Since last night there was a rumour circulating that the Mongolian witnesses for the Altantuya’s trial would be “persuaded” to return home. Certain quarters have received information that Altantuya’s father, Mr. Stev Shariibuu was “fed-up” and wants to return home.

There was also information that the Honorary Consul for Mongolia Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi would be calling for a PC at 2pm at the Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam. After that, it was said that Shariibuu would leave the country.

At about 1am in the morning, I confirmed that there was no such notice from Shariibuu. However, at about 10am in the morning, Shariibuu said he was informed by the Consul for Mongolia that a PC would be called at 2pm, but gave no reason for it.Asked if he would be leaving the country, Shariibuu denied that there was such a deal.

He stressed “I am not going home. I am here for the trial. Whatever rumour is a lie. Even if the trial was postponed I will not go home. I have to think of what to do next,” said Shariibuu, through his lawyer, Bayar Puredorj.

At about 11.45am, Datuk Syed arrived at the hotel to see Shariibuu. Downstairs at the lobby, several reporters – International and local – have gathered and said that a PC at the Borak-Borak cafe would be called.

Lawyer doing the watching brief for Shariibuu, Mr Karpal Singh got to know about the new development and gave the Consul a call, but was told instead (by the Consul) that he (Consul) did not know why the PC was called.

The reporters waited for the PC, which was initially called for 12.30pm. But till 1.30pm, there was no sign of the people who called for the PC or those involved in it. It was believed that “some kind of persuasion” was going on upstairs. (Update: Lawyer Bayar later denied that there were any kind of “persuasion”).

At the about 1.45pm, the Consul, Shariibuu and lawyer Bayar came down for the PC.
At the PC, Mr Shariibuu reiterated his unhappiness about the delay in the trial, and revealed his frustration about Altantuya’s murder.

“She knows too much, that is why she was killed,” Shariibuu told reporters.

“(Abdul Razak) Baginda was afraid of her…… the crime is definite, (facts) accurate. The police is ready. What is the problem now?” he querried.

Abdul Rahmad also chipped in his support for Shariibuu, saying that the latter’s frustration was not potrayed in the media.

“People think he stays in a five star hotel, all sponsored for by the police. He is not happy. All the three girls (witnesses) want to run away,” he added.

Earlier, Mr Shariibuu complained about the various communications he had, via letters, to the government – PM Abdullah Badawi’s office and the Foreign Ministry.

He lamented that he did not received any reply for the said letters. He also querried why reporters did not carry his statements though he had often submitted information to the media.

The PC ended in about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Karpal is meeting the Chief Justice at 4pm today. And PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim had a PC on Altantuya at his office in Section 16.


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  1. malaysia born says:

    Perhaps amidst all the delays and twist and turns, have anyone thought that This is exactly what the hidden hands have been hoping to achieve in the end.

    To make things so frustrating and fearful for you, Mr sjhariibuu, that you will lose your patience and temper and hope to return quickly back to Mongolia. My advice is:- Have faith and be patient. Don’t fall into their trap. Nobody will be offended if you stay longer at govt expense. After all, we Malaysians are a generous lot and just like you, we WANT to see justice being serve. Stay and fight the war….after it’s Visit Malaysia Year!

    My very best wishes to you and family.

  2. monsterball says:

    Life is full of surprises and I agree with malaysian born writer that the father should be calm….enjoying the hospitality of our government and Monday…is just a wink away.All the tensions and stress maybe too great for the father….waiting and waiting.

  3. ghenjis khan says:

    Why is the Chief Justice quiet on this affairs, at least with regards to the Judges under him …. why suddenly change judges.

    Why have the AG not explaining the going-ons among the Prosecuting teams … why Head of Civil now has to lead a Criminal case?

    I am sorry to say this, but I find the actions of the Muslims Judge, DPPs AG deplorable and shameful ….. unbecoming of true Muslim professionals .

    I cannot accept such behaviour, they are ultimately answerable to their Creator whose Name is also The Just , The Judge etc

    By the look of it, Karpal Singh is more “muslim” !

  4. vishnu says:

    Justice is blind!

  5. hasilox says:

    sorry folks…fine-tuning still in progress….
    not easy to tune for perfectly desired xxxx…. 😉

  6. […] for it.Asked if he would be leaving the country, Shariibuu denied that there was such a deal." READ MORE […]

  7. kittykat46 says:

    “Altantuya knows too much”. This single statement is like a huge can of worms. What did she know which was so fatally dangerous ????

  8. wits0 says:

    That statement’s explains a lot why the complicit MSM is so eager to cling on solely to the sexual angle all this while.

  9. hasilox says:

    [copy & paste from source]
    “The reason the prosecutors were taken off the case, and new ones appointed to replace them, was because the Attorney-General had instructed them to drop the charge against Razak Baginda but they refused to do so. They told the AG that if he wanted to drop the charge against Razak Baginda then he would have to do it himself. They were not going to do it because they know it would backfire badly and would be nothing short of suicide. For a prosecutor, even the head of the prosecution team, to tell the AG to go jump in the lake is just not on in Malaysia and one would be severely punished for this ‘crime’.”

  10. wits0 says:

    That’s the Occam’s Razor explanation to an otherwise imponderable situation….one which can be fudged no end by the complying MSM reports.

  11. […] “Altantuya knows too much”  [image] Since last night there was a rumour circulating that the Mongolian witnesses for the Altantuya’s trial […] […]

  12. bat says:

    Good luck!

    Thanks for writing abou the Mongolian.

  13. wits0 says:

    “Altantuya knows too much”

    The public too ; therefore there’s this currently renewed drive to censor the Net while denying it’s censorship, naturally.

  14. Jack Yin says:

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  15. ghenjis khan says:

    but Hasilox, that could be a “red herring” .

    if the political anlayst is not being charged, then, the 2x UTK government agents must have gotten “instructions” or “command” DIRECTLY from another source ….

    find the sauce, it could be very “hot” and Malaysian “like it hot”..

  16. chubby says:

    wonder who the hot sauce is! I like it hot too! It`s becoming more intersting..!

  17. amat n. says:

    all in malaysia goverment was pig!

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