Update: Altantuya’s dad to lodge police report on missing Immigration records

On December 13, this blog reported a contact with Mongolian writer Undurya Tumursukh, who revealed that:

Mr. Steve Shaariibuu, the Honorary Consul and some other related people found out that Altantuya and her companions’ entry records were erased when Mr. Shaariibuu was returning with the remaining Mongolian woman. The Malaysian immigration refused to let the young woman through the control because they claimed she had entered illegally as her records are not in the computer. Upon examination, it was reveled that the records of entry of Altantuya and her companions had been erased. It is suspected that the killers of Altantuya were planning to do away with her companions as well so as not to leave any witnesses”.

But at that time, no one paid heed to this expose. Some preferred to ridicule my reports.

Today, the Mongolian witness told the Shah Alam High Court that her immigration entry records into Malaysia had been deleted and she was held at the airport for two hours by immigration officers before she could leave the country.

In a Malaysiakini report on the seventh day of the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial, Uuriintuya Gal Ochir, 30, was continuing her testimony before judge Mohd Zaki Yasin who had asked her when she had returned to Mongolia.

Uuriintuya had previously testified that she and a friend, Namiraa Gerelmaa, had accompanied Altantuya to Malaysia on Oct 8 last year.

Uuriintuya told the packed courtroom that while Namiraa had left for Mongolia first on Oct 24, she couldn’t do the same as her passport was with Altantuya on the night the latter went missing.

“On Nov 24, I left with Altantuya’s father Shaariibuu (Setev) but at the airport we had a problem because they (immigration officials) did not have a record of Altantuya, Namiraa or me entering the country. They said they had no data of our records. The entry was deleted in the computer.

“I was still holding my air ticket so they asked me how I came into the country […] was it by sea or by car. So I showed them my ticket that had the date of when I flew into Malaysia.”

Really, what can one make out of this?


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  1. ghenjis khan says:

    Let everybody know that you cannot simply erase computer records, particularly, it being build upon a “database” [eg Oracle].

    Every other transaction are recorded in the computer journal, meaning, every addition, amendment and DELETION are recorded.

    the journal would tell us, time, date and perhaps, the person who did the transaction and the level of authority for approval of such transaction.

    Get the “lousy” DPP to question the DG of Immigration …. but only if there is motive and sort of “conspiracy” to do something commit a “felony” ie. a criminal act punishable by law.

  2. kittykat46 says:

    This is really scary “Twilight Zone” territory.
    I can imagine the scenario, if it had been successfully carried out. After Altantuya and the others disappear, the police would come up with a statement “There is no evidence these persons ever entered Malaysia – end of investigation”.

    If you have high enough access level and know what you are doing, even the detailed record of who/when of the Deletion transaction can be wiped clean. In a previous job, I was the only person in the whole organisation who had that authorisation – so if any funny business occurred, they knew who to go after. But I’m not sure if the Immigration department has such stringent controls.

    Whoever did it, you can be sure it required high level authorisation. Just adds fuel to the suspicion there were people at the HIGHEST level of the Malaysian government involved in this case.

  3. wits0 says:

    “..”It has been deleted. I wonder why our record entering Malaysia has been deleted?” she asked. At this juncture, Mohd Zaki told her “you have been finally allowed to leave Malaysia. Why are you complaining?””

    I don’t think the judge didn’t understand the point.

  4. OA says:


    RB claimed that he didn’t know what happened next to the victim after she was taken away by the dpm’s body guards – WAS AN OBVIOUS LIE.

    He knew all along that she was to be killed – with the help of his “BOSS” – and that’s the reason why the immigration records were deleted. Who else has the ability to wield such power to delete such record if you are not someone way high up there?

    It is not what the PIs or the 3 convicts did that matters most but who gave the order to have her executed?

    Dpm should know. He loves blood.


  5. LeithaisoR says:


    You omitted the URL for the Dec 13, 2006 item6, so to save anyone else who, like me, may also want to take a look, here’s the URL:

    Exclusive: More leads on Altantuya’s murder

  6. monsterball says:

    Like Kapal Singh said…That was an important evidence. Why was it erased….yet out of so many thousands visitors….only these are erased?
    Let them prove it is computer error or done purposely. I think it it going to be proven..done purposely…then there is a motive behind erasing the names…showing no entry..and if three are killed…no proof of them coming in?
    Now who can have such powers to erase the names?

  7. wits0 says:

    There was even this dude, a commentator in this blog not so long ago, whose handle I’ve forgotten. He insisted that the immigration merely stamp the passports and don’t make entry into its computer system….too much work, he insisted. Obviously he was trying to dissimulate us because this doesn’t seem to be the case.

    If a deletion was made, the delete and deletion, as Kittykat pointed out has to be recorded. Why was it deleted then?

    Obviously even if data is deleted, unless it is erased(as versus normal deletion) by known method of wiping like those you’ll find with top secret method, as employed by the DoD outfit of countries like the US, e.g., the actual data may be recovered easily enough by dedicated expert. In this case the pertinent enough point is the who and the why, not necessarily the actual data itself.

    The way of wiping computer data :

    Wanna one freebie? : http://www.heidi.ie/eraser/

    This is a very important point to pusue if the intelligent public is to be convinced that the the System is not a shabbly just-ice one…once again.

  8. monsterball says:

    The immigration dept is the most important right now with so many outside threats and bombing incidents…plus our special problem on people coming here to work without permits.
    Thus every details going out or in must be recorded.
    Mongolians details must be PURPOSELY deleted…and to do so …must be from one with great power or influence….cannot be due to tidak apa attitudes.

  9. lkt56 says:

    Check the passengers manifest of the airline. 🙂

  10. yh says:

    who ordered the deletion of the data? why was this info not pursued? more than meets the eyes?

  11. noname says:

    Yes usually database transaction is recorded. From where i come, it is called transaction log or history ( i presume its the same as journal. Correct me if i’m wrong Genghis Khan).
    But from where i come also, this transaction log is only a feature in the db (db=database) which the implementor can choose to implement or not. It all depends on the design of the system and the db.
    The statement says record deleted, but the fact is it does not appear in the db. from where i come, there’s few possibilities for this:
    1) record have been deleted meaning taken out from the db table(s).
    2) record erased meaning the storage (or hard disk) is wiped clean.
    3) record never saved during keyed in (connection error to the db – u know la streamyx nowadays)
    4) record wrongly entered (instead of clicking mongolia the person click on malawi) – thats why cannot find under mongolia / record not found message
    5) country mongolia not defined in the country table (again when search for mongolia record not found)

    Knowing how the local IT industry works, add in the knowledge and attitude of the govt IT personnel, i’m not surprise if the system is not defined properly or there is still a bug in the system (something like a bug which will not save mongolia entry record). Soem hire a web designer and call it a programmer (btw a db personnel is called databse administrator at my place).
    From where i come also, there is a term called masuk belakang (not the benggali depan kasi belakang juga mau joke OK), which is to go directly to the tables in the db and delete entry from there. usually it will not be recorded in the system log.
    from where i come also, db security not only on the log, it has to be physically secured which is first in a lockable server rack, followed by being placed in a datacenter, in a secured LAN segment, where the datacenter or access to servers are physically controlled using card access, CCTV, etc. I do know that all this procedures are not fully followed by many govt agencies.

    But anyhow all those i wrote is from where i come. Here it could be plainly deleted by someone powerful enough. Just to share some knowledge from my place.


  12. hantutelur says:

    Noname: Average Malaysians are not techie enough so save your time explaining. The real question is: ada ka tak dak? Either ada or tak dak. But the answer we get is: aiya… tiam2 la… kautim… kautim. Nanti panjang cerita pulak.

  13. monsterball says:

    So you are the smartest…..hantutelur

  14. i know says:

    I appreciate that some of you really took the trouble to explain the ‘technicalities’ involved in ‘deleting’ a record from the system or why it does not appear in the system (due to human error, computer error, network problem..and so forth ). Here are two possible scenarios and one of which involves the msian immigration point of view.

    1) I’ve known cases whereby the immigration officer (IO) did not put the passport through the machine even though the passport is machine readeable and this could also mean that info was not updated in their computer. This could be due ‘system down’ or other types of technical problems. With that in mind, if you go through ‘fast track’, normally IO would be more more ‘lenient’ in letting you go through (with or without updating your info on the system) and how ‘lenient’ they are also depends on your nationality.

    2) Also we have to remember that, if all 3 records were ‘deleted’, then how come of one of the 2 mongolians who left earlier, managed to leave the country without any fuss and the second one had problems? The second mongolian said that she couldn’t leave the same time as her friend because her passport was with Altantuya on the night the latter went missing. Does that mean that she got back her original passport or that she had to get a replacement one? Could it be that because she was using a replacement one that there was no record of entry in her passport since it was an entirely new passport? And because she was using an entirely ‘new’ passport, that triggered the IO to query her as to whether she entered the country illegally. Could it be that the ‘mastermind’ wanted the women to leave the country quietly without them knowing that their records have been ‘deleted’? But the ‘masterminds’ plans were botched because the IO stopped the second woman and thus leading her, and altantuya’s father to find out that their records have been deleted.

  15. wits0 says:

    i know : “and how ‘lenient’ they are also depends on your nationality. ”

    The worms have eaten into everywhere. Please celebrate 50 years on such basis!

    As for no.2, all possibilities naturally cannot be exempted.

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