Did ASIA SENTINEL know something that we don’t?

Today, on the 9th day of the Altantuya’s murder trial, we hear that our DPM Najib Abdul Razak was seen with Altantuya.

Is this also related to a certain expose in KL Pos?

Didn’t Najib say, during the Ijok by-election in April, that he was not in any way related to the Mongolian woman?

Read the report that says that he was probably seen with the woman (inside). And notice how the witness was “cut short” by the prosecution as she said this and quizzed on other matters. Doesn’t this raise our suspicions a little bit higher?


A Mongolian witness caused a stir in court today when she revealed that murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu had been photographed having a meal with a Malaysian government official named Najib Razak.

Burmaa Oyunchimeg (left), also known as Amy, told the Shah Alam High Court that Altantuya had shown her the photo when she returned from a trip to France.

It is believed that the government official in the photograph is Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who has close ties with political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda.

The latter has been charged with abetting the murder of Altantuya, 28.

This morning, Burmaa, 26, had mentioned the photograph when cross examined by deputy public prosecutor Manoj Kurup.

However, she was cut short by the prosecution when she said the photograph showed Altantuya having a meal with Razak and a “government official.” She was then quizzed on other matters.

About 20 minutes later, lawyer Karpal Singh, who is holding a watching brief for the deceased’s family, sought permission from the court to pose a question on the photograph.

‘They had the same name’

This drew protests from the prosecution and a verbal exchange ensued on the relevance of the question. However, judge Mohd Zaki Mohd Yusni granted Karpal permission.

The veteran lawyer then proceeded to ask Burmaa on what was depicted in the photograph.

“She (Altantuya) was having a meal with Razak (Baginda), a Malaysian government official and other people,” she replied.

Karpal then asked her on the identity of the government official, and she replied: “I remember the name Najib Razak, they had the same name. I thought they were brothers. I asked her (Altantuya) if they were brothers.”

This sparked off another exchange between the prosecution and Karpal.

(Report incomplete, to update later).

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  1. alibaba says:

    Show the photograph to the smiling bespectacled fool pictured above and see if he still denies not knowing the murder victim as he had claimed in Ijok. Had he been appointed the trial judge, Song Dynasty Justice Bao would had given the thick-faced dirty liar thirty hard whacks on his arse for lying and perjury.

  2. kean-jin lim says:

    now we wait and see what he will says.

  3. jeancumlately says:

    I still feel that “being seen” may not necessarily means that Najib knows the victim. A lot of us here took so many picture with “strangers we thought were our friends.” If one of them turned out to be a killer, its not fair for us to be implicated, right?

    But again, it depends on what kind of picture and must be collaborated with other evidence. Otherwise, before you agree to take any picture with anybody, please check with the police if they have any criminal record and yes, CTOS too.

  4. Kublai Khan says:

    The important thing now is for them to try and produce the evidence ie the photograph else I don’t think anyone would take the testimony seriously. BERNAMA did not even reported it. Really sucks… This is what bernama reported..something on the woman lans koporal…

    June 29, 2007 15:04 PM

    Azilah Told Altantuya Not To Disturb Razak

    SHAH ALAM, June 29 (Bernama) — The Shah Alam High Court here was told Friday that Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaaribuu had been reminded by Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri not to disturb Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda and create a commotion in front of the political analyst’s house.

    Azilah’s girlfriend, Lance Corporal Rohaniza Roslan told the court that Azilah also instructed Altantuya to meet Abdul Razak at his office if there was any problem.

    She said Azilah also told Altantuya not to disturb Abdul Razak because he had a family.

    Rohaniza said this when testifying as the seventh prosecution witness in the Altantuya murder trial which entered its 10th day today.

    She said Azilah gave the instruction to Altantuya in a car after taking the woman who had been waiting in front of Abdul Razak’s house on the night of Oct 19, 2006.

    This blog http://2legit2quit.wordpress.com reported though.

  5. wits0 says:

    Aside, a famous historical Clinton statement:
    “”I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,” he said. “” u/q

    In a lighter vein, Do you remember Bill Gates’ claim that 640KB memory was all a PC would ever need.

    Similarly watch out for the questions not asked of the accuse.

  6. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…you are right on that point where having a meal together does not mean Najib know the victim as a close friend. But Najib said he never seen her before. Surely have a meal together…conversations must be all round and Najib is welknown for his table manners.
    So on that point…..Najib maybe lying….saying never seen her before.
    Ofcourse he can turn around ad say….”I forgot….ah yes..we talked abit. I have so many dinners with so many people who bring their love ones. Don’t expect me to remember everything””..so lie is all gone…still no proof she is close to Najib……but we know Najib is sharp and witty and this is a murder case involving BAG….his close friend……so Najib can never forget victim….just impossible he can forget so easily.

  7. My2Cents says:

    As far as i see it, no concrete and trustable evidence will be produced to the court….even if there is any, they will be filtered out just to protect some politicians’ S……we have known this for too long, who’s the real criminals and who’s the scapegoats, I’m sure we are all well awared of…….there’s no point going to the court when the court is an entity of a big corrupted political group……..

  8. tracker-m says:

    The world outside is watching eagerly. Every move is scrutinized, verbal or non-verbal. Is the DPP prosecuting or defending?

  9. wits0 says:

    Najib also loves to pronounce platitudes that are equivocations that can mean anything and the sycophantic media dutifully reports them as gems of wisdom. Of course his ilks do that to, as well, but mostly less than him.

  10. ma'am says:

    Can you really forget especially your close buddy’s girlfriend, especially when all are sitting and eating together at the same table?

  11. monsterball says:

    tracker-m…..In Malaysia….one cannot be surprised that a prosecutor can suddenly turn to be a defender or vice versa……with the “who cares if he world is watching” attitude….if it means to save somebody important.
    So far so good….and prayers are needed to see it continue be so.
    That’s Malaysia’s justice for some.

  12. screwed says:

    Yes tracker-m, prosecution are totally covering up for THE perpetrator. Although its painful to accept, I strongly he will get away with it. But not to worry he will soon be swept away by the spiritual law of karma. I lived through the May 13 years. His father was no better, believe me.

  13. monsterball says:

    ma’am….Ofcourse not….especially red lips loverboy Najib with his roving eyes….and Atlantayu is real sexy and pretty looking. How can she escape the sharp eyes of Min. of Defence. He is the Min. of Defence mainly for his sharp eyes and brain……cannot be an idiot….must be very sharp..especially now with so many threats all over the world.

  14. ma'am says:

    monsterball, sharp eyes maybe, but i doubt sharp brain. btw, he’s bespectacled..really sharp eyes?

  15. wits0 says:

    Screwed, his father belongs to the old school and retained some remnant principles.

    At no point do we mostly believe the trial is going to be a real one where no stones are going to be left unturned in the interest of justice. That would be a miracle hard to expect given all the existing circumstances that Bolehland has been repressed with for so long…and the idiotizing effect fallout. Yet the Web will not cease to resist that Darkness.

  16. noname says:

    I dont think sharp eye and sharp brain is not a requirement of the defense minister. Hamid albar was one and shafie apdal was a deputy. Don’t even think that guy can see with eyes wide open. Gula naik harga? masih dalam kawalan.

  17. wits0 says:

    Screwed, what I mean is that, at least, his father didn’t have that womanising vice.

  18. screwed says:

    Read Mexican stand-off in The Corridors of Power at Malaysia Today. All the intrigue of pulp fiction. God let me be the first to produce this movie, except this time loverboy is in the dock.

  19. wits0 says:

    The spudhead foreign minister is seeking strongly to isolate Israel in the OIC. He has nothing more relevant to pursue except that brotherhood thingy.

  20. wits0 says:

    “intrigue of pulp fiction”, Screwed? Spot on. You have spudhead, prickhead and Clingon(usually spelled otherwise with a “K”) crabhead as ministers!

  21. luclai says:

    aha! i was waiting and waiting for najib’s name to surface in the trial… so now it did.

    i agree with kublai khan that the only thing now is to produce the evidence – the photograph. if no photograph, no point at all. amy might be accused as a liar.

    at the klpos site, it had also stated there was a photograph of najib and his wife celebrating altantuya’s birthday in a hotel… well, what about this photograph?

    i hope altantuya’s family can produce the photograph/s as evidence.

  22. tuya says:

    believed it or not….both razak n najib will escape….this is a corrupted country!!!

  23. kittykat46 says:

    Bags, Al and Naj were all in the same boat together…or was it the same bed ?

  24. WATTAHACK? says:

    Azilah’s girlfriend, Lance Corporal Rohaniza Roslan told the court ??????

    wah! cop date cop in same team somemore! wonder if the make any wrong turns into some dimlite bushes for fun… maybe that’s how they know where to “blow” the victim!

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  26. whatever says:

    Hey, altantuya, wake from the dead, will ya? and haunt those people until they drag themselves to court and admit. :-s

  27. Prometheus says:

    I am still sure every big shot incriminated will escape.. we just have to see how they do it.. In the end the Mongols will get a pay off and cease creating trouble for the big shots.. Thats a sure thing!! Willing to put money on it.. any takers?

  28. oA says:


    The motive that got her killed wasn’t because of love gone bad … more likely some “sensitive, classified information” – was never deemed a threat to national security


    more a threat to a plutocrats repute and goal.

    Of course becoming a PM is the ultimate goal of a plutocrat and people were known to kill just for power and money.


    Some one said – “ “being seen” may not necessarily means that Najib knows the victim”.


    They were not together by accident so the question of being among strangers doesn’t arise. Issues pertaining to defense contracts are important and who ever is involved in any contractual negotiations indirectly works for him – and to imply that he didn’t know her is quite out of line.


  29. hantutelur says:

    It’s cruel what they did to the girl. Even if she was guilty of some crime or a threat to anyone. But why did they want her killed in the first place? I don’t buy the extra marital affair stuff. She was not naive and innocent. Could she be a foreign agent or something? Or part of an organization trying to extort money from dickhead malaysians? It must be big, very big. It is unfortunate that we, the common people has to pay for the blunder some people made. My theory is, the father knew something. More than what he already revealed. He was involved. It’s a game he’s playing now, by his own discreation, where he sees fit. He’ll be in the stand, then we’ll know what it’s all about. Right now he’s giving headache to a lot of people. Nobody knows the outcome. So people, keep guessing.

  30. hantutelur says:

    Sorry, he already testified and this was what he told the court on 21st June:-


    Shaariibuu: First I asked her, you already went twice. Why are you going again. I also asked do you have anybody as a reason to go there. She said yes.

    Manoj: Did you ask anything further?

    Shaariibuu: I asked what is the relationship

    Manoj: Did she give you a reply?

    Shaariibuu: Yes. She said she met a guy whose name is Baginda. She has somebody in Malaysia whose name is Baginda.


    Well, contrary to that, this was what he told the press on 15th June:-


    That’s why I called him a liar.

  31. monsterball says:

    ma’am……Najib seems to have a charmed life. He has escaped few dangers in his life. It seems he was with a woman at the collapse of the condo near the zoo….where I recalled Musa Hitam son died. It seems he ran out stark naked.. Like Anwar have a reputation of being a womaniser when he was DPM…Najib have same tag.

  32. jj says:

    Our future PM — Most probably he’ll act blur to survive longer.

  33. oA says:


    The prosecutors are arguing for the defendants ,,,, the first of its kind in the world. …… LoL

    As usual they are displaying the very sentimental bullshit – made to perfection by the useless and gutless attorney general – boot licking and ass kissing of the rich and powerful.


  34. monsterball says:

    witsO Is that you posting on 29th 4.03 and 4.11pm?
    Cannot blame Mongolian girls mistaken the two Razaks are brothers.
    Go visit some middle East countries and you will think the whole country populations are related too with same names and faces.
    So far…the monoglians gave their answers straight to the point…although some sounded doubtful…it is because they are quite confuse with the malay cultures and our advanced way of living….plus the twists and turns they heard from Bag’s PIs….I believe they are shocked to hear lies can be spoken so easily under oaths.

  35. monsterball says:

    Now the photo showing Najib had dinner with Bag and victim.
    Is that not enough to summon him to court…since Najib said he does not know the victim?

  36. malaysiancares says:

    Susan, can we raise some funds to help the victim’s children?

  37. monsterball says:

    No malaysiancares. Your kind hearted nature is fully appreciated by all…but Susan as a blogger is not suppose to raise funds for any reasons.
    If she can…I am sure she will not do it.
    The victim’s children….I heard are now well taken care of. The young child with the swallon head is under treatment. I read all these from papers.

  38. tuya says:

    shaariibuu must take up this case to the international court…
    the judge, the prosecutors, the defence are all CORRUPTED!!!!
    both RAZAK will escape frm any judgement….
    BUT they will NEVER escape from GOD’s JUDGEMENT…

  39. malaysiancares says:

    Thanks monsterball. Anyway if there is a proper channel to raise funds for these kids,kindly notify me and many others who are out there ready to help out.

  40. noname says:


    thats very thoughtful and noble. Please dont forget as well the unfortunate children in our own country. U know they dont get enough also. And there should be any publicity also. All unfortunate children deserve the help not only those which mother was blown up.


  41. siew eng says:

    NST reported the exchange fully. http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/Saturday/Frontpage/20070630075631/Article/index_html

    It does seem like the prosecution is hell-bent in not wanting to drag Najib into this.

  42. vgfret says:

    Please don’t forget as well the unfortunate children in our own country—tell that to the blinking pm who has made 83 “official” overseas trips in 44 months, costing billions of ringgit at the public’s expense. Another 50 more such trips before his one-term premiership is terminated?

  43. wits0 says:

    Globe-trotting(for the entire family) seems to be an entrenched privilege first established by TDM. The PM didn’t need a bigger plane for no reason.

    The smaller farts will simply go for “study tours” and not learn anything worthwhile that justify the taxpayers’ money.

  44. wits0 says:

    Siew Eng: “It does seem like the prosecution is hell-bent in not wanting to drag Najib into this.”

    It’s hell bent in persecuting the Truth of the matter. The beating around the bush gets predictably more grotesque.

  45. tuya says:

    everyone is trying to cover their own ass!!!

  46. tuya says:

    hahah..najib…where u wanna hide…altantuya spirit will be going after yuOUuuuu………………….

  47. cemergemiterbilang says:

    Now you know where your money aka nation’s money gone to ? Entertainment expenses cum hospitality expenses cum personal expenses. Look at the way they spend money, free of charge. Why ? Because Malaysians are paying them to enjoy. ha ! ha ! ha ! Cum altogether. Put both your palms on your cheek and give it a good slap. Are you awake ? Are you alive ? Are you okay ?

  48. lohsy says:

    darwin’s law my frens…
    survival of the fittess….
    those on the lower level of the power chain need to be sacrificed for the ones higher on the chain…. at least if they are smart, they need to think of their loved ones they leave behind. won’t want any unwanted incidents right??

    as usual the ones higher up would pull through ‘magically’ …

    not that i like it but that’s the way it works especially in this part of the world…

  49. lohsy says:

    remember ‘kepimpinan melalui teladan’ (lead by example)?

    if this is what the cream of our society, the ‘upper class’ are doing…
    can’t imagine what the rest are capable of….
    think must wear kevlar for protection when we go out…

  50. anak malaysia says:

    I say man, this country is going to the PITS !!!!!!

  51. anak malaysia says:

    Also reminds me of the olden days of “Kunta Kinte” no feedom and no justice. But please be reminded u are answerable to God when the dunia Khiamat!!!

  52. anak malaysia says:

    I say man, this country is going to the PITS !!!!!! it reminds me of the “Kunta Kinte” era, no freedom AND justice. But justice shuld and must prevail otherwise be answerable to GOD during “hari khiamat”

  53. chua soo kok says:

    hope justice and the truth will prevail in Atantuya murder trial. A murder have been committed and justice must be done.

  54. tuya says:

    malaysian!, this case alerted the whole community as its involves “somebody”.the victim father is “somebody” in mongolia n he is highly educated..imagine if its involve a “peanut” (who is “nobody”), im sure the government will cover it up!!!thats the fact of malaysia….malaysia BOLEH!! boleh dalam apa jua, sukan, politik, & “tutup case”.

  55. heliconia says:

    someone can check altantuya’s old university grades on english to see she got how many marks though she is nice person maybe she donotgotouniversity in learning English cos her English in the notes she wrote was so broken in pieces.

    OK 🙂

  56. Steven Lee says:

    Wow..this reminds me of the Tom Cruise movie..”A Few Good Men”

  57. tuya says:

    a few good men/bad man/batman, it doesnt matter…..
    whether the victim is altantuya/ah moi/minah/letchumi/broken english/whateva,
    d most crucial is its involves our leaders who has been entrusted to lead our country!!!
    OooOola laaAA……

  58. hawk says:

    If you choose to live by the sword , be prepared to die by the sword.

    It applies to Altantuya and her associates as well as to Najib and his associates.

    A drama that even Ian Fleming cant concieve. It would have been titled “From Mongolia with Love”.

  59. monsterball says:

    Was it not Moses said at Mount Senai from the ‘Ten Commandments” movie….’Those who choose to live with sins …shall die with sins”
    But the Egyptians do not believe in this story of Moses.
    I went there and no one is interested to talk.
    So extreme sinful people do suffer horrible death?

  60. cute says:

    Najib kaki kelengton…not fit to become a leader of Malaysia

  61. tuya says:

    yeaHHH…i agreed with cute…u r memang cute….

  62. kittykat46 says:

    “You want the truth ? You can’t handle the truth !” – Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.

    Malaysia may not be able to handle the whole truth in this case – it could bring the whole house down.

    That’s why you can see the Prosecution spending more energy preventing some questions from being asked than getting the full story out.

    Its called “guided truth” , and that’s what you will get from this trial.

  63. wits0 says:

    Half-truths are more dangerous that outright lies because a lotta unthinking people are unable to discern them.

  64. Anak Malaysia juga says:

    I agree in the end Najib Razak and BAG will go free. There is no justice in this country. The rich and powerful are always protected. The court are corrupted. WHERE IS JUSTICE IN THIS COUNTRY????

  65. lohsy says:

    guys.. gals..
    you must believe the world is fair..
    only it is more ‘fair’ to some than to others..
    ie., if you have money, political clout, nice looks etc..
    shout all we want but the reality is none of us here can bring them down even if they are proven guilty beyond doubt.

    the mongolians could apply all the preasure they want but nothing could do our bosses harm. our former big boss dr. M didnt shake at uncle sam’s preasure what makes you ppl think we are going to shake at mongolian’s preasure… kublai khan could if he is alive..

    l o v e .. our country don’t you?

  66. eric says:

    What wrong with this country? Is our politician or normal citizen? May be it time for us to take back the power of controlling this country, so that we can have a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

  67. […] report had been highlighted here and here based on proceedings in the controversial trial of the Mongolian woman who was blown up […]

  68. rm1juta says:

    What to do….????Can u do anything….As usual…Nothing will happen…


  69. jerry says:

    luckily Altantuya father is educated and rich, imagine if he is poor, like the case of a chinese boy nationality who died in a pool inside some dato house and the dato escape free of charge.
    i have lost my faith at prosecuters, they seem liked a defence team rather than prosecuting. let karpal be the prosecuter and the rest can help razak baginda and najib escape from this trial.

  70. I am not Najib says:

    no one will go to jail I cause I say so and the AG will make stupid lame excuses on behalf of the prosecution team and send them on a hawaii holiday after the case is thrown out for lack of evidence….

  71. monsterball says:

    eric..It is people’s power right now. We elected them to represent us.
    Only thing….they are not representing the people but themselves and their party’s benefits….yet they are elected and elected ….on going for 50 years.
    Now you find out why we voters are real idiots…not them
    So we can talk till doomsday come…..but we never learn nor have the guts to change for the better. WHY?

  72. hawk says:

    hantutelur, I think yr guess is just right. The dad knows some more incriminating things and is playing now. Midway along the case, u will see witnesses telling different stories becos money is paid out behind the scenes. Why the tease in answering the question by mentioning its a govt official. Why not straight away say its the DPM , named Najib Razak? They are teasing and provoking Najib, just to hint to him they are open for negotiations. Now Najib is wondering if there is or there is no pic. I suggest Najib take leave as definitely he s not having that peace of mind to help run a country.

    The real killer is Ayantulas Dad. He s the one who didnt raise her well, Didnt teach her to avoid living by the sword. Didnt warn her abt the danger about playing with mens hearts, especially elderly and powerful ones.

    It may not be relevant, but Ayantula s dad should also be asked if he ever set eyes on any other women, let alone even have affairs with Mongloian gals who love horse riding and any other actions likened to horse riding.

    Can see theres lying from Ayantulas dad. There are lies , so He cannot be pitied as he has bad motives.

    As for Najib and his gang, well its really OK to party. I dont expect you to be a monk or a priest. All of you are so fired up with testerone, even such political excitement cannot subdue the fire. So , OK ler, let off some steam by partying. If u need to steal, steal ler, since Malaysia is so wealthy. Indeed if all u guys up there had been honest, our ringgit will be double the value of Sing dollar today. Since u think every politician is powerful and corrupt, just be like all ler. After all, if theres war, there are fools in the army who will shed thier blood to defend the country which u steal from while u and yr family will run away to safe place.

    Since u n many like yrselves are already numb with no concious concience of the so many who sacrified and died for a secured MALAYSIA. Pamper ler yr life, becos maybe GOD favours u.

    Dunno ler, the world is so unfair. I guess my mum thought me wrong. She should have raised me up to go the bad way.

  73. hawk says:

    Monster ball.

    Who says Anwar is a womaniser? Mahathir says he is gay. Apa ler

    But I know. had Annuar been a money corrupt minister, they would have nailed him that way. They cant find him corrupt by money in any way so have to find other ways to nail him.

    So we can trust Anwar with the Nations wealth ler,

    Maybe, if u r right and Mahathir is also right, we cant trust him with women or men. Then lets just make him an Eunuch like Cheng Ho and then entrust him to be next PM. OK?

    Vote for Keadilan!!

  74. monsterball says:

    hawk…do you still trust what Mahathir said about Anwar….wake up man!!
    Anwar is a full time loverboy….don’t you have one doubt about it.
    His love live was legendary….all styles included!!
    Mahathir just picked one style and use that to arrest him …yet if he was fair..all ministers should be jailed except him.
    I think alot of ladies will vote for Keadilan.

  75. monsterball says:

    hawk…..You sound real pro UMNO….just like hantutelur [ghost egg head}.
    Therefore it is difficult to talk logics to you on the murder case…except…matter concerning the photo is no teasing matter about Najib. Please be serious and compassionate to the poor victim.

  76. monsterball says:

    Telling others to vote for Keadilan is one way to throw readers from suspecting him as pro UMNO’
    All pro UMNO feels Keadilan or Anwar is dead party.
    Go to all pro UMNO bloggers and see how they talk about Keadilan…no hope party.
    Would love to hear hawk say vote PAS….or DAP

  77. gantulga says:

    wow. all this commotions and anger towards the malaysian government. and i bet you nothing is going to happen at the end. thats just the way it is.Those ones who killed her will just walk away with slap on thier wrist. people are just ignorant fools and governments are just corrupted shit hole. month later when something thats little more interesting happens and everyone’s going to be talking about that and all will be forgotten about Altantuya. And f*** all the reports about her past life. she divorced twice so what. does that make her a less of a person? it just shows that what had become of our basic common sense. What if it happened to your little sister or daughter or your mother? it does not and can not stop with RAZAKs…. whole government needs to be shaken of its rotten roots. including mongolian government. If they walk away without getting a proper punishment…… you’ll see what pissed of mongolians can do to them. They’re going to wish they got the death sentence.

  78. hawk says:

    I m not for or aganst either sides. Its just evil against another evil.

    Its times like this, we will believe in GOD.

    As Jesus on the Mount said, ” Blessed are the meek, the weak and the sick…………” u never can imagine how profoundly true this can be. For its when we feel abandoned, that we feel closest to GOD and thats BLESSINGS

    And those guys, blessed with so much abundance, abandoned GOD. Their hearts and minds do not praise GOD. They become arrogant and even beocme evil in thier ways. U think this is blessings?

    UMNO? Look at their yearly convention. Its becoming like a meeting of the 40 thieves during Alibaba s time. Thier battle cries are just shouts for more of the nations wealth to be divided amongst them , such that they dont need to work. Should I vote for thieves?

  79. female says:

    hawk, do you have a daughter? let us see how you raise your daughter…
    malaysia not a safe place for women??????

  80. monsterball says:

    hawk..What do you think of Mahathir? Don’t tell me you are not pro UMNO…but pro Mahathir.
    So you believe in God….which God? Do you believe Jesus is God?
    And lastly…please nswe to
    ‘female’ commentator question.

  81. monsterball says:

    I mean…. please answer to female question….sorry plenty typing errors from my messages….did not check…just click and post….bad habit.

  82. hawk says:


    I hv 2 dotters. And they are very pretty. And, I make sure they never tease men or even flirt with them. Some of u gals even c__k tease. Its not funny to arouse men, just to see if they are vulnerable. So, I remind them of this many times. Women wants for sex are different. Men always think girls are like them abt sex. Those women who are easy with sex, expects money. And if u got yr sex free, it could be more expensive in the end. Like what Baginda is getting now. And also the so many men who lost thier families.

    Men give love, or pretend to love to get sex. Gals give sex to be loved. This is the correct perception of both sexes.

    Everywhere, any place is not safe for women. More so now, with porno so easily available. Becos those shows tell those stupid men that they just need to drop thier pants and gals will rush to them as though like wild animals.

    So there are goons, some of them MPs, who believe Gals even enjoy and look forward to be raped or gang banged.

    Look at how Amy dresses. U think she is an innocent virginal gal? She is proud to portray like a harlot and dont even feel ashame about it.

    Well, u can dress or undress as u please. But dont convey to stupid men you are looking for sex. Dress beautifully, attractively, but dont compound it with hidden body languages to flirt and to tease. And, this is the first of all safety rules for women.

    I think Altantuya was not properly brought up. And her dad may have tried to capitalise of her social capability, to be on the lookout for rich old men. There are women like this around. Hv u not heard of then term “gold diggers”?

  83. hawk says:

    Mahathir built our nation by being able to manage corrupt ministers and officials to his advantage. He breeds and encourages corruption among his ranks and file only to hold them to ransom for thier loyalty towards him.

    Now, UMNO is filled with fortune seekers, not patriotic nation builders. From grass roots to delegates, the whole structure is filled with almost everyone who is looking for opportunities to steal.

    Badawi wants to clean but can he do it when he is suroounded by more thieves than patriots? If he kicked out Rafidah, he loses his power base. If he kicked out Najib, he loses his power base. So how you can expect him to rule the thieves? In the end , I think he needs to be a thief too becos all those around him wants a piece of our nations pie.

    I think we need a quiet revolution to steer the nation right. “Better the devil you know than the angel you dont know?” I think this time, I will bet on the unknown angel. Once we can get that two parties system in place, there will be check and balances in governance.

    Lets vote keadilan.

  84. hawk says:


    I m a Christian.

    Jesus came to be sacrificed for our inherent sinful nature which could indeed be just our basic instincts for survival….. selfishness, greed, lust, pride and so forth. Though these basic instincts are neccessary for self survival;, if applied to full society, it could destroy humankind. So, we need to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

    Jesus is a part of GOD. In the Bible it preaches about the Holy Trinity. God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.. I understand this revelation as GOD is not one but is a Govt. A Govt of the Dead. G.O.D. “Govt of the dead”.

    Holy Spirit could be plural and so it could mean many millions of such. Christians are guided by the Holy Spirit, so ea of us could be having a personal Holy Spirit to help us thru our Christian living. We commucicate with GOD thru constant prayer, as like telepathy, mind to mind, soul to spirit.

    Well, heres not a forum abt religion. But u ask me, so I tell u my tots ler.


  85. hantutelur says:

    jeeez… another preacher!

  86. ????? says:

    Reading all the comments has made my head spin…Let’s pray for justice to be done…not saying all the time it won’t be done. God knows everything. let’s ask him to reveal the truth and let his justice be carried out here and now and not only on Hari Khiamat.

  87. monsterball says:

    hi hantutelur…..that’s not a preacher. That’s another smart Alex …trying to preach with no understandings of all religions. It is like a an unqualified person trying to be a teacher….plenty lah in schools.
    bye…hawk….May God be with you!!

  88. monsterball says:

    hi hawk…First time I hear there is such a thing as “quiet revolution”
    How to force overthrowing a government quietly?
    Your otak no centre lah.

  89. monsterball says:

    And hawk…how to expect keadilan win….when they cannot even manage their own party well….but I do agree voting for them to have better democracies.
    hawk….go study other religions as general knowledge. MAYBE AFTER THAT….YOU WILL NOT TALK LIKE YOU DO NOW ON RELIGIONS.

  90. i know says:

    Enough already, with all that RELIGIOUS SHITE!!!!! If some of you people want to preach about God or religion, go set up your own blog. No one is interested in reading your nonsensical rantings. You people deviate so far from the topic at hand and WASTE EVERYBODY’S TIME IN READING YOUR RUBBISH.

    let’s talk about the facts, and don’t get too carried away with the politics, (only those which are relevant to the case).

    Really, it’s like going back to primary school and seeing a bunch of kids yelling at each other.

  91. monsterball says:

    i know ..I want you to know that i know that you know we all should agree with you….but me responding back to an idiot is not kid stuff….especially on religious matters…I never joke…and my reply is not religious shit….hawk is writing religious shit…..get it clear.
    Now don’t just put your judgement…like a two cent school teacher….write something that you know we all will know especially I should know that you are smart.

  92. hawk says:

    I agree with ” I know” We hv deviated too much from the topic.

    As for Monsterball, U r “Talibanic”. Just write yr opinions but do not impose your views and classifying ppl with all sorts of names if they dont agree with you. Had u been PM, many will be in ISA ler.

    In short, ” Live by the sword, die by the sword “.

    What if the score ended with Ayantula killing Rowena?

    And that Najib is tied in? Well, maybe Baginda is trying to weasle his way out from his family by pointing his finger at Najib. That s why his wife blurted out and many others believe he is protecting his boss.

    Look at the facts at face value and lets not start lynching.

    For all we know , Baginda may have told his 2 frens that a gatal Mongolian gal wants to give a blow job to him at his home for USD500. Since he cant take this up, he invited the two macho police frens to take up the offer, But those blokes, not having learn proper English well in school, misunderstood. Took her to a seculded spot and blew her up with explosives instead.

  93. monsterball says:

    I only attack hypocrites…pro politics and talking cock on religions…race etc.
    I accept differences in opinions without ulterior motives to put so call almighty this or that in religions.
    Yes …if I am PM..I will skin you alive…worst than Taliban…hahahahaha
    But few I will banish away from Malaysia for life first before I get to you.
    Look at the way you now talk about Alantuya. Ofcourse this I accept your obvious sickening opinion to downgrade the victim to such a low person….yet talk God stuffs? You are one screw loose…trying to be too smart….talking nonsense…but your nonsensicle messages are full of shit…that’s why even witsO and few others attack you…as if you don’t realize and point only to me.

  94. monsterball says:

    hi hawk…Go answer witsO at below post.

  95. monsterball says:

    Now concentrate on Susan’s post.
    It is that simple. Najib said at Ijok..never met the victim.
    Monoglian girl have a photo proving Najib knows her.
    Najib press Sect…gave a statement…go read it… I don’t understand the logic.
    Anwar..Lim Eng Guan..Lim Kit Siang are hitting hard to force judge call Najib to be a witness…so far no results.
    Najib is seen everyday in S.Times…talking like potential future PM…so kind and fair minded politician.
    Bottom line….are all these rumours to smere Najib or truths?
    Once again bloggers are putting their reputations to the test.

  96. malaysianpeople says:

    Just show us the picture with ‘najib razak”

  97. eric says:

    monsterball .. I am totally agree with your opinion. No one like to change especially we dont know the outcome of the change. for my opinion, Revolution is definitely is an option, switching party in near future may not an option at they are really imbalance in all aspects. So how about vote for justice & free of speech & punish corruption, … any opinion …

  98. ha says:

    who released the news that Atantuya has relation with N ?
    A right ? N tried to kill A before…
    So, A said about kapal selam…
    cos..N tried to kill A before to get the seat, remeber the thing happen in Hong Kong during 1997…A wanted to release cos his was the finance m., someone stop him, then he was jailed..now..A came back !!
    N tried to kill A before..pulled away his jet..
    even in the jet..eventually a person Yahya..died…A saved his life..
    A picture can represent something ? why don’t show to us ,..if it is just a piece of picture..

  99. i know says:

    monsterball, of course I know who’s the one writing all that religious shite…but the way you respond is childish too. You let ‘hawk’ get under your skin. I have made comments in other posts, only talking about the facts of the case, but because you are too busy arguing with hawk, you fail to notice.

    Anyway, i think it’s safe to say that no one gives a shit about hawk’s conspiracy theories, so don’t continue to let him get to you.

  100. Dissapointed says:

    The Malaysian system now stinks!!Corruptions,power crazy and all talks and no actions.
    In order to impprove the system the head must be replace and the tail will follow

  101. monsterball says:

    i know…..Please don’t try to tell me what is childish or not childish. I have been doing this for years and this is my style….don’t you know that? So you do your way and I do my way.
    You don’t have to notice me…and certainly I will not notice you…if you don’t make comments on me.
    I am tired to explain why I do this way or that way with the intention to have friends…but no more…you do your way I do mine…and don’t read my remarks….just stroll it down…..no problem.

  102. Dissapointed says:

    Yes…Vote Oppos for a change

  103. watching says:

    Bet this Altantuya case in the final will be closed off by $$$$$$$.
    Just like the Eric Chia case (Perwaja)
    and many case is just closed up and shut up….remember the AP issues??

  104. i know says:

    Yesterday’s the star paper, had an article which said that najib will not issue statement on witness’ claim.


    However, there was another article about Najib commenting about allegations against IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan.


    Is the star using a diversionary tactic to change the public’s perception on Najib? To me, a ‘positive’ spin on Najib’s stance on anti-corruption, is seen as an attempt to draw the negative attention away from the Altantuya’s case. We shall see what other tricks the star will be pull out of its hat as the trial continues.

  105. i know says:

    monsterball, is you choose to act like a stubborn child, so be it. Talk about who notice who FIRST, I think it was YOU who first commented about my remark about childish fighting. Who cares if you’ve been doing it for years or that you just started yesterday? Anyway, I think you get too carried away, no one asked you to explain why you are doing what you are doing or what it has got to do with your intentions to have friends??????? Don’t be so perasan lah, not everyone here wants to be your friend.

  106. songteng says:

    aiya…we the rakyat know what is goin on there la….wayang gambar only. no justice one. after the hillbillies make a big fuss and roundabout turn, they will close case and say not him not tis n dat la. and that leaves a big questionmark for us rakyat to guess lo…siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas lo. malaysia-boleh culture ma, enshrined in the constitution n cannot change one! if u try to change the keris will come out in the open! the garmen rules la at the end of the day. see next time u still want to vote them or not!

    so, if they want to show wayang gambar, we the holy-molly rakyat watch n laugh at them lo. what can we do to change the “malaysia-TAK-boleh spirit” leh. all the idiots in the court case of altantuya are just the bodek kuat people only except our karpal-selam la n u bet the kaki bodek will silent him as well.


  107. lohsy says:

    since everybody is diverting, i would divert a little bit also la….
    shout as we like on voting for opposition, the fact is they still win…
    check this out;
    * our ‘rakyat’ are not really that educated or exposed tothe world as in other more developed nations. therefore, it is easier to klengtong them..
    ie., most of the high profile cases (this is one of it) would be closed due to some technicall problems, this la, that la…. but yet most would belive their goody good good government
    * just look at the ‘projek kerajaan barisan nasional’ on the JKR signboard..
    this is not fair as whoever is the ruling party they would have the duty as the government thus controling the finance and development projects..
    btw, if your zone vote for opposition then all development projects in that area will stand still…
    * all government officials’ (including in the judiciary) promotion and/or demotion depends on the bn ruling government…thus, my frens, one could expect to see the very essence of office politics working here –


    justice for the ppl is still far far away….

  108. monsterball says:

    get lost …i know!!

  109. monsterball says:

    I mean get lost from me…..and let others post on the message.

  110. monsterball says:

    This has turn to be Free Speech Zone???
    hi guys/gals…go to the right site and it has now more tan 750 messages.Help built it to at least 1000 and give Susan the real reward she deserves….The Guinness Book Of Record Certificate with most messages for a blog owner…..that is …if Guiness will create one. After all…they want all sorts of record breaking feats….why not this?

  111. Raja says:


    Why all the fuss about a photo which may turn out to be a figment of the witness’s imagination? Where is the relevance in this case? Najib is not even on trial here. It serves no purpose, is irrelevant to prove anything since Najib is not a witness. It is therefore inadmissible in evidence. Period.

    However, if Najib were to be called as witness he may be asked if he knew or ever heard of the name. ever seen the deceased. If he falters and claims not to remember, then you try and jolt his memory. It would show that he is not a witness who could be believed.

    It is no proof of his role in the murder – more than the fact that he happened to be sitting around a dinner table somewhere, along with guests of the accused which included the deceased.

  112. Raja says:

    Counsel did right to object as to its relevance which the judge later agreed. Karpal did right to want to continue with the line of questioning but Karpal knows it is not relevant.

  113. monsterball says:

    Raja…It is relevant. Najib is the Min.Of Defence and guilty parties using c4 are all from the police..not one is a private citizen.
    Baginda is his close confidential political analysist….very close to him.
    Najib himself have a track record of being a womaniser.
    So c4 has to be explained by him…but he kept silent.
    At Ijok..he made it clear he do not know the victim….yet there is a photo to prove he is lying.
    Yes…you are right…there must be tangible proof to summon him in as witness…..but once that happens…it will not be a witness…it will be another suspect in the killing.
    We see double standards..as if you are an ordinary person….you wIll surely be call up as a witness to speak out….but Najib is an ordinary person…a civil servant elected by us….why treat him special?
    He should speak out all the rumours against him and not keep quiet…..as the rumours concern a murder case..involving him as a suspect. Why can’t he kill the story and free himself OR file court cases against LKS…Anwar…..like LKY doing to those trying to talk bad about him..why can’t our ministers come out clean by doing exactly what LKY is doing all his life….proving 100% clean .

  114. hawk says:

    Can be as dirty as any other leader. When one knows the legalities well they can make sure whatever mishandling are well covered.

    Could be as like a Marcos or Thaksin.

  115. Safety Wings says:

    ma’am wrote:
    Can you really forget especially your close buddy’s girlfriend, especially when all are sitting and eating together at the same table?

    I have this say too !! NR helps keeping AR’s secret from his wife. AR’s wife & daughter should be very angry maa..right but they are not and said proud of it!! I just don’t understand..

  116. hawk says:

    Its all about being of a real family.

    Through thick and thin, just gotta stay together. For better or for worse. This is a full family, integrated by complete true love and faith towards each other.

    Gotta learn and acquire this trait.

  117. anon says:

    Safety wings: Sen. Hillary Clinton also stood proudly beside Mr. Hubby President when he smoked cigars dipped into the wrong ass-tray. We know she wanted to be Ms. President of USA. Mrs. Bag indicated no desire to be Ms.PM of Bolehland. It gotta to be that long forgotten puppy love we used to reserve for teachers. To Sir with Love. I am proud of You. Hurray! @(!^&@

  118. wits0 says:

    The Clintons are completely political animals with nary an honest bone between them. One may attribute virtue for Mrs Clinton to stand by President Clinton but its actually more for the wrong reason. Only simpleton cannot see beyond the surface values….and understand not what impact this sort of unity has on the larger world. Bill, afterall, did have affairs with more than one women and he did abuse his power in this pursuit. A normal woman might have seeked divorce but she knew that this would diminish her chance in politics to zero.

    So what’s so great about accompanying blind and/or loyalty in any situation that holds no true core virtue in the final analysis. A real virtue needs a greater reference to the interest of humanity and society at large, not just family interest alone.

    Bolehland does have a vast number of self-satisfied shallow thinkers. People who not merely jump to conclusion that a glinter in the curb indicates a diamond everytime.

  119. […] Baginda & Altantuya, the murdered Mongolian translator incriminating evidence. The photo would indicate that Najib was lying (or incredibly forgetful) and knows more about the while Razak-Altantuya thing then he is […]

  120. ????? says:

    I fonnd this….

    The picture you are commenting about.


  121. wits0 says:

    Tian Chua could’ve done a better photoshopped job. But even with this tongue in cheek one, a lot of stir angry stir can be expected.

  122. monsterball says:

    The photo cannot be doctored. Look at the table cloth…so natural with the victim leg there.
    But Tian Chua do have a bad reputation to do things for the good of the public. His talent has now made him a political figure in Keadilan…..that’s what he was after….a strong position in politics.
    Some blogger are trying very hard to be recognised and wanted…but standard and style too low. Strangely…almost all are from one race…except Sheih proven top be successful…and jealousies started to creep in….again from his own race only.

  123. monsterball says:

    Come to think of it..yes Najib’s position seems to be doctored…not real.
    Lets see how good is Tian Chua’s reputation.

  124. Raja says:

    The connection you try to draw between the military grade or military explosives said to be used in the murder with the Deputy Prime Minister or Minister of Defense is ridiculously close as the keris used in the killing to a Malay.

  125. Raja says:

    So if you are proved to be the only Malay at the scene of the crime then you must have done the crime? How ridiculous is that??

  126. Safety Wings says:

    I noticed something, how come the complexion of the woman in the picture was not a fair type, should be fairer and the face was from korea.

    Tian Chua I guess you are indicating or expressing thought to the public that you are pursuing the idea of publishing the real photo because your don’t have the real one with you? Answer:I think the public is 100% for it. Make sure to get the right one o.k. not cut and paste :P. Ask for help from Mr. Karpal Singh or Miss Amy leh!!

  127. Raja says:

    Yeah riigggght! That was Najib there! His legs seemed cut off at the knees and his head is too big and the chair he sat on is facing the other way!

    Please you can do a better job than that.

  128. hantutuya says:

    wasn’t it supposed to be a round table?

  129. i know says:

    This is just another person trying to be funny, but his joke fell flat in the end….

    I wouldn’t give it much thought

  130. Jason Mah says:

    All malaysian all races, please wake up, no more tolerate with the long control goverment that misleading the country in decades. These bunch of politician abusing the good name of religion and causing hatred among our harmonies in a multi-racial country. These leaders are not a true leader, peace and stability and unity among races is clearly seen disappearing year by years. Ask your self one simple question, isn’t it life is getting more and more difficult in malaysia? Revised it with deep thought. I want back my days in the past.

  131. amoi says:

    multi racial country???? ……..mah mah mah…….you just woke up from deep sleep ah?

  132. ghenjis khan says:

    Just information for those not familiar with Commmunist Mongolia and Communist China and its people.

    Mongolia was a Soviet Vassal state – bent on carrying the Marxist-Leninists political way of life until the collapse of the Soviets and Mongolia had a Chess Playing President who wanted to modernise the country !

    The professional people are really professional [given the few exceptions ie. Card Carrying Cadres and Politburo members who rise up due to their membership of the Communist Party].

    Altantuya is a product of Marxist-Lenists policies now “liberated” to take advantage of the “freedom” of travel and social and career opportunities.

    She became a professional translator , they go to special universities to be trained as professional translators and taught by Professors of the particular languages.

    These are no ordinary professors but real scholars ….they visit countries of the foregin languages, Malay, Indonesia, Japanese, French, German, England and America.

    The good translators are professionals and they speak rather well, some become scholars themselves and go into scholary work eg. pantuns, manuscripts and text translations of great works while others work for the Foreign Service and as Tourist Guides — they do make good money as they get “tips” from tourists !

    Another very good example is PRC …. 90% are “atheists” and the ONE-Child family creates a very big VACUUM in their lifes …so that they turn to professionalism …. becoming good at their work …. work for the “motherland” and their profession …..

    Just look at the graduates of China, Mongolia …. the professionals though lowly paid make good professors, doctors, engineers and translators …

    Based on their Moral and Ethical codes ie. Marxist-Leninist and post-Marxist-Leninist, they are far far professional than many Malaysians professionals …….. please go to Mongolia and China to see and comapre yourself ….. meaning Malaysians with their Religions and Islam Hadhari compares nothing to the professionalism of the ex-Communists !

    Just look at their Court cases and trials, based on their Marxist-Leninist way of life , they really condemn the corrupt and murderers …….. they just simply ask them to stand in the Firing Squad .

    Trafiic offenders are banned for a very long time some for life…. despite the 3 millions cars in Beijing how many accidents … go see for yourself.

    My point is, please respect their way of life, Altantuya demands her price for becoming a lover, mistress or was it a “contract” wife {shism}, she is brought up through long years of Soviet absent rule just turned modern socialist state.

    Sex and promiscous life may not be frowned upon ….. so flings with Ministers, etc is not taboo.

    This is where things got out of hand …… and the result is now on display in a land which shouts highly of being Islamic Hadharic, Justrice, Freedom, and lots of bullshit …..

    So far, we have not seen any “true professionalism” by the AG-DPP, IGP-UTK and the rest of th democractric politburo …….

    so don’t think we Malaysia is a civilised people not even near a civil society …… we are just a bunch of shopping-loving people for good foreign and all kinds of food none for the intellect except having to read Malaysia-Today Malaysia Kini and Blogs …..

    Different if it is the Sunday Observer, Sunday Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Washington Post, NY Times for such an important case …..

    what to do ?

  133. notsosmart says:

    So……it’s that BIG “tips”… I can see now and why.

  134. notsosmart says:

    Those days in the local university. I remember there were saying ” Its not what you know, but who you know” Now I can see and understood the theme.

  135. urge overkilled says:

    Jean ! Jean! monsterball has a point there,by the way how close are to Najib.

    1.How often does Najib travel to Paris.
    2.How can he forget a bussiness dinner where many point’s were discussed on the table.
    3. It’s impossible that he dont know her.

    There is a malay saying that” sepandai pandai tupai melompat,akhirnya
    jatuh ke tanah juga.

    Well Jean lets wait till the end of this Malaysia super serial sitcom to end and we will find out the truth.

  136. loy says:

    actually if u allowed a murder to be our next PM , good bye freedom ,welcome Marcos style gov.

  137. DR.M.SOMASUNDRAM says:

    Hey folks, all aware that the judiciary is guided as evidenced by many contradictory statements and the manner the court case is proceeding . It is possible that many events are happening behind the ‘thirai’.
    Prey our innocnt PM will have a better grasp over several trivial but important issues after the election. [ by th 10th ] As a second term PM, he will have stronger claws and teeth to deal with all kinds of misguided and gone astray ministers who may not be able to take him for granted in many aspects.
    Let us all hope that the Judiciary shall be given the freedom and dignity it deserves. Let them say their mind out and not say otherwise for fear of losing seniority and promotion. [ directorships in companies after retirement ]
    With regards to this case, it will slowly be forgotten over time [ Malaysia boleh] and it will not be of any importance to anyone.
    Let Tuhan punish the perpetrators . Money can buy or destroy evidence in our beloved country. Money cannot but buy mental peace and their brain will be reverberating with guilt for the rest of their life .

  138. Anonymous says:


  139. I do not trust Anwar much but for Altnatuya’s and to get rid of UMNO once and for all get Anwar back as the next P.M. so he can also get rid of the present AG, IGP and the like of those puppies of UMNO.
    I like the Foreign Minister to tell us why we are compelled to learn Bahasa Malaysia when the Malaysian Embassies only make use of Jawi and English and no Bahasa in front of their Embassies? Why do the Embassies do make it as hard as possible for Malaysians aboard (mainly non Malays) whenever they want to renew their passports or request for helps? Is this another way to ask the non Malays to ‘squad’ so they they look shorter economically ?

  140. salleh says:

    Najib should have resigned as Defence Minister in order to facilitate investigations as military intelligence is involved.

  141. scanner says:

    well, this time we play russian roulete. who hold the trigger first. Minor ethnic in Malaysia are not allowed to play this game. Let alone the malay play among themselves.

    so are you ready

    undertaker 2008

  142. Suresh says:

    bespectacled fool who is a moron. Shameless nut. God’s punishment awaiting him!

  143. Mahatir says:


    In the beginning, Badawi, Najib, Taib, Rais, Khairy all making noises in the press then influenced the case of Altantuya murder and Anwar’s sodomy.
    Then they told the people police need to investigate the case independently without any influence even from ruling party.
    Now that the medical report is exposed stating Saiful (accuser) wasn’t sodomized, Syed Hamid Albar came out and encourage the police to wrap up the investigation earlier.

    When Raja Petra made statutory declaration, why did Badawi has to declare Najib and Rosmah are not guilty?
    How many brains does Badawi has to know whereabouts and things that Najib dan Rosmah been and done?
    Was Badawi with Rosmah on the special night? hahahahaha

  144. Tobefair says:

    The missing of private detective P. Balasubramaniam seem implying something in behind was going wrong after he claimed link of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Altantuya Shaariibuu’s murder, something true has not been exposed!

  145. Tobefair says:

  146. adra says:


  147. Steve Hartman…

    Steve Hartman…

  148. Anti Bibir Merah bini Katek says:

    abis la ko jib……

  149. eddy says:

    Money and woman….the most mistake that man had done…

  150. mengkarung says:

    siapa yang berani menghina pm aku!!! kurang ajar!!!

  151. eddy says:

    PM pun org biasa juga…manusia akan sentiasa membuat silap

  152. desdemona says:

    orang badjau yang hebat dalamk perdagangan malaysia buat masa ini (menteri perdagangan malaysia datuk shafie apdal juga naib presiden umno)kerana bangsanya paling banyak menjual manusia.dia membeli merekadengan mykad dari dokumen palsu terutamanya bila ada pilihanraya.

  153. desdemona says:

    orang badjau yang hebat dalam perdagangan malaysia buat masa ini (menteri perdagangan malaysia datuk shafie apdal juga naib presiden umno)kerana bangsanya paling banyak menjual manusia.dia membeli merekadengan mykad dari dokumen palsu terutamanya bila ada pilihanraya.

  154. desdemona says:

    ataupun mungkin naib presiden umno yang menghasut hasut.oleh sebab sekarang, banyak yang saya saksikan apabila mereka hendak project diluluskan mereka akan mengumpan perempuan cantik untuk dibawa tidur malam cara-cara orang badjau.
    dan kamu sesama melayu sibuk berlawan sedang orang bukan asli dari bangsa kamu mencari peluang untuk singkirkan kamu dari tempat kamu dan tambah meng-api-apikan keadaan agar dia dapat merampas semua kuasa dan agar kepercayaan rakyat diserahkn kepadanya.
    dan dia mendapat dorongan dari rakyat sabah yang dengki dan berkata jalanraya di semenanjung malaysia besar-besar dan yang dibuat jalanraya di semenanjung malaysia kebanyakannya adalah hasil dari negeri sabah.(felda?)

  155. desdemona says:

    saya lebih setuju kalau kristian yang berkuasa kerana sejak dari dulu mereka terdidik dalam agama.jangan orang-orang yang baru memeluk agama dan mempunyai rakyat-rakyat yang menggunakan agama untuk kepentingan sendiri.
    di filipina batanggas kebanyakkan badjau memeluk agama kristian.jadi,tolong jangan kasi biar negara kamu dikuasai oleh orang yang asal-usulnya tiada sejarah memperjuangakan kebenaran.
    kerana islam hanya memperjuangkan kebenaran.
    sama seperti kristian dalam ten commandments iaitu dont give a false witness to others.itulah suruhan-suruhan agama.bukan untuk bagi keterangan palsu kepada orang-orang pendatang tanpa izin.dan kaum badjau lah yang banyak berrbuat begitu kerana mereka dari keturunan pagan yang larikan diri dari agama kerana membawa bersama mereka lari ilmu sihir hitam.dan kalau pun mereka tidak menggunakannya lagi,mungkin mereka juga ditagiholeh keturunan mereka untuk mengelapkan identity orang.false witnesses.

  156. desdemona says:

    penganut black magic pada zaman dahulu,adalah dibunuh oleh yang beragama kristian.dan ilmu sihir juga dilarang dalam agama islam.islam,kristian adalah sama-sama agama.jangn mahu diperbanding-bandingkan.dan siapa yang lain itu(tidak memiliki agama) adalah yang dengki dan mampukasi api-api keduanya.

    padahal pada asalnya tujuan kedua agama ini adalah baik,iaitu utuk membentuk manusia kearah yang baik.membimbing manusia kearah yang lurus iaitu membina kejujuran dalam diri manusia.agar adanya keadilan sesama manusia.

  157. desdemona says:

    Cerita ini adalah rekaan semata-mata berdasarkan ingin menyedarkan orang-orang yang rugi kerana takutkan kebenaran.)

    Saya menulis cerita ini agar jangan mudah dipengaruhi oleh mereka yang menggunakan nama agama seperti Osama bin ladin.

    Dan bagi orang yang mengambil saksi palsu (pembohongan) agar mengetahui akibatnya yang menjadikan mereka penakut takut akan kebenaran dan mudah terkena fitnah.

    Dan juga cerita ini hanya diedarkan kepada agama islam.dan saya tidak menulis tentang masalah orang kristian kerana tidak ingin mengetahui tentang yang dirahsiakan oleh mereka dan tidak mahu menyibukkan hal agama yang lain,cuma membawa orang islam agar sedar akan diri dan haluan hidup mereka menuju ke jalan yang benar.

    Bagaimana kah saya nak jadi ikutan orang untuk menuju ke jalan yang benar kalau diri saya sendiri pun tidak dapat menerima kebenaran kelemahan dan kekurangan diri saya.itu bererti saya takut melihat diri saya sendiri dan tidak dapat menerima diri saya sendiri. Yang tidak dapat menerima perkara yang sebenar adalah orang yang takutkan kebenaran. Semua kekurangan itu adalah akibat dari kesilapan.untuk perbaikinya kenalah kita menerima tentang apa yang ada.
    Jangan lari dari kebenaran.

    Orang islam dan kristian adalah agama dan Tujuan adalah sama iaitu membimbing orang-orang kejalan yang benar.
    Membentuk pengikutnya untuk menjadi seorang yang jujur.dan untuk mengadakan keadilan kepada semua kaum.

    Pagan-(kafir)-mereka adalah orang yang tiada agama.kebanyakkan asal-usulnya adalah dari ahli sihir hitam yang larikan diri dari agama dan membawa bersama mereka sihir-sihir hitam . Kerana pada zaman dahulu sebelum adanya agama islam, penganut ahli sihir akin dibakar dan dibunuh. Dan ketika ada agama islam, sihir hitam pun dilarang.agama islam hanya melarang pengikut islam untuk mengamalkan ilmu hitam.dan mungkin tiada menghukum berat atau memperdulikan penganut ilmu hitam.
    Jadi,kita kenalah juga bersyukur kalau kristian melakukan tanggung jawab dengan baik untuk membimbing penganutnya agar kuaranglah kejahatan di dunia.

    Jangan menghina agama lain kerana tujuan sama.jangan mudah dihasut oleh syaitan untuk diapi-apikan.diri kita pun tiada melakukan tanggung jawab seorang islam dengan sepenuhnya.jarang pun yang sembayang lima waktu Misalanya kalau agama islam dan kristian saling mengambil berat akan hal tujuan masing-masing.

    Islam: Apakah khabar agama kamu?

    Kristian: Baik, hari ini berapakah orang yang kamu tunjukkan ke jalan yang benar?

    Islam: inilah yang masalah agama kami sekarang ini.sebab islam pun mengajar pengikutnya agar jangan berbohong.sekarang, pengikut islam,banyak yang jadi false witnesses dalam perjuangan untuk capstan mykad dari dokumen palsu.

    Kristian: dalam agama kami kristian tertulis dalam 10 suruhan agama kami yang harus ditaati oleh pengikut agama kami.
    Sruhan ke Sembilan berbunyi, don’t’ bare false witness against your neighbor. Bererti jangan buat saksi palsu terhadap jiran anda.

    Islam:Ini pula dorang yang mengundang saksi palsu terhadap diri mereka.
    Orang-orang pendatang tanpa izin suka megabit saksi palsu.
    Mereka buat surat beranak palsu dengan surat sumpah palsu agar dapat kelulusan di jpn,namanya saksi palsu juga kan?

    Kristian: betul

    (pura-pura,palsu,fitnah termasuk dalam golongan pembohongan)(pembohongan adalah dosa kepada manusia dan than tidak dapat memaafkannya kalau orang yang dibohongi tidak dapat memaafkannya.)
    (secara jujur, bagaimana ke kalau orang membohongi dirimu bahawa dia adalah orang jepun padahal bulat-bulat,terang-terang dia orang timur?)kalau kau tak marah tentu dia engkau ketawakan dan jadi look-olokkan.kalau orang mengaku orang suluk padahal dia orang bisaya?apa perasaan engkau?

    Islam: apa boleh buat?banyak yang buat cara begitu kerana mereka tidak menyedari kesilapan mereka.sebab banyak yang dari golongan miskin dan jauh dari pekan tidak tahu membaca jawi,dan adapun tidak mengerti bahasa arab yang tertulis dalam al-qur-an.

    Kalau dikira,bagi orang yang mengerti dan tahu mentafsir, ayat-ayat terse but diibaratkan pantun.
    Dalam surah al-fatihah, (permulaan semua ayat al-Qur’an yang bermaksud pembukaan) ayat maliki yaw middin bermaksud tuhan yang berkuasa di hari pembalasan.
    (bererti,dia bagi manusia peringatan tentang adanya balasan tuhan yang adil.)
    Kerana bila berbohong dibalas dengan pembohongan.
    Dan ihdinas sirothol mustakim, bererti: tunjukilah hati kami ke jalan yang benar.
    (adil ke bagi tuhan untuk menunjukkan jalan yang benar bagi orang pembohong yang menunjukkan haluan yang tidak benar kepada orang lain?jadi,oleh kerana than yang berkuasa di hari emblazon,dia pun mesti kena bohong juga sebagai balasan.

    Jadi,al fatihah adalah ibaratkan peringatan yang per tama bahawa tuhan tidak pilih kasih kalau melaksanakan pembalasan.

    Itulah pengertian mendalam saya tentang surah al-fatihah.ianya dijadikan pantun agar mudah dfihafal.

    Pertanyaan saya buat ulama-ulama,

    1. Adakah pantun ibaratkan sindiran?-tanya ahli tukang buat pantun.
    2.atau adakah pantun dijadikan agar setiap penulisan mudah dihafal dan diikut?
    3.betul ke pendapat saya bahawa falsafah bukannya untuk kekeliruan,tetapi untuk menguji keseimbangan pemikiran?
    4.adakah sindiran boleh termasuk dalam golongan falsafah?

    orang-orang false witnesses adalah kebanyakkannya orang-orang badjau!

  158. moragis says:

    Ya Benar. Najib memang orang baik! Tak tahu pakai b-o-m c4. Tak tahu cara membunuh perempuan hamil. Bayi siapa tu?

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