family and they stick together through thick and thin.

    Think before you open your mouth to insult someone like that. Your comment on ARB’s wife is uncalled for.

  16. wits0 says:

    No one imputed here that any jet set people from any nations are particularly angelic. We know however how spoilt and arrogant the powerful, rich and bourgeois people at the top crust can be.

    We are not sure she, Altantuya, lied to everyone. She isn’t anymore around to speak in her own defense. But we know she is foully killed and the natural expectation is for justice to be done and otherwise, the stigma will remain like a albatross for a society that could not deliver that.

    Let a family stick together because that’s a natural expectation for a family but to have to go all out of the way to shout, “Proud of…” when there clearly there is little visible reason to do so(except merely that thery can)is rather exaggerated, awkward and ridiculous..

  17. farizrani says:

    ARB’s family come from very humble beginnings. They have worked long and hard to reach where they are now. If that’s not something to be proud of then what is? On what grounds have you got the right to say that they are spoilt and arrogant? Do you know them personally? Do you know ANYTHING about them for you to say something like that?

    We are not sure that Altantuya lied? She said in her notes that she blackmailed ARB. In ARB’s affidavit he too said that she blackmailed him. She told the private detectives that her father is dead, that she is married to ARB and goodness knows what else.

    I am not saying that she deserved to die a horrible death. But I am saying that it is uncalled for for people to insult ARB and ARB’s wife. There is nothing wrong for ARB’s family to be proud of him. Everyone is expecting (and probably wanting) his family to be ashamed of him. But no, the Bagindas stick together. When everyone saw the ‘Proud of it’ statement they automatically think that the family is proud of the Mongol’s death. That is not true. They are showing support to ARB, and that’s all.

  18. wits0 says:

    In no way did I specify ARB as such as you put it. By being not born yesterday, we are all aware of human behavioural trend and tendency

    Being from humble beginning also is no guarantee of propriety afterwards either.

    Being high-profile ppl, they should be more careful with their reputation. In admitting infidelity is hardly a thing to be proud of.

  19. farizrani says:

    You are so quick to judge but you have no basis for your judgement. Did anyone say ‘I am proud because ARB had an affair’? You are out of order.

    “Being from humble beginning also is no guarantee of propriety afterwards either.” – Well has anyone ever said that his family are ‘spoilt and arrogant’ as you said earlier? The only people who have ever said bad things about them are people like you. People who don’t have a clue what they’ve been through, what kind of people they are, and what they are going through at the moment. People who have the loudest comments without any proof or anything to base their comments on. Again, you are out of order.

    “Being high-profile ppl, they should be more careful with their reputation.” – Thank you for your opinion. I’ll be sure to pass it along.

  20. wits0 says:

    And you off your rocker to know that other’s opinion might contradict yours while specifically saying that Atlantuya isn’t an angel. I merely described the possible trend and predisposing human behaviour according to class.

  21. PI Ramasamy says:

    Hey, can someone tell me, why would “they” murder the Mongolian girl and blow up her dead body to pieces using C4 explosives? If they wanted her to stop “talking”, shooting her dead was good enough. Could DNA tests reveal more than what we’re all thinking about, especially tissues of her womb? How can she blackmail ARB if nothing wrong was done to her? If anyone is ready to hire me, I’ll go to France and start talking to the defense people there. Anyone?

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  23. stenson chin says:

    You reckoned she deserves to be blown to pieces for lying.I dont think you are an angel either.You are telling more lies than she is.Why are you still hanging around here?You are just an old skunky ugly toad envious of the Mongolian girl’s beauty.Dont worry too much.He is gonna be released soon.You are hoping you be his next target.Is he wearing glasses?

  24. whispering9 says:

    farizrani…is right. Do all of you honestly think that your mom will abandone you when you did something terribly wrong? Then again, I could be wrong…with Y2 case. Anyway, most mom’s are good. I am not going to judge Mrs.Bag motives, but the caring and loving she showered do more for Mr. Bag redemption then the gallow. Then again I could be wrong…since most of you are not the forgiving lot. Before someone rubbish me again; all crimes must be punished whether an innocent or not is involved. Just leave the victims’ families out of the picture. Don’t kill 2 birds with one stone.

  25. heliconia says:

    Miraculous Love Or Plastic Love?

    Trapped Love..

  26. whispering9 says:

    Not love…just instinct to protect whatever is left of the family and marriage. Women should know about this kind of stuff. It is going to be very tough going from now onward. Try a little compassion even if she was the wickest godmother of the east.

  27. evilcooler says:

    That sad pathetic excuse of an old worn cow’s leather bag masquerading as a human being a.k.a Mrs. Razak Baginda ought to be shameful for her conduct in public gallery.

    The statements on the t shirts are nothing more than a feeble attempt to side track from the real deal of committing an absolutely heinous crime..strapping alive human being with explosives and bombing it to smitherens..

    So to all those apologists, i dun give a hoot if ur ugly as hell like Rowena’s momma, the fact is I’d never condone being blindly supportive to the point of stupidity on your straying hubby..n then killing her for good..

  28. sofiairdina says:

    Mr Bag may not be guilty of muder. Atleat it is not yet proven. However, he had already admitted to shagging another woman. So, proud of what? His ability to cheat on Mrs Bag? I wonder how many wives would do that. Even Hillary would not say that she is proud of Bill when it comes to Monica.

    May just be a natural instinct kinda a thing to protect your loved ones. A mom may not want to see his son being jailed eventhough she knows his son is as guilty as hell. But I would not think that the mother would announce to the whole world that she is proud of her son either.

    Must be hormonal imbalance.

  29. whispering9 says:

    ok…imbalance hormonal instinct that sometimes drives people to do crazy thing in the name of love. Ok ok they don’t deserve our sympathy especially for such an old worn cow’s leather bag masquerading as a human being. Stew her on the satay stick. Let rejoice! Good triumphs over evil. Hey, I am not apologising for her. But don’t go down into the drain like her. Look like her husband will go free but not her.

  30. bigsea says:

    mrs. bag and gang are now very busy getting ready their ‘WELCOME HOME HONEY! WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU! ‘ banner.

  31. farizrani says:

    Stenson I am not jealous of the mongol’s beauty. I’m a male. A healthy 26 year old male. The same way you came up with me being an ‘old toad’ is the same way you came up with the conclusions on this Altantuya case. Totally bs.

    What lies am I telling? I am not the one assuming things, unlike the majority of people here. And I am not saying totally mean remarks which are totally uncalled for. Evilcooler this means you. Calling someone’s mother ugly. Totally out of order. You better look a million times better than Tom Cruise to make a statement like that. Karma’s got eyes on you now.

    You speak as if ARB committed the murder. Which he did not (and so far, there’s nothing to prove that he even abetted in the murder). So why are the most of you so vindictive and saying really bad things about his family? Think outside the box. Just because he’s a VIP does not mean he is guilty.

  32. whispering9 says:

    bigsea…forgive me. For a fleeting moment I thought I saw ‘WELCOME HOME MONEY’. Hahaha.

  33. Anonymous at 10.57pm says:

    Oh no..men gossiping again??


  34. stenson chin says:

    VIP to me sounds like very important parasite.Forgive my ignorance.Show a little bit of respect to the deceased.You keep calling her mongol unless you are a mongrel.She was victim of baginda doing.You show compassion to his family, bringing his humble background and so forth.How about justice to the mongolian girl and her family?You got one track mind.You want me to unfurl a banner ‘PROUD OF YOU BONKER’.

  35. farizrani says:

    Very Important Parasite? Wow, you’re so witty.

    How was she a victim of Baginda doing? You say that based on what? Nothing. As usual, you open your mouth and speak without thinking, no basis for anything you say.

    I have not shown disrespect to the Mongol. All I’ve said is based on facts. You however, have shown disrespect to ARBs family. Based on what? Nothing. You are nothing.

  36. factorfiction says:

    What “facts”? Everything Altantuya was supposed to have said is said by someone else. The detectives, her friends, Baginda, etc. The facts are that her immigration record was deleted, she had problems with Baginda to the point that both parties had hired help to deal with each other, and she was kidnapped right outside his house.

    Everything else is “He/she said, ‘Altantunya said…'” An effective, professional and smart prosecution should be able to corroborate everybody’s allegations with evidence obtained elsewhere to ascertain what the “facts” are.

  37. farizrani says:

    Thanks factorfiction. What you said is absolutely true. When it comes to the case, what facts are there? A lot of people are just jumping to their own conclusions without basing them on facts.

  38. notsosmart says:

    So far there are no fact in the case. Prefab… yes.
    No prejudice please. Don’t talk about family. Let’s focus on the case.

    Justice on vacation.. Maybe lost in Timbattu.

  39. Darryn Smith says:

    Sometimes it so hard to tell if it is real love or they are so scared no t being so connected to another human being.

  40. stenson chin says:

    I am nothing of course.If I am something I would be presiding over the case of the murder and eric chua the scoundrel.You only talk facts and others talk cock.Your brain is as shallow as the mongolian’s girl grave.I forgot she has no grave.Did you help to pick up her fragmented bones?Did your lizard’s tears drop from your eyes?If you dont – her soul gonna haunt you.

  41. wits0 says:

    Stentson, when a person is sold on elitism, he can no longer grasp the worthy egalitarian concept – therefore will be predisposed to see everything as based on superior or inferior, something or nothing. Hahaha!

  42. farizrani says:

    Stenson and wits0…I just have 1 question to ask you. Is it right to say nasty things about ARB’s wife?

    That’s how this started.

  43. stenson chin says:

    One question I want to ask you.Why are you polishing razak abdullah’s balls knowing he has connection with the murder?I have nothing against her if she had not displayed the word PROUd.I felt for her too.I dont care about her arrogant and ill-mannered.I cant stomach the word PROUD in support of her lecherous husband.

  44. farizrani says:

    You didn’t answer my question. In fact come to think of it you’ve never answered any of my questions. Reading back, I see that you only reply to the last thing I’ve said in each comment I’ve given. And you say I have a one-tracked mind?

    You have insulted my family, you called me a mongrel and you say I have a shallow mind. You are quick to judge people and say horrible things without knowing them. And you have no basis for all the conclusions you come up with.

    Good luck with your life.

  45. stenson chin says:

    In what way are you connected to the accused.I dont enjoy hurting your family.I thought you are one of the commentator.Do you have a sister.Can introduce to me?

  46. stenson chin says:

    I bet you are rowena.Sorry rowena if I hurt you in anyway.My sincere apology.You are a great girl despite the trial you had gone true.Adios girl.

  47. farizrani says:

    You didn’t hurt me. You’ve insulted me. And I am not Rowena Razak. She’s a much better person than I’ll ever be. So you’ve insulted the wrong family member.

    I am not going to waste my time talking to you anymore. And since you only read the last sentence, I’d like to tell you that I wouldn’t introduce you to a three legged blind rabid dog you pathetic fuck.

  48. stenson chin says:

    I know you got three sisters.Keep them for the time being.I am in no hurry to get married.I can accept whatever insults you throw at me.You are pretty cute.Your sisters should be prettier and cuter.This will be my last posting here.Shoot me as hard as you can.Give me your best shot.Give me the most vulgar words you can find.Good luck to you.Dont forget.The mongolian girl’s soul is haunting you.Beware.

  49. BSS says:

    I can’t believe the virulent garbage that is coming out of the mouths of so many posters. Susan, I think that the post by evilcooler is disgusting and so personal and vile against Mazlinda – I am all for free speech, not cheap ones.

    Fariz is the one who is making the most sense. First of all, is ARB the only man who has committed adultery? Don’t make me laugh. How many women have forgiven their husbands and taken them back? Is Mazlinda the only wife who has forgiven her husband? Don’t make me laugh. Why are most of you here making fun of a decent woman who came from a poor family, a broken family, worked so hard, had a palsy whilst giving birth to her only daughter? Are you all better-looking? I am not sure about that, but I do know that there are many shallow people here.

    Secondly, whatever being said and done, ARB is basically a decent man. That is why he has so many supporters. I have no doubts whatsoever that he had no direct involvement in that woman’s death. Yes, she did not deserve to die that way, but that does not mean that ARB was responsible for her death.

    The only decent postings here is that of Fariz’s. What a pity that good ol Stenson does not want to post so more. Beware of the mongolian girl’s soul? Hah. We have the Pontianak Bunga Harum Sundal Malam and Puaka Tebing Biru.

  50. BSS says:

    Oh Stenson, what self-righteous bilge you are spouting? You can’t stomach the word “Proud”? So she cannot show that she is proud of her husband? Tell you what….I will accept your inability to “stomach” it if you could tell us that you have never committed a sin or an offence…..I really want to see if you are above the Prophet s.a.w or Jesus Christ.

  51. BSS says:


    A clarification. Dixie Chicks actually did a cover of “Stand by Your Man” which was written and originally sang by the late Tammy Wynette. It became one of the most successful country song ever. The song came into limelight in the early 90s when Hillary Clinton said that she won’t be a little woman and stand by her man unlike Tammy Wynette (the irony!!). Tammy demanded and subsequently obtained an apology from Mrs. Clinton.

  52. wits0 says:

    Dixie Chicks also strips and pose naked just so as to be anti-Bush. They also said a number of nutroot things expected of loony leftist liberals(LLL).

  53. BSS says:

    Yes, I know where Dixie Chicks political stand is and they had the guts to stand up to Gormless Witless Bush….their work suffered because of it.

    I am a Loony Leftist Liberal AND PROUD OF IT!

  54. wits0 says:

    Doesn’t take much in guts to stand up to Gormless Witless Bush in the US., just loss of sales. No life or limbs being threatened.

  55. BSS says:

    I could respond to what you have said but I won’t because we are digressing. Glad to see that you agree with me on the GW part.

  56. wits0 says:

    No, not really. I don’t believe in hate rituals.

  57. BSS says:


  58. garfield says:

    The families of Altantuya and the 3 accused are the victims. Need we be so cruel in our remarks. We should be more sympathetic and refrain from making hurtful comments. They are suffering enough, coming to terms with the situation.

    Your revealations of ARB’s wife just show how little we know of people. The golden rule is not to say bad things about people. As for her decision to forgive her husband, that’s hers and her right.
    Yes she is not the only wife to have done that.

    In our quest for justice let’s not create injustice. We have enough of that in the world.

    Leave the families out of the picture.

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