Asia Sentinel has an update on July 1, NAJIB & ALTANTUYA: A PICTURE CONNECTS THEM.

Also read this update @ Najib refuses to respond to the photo controversy. His press secretary replied instead:

His press secretary Tengku Sarifuddin Tengku Ahmad said Najib would not issue any new statement on the claims by Burmaa Oyunchimeg, 26, during the ongoing murder trial of her counsin Altantuya.

“I wish to make it clear that the deputy prime minister had on several occasions when interviewed by the media previously and during the Ijok by-election had said that he had never met and known Altantuya and was not involved in the case.

“As such, the issue over the picture does not arise,” Tengku Sarifuddin told Bernama today

Picture courtesy of Malaysiakini Chinese.

An exclusive story on Malaysiakini Chinese (June 30) reported that it was learned from numerous sources that deputy prime minister Najib Abdul Razak’s secretary had told editors of the maintsream newspapers not to “blow up” the report about the alleged photograph of the DPM having dinner with Altantuya Shariibuu.

The report had been highlighted here and here based on proceedings in the controversial trial of the Mongolian woman who was blown up with C4 explosives in Malaysia. According to the (DPM’s) secretary, the witness, known as Amy, who spoke about the photograph in court on 29 June, 10th day of the trial, did not show proof of the three-person photograph, therefore, it was not fair to Najib, who was dragged into the matter. Hence, newspapers were told “don’t blow up”.

According to the Malaysiakini report, no mainstream newspaper had highlighted the story in their front-page and most of the news were downplayed.

Also, the Malaysiakini report added that all the English and Malay newspapers had blacked-out ex-DPM and PKR defacto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s criticism of the prosecution team and Najib. The reports merely mentioned about his comments regarding the recent withdrawals of members from the party, in the aftermath of PKR’s strongman Mohd Ezam Mohd Nor resignation from the party.


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  1. monsterball says:

    I don’t understand DPM logic. If he is innocent….why black it out?
    Why can’t he put out an explaination and clear all doubt?
    The more DPM tries to cover it up..the more he is proving to be guilty of something.
    How on earth he has he the power to say cannot publish or that. Where are the newspapers guts for justice?
    Public is not trying to find faults with Najib….but the way he does things do not make sense at all. Instead… it is telling us cover up is normal. In that case…who will trust the court case will be fair and just.

  2. wits0 says:

    A truly honest man who has been wrongly maligned is expected to demand proof and says, “Proof it”!

  3. wits0 says:

    Of course it’s a typo, I meant, “prove it!”

    The MSM has no guts for what’s right. It’s enervated because of the printing and publication act for ages. Of course if the owners and editors were people of astuteness and courage, they could think of coming together and protesting this act jointly by declaring a certain day or two whereby there will be no publication! Not that such an idea ihasn’t crossed their minds surely. So far they merely squeaking ineffectively piecemeal, now and then. They are, afterall, controlled by political parties and Wong Chun Wai, e.g., can only half mumble and raising the readers’ false hopes once in a while. The Sun is the only readable English paper but even that is heavily constrained….it isn’t quite its old former self. that Madey killed.

  4. i know says:

    Both english papers today, the star and NST have mentioned najib’s name. However, the star is playing dirty, by printing half-truths about the witness, Burmaa’s testimony. In yesterday’s the star paper, 29/7/07, it was reported that;

    ”Burmaa also spoke of two SMSes – one from Abdul Razak Baginda telling her it was over between him and Altantuya and another that the witness herself had sent to the political analyst’s private eye, containing some explicit language.

    When she was asked if the “colourful” SMS that she sent was a threat, she proudly replied: “Yes!”

    However, NST’s version of events was;

    ”Balasubramaniam, who was hired by Razak, received the SMS from Burmaa at 4.26pm on Oct 21, two days after Altantuya went missing. He later forwarded the message to Razak.

    Under cross-examination, Wong asked Burmaa whether she was threatening Balasubramaniam when the message was sent.

    Burmaa: Yes.”

    As you can see, the star purposely omitted the vital piece of information, which is, that Burmaa had sent the sms two days after Altantuya went missing. Today, the star tries to cover up yesterday’s bias report on Burmaa’s testimony. The star had no choice but to do a follow up report because the true version of what transpired in court was reported by NST yesterday. Having said that, the star still tried to sling mud at Burmaa, saying that she ”made a U-turn about an alleged SMS “threat” ”.

  5. monsterball says:

    Did anyone read what Najib’s press secretary said? I read from malaysiakini blog…saying Najib has said he never met Atlantuya and as such the photo showing they are tgether at a dinner table is not right to show …contradicting his boss statement.. What type of statement is that?
    He said Anwar lied in Ijok….so clear…now the usual confusing press protect him. I hope someone can read and explain to me what is Najib’s Pres Sect. trying to say.

  6. I am not Najib says:

    lies lies lies I donno her I never met her no such photo no such dinner errrr
    (make sure dont publish photo ok)

  7. monsterball says:

    The reason that idiotic press sect. gave was not to disturb on going court case. What a load of crabs!!
    Lets hope the photo will find it’s way out in internet.
    Perhaps mongolian girl is discussing with few buyers….highest offer…she will sell the photo….natural clever business sense.
    Lets wait.

  8. Tourman53 says:

    If you are not guilty why care who the hell you took meal with?

  9. […] Najib told press to blackout news about photo with Altantuya? [image] Picture courtesy of Malaysiakini Chinese. […] […]

  10. dhdjue says:

    The trial should had been held in Mongolia to ensure fairness since the victim is from that country.

  11. hasilox says:

    Cannot. It’s ok to blow up one person but three without C4 is a no no. Even it’s just a photograph also cannot. Throw in C4, it might be allowed 😛

  12. Ha, ha! Malaysian press freedom at its best! But then again, Malaysians are always dumb and ignorant. We let the powers that be get away scott free all the time, and still we put them back in power comes the next general election. With all the politicians’ dumb replies and we don’t feel like ibeing diots is really beyond me!

  13. rm1juta says:

    Money + power can do anything…This is another example.Malaysian please wake up.

  14. kittykat46 says:

    Well, this wouldn’t be the first time that the powerful have got away with murder in this country.
    In the pre-internet days it wasn’t that hard to cover it up. Even today, the vast majority of people would only have access to what the MSM chooses tells them

  15. pope says:

    i wish there was heaven.
    at least those that have done something bad will be punished by god, if they manage to get free using our lame country justice system. i heard a lot of bad people that caught by police even do not need to go for trial, they are released without record using buyout.

  16. monsterball says:

    POPE….there is no heaven or hell. These two places are imaginary places created by religious people to frighten and control the weak minds.
    God is always in your mind. Minds born with God in it..pure and free from all cravings…except hunger…to survive….but as that baby grew older and older…the forces of evil tempt all human beings.
    Then every action will have a reaction….thus building up the mature character of that person.
    Minds are daily fed with informations. and deeds done…..good and bad.
    Bad deeds done will haver serious reactions towards the final stage of a person’s life….as that soul will leave to become another human or an animal.
    Worst of the lot…that soul is totally useless and broken into millions of pieces to be insects…worms…and other living things.
    But humans do suffer while they are alive…for all the sins they committed…this is the living hell experience. They will not admit it….but most intelligent humans know they are suffering for their bad deeds right now.
    In this sense…there is heaven and hell right on earth and for everyone and God is always in your mind…..except majority chased him away.

  17. verbatimcries says:

    Aiyoo! Adip Pavi! There are so many paper company, how many can he ask to cover up? What more when Malaysia is a multilingual country! Shut the mainstream English papers, but the Chinese papers published it.

    Tourman53: perhaps he didn’t shared a meal with her, they were just sharing a table “dap toi” since the restaurant was full. (haha)
    As if he will dap toi with anyone he doesn’t knows.

  18. hantutelur says:

    monty givin’ sermon to the pope? hallelujah

  19. monsterball says:

    hi hantutelur aliass egghead ghost…..At Rocky’s blog you call me a fool.
    Do you know what is ‘hallelujah”?
    Bloody Englishmen cannot understand Arabic words…’alhamdulilah’…meaning thanking God…they sing hallelujah with no meaning at all.
    Same as orang utan…American change to rang-a-tang.
    So hantutelur….don’t call me a fool there and here you praise God for my message to pope….Your tongue will be shut off talking…one day…of you twist too much.

  20. hantutelur says:

    me? at rocky’s?

  21. hantutelur says:

    oh that! not making fool la, making fun

  22. monsterball says:

    ok lah….Seems I am fun to many. That’s good.

  23. monsterball says:

    How on earth we are talking like this at Atlantuya post?
    Sorry folks. Will keep quiet.

  24. ah soh says:

    Ai yah whats d big fuss! Najib sec. is playing ‘simon say’ Probably big boss is very shy to b seen with pretty girls. Just wait n see. Local papers also maybe ‘segan’ to show. Maybe the pictures say a thousand word. Who knows.Be patient..
    On the lighter side.. I met my wise father who is eighty years old today n guess what he told me, if you have grand children NEVER EVER name them ‘Razak’. because according to his long time experience, He have known many Razaks who is ‘highly QC’. Two of them happen to be my own brother and cousin. My old man says, if he is so straight, be open to the wife. Sure she cant do anything, as we can see she very sayang him. The most she marah 3 month. Sure can settle. No bomb involve. Maybe Altantunya can be officially no 2. Everybody happy! Look at superman Clinton. The whole world knows. He is doing fine. Now he appeared in wife video! Maybe oldman is rig

  25. hantutelur says:

    wif wife like tat, no bomb osso can explode

  26. kittykat46 says:

    Bags wife looks really “garang” , but hard to say, of course.

    Public perceptions don’t always match what a person is really like.
    Just as I think Monsterball is really a harmless guy…LOL 🙂

  27. ah soh says:

    maybe old man is right! After all its common to have 2.3 or 4. Sure lah I think now Najib cannot sleep! Maybe she is haunting him. Just too bad .. live with it Najib.

  28. anonymous says:

    how about rosmah? can she sleep?

  29. monsterball says:

    Don’t talk about Rosmah. Many have given their opinions……but one said Najib will be better without Rosmah. One forgets…without Rosmah and Najib’s mother….Najib is nobody.
    So what is that somebody now…a Saint..a Frankenstein..or one that will becomes the great PM…..that is if BN wins majority…go judge for yourself.

  30. jeancumlately says:

    Being an outsider, its hard to totally blame both razaks IF they did “makan luar.” Both wives are so garang la kittykat… One look at RB’s wife and what will it remind you of? A mad dog or a pussycat?

    I think all of us are a bit disappointed that all the witness did was saying that she saw the picture. Where? Now we are stuck with who should we believe.

  31. screwed says:

    Right guys… All those who believe Razak Baginda and Azilah are going to get away scott free. YOU ARE RIGHT!! Dont you see how both the prosecution and defence counsel are ‘hell-bent’ in shielding and protecting Dato N. Probably a pact has been made long before. The AG and prosecution team will probably get their promotion and after retirement made director in a string of companies. Defence like Wong Kian Khong will built a reputation like Karpal and gets lots of high profile cases. Only Sirul would be made the fallguy (even this I doubt).

  32. hawk says:

    Remember Megat Junid? I think he did finish off one of his mistresses and there was cover up and no case at all. Anwar (Keadilan) tried to bring it up, over and over, but then how to remind the public of this over and over again? We tend to forget a little while later and let it be.

    This time, things are a little bit untidy. More difficult to sweep under the carpet.

    But dont be too content if judgement is passed and all are sentenced to hang. For you see, they can make a swap on hanging day. Rumours had it that such are done before. And, not even with high profiles.

    There are a lot of imprisoned illegal immigrants who became criminals, just call them “les miserables”.

    No visitors, totally abondoned. No trials, No records, Nothing. They will hang three of these and let the guilty three go free, with new identities and a pocket full of money.

    By the way, can the public verify identity calls of those hanged?

  33. anon says:

    hawk…you have a good point there. “les miserables” is an apt description. Did you also consider how the Mongolian government is ‘sponsoring’ this trial without even a whisper from Wisma Putra or UMNO brats. Everyone will go back with some profits while we wage our tongues like d_gs. Bag will probably get off with charges not amounting to murder when one of the accused confesses to culpable homicide. Nonetheless, the Bag’s lives are finished as princes in our bolehland. M junid is another story for another time. Look like more well informed commentators are coming out of the closets. *

  34. hantutelur says:

    hawk, you are fantasizing too much. the bodies will be verified by coroners and reports will be made. can you proof they can do as you claim?

  35. hawk says:

    I know they have done so before. With judge , coroner, hangmen, mortuarists,….all can be bought. Dont want to say too much, less I become one of that “les miserables”.

  36. elynna says:

    Blackout?? What blackout… its the only thing that has been dominating the newspapers for days… where got blackout meh?

  37. screwed says:

    Read Malaysiakini Prosecution intends to impeach star witness Rohaniza Roslan. Habis lah case… The whole thing stinks.. like its all planned.

  38. pope says:

    all i hope justice will prevail.
    heck i even do not believe what i’m saying.
    i think this deputy pm of malaysia post is curse.
    how many deputy pm failed to become pm?

  39. wits0 says:

    “Najib told press to blackout news about photo with Altantuya?”

    Why should that be doubted as impossible? Considering that the gomen has always refused giving airing to opposition statements and speeches in the media and the denizens have always accepted this unabashed interpretation of “democracy”.

  40. monsterball says:

    The more I read all ABOVE messages..the more I need some panadols.

  41. wits0 says:

    And still find it hard to suppress the urge not to bash some apologists? 😀

  42. monsterball says:

    I am controlling …hahahahaha

  43. hantutelur says:

    impeach rohaniza? she didn’t say anythng yet! why not question the integrity of those mongol witnesses, especially the father who obviously lied when he testified that he didn’t know why altantuya plan the kl tirp. and the girls, how come all of a sudden there were notes which were not even mentioned earlier, and of course suspicious notes like it was writen post humous. and the photo that never exists. i mean we give them too much face

  44. hantutelur says:

    impeach rohaniza? isn’t she the key prosecution witness who was probably one of last persons who saw altantuya alive? this is crazy, man. this is not a circus anymore, this is comedy

  45. Raja says:

    No it is not comedy – not yet anyway.

    She would have been charged along with the other accused. I suppose since they feel her role is minimal and she was guilty of only being around the the accused Inspector, they could use her as prosecution witness.

    But obviously she fell short of their expectation and was not telling everything they wanted to know or to have her say. She is not cooperating the way she is supposed to – probably for fear of late being charged.

    So the way ahead is for the Prosecution to impeach her credibility and apply to court to have her turned to a hostile witness. Only then could the Prosecution change tactics and X-examine their own witness. In the examination-in-chief you are not allowed to X-examine your own witness. You are not allowed to ask leading questions but not when you are X-examining this witness.

  46. Raja says:

    sorry add hostile to witness

  47. monsterball says:

    Raja…She is been charged right now.

  48. dragon says:

    hantutelur, I think there are reasons why the victim’s family did not produce all the evidences earlier to the police. Maybe they know how corrupted this bolehland is. If you show everything there is to show, what happen next is , there will be some smart brains coming in to twist and turn the facts. My heart cried out for Malaysia. Yesterday, the case was with Noritta Shamsudin, now it is the Mongolian lady. Tomorrow, it could happen to someone close to us. There are obviously too many people “above the law” in this country. It is ok for the VVIPs to make mistakes and get protected. Justice will not be served on this guys. I fully agree with Hawk that the guilty will go free with new identities and pocket full of money. Believe me, in this bolehland, apa pun boleh kalau ada wang. I am truly sad for Malaysia.

  49. […] Najib told press to blackout news about photo with Altantuya? Asia Sentinel has an update on July 1, NAJIB & ALTANTUYA: A PICTURE CONNECTS THEM. Also read this update @ […] […]

  50. Raja says:


    She will not be charged until after the trial – assuming that she’s going to be charged at all.

    I don’t think she will be charged because there isn’t enough evidence against her. Otherwise the Prosecution would have charged her. She’s more useful as witness for the Prosecution.

    But now even as prosecution witness she’s not forthright in her replies and is not forthcoming. So they have no other way but to impeach her and treat her as hostile witness so Prosecution could then X-examine her.

  51. kittykat46 says:

    A person who is telling events as he or she perceives it will be consistent in their story, even if they were mistaken.

    The whole episode with the 2 Private Investigators earlier + the policewoman Rohaniza sounds a lot like witnesses who have been told to tell certain versions of the story – and got their story-telling wrong.

    I feel very sad for the country’s justice system – its being unbelievably twisted for political purposes.

  52. jstc says:

    Malaysia is at its worst and will become worst with its elitist having the assumption that they can escape anything if they have the money and connection. Let me tell you this is what most of those elitist and so call rich who mix among themselve thinks.

    With so many murder and rape case not solve, with cases such as Noritta who many believe the police got involve to eradicate evidence and protect some big shots.

    Many more cases not known to the public where criminal escape because the police and prosecutor was bribe or pressured to do shoddy prosecution so the criminal escapes.

    Malaysia is at its worst with its Police, Judiciary, Immigration, Security Comission and almost all gov bodies being manipulated easily with power or bribe.

    With no righteous leader in all this gov bodies and with no system to protect those who chose to do the right thing, Malaysia can only get worst and not better.

    Lets just hang those who had plan and done the killing for this case its obvious someone did plan and executed the killing. Let this be made clear that Malaysia is a place where no one is above the law. Let this be a lesson for those well connected who had their value rotten to its core.

  53. heliconia says:

    Shameful Malaysia!

  54. kittykat46 says:

    I’ve been interrogated before by police as a critical witness to a serious crime. Its a long story – maybe I’ll share it someday on my own blog.

    Anyway, I can explain the standard police technique. They have more than one investigating officer to talk to you , or the same officer will ask you the same questions at different times. Then they compare the notes.

    Its a simple but effective way to ascertain you are telling the truth and not a made up story. A witness who can’t show a consistent story is unlikely to be called to the trial.

  55. jeancumlately says:

    kittykat… rubber hose, pepper, ice block and electric shock could do wonders too. A mere threat on one of those would make me confess that I am altantuya. That was why (may be) some witness has to refer to notes in order to make sure they tell the right version. We dont know what is hanging over their heads.

  56. monsterball says:

    kittykat….why don’t they use a lie detector machine and be done with it.
    Oh I forgot…in Malaysia…all are trained to beat around the bush.

  57. pd guy says:

    so many hanky panky in the court, I dont want to comment

  58. monsterball says:

    pd guy….Yes so many hanky panky…therefore more so we must comment ….so as not let them think we are idiots to believe them.
    So please comment. It helps.

  59. AhPek says:

    Aiyorrrrr….u all. After reading all of the above, this lau AhPek really got headache ar! Had to downed 3 panadols!!!! Only one thing to add here….. Malaysia Boleh……tapi bila BOLEH?

  60. Bobby Siahaan says:

    Now, you guys had better learn this: The Power of the Weaker Sex. Woman, has always been dubbed as the weaker sex. But history has shown that the woman has the ability, knowingly or otherwise, to bring down even the most powerful kings and politicians. So, if you guys are in “positions” (whatever), pl remember, the woman will either push you up or bring you down. For that reason, the Muslims are taught “heaven is the feet of your mother”. I repeat, your mother not your father!!! It also applies to the role of your wife. If you play the game righteously, so will your wife and you men, will definitely succeed in all endeavour. But, if you play crooked, rest assured, you will end up in the dumbs. Let’s watch how the current wayang on show will end.

  61. bow says:

    The defendants together with Malaysia main stream media make a mockery of this murder victim by lying about she is a model and blackmailer, it is untrue and a very negative smearing campaign in the country, see how cunning those scum are.

  62. hahaha says:

    Najib will be in trouble…wait and see

  63. people of malaysia says:

    To all my fellow Malaysians young and old, from all races and from all walks of life, I am writing in concern to our PM saying that he wants to be the rakyat’s PM, but the question is does the rakyat want Najib as the PM, the rakyat has been neglected by UMNO for a very long time.
    They have been feeding themselves and their kroni, unaccounted for billions of tax payers ringgits has been swindled, from the top ranking Police to the ministers all are guilty of abusing power and the basic right of every single Malaysian.
    Najib now has just become the PM and says that he wants to be the rakyats PM, is he ready to face the rakyat?, is he ready to be questioned and be challenged by the rakyat? , is he ready for open debate with the rakyat?
    The questions can go on and on, and if so is our PM ready to free the media, give people to true freedom of speech, reform the government to be more transparent and professional , MACC to be more transparent, Police investigations to be more professional, transparent and independent from government decisions, the courts and justice system to be overhauled and be more transparent.
    My friends till our PM gives real democracy to us and our country, he for sure is not my PM and I do not know about you but its time things change, we need reform, we need justice, we need freedom and we need to be free from suppression and being mislead .
    We have heard enough lies from the people that run our country, we have been controlled and dictated for long enough. I call for all Malaysians to stand up for their basic rights, UMNO has had their chance to prove themselves and has failed time and time again, so I guess its time for change.
    Drastic action has to be taken to win the hearts of the rakyat back, the rakyat is no longer stupid, it took them 52 years and now they want to be the peoples PM. This was because of their tsunami lost in the 2008 elections.
    I wish that this is read by every Malaysian, and I ask for our dearest PM to answer to meet the demands of the rakyat before saying that he wants to be the rakyats PM.
    To all of you who read this please pass this message on to all our fellow Malaysians and friends, let the world know whats happening in Malaysia and lets demand for change.
    Its time for CHANGE!!!

    people of Malaysia

  64. kerboua nadjib says:


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