Friends, it’s weekend, so relaxs. Lets discuss art and philosophy. Tell me, when you see this, what do you think? (Note: this picture is NOT doctored).


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  1. hantutelur says:

    From my own experience, it would only indicate the carcass is just nearby

  2. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha… I focussed so hard to change the back ground….you know…they do sell those posters that something iwll appear….if you focus seriously. I SAW NOTHING…but the feather!!
    Is this sthe style of art Susan likes?
    That’s not art lah…that’s a chicken running for her life to be slaughtered….drop a feather…hahahahaha
    So killers cannot get it..use a bomb to kill it….so easy….hahahahahha

  3. wits0 says:

    Hmm…a feather on an asphalt surface….a well defined object on another that’s not.

    I find from experience that I’m able to imagine and a”see”(visualize) any objects with the use of the background similar to such and proceed to sketch an very well as compared with merely closing eyes in the attempt to do the same.

  4. whispering9 says:

    Sometimes, the signs that tell us that we are on the right path aren’t always bright red with white letters yelling “Stop” or ending in “avenue” or “lane”. We have to look a little harder for the breadcrumbs the Universe leaves for us.

    To follow the path of a sacred life,
    To see the beauty of a feather…

    ~ Within a sacred space…for just one special moment ~

    Pausing long enough to find yourself,
    Pausing to pick it from the ground…

    ~ It sings to you of the legends…it makes you alive ~

    A trace left by your native breathren,
    A git to make your soul come alive…

    ~ Following the trail of little bread crumbs sprinkled about ~

    It whispers you are on the right path,
    It speaks that your life is sacred again…

    ~ We are our own Shaman ~

    Heathyre Dot Com

  5. monsterball says:

    That’s it!! Asphalt surface….the basic ingredients of a bomb….all gone…except a feather. So Susan ..say relax…the chicken ran away and all gone..except a feather. This means only certain part of cloth were found at murder scene …in relationship to the murder case. Not much hope of good evidences.
    When Susan say relax….it is always the other way round….like Sheih….hint hint and hint and get us kepala pusin.

  6. hantutelur says:

    monty a… you so terrible la!

  7. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…bless you. Your nick is terrible too…hahahaha

  8. monsterball says:

    Susan said relax and anyone will expect to see a picture of fishes with corals …or any other relaxing picture.
    How to relax seeing a feather?
    And background so “deadly” gray…nothing but gray.
    And that feather is not even nice clean one….like a desperate chicken running for her untidy!!
    Susan’s way of relaxing is not my cup of tea.
    The more I look at it…the more stress I get….hahahahahahaha
    yes….I need to laugh it off….to think how can Susan balanced her ying and yang …looking at a feather.
    New Thai meditation object?

  9. monsterball says:

    JUST FROM THAT ONE FEATHER… will note that the chicken is very beautiful…grayish white….so classy.
    Any any cockerel will get crazy of her.
    Impossible to relax.

  10. wits0 says:

    Susan, the feather recalls to me the ancient book, “The Egyptian Book of The Dead” :

    “If the heart of the deceased outweighs the feather, then the deceased has a heart which has been made heavy with evil deeds. In that event, Ammit the god with the crocodile head and hippopotamus legs will devour the heart, condemning the deceased to oblivion for eternity. But if the feather outweighs the heart, and then the deceased has led a righteous life and may be presented before Osiris to join the afterlife. Thoth, the ibis-headed god of wisdom stands at the ready to record the outcome.” u/q

    Yes, it’s colorful. Many things aren’t intended to be literally interpreted.

  11. elizabethwong says:

    Love the quote, wits0

  12. susan loone says:

    whoa wits0 – excellent quote.

    i dont know how anyone’s heart can be lighter than a feather…

  13. monsterball says:

    Certain western traditions ….one red feather is put on the head of a person for display…indicating he is a coward.
    Red Indians in USA uses feathers to the best of all traditions..until today….making colorful head gears to signify ranks and position of their warriors.
    For me…..I love sleeping on pillows stuffed with feathers……hahahahaha

  14. overspawn says:

    I think that is actually a feather from a goose. 😛

  15. wits0 says:

    Monty, that’s one white feather, not red, to signify cowardice.

    Susan, ONE of the Ways 🙂 :

    “It is better to conquer yourself
    Than to win a thousand battles.
    Then the victory is yours.
    It cannot be taken from you,
    Not by angels or by demons,
    Heaven or hell.”

  16. sofiairdina says:

    The feather does not bother me much. Whatever happened to the chicken (or whatever that used to have that feather) does. The thing is either:

    1. Dead,
    2. still walking around but with one less feather,or
    3. proudly bragging right now to his/her neighbours about his/her feather that made it to someone’s blog.

  17. savara72 says:

    Who shot the bird?

  18. susan loone says:

    wits0, that’s wonderful poetry. i am always battling against myself. my closest friend and enemy is also me. i cant change the world, or others, but i can definitely change myself.

    as for the feather, if it is so light, why is it stuck to that hard and heavy surface?

    if there is a lone, single feather, there should be a bird/chick/goose near-by, but where is it?

    does the feather belong to a bird, chick or goose?

    who put the feather there?

    does the feather exist to distract us from the real bird, chick or goose?

    who does the bird,chick or goose belong to?

    questions, questions….the mystery continues…

  19. bigsea says:

    a frightened, very,very frightened angel left in a hurry…….. when the C4 exploded!

  20. susan loone says:

    but they dont call it C4 now, it’s “probable blast related explosions”.

  21. paranoid android says:

    bird flu

  22. trugiaz says:

    it’s like a fragile things over a hard so having a fragile surface which conceal the hidden capabilities just like a personification of women for me.

  23. susan loone says:

    indeed, it is something so light, so soft, so tender ( i didn’t see it as fragile) against a very hard, heavy, dull and bleak surface. something like hope, when all else seems to be failing …

  24. wits0 says:

    I’ll sound very odd, Susan, but the Universe is a Mental Construct. What’s hard and what’s soft is a relative state – neither state can last forever in its apparent form. Like the Ying Yang symbol, on is interpenetrated with some element of the opposite state.

  25. susan loone says:

    yes…impermanence…but what damage a state can do, when in its present form.

  26. wits0 says:

    The injurious state is wrought by human selfishness and the support from ignoramus for it. Hawk seems to earlier sermonize leaving that state be, to God….without exhausting first the human responsibilty as stated in the well-known Serenity Prayer.

  27. susan loone says:

    the injurious state is perpetuated by those who fail to do justice when they can. God will help those who help themselves, which doesnt mean leaving an injurious state to be where it is…that’s even worst, than taking an action, which may eventually fail….hmm…

  28. wits0 says:

    What’s particularly strong in Bodohland is that tendency to reserve bathos for one’s own group and the deliberate ignoring of the need for empathy to “outsiders”. Such a selfish worldview is especially predisposed for injustice to take root.

  29. hawk says:

    Oh dear! Could that be a lost feather of mine, after my fluffing with a monsterball?

  30. hawk says:

    Thats not a feather.

    Its a QUILL!!……the symbol of the pen, or writer, or writing.

    The pen is mightier than the sword.

    Is it a call that we are to continue fighting the injustice by penning in this blog or wherever else until such is achieved? Not to discard our QUILLs at hardened tarmac or pavement?

    Or, that a quill is useless and cant write any messages on hard rock . That such truths and justice cant be inscribed onto the minds and hearts of stones, gravel and tar? That we are wasting our time?

  31. Roxanne says:

    All the wise and wily suggestions and all I can think of is chicken curry … mmm, yum, yum.

    Hey Susan, your blog is a “site” for sore eyes now. No criticism this time. You’ve even corrected the grammar in “May the truth save us all”. This is proof you listen to your readers without getting all defensive and offensive. Respect for that.

    Btw, I love your photo gallery but do give us a caption to each photo when you find the time.

  32. elizabethwong says:

    Its a QUILL!!the symbol of the pen, or writer, or writing….

    Actually, that looks more like Najib, all plucked out by Rosmah after da foto ….

  33. wits0 says:

    EW, maybe a DNA test is required to determine the owner of the white feather…between two top humsups.

  34. hawk says:

    For all that matter, it may be Rosmah who ordered Najib to order Azilah to do that blowing up job. So, now we know where our nations chain of command will lead to.

  35. hawk says:

    Come to think of it,

    Rosmah was like an Ayantula. Only then , Najib was rather young, not so experienced to handle such “ladies”, and also not so powerful.

    So, she escaped the C4 and got married to him instead.

  36. Kay Kastum says:

    It’s like telling me that once there was a bird here and it flew. (Okay not that philosophic)

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