Mr Steve Shariibuu explaining to the NGOs and reporters today about the relationship between husband and wife, and why the first child is called “Amina“.

Altantuya was never a Muslim. So said her father Stev Sharibuu in Kuala Lumpur. She was called “Amina” because “Amina” is a Mongolian word for “my life, my own”.

“She was a precious love for me and my wife. That’s why I call her Amina“.

She was his eldest daughter, the first. Mongolians believe that when a man and a woman come together and have a child, the first is called “Amina“. Because Mongolians also believe that when a couple do not have a child, the two may go their separate ways.

Shariibuu refuted the speculation that his daughter was ever married to Abdul Razak Baginda, accused for abetting in her murder. If there was a marriage certificate, he said, it would be fake.

He said Baginda would probably try to show that he had a husband and wife relationship with Altantuya, to show that he had no involvement in the murder.

Yesterday, Malaysiakini reported that “unanswered was why the initial media reports that Altantuya was Muslim suddenly stopped”.

“There must be a reason why she had a Muslim name. Was she engaged or married? Did she become Muslim on her own volition? Was she persuaded or coerced? This issue just suddenly closed,” said de-facto leader of Keadilan (PKR) Anwar Ibrahim.

According to Malaysiakini, when the news of Altantuya’s death came out, the press had often referred to her as Aminah Abdullah.

The question is why did the press refer to her as Aminah Abdullah? Who gave the press this information and whey did they do that? Was it to later produce a marriage certificate to say that Altantuya had married? Would this “marriage certificate” be produced in court? When?

Yes, you will tell me that we will have the answers soon.

Yet, I am distrubed why no one bothered to ask, why she had a name like “A-mi-na” (which gave the impression that she was Muslim), especially to one who is/was closest to Altantuya, her father.

Do we go on perpetuating lies?


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  1. monsterball says:

    Without talking nonsense…how can some sell newspapers? But those are call tabloids in England…gossipings …creating rumours…never in the mainstream well respected papers.
    Hope our paper have a heart to let this very sad man real peace in mind ….to show our understandings….love and support….otherwise ..we can forget saying visit Malaysia…when those few are spoiling the good name .

  2. wits0 says:

    The MSM is there to perpetuate whatever its master’s voice dictate.

    Afterwards it never seems to see fit to correct its glaringly erroneous initial reporting. Truly a “no head, no tail” and signature “half-pass-six” characteristic of the Bodohland MSM.

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  4. wits0 says:

    The Justice system seems to be having trouble with its apparently cynical Anima intent in selling an Anime show for the real thing expected. The Aminah spin from Amina cannot be but a part of the calculated preliminary process as with the sexual angle so constantly promoted as “news”. From the beginning, it appears, all was designed to stop the buck(very much easier) there and then. Can any hidden strategist(s) be all that invincible(as he might regard himself to be)even with the slavish media etc?

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  6. Song says:

    Thanks for this enlightening post. Certainly posed some serious questions.I’m very intrigue..and shocked…by the (serious) lack of credibililty in media.

  7. […] to produce a marriage certificate in court. But Altantuya’s dad, Mr Stev Shariibuu  had said here that it would be “fake”.  Looks like Mr Shariibuu has a third eye and can forsee […]

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