Honestly, with all the contradictions and controversy over the credibility of Bukit Aman, from the Prosecution’s star witness Rohaniza Roslan alone, it’s hard for me to believe all the content of this police report by the murdered Altantuya, and how it came about! Did she write it under duress? Was she threatened, promised something or harassed? It was written in such poor English, and does look like someone written under great stress. The point is she kept blaming herself. I am no expert, but usually when someone writes a police report, it is always against another. Hardly, we would get ourselves into trouble.

(Picture from Malaysiakini)

The content of the report includes:

“My name is Shaaribuu Altantuya. I came from Mongolia to see my boyfriend,” the Mongolian national began her report, which she typed herself.

The report was typed with capital letters in poor English and without any full stops. She described herself as a student in the report.

In the report, Altantuya stressed a number of times that it was not a “crime” for her to want to see her boyfriend, Abdul Razak.

“Yes, I try to blackmail him. Maybe it’s my fault but now I really understand he doesn’t love me anymore…,” she added.

“But when I come I did something stupid. I write letter where I said I’ll kill myself and things like that. But now he got letters of mine and (is) trying to scare me or kill me.”

Feared for her life

Altantuya then mentioned about being tailed by two private investigators hired by Abdul Razak. She said they also harassed her by knocking on her hotel room’s door at 5am.

“He (is) trying to put me to jail. Of course, he’s a rich man. He can do that but now (my) life is in danger. I’m really scared to even go out because he have my letters and all proof.

“If I die or catch by the police or go to jail, they can show that papers.”

Altantuya expressed fear for her life time and again in her report.

“Only reason I’m here (is) because he ruined my life with lies. But now he even trying to send me away with his friends and trying to scare me and kill me. Maybe I did wrong and blackmailed him but now he (is) trying to kill me.

“I want to go back safely. Because of this, I delay my (flight) ticket and now I’m in trouble.”

Altantuya also added that she sought help from the Mongolian embassy in Hong Kong, which is her country’s nearest overseas mission.

“I got (a) friend here. He help(ed) me but he said I need to be careful because he’s (Abdul Razak) a rich man. Can (do) everything to me. He could easily kill me or put (me) to jail and says I did write letters (to) blackmail him.

“I’m just a normal girl trying to meet my lover who lied to me and promised many things but now (he) want(s) to put me to jail or kill (me).”


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  1. zeef says:

    how can a person supposedly be a professional translator and able to communicate in 5 languages wrote something like that..its obvious..who are they trying to con

  2. Antares says:

    Sounds nonsensical if you ask me – Altantuya looks a great deal more intelligent than such a clumsily worded report would indicate. Good gracious, at a time when when the IGP himself is being accused of close ties with the underworld… and the deputy minister of Internal Security has been investigated by the ACA… and the D-G of the ACA has had to resign under a dark cloud… while the deputy prime minister is attracting endleess gossip every day in so many blogs… and the PM has been nicknamed “Tidor Lah”…. what can we say about a court case where the DPP and defence lawyers seem interested only in covering up for their bosses instead of probing for the truth behind the extremely serious crimes committed (not just the gruesome murder but also the ludicrously obvious deletion of immigration records which suggests the complicity of somebody really high up in the hierarchy!)… one can only shake one’s head and wonder how Malaysia will ever regain its credibility and dignity as a nation.

  3. monsterball says:

    Confusion…distortions…diversions…threaten to kill a witness….ignoring to summon Min.of Defence on c4 controlled explosive…if not for contradicting statement of his against a witness with a photo to prove Najib know Atlantayu.Two good reasons to summon him to court….yet not done.
    Mongolian girl said IP lied….why first Indian IP was not call back to witness. If he lied…then all he said must struck off…but if mongolian girl lied….why is she released to go back home?
    Anyone thing this is going to be a fair trial or is it a trial conducted by low standard lawyers…no proper plans…no quality…and yet…it all leads to somewhat favoring guilty one to be freed…with exception of a scapegoat.

  4. monsterball says:

    Susan….murdered victim case…blown out of pieces involving indirectly DPM also…..why….senior police Inspector must come out with a story before the trial begins to show capable to be future big pangkat in police force lah.
    Now testing their twisting and turning capabalities to the fullest with one scapegoat hanged…showing justice is done. What can anyone say…if someone pays for the price….that’s their mentality.
    So relax….don’t get confused as I was about to be so…but right now…still keep an open mind to see how smart and fair are our Malaysian lawyers on such high profile court case.
    So far……SICK OF IT.

  5. aminiskandar says:

    Najib should resign. IGP should resign. Mongolian government should cut the diplomatic relation with Malaysia if the Malaysian government is not sincere to give a free and fair trial to this case.

  6. monsterball says:

    Now there is a clear photo given by Tian Chua showing victim sat next to Bag….but I suspect the photo is doctored..and Tian Chua do have a bad reputation to do things sincerely…except for his own personal benefits.
    If it is all real…then Najib is in deep shit trouble.

  7. Raja says:

    Such police reports are not admissible as evidence for being hearsay. It is the witness’s testimony that is evidence and not the written report.

    However now that the writer is deceased this report can be admitted into evidence for the truth of its contents – provided it is relevant to any of the issues.

    But the writer is no longer available to be X- examined as to the accuracy or truthfulness of the contents. She is not around to be X-examined and her demeanor observed. Little weight would therefore be attached to it.

  8. heliconia says:

    najib will resign..followed by PL..


  9. monsterball says:

    Go to ‘Atlantayu seen with Najib” site…look out for ‘????” 8.40pm commentator…and click to the photo.
    Judge for yourselves.

  10. susan loone says:

    monty, that is a doctored photo – bad blogging. and it was not even done properly. dont want to give bad blogging publicity. tian chua is stupid to do such a bad job!

  11. djkhue says:

    najib will never resign– he will be returned with an even bigger majority in Pekan in the next GE. To his malay electorate, he is the “innocent” victim of a vicious smear campaign by Anwar. The only way to get rid of him is by c4ing him to join his altantuya

  12. monsterball says:

    My personal opinion is that Najib was doctored….not there at all.
    If it is not a doctored photo….Najib will surely need to rsign….but Tian Chua has a very bad reputation to do things for personal benefits only….never for the good of the country. He is a typical cunning low down selfish bloke…finally goT what he wanted….to be accepted by ..of all parties…Keadilan….tell you what type of politicians Keadilan will field in next election. But some voters simply like to be fooled.

  13. monsterball says:

    oh my God!! Susan responded to me. Good morning Susan….glad we agree.
    So do we all expect a real photo in future?
    Tian Chua have spoil the whole issue.
    Hope he is proud of it.

  14. sadsadmalay says:

    djkhue, Najib will never resign because fully supported by PM. Your statement humiliates all malaysians that can only think of c4ing someone when they are not pleased about something.

  15. aida mustafa says:

    all high profile cases mentioned simultaneously. eric chia and perwaja, altantuya murder, igp’s underworld connection, sabah chief minister’s problem, anwar’s pkr… etc,etc, etc….

    the idea is to throw us into confusion and would not be able to concentrate on each cases individually. thus its easier for the crooks, whoever they are, to carry on with their evil ways…. see?

  16. jeancumlately says:

    Nah… she sounded so malaysian.

  17. nhm says:

    exactly!! she sounded like a malaysian..she’s a professional translator..she can do better than that

  18. whispering9 says:

    Earth spins on white and black…day and night. We are confused because everything is spun grey. A good PM must remember the difference ( an old Chinese proverb) or risk losing time reality and the pivot of support. We don’t expect him to keep time in white zone, but he must know how to deal with the difference.

  19. QuickSand says:

    Was it written in a police report or in a diary? Mann…it sounds it was written in a diary to me. Written by a pro translator huh? Come on…cut the crap!

  20. hantutuya says:

    see i wrote oso broken england. not very good england language. so all the tok i work translate and interpretor for baginda all lies. mebbe different person mistaken me. all conspiracy teori lah. i simple mongolia girl running small ofis and cari makan. people take me to paris i go paris, people take hong kong then go hongkong la. honestly i came malaysia to C baginda not to C 4

  21. oA says:


    Maybe Susan can request somekind of transcript in english written by the victim from her family so people can judge for theirselves the truth about that report some want the public to believe was written by her …..

    Ahhhh …….. so wonderful is the word TRUTH …….


  22. mohd says:

    sorry to say but i dont buy the crap of that police report, my little daughter can writer better than that.

    i smelt corruption again, don’t you?

  23. mohd says:

    maybe adding a poll would be nice.

  24. Song says:

    Any high school exam essay written by the deceased should be able to verify her true english standard …

  25. rm1juta says:

    ??????????.i don no la.i no good in englis.but can talk good in other language.haiya…funny ..ha.ha let them do their job…


  26. whispering9 says:

    Hi mohd,

    Sorri, my little daughter can’t write better than that. My parrot could. Tonight when my pigeons come home to roost…I will try asking them. Oki docky till then. (@#$! Doc said I am suffering from Blog withdrawal symptom, just can’t stay away from the keys)

  27. mkas says:

    Too much speculation here with no solid evidence.

    And, whispering9, no one is interested what your pigeons could do, stay on topic pls!


  28. whispering9 says:

    Dearest mkas,

    Don’t ever rubbish me in again. I have enough of rubbishing from commentator last week. I am only trying to be satire and I don’t need your angelical help to guide me back to the right path. Can’t you see the obvious? You are right! There is not enough solid evidence! From both sides! A fake photograph came out instead of a real one. In earlier examinations, notes exhibited obviously have the same bad grammar and in different hand writings. Now this piece of junk! Tell me…since we can state the obvious about the authenticity of the report…why didn’t our esteemed Brief Watcher comes out with Altantuya’s handwriting, a handwriting analyst or essays from high school…a very good question from song. Everyone is damn holding back evidences! For what, you tell me. For the grand finale, for leverage or for profit? In Hollywood is would be a rerun of ‘The tail that wags the Dog’. What do you want to call your wisdom? ‘The tongue that wags the Head’. Seeesh. Leave me alone.

  29. maklah says:

    Can’t you see the obvious? Tian Chua’s photograph was deliberately cooked up so that a 5 year-old child could recognise it as a fake at first glance. Apart from providing some humour to ease the tension, its real purpose is to brace us up for the earth-shaking moment when the real photo is produced.

    As for the handwritten notes, her father can surely differentiate them by referencing them with that in her diary, etc. And we all know who is holding back evidences and why. This is 4th World justice in a 3rd World court of law

  30. mkas says:

    Dearest whispering9,

    This is free speech forum, everyone can voice out their piece of opinion as long there is no personal attack.

    I personally will not comment much because there ain’t much to comment to influence the conclusion they made (or planned?!), regardless if we ever….

    If you want my answer, I give you one. THERE IS NO TRUTH ENDING!

    Good to see you back on topic.

  31. hantutelur says:

    arb’s secretary today revealed that altantuya sent notes and letters to him by hand. were they produced in court? i am really interested because she testified that (at least) on of the letters was given to the police. maybe if that letter is published on the web we can compare it with the previous ones. i bet it will not be seen!

  32. jeancumlately says:

    whispering9…cool it man.

    You see, some people cant read between the lines, the real message, the irony, the satire, the joke, the sarcasm…

    The tendency was to read things the way it was written and not what it was meant. Your messages did get lost sometimes but dont worry, some people did get it.

    Stay a virgin.

  33. nhgyut says:

    Like Bush and Blair sexing up Saddam Hussein’s WMDs, everything about this murder case has been sexed up to serve the interests of one particular powerful person. Will he end up dangling at the end of a rope like old Saddam did?

  34. kittykat46 says:

    Like so much of the “facts” that have surfaced in this case, the police report has a “synthetic” smell to it.
    I wonder who’s the movie director behind all this ?

  35. monsterball says:

    Susan…now another photo showing Najib eating fried chicken with victim and Bag. This one look real…as all three are eating and looks real. Any comments on this?

  36. monsterball says:

    You can see it from vbdee message.

  37. susan loone says:

    Hey monty, we will know when the real photo is revealed. when that time comes, we need not ask: is this for real?

    that’s what differentiate a real blogger from fake ones too.


  38. luclai says:

    ya me too think her english can’t be that bad. come on, she’s a translator and knows 5 languages, how can her english be that bad? don’t forget too the letters she wrote using the hotel letterhead – bad english. ya so we speculate that all those letters and the police report either were not written by her or written by her at force/duress.

  39. whispering9 says:

    Mkas…I know almost everything there is to know about free speech zone. I even stood in Hyde Park, London, swearing stuffs into the air with my flower powered friends. But this is not a zone for anyone to criticize comments. You can challenge it, yes; but don’t kill the messenger. It is good that I am not a retard unable to defend my dignity. I have been reading a lot of such rage lately. If you are annoyed by ranting, please ignore it as lunacy. Seech…everybody wants to be critic. Please don’t be offended by my madness today. I am sorry, if your feeling is hurt.

    Maklah: I did a brief survey. Do you know what I observed? 50% of Malaysians doesn’t care about this trial because we are always facing real time rapes, murders and robberies. Of the 50% that cares, 1/3 of them do not believe RB has a part in it. 1/3 wants to protect the sovereignty. The rest try to state the obvious in blogs so that the perpetrators do not escape. A fake picture is what a propaganda machine needs now to exonerate the guilty. If, and when a real picture turns up, what you think will be shown to 50% of the ‘don’t care’ population on RTM, NTV7 and TV8. Yup, the fake one! Please read: http://kickdefella.wordpress.com/2007/07/04/you-give-us-a-bad-name/ . Then again, I could be wrong; or misunderstood again.

    Thanks Jean…I know I must let go of last week. Maybe, I will do that today and stuff the air…and the net for awhile. Just cut and paste this timeless wisdom from Jeff’s blog for you:

    “A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.” Bertrand Russell

  40. vbdee says:

    Najib has begun to feel the heat from political figures who are seeking to oust him from office, including – Kuala Lumpur sources say – Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, the aristocratic, long-serving former finance minister who has harbored ambitions for decades of becoming prime minister.


  41. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha….policeman threatening another police person. What type of police force we have in MALAYSIA?
    If we do not arrest this problem fast….it may lead to worst thing…like staging a coup…with then fighting each other.
    I thought police personnels are supposed to be non bias and do their job as employed….to fight crimes…yet it seems one can support another can deny.
    It is time govt. put more other races as leaders to balance things up…or else….big trouble.

  42. i know says:

    I think the real satire here is the picture of the threesome chomping on kentucky fried rodent. How can some people actually think it could be real? Haha…


  43. monsterball says:

    On the contrary vbdee…the doctored photos have infect made Najib more powerful than ever before. I never like him…but I will vote for him..if that’s how the opposition politicians are behaving.

  44. i know says:

    The only party that would benefit from the free publicity generated by the photo is the kentucky fried rodent company

  45. Raja says:

    Well, it looked nothing wrong the first time you looked at it. But then you start looking for tell tale signs. Najib looks too small to be in the picture, his hand is larger than his head, his face is too small in comparison with the other two.

    There is nothing wrong with pictures like this. There are many out there. What crime has Najib committed here? Just for sharing a table with his hosts or invited guests?? Or sitting next to a SYT? Is that a crime? It is not even evidence of infidelity.

  46. Alison says:

    I totally agree with those who thinks and says that the “written” evidence are not of her handwriting.

    Think about it. You need license to be a translator. Furthermore, you need further license to be a political translator. If her English is so bad, many political misunderstandings would have erupted before this!

    Madness!!! How can anyone believe that it’s really her writing. If it genuine, then she must be trying to send a message between those lines.

  47. DrumNbass88 says:

    she typed “doin”, waaah got hip hop influence? wakakaka! total bullshit! i could stage a murder even better than the government

  48. cucuparit says:

    for someone who is said to have been a much sought after translator and can speak multiple languages – she can talk English? Jeez…the report was so full of crap its astounding…and yes, she keeps prosecuting herself its ridiculous.
    to me, this is one big conspiracy that went very very bad. a case of blackmail gone sour. remember, altantuya’s father is a professor in psychology…he can strategise and work out plots…there’s more to this whole damn thing than meet the eye.

  49. worriedmalaysian says:

    does everyone here ever worried if our comments are traceable? because it can. all they need to do is get a hacker to hack this site n our ip is in their hand. with our ip, they can pin-point our location and send us some c4 presents.

  50. wits0 says:

    You seem to contradict yourself, cucuparit. If you cast aspersion on the father, Setev Shariibuu, as a plotter, it seems especially ridiculous that Atlantuya’s police report would have ended up so self incriminating like. Would a normal father risk the life of his own daughter in such aventure? Is there any reason to suspect that he isn’t a normal father.

    If it’s blackmail, what is the nature of that blackmail? Half a million ringgit for an affair? The cost of a childless affair? Ridiculous sum.

    Has the court employed any professional graphologist/hand writing analyst to ascertain he handwriting? Surely the victimwould have at least a few prior existing samples of her own handwriting somwhere.

    As Alison pointed out, a translator that writes such awful “English” is improbable. Maybe someone just wrote Manglish?

  51. Mason From Kuching says:

    To be honest, I ever lodged complaint/s against some rogue police officers. At that material time SAC2 Karn Karn Peng was the then CID Head/ Chief of Sarawak now probably serving in Kuala Lumpur.

    That day for almost 5 hours, his surbodinate took down my complaints in many sheets wherein I named few police officers. The said police officer, a Sergeant averred to me to come the next day for reallignments and tidiness.

    The next day, when I peruse the reports, the named officers complaint were missing and riddled with alterations, modifications and repair jobs in favour of the their colleagues.

    As I contended, the Sergeant was displeased as I was being coerced to signed the reports. I never heard from them since then.

    I have said this since the Royal Malaysian Commision toured my city that even the creation of IPCMC is futile if a legion of police officers presides which is comparable to the cops wearing badges that reads “Saya Tak Nak Rasuah” (I Don’t want corruption) but still on the take. And the recent pay rise will only worsens corruption as they no longer sees the pre-salary-hike-bribes sufficient.

    Unless the IPCMC is enacted consisting of pre-eminent figures from the reputable NGOs’ including foreigners, to trust the police to charge thier comrades is like living by the military Junta of Myanmar.

    The inference to be gained here is if the political system is abysmal, in reality where powerful politicans including lawyers whom ostensibly render and bribe these venal cops to carry out certain misdeeds/ upperhands/ underhands, then whom are they (the cops) to be afraid of as the whole country is corrupt which is also the contributing reasons of the failure of enactment of the IPCMC till date.

    Irving Goldstien wrote (particle extract) -In most criminal matters, the production of evidence comes from one source- the police. Obvious potential for abuse exists, including misleading and wrongly obtained evidence as is shown by the findings of The New South Wales Royal Commision of 1997 (The Wood Commission) and earlier findings of the Queensland Commission (Fitzerald) Commission Of Inquiry of 1989. To give the court and the public confidence in the accuracy and completeness of police evidence, I (the author) suggest appointing reviewing officials not supplating the police or assuming an active investigative role but having oversight of police investigations, authorithy to recomend further inquiries and neccesary and the power to require any bona-fide exculpatory leads to be followed up.

    In the interim, from one rotten Malaysian leaders to another, to complaint a police officer to the police is like a Jew complaining against Hitler to the Gestapo.

  52. itoldusob4 says:


  53. susan loone says:

    worried malaysian,
    i think if anyone’s going to be C4 here, it’s gonna be me. so dont worry. hahaha!

  54. susan loone says:

    dear mason from kuching, that’s a good testimony. someday i really hope there will be a serious campaign for the integrity of the police force. hope to collect more testimonies like yours. thanks!

  55. monsterball says:

    Good morning Susan and all.
    Susan ..you frighten me. You want to be a sucide bomber with c4 strap all over your body?
    Why so angry? All are well now. Even Sheih have good news…whole family will be with him..including his wife.
    Have a nice day Susan…and all.

  56. al-hantuya says:

    Interesting. All this talk about not believing in a deceased’s person lack of good command in english displayed here in susan’s website whence she herself has a similar predicament. “May the truth SAVES us all”? Dissent supersedes grammar, is what it is. I would not throw stones if I myself stay in a glass condo. I mean it’s like … a rebel without a CLAUSE.

    Sometimes I feel like I want to weep.

  57. c53k says:

    The other ‘suspect’ that link to najib with possible motive has been consistently missing from mentioned since a ‘slight touch’ of her name was raised earlier.

    What happen to rosmah?

    Wasn’t Lance Corporal Rohaniza Roslan assigned to be her personal body guard?

    Why there was not mentioned of her duty/responsibility during the charge of the killing?

    Why was she involved in the first place???????????????????????? Did she come along just for the fun??????????????????/

    Just want to raise a point.

    People in the know of najib know he is sissy who like pussies of all types.

    In front of rosmah, najib is a puppet under command. What she says goes.

    Her link SHOULD NOT be discounted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Lin Peh says:

    Can someone who know the mongolian language take a look at the report and see whether the grammatical errors are consistent with the Mongolian language?

  59. Anonymous says:

    the story can go as simple as like this lah:

    baginda was blackmailed several times by altan, so he got really piss and setup a plan with his secretary to send her to hell to end this misery for good (baginda amok says it’s right thing to do).

    after altan awarded 2 bullets in head by baginda n his secretary, what they missed out in plan is that there is corpse they have to deal with too. now here come the bodyguards to do the dirty job c4ing dead body detroying the evidence. (erh.. anyone knows how to use c4 or where to get them?! then who else could it be, rite?)

    it’s their happy ending until rohaniza comes along…

    arrh.. 1 missing person in the story is najib. he doesn;t seem to fit in any parts of the storey lah. BUT if he telling lies, guess y lor… no matter how, false statement is still a CRIME!

  60. al-hantuya says:

    Ahah! In the absence of sequels to Jackass 3 (or 4, or 5) this website is now my new-found source of entertainment and humour. Notice how quickly the slappings-on-the-backs congratorios to TianChua for exposing alleged photos now has turned to disownings, after said discovery of photo airbrushings. Humour aside, I am now seriously in need of convincings whether dissenting voices are, after all, also frauds hiding behind holier-than-thou masks.

    Am I dreaming, or do I really see the angels of death and taxes having lunch at Uncle Chili’s ?

  61. 4332 says:

    is this ‘Anonymous’ working for Najib team?

  62. monsterball says:

    4332….not yet..trying to.
    Sheih succeeded…Tian Chua too…are we surprised?

  63. Nightwing says:

    Ya, agree with the comments on who wrote that report. Read in NST yesterday and i told my friend, i don;t think it was written by her.

  64. notsosmart says:

    The second photo seem interesting. Need a specialist to verify them. Anybody knew any CIA agent? Maybe he can post the original copy to them.

  65. notsosmart says:

    She is damn sexy.

  66. monsterball says:

    notsosmart..I have seen ladies look sexy in photos….but in real life….just the opposite.
    So many models also look sexy with their make ups….once taken off..they look like shit and have falsified this or that.
    Worst are film stars from USA. You can never recognize them without make ups and false wigs….most men are full or half botaks ….hairs white…bleeched to total black…false teeth….big pot belly tugged in by corset…[like Samy Vellu}

  67. cucuparit says:

    witso. what I am implying is that there’s more in this whole affair than meet the eye. I for one believe that all parties look guilty – from the father downwards and on our side ministers downwards. there’s so many lies spoken enough to hang a lot of people. in the history of crime, fathers have been known to use children for their dirty deeds. what makes you think half a million US is blackmail for a lousy love affair? couldn’t if have been for a commission for a deal that was promised and not delivered? why are you and many others favouring the mongolians? are all mongolians goodie two shoes? all you need to do is go to singapore…quite a few pubs are filled with gorgeous mongolian ‘students’ looking for a fast buck. let the facts (if we really ever get to hear the facts) present themselves.

  68. Chua Soo Kok says:

    It is a shame to see malaysian police officer wearing the badge ‘Saya Anti Rasuah’ when many of them do their job with pride and honour. How is the common citizen going to help the police fight crime when they do not trust the police to the their job honestly. We all heard many story of police officer working hand in hand with organised crime and therefore no action would be taken against them.

  69. Chua Soo Kok says:

    Sorry Susan, I type wrong in the previous post. this is what I really meant.

    It is a shame to see malaysian police officer wearing the badge ‘Saya Anti Rasuah’ when many of them do not do their job with pride and honour.

  70. notsosmart says:

    Yea monty. Luckily I did not marry my ex.

    Looks like killing is cheap. Are we back to STONE AGE here? We cannot let it to continue. This case must be solved and some justice to be done quickly. Somebody from above must intervene. I doesn’t mean GOD.

    Case suspended? Does anybody know what’s going on?

  71. ghenjis khan says:

    BTW, I have met a Mongolian graduate who is conversant with English, Malay and they are taught by Professors from the University of Foreign Languages and are PROFESSIONALs and their use of the language is very good …..

    they speak extremely well and in almost all the time in GRAMMATICAL and FORMAL way ….

    Bahasa Indonesia even has the desired intonations ….

    it is very pleasant to listen to them ….

    it cannot be said, the same for Malaysian Chinese …. some don’t even speak Malay …. let alone Mandarin like the 1 billion Chinese of the Peoples Republic of China …. 3x cheers for PRC !
    [nothing racial intended ….]

  72. Raja Khan says:

    Unbelievable Mongolish English from an international translator/linguist like Altantuya! I am sure the least she could do was able to write basic english without grammatical mistakes, let alone excellent english. She must be turning in agony in her grave, having died undignified, now her language and moral flaws being magnified! She came for money promised of big proportions but instead got blown out of proportion by perpetrators of the most horrible crime. Her last desperate days of cries for help with the uncanny feeling of approaching death makes my heart cry out for her. Regardless of what manner or matter she was, she doesnt deserve to die so horribly. A poor girl of Genghis Khan courage came here from a poor barren country to a land of plenty in the quest for Fortune from scoundrels and inevitably met her terrible Misfortune! The scoundrels deserve to die a much worse miserable death by God’s wrath!

  73. monsterball says:

    hi Raja Khan…Some people under great stress and for fear to loose their lives do write broken English lah…..quite natural.
    Lets pity her…please.

  74. PI Ramasamy says:

    How come nobody asks: The police don’t have C4’s in their arsenal. Only the armed forces have. Mana itu C4 mari? If I’m asked to testify in court, please allow me to speak only Tamil, becoz that’s the only language aiyam familiar with.

  75. i know says:

    Ghenjis Khan, my experience with mongolian and central asian people seem to be quite different from yours. I met them in russia, not mongolia, so that could be the reason. None of the ones I met spoke any english but then again, maybe I didn’t get to meet the mongolian graduates or the professional mongolian translators. Most of them can speak russian, but boy, are they a miserable bunch of people. In general, they are more unfriendly than the white russians and the whites from the post-soviet union countries like Georgia. Maybe these people are more happy if they were back in their home country.

    And here you mentioned that you met ‘A’ mongolian graduate, does that mean that you only met one mongolian grad and you make your statements about professional mongolian translators only based on meeting one person? I don’t think it’s fair to compare malaysian professionals with mongolian professionals and say that the latter is more professional because you claim that they have better moral and ethical codes. It is very difficult to judge whether people of a certain nationality of race is superior than others in terms of moral or ethical codes. Anyway, you completely left out the ‘professionals’ who have risen due to their link with the political party. If you think msia is bad, Russia is a lot worse in that way. I’m talking about Russia because it’s an example of post-Marxist-Leninist country which you talked about in your earlier comment.

    I also find your comment on Altantuya being a product of Marxist-Lenists policies who is now liberated rather strange. Bear in mind, Altantuya was young when she died (can’t remember, either late twenties or early thirties), which means that she spent quite a big chunk of her life in post-communist times. She may or may not have inherited the ‘maxist-lenist’ traits you are talking about, besides that, she did quite a lot of time abroad for her studies and business, which implies that she would have been quite cosmopolitan, rather ‘un-communist’ like of her, don’t you think? So when you try to paint a picture of her as a communist who is suddenly liberated, I very much doubt that is what her life was really like. I’ve also meet lots of people in russia around the same age group as her and I find that the young people are much more open, liberated and don’t really display much of the ‘Marxist-Lenists’ traits that you are talking about. But then again, all these is based on my personal observations and my comments on how altantuya’s life was like, is just my personal opinion.

  76. i know says:

    There’s one more thing I’d like to add, with reference to your statement about ‘Moral and Ethical codes ie. Marxist-Leninist and post-Marxist-Leninist’. Some people actually think that communism had an adverse impact on people’s moral values. Take China for example, China’s cultural legacy has been damaged by the Communist Party and the rapid shift to capitalism in the past two decades.

    ” A weakened sense of moral values is largely to blame for a surge in social problems across China, including a rising crime rate and an increase in corruption.”

    Quoted from: http://www.coxwashington.com/hp/content/reporters/stories/2007/04/22/BC_CHINA_VALUES22_COX.html

    So, Genghis Khan, what exactly are the moral values are you talking about? Can you be more specific?

    Also, isn’t it a contradiction when you are said that
    ‘Altantuya is a product of Marxist-Lenists policies now liberated and at the same time she was
    ‘brought up through long years of Soviet absent rule just turned modern socialist state.’ I’m confused with your statement, are you saying that she was someone who was repressed and who all of a sudden had a taste of ‘freedom’ or someone who had spent LONG years under post-communist rule thereby lack the Marxist-Lenists values, which is your explanation as to why she chose to become someone’s lover or mistress or a contract wife? Care to explain?

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