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I knew it was only a matter of time before this happens. Although the accused, Abdul Razak Baginda’s family and staff had every right to demonstrate on June 18, first day of the trial, I felt the action was very insensitive. For heaven sake, a woman was murdered, her body blown up to pieces by explosives. What is there to be proud of?

Were they proud that a Mongolian woman was blown up to bits?

I understand how the accused’s family and friends must feel. They have every right. But on the other side, there is also the family and especially two young boys left orphaned by Altantuya’s death. Does anyone ever think of them?

Read the following report by Malaysiakini:

‘Razak’s team proud of my daughter’s murder’
Jun 28, 07 11:58am Adjust font size:

The family and friends of murdered Mongolian national Altantunya Shaariibuu gathered outside the Shah Alam High Court this morning with posters calling for justice.

The four also chanted ‘Altantunya’ and ‘Mongolia’.

The deceased’s father Shaariibuu Setev (right) held a poster which read ‘Malaysia! Baginda’s team is proud of my daughter’s murder’.

Altantunya’s cousin Uuriintuya Gal Ochir displayed a poster which read ‘Hope justice will be done by the Malaysian court’.

Two other posters held up by the deceased’s friend Burmaa Oyunchime and her cousin Namiraa Gerelmaa denounced Abdul Razak Baginda, among others, saying ‘he has no place on earth’ and that ‘he is not a human being’.

The four stood outside the building for several minutes before dispersing. Today is the ninth day of the high-profile murder trial.

Death penalty

Razak, a renowned political analyst, has been charged with abetting the murder of the Mongolian national.

Two police officers, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, are charged with the murder which allegedly took place between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year.

Mongolian translator Altantuya, 28, was said to be blown up in a jungle clearing in Shah Alam, Selangor.

All three accused face the death penalty if convicted.

On Tuesday, Razak’s staff showed up at court with a banner expressing support for their boss. The banner read ‘Razak Baginda staff. And we’re with you. Proud of it.’

On the first day, his relatives wore T-shirts declaring their relationship with him on the front, and stating “and proud of it” at the back.


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  1. wits0 says:

    Clearly Malaysia’s psyche has lost it with the elites ( and blind serfs) drunk on hubris conditioned from the political establishment with its (signature)insensitive brinksmanship of pushing it – because they can.

  2. monsterball says:

    Only the political powerful UMNO malays do such thing. The are used to it…do as they like as if they own the country.

  3. ghenjis khan says:

    Either the family of ARB is trying to pass a message to the REAL CULPRITs or

    they are really a bunch of misguided Muslims badly brought-up in the proper conduct of upholding the Truth [haqq], Justice [adl] if any of family members being accused of a crime or misdeeds.

    a murder case is between the Families of those Accused ie ARB and the 2 UTK members AND the Family of Altantuya.

    If found guilty, the Family of Altantuya has every right to demand the death penalty upon the Accused ….

    even in a Secular USA justice system they are practicing one form of Islamic ruling allow the Victim’s family to demand the same nature of cause of death …..

    and like OJ Simpson case, a Civil suit ensues and the victim’s family got monetary compensation and the accused though found not guilty was declared a bankrupt.

    so, you see my, friends, USA and some other Europeans legal system do practise some “form of Islamic Laws” ….. hurrah.

    it is the duty of the State to exert its judicial powers to hand down suitable punishment comensurate with the Crime being committed … and mind you a foreign visitor has MORE rights to the protection of the Host Country and the Agung and his agents must carry out their duties and responsibilities to ensure the safe passage of this visitor !

    In Malaysia, we have got it all wrong, CBT cases even got acquital !!!!!

  4. wits0 says:

    In an equitable State, all stones are left unturned in the pursuant of justice. In a contrived State, a parody is what you get.

  5. wits0 says:

    Correction, “..NO stones are left unturned..”

  6. babazahra' says:

    i did wrote about “and proud of it” in my blog
    dunno i was right or wrong. tq

  7. thincat says:

    Iin a truly democratic country that upholds the rule of law, the trial would be over and the murderers sentenced by now. Why?
    Firstly, the immigration personnel who erased the records of entry of Altantuya and her companions should have been arrested and charged as an accessory to that murder. Make him “squeal” i.e. reveal the identity of the ‘fat cat’ (i.e. big fella) who ordered him to do so.
    Secondly, take that white-haired fat cat in court and charge him with first-degree murder
    Thirdly, case over and wait for the date of hanging

  8. hantutelur says:

    Mr Shariibuu is clearly mistaken. Baginda’s family is merely giving moral support to ARB, not at all proud of his (Setev’s) daughter being blown up. He’s only right if someone wears a tee-shirt saying “Abdul Razak Baginda blew up Altantuya, and we are proud of it!”. The fact is ARB’s family believe he is innocent and I salute them for being there for him. And Mr Shariibuu, if I was there I would tell it in your face, just get lost. I am a Malaysian, and proud of it.

  9. wits0 says:

    Support which is psychologically intimidatory (also not employed by the other side) is clearly nothing to be proud about.

  10. the Razzler says:

    I sincerely hope & pray that justice will prevail .. & may the wrong doers be punished for their misdeeds!

  11. Anokasudah says:

    I am proud to be Malaysian. But it doesn’t I hated Mongolian. I think it just between two individual parties that want to claim their right. No decision made yet and nobody’s guilty YET.

  12. Anokasudah says:

    I am proud to be Malaysian. But it doesn’t mean I hated Mongolian. I think it just between two individual parties that want to claim their right. No decision made yet and nobody’s guilty YET.

  13. mabuk says:

    ARB team are very insensitive and sounds rude. I believe the phrase “I’m proud of it” has double meaning and it depends on how we translate it.

    If Sharibuu come and say they are proud of the murder, then they will said that they actually proud of being ARB family members…but may be deep inside they laughing while shouting yes! actually we meant that!

    Shame on you ‘supposed to be’ witty lawyers Mazlinda….

  14. KerinchiGuy says:

    Can somebody please explain the rationale behind the prosecution team asking for the statement that the records of the Mongolian ladies entry into Malaysia was deleted from the computer, be expunged from the trial records on grounds that it was irrelevant.

    I would have thought such info would help strengthen their case against the accuseds. Good thing Karpal was there to insist that the judge take note of the relevant information.

  15. noname says:

    You guys watch too much CSI is it? Hey this is malaysia la and the system have been there for long. the case has become a real circus for both parties. I wonder what will happen to me if i stand outside the mongolian courthouse with a placard hoping there’s justice over there?
    oh yes to that person who suggested hauling up the Immigration officer, please haul up also the contractor who do the system, IBM for supplying the server, Oracle who supply the database, MOF official who approves the contract. I think all of them are accessory to murder because allowing a record to be deleted or accidentally deleted.

  16. wits0 says:

    Thincat, to inspire confidence in the upholding of the law may require more than a known FatTail cat(like Garfield)’s team to prosecute it properly. One side alone seems very much responsible for pushing the external circus show.

  17. queenofallbees says:

    methinks Baginda’s staff probably didn’t get paid for all these months and therefore were only reminding their boss of their existence with that banner of theirs. if i were them I’d sell the office furniture, equipment etc and look for a better job. Imagine that on your resume, previous job held – assistant to razak Baginda!!!

  18. gutless says:

    Altantuya called Razak Baginda a bastard at his house gate and he went out throught the back door. Hmmm. is that something his staff, his wife, his daughter should be proud of.

    And he let other people handle altantuya without once seeing her. She came to his office. She came to his house…. what more can a woman do?

  19. monsterball says:

    yes gutless…reading what Altantuya did…hire PI…visit the office and house and shouted all those things….threatened to expose Bag.
    She sound like being bluffed by Bag all the time. She sound naive and innocence….as if Bag’s family will be on her side..if she expose him.
    She sounds truly jilted ..desperate and full of hatred for BAG.
    She wanted to commit suicide.Why? It is a reaction of a jilted lady OR realizing her dangers as days went by….realizing BAG is up to something…..and he is a powerful man? her sixth sense told her she is in great danger…so no results..might as well commit suicide?
    From the above….the only so call mistake she may make was demanding huge sum…US$1/2 MILLION….yet murder should not be so….if Bag will negotiate. I THINK IT IS NOT BAG….look at his face and personality…quite a timid looking guy. I think it is someone close to him….can be very fierce and influencial. Bag is protecting someone else. HE KNOWS IT!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Now you all know the games that government officers and anyone who has something to do with the government play. They play the country’s governing game and when they are bored, they play with their natural instinct game. What else do they play ? Money game. Popularity game. Power game. When they can control the country, they can play any games. Allah has already destined that one day a person by the name of Altantuya will meet another person by the name of Baginda and together, they will rock the boat made in Malaysia. It is already destined that Malaysians will see the opposite side of beautiful Malaysia and that is her ugliness. Sometimes when these officers have all the power, they think they can do anything they like. They can delete immigration data and may be that is how all the Chinese females come into Malaysia. They can issue visas. That easy. They are not fit to be the country’s leaders because they misuse all the resources of the country for their own pleasure. But Allah is indeed great. He makes sure sinners do not go on sinning. Allah cannot be fooled by 5 times of prayer each day, all the fasting and all the rituals but in the heart planning all the deadly plans. I think Mazlinda is denying the real fact that her husband has done something wrong. I see her and I say what a pitiful woman. I see the daughter and I say why do you need a father like that. They will never want to accept that their most beloved one is a big time criminal. Yes, I do pity Mazlinda and the daughter because they don’t want to believe. Baginda is not the only bastard. There are many other bastards around. Now we know that when they are home, they can behave as pious as the next uztaz. Then when they leave home soil, their true self shows. What a pitiful situation.

  21. justavoice says:

    Bag’s family proclaiming they are proud of it maybe a way of getting a message through that they are proud that he’s willing to take the rap for someone else who is pulling the strings in this sandiwara of a case.Bag’s smiling because he knows that everything is fixed and that soon he’ll get out free.His big boss has given him that assuarance that he will be freed.After all these days of hearing the case we all can sense that they are distracting from the main issues behind the blowup by putting so much emphasis on a love affair gone sour.Prosecution and defence have struck their deals.It is so evident from the insipid lacklustre performence of both sides.

  22. atman says:

    Chances are Bgd might be right that he doesn’t order to murder her. Since he doesn’t admit it, don’t you feel that the police force shall continue to investigate further for other suspect might involved in this case?

    I think it is just too powerful for Bgd (who was detained) to do all the following …
    * make Attorney General’s Chamber to change the prosecutor team at the eleventh hour
    * (Immigration) record not found! (and prosecutor side the defender not to record this)
    don’t you feel proud about how capable one is.

    Just wonder whether this will end up just similar to few other infamous court cases that the suspect was released due to insufficient evident or release due to technically problem (and investigation just stop right after that).

    Check out the other story on YouTube – Altantuya Shaaribuu – Pembelian Kapal Selam also.

    Justice will prevail?

  23. hantutelur says:

    Not easy to belong to Baginda’s family with the verdict already known. Lending moral support to the man is least any person can do. You see, someone has to be blamed for the murder, now they have Razak. Motives are there, instruments are there, so any other evidence that might jeopardise the result has to be scrapped so that the verdict shall be “beyond reasonable doubts…”

    If Shaariibu so want the truth prevail and the real culprit be known, he should wait for the rest of 200 witnesses to be in the stand rather that creating a scene himself and making it easy for the prosecution.

  24. monsterball says:

    hantutelur…I think Kapal Singh will be advising Shaariibu…if he is making a fool of himself. Do not believe everything you read from the papers.
    There must be something going on OUTSIDE the court room that we do not see or hear.
    The picture is painted…as if it ifs family quarrel instead if a murder case.
    Do you sense that? If so…who is experts in twisting the facts..Monoglians or Malaysians?

  25. hantutelur says:

    Monty, This is the case of the Mongolians and some Malaysians working together… believe me. Please read Altantuya notes presented as evidence in court (find them at at http://powerpresent.blogspot.com ) if you are really a wise old man, you will know at a glance that those are fabrications.

  26. hantutelur says:

    Shaariibu used to claim in front of camera that his daughter was murdered because “she knows too much” (of what?) and now he settles for the imaginative “love affair” angle between Razak and A, that A was jilted and Razak didn’t want to see her forever because she kept pestering him for money. (You can check Susan’s earlier posting).

    Like the deceased daughter, the father also demanded money from our government. Did he get it?

  27. monsterball says:

    hantutelur….reaching the age of wisdom does not mean one must be so smart and wise in everything. If so…..we should not have any problem in judgement….since you know so much is true.
    I will rather put a post as ….according to it being …a mystery…as I read..while trial is still on than to conclude.

  28. monsterball says:

    hantutelur….Susan just put up a long and detailed post…talking about Najib and police woman not being call to court to testify.
    That is interesting and why not you give a comment there.

  29. dragon says:

    hantutelur…a father has just lost his daughter in such a cruelsome way, you have the heart to tell this old man to get lost in his face? Do you have a daughter that murder in such way? Can you feel or understand a person’s sorrow on losing their loved ones? I am a Malaysian and I am ashamed at your comments. Imagine how the foreigners who read your comments, will judge us.

  30. […] Shariibuu accuses Baginda’s team of “being proud of Altantuya’s death” Look for pictures and more stuff on PRESENT POWER POINT. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happens. […] […]

  31. Anonymous says:

    I am the anonymous who claimed to be a friend of ARB’s family friend.

    Knowing the family, I know it wasn’t that difficult to command ARB’s staff to display the PROUD OF YOU banner in fornt of the whole world.

    One of their social-family friend were quoted saying, “shd we? their family friends, bring a banner to the court in front of the media..saying ” We are Razak’s family friends and we are PROUD of him, ha ha ha”

  32. hantutelur says:

    dragon, Shaariibuu is very deceiving, believe me. He is blackmailing the country, you know that? Please read the following in full:-


  33. monsterball says:

    wow….this hantutelur is a genuis or an idiot….which is which.

  34. hantutelur says:

    If you have been following, mr ball, you will know what i am hinting

  35. monsterball says:

    Go hint some more. So are you a genuis or an idiot. Don’t be shy….answer lah.

  36. monsterball says:

    Here comes one trying new style to discrupt serious discussions on the murder case with his idiotic remarks.

  37. noname says:


    what hantutelur wrote is an angle of possibilities. He is entitled to his theories as all of us. Lets just see the outcome later.

    As other have advice you sir, be cool and lets concentrate on the matter at hand.

    Cheers on a nice cool friday morning (where my place is lah).

  38. justice says:

    ARB has obviously misused his influence with the police and other authorities in dealing with Altantuya. For that alone, i believe he should be put away for a long long time. He has indirectly cheated the Malaysian public and government.

    I am a malaysian and i’m shameful to have this matter happen in Malaysia. Nevertheless, these things are not new. My prediction is that this case will just go away because the judge would rule that the prosecution did a lousy job in convicting ARB. As with all high profile cases involving influential people in malaysia, the case will be dragged so long that when they decide to acquit him of the crime; the public would have already been too numb or bored with the whole fiasco that they would not care anymore. So much for justice in Malaysia :p

  39. wits0 says:

    Hantutelur, on his part, made reference to history without mentioning real History more completely :


    That would be obfuscation.

  40. […] fully agree with Susan Loone in her post entry, what make you feel proud when a human was blown into bits? This is matter of life, a crime not an […]

  41. monsterball says:

    I am cool noname. You go ahead and post .
    Read what witsO commented please.

  42. monte says:

    pride which is totally misplaced and even worse, wicked.

  43. Anokasudah says:

    hantutelur, i agree agree with your remarks. Losing a child won’t ended their temptation on Malaysian Ringgit. But everything was on the paper, even ARB being accused as a murderer in Mongolia. So where is the justice.

  44. serinaga says:

    I just wonder how could Razak Baginda’s family especially his wife could wear that “proud of it” T-shirt on the first day of the trial. Her husband cheated on her in the first place so how the heck can she be proud of her husband alleged adultery?

  45. hantutelur says:

    wits0, i’m sorry that at this moment i’m quite tight with my own project that i have so little time for argument. but i am sure what you pointed is ‘from another point of view (opposing)”, not historical fact, nor it is neutral. but loosely i can tell you that during those periods islamic civiliazation had flourished and the benefits were enjoyed not only by muslim, but other religion as well. knowledge, technologies and culture of the muslims were adopted by christians and other people. the savage people of mongolia and the neighbouring barbarians were not only seen as threats but real threats as they have proven later. the muslim caliphate of middle east had no choice but to defend the civilization. non believers were asked to embrace islam. the only way to see the beauty of islam is by being a muslim. (please don’t argue me on this statement, you can apply the same statement to your own religion, be it christianity, buddhism, hindu, whatever.) another point to consider is, like i mentioned earlier, those people were real threat, sooner or later they would invade and destroy any advanced civilization because they were… savage. they invade china earlier and killed millions of chinese. if it wasn’t islam in the middle east they still went and conquered and killed (earliest known ethnic cleansing). so what is the best defend if not by offence. ask sun tzu.

  46. wits0 says:

    “These people”, Hantu telur, don’t have any driving pedagogy to be a threat but you make them out to be because you are indoctrinated to believe so and not to think further.


  47. hantutelur says:

    well, wits0, likewise, you also have a one-side view on this, and purely it’s based on your misinterpretation, lack of understanding and, what’s worst, you prejudice on muslims and islam. i’m stressing on the point that the mongols were real threat, not only to islam, but also to humankind and civilizations, any civilization. if they were not, what explains the great wall of china?

  48. wits0 says:

    A wall is an tool and sign of aggression?

    Your logic simply has to be unsound. A point of view that can’t apply logic and only denial of all unpleasant history and demonisation of ALL other societies as worse than you own. The well known cart before the horse characteristic.

  49. hantutelur says:

    the wall was built by the chinese to defend themselves from the invasion of the Mongols… what do you think about the wall and what i meant, wits0? you must be reporter to misquote me like that

  50. monsterball says:

    hantutelur….The great wall of China was built by Emperor Chin 2500 years ago. Why bring that to described what Monoglians are today? Besides..the great wall was built not to keep Mongolians out only…but to keep ALL enemies out…including middle east invaders. Why not put yourself squarely back 2500 years ago ….then will they allow Malaysia to bully them? Infect …all Malaysians were still climbing tress like monkies when Mongolians are cultured.
    I fully agree with witsO of your unsound mind. He is not misquoting . He is far too smart for you to think him like so.

  51. noname says:


    STOP IT. ur are talking to the decendent of Genghis Khan there. Heh heh heh. Monterball, 2500 years ago where got malaysian lah.

    Cheers all. Keep cool people.

  52. monsterball says:

    Young man noname…..It is a figuratively speaking sentence…to put out my point.

  53. hawk says:

    Aiya, One Mongolian killed, and that she asked for it (Look at her last memo). Surely, they should be proud of Baginda having to go thru such harassments. And, so what? Look at the Mongols behavior. They are out to milk someone dry becos thier hands are holding something. No shame to even sue for RM100m. Hoping for some out of court settlement to happen? Who is barbaric?

    Genghis Khan killed millions and the whole of Mongolia is proud and honour him. They carved a picture of him on a hill slope.

    Genghis and his men raped all thier victims wives and dotters such that 1 in 7 of all ppls on EARTH carries the Mongol gene, including as far away as South America , Europe and USA. I think practically all Chinese have some Mongolian inside them.

    As I ve said at other sites “Live by the sword , die by the sword” Why make such a fuss? If not Altantuya, then Bagindas dotter will get hit. Better be Altantuya such that the score get settled. Sadly, they didnt cover up neatly.

  54. monsterball says:

    hawik is a pro UMNO member and talk nonsense…just to throw all of us from fair minded logical thinking of the murder case.
    We have seen such pattens before.
    He is trying to create angers from some commentators..especially from the chinese group….with his idiotic post.

  55. wits0 says:

    MB, I don’t quite expect anyone else to be that Machiavellian and boldly proposing that idea of means justifying the ends. Anyone else with decency, sufficient education, learning, logic and understanding would not subscribe to such an ideology in this present age and time. That is the antithesis to the basis of human rights. It’s an elitist perversion and won’t sell.

  56. monsterball says:

    witsO…Just found out this hawk is an idiot and a very sick christian..actually not a christian in true sense ….but he claims he is one…talking shit stuffs in the name of God.
    Yet here he is trying to create trouble….yet he asked everyone to have quiet revolution against BN….I repeat ….QUIET REVOLUTION.
    Worst ..he uses Anne Frank’s death as work of Jesus!! How I wish it was his granmother.
    He is a sick wacko

  57. wits0 says:

    Even Ghandi, btw, was not so great. He called on the world to do nothing about the Holocaust. Some things are being obfuscated in history and few knows about it except the part that which succeeded because circumstances(a tired and worn British Empire) permitted “Passive resistance” to succeed. Besides, comparatively speaking, the Brits were more gentlemenly colonialists.

    Hawk is a like a vulture apologising for his diet. Maybe a C of E follower of that apologist Leftist nutcase Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan William. Hahaha!

  58. monsterball says:

    witsO….If Gandhi is now recoginsed holy and a saint to hundreds of millions …surely what he said about the holocaust have deeper meanings that we ordinary folks may not understand. Again all Germans listened to Hitler about the Jews and followed his most cruel plan…as we human sees it…cannot sat those Germans are stupid. One need to see how Isreal can twist and turn facts into fictions…create something from nothing….so cunning against Palestinians…and killed millions as just war…right now.
    Worst of all….arms and war heads are all supplied by USA and yet USA is stopping others to sell arms. Is that not clearly double standard by the biggest bullier on Earth? They dare because they are the strongest….but not for long from now. They are afraid of few countries …starting from China….N.Korea and Iran to a few more….including Germany that feel all wars should be ended…regardless who is right or wrong…yet USA wirth their powers do not show the sincerity. That’s why US govt. is most hated by their people and the whole world….but US citizens have no guts…just talk talk talk and oppose…but do nothing. They are not hypocrites…simply no guts..yet not cowards…but totally selfish…..all because their knowledge of outside world is next to nothing…thus thinking they are humble….but the strongest people on Earth.
    Now you go think about what Ghandi said. He was welknown to be most wise…peaceful and embrace all religions….He hates Jews for sure….WHY?

  59. wits0 says:

    Monsterball, Gandhi was a politician too, a good man but certainly not that enlightened. Were he so, he would have predicted his own assassination. As it turned out, his decision to partition Indian(into Pakistan) did not bring back really normal relationship between two people separated by religion either to this day. By 1982 when Ben Kingsley played the Oscar winning film, many Indians have already forgotten about Gandhi. He had his own little publicized detractors on various grounds at home. The myth, hype part about him seem to be promoted by the Western historians all that while.

  60. monsterball says:

    witsO…Are you joking?
    If Gandhi can predict his own assassination….he would have predicted so many things and actually should be God reincarnate. No he was a simple smart man…the only man who can bring independence to his country with no violence. it was not his decision to partition with Pakistan. It is a decision to save much more killings.
    Buddha were forgotten for few hundred years…before being appreciated as extraordinary human beings. Gandhi will be remembered like so in future.
    The place he was cremated is now a shine…a tourist place. I have been there and hundreds visit and pray there everyday.
    But does not matter..it is my opinion…and not necessary yours is not correct .
    Lets move on.

  61. pope says:

    i’m glad karpal is there to monitor this case. i could not think what will happened if karpal not there to expose everything in the court. najib name will not even be mention in the court. the prosecuting teams are hopeless. they are government servants. how can we expect justice when the crime is related to powerful people in the government. where is justice? perhaps, justice is blind. could not help the victim.

  62. wits0 says:

    Karpal did his part, that which he was paid to do. The Just-ice System is in no better shape than the Education System and your children cannot make do without equivalent heavy tuition. Is it fast becoming like the one in ancient China where going to court for the poulace is something to fear next to death itself? While you slept, the original quality everywhere, that once was, got eaten away by worms.

  63. monsterball says:

    Then let us pray together for justice..pope

  64. hawk says:

    Huh…. u need us to pray?

    So talking abt GOD is relevant to this site.

    Well, my fren, at least we know, we need GOD . Lets seek HIM. For humankind, wherever , has proven to be unable to rule and govern. We need someone OMNIPOTENT over us.

    Whos better than a Father from heaven?

  65. farizrani says:

    FFS why is everyone getting worked up over the wrong things? Just a little food for thought:

    1. hantutelur is right (thank you hantutelur, you’re definitely one of the more intelligent people here); ARB’s family and friends are giving moral support to him (Proud to be affiliated to him), especially after the media so conveniently defaced him within a mere few hours of his arrest. I echo hantutelur again, if they were really proud of the murder, they’d say ‘PROUD THAT ALTUNTAYA GOT BLOWN TO BITS, WAY TO GO ARB!!’. But no, they said how they are related to ARB, and they all said that they are PROUD to be related to him. It’s all about moral support for ARB, not belittling Sharibuu.

    2. Of course, Sharibuu and his motley crew automatically think that ARB’s ‘team’ are proud that his daughter had a date with explosives…but remember that these mongoloids can’t speak english? Who’s to say WHAT they understand?

    3. People automatically think that because ARB is a VIP, he’s getting it easy. But no my friends. He’s getting it worse, BECAUSE he’s a VIP. People tend to think the worse of someone just because he’s a VIP. But again, let me just give a little more food for thought. How do you know ARB did not work hard his whole life to get where he is? How do you know that the baginda family did not come from humble beginnings? Please do not judge a book by it’s cover.

    4. Back to the case. Sharibuu’s ‘team’ seem to be riddled with inconsistencies. What they say seem to be SO planted. And totally doesn’t make sense. The two Mongolians that were with Altuntaya said that Suraj threatened them every night (and even threatened to throw them off the balcony). Then why did Altuntaya keep letting him in? And does it make sense that he slept on the bed while they stood up for 5 hours watching him in terror and he’s deep in slumber? And another interesting thing that we should all think about…Setev is a professor in psychology. I’m sure he knows which buttons to push

    5. Please remember friends that Altuntaya is NOT the tragic angel that everyone is painting her to be. She came to Malaysia with one objective and ONE objective only. Which is to threaten and blackmail ARB. Despite ARB continuously giving her loads of money, she still had the nerve to come and threaten his DAUGHTER if he did not pay her more money. And it sounds that she is very manipulative. Remember she told Bala and Ang her sad sad sad story (father passed away, mother cancer, dog blind and got three legs, etc etc)…and all the while she’s strutting around in her gucci sandals and expensive attire. If she’s such a good mother, why leave her children with her ‘dead’ father and cancer riddled mother? Please THINK about this.

    Ok these are my thoughts on the trial. Everything I’ve said are not facts, just like everything you see and read in the media. Please THINK and not take things at face value. But if you say something stupid, then you’re an idiot.

  66. farizrani says:

    Of course after all I’ve said about Altuntaya’s character, I do not believe that she deserved such a groosome death.

    Does anyone else think that the court is digressing a bit?

  67. jstc says:

    Idiot farizani, you’re fool. Altantuya could not be a nice person or being manipulative but she’s there for those idiots who chose to get involve with her. Those killer are worst then her in all forms.

    Malaysia is at its worst and will become worst with its elitist having the assumption that they can escape anything if they have the money and connection. Let me tell you this is what most of those elitist and so call rich who mix among themselve thinks.

    With so many murder and rape case not solve, with cases such as Noritta who many believe the police got involve to eradicate evidence and protect some big shots.

    Many more cases not known to the public where criminal escape because the police and prosecutor was bribe or pressured to do shoddy prosecution so the criminal escapes.

    Malaysia is at its worst with its Police, Judiciary, Immigration, Security Comission and almost all gov bodies being manipulated easily with power or bribe.

    With no righteous leader in all this gov bodies and with no system to protect those who chose to do the right thing, Malaysia can only get worst and not better.

    Lets just hang those who had plan and done the killing for this case its obvious someone did plan and executed the killing. Let this be made clear that Malaysia is a place where no one is above the law. Let this be a lesson for those well connected who had their value rotten to its core to think!

  68. @(!^&@ says:

    jstc…relax lah. Many will not believe Bolehland towering personalities can commit such atrocities. As long as we leave more digital fingerprint that never gets erased ( http://rantingsbymm.blogspot.com/2007/06/how-blogosphere-changed-how-we-behave.html ) justice will catch up eventually.

  69. Fariz says:

    Sorry jstc I have no idea what you’re going on about. Please take a deep breath, THINK about what you are going to say, then say it word by word. And try reading ‘Writing in English for idiots’.

    Did I not say that I do not believe that she deserves a gruesome death? Oops, I’m sorry…maybe you didn’t understand what I meant. Let me put it so you can understand…gua tak caya itu pelempuan patut kena bunuh. lu paham skrang?

  70. cthztira says:

    i not sure about all of this.. hopefully we can see the honestly from this trial

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