Since the Najib-Altantuya-Baginda (NAB) photo controversy hit the streets, many a Malaysian and non-Malaysian were wondering if the DPM’s days were numbered. But, maybe…not…so…soon:

It has been a bad week for Najib Tun Razak, the deputy prime minister of Malaysia. With his close friend Abdul Razak Baginda on trial for her murder, Najib was identified Monday by a witness as having had his picture taken with the victim, Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu.

But…read inside the commentary by asia sentinel. … the worst could be over, says ASIA SENTINEL, leaving Najib weakened in his quest to succeed Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Malaysia’s prime minister, but probably able to fend off political demise, unless there are further revelations. Burmaa Oyunchimeg, Altantuya’s cousin, who said she had seen the picture of Abdul Razak, Najib and Altantuya having dinner together, finished her testimony and has returned to Mongolia. No picture has been shown in court and none is likely to be.

Earlier in the week, there were reports that Tengku Razaleigh, a Malay prince and member of the old guard, former finance minister and one time pretender to the premiership, was working to challenge Najib for the job of deputy prime minister. But that challenge appears to have been blunted as well.

Altantuya was murdered on October 19 last year and dumped in a jungle clearing near the suburban city of Shah Alam, her body blown up with explosives after she had been shot twice. Abdul Razak is accused of engineering the killing at the hands of Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Constable Sirul Azhar Umar. Azilah was head of Najib’s personal security team and both men served as bodyguards to the country’s top political leaders. According to testimony this week, Azilah told officers that Sirul had killed the woman. There are questions over the admissibility of the confession and Sirul took the stand Friday to deny he had confessed.

Because the links of the case to top political figures, the trial is being treated with extraordinary sensitivity by the tame local press, partly because the leading newspapers, the New Straits Times, the Star and the top Malay-language papers, are controlled by the country’s ruling ethnic political parties. Thus, the photo revelation – an obvious front page story was buried deep inside the major papers.

At the time of Altantuya’s death, Abdul Razak was head of the Malaysian Strategic Research Center and perhaps Najib’s closest advisor. In an affidavit filed in December in his defense, Abdul Razak said he had contacted Azilah through Musa Safri, Najib’s aide-de-camp, to ask for help in dealing with Altantuya, who by that time was demanding as much as US$500,000 for the care of a baby she said Abdul Razak had fathered.

But despite the connections between Najib, the bodyguards, Abdul Razak and Altantuya, so far there has been no suggestion that Najib knowingly supplied the bodyguards to Abdul Razak. That gives Najib, the son of the late Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and the presumptive heir to the premiership, the chance to rebuild his battered connections with the old guard of the United Malays National Organisation, the lead party in the country’s ruling national ethnic coalition, the Barisan Nasional.

“Najib’s credibility ahead of taking over as PM is certainly dented to an extent over the Altantuya case,” says a Kuala Lumpur-based lawyer. “Despite the allegations of complicity in the murder trial and questions about the submarine sale (Abdul Razak and Najib have both been accused of profiting from a Malaysian government purchase), the fact remains that Najib is a well-entrenched politician. The Razak family history practically guarantees his rise.”

The universal assumption in Malaysia’s political and business community is that Najib certainly knew Altantuya and may well have partied with Abdul Razak and the woman, a petite, jet-setting beauty the political analyst met in Hong Kong and escorted on a whirlwind romance through Europe, showering her with money and jewels. Given Abdul Razak’s close relationship with Najib, there is little doubt that he at least met her, and may well have shared conversations with an increasingly desperate Abdul Razak, who was being blackmailed by Altantuya, a fact she even acknowledged in a letter read in court.

Prior to publicity over the murder, many in Malaysia thought Najib was growing powerful enough to challenge Badawi for the premiership, especially with former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad carrying on a vitriolic campaign against Badawi, who has been perceived as a weak and tired leader. Considerable resentment also has been stirred up against Abdullah Badawi’s son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, whom many see as an opportunist.

“There is very little faith in Pak Lah (Badawi) and the feel good-factor has long dissipated,” one observer said. “Parliament debates this or that and the fact is that Badawi is never around, always overseas.” Thus much of the day-to-day administration of the government falls to Najib, who also functions in the powerful position of defense minister.

“Much of the real administration or tackling of issues lies with Najib. I understand that Najib since the beginning of being deputy prime minister is chairing more than 25 committees,” the lawyer said. “Most public pronouncements on major issues are made by Najib,” giving him increasing clout both with government figures and with those who need government favors.

But, says another Kuala Lumpur-based analyst, “The Mongolian affair altered the whole power formula. Najib’s previous arrogance towards Pak Lah has been replaced by humble deference.”

Certainly, Badawi has relied heavily on Najib to provide a semblance of leadership and discipline. He is likely to allow Najib to stay on if he can be assured of Najib’s loyalty. Onetime head of UMNO youth and a parliamentarian since he was 23, the 54-year-old Najib is now deputy president of UMNO and deeply entrenched in its leadership and political machinery.

“Najib could probably contribute more than any other UMNO minister towards ensuring the prolongation of UMNO’s political power,” said the analyst.

“Tengku Razaleigh is a dark horse. His recent reactivation in UMNO politics is a reflection of his undying ambition and considerable backing by UMNO veterans to fill the leadership void, particularly after the Mongolian affair, when Najib has become very vulnerable,” said an observer. But don’t look for it to happen.

Malaysians accept all these scandals as a way of life here, said the lawyer, who is close to the Mahathir family. “A lethargy has set in. Our Inspector General of Police, Deputy Security Internal Minister and others have been accused of corruption, and all sorts of other scandalous allegations are swirling around. After a while, people get tired and confused. And really the system allows it. They pat your back and tell you to do it again.”


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  2. where is the PHOTO? if there is a PHOTO, publish it lah. if not, stop speculating ler….hearsay lah…i also can say lah…anyone can say eg. he saw a photo of a former deputy premier from country X at a gay club with his driver. they were dancing on the podium. it was dark but it looked like him. although the music was loud, i still got his name when he hit on me.
    come on. cheap.

  3. Raja says:

    The said photo is not gonna prove anything! At best it could show that the DPM is less than truthful when he said he didn’t know nor had anything to do with her. Clinton did the same. He said he “never had sex with that woman” because he didn’t consider a blow job as sex.

    So the DPM does not consider as sitting around some table having a meal as “knowing everybody around that table” and “had anything to do with anybody’s private affairs” – except in his case it is true.

  4. kittykat46 says:

    Nothing much is going to come out of this particular angle.
    Even if a photo did appear, it will be disparaged as a fake.
    Even if it is not a fake, so what ? Najib is practically untouchable, whatever he did or didn’t get involved in.

    The problem I have with this whole dog and pony show trial is so much of it shouts out “MANUFACTURED !” Witnesses who seem to have multiple versions of the truth, witnesses claiming to have been blackmailed into telling a certain version of the story, etc.

    The prosecution team so anxious to immediately surpress inconvenient information which has surfaced e.g. the missing immigration records.
    The prosecution is acting as a defence team…for someone who is not in the court….

    I have no idea what Najib was or wasn’t involved in. But I sure as hell don’t believe what’s coming out in this court is “The Truth”

  5. whispering9 says:

    Hi kittykat46…belum tidur?

  6. wits0 says:

    “Even if a photo did appear, it will be disparaged as a fake.”

    Yes it will. Bolehland excels not in car making but in denial.

    “But I sure as hell don’t believe what’s coming out in this court is “The Truth””

    You got it!

  7. Roger says:

    We seriously cannot trust the law enforcer in this country anymore!!

    First = Heavily Corrupted
    Second = Overpowered by Greed
    Third = Zero Integrity
    Fourth = No basic manners & initiative in serving this country


  8. Hyper says:


  9. whispering9 says:

    Methink the two jokers only got instructions to ‘frighten’ the girl. The girl probably resisted and the hair trigger glock gun went off and killed her. They tried to conceal the death with C4. Now the whole episode is played out for individual reasons or benefits. Everyone is withholding something…for finale or leverage or money. Who know? The witness has not told the truth with regard to the photo because when asked outside the court she said the photo was in the victim’s purse on the day she was murdered. BTW are you guys sharing my time zone…it’s 1.47am now!

  10. monsterball says:

    witsO..You are right….to frighten and get rid of her…not kill her….but I think they both raped her too and got killed and blew her to death. It seems to be a pattern about kill their victims mostly….unless they feel comfortable the victim will not mind… those money for fun ladies? So we can also presume Atlantayu was not a loose lady. If all those letters were true…she even sound childishly innocent.
    As for c4…can be hidden away after training….no record of it…and those rapists think by blowing her up will be best …no evidences.
    All along…..we saw Baginda smiling to court and I think Najib and Pak Lah know the real story.
    So does Tian Chua and few opposition politicians…thus TC started his low down tricks…not funny at all..
    That is after so far on the we are lead to know. Yes if one photo do come out and confirmed by specialists….not being doctored and showing Najib do know the victim personally….will prove Najib lied…not him or Baginda are murderers. It will hurt Najib’s future…and all UMNO politicians will say no big deal…then his reputation is back at his best again. … future PM .
    There goes the politics…lies… murderers plus innocent one….all mixed up like rojak in the case.
    Bangkok is one hour behind Malaysia.

  11. Raja says:

    “The girl probably resisted and the hair trigger glock gun went off and killed her. They tried to conceal the death with C4. ”

    Oh yeah?? There were two shots to the head. I suppose it was a planned accident by two individuals trained in the use of firearms?

    Destruction of the human body by the use of explosives is the dumbest thing for anybody to do – let alone professionals who make a living through the use of firearms and explosives. Have they not heard of DNA from bone fragments?

  12. Raja says:

    It is clear that PDRM should make recruits sit for an IQ test. Those with an IQ below 75 need not apply.

  13. wits0 says:

    Whispering9 suggests hair trigger accident. Nah, the Glock has a safety catch. Someone suggests rape also happened. Why not? She was kept overnight. Intention was already there to eliminate her, also more likely. No way just to frighten.

    The female cop witness has a lot of explanationing to do as with the UTK police regulation.

    She was there when the victim was picked up from Bag’s house. Why wasn’t she there when the victim was released. Why is her purported role as chaperon not fulfilled later and the victim was driven away by two male UTK personnel. Is this not an infraction of procedure? If she wasn’t chaperoning, what was her role? Does it take 3 UTK personnel to arrest one petite woman?

    ASP Mastor testimony reveals shocking great laxity in the management of high explosives like C4 and their detonators(if that’s indeed the case). Or is it to conveniently severe the C4 link? The lame FatTail prosecution team seems so unimaginative, anaemic and dry. All that comes out are like just disconcerted pieces within a straitjacket line of questioning. Dryer than bones.

    The UTK’s method of “trusting” its members with unaccountable for C4 means that C4 can be literally worth its weight in gold….to AQ wannabes like those jihadists across the northern border. Very soon there could be be many rich members in the UTK who can retire early.

  14. […] Is the worst over yet for Najib? Since the Najib-Altantuya-Baginda (NAB) photo controversy hit the streets, many a Malaysian and non-Malaysian were […] […]

  15. monsterball says:

    Raja….If they conduct an IQ test on existing force.. …..I think 75% of them need to be replaced immediatey. They are so used to makan gaji buta…talk big and fighten the public….so cunning to be corrupted.
    Come to real cases….all reported in the police station by thousands of victims…..go check how many solved….almost zero….but huge cases yes…to impress big bosses. That’s their style of work.

  16. Raja says:

    Tell me about it! My office was burgled twice and my office boy took off with $1,000.00. They actually carried out my portable safe down two flights of stairs which had to be carried by at least two people. Lodging police reports is such a waste of time.

    But using explosives to destroy evidence?!

  17. Raja says:

    “Someone suggests rape also happened. Why not? She was kept overnight.”

    Are you saying you can only rape under cover of darkness??

  18. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Whispering9,
    Occupational hazard, lah…The first week of every month, I have to send a big fat report to my US bosses on the health or otherwise of their Malaysian operations. I usually try to complete it by Friday night, otherwise it will drag into Saturday.
    Some parts of the report are as fictionalised as the Altantuya trial….Heheheh…

  19. wits0 says:

    “Are you saying you can only rape under cover of darkness??”

    You know I don’t refer to darkness but duration.

  20. wits0 says:

    Raja, they need to conduct an IQ test for all the Parliamantarians as well. The result could be as useful as stem cell research.

  21. whispering9 says:

    witso..the glock thingy is only an expression…for all we know, they could have used a CE (clint eastwood) magnum. I mentioned glock because our VCD Raiders carry them. Didn’t that Glock went off accidentally and resulted in a long blog argument on safety catches in Glocks. 2 bullets…eh? Now that is new to me. Funny isn’t it, somebody must have confessed to the crime and gave detail of the killing because bullet slugs and skull melt in the shock and heat of explosion. Why isn’t the true detail of the killing revealed? Everyone is still cooking up a story. I thought I might as well do so. Don’t over estimate the mentality of our KWSP (killer wannables second pangkat)…most are like our typical road rage bullies…only different is the gun plus C4.

    kittykat46…at least you have a conclusion to your report. I had to send my friends off for the annual PAT 4X4 adventure. They are going to Katmandu this time around. Enjoy your weekend. Same to everyone here.

  22. monsterball says:

    Not rape under darkness lah witsO. While wanting to rape…victim kicked the lamp in the jungle….all went victim ran and shouted…so use bomb…..BOOOM…gone!!
    How’s this logic?

  23. Libra says:

    Susan wrote “…was demanding as much as US$500,000 for ..”

    In the court the sum mentioned was 50,000.

  24. Libra says:

    When my daughter went for an interview at an IT plant in LA , she had to sit for an IQ test.
    In Malaysia, this is unheard of, because most will fail. I think the first two to fail would be the Prime Minister and his Deputy.

  25. susan loone says:

    Libra, the above is asia sentinel’s report.

  26. […] If we knew the answer to that, we would then solve the Perfect Crime. […]

  27. monsterball says:

    Crimes seems to be all perfect in Malaysia….as our investigating team are not totally committed to solve it…just work few weeks..file and no follow ups.
    It is treated as a job…..and not a noble profession like we see from USA crime busters …working for years to solve one case.
    Crimes are increasing in Malaysia…as criminals know they are dealing with a bunch of low IQ police investigators.

  28. stcin says:

    those idiots say: we are proud of IT ( the killing) !!

    either they do not understand what ‘IT’ means or they are really ……

  29. stcin says:

    check : may the truth SAVE us all …. ( not saves)….. sorry.

  30. bolehbug says:

    malaysian style
    ……cannot ignore bcoz of pesky bloggers, do next best thing
    …………cannot deny bcoz of persistence pesky bloggers
    ………………cannot discredit bcoz self integrity value less than zero
    …………………CREATE CREATE CREATE wayang sandiwara other scandal
    ……………………creation not accepted bcoz believability rating

  31. bolehbug says:

    malaysian style
    ……cannot ignore bcoz of pesky bloggers, do next best thing
    …………cannot deny bcoz of persistence pesky bloggers
    ………………cannot discredit bcoz self integrity value less than zero
    …………………CREATE CREATE CREATE wayang sandiwara other scandal
    ……………………creation not accepted bcoz believability rating

  32. bolehbug says:

    very sorry, dont know got limit to how many line can submit, apologies again
    (contd)……CREATE CREATE CREATE wayang sandiwara other scandal
    ……………………creation not accepted bcoz believability rating

  33. bolehbug says:

    hmm, censored ?
    nothing much actually just 2 sen worth
    whatever la, malaysiaboleh

  34. whispering9 says:

    bolehbug…did you watch that 1987 or 1988 film ‘ Wags the Dog’. Incredibly many people believe anything mired in patriotism. Nothing to fret, crime always catches up with the perpetrator because the devil is never generous and god always pass judgment . Have a lovely Monday blue.

  35. Libra says:

    Look who is talking.
    Najib was reported in The Star today thus; “Leaders must have moral and principles”.
    I reckon Najib is not a leader as he has none – morals nor principles.
    Khalwat comes under morals and commission comes under moral and principles.

  36. wits0 says:

    His-shame-mudbin defends that one, a must read :
    “Where’s that Perak mufti bugger? ”

  37. serwq says:

    buggering is a serious crime in islam. So who’s gonna drag that bugger to court and charge him, as DSAI was charged in 1998? And don’t forget to bring along that mufti’s mattress as evidence. And also bring along Azizan the chauffeur (now a company director) as the accomplice in that unholy act

  38. dogshit says:

    Another big question has to be asked:

    Razak Baginda’s company, Perimekar, was the agent to deal with purchase of the two submarines. The commision (the amount that has been bandied about) is RM530 mil. According to certain reliable sources, Perimekar received only RM30 mil. The rest went off political contributions, to finance the up-and-coming general elections. No.1 knows this. So does the No.1 in the police force. Now in has become a triad affair. Everyone from among the triad cannot be “touched”. Let’s not go so detailed. Readers should fit in the puzzle, after all there’re only three pieces to fit in.

  39. notsosmart says:

    Wah…real dogshit. That amount of commissions is no joking matter. Submarine purchase should be solely a government responsibility. I don’t agree the involvement of a third party. What about the technical specification of the sub? Laying somewhere inside the store room of a private company. TOTALLY DISAGREE!!!!! WE SHOULD NOT COMPROMISE OUR NATIONAL SECURITY. WE ARE SUCKED!!

    Altantuya wouldn’t have die if we use our brain correctly.

  40. wits0 says:

    Notsosmart: “Altantuya wouldn’t have die if we use our brain correctly.”

    Yeah thru the ballot box, installed a cynical and hypocritical governance that enabled virtually unlimited powers to rogues who are sorely tempted to do things just because they can. One that pretends to be moral guardian while creating a private bourgeois elitist empire within and uses neverending propaganda to attempt mind control of the masses and dividing humanity by unfettered racism and then confirms that these very facts by showing its (in?)famous peevishness at all criticism from all quarters, local or foreign.

  41. bongkersz says:

    crap la. and we love craps.. rejoice in that 🙂 great.

  42. notsosmart says:

    Well….Wits0. What can I say. You should know that the True and Smart Malaysian is asking for changes, while some waiting . But unfortunately, we have more of the opposite. They are good at nothing but depending on the government. They are afraid of changes, no brain to think, no foresight and no confidence in themselves. Their focus is just on the carrot without knowing their direction.
    There are still many Malaysian ( Malay, Chinese, Indian…and others, black and white )who are capable but not given the chances and support to develops themselves and directing their country future.

  43. bolehbug says:

    WAG THE DOG – excellent movie, but sometimes wished I never watched it, loss of virginal innocence – already knew about auditory mispresentation, bias in the print, verbal faeculent diarrheac flood of biblical proportions, but the live real-time motion captures were the last bastion of reality, alas no more and though thoroughly wisened up, still occasionally yearn for the good old days of see & hear and believe days of the power of the televisual medium, born (for me at least) in the defoliating violence of vietnam, the massacre of MyLai, the imagery of self-immolation of the monk in meditative repose, the little burnt naked girl running in the streets. To me, the greatest legacy of the Vietnam war, the unrelenting brutal realism of audiovisual medium in documenting these crimes against humanity…
    All gone,,, for one good well made movie which wasn’t even a box office hit,,, sigh… I wish for the times when belief and not cynicism was the order of the day…
    KERANA-MU MALAYSIA, ku menangis terpendam
    setitik airmata memutih tidak sebelanga nila
    tangisan teresak kemurungan jiwa rohani terseksa
    rukun negara kelima hancur memirip teladan YB
    demokrasi dan ISA cermin pemimpin diundi
    cermin, bayang siapa yang berwajah seri
    mengharap pagar menjaga NEP
    serigala mana jelas bukti
    keringat dahi, keringan mata
    bersemadi aman roh jiwa tatasusila malaysia

  44. wits0 says:

    “But unfortunately, we have more of the opposite.”

    That’s why the axiom, that the majority is seldom right. They represent the lowest common denominator in intellect and buy what the controlling system proffer. Thinkers and commonsense are particularly uncommon. But if they still retain some element of decency, they ought not to vote for any repressive STFU, I-Talk-U-Down regime.

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