All photos by Black.

At a press conference today held by SUARAM and Women’s Development Collective in Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur, Altantuya’s father, Mr Stev Shariibuu, chided newspapers for “mis-informing” the public about his daughter. He went on to reveal facts about his daughter, confirming various stories by this blogger since the case exploded on Malaysian soil, in November last year.

“The victim’s side had always been reported negatively, misunderstood and had wrong facts”.

First of all he revealed that Altantuya was never a model. She was a professional interpreter. She studied languages for 6 years and had 2 university degrees. (There was another Altantuya who was a model and friend, but it was not his daughter).

He said the media portrayed her as a “prostitute”, as a “bad person”. “But my daughter was a simple person, quite beautiful. Everywhere she goes, every single man will stop and look at her”.

He added that there was even a “contract” between a Malaysian and Mongolian newspapers to write negative stories about Altantuya. “I want to apologise for one word. This is called “prostitution”. When journalist write something and sell it to get rich”.

“Abdul Razak Baginda and my daughter had a business deal, not a sexual relationship,” he said, showing documents that supported his claims. These documents were revealed for the first time.

Shariibuu then asked why was Altantuya killed on 19 october (2006). What was the significance of the date? It was Ramadhan time, where everyone was at home, enjoying with their family.

In Mongolia, he said, it was Mother’s day where daughters bought under wears for their mothers.

“But until today, I could not give that under wear to my wife,” he added.

Lastly, Shariibuu reminded all Malaysians not to forget the Altantuya story. He said he had only one thing to say:

“What duty do policemen have? They are the most trusted people for us. In case something happens, we approach police. But in this case, who committed the crime? The police of Malaysia. That’s why the government must be responsible”.



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  1. monsterball says:

    I like the last paragraph spoken by the father. From there…it can be traced UPWARD to the real killer/killers.
    Black said the father is a role model to all fathers. I agree.
    3 more days to the trial….so long he has waited…lets hope he now practice not to worry and get unnecessary stresses. I am sure he is a master of meditations.
    he confirmed his late daughter was a interpreter…meaning a straight forward working girl…never a model.
    The mystery actually widened…..if so….why was she here….why was she blasted to pieces?

  2. oA says:


    People kill for money and power.

    Her case unfortunately involved both.

    “Someone” should answer what it is like to finally bath in the blood of others.


  3. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Susan,
    Many thanks for keeping this case on the agenda. Yours and Eli’s blog seem to be the only ones really asking the right questions.
    Anwar’s questions are always treated with suspicion that it is linked to his political ambitions.

    Many blogs have already abandoned the issue – especially the UMNO-linked fellas. They may be highly critical of AAB’s administration, but on an issue like this which threatens UMNO to the core, they are all protecting the establishment…..

  4. vishnu says:

    The case is closely watched by millions around the world, its a shame and big test for Najib.During Anwar’s case there was no Blogger power, but this time the blogs are revealing more than what the mainstream media cannot or refuse to publish.Thank you so much Susan for the updates.

  5. monsterball says:

    Yes…Thanks you susan

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  7. hasilox says:

    The previous administration was badly bruised by a questionable court saga. Will the same happen to the current administration? Lets wait and see.

  8. no to all-blogs says:

    Yes people. the pro-umno bloggers and we know who they are…are more interested in quetioning anf disparaging susan loone’s name instead of questioning the powers that be….doesnt that all tell you something? that all-blogs and those associated with it, will protect its master, and not you people, who are the members….!

  9. Damian Yeo says:

    Thank you for reminding me the ethics of blogging. And yes this case will definitely precedes the case of Anwar Ibrahim as the mother of all trials. Everybody will be watching this case closely not only from Mongolia or Malaysia but everywhere. My only prayer is for a fair trial.

  10. monsterball says:

    hi Damian Yeo..On behalf of Susan and everyone….welcome.
    We all share the same prayers…..but I understand Mahathir has prepare a 300 pages defense and may not appear in court. I guess for the Kota Baru case as a witness…he dared not fool around with a judge at Pas admin…..but back here..he is cocksure UMNO will not want to embarrass their own ex-PM….AND I think he will even defy court command him to appear. Otherwise…why 300 pages of written defense?
    Lets see…what will be the out-come.If he can use the 300 pages….there goes fair trial matters. If we don’t appear even for the slightest small court case…we will be jailed for sure…unless proven with medical letter that we cannot do so.

  11. monsterball says:

    At last…today the court case begins in less than an hour from now.
    I presume Susan and Black and many others are there for first hand news.
    Can imagine ..few are there as early as 5am…waiting in line to get a seat inside.
    All of us sit at home and read reports from these noble bloggers…but try to appreciate your sacrifices from their own free will…not paid by anyone o do such coverage.
    Such human rights activists are simply much to be admired and respected.
    Only as a commentator in blogging I met few of these wonderful people.

  12. Anonymous says:

    the apple you polished here is so shiny now.
    go try it with RPK, (again), see if it works yeah..
    oh yeah and how about your bro’s simon and rocky? 😉

  13. kittykat46 says:

    Aiyah, Monsterball wrote something logical and polite, also “kena”.
    I wanted to stop posting on Susan’s blog, but couldn’t resist after reading the previous post….

  14. Simon Wee says:

    Comparison has been made between this case and that of Anwar.

    Anwar’s case split the Malays down the middle with the other Malaysians mostly sitting on the fence.

    This case alarms the other Malaysians but the only stake will be Malaysia’s reputation overseas. Electionwise, they are just as safe falling back on the “gerrymandering” strategies cemented since May 13.

  15. 1 Mongolian says:

    hey wait a minute. He doesn’t say anything about under wear. This is sound weird…

  16. ghenjis khan says:

    Susan Loone,

    Do you think you could let us have some definitive statement from your Mongolian sources:

    [1] have the DNA been taken from the 2 sons of the Late Ms Altantuya?

    [2] is there any other child apart from the 2 that we know of , meaning would the parents of the Late Ms Altantuya in the knowledge of the pregnancy, of their Daughter?

    Just want to put the pieces together …. as we go along.

  17. anon says:

    Listen to this about monsterball:-

    So please stand corrected, I HAVE NO REASON TO BE SICKENINGLY JEALOUS OF YOU. I have no hidden agenda, I just like reading clever informative blogs and I also enjoy reading the comments that accompany those blogs. But yours is one of those I avoid reading. You are a BIGOT, MonsterBall. You need re-education. People like you are danagerous to this country!!!! You are here to run a popularity race and you have nothing constructive to contribute. You keep calling yourself a blogger when you are NOT a blogger. You have so much venom in you. Get a reality check!!

  18. monsterball says:

    FRIENDS …Please ignore. Let them say all they want over and over again….but please do not let them rojak Susan’s blog!!
    Susan will know when to delete…me or anybody.
    Stay calm. She is busy in court.

  19. athirah says:

    This is a tribute to altantuya….

    please visit

    To Everyone Involved:
    The Victim (deceased) ,
    The Accused & Their Families and Friends,
    The Judge,
    The Prosecutors &
    The Defence Team
    and Others.

    God has predesigned our lives up to every second, every single moment. Whatever happened both inside and outside us, all has been predetermined by God from time immemorial. Allah has set our destiny with utmost wisdom, farsightedness, fairness and justification, ideal and protecting all creations.

    There is not even one single defect when God determines anything as God is the Most Perfect and Most Pure from any mistakes and negligence. Refusing to accept and having ill feelings towards God`s fate upon us could disavow us and blemishing our faith. As if God`s fate and destiny has weaknesses and inaccurate. Actually human`s nafs or desire will accept anything good from God and he feels good about God at that instance.

    However, when something unbeneficial happens to him, he feels God`s fate is inaccurate. He begins to grumble, whining and protesting showing his dissatisfaction. This is how human beings behave, very unrighteous and despicable towards God.

  20. ghenjis khan says:


    Justice [adl, haqq] is putting things in their proper places ….and God always does , every occasion …..hence, Majid Fakhry’s Occasionalism.

    The Space and Time given men chooses to displace, misplace, dislocate, deviate, abets, conspire, misspoken, lie, cheats, corrupts, interfere, etc etc etc ….. causing thereby, injustices.

    as an example, the conduct and ethical behaviour of a Syarie Lawyer is very different from that of a Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

    regardless, a Muslim Judge sitting, even in the English Courts or American Jury Trial must be cognizant of the God who is Omipresent, All-Knowing even in the hearts of the Judge himself ….

    that’s why, it is encumbent upon a Muslim Judge to set a good example, thus, to recuse himself should he presides in the presence of family members or close relatives as litigants or legal team.

    [ at one time, Pakistan used to have a Pakistani Christian Chief Justice, and he behaved accordingly ]

  21. simon wee says:

    Fellows who love Susan.

    It is a act of stupidity to publicise Susan’s movements. Being CIA-trained when in Pinkerton, I know the world out there. Being an admirer of Susan (for her work and not her tubuh), I will of course extend whatever protection, security to her if required. To the person who divulged, he is a real idiot!

  22. monsterball says:

    Sleep well braggart coward simon wee

  23. monsterball says:

    Just got some informations from those at the court. They are real tired.
    The court case is going on smoothly….

  24. athirah says:

    ghenjis khan,
    I can’t disagree more
    what I wrote was only an introduction of the whole blog concept…

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  26. cik mek sal says:

    i dont know y wasting so much time…so straight forward case! that baginda ORDERED the other 2 to kill her…otherwise what the hell the 2 go and kill her 4? we have little respect for the police force but now lost all of it due to this case.

    imagine malaysia already hv few issues concerning world, and now the world just want to focus on this case..just to c how far it goes and how far will the malaysia government interfere.

    if the 3 of them don’t end up with death penalty…then there isn’t any justice in malaysia – no point malaysia fighthing for justice outside world when they can even handle this in thier own country!!!

    you are baginda wife and daughter – and you r proud of it

    well of course – proud to be murderer wife and children – it not why are they sitting in the prison?

    shame on you..shame on everything


  27. wits0 says:

    Mrs Bag is also a lawyer. Perhaps one day she can explain to us the rationale for her “pride”?

    Proud of her husbands alleged extra-marital affair, for one?

  28. Anonymous says:

    cik mek sal, there is something wrong with your logic. how can:
    1) a civilian order special unit to hancurkan altantuya? can that be done? can i ask IGP Musa Hassan to gun down someone?
    2) why did Pn Mazlinda said ‘i dont want justice to be done, but to right a wrong? why doesnt she want justice and why does she want only a wrong to be right? she is a former judge so there is something in her saying
    3) why is ARB family sticking with him through this? even so, they need not wear t shirts supporting him cause as you know, if a husband had an affair and moreso asked someone to kill somebody else, how can one support this man? this 1+1 does not make sense.
    4) why is it that the prosecution have already concluded that it is mainly due to an ended affair, extortion and murder? if its all to it, then why must the victim be killed, blown up and her body scattered into a million pieces in a jungle outside the city? why couldnt it just be a simple hit and run accident? is it because someone wanted to make sure that there is no trace of altantuya entering the country? And who has this right in deleting the entry of the victim in Malaysia?
    5) Why must ARB kill someone to whom is just asking for money? that is the one that puzzles me. Is it that Altantuya was asking more than what ARB was earning? Is it because he is afraid the wife will find out? if it was so simple, then why is there a court case? a murder was done, an affair was the reason, then he should admit guilt.

    there is something that does not makes sense. there is someone outside who is playing the cards and that someone is the one holding the BIG TWO card. You may think that its so simple but i believe it is not so. I think the reason of this conspiracy is all because of money, around RM300 million of it. And someone just didnt want to play ball.

    but, that my friends, is a story for the afterlife. You wont get the truth out of the sandiwara. the court case is just a scene, an act, because the world is watching, and someone has to be the fall guy.

    as fox mulder said, the truth is out there.

  29. cik mek sal says:

    ya. the husband playing kayu 3…and she is damm proud of it – maybe shld give certificate, degree etc etc.

  30. cik mek sal says:

    dear Anonymous,
    frankly u can ask all the questions and compare eveything with it in this world. logic or no logic – it is up to each individual..

    if he did not ask the 2 to kill her, that means yah, an alian somewhere out there req for it…i guess you must be right…after all – just wait for fox mulder to get back to us.

  31. kittykat46 says:

    When you follow this trial you have to remember a common disclaimer for Hollywood “Docudramas”.
    “The following story is loosely based on true events. However portions of the drama have been fictionalised for artistic purposes. Some names and events have been changed or deleted to protect unrelated parties”

  32. wits0 says:

    Indeed, Anonymous 4.11pm, plenty does not make sense. The Prosecution is following the old script full of holes.

  33. Anonymous says:

    dear cik mek sal
    yes, could be an alien who asked that the victim be killed.
    this alien could be and maybe a bald headed man’s, wife.

  34. ghenjis khan says:

    What transpired today and yesterday, is that fact, that the Crown {DPP] choses to bring the first Prosecution witness and guess who that might be?

    An ex-Police Corporal who decided to become a Private Detective.

    How on earth can you VERIFY the the truth of his testimony with regards to the person of Altantuya.

    He said Altantuya told her story-line … and we cannot ask Altanuya to confirm or deny what has been told in the Court.

    Something very fishy going on …….

    And what the heck, we they trying to say to us …wearing the T-shirts , from one angle, to broadcast over the TV so that those are also DIRECTLY INVOLVED will get the message loud an dclear !!!!

  35. kittykat46 says:

    I would be very surprised if the defense lawyer did not rise to challenge the Private Detective’s testimony.

    What he says Altantuya told him is very weak evidence to establish motive – the actual person is dead and cannot verify it is the truth or otherwise.

    Hi Simon Wee, wanna comment on that legal point ?

  36. simon wee says:

    The first two days of trial saw the reporters unable to agree on this point: Did or didn’t Razak Baginda make the police report of extortion by the late Altantuya. There are conflicting versions on this point. Sample this:

    The Star

    Tun Abdul Majid said that upon confiding in a senior police officer friend about his problems, Abdul Razak was advised to lodge a police report in view of the serious threats.
    However, the political analyst did not do so and in turn, asked his friend to keep whatever he told him a secret. Abdul Razak then met C/Insp Azilah at his office at the Bangunan Lembaga Getah Asli on the morning of Oct 18 after his friend gave him his number.

    New Straits Times

    Balasubramaniam: Because she was extorting money from him.
    Tun Majid: Based on your experience, isn’t extortion a criminal offence?
    Balasubramaniam: Yes. I advised him to lodge a police report.
    The court was told that Razak did lodge a police report. He was accompanied to the police station by a lawyer friend identified only as Darren.


    He said that after Abdul Razak refused to meet Altantuya at his office, she went to his house and caused a scene before she was taken to the police station to lodge a report.

    “Abdul Razak, through his private investigator, asked the deceased not to lodge a police report because he was worried about the publicity in the press and the private investigator also advised him to lodge a police report but he didn’t. He also did not follow the advice to get the help of Immigration to deport the deceased,” he added.

    Rentetan cerita tersebut tidak terputus apabila terdapat keterangan yang menunjukkan Abdul Razak telah menceritakan masalah ugutan Altantuya kepada rakannya, seorang pegawai kanan polis.
    Rakannya itu telah menasihati Abdul Razak untuk membuat laporan polis memandangkan ancaman Altantuya adalah serius, namun tertuduh itu tidak berbuat demikian.
    Abdul Razak yang telah meminta rakannya itu supaya merahsiakan apa yang telah diceritakan, sebaliknya telah meminta rakannya itu memperkenalkan seorang pegawai polis dari Balai Polis Brickfields untuk membantunya menyelesaikan masalah dengan Altantuya.

    If he did make the police report over the extortion bid then he might have nothing to hide and this could be just a simple extortion case went wry.

    If he did not make that police report then he might have something to hide. All the inferences that this case has a political implication could be bolstered further.

    At this initial stage what has been unfolded in court is purely a love affairs turned sour leading to the murder. The political inferences may come during cross-examination of the prosecution witnesses and later the testimonies of the defence witnesses.

    The case also underscore the importance of getting the right person for the right job.

    Getting policemen with access to explosives and firearms would result in a “blow up” job (jeffooi’s joke).

    Private investigators of which I was one, with no access to explosives and firearms would resort to cleaner and quieter resolution.

    There was a case in Singapore in which a man befriended a vagabond, insured him for S$500,000 and then took him to Cambodia where he drown in a bath tub.

    He returned to Singapore and made the insurance claim but was rejected, He sue and the case was dismissed on the following grounds:-
    1. The vagabond’s drowning was under mysterious circumstance; and
    2. The man had no “insurable interest” over the vagabond.

    If the drowning were to happen in Singapore he would not only lost his claim but also his life through hanging for murder.

    A private investigator would instead advise to him to lure her to Cambodia on promises of conciliation and then adopt the bath tub strategy.

    Of course the PI would have other methods as just as clean and quiet. But the moral of the story is: If one must take a bath in Cambodia, never use a bath tub.

  37. simon wee says:

    kittykat, you are right.It is hearsay evidence and should be inadmissible.

  38. simon wee says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have monsterball in the defence team. Otherwise he will stand up and yell, “Objection, your honour…”

  39. ghenjis khan says:

    I recollect in the good old days, the, then, Straits Times would report the whole transcript of the proceedings.

    Remember, the good case about the murder at the Subang Jaya Highway!

    Finally, the accused got excused !

  40. kittykat46 says:

    Where’s Susan ? Her last post was on Friday June 15th.

    C-4 got to her ?…..LOL…

  41. bamboo river says:

    Simon, I rather have Monsterball to be observer than being defense lawyer. Not because I am afraid he might lost the case but the case might drag on too long . Nobody can wait that long lah. Maybe you should be the defense lawyer. Considering your previous track record. Ha.HA,HA.
    Take it as a sinister joke my friend.

  42. cik mek sal says:

    khan, can refresh me on the subang jaya highway? how is that the accused got excused?????

  43. wits0 says:

    In the eyes of the public, Maz’s “Proud Of” campaign naturallydigusts many if not most. Scroll down at :

    and read the comments which saved us alot of typing. It clearly backfires.

    Perhaps being super rich and “talking-you-down” as a magistrate leaves a mark and it’s well known that the rich leads a completely different lifestyle from the ordinary folks. So much so that they perhaps tend also to thrust their “moral” values(or lack of) to the outside world like what we’re seeing here.

  44. wits0 says:

    “I recollect in the good old days, the, then, Straits Times would report the whole transcript of the proceedings.”

    Today(and for many decades) this “New” trash paper helps determine what you should know and what you need not know….on a need-to-know-basis. All bias and omission permitted and blessedly sanctioned. Another of those “New Deal” that implies that your stupidty is an ideal… with a herd of cows.

  45. athirah_nafisah says:

    Yesterday, a woman taxi driver, showed me the the front page of a Chinese newspaper, displaying pixs of RB’s family showing off their ” I am proud of him” ..messages

    She said, as Muslims, Razak’s family shdn’t have worn shirts with that kind of message..

    ” PROUD OD WHAT?!”

    I couldn’t disagree more…[ the Chinese lady is a friend]

    Susan, may God bless you, for all ur efforts..

  46. Jojo says:

    It would be interesting to get Najib to the court to answer some questions from the victim’s lawyer. For example: What is his relation with Abdul Razak Baginda, and the two policemen who killed Altantuya? How did the accused get hold of the weapon and bomb to kill Altantuya? All the three accused are muslims, and they know that to harm other people is wrong. They didn’t appear to be helpful to foreigners. Can we trust any policemen in Malaysia? The world is monitoring this trial.

  47. Ruth says:

    One wonders if this is a straight forward extramarital relationship, do they need to resort to murder? Do they need to use members of the special force to carry out the execution? Do they need to use explosive to blow up the victim? This was a pre-medidated and vicious murder carried out by people who think they are above the law. There is more than meets the eyes. Hopefully, the truth will emerge eventually.

  48. KSLOW says:

    Bravo Susan, Keep Up the good work!.

  49. victa says:

    how can you tell who is the police and who is the thief? speak tamil only? how about making sure the next witness take the stand and speak only urdu? malaysia bolehland!

  50. wits0 says:

    First of all, how the Prosecution buys the affair line needs to be explained beyond the affidavit statement of the accuse. Especially since the DNA thing proved that no child came from that alleged liason. How many bellboys are lined up from various five-star hotels all over are waiting to testify that the two ever had rooms together, e.g.?

    So without a child from the alleged sexual liason, there’s really a strong pivotal basis missing from that sexual liason angle to justify the tale that the deceased asked for that vast sum of money as settlement blackmail?

    The smell of dead red herrings seems to be all over the place.

  51. wits0 says:

    Kittykat: “I would be very surprised if the defense lawyer did not rise to challenge the Private Detective’s testimony. …”

    Me too.

  52. jeancumlately says:

    Amazing how the major newspaper splashed the allegation that altantuya extorted money. Agree with ruth that if it was a straight-forward love affair, the c4 is just simply an overkilled especially after knowing the fact that the c4 is a controlled item. Too many things just don’t add up. If you tell too many lies, you tend to forget your previous lies and you would get caught.

    I would not be overly concern about what rowena and her mother’s t-shirt said. I would instead try to look at the messages the pair were trying to convey… especially when she said that RB don’t want to be pm and her concern about “justice” and doing the “right thing.” What do those things mean?

  53. ghenjis khan says:

    why was the first witness testifying in Tamil while he can speak English and Malay .. ?

    It is PLANNED so as to frustrate Altantuya’s family and the International Journalists?

    Don’t quite like the opening submissions by the Tun DPP, the names of the human beings mentioned by the witness, should have been identified…. then., so that when they are called up to testify aginst or for the defence we have already established their identities…

    I am refering to the ADC to TPM, ADC to Wife of TDM, and taxi driver, and every other human beings that are crucial to the case …

    we give this Tun DPP a C+ , next time we must ask Senior Barristers of the legal fraternity to represent the Crown ….

    Bring back the British QCs !!!

  54. Siew Eng says:

    Kittykat, yeah, Susan’s been pretty quiet. Very unlike her.

    Who’s the last who heard/saw her? I last heard from her on Friday June 15, about 9pm. She was on gmail chat with me from Pudu Raya, waiting for the bus to Penang.

    Maybe Penangite friends can confirm whether she’s in Penang safe and sound. And tell why she’s been quiet.

    Susan, where you lah? Our mousy friend also misses you and has been asking if you’re the outasight outamind type!

  55. simon wee says:

    Siew Eng, you are right.
    I posted this in other blog:

    Fellows who love Susan.

    It is a act of stupidity to publicise Susan’s movements. Being CIA-trained when in Pinkerton, I know the world out there. Being an admirer of Susan (for her work and not her tubuh), I will of course extend whatever protection, security to her if required. To the person who divulged, he is a real idiot!

  56. kittykat46 says:

    Hey Susan,
    Just leave us a line like…I’m here…
    There’s a lot of people here worried someone may have tried to “kerjakan” you.

    This trial has exposed a Shadow World in this country, where those with power and influence can just give orders to make certain people “disappear”, and it will be done…gives me the shivers just to think about it.

  57. simon wee says:

    kittykat, ask that monsterball to join in the search.

  58. Rajahram says:

    Susan, where are you? Leave a note to say everything is O.K. Close friends of Susan, if you know anything about her, please report it here for all. She has not said anything or updated the pages for the last six days! Very unusual when her favourite trial is on.

  59. anonymous says:

    Dear Friends,
    Susan is fine, and don’t worry about her. She wants me to thank you guys for all the emails and concern. She has been traveling for the past few days for an important mission. Be patient, give her some time. She’ll be back very soon.
    one of her friends

  60. anonymous says:

    thank you, thank God

  61. simon wee says:

    The past 4 days of Trial has revealed actually nothing new. Most of what the Private Investigator said in his examination-in-chief were all in Razak Baginda’s affidavit.

    However a point of contention has emerged over the revelation of the bounty of US$500,000.

    According to the PI it was an extortion bid by the late Altantuya. From what Anwar has hinted earlier, there is always the possibility that the US500,000 bounty was the late Altantuya’s share of the kickback. It can be easily conjectured that she had made the demand for the money for almost a year but was ignored. When she finally came to Malaysia where she had to get the services of again a private investigator to locate him that her fate was sealed.

    As a side show, the NST and Star today both a deep conversation Razak Badinga with his family members. The Star repoted that his daughter wailed “Its suicide, father. Its stupid!”.

    Now could this be a sign of capitulation. Will there be plea-bargaining for a lesser charge?

    At this stage with the whole world watching including Mongolia the trial should run its course. Many things are at stake.

    Another interesting observation was that why the Private Investigator has to testify in Tamil. As one blogger said “I am sure he knows English or Malay.” He gave an account of the conversation with Altantuya. In what language? Definitely not in Tamil.

    Again a moral lesson from this case: If one doesn’t want a blow job, get a private investigator instead for a more satisfying resolution.

  62. cik mek sal says:

    It seems that the baginda’s are so arrogant, damm proud and no sensivitiy towards anything – they just don’t care abt how others feels

    i just worry that the 3 will go free – after wasting so much time and money on this case –

    and since when malaysia mothertougue change to tamil???

  63. kittykat46 says:

    Aiyah…a married man having a love affair is pretty boring these days.
    Some girls actually like going out with married men…hehehe…

    Just confess to the good wife and all will be forgiven….even if its not forgiven its not the end of the world. Why go for a blow-job ?

    Still looks to me like a red-herring to divert speculation away from what really happened…my bet is that there were national secrets involved.

  64. simon wee says:

    A point just came to mind:

    The Tamil-speaking Bala has told the court of his fear for his and his men’s safety because Altantuya also employed a private investigator by the name of Ang.

    I don’t see any reason to fear as both are professional people doing a job unless of course Bala, taking a cue from Razak, has threatened Altantuya. Threatening another person is a criminal offence. Maybe the defence lawyers could cross examine Bala on this.

  65. wits0 says:

    Just repeating, half a million in USD for a soured affair is absurd. Considering that the sum was made before and is of a consistent quantity, it sounds like a promised payment which a mean person refuses to settle after gaining 300 million in national deal, on his part. Bag did claim to have given her RM 10,000 before and other unstated amounts.

    Imagine a Bag would have listened to the alleged (logical)advice from Balas regarding reporting to the police, as another ordinary person might have! He was afterall a most suggessful and rich strategist with extraordinary clout. That goes against the grain. No way his ego would have followed that course of action.

  66. kittykat46 says:

    Sounds like both Razak and Altantuya hired PIs along the way.
    She, to track him down, He, to keep her away.

    Really puts a spotlight on a profession which prefers to keep a Very low profile in this country, don’t you think ?

    Simon Wee’s an ex-PI, right ?

  67. simon wee says:

    kittykat, you are right about low profile. But you must also acknowledge the power of court. Court says spill, one must spill.

  68. newborn says:

    i dont think the shirt can be an issue…it shows the supportive family tight together even in a mess situation like this…everyone makes a do rb//i guess so,,,plus we dont know yet…//so…a big round aplauses to rb’s family for their hardwork..

  69. ex-king's college says:

    Bags my friend,
    She may have given many blow jobs along the way, but that doesn’t mean wanted to get one in return….

    Anyway…good luck…For what its worth, I don’t think you did it…..

  70. simon wee says:

    Now that PI Bala has finished giving his examination-in-chief and subjected to cross-examination, one glaring gap has emerged.

    What the Tamil-speaking Bala has said in the examination-in-chief was actually nothing new as most of it was already in Razak Baginda’s affidavit. What was eagerly anticipated was that the Defence lawyers could get more out of him by way of cross-examination. But what a let down.

    The issue of how he could identified Azilah Hadri as the driver of the red Proton Wira which took Altantuya away on the night of Oct.19, was not pursued at all. Bala identified Azilah as the driver without hesitation and yet did not know the other two persons in the same car. Unless Bala had known Azilah before. If not then the three in the proton wira came to him as total strangers and yet pointing out Azilah was that straight forward to him. Was there any prompting.

    Instead the cross-examination was taken up on Bala’s opinion why Razak Baginda need not make the police report on extortion. This would not carry any weight at all because it was not an opinion of an expert or legal person. If Razak’s personal lawyer were to give the same opinion then he may be in trouble with the law and the Bar Council because extortion is a criminal offence and has to be reported as such.

    Another discrepancy was the fee he said he charged Razak. During examination-in-chief he said it was RM4,000. Then during cross-examination he said it was RM600 per day or RM7,000 per package of 20 days. The conjecture is that he was paid much more otherwise how can he afford “MAH82 Merz my car”.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Bro Simon,
    Its all a sandiwara,
    at the end, ARB will be freed on the ground that there is no evidence that he ordered the murder.
    then the Mr Small Time Azilah will be the fall guy, but his family will be paid off handsomely for being that.
    thats what’s called fooling all the people all of the time.
    Malaysia (Government) Apa-Apa pun boleh………

  72. wits0 says:

    The expected end to the Just-Ice story….except for the naive and the reality blind.

  73. cik mek sal says:

    BAG’s still can waive as it if walking red carpet collecting oscar…
    so cute ..apa pun boleh, bila pun boleh, semua pun boleh…tak gantung sampai mati pun boleh..

  74. whispering9 says:

    kittykat46 …a sleigh comment aims toward sarcasm right?

  75. wits0 says:

    5th day.

    Satisfied now, Mrs Bag, this is serious, no?

    “”…the wife of Razak is always harassing me. Every time she passes, she kicks me. Just now, she hit me. Every time, she is pressuring, harassing and cursing me.”It is very hard for me to tolerate. But I’m an educated man. I won’t do anything against it. Thank you.”

    When the judge asked Tun Majid Hamzah, he said he had no idea.

    He said he and his colleagues are not aware of it until Karpal raised the matter.

    The judge then asked: “Since when the harassment has been taking place?”

    Shaariibuu said: “Since the first day of the trial….””

    Something to be proud of, eh?

  76. monsterball says:

    witsO…Is that not sickening to read about a Malaysian. Can you believe Shaariibuu create such a story…. if not true? For what reason have he to create the story? He is not mad nor trying hard to shame us all.
    Sick Sick sick of such people….which if we know our country well…do exists…looking down on the poor to behave as if they can do as they like to others.

  77. athirah says:

    Complementary Blog : An approach from the Spiritual Side of Views : With Flickr photos :


    Peace or calmness is centred in the spiritual heart. It needs to be taken care for because when peace is lost, so is happiness. And when happiness is gone, life is no longer beautiful, no matter how rich you are, or if you live in a castle together with power and a beautiful wife and all those sorts of things.

    When peace is lost, that person will constantly be distressed. Anything that they do will turn out wrong somehow. They lose their appetite, sleep fitfully, can no longer concentrate, are constantly staring off into space, cannot pay attention when people talk to them, become anti-social, and cannot even concentrate enough to read. Their friends are worried when they see them. They are quick to lose their temper, irresponsible, anti-social, easily sulking, are easily offended, have no patience, cannot face any challenges, are quickly bored with work, unmanage their daily needs and prefer not to talk.

  78. wits0 says:

    MB, the incident was hardly reported in the local MSM. The reason may be that it sounds scandalous on the whole and because the MSM knows that much public sympathy is with the Shariibuu side. Moreover between Mrs Bag and Shariibuu, the later has shown no serious flaws in his statements to the Press while the antics and background of a magistrate, with her special background, finds little approval outside her own camp of supporters.

    There is no evidence, whatsover, to suggests that Shariibuu, as professor in psychology, is anything as perverse as Radovan Karadzic, the war criminal Bosnian psychologist who really played out the hopeless UN and it’s idiotic sushi Japanese ambassador during the Bosnian war.

    I’ve known of sicko characters in real life, who’re totally incorrigible and base and it has little to do with their professions. They too have their friends. Given more influence and power, the situation tends only to worsen for them.

  79. monsterball says:

    witsO..Like I said…you can judge a person by looking at the face ….especially a middle age person’s face…already riped with everything..good or bad……and those faces tell you something…do they not?
    We have also experience sickening characters in blogging too.

  80. DifferentView says:

    I am very interested in this case because the gruesome murder happened in the last ten days of The blessed month of Ramadhan.

    That period is when every muslim is hoping to be blessed by a virtuous night of Al-Qdr (the night of power). In Al-Quran – God tell us that this particular night is equivalent to 1000 months. But nobody knows which of the 10 nights of Ramadhan the night of Al_Qdr takes place. The murder could be taking place at that particular night.

    That period (the last 10 days of Ramadhan) is also special to all Muslims because it contains the “big reward” Allah All Mighty has promised.
    The big reward is “safety from the burning fire of Hell”.

    So, whoever commited this gruesome murder, clearly does not has respect to these holy days and rewards.

    Due to these reason alone I strongly believe that there are something (God’s willing) for all of us to see. Just look and see!

  81. DifferentView says:


    In Al-Quran – God Allmighty tell us that The Night of Al-Qdr is better than 1000 months. Not “Equivalent to 1000 months”. Sorry for the mistake.

  82. monsterball says:

    6th day court case have a mono girl said the two hired investigators were nightly sleeping and disturbing she and her room mate from 3am till 10am…sleeping in the room too!!
    In short….this mongo girl is proving the investigator lied!!
    It’s getting interesting….but who is telling the truths?
    Same as mongo father said Baginda wife punched him on the stomach …walking opposite directions…she said mongo farther lied.
    So here is a clear path towards some light for us to judge this by ourselves…..both do not agree with each other….as trial goes on.

  83. wits0 says:

    MB, these days it’s not fashionable to say, ” you can judge a person by looking at the face …” but up to a point and coupled with their reported antics, this cannot be dismissed.

    Just because she’s a magistrate does not mean she won’t lie.

    Bag got new aircut, looking even more common and she shouted, “Nice aircut, Razak!”.
    Hot-air passion does not prove innocense ; she, professionally should know that.

  84. whispering9 says:

    She is not on trial here, please cut her some slack. You got to admire a woman who stand by her man.

  85. wits0 says:

    One got to expect that there’s no need to apparently muddy the process as well in standing by her man.

  86. monsterball says:

    No one is making any conclusions….certainly not me…but face do tell something.
    For better of for worst…I will stand by you type of wife is much to be admired and wanted by all husbands. N

  87. monsterball says:

    No one is making any conclusions….certainly not me…but face do tell something.
    For better of for worst…I will stand by you type of wife is much to be admired and wanted by all husbands. No argument about that.
    So lets see who are the liars…mongos or the investigator and wife.

  88. monsterball says:

    Remember….People associated with politics in Malaysia have a great reputation to twist and turn truths as to lies and vice versa.
    Interesting to me… find out if Monoglians who actually practice very old Buddhism/Hinddhuhism…can tell lies….when all their lives are supposedly to learn truths…..long before other religions.

  89. Anonymous says:

    monsterball, using the term ‘mongo’ is not very nice isn’t it? This blog is accessed worldwide.

    As far as I am concern, all religions teach good values. So, we can’t say that religion this and that…

    The trial is getting the C4 bombs didn’t destroy her jewelleries completely ……

    so what if she got a high taste? she did’nt deserve to be killed ..

  90. monsterball says:

    anon…It all depends on how you want to interpret it.What about others using BAG for Baginda? What we are doing here is to see our message is clear. Short cutting words with no intentional disrespect is ok.

  91. monsterball says:

    By the way anon… you know the mongolians are my roots?
    Don’t worry about it…..if we Chinese do not feel offended…don’t worry about it.

  92. DifferentView says:

    This killing is done by professional and the c4 bombs are said enough to bring down a 4-storey building so as none of as can find the dead woman’s body.

    It is a miracle that the remains are found and now everybody is tuning in to the case.

  93. DifferentView says:

    Clearly we are in “apa-apa pun boleh land”.

    But remember that crime happened in the last 10 days of holy Ramadhan.

    I think, even though the real culprit may be able to buy his freedom, there will certainly be a very big damage to his reputation and career. Especially when he claims to be a muslim.

  94. Queenie says:

    To a certain extent, I do agree with wits0 that there’s something ‘not right’ about this Mrs Bag. Being an ex-magistrate, I expect her to be professional and calm like Hillary(during Clinton’s sex scandal) but she turned out to be unruly, arrogant, hysterical and as fierce as a lionness. I’ve been following the case everyday and her antics (the ways she behave and talk) really annoy me. So, we cannot deny Dr. Shaaribu’s claim that she had punched him. There is a possibility that she did it.

    I think she might have been the cause of all the problems. Perhaps, Razak really had a brief love affair with Altantuya. But he didn’t have to resort to killing her in order to break up if it wasn’t for his wife. She looks to me like a wife who exerts a lot of power and control on her husband. She is fierce, stubborn and unfeeling. Razak instructed the killing because he was scared of his wife. Haha! My guess may sound absurd but it doestn’t mean it’s illogical.

  95. wits0 says:

    Queenie, I’ve actually been once a victim of such base people who has just a little bit of “standing” in society – once a neighbour. They are capable of all underhand tactics because they are unprincipled and power mad, not to mention obnoxiously egoistical. They don’t mind using the MCA to fix you as well. And that was a nasty couple with just a teeny weenie bit of influence and their MCA connection was even from another State. How much more tempted would the high and mighty be?

    The rest of your impression is a possibility that must have crossed more than a couple of minds.

    Why was Bag saying in his alibi that he feared the alleged threat by the victim’s PI? Unless he has already thought of PIs as people who can be used thus in this shady manner.

  96. wits0 says:

    Yet, Queenie, the sexual liason part may just be a put-on. More like a business deal and payment was not made as promised, and the victim learnt that Bag had gained handsomely for some time already. Half a million USD for an affair without any child is simply too far-fetched. It does not compute.

  97. monsterball says:

    Yes….keep reading the face…the expressions and words spoken. Get all that….and you can come out fast to study the character.
    We got a bunch of good THINKERS.
    Now step backward and see the bigger picture….ex-magistrate…hubby is DPM[Najib} political secretary….two playboys…two controlled by wives….yet go ahead…play on….very understanding wives…both have ulterior motives to be so nice wives…like Hilary to Clinton.
    Where did Altantuya fit in? Russian multi billion deal….super salesgirl….using sex?..both enjoyed…passing like football.
    Commission not paid as promised. Bag played her out….thinking insignificant girl…but she is very stubborn and feel she has a trump card to play..exposing all the love events…with one or both???I say both!!
    PI has alot to hide..He may need to tell the truth….now prime suspect to assistant. He then reveal the truths…but that may take at least 18 more days… relax or you may die of a heart attack. with so mych suspense….worst than an Alfred Hichkock movie……..hahhahahahaha

  98. wits0 says:

    Looks may deceive, certainly, but would you automatically tend to trust this guy :

    You know, I know, but PC double-speak always condemns any gut impression. It totally abolished any such idea.

  99. whispering9 says:

    It is not right to make assumptions, especially, towards a country leader that can damage our country dignity without trial. Remember we are always Malaysian first in the globe. A woman of strong character is not usually a hen-pecking wife. A woman that hides behind superior complexes may probably behaves as a hen-pecking wife at home. Likewise, a man who hides behind superior complexes can also be a wife hitter at home. Usually a strong woman gathers strength from a family that respects her view. The Baginda’s is clearly a close knitted family. There are so many good examples of strong woman leaders in history. It is very unfortunate that this trial will inevitably destroy families and relationships. All this is madness.

  100. Anonymous says:

    whispering, u a woman eh? nice comment. I visit here once in a while only.

    monsterball, I got ur message. In history books, Mongolians were claimed by historians to be my roots too. I am a Malay n do you know most professional Indonesians hate to be called Indons.

    I know ‘generally’ about Baginda’s families, since I have a few friends who are Baginda’s family friends. I’d rather stay anonymous..from.. saying not so nice things about them.

    Like I said, The case is getiing tiresome, n it’s just started. All this is madness.

    As for me, this case is important for my religion and our country.

  101. sy says:

    Some points wish to bring out here:

    a)who actually found out the body of the victim ? Did the press reveal that before ?

    b)who is the witness that saw the first and second accused being the murderer ? why so far there is no saying that who saw the case happen ? Based on what are those 2 accused being suspected ?

    c)why killed by a C4 bomb ? Is that because SOMETHING ON THE VICTIM BODY could prove something to reveal who is the real murderer, thus force the killer to bomb her into pieces ? Cause by using the C4 bomb, it might risk the killer identity being revealed, but why do the killer still want to take that risk ? Is it because to cover something which is even more obvious ?

  102. gutless says: are a real unfeeling monster. A young woman is blown to bits in a love affair gone sour. Everyone can see Razak Baginda’s wife who is so fierce. Not difficult to think why Razak wanted her out quickly. rather then indulge in your self importance of half baked conspiracy theory while running down altantuya reputation…passing like football. You are a disgusting human being. It is not a laughing matter you pervert…

    “Now step backward and see the bigger picture….ex-magistrate…hubby is DPM[Najib} political secretary….two playboys…two controlled by wives….yet go ahead…play on….very understanding wives…both have ulterior motives to be so nice wives…like Hilary to Clinton.
    Where did Altantuya fit in? Russian multi billion deal….super salesgirl….using sex?..both enjoyed…passing like football.
    Commission not paid as promised. Bag played her out….thinking insignificant girl…but she is very stubborn and feel she has a trump card to play..exposing all the love events…with one or both???I say both!!
    PI has alot to hide..He may need to tell the truth….now prime suspect to assistant. He then reveal the truths…but that may take at least 18 more days… relax or you may die of a heart attack. with so mych suspense….worst than an Alfred Hichkock movie……..hahhahahahaha”

  103. anwar says:

    cik mek sal or Mrs Najib???

  104. anwar says:

    cik mek sal anwer yes mrs. najib no 2,3,4??

  105. Redhunt says:

    Some people had linked her to the submarine deal but she doesn’t speak French…does she?

    It is more possible that she is instead involved in the Shukhoi or the PT-91 deals?

  106. monsterball says:

    gutless….ill you mind concentrate on the murder case and not judge my message with your idiotic remarks on me? If you want to disagree…then by all means do so…not call me a pervert. What are you…a pondan?

  107. Queenie says:

    Aha! At last the very name that all of us longed to hear has finally been uttered in the court – Najib Razak. But he still denied having known or met Altantuya. How I wish someone found the photo…….

  108. a person says:

    one blogger on a site speculated that altantuya was pregnant by najib and
    blown up to eliminate the fetus. well, that maybe could be checked out. it’s
    known that foetal cells enter the maternal blood circulation. altantuya’s
    blood was found on a pair of slippers. maybe altantuya’s blood dna could be
    compared with najib’s dna and razak baginda’s dna, maybe based on the dna testing already done that
    identified altantuya. maybe pcr could be done on that blood from altantuya
    to increase the quantity of dna present and then compare with najib’s
    dna. maybe there would be hormones in the blood that could indicate if
    altantuya was pregnant, in addition to dna that might indicate
    paternity of a foetus.

  109. a person says:

    bones or bone fragments of altantuya may contain dna especially if they contain bone marrow. at least some of the bone is now in mongolia. the dna of the bones can be tested for dna of najib tun razak and razak baginda. that is because when a woman is pregnant some cells of the fetus enter the blood of the woman. if blood or bone of altantuya is tested, it might be possible to determine if she had been pregnant when she died (check hormone levels), also if fetal dna can be found in her blood or bone it can be compared to dna of najib tun razak or razak baginda to see if either of them is the father of the fetus.

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