Now I guess they will strive to produce a marriage certificate in court. But Altantuya’s dad, Mr Stev Shariibuu had said here that it would be “fake”. Looks like Mr Shariibuu has a third eye and can forsee “things”.

I had asked him if there was such a marriage. And he said “Well, in Mongolia, there is definitely none. Because a child’s marriage would not be recognised without the consent (signature) of the father”.

What would a marriage prove anyway?

How many more myths or sleezy stories till we arrive at the truth?

All I want to know is why was she murdered, who ordered her killing, and who ordered the murder weapon, the C4 explosives.

I hope the court will not be used as a platform to churn out sleezy bedtime stories.

And all this without the right of reply from the very person concerned, Altantuya.


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  1. wits0 says:

    Instead of pursuing all sorts of sleazy diversionary tales, the Court could of course find out the truth about the immigration records. What’s so difficult or inadmissible is that allegation? Just subpoena for it, to verify the authencity or otherwise of the serious allegation and be above suspicion. The implication is clear. How to appear to pursue justice otherwise?

  2. wits0 says:

    “What would a marriage prove anyway?”

    That it was worth half a million in USD?

  3. kittykat46 says:

    This trial is having more plot twists than “Desparate Housewives”.

    The court also seems to be super hasty in trying to suppress the item on the missing immigration records.

    To a person like me who used to have substantial involvement in issues of computer database security, it has huge implications, but notice the DPP very swiftly tried to have the statement expunged from court records.

    It doesn’t help getting justice for the one who was murdered.

  4. whispering9 says:

    ‘All I want to know is why she was murdered, who ordered her killing, and who ordered the murder weapon, the C4 explosives.’

    Isn’t it true that the above questions are usually answered by good and brave journalism? The police usually apprehend the suspects and the court only pass the verdict or judgment upon conviction. Malaysian journalists leave the writings and conclusion to the court jesters. The blog commentators are better at answering these questions as the trial layers on.

  5. ghenjis khan says:

    Everybody wants to know:

    [1] why is a Mongolian visitor shot twice and disposed by explosives.
    [2] who shot her and who disposed her body.
    [3] who ordered / instructed / commanded agents to shoot and to dispose her body
    [4] who approved the use of explosives and control item of the Army / UTK[PDRM]
    [5] who decide the conduct of the DPPs and who is responsible for the Criminal Investigations

  6. WATTAHACK? says:

    [6] what was the motive to delete their immigration records

  7. oA says:


    Marriage is the only way to down play the “power be” that was involved in the murder case. It is obvious isn’t it that the defendant is trying ever so hard to make this a personal relation matter – so that he could distract suspicion toward the fact involvement of the power be?

    Never to forget that those convicts and the PIs had been carrying out their duty with CONFIDENCE, confidence can only be exuded by a powerful backing by someone wayyy up there. Definitely, not the way she was disposed off by means of bullets and C4.

    Don’t forget too that the victim has nothing to do with those two “body guards” so it is inconceivable for them to kill her. They killed (with confidence by used of c4) only with order and “approval” of some one with authority.


  8. wits0 says:

    [7] what hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo is being used via legality to do do an ostrich to avoid any chance of facing the danger of [6]?

    Every devious trick under the law?

  9. wits0 says:

    If they spin the tale that the C4 was stolen, then someone who’s in charged of that (strictly military end-uder ONLY)) explosive will have to be bought and take the fall for carelessness.

  10. monsterball says:

    Marriage may prove Bag have no rights to stop a wife seeing her husband. and therefore…… it is therefore not necessary to employ PIs….to stop a wife seeing him…no logic….unless…….

  11. oA says:


    After a long and arduous suspicion, about C4, the home minister finally spoken out days before the trial that C4 is under its jurisdiction.

    What took them so long to let the public know under whose jurisdiction C4 is though? It seems sudden and premeditated the expose – yeah of course for the beneficial and convenient sake of some power be.



  12. wits0 says:

    That C4 is under the jurisdiction of the Home Ministry does not mean that C4 is store in some vault under the(any) Home Ministry building. We surely have an idea of how it is stored and are not that clueless.

  13. ghenjis khan says:

    please observe the employees of ARB’s company with their banner !

    what is it, they are trying to signal to ARB or rather the Malaysia Public and the REAL CULPRITs ?????

    as for ARB, they tell him to be truthfull and BLURT it all out when he takes the stand.

    as to the Malaysian public, we know something like all of you BUT are afraid to tell the world.

    as to the REAL MASTERMINDS , meaning, the person or persons, who harbour the intention, instructed, commanded, suggested, to ELIMINATE the victim …beware , someday everything will come out !!!

  14. monsterball says:

    PI said that’s what Altantuya told him. It is quite natural for one to say that ….even if it is not true …to get the PI go and do his job….but the defense will use that to prove she lied and thus… a lying character.

  15. Anonymous says:

    ghenjis khan,

    I m the anon who claimed to ‘know’ ARB’s family, plus the extended family, thru close contacts

    Knowing them, it is not diificult for them to COMMAND ARB’s staff to put the banner stating they are PROUD of him AS WELL.

  16. hasilox says:

    Where is the trial heading? Why do I think the beef is missing.

    Eric Chia’s one was interesting. Acquitted because of lousy prosecution work. Did that prosecution team got the same salary increase as this one? They certainly deserve the increment, don’t they?

  17. monsterball says:

    Now the latest news is that even Bag and Atlantuya got married in HongKong…the marriage cert is not recognised in Malaysia.
    I wonder did Bag give her a muslim name.
    If not…he has committed another crime against his religion…is it not?

  18. noname says:

    Can someone please help me here coz i’m kinda lost.
    1) How did the poice know an explosion occur in a jungle?
    2) How did they confirm its C4?
    3) If the body was blown to pieces, how did they confirm its the deceased (is it through checking missing person record)
    4) Do they do DNA? how reliable can our DNA be? Similar to the case of the son DNA taken.

    Lots of possibilities:
    1) Someone higher involved and ordered the execution (cant believe any person capable of ordering that and still smile to the cameras until today)
    2) Razak ordered it through his association with the security personnel
    3) its a case of miscommunication pertaining to the instruction to waste her
    4) altantuya actually came in illegally, plan the incident or take opportunity of an incident and target Razak
    5) Money as the motives (commission not paid, extortion, international blackmailing org) – perhaps attached tp the african scam
    6) Plan to kill of a higher person by another higher person (some have to be the scapegoat – remember BBMB and Lorraine Osman)

    The way i see it, DPPs concentrating on the murderers (brushing aside any political motives which can effect the present government). Defence concentrating in creating theories for possible release. Public concentrating that it is a big scandal involving political figures and multi million commission (thanks to the former finance minister for the info – appreciate some concrete proof to end it all). So with all the divided concentration (or belief):

    1) 2 policeman will hang for the crime (justice done)
    2) razak free (lack of evidence/loose storyline to tie him – mostly one sided story from the relatives of the deceased)
    3) Deceased father will take it further (international court/US Govt/write a book/do a movie all in the name of unserved justice)
    4) mongolian girls will still come to work here coz the money’s good
    5) bloggers will go on for another 2-3 articles about the justice system
    6) readers and commenters will go on for a month doing post mortem comments on the outcome
    7) some make conclusion that justice system sucks, but nobody qualified enough (with proper legal qualification) to replace the justice people
    8) public keep on voting the same component party
    9) everyone will stop and forget the entire things once the fuel price goes up again. hah hah hah

    In summary, we all write millions in here but we will still be the same (only poorer perhaps).

  19. Mulan says:

    Yes I do agree with Whispering9: All I want to know is why she was murdered, who ordered her killing, and who ordered the murder weapon, the C4 explosives.’

    + Who ordered to Erase 3 girls entry Data to Malaysia? Why?

  20. Citoyen says:

    Hi, Sloone

    Il discover your blog … and that horrible history.
    I don’t read for the moment all that you posted about Altantuya
    But il have already a question : can you tell me more about that “small point” ? :

    ” U-Nee – real name Hur Youn, but who performed under the stage name Lee Hye-ryeon – became known to Malaysians when her pictures were mistakenly used for murdered Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaaribuu.” (source : Thestar Online)

    Thanks to answer on my blog

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