“But was it a simple case of jealous scorn? Najib might be able to shed some light on the matter. But it seems the court has no stomach for calling him to the stand”.

THE MISSING WITNESS by asia sentinel
Mat Salleh
28 June 2007

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, a powerful and seemingly crucial witness, is nowhere near the courtroom as a sensational murder trial unfolds in Malaysia

razakAfter nearly two weeks of sensational testimony, a Malaysian court has yet to hear from the powerful man who appears to be linked to almost everyone in the case of the murdered Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu.

With well-connected political-analyst Abdul Razak Baginda on trial for his life in the slaying of his jilted girlfriend, petite, jet-setting part-time translator Altantuya, the court has heard enough lurid tales of love gone wrong to keep tabloid editors busy for weeks. But something is missing.

One major figure who appears to be integrally involved with all of the case’s participants has never been questioned or asked to testify as a witness in the case:­ Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

The son of the country’s second prime minister, Najib is a friend of Abdul Razak Baginda’s. The two policemen charged with carrying out the killing are part of an elite force close to Najib’s office. A third suspect, who may be a Najib family bodyguard, has been left out of the case, while the slain woman’s father has repeatedly said his daughter was privy to details of official corruption .

Abdul Razak’s lover, the Russian-educated Altantuya, who spoke Russian, Chinese, Japanese and English, was 28 years old when she was killed on October 19 last year. Her body was abandoned in a patch of jungle near the suburban town of Shah Alam and blown apart with hand grenades, according to police. The prosecutor, Tun Abdul Majib, said evidence would be introduced to show that the deceased’s cause of death was “probable blast-related injuries.” Other reports said she had been shot twice in the head before being dumped.

Thursday, Altantuiya’s cousin, Burmaa Oyunchimeg, read a hand-written letter in court that is believed to have been Altantuya’s final note, saying she was afraid Abdul Razak was trying to kill her. Writing in broken English, she said that Abdiul Razak “is powerfull person, he have money, he have connection in police, in government. He trying to scare me, trying to kill me.”

At the time of Altantuya’s death, Abdul Razak was head of the Malaysian Strategic Research Center and a close advisor to Najib. He was arrested as a suspect in the murder, along with Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Constable Sirul Azhar Umar. The two have usually been identified in local newspapers as members of an elite police unit, the Bukit Aman Special Action Force, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Security, which is headed by the Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

In fact, however, Azilah was head of Najib’s personal security team. In an affidavit filed in December in his defense, Abdul Razak said he had contacted Azilah through Musa Safri, Najib’s aide-de-camp, to ask for help in dealing with Altantuya, who by that time was demanding money to care for a baby she said Abdul Razak had fathered.

Another mysterious figure in the case was a woman constable who was mentioned in earlier news reports as “helping police in the investigation into the murder.” She was described as a lance corporal, in her mid-20s, from the Petaling Jaya District Police Headquarters who had been in remand. News reports aid the woman helped to put Altantuya into the red Proton Saga car that drove her away for the last time.

The rumor mill has it that the policewoman is a bodyguard for Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, although she was never named. The police woman dropped completely out of the case, however, and was never arrested or identified; the local papers have stopped mentioning her. The private investigator hired by Razak, P. Balasubramaniam, testified that that a man and a woman were with Azilah when Azilah drove Altantuya away. However, he said he could not recognize the two other individuals.

Najib has been asked at press conferences repeatedly about allegations of his involvement in the crime, which also has been the subject of vocal charges by Anwar Ibrahim, the former Deputy Prime Minister and current leader of the opposition reform party, Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia (People’s Justice Party). Najib has just as repeatedly denied any involvement.

Other questions have arisen over the politically touchy trial. The case was brought forward by nearly a year, from an original date of April 2008, leading to conjecture that authorities wanted to get it out of the way before elections, which are expected to be called sometime next year.

Also, the prosecution team was abruptly changed the night before the trial was to begin, leading new prosecutors to plead for more time to get their case together. Officials said the prosecution team was changed because the original prosecutor was seen playing badminton with the judge although critics have repeatedly said virtually every lawyer in Kuala Lumpur plays badminton with virtually every judge.

In Malaysia, the trial is regarded as yet another test of the country’s judicial system and is being closely watched for signs of political influence. (Reformers were jolted this week, meanwhile. when Eric Chia, a longtime crony of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, was freed on embezzlement charges.)

Abdul Razak, who is married and has a teenage daughter, acknowledged in his affidavit that he had met Altantuya at a gala party in Hong Kong in 2004 and began a whirlwind affair that included trips to Europe, expensive gifts and cash payments of US$10,000 at a time. The two became so close, according to testimony by Ang Chong Beng, a private investigator hired by the dead woman, that Altantuya said she had married Abdul Razak in Hong Kong.

But Abdul Razak reportedly tired of the slender, multi-lingual beauty in 2005, although he continued to give her money. The payments stopped in 2006, prompting the woman to travel to Malaysia at least twice to demand US$500,000 from him. Ang, who began testifying Monday, said he was hired by Altantuya last September to find out whether Abdul Razak was still in the country.

Ang said Altantuya had told him, “If Razak does not pay her, she would reveal everything (about her relationship with Razak) to his wife, his daughter Rowena, TV3, reporters and to the rest of the world.”

Altantuya visited Abdul Razak’s office several times in the company of two Mongolian friends in an effort to force the political analyst to pay up. Contradicting earlier testimony that Abdul Razak had never mentioned harming Altantuya, one of the murdered woman’s friends testified that they were repeatedly threatened with death. Uuriintuya Gal-Ochir said neither she nor Altantuya lodged a police report because they were afraid of Abdul Razak’s connections to police officers. A private investigator hired by Abdul Razak, P. Balasubramaniam and his assistant, K. Suras Kumar, harassed them six or seven times after their arrival in Malaysia on Oct 8 last year, the woman said.

Suras, she said, had threatened to throw her, Altantuya and another friend, Namiraa Gerelma, out of a hotel room window. In previous testimony, Balasubramaniam said Suras had had an affair with one of the women and had been fired. Uuriintuya, however, said the three were so frightened that they remained standing in their hotel room when Suras was let in by Altantuya.

In another development, Uuriintuya testified that she remained in Malaysia after the murder, although Namiraa returned home to Mongolia. When Uuriintuya attempted to leave later, she said her entry had been expunged from Malaysian immigration computers. Uuriintuya testified that Namiraa returned home without a problem, but when she tried to leave with Altantuya’s father on Nov 24 ­ more than a month after the murder ­ there was no record of their entering the country.

“Our entry was deleted in the immigration computer,” she testified. The woman banged the witness stand and added: “There is no record of me coming to Malaysia through Beijing. Why?”

Altantuya’s father, Stev Shariibuu, a Mongolian academician, has held numerous press conferences in Kuala Lumpur, repeatedly denying that his daughter was a part-time model, as she had been portrayed in the press, but instead was an accomplished translator who had accompanied Abdul Razak on several business trips. He claimed to reporters that she was killed because she “knew too much” about deals involving Abdul Razak, particularly one involving the purchase of submarines for the Malaysian government through a company in which Abdul Razak holds a significant interest. The 2002 purchase is reported to have netted Abdul Razak a healthy commission from the Malaysian government.

That has been denied by Malaysian government officials.

Court testimony over the two weeks has portrayed Altantuya as a woman carrying on a loud and angry public campaign against the lover who had jilted her. At one point, Balasubramaniam testified, Razak Baginda was so frightened of her that he hired him to keep her away and to protect his daughter as she went to and from school. Balasubramaniam testified that Altantuya showed up at Abdul Razak’s home, screaming “Razak, bastard! You come out. I want to speak to you.”

An obviously rattled Abdul Razak sent scores of telephone calls and text messages to Balasubramaniam that night, pleading for help. Shortly after that, according to testimony, the police officials appeared and put Altantuya into the back of the car. She was never seen alive again.

But was it a simple case of jealous scorn? Najib might be able to shed some light on the matter. But it seems the court has no stomach for calling him to the stand.


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  1. monsterball says:

    Lady constable maybe a nervous witness and will spill the beans..if call to the court. All read and well said by Susan’s great efforts…and sounds like Najib and police lady must testify ….especially Najib..that even Anwar gave hints of suspicions.
    BOTTOM LINE….Why is Kapal Singh so quiet? I guess he is waiting and waiting…but one that can make Najib come and testify is Kapal Singh…with valid reasons. Has he anything under his sleeves? If yes….then let us just wait. If none….then all those are rumours and not valid.
    Personally….I do feel Najib have something to do with it…including his wife….but this is based on what we read and heard so far.
    Atlantuya’s father will be the first to question K.Singh for the appearances of lady constable and Najib….yet he stayed satisfied with K.Singh as his lawyer. Is he that dumb? No sir!
    Love reading Susan’s above long message….so detailed and clear.
    My conclusion…..Kapal Singh.
    I just had a simple case and my lawyers demanded three ex staffs to give their versions and got them by serving all three to give their versions or risk being jailed. All three appeared.
    So this is a murder case….either we can prove we are a country ….fair to all in such court case OR we are telling the whole world…we can get away from murder. Let the whole world judge later on.
    Be patient….but Susan must keep reminding us…as she is doing now…..wonderful follow up and write ups….not one blogger is so focussed as she. Great work…Susan!

  2. oA says:


    … the defender was so afraid of the little petite girl …. LoL

    Even with all the benefits of a strong armed security team … of course … courtesy of dpm.


  3. Anonymous says:

    This is the kind of post that I ve been waiting for in this blog!

  4. monsterball says:

    And the many hand written notes….are they genuine?
    Why wrote in broken English…since Atlantuya was supposed to be an translator. How to translate accurately if English ….the most important language of all is limited…as read from her notes in broken English.
    Have the people compare the writings are hers from her diaries or something? Must be…no one denying it yet.
    Then the picture is painted..it was US1/2million demand that got her killed.
    Where do Najib fit in now?

  5. Song says:

    thank you so much for this detailed research. I appreciate your write-up and it made things really clear. (Compared to all the haywired confusing writeups I’ve been reading from local news)
    It’s saddening though, to realize how screwed up everything is at the moment……
    I find that we have a loooonng way to go…..
    Again, bravo susan….keep up the good work!

  6. befuddl says:

    If the US Vice President Cheney were to have been linked to a murder case, public opinion there would had been so strong as to force him to resign. But over here in this wondrous land, the mainstream media dare not even hint at DPM’s friendship with the murder victim

  7. monsterball says:

    hi folks …We are putting serious comments.If one hantutelur…or egg head ghost comes here and disrupt by posting nonsense….please shoo him off.
    He is doing in every old Atlantuya message….check it out.

  8. blueheeler says:

    The fallguy for this murder may stop at Baginda (and no one else more powerful is implicated), or worse, he may be set free on the sheer incompetence of the prosecutors (ala the Eric Chia debacle). Either way, the everyday Malaysian as a whole suffers a little bit more.

  9. wits0 says:

    Either way, the everyday Malaysian as a whole suffers a little bit more.

    That’s a fact and for hantutrelur to introduce the spin(in another thread) wrt the obfuscating reference of the Mongols in history is wild but was not unexpected. There were worse people than the Mongols in history.

  10. Boleh2020 says:

    Logically the lady police should be called to testify, she cannot just disappear………………. This is a Murder Case.

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  12. dewrwe says:

    True, there were worse people than the Mongols in history, e.g. the Americans who eliminated the Native American Indians from the face of the earth, the British who forced the vile opium trade onto Manchu China after the infamous Opium War (and killing millions in the process), the WWII Japs whose murderous pillage across Asia would make Ghenghiz Khan blush in shame, etc.

  13. wits0 says:

    Why don’t you mention the jihadists, derwre? Theirs are the only surviving ethos to this day. The others are gone.

  14. whispering9 says:

    How about the damn rapists, murderers and robbers that proudly roam the streets of M_l_ysia un-affraid?

  15. whispering9 says:

    Nonetheless, what if hantutelur is right? The possibility of a collusion? We have to wonder into a wider perpective lest we become victims of betrayal by a miss-placed faith that only one of the parties are absolutely quilty.

  16. c4four says:

    Won’t be surprised if the judge comes up with the verdict that Altantuya accidentally blew herself apart while playing with the C4 she borrowed from the 2 policemen. After all, this is Bolehland, where everything is boleh. Just take a look at the Malaysian Book of Records and you will realise that we are capable of doing all sorts of things which others can’t ( or rather, won’t ) do

  17. thetruth says:

    Have it been mere stupidity that cause the whole thing to go awry?

    These cohorts of whoever that instructed the killing obviously are some plain stupid idiots trying to act smart ass .

    So we do see some connection at a very highlevel people here we can’t deny that. Don’t actually believe its like preplan thinggy , but more like fighting bushfire , u know.. Malaysian attitude , they never plan for anything anyway .Whoever ‘the boss’ behind this obviously didn’t know that the case will somehow go out of hand.

    Some hanky panky did happened , I believed, under the table money , u know for some deals and obviously , the ones involved does have a bigfat cheque waiting to cashout. It so happen that ARB hired elegant Altantuya mainly as a private translator for the deals. Now ladies and gentlemen , who do you think will know most of the content of these ‘private’ discussion none other than the deceased , second to none..!! But no one realised as the sensational discussion of dollars and cents took place ( we are talking about billions here ), who would care about who knows what during the meeting ? Moreover , if 2 languages had been spoken in a meeting ( russian + english ) , the translator was the least to be focused on , because all you care then ( as the boss ) is whether the deal goes thru or not …

    Now here’s the juicy part , Altantuya is no ordinary woman.Attractive , elegant , well versed in 5 different languages , which man would not fall for her ?Or would I say , which ‘successful men ‘ ..?
    Checkout ARB traits and taste for women : As the think tank for Strategic Planning , Altantuya will be just the right kinda of gal that mentally stimulate him . Imagine the kind of intelligent conversation/smses that would have taken place between the two. Exciting wouldn’t it ?

    so love is the air , and the start of a whirlwind relationship. Now be forewarned , ‘Play means play , Don’t get too close …’ warned the ‘boss’.
    ‘No problem boss , everything is UNDER control ‘ ARB confidently reiterated.

    Now one must agree that Altantuya is kinda sentimental person , having 2 failed relationship , inside her emotionally , she’s seeking subconsciously , a man she can rely on. Sense of security. Look at ARB. Love the family , successful ( unlike her ‘rocker’ x hubby ) , JUST the right candidate ! More importantly , he told her ‘ I love you , I have never come across such a woman in my life that made me feel what I am feeling now , Altantuya ..’
    But as time goes by ..Altantuya started to demand more and more. A woman can only demand more and more , and to the extend , making such drastic move , threatening to harm , if not because of LOVE ?
    The truth is ….Altantuya did fell in love with ARB. That’s the time Altantuya start making unreasonable demand as ARB started to distance himself from her ( when she doesn;t play to the game ARB wanted to ) and stopped answering her call. Love started to turn to hatred…hate to be deceived ,all the sweet promise still lingering .. the more she thought the angrier she became , total madness..sleepless nites..

    Raging Altantuya finally made up her mind to fly to Malaysia , to settle this once and for all…her heart ,just to see ARB ,and to demand justice , demanded compensation … but never did she knew , what is waiting for her in Malaysia.

    When ARB knew she arrived , and started to harass him , threatening to reveal every truth , every deal , every transript , he knew very well , things had already got out of hand. So he consulted the ‘boss’.

    ‘ Macammana kau boleh buat silap camni ? Razak , kau ni ‘smart’ person. Kau faham kalaular benda ni leakout , tak baik untuk masa depan u dan I.I nak perkara ni diuruskan ASAP. I bagi masa seminggu ‘ urged the ‘boss’

    But a week had lapsed , all the threatening by both hired PI did not dent Altantuya , the ‘boss’ ,losing patience, so he summoned the ‘ royal guards’ ( u know who are they.. the executors ) ..

    ‘ Ini arahan sulit , kau uruskan hal ini …’ stressed the ‘boss’ to his cohorts..

    ‘ Baik boss. I akan bereskan.. ‘ the cohorts replied.

    So , the cohorts went to meet ARB at LGM building to gather information ( now , this is how they function , information gathering is a critical step ..)
    to derive a plan …to solve this headache once and for all..

    Now , these cohorts , trying to act smart ( because the ‘boss’ mentioned , hapuskan semua bukti ) and obviously , Altantuya knew too much , decided to use the C4.But as usual , Malaysian trying to act smart..

    ‘ Ok ARB , I dah dapat semua informasi di perlukan, I akan ‘uruskan’ hal ini, tunggu berita baik saya ‘ the cohorts stressed to ARB.

    Now , the ‘uruskan’ word did really make a great deal of misunderstanding here ( everyone has a different view of ‘taken care’ ) , because you wouldn’t be expecting these cohorts to tell every detail of the plan to ARB. And I don’t even think ARB or the ‘boss’ would have architect the killin , how would C4 tied to the deceased.etc.. come on guys.. you think the ‘high level people ‘ would spend time thinking this ..? Must as well leave it to the ‘ professional ‘ to plan it , execute it.. because … ‘ Biar saya uruskan …’ did really make a wrong impression to these ‘high level ‘ people , included ARB himself. That’s why when PI Bala asked ARB on the nite of the killing , ARB just smiled. Why do you think he is smiling ? You think a sane highly educated person like him will smiled when u know your former lover will be exploded ? IT IS BECAUSE HE DOESN’T KNOW how Altantuya will be ‘ uruskan ‘..!! He ‘s too naived and waited for the phone call , ‘ berita baik ‘ from the cohorts.

    So following next , don’t have to tell the details.. Altantuya met her doom that unfortunate nite.

    ‘ Boss , semua telah ‘diuruskan’ ‘ the cohorts called the ‘boss’ on the phone.

    ‘Bagus… macammana keadaan sekarang?’ the ‘boss’ asked

    ‘ Dia dah tak ada lagi dah , ku dah letup dengan C4, tanpa sebarang bukti yang tinggal …’ the cohort answered proudly ( because no execution had ever happen that way before in history and he was the one who thought of it ) , waiting for a pat on the back from the ‘ boss’

    ‘ Letup ?!!! Kau guna C4 ??!!! Kau dah gila ? C4 hak kerajaan!!’

    Now the ‘ boss’ really smelled trouble…things are getting from bad to worse.. what if it traced back to the origin….? what if someone saw the execution ? and what if ARB would lodge a report against him 1st ?

    It was a sleepless nite for the boss.. it was a blunder that he trusted the word ‘ uruskan’…

    He had waited so long … and yet so near to power.. yet now , this is a major threatening scandal he might faced. So many negative possibilities..
    At last he made up his mind.. HE WILL MOVE the pawn 1st…
    Some heads got to go.. definitely not his…

    ARB is the scapegoat….best one to meet the gullotin to clear the air…

    When ARB heard about the news.. he got a shock in his life..

    ‘ Not blowing up..! ‘

    But he knew very very well , someone has to take the blame , and he knew too well , he is the one..but never did he know… it could be this fast…. because the ‘ boss’ just do not want anymore sleepless nites.. evidence are slowly revealed to the police and a case was broughtup leading to the findings of bone fragments in Shah Alam…

    he knew.. no use revealing the ‘boss’ because he is untouchable.. and there’s too little evidence to bring a case around him , as both are equally accountable for the incident , for the ‘deals ‘

    But ‘boss ‘ has promised him ,cases like this will dragged for a few years ..at least… and by the time .. people would have forgotten about it..and there will not be death sentence , and all will be granted amnesty after jail term. All your family members will be taken care… he promised..

    So ARB agreed…

    Think again….. why would an estranged wife , ARB wife , BE SO SUPPORTIVE .. if she knows her husband has a titanic affair with someone else ? Try to put yourself in a woman position … would you tolerate ? But only if you know your husband is being framed ? and feeling of sympathy that overclouds your anger from the feeling of betrayal ?

    just my 2 cents …

  18. cfders says:

    ARB so damn bodoh. Should had purchased a plutonium ‘firecracker’ from the Pakistanis or North Koreans to blow up the mongol. Then no DNA left to trace.

  19. thetruth says:

    and one more thing … how would one demand USD500000 compensation ( for splitting ) only if one would have known , some ‘deals ‘ had cost billions ? Stupid rite if u don’t asked for USD500000 ….

    Maybe if there’s no secret ‘ deals ‘.. then Altantuya wouldn’t have asked anything…

    see some links ?

  20. Fred Jackson says:

    Yes…family is too cool and besides, ARB’s staff seem to have known all this while about Altantuya and are still supporting him. Also, don’t understand Altantuya’s broken English…thought she was fluent in so many languages.
    The news keeps mentioning that she will “tell all”. Why is the court assuming that ARB’s affair with her is worth SO MUCH MONEY?? Why is the assumption that “tell all” refers to the relationship?
    ARB by himself isn’t worth enough to blow someone up using C4 explosives…there’s gotta’ be something more than that…
    Who knew who ARB was before this case? Razak Baginda…virtually an unknown before this to the general public…

  21. thetruth says:

    “Tell All ” is just a method to force and threaten ARB to reveal himself and force him to meet her at least once… guess she needs clarification from him, never did she know the threat was more than she expected…

    A raging jilted woman…that’s the only way to express her anger.. ARB doesn’t even dare to face her.. too ashamed … to put the end of the string..because he didn’t fulfill his promise..

  22. WATTAHACK? says:

    hello the case is suppose to find the ppl that blew her and send them to the gallows not to find out if she is short tall can write perfect english or even blackmail!

    if there were 3 people that day 2 guys 1 gal then all should be in lockup and taken to court – why is that gal free to roam around like nothing happened! and the media NEVER even question anything. they are more interested if the deased is blackmailing ARB and smearing her name cause they know she won’t be around to defend herself at all.

  23. fely says:

    person proficient in verbal english do make grammatical error during writing sometime.

    remember that the departed was on a lot of stress during writing her notes.

  24. monsterball says:

    fely is a thoughtful person. Yes ..imagine you have all the stress that Atlantuya had..her mind is blur…yet she her sixrth sense told her to put her thoughts into papers…just in case.
    And the just incase did happen.

  25. alamak says:

    If i were the accused UTK police, i will not use C4. I will sent her to one of the crematorium…then pour the ashes into klang river. How to register? If malaysia can produce milions of phantoms voters, registering one corpse is like kacang putihlah… so once the ashes have settled on the river bed, no more DNA lah…

    Sometimes a hired killer just know how to kill but has a brain like a pea. And most boss words are “I don’t care how u do it but i want it done” and the not so smart obident servert will say “Yes Sir!(yes sir, 3 bag fool!)

    I think the poor accused policeman seen too much of cowboy and Rambo movies instate of david cooperfield and the silent ninjas …

    anyway… maybe i am stupid and the accused police is smarter coz u can’t trace a used and exploded c4 of its batch… like a bullet from a gun (remember mokthar hashim case?) u found the bullet …u can trace the gun.. now its c4… how to prove whose c4 was that? everyday it were being used for training by so many units… so maybe they are smart and the PP cannot prove that the murder weapon belongs to the accuse…

  26. alamak says:

    who says c4 is difficult to get?

    go see this site http://www.ribbands.co.uk/prdpages/C4.htm

  27. monsterball says:

    alamak..It is not difficult to get c4… but it is a strictly controlled explosive item ….only with the Min.Of Defence approval can use it in Malaysia.
    That’s what it seems to be…as we read on.

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  29. tuya says:


  30. noname says:

    Regarding the notes. I read somewhere that Amina is the affection name given to the first child. So how come the deceased sign off as Amina (meaning it can be any mongolian first child). Sorry if i miss out some facts earlier.

  31. hawk says:

    Emperors have harems. Kings have concubines. Our modern leaders are denied such priviledge. So, whats wrong with our leaders needing to party a little.

    The real problem is that women got too liberated and they are asking too much for thier sexy assets. That they can even use that as a weapon to armtwist impossible demands. Altantuya knows how complicated it is to be involved and knew how she can use her “sword” for the kill.

    Well, live by the sword, die by the sword. The murder is justified.

  32. anon says:

    With hawk’s logic, that means every single person on earth who has committed adultery or has an affair, should accept the risk of getting murdered, Wow..hawk, your logic really makes sense, especially if you are a barbarian.

    To alamak, who said that ”….PP cannot prove that the murder weapon belongs to the accuse…”, don’t forget they found some of altantuya’s blood stained personal belongings in one of the accused’s homes and the DNA of blood has been matched. If these people can still get away scot free, then malaysia should stop using DNA evidences entirely, ‘cos it MEANS NOTHING TO THEM.

  33. wits0 says:

    Very soon, with hawk, every murder by leaders will be justified! The paradigm for which is that easily pushed.

    He clearly won’t mind abolishing the Spirit of the Magna Carta and all that humanity has progressed since, on account of it so as to ‘justify’ murder by Bodohland’s crop of leaders. Whatta boleh “logic”! Human Rights to the trash bin. You have no shame too, hawk! Perhaps, using “vulture” as a handle is far more appropriate.

  34. hawk says:

    If any of you have not sinned, to whatever degree, then cast that first stone on Najib.

    For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD. So, how are we, or even the judge, can pass judgement?

    Its better to escape the judgement of men than the judgement of GOD. So GOD fearing Malaysians, Let Allah pass judgement on Najib and Baginda, becos I m sure they will escape the judgement of men. For all you see, that they are able to commit such, may just tell us they dont even believe in Allah and just are hypocritical muslims.

    Did Tun Abdul Razak escape the judgement of men? He did, and his life was cut short that He cant be Prime Minister for extended time. Who cut short his life? Men or GOD?

    So, now you are witnessing that Tun Abdul Razaks karma is so deep, that his sins got to be compensated, such that even his son may have to suffer fallen disgrace and even suicide.

    Let GOD pass judgement. But is better for Najib to face the judgement of men rather than the wrath of GOD.

    So, Najib, come to the witness stand and state your case.

    For me, I just seek forgiveness of my sins for GOD understands all of us and HE has provided this chaneel of salvation to all, such that I bypass GOD s judgement over me.


  35. hawk says:

    Correction : Its better to escape the judgement of GOD than the judgement of men

  36. monsterball says:

    hawk is a pro UMNO member…..period

  37. kjreps says:

    Had hawk said: “If any of you have not murdered by using C4, then cast that first stone…” I am damn sure that najib would have 26 million stones flying towards him. And that is only in Malaysia. Another 6 billion stones await him outside Malaysia.

    By the way, many good people have their lives cut short, too. For instance Anne Frank at the age of 14. Who cut short her life? Men or GOD?

  38. hawk says:

    Anne Frank is just collateral damage in the masterplan of GOD.

    In the final days, Jews will be regathered to Israel, which lost itself after abt 80 AD.

    For that to happen, a massive labour pain has to take place for its rebirth. And, that labour pain is the holocaust.

    It was the holocaust which seared the concious of the UN to give back that part of Palestine back to the JEWs.

  39. monsterball says:

    hawk….you are full of shit …especially talking God’s stuff.
    You know next to nothing about God nor about Jesus.
    You blare out like an idiot memorizing…but not analysing. You have no flexiblities in your brain….because you fear to go to hell…thus accept to be a zoombie to your preacher….simply believe with no capacities to think for yourself.
    Sick of hearing you say Anne Frank like this. How I wish it was your grandmother.
    You are a sick sick sick christian.
    Better try to be ‘BORN AGAIN’ from another Church.

  40. monsterball says:

    I am quite sure most Christians do not accpet your explainations and you are disgracing that wonderful religion with your shit stuffs on God and Jusus.

  41. wits0 says:

    “Let GOD pass judgement. But is better for Najib to face the judgement of men rather than the wrath of GOD.”

    Human Rights never improve if Man does not work for it. It is Man’s responsibility to better it rather than wait for manna from Heaven. If you talk much of GOD, please define IT for us lesser mortals.

  42. wits0 says:

    Hawk says: “It was the holocaust which seared the concious of the UN to give back that part of Palestine back to the JEWs.”

    That may have some truth in it that the Holocaust stirred the collective concscience of many nations, but here he is an absolute nut to suggest that up to 6 million sacrificial lives lives may be required just so as to stir up that much conscience!

    What he didn’t mention is that the Jews fought bravely against the common enemies along side the Allies while many Arabs were opportunistically for the Axis. The infamous Bosnian brigade also was armed trained and equiped by Hitler.

    He also didn’t mention that according to the Balfour Declaration, a large part of today’s Jordan was in fact meant to be part of the Jewish

    The WORSE part here,however, is for him to suggest that humanity should be like sheeps to be slaughtered!

  43. hawk says:

    Humanity has been wiping humanity like slaughtering sheep. since prehistory. And, for their own polical causes.

    Along the path of human history, GOD did intervene to get things to HIS will. The FLOOD, Sodom and Gommorah. And, very likey, the holocaust too.

    The Jews are the only race on Earth who lost thier homeland without a fight. They lost it becos GOD was so angered of them that they were scattered all over the world. They get lost by their own free will !!?? This is proof there is a GOD for where and when can such happen without violence? ( Maybe with Bolehland can, as in the case of Singapore getting freed from Malaysia).

    They are a race without a homeland for about 2000 years. Living like gypsies. But now, the end times are near, and is time for them to be regathered. So we have modern Israel, with or without part of Jordan.

    But how does the case of Ayantula fit in here?


  44. wits0 says:

    Montheistic religionists have for a very long time, generation after generation, believed that the end time is going to happen in their time and this never came to be.

    Once when the Buddha was asked how long his teachings will survive into the future, he answered, 5,000 years. Considering that this was less about 2,600years ago, it appears that, at least, we have 2,400 years more to go, at least! No quick easy exit.

  45. hantutelur says:


    “Montheistic religionists have for a very long time, generation after generation, believed that the end time is going to happen in their time and this never came to be.”

    wild guess, ignorance, bloody lie. there was never such belief. end of time will be few decades after armageddon. where was armageddon? never happened yet la bodoh.

  46. wits0 says:

    Why is a belief in “armageddon” itself not bodoh? Ahmadinejab is working very hard at it but he won’t succeed even if it means getting Iran nuked in return.

  47. hawk says:

    It will come, like a thief in the night.

    Just look for the signs ler. When all these come and pass. And the biggest sign of all, is the restoration of Israel.

    Armageddon? Its already taking shape, crystallising from Afghanistan, to Iraq, then Iran and soon u will see the complete connection.

    Whos the enemy? Who will fight who? For the first time, USA seems powerless to deal with faceless insurgents or liberators or holy fanatics?

    The quarrel all dates back to ABRAHAM, the father of Arabs and the JEWs. With Hagar, his maid, he begets ISHMAEL(ISMAIL) and down the line we get the Arab lineage. With Sarah, his wife, he begets JACOB and down the line we get the Jewish lineage.

    Well, for those of u who intend to hire Mongolian maids, and with lusty intentions, pls think again for down another several thousand years, the quarrel between yr generations will still be perpetuating.

  48. monsterball says:

    witsO…Do you notice it takes one or two to get us out of focus and indirectly kill the main subject?
    Right now….the most important missing witness….NAJIB.
    What do you think…will he be summoned to court?

  49. tunnajib says:

    You try-lah summon me to court and you and your whole family will be C4-ed. I am the great de facto PM of the country and if you don’t like it, get out! Thousands of Indons, Somalis, Afghans and Iraqis are lining up to take your place. So what if I had the mongol killed? If you wanna join her in hell, just keep linking me to her. For your info, I have retrieved all your IP addresses and I’ll make you very, very sorry for all the ridicule you have blogged about me, the great de facto PM of this country

  50. wits0 says:

    No ler, MB, it takes more than two fundamentalists to throw things awry here – whether its their intention or not.

    Now Atlantuya’s father is returning to Mongolia tomorrow and perhaps he might be doing a search through her personal effects at home. If he can come up with the alleged picture, imagine the bombshell effect.

  51. noname says:

    I have 2 photo. 1 with TDM and one with the wife. Hope i will not be involve in any court case. Imagine what a photo can do and impact. Got picture? ok now go take the stand.

  52. monsterball says:

    What are you trying to say…noname

  53. olop says:

    I have never been tired of reading different opinions about the Altantuya’s trial.No matter how long will the trial take, I still believe that the three accused will surely ‘escape’. The trial is just the ‘food’s dressing’. ‘They’ might as well make it last just in one day. The outcome would still be the same.The malaysians legal system like to play a ‘dragging’ game. One very good example is the PRS case in Sarawak.The ROS takes more than two years to study the case and has yet to make any decision or ruling pertaining to the case. Another good example is the MDC case.As of today the ROS has not made or give any answer as to why they cannot register the said party.

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